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My Neighbor's Teenage Daughter - part three

Jon and Jools grow deeper in love and Jools BFF joins them for three-way
Reading parts one and two would greatly enhance enjoyment of this, most likely the final part of the story. If there is enough demand for additional installments, they most likely will take a while, the second installment was supposed to be the end.

I went into my room, my head still spinning from the unexpected, but highly hoped-for events of the day. I had only left Jools at the front door of her parents house a few minutes ago and I already felt lonesome for her. I decided to clear my head and try to regain some focus.

Into the bathroom I went. While doing my bedtime bathroom routine, I tried to figure out why I seemed to be so obsessed with Jools. I’ve seen dozens of girls that were just as beautiful but none of them affected me the way Jools did, it had to be something else. I thought long and hard about it until I finished and pulled on a fresh pair of boxers before getting ready to climb in bed. I looked down at the mess we had created and said, ‘fuck it,’ and planned to just straighten the bed up instead of re-making it with fresh sheets.

I did that and just before I climbed between the covers, I glanced out the bedroom window and noticed the lights were on and the blinds open in Jools’ room. I watched for a minute and had just about given up when she appeared at the window wearing a thin, shorty robe that looked like silk. We waved and she untied the sash, opened the front of the robe wide, flashing me that fabulous body with a big smile. I pulled my boxers down just far enough for her to see my flaccid cock. I looked up to see her reaction and she was seductively licking her lips. I put my hand over my heart and patted my chest a few times trying to express how much I loved her reaction. She smiled again, then left my view holding up a finger indicating ‘one minute’.

A moment later, my phone rang. “Hello,” I said.

“Hi, Baby,” came the response.

“You’re so sexy, Jools.”

“I wish I were there with you instead of here. I miss being close to you and ache to fall asleep in your arms one of these nights. I’m trying to figure out a way to spend an entire night with you.”

“I’d love to fall asleep with you in my arms, Baby I wish we were still together, too.”

“Laura cornered me when I got home. She thinks something’s going on. I said, ‘what’s the matter? jealous? Too fucking bad, you can’t have him, he’s mine.’ We didn’t really have a fight, but I told her I was going to be 18 in less than a month and could do whatever the Hell I want then. I added if she screwed this up, I was going to show Dad my evidence that she’s been cheating on him. The dumb bitch posts incriminating photos and messages on Facebook! She doesn’t worry about Dad finding it, because he hates computers for anything beyond the things he has to do on them at work, but I had no trouble finding it, and she actually writes her user names, account information and passwords in a spiral notebook she leaves in a desk drawer under the computer. I hacked her email and Facebook accounts and copied all of her mail, photos, private messages and status updates that were incriminating to use against her if she ever tries to screw me over.”

“That’s wild, I’m really happy you are living with your Dad, but a little surprised too. Where’s your Mom?”

“My Mom passed away when I was 15.”

“Aw, Baby. I’m so sorry. I wish there were something I could do to help.”

“You already are, loving me is more than enough. By the way, I don’t think you noticed my surprise.”

I looked out the window and across the way to see what I supposedly didn’t notice.

“So what’s your surprise?”

She took the bottom corners of the robe and slowly peeled them back this time instead of flashing me like earlier. The anticipation of whatever the ‘surprise’ was supposed to be and the agony I felt as I waited, was…, was…, what can I say… exquisite. Jools’ upper thighs were slowly exposed, a fraction of an inch at a time and her head was leaned down, but her eyes were locked on mine, only looking down occasionally to check her progress, and the only word that could describe them was sultry. Eventually her pussy was exposed and I still didn’t see anything, but the opening of the robe continued to rise upwards toward the sash that kept it closed. Then I saw it! The postage stamp size patch of dirty blonde pubic hair was gone and her vulva was bare, oiled and shiny.

“You shaved the rest of your pubic hair off. That is so sexy!”

“How sexy is it?”

I pulled my cock out of my boxers and showed her the degree to which tonight’s show turned me on and said, “Just out of curiosity, would a little, umm, ‘manscaping’ on me appeal to you?”

“Especially if you let me help you with it.”

“Do you love me?”

“More than you can imagine, why?”

“There’s no way I’m going to let anyone near my junk with scissors or a razor unless they love me. Are you thinking closely trimmed or porn star bald?”

