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My Neighbor's Teenage Daughter - part four

The continuing saga of Jon and Jools, their love story and adventures
Reading parts one through three would greatly enhance enjoyment of this part of the story. 

Still hot, sweaty and exhausted from the three-way with Jools and Chloe, we all go into the shower to rinse the sex off our bodies. After drying off, the girls put casual outfits back on and I simply put on my sandals, cargo shorts and a fresh tee shirt.

It was starting to get a little late in the day so we decided it was time for the lunch I promised them. Actually it was well past ‘lunch time’, I’m sure most of the small restaurants in the area were serving from their ‘early-bird’ menus, a popular feature for the average lower middle class retirees in the area. Slightly smaller portions, discounted prices and before the typical evening dinner crowds ate, meaning the early-birds could go to dinner and home again afterwards without driving in the dark. That also made it safe for the other drivers on the roads as well. The statistics say they (the retirees) are among the safest drivers – they may not get many tickets or be in as many accidents, but I have a feeling they cause a lot of them down here.

We decided to have burgers on the grill. I left the girls to work in the kitchen while I got my grill from the garage and pulled it out to the pool cage. I started up a batch of charcoal and while it burned with the starting fluid, I went back in the kitchen to see how the girls were doing. Jools had made the patties on wax paper and was getting out the buns. Chloe was cutting up a whole pickle making ‘hamburger chips’ and had already chopped up some onions and got out the rest of the condiments.

As we worked, I said, “OK, it’s driving me nuts – how long ago did you come up with the idea for what we just did?

Jools said, “Last night Chloe and I talked after I went to bed. It started out with me just bragging about how incredible sex with you was, how big you were, the fact you’re un-circumcised and the other things you did to me.”

Chloe said, “I said, Jools, you lucky bitch. I wish I would have seen him first."

Jools replied, "Well he can certainly dish out a lot more than I can take, maybe one of these days we could tag team him, I told her if she’s serious, I’m game.”

I said, “Have you guys done this before?”

Jools said, “Well, Chloe and I have talked about it – a lot, but this is the first time we’ve actually let a guy be with both of us at the same time.”

I said, “Have either of you ever done a three-way before?”

Jools said, “Not me.”

Chloe said, “Me neither.”

I said, “You guys have fooled around together though, right?”

Jools said, “A few times. Usually when we just feel like not putting up with boys’ shit.”

Chloe smacked her on the arm and said, “Liar! For the last two years or so every time we spent the night together at either my house or yours, we’ve fooled around with each other. You gave me my very first orgasm from oral sex and claim I gave you your first, too.

Jools blushed and I said, “That’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. I think two beautiful girls pleasuring each other is a very sexy thing. It would be a real turn-on to watch you guys together before, during or afterwards if the three of us end up doing this again someday.”

Jools said, “Seriously? I think it would be embarrassing to do that with anyone watching.”

Chloe said, “Not if he’s just waiting until we ask him to join us at some point.”

I said, “If you did it after we hooked up and I got to watch, it might get me going for a second round.”

Jools said, “You really think you could have a three-way, then get turned on enough by watching us to have another three-way later?”

I said, “I can’t promise my dick will cooperate, but even if it doesn’t, I know my tongue will always rise to the occasion.”

Chloe said, “You mean if we wore you out and you couldn’t get it up again, you’d be willing to eat us instead?”

I said, “Willing and happy about it, too.”

Jools said, “It sounds like today wasn’t your first three-way. I guess I should have assumed this wouldn’t have been a new experience for you.”

I said, “No, it wasn’t but I can guarantee you that I’ve never been with two such young, beautiful girls in my life. Jools, I hope you did it as much for you guys as you did for me, I could honestly be happy alone with a girl like you and having a three-way could remain strictly a fantasy.”

Jools said, “It was mostly for you but it was something Chloe and I were both anxious to try, too. Me, because it was something new and exciting and the way you made me feel yesterday. Chloe, because I’m not sure she believed everything I told her on the phone and because I have a feeling she was worried we might not ‘be together’ as often now that you were rocking my world so well.”

I said, “As far as I’m concerned you two can be together anytime you want. It would be especially cool if I got to watch, help or join in.”

I went to check on the charcoal while Jools and Chloe worked on some sides for our meal. I agreed to let them do that and Jools demand that I stay out of her kitchen while they work. I thought about that and realized that when she said ‘HER’ kitchen, it gave me that proverbial ‘warm-fuzzy’ feeling.

I spread the charcoal out and went back in to find Jools on her phone.

She said, “No, Daddy. I have been helping him unpack some of his boxes, then Chloe stopped by and we spent time in the pool while Jon dealt with the Cable guy and did his business stuff on his computer.”

“He’s making us burgers on the grill now; I’m not sure what we’re doing later.”

I signaled her to tell him ‘hold on a second’ so we could talk.

I said, “Is your Dad home now?”

Yeah, he just got home from work and called me to see what was goin’ on.”

“Here, let me talk to him for a second.” Jools handed me her cell phone with a look of consternation in her eyes, I did my best to reassure her it would be OK. “Hi, Paul?”

“Yeah. Hi, Jon.”

“What are you doing for dinner tonight? I understand Laura has to work until 7.”

“Actually, she just called and has to cover for her replacement who called in and is going to be late. She might not get home ‘til 8 or 9 so I guess it’s something out of the freezer tonight for me.”

“Nonsense, c’mon over. I’m doing burgers on my charcoal grill. Jools and Chloe are working on whatever sides they can come up with from what I’ve got on hand.”

“Got any beer?”

“I don’t have any beer, but I’ve got all kinds of soft drinks to offer you.”

“Mind if I bring a pitcher of beer from the graduation party keg with me?”

“Not at all, I’m really not much of a drinker which is why I don’t have anything on hand, but you’re welcome to bring yours if you’d prefer that over soda.”

We talked a minute longer and he said he’d be right over. I asked him if he wanted to talk to Jools again and he said he’d talk to her when he got here. I hung up the phone and handed it back to Jools.

She said, “Are you nuts?”

“It will be fine, it will seem a lot more suspicious if I don’t interact with him a bit – how long do you think you can hang out here like this without him wanting to get to me a little better?”

“I guess.”

I told her to make another patty for her Dad then got out a slab of bacon to add to the burgers, and told Chloe where the cheese was.

The doorbell rang and I went to answer it while Jools and Chloe busied themselves in the kitchen. I invited Paul in, we shook hands the headed out to