“Well, first of all, I love you way too much to risk injuring you. I think I’d probably just want to turn your deep shag into indoor/outdoor carpeting. Totally bald on a guy would be a little weird to me.”

“My genitalia are in your hands.”

“I guess in my hands will do for starters.”

I chuckled at the innuendo and said, “I can’t wait to lick your bare pussy.”

“I’ll be over there shortly after I get up. Dad has to leave for work about 7am and Laura has to work from 11 until 7 and will be busy trying to make herself look presentable and sexy for her job from the moment she wakes up around 8 or 8:30 until she leaves.”

“She works? What does she do?”

“She’s the afternoon bartender in the restaurant at the Best Western. That’s where she meets most of the guys she fucks around on my Dad with. I guess it’s convenient that she meets lots of guys that have rooms there. She likes to spend her lunch breaks having quickie sex with guys here on business or whatever.”

“So what does your Dad do?”

“He works for the County Building Department. He is one of the guys that checks and approves building plans. Anyhow, I’ve got to let you go for now. Chloe made me promise I’d call her tonight before I go to sleep.”

“OK, but I’ve got to know. What does Chloe know about us?”

“Well she knows I wanted to have sex with you today, and I’m pretty sure she figures I got what I wanted, but like I told you, she’s my BFF and we tell each other everything. In a few minutes, she’ll know everything about today.”


Everything! I want to scream out to the world from my bedroom window how good it was and how you make me feel, but for obvious reasons I can’t do that. The next best thing is to brag to by BFF about it all.”

“As much as I’d like to hear that conversation, I know how important you guys are to each other so I’ll let you go for tonight. Tell Chloe I said hello and I’ll see you in the morning. I love you, Jools. Hey, since I’m going to be busy part of the day, maybe Chloe would enjoy hanging out with you tomorrow.”

“Only if it’s at your house, unless you object, I plan on spending tomorrow with you, or at least at your house!”

“You can invite her here to hang out with you if you like, I don’t have a problem with that. Anyhow, Good night, Sweetie. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“OK, Baby. I love you, too.”

I looked down and wondered how my cock could be so hard after starting out flaccid when I got out of the shower and only talking on the phone with her (and having a fairly normal conversation, not phone sex - then I suddenly remembered her showing me her freshly shaved bare pussy through our bedroom windows. My cock twitched and seem to get even harder. I tried desperately to conjure up non-sexual images so I didn’t have to masturbate again. I put more clothes away in the closet and dressers, re-made the bed after all and thankfully my erection subsided. I turned out the lights and climbed between the cool, crisp sheets. I lay there thinking about Jools and tried to analyze the hold she had on me.

I drifted off into a well-deserved and satisfying sleep. I woke up happy and refreshed, albeit with my typical morning hard on, trying frantically to remember the dream I had starring Jools. I held on to snippets of the dream, but I woke up feeling as though the dream was much more intense than my memories of it.

I rolled over and looked at my clock-radio and it was 8:41 . I had apparently hit the snooze button once, but I decided I had to actually get on my feet and start moving or risk falling asleep again, then who knows when I might finally wake up.

I walked to my bathroom and my morning wood had gone done sufficiently to allow me to pee. As I stood there relieving myself, my doorbell rang.

“Shit,” I exclaimed, then in a louder voice, I yelled out the door and down the stairs, “be right there!”

I finished peeing as quickly as possible, put on my long terrycloth robe and ran downstairs. I opened the door expecting to see the Comcast guy but it was Jools holding an even bigger tote bag than she had yesterday. She came in, we hugged tightly and I said, “Well this a pleasant surprise!”

She said, “I came over as soon as I got up, I didn’t even take my shower but I’ve got everything with me I need to take it hoping we could take one together!”

I said, “I was just going to take mine, let’s go save some water!”

We locked the door, went up stairs and turned on the shower. We got naked as we waited for it to warm up.

I said, “Let me see that bare pussy.”

She hopped up so she was sitting on the bathroom vanity and I got down on my knees between her legs. I examined it closely and took a nice long lick from her perineum, that tiny patch of skin that fills the space between her asshole and her pussy, all the way up past her clit where I nuzzled the freshly shaven area.

I said, “I love it and I hope you don’t mind, but I have a feeling I be spending a lot more time performing oral sex on you from now on. It’s very sexy!”

I spent a couple more minutes licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.

She said, “I haven’t even showered yet today – how can you even allow your face near my pussy this morning?

I said, “It doesn’t bother me a bit. I love licking your pussy. I’m not sure anything could prevent me burying my face between your legs!”

We got in the shower and spent as much time playing with each other as we did cleaning ourselves. Soon I was rock-hard and she was more than aroused, she was well on her way to her first orgasm. I had her stand facing the shower wall and asked her to bend over slightly, hold the stainless steel grab bars that surrounded the three walls of the huge walk in shower and spread her legs. I ran the head of my cock up and down her wet slit and thrust it between her legs, the upward pressure causing the top of my cock to rub her clit as I moved it between her legs.

She was getting quite worked up and I leaned over, nibbled on her right ear lobe and said, “Do you want my big, hard cock inside you? Do you want to make love while we stand here under the spray?”

I was disappointed and saddened when she said, “No.” There was a long pause (it felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds) then she said, “I want to be fucked here under the spray!”

I backed away just far enough so the tip of my cock was directly below the entrance of her pussy and changed my angle of attack enough that I thought I might easily enter her. The angle stillwasn'tquite right and I slipped out before getting much further than her outer lips. Jools backed up a bit, bent over a little more, resting her forehead against the wall to support herself, arched her back allowing better access to her pussy and gripped her ass cheeks with her fingertips, spreading them wide. I saw her tiny pussy and little pink asshole for the first time from this angle and at that moment, I desperately wanted to put my tongue between those firm little cheeks and lick her ass even more than I wanted to put my cock in her pussy (for now at least). I got down on my knees behind her, reached my tongue out as far as I could and tweaked her clit a couple times, then dragged my tongue through her wet slit, past her perineum and rimmed her asshole just long enough to make it obvious to Jools that it was no accident. I repeated this act a few times before backing away.

She moaned and said, “Oh, God that felt good, Baby.”

I stood back up and searched for and found her pussy opening with the head of my cock then slowly worked it in up to the hilt. Jools resumed supporting herself with her hands gripping the grab bar while I fucked her with long slow strokes. As our orgasms approached, we sped up and a few minutes later, we managed to achieve a simultaneous orgasm. Jools pulled away, dropped to her knees, sucked my cock into her mouth in an attempt to milk the balance of my cum from the spent organ then stood up facing me – and we kissed.

She said, “God, Jon. Every time we fuck it’s better than the last time. I feel incredible. I love you. I love you so much.”

I said, “Sex with you has been the best of my life too, Jools. I love you.”

We rinsed off again then got out and dried off.

Jools said, “So, are you still going to let me perform a little ‘manscaping’ on you?”

I said, “Sure, at this point,you'vegot me so in love with you, I’d probably agree to let you circumcise me.”

She said, “No thanks. Yours is my first un-circumcised cock and I really like it just the way it is.”

Jools reached into the tote bag and pulled out a pair of short, tiny denim cutoffs and a white tank top, which she put on without panties or a bra. We dressed together then stood side by side at the big two-sink vanity in the bathroom while I finished dealing with my hair, brushing my teeth and taking care of all my typical after-shower activities. Meanwhile, Jools had dried her hair with a blow-drier she brought with her, pulled her hair up into a high pony tail and secured it with a ‘scrunchy’ before applying just a bit of mascara, eyeliner and blush.

While applying the eyeliner in the mirror, she matter of factly said, “Putting your tongue in my asswasn'tan accident, was it?”

I said, “No itwasn't. First of all, I knew you were squeaky clean, second, your little pink rosebud looked so inviting, I justcouldn'tresist. You didn’t seem to mind it too much.”

She said, “I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all, actually I liked it. I liked it a lot.”

I said, “So I won’t get beat up too bad if I end up doing that again once in a while?”

She said, “No, in fact I think I’d like that very much.”

She finished with her makeup and everything then turned, struck a rather sexy pose and said, “What do you think?”

I said, “The same thingI'vethought since you rang my doorbell Saturday afternoon – you’re the most beautiful girlI'veever met and I love you.”

She kissed me passionately and said, “I love you too.”

We kissed again but were interrupted by the doorbell. We went downstairs and it was the guy from Comcast. He came in and introduced himself.

I shook hands with him and said, “My name is Jon and this is my girlfriend, Jools.”

I decided Jools idea of identifying us as boyfriend/girlfriend as she did with that Angela girl at Olive Garden was hot. It was giving me a thrill for people to see me with such a hot, sexy, young…, no youngisn'tthe right word. The correct phrase would have to be such a hot, sexy barely legal girl claiming to be my girlfriend in front of others. Today, the tank top she wore was stretched tightly enough over her boobs that every nuance of them was revealed. Her nickel-sizedaureoleshad scrunched up even smaller and her pencil eraser sized nipples were fighting to escape the sheer material of the top. It was pretty obvious that the Cable guy was impressed with that and the way her shorts were so tight, they appeared to have been painted on. She was also barefoot and had a matching French manicure and pedicure. She was the quintessential sexy girl-next-door. We walked the first floor from room to room and I let him know where I wanted cable for TV’s and internet.

I said, “Baby, do you think we’re going to want cable TV in our bedroom?”

She said, “You never know. We may end up wanting to watch some porn on pay-per-view or something once in a while.”

I said, “She’s the boss. If she wants cable in the bedroom, we’ll need cable in the bedroom, too.”

We walked upstairs so I could show him where we wanted cable in my bedroom and the 2nd upstairs bedroom. Jools phone went off and she gave me a kiss before she went to answer it. I noticed the cable guy checking her out as she walked to the bathroom and bent over to get the phone out of the pocket of the shorts she had arrived in.

I said, “Pretty, huh?”

He said, “She’s awesome.”

I said, “To say the least!”

Jools came back with the phone in her hand and said, “Here, Baby.”

I figured what the Hell and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Jon, it’s Chloe.”

“Well hi, Chloe. What’s up?”

“Jools invited me over to hang out and use the pool. She said you were going to be a little busy today and wanted to hang out with me while you were tied up but made me ask you if I could come over myself.”

“Sure, Chloe. C’mon over. Plan on hanging out all afternoon and we can all do lunch later, too.”

“Great, tell Jools I’ll be there in about 15 or 20 minutes. Bye.”

“Bye.” The display indicated Chloe had ended the call. “Jools, Chloe said she’ll be here in about 15 or 20 minutes to keep you company while I work.”

Jools said, “Great! I’ll wait to change into my bikini when Chloe gets here.”

The cable guy started testing the existing connections and told me that all the TV outlets seemed to work just fine, the only one he had to run new wire to was the internet connection in my office. He went to get our TV boxes and theCablemodem then came back in and worked on my internet in the office first. He came out and started connecting the box for the living room TV next. Jools answered the doorbell when it rang, let Chloe in and they immediately ran up the stairs giggling.

A few minutes later, Jools and Chloe came downstairs in the sexiest of bikinis and both walked over to me. Jools gave me a big kiss and Chloe even gave me a nice hug and kiss on the cheek then thanked me for inviting her over.

I said, “You’re welcome here any time Chloe. I’m sure Jools loves having you around when I’ve got things to do and can’t spend the time with her she deserves or wants. I’m fond of you hanging out here myself.”

She said, “Thanks, Jon. Are you going to come join us in the pool later?”

I said, “There’s a good chance I will.”

I went into my office and got online for the first time in almost a week as the cable guy finished with the TV connections. I started sifting through my business correspondence first. I created a new folder and moved the emails I needed to deal with first into it. A lot of them were simply reports that I moved into their appropriate folders anddidn'trequire any attention until it was time to work on the books.

Finally done with my business, I went through my personal email account. 90 percent of them got deleted – lots of spam and newsletters I should probably unsubscribe from. I opened several that were from friends from my old home town, a couple were blatant attempts to get me to invite them down, now that they thought they had free lodging in Florida they might be able to take advantage of. Ididn'thave too many people on the list of people I expected to extend that particular offer to.

I was momentarily distracted by splashing and girls laughter coming from the pool. I went out to check on them. I saw Jools and Chloe playing with each other in the water of the shallow end. Chloe let Jools know that I was there watching them and they both stood there, boobs just barely out of the water and huge smiles on their faces.

I said, “Having fun, Baby?

They both answered, “Yes,” Jools added, “when are you going to join us?”

I said, “I got through my email and have somebook workto do and a few replies to send out, but it’s nothing that can’t wait until a bit later. Anyway, it looks like you guys are having fun by yourselves.”

Jools said, “My BFF and I always have fun together.”

With that, they turned facing each other and with their bikini-covered boobs touching, leaned closer and kissed each other, right on the lips.

I said, “Maybe I should put my suit on and come out – you guys seem to need chaperoning!”

Jools said, “We’d probably still kiss even if you did come out. You being with us just gives us more options!”

I’m pretty sure I cracked the code on that statement too. When I looked at Jools, she had a longing look in her eyes. A glance at Chloe gave me the same impression.

I said, “The Comcast guy should be done soon. As soon as he leaves I’ll join you. I don’t want to take a chance on missing any fun!”

Jools said, “We’ll try not to have too much fun until you get back.”

I went over to the edge of the pool and Jools boosted herself up so her straight arms were on the ‘lip’ of the pool and the rest of her body was supported by them – from her ass up, she was out of water and her face was at about knee height. This allowed me to lean down and kiss her. Just a peck at first, then she added a bit of tongue and we kissed more deeply. I got up and went back into the house. The Comcast guy was filling out the work order and apparently, done. When the paperwork was completed, he went down the list to make sure everything was right and had me sign it. He walked out the door and was gone.

I ran up stairs and pulled my trunks on then went out to the pool. I dove in the deep end and swam over to the girls. Jools threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. Her legs found their way around my waist and I began getting hard. She then released her grip around my waist and slowly lowered herself, rubbing my erection in the process.

I said, “You keep that up and we’ll end up being poor hosts.”

She said, “Or really good ones!” She went on whispering in my ear, “Baby? Is there any chance we could go upstairs and fool around? If so, can I ask Chloe if she’d like to join us? I don’t know what will happen or how far it might go, maybe nothing, maybe just a little fooling around or if you’re really lucky, we’ll all get crazy!”

I whispered back, “Are you sure? I thought we were trying to build a relationship here.”

She continued, “We are, this is just extracurricular fun. I’ll still expect you to rock my world in private, one on one the rest of the time.”

I said, “I guess I’m game if you’re sure it won’t adversely affect us.”

She said, “Chloe, come upstairs with us, we’re gonna all go have some fun.”

Chloe said, “Alright.”

We got out of the pool and headed inside while drying off. The tone of Chloe’s response made me suspect that the invitationwasn'tentirely unexpected.

On the stairs, Jools said, “Wait until you see his cock, Chloe. It’s a real work of art.”

We got into the bedroom and Jools and Chloe seemed almost anxious to get their tops off. Jools cupped one of Chloe’s boobs, leaned over and kissed the nipple then said, “Doesn'tChloe have sexy boobs?”

I said, “Perfect, just like yours.”

Jools said, “She’s got one I’m not using, check it out.”

I took Chloe’s other boob in my hand, gently lifted it up and I kissed the nipple, making it instantly hard. Chloe’s boobs were almost identical to Jools, except they were set a little further apart and her nipples were pointed slightly outward where Jools’ pointed just slightly skyward. Both girls nipples were squarely centered within the triangular area of lighter, tan-less skin formed by their bikini tops.

Jools said, “Do you want to see the most perfect cock in the world, Chloe?”

Chloe hummed an, “Uh-huh.”

Jools added, “If I let you see it, you have to promise to put it in your mouth, too. After all I let him see your boobs and got him to put one of them in his mouth.”

It became obvious to me where this seemed to be going and I was thrilled. I would have been even more comfortable if I knew more about Chloe. During the conversations I had with Jools, I had learned she had been on the pill since shortly after she lost her virginity and planned to switch to an IUD as soon as she was 18. I was hoping Chloe was being responsible, too. I knew I had a box of condoms I had moved here with, but whatever box they were inhadn'tbeen opened or un-packed yet.

Jools made quite a production of dropping to her knees in front of me, slowly untying the drawstring that cinched my trunks and prevented them from falling off. Once it was loose, Jools slowly shimmied my trunks down working from side to side, a fraction of an inch at a time. I looked at Chloe and her eyes were fixed on my crotch and she was subtly licking her lips from side to side then gently bit her bottom lip, and it appeared to be an almost subconscious act.

Once the waistband was below my balls, she forced the trunks to my ankles in one swift movement. Chloe’s eyes got big and Jools sucked the more flaccid than not organ deep into her mouth before letting it back out. She stood up, kissed Chloe right on the lips, then Chloe got down on her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth.

Jools said, “Go ahead and work on it a while.”

She then kissed me, peeled her bikini bottom off, came back to kiss me even deeper and said, “Is Chloe doing a good job sucking your cock, Baby?”

I said, “Oh, yeah.”

She said, “Chloe, do you like my man’s cock?”

Without missing a beat, she mumbled, “Uh-huh.”

Jools said, “Let me suck his cock again while you get the rest of your bikini off.”

Chloe let my nearly erect cock out of her mouth and stood up. Jools went back to work on my cock and I kissed Chloe on the lips before I let her take off her bottom. All three of us were now naked and Jools let my cock out of her mouth and stood up saying, “What do you say we take this horizontal?”

I was certainly willing. Jools, Chloe and I got on the bed and cuddled together all three of us sharing kisses and exploring each other with roaming hands.

I finally had to ask, “Exactly how far are we going to take this?”

Jools said, “Well Chloe and I both want to be fucked. If you think you can come with me then get it up right away to come with Chloe that’s fine. If you worry you might not be able to get it up for both of us that quickly, I guess you should try to fuck us both, a few minutes at a time each, then we’ll figure out a way to share your cum.”

I said, “Are you kidding me? You’re offering me the Holy Grail of male fantasies – a three-way with two barely legal, incredibly hot girls and you suspect there’s a chance I’m worried I won’t be able to get it up for both of you? I’m not sure twice would be my limit with your two naked bodies in my bed. By the way, you are legal and safe, right Chloe?”

Chloe said, “I was 18 in January. I’m safe, too. My parents made me get an Implanon, a sub-dermal birth control implant. It’s right here.”

She showed me a spot under her left upper arm that would have gone unnoticed, but when examined, revealed a tiny, elongated ‘bump’ with a tiny, slightly darker spot that was undoubtedly the scar at the point of insertion.

Jools said, “If you’re positive you can get it up for both of us, I’ll let Chloe go first. Is that OK with you, Chloe?”

Chloe giggled with excitement at the prospect and said, “God, yes. I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me.”

I said, “Chloe, why don’t you sit on my face so I can eat you first?”

Jools said, “Do that, Chloe. I’ll suck his cock and make it big and hard for your pussy.”

She exclaimed, “It gets bigger and harder than that?!?”

Jools said, “It sure did yesterday.”

I noticed the tiny patch of black pubic hair that seemed to be a match to the one Jools shaved off the night before just above Chloe’s pussy. I wondered if they happened to help each other keep them trimmed or maybe did each other’s during one of their sleepovers. I also wondered if Chloe planned to go bare as well now. Chloe got up and lowered her pussy to my face once I moved onto my back and as I ate her delicious pussy, I felt Jools’ lips engulf my cock once more and she began attempting to deep throat the organ, with enthusiasm. Chloe got very wet really fast and had her first orgasm while I was sucking on her clit with the tip of my nose buried in her pussy. She was now grinding against my face and shouted, “I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come on Jon’s face. He eats my pussy so well. I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Chloe came on my face, soaking it, my neck and one of my pillows with her juices. I felt Jools get up off my cock and she and Chloe kissed passionately, with tongues and open mouths.

Jools said, “He’s ready for you, Chloe, I’ll help.”

Chloe got on her knees over my cock and Jools took the now rock-hard organ in her hand and rubbed the length of Chloe’s wet slit with it until she slowly lowered herself onto it, impaling herself a little at a time until I was fully inside her. Jools was still holding the exposed part of my cock, massaging my balls, occasionally licking what ever part she had access to while Chloe was fucking me.

I had Jools come over so she could sit on my face while Chloe and I fucked. She leaned down to kiss me first and after tasting Chloe’s pussy on my face, spent a moment licking up the residual juices from my face.

She said, “Doesn'tChloe’s pussy taste wonderful?”

I said, “Oh, yeah but now I want to taste yours.”

She lowered her pussy to my face and I began eating her.Jools'pussy was already sopping wet and it took only moments to bring her to her first orgasm. After it came, she leaned forward and shared another open mouth kiss with Chloe. I took the opportunity to spend a little time poking Jools in the ass with my tongue. She shifted her position a bit, encouraging me to continue rimming her ass. I was now using my hands to spread her cheeks, allowing me better and deeper access to the little pink hole.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s movements on top of me were beginning to get erratic and she was starting to moan. She said, “My God Jools, Jon’s cock feels incredible and is so deep inside me. He’s reaching placesI'venever felt before.”

Jools said, “I know! Have you ever felt anything so wonderful in your life?”

She said, “Never.”

Chloe changed her movement from sliding up and down my cock to more of a rocking motion while I was in her up to my balls. She said, “I’m gonna come again, Jon.”

I said, “I’m getting real close too, Chloe.”

She said, “Come for me then. I want to feel you come deep in my pussy.”

She screamed and said, “I’m coming.”

The contractions of her muscles pushed me over the edge and I erupted deep inside her. Chloedidn'tstop moving until I finished coming, then she raised herself up and my cock plopped out of her pussy and fell against my belly.

She kissed Jools passionately and said, “Thank you so much Jools. It was even better than you said.”

Jools leaned down and sucked the spent organ into her mouth, milking a bit more cum from it. The taste of Chloe’s pussy seemed to make it even hotter for Jools. When she finished, she sat back up and asked Chloe if she’d suck me back to life so she could have me after I made her come with my tongue. Chloe happily complied with her request and started giving me head.

I went back to work on Jools’ clit and brought her to a major orgasm while she ground her pussy into my face.

Jools said, “Is he ready for me, Chloe?”

Chloe indicated that she thought I was close to being ready then let my cock out of her mouth to let Jools see.

She said, “I'vegot to have it – I need Jon’s cock inside me now.”

Jools moved off my face gave Chloe a nice kiss then sucked my cock deep into her mouth, leaving it coated with a thick layer of saliva. She then began to lower herself onto my cock while Chloe held the base and helped guide it home. She watched in amazement as Jools' pussy opened up and my cock sunk into her depths.

I said, “Chloe, why don’t you come over here and sit on my face so I can eat you again while Jools and I fuck?”

She said, “No, you just filled my pussy with cum. You don’t want your face near my pussy right now.”

I said, “Actually, it won’t bother me a bit and I really want to eat you again.”

I finally convinced her and she asked Jools if it was OK with her. Jools told her it was very OK with her then Chloe got back on my face where I began licking her pussy and sucking her clit. Jools was riding me pretty hard and apparently her clit was rubbing against the spot just over my cock because the unmistakable signs of a major orgasm’s approach were evident.

I kept eating Chloe and Jools screamed as she came, gushing again and soaking my crotch and the sheets below me. She continued riding me as she basked in the aftermath of her powerful orgasm and it seemed like Chloe was close to coming again, too.

After another orgasm from her, I used my hands to lift Chloe’s butt a little higher and started licking her clean. I kept venturing a bit further from Chloe’s pussy and the first time I poked the tip of my tongue in her little puckered ring, she shuddered and said, “Jools, Jon just put his tongue in my ass. God that felt wild.”

Jools said, “He’s done that to me, too. He enjoys doing that.”

Once Jools got off me, Chloe followed suit and got up from my face. I sat up then all three of us got off the bed. Standing next to the bed, Jools gave me the most passionate kisswe'veshared so far and said, “Thank you for indulging me Baby. I had a wonderful time. I love you so much.”

Chloe gave me a deep kiss as well and said, “I'vegot to thank you too, Jon. I’ve never been so well fucked in my life!”

I said, “I think I’m the one who should be thanking you guys. You just gave me something that money just can’t buy. You guys made me feel incredible.”

Jools said, “I don’t think you’d have any trouble finding a couple hookers that would be willing to do a three-way with you, so actually, money could buy what we just gave you.”

I said, “I might be able to buy the act, but I couldn’t buy the experience of being with two beautiful girls I care so much about, including the girl I love.”

Jools gave me another big kiss said, “Maybe we’ll have to do this again one of these days.”

Chloe said, “I’d never ask for it, but if you two ever invite me again, I’d love to relive this afternoon.”

Jools gave Chloe another big kiss and said, “Well, I certainly enjoyed myself. Maybe we should make this a regular thing, then.”

I said, “You’re the best girlfriend ever!”

We kissed passionately and I suddenly felt as though we might actually become a serious couple in the near future, since it was only about 3 weeks until she turns18.

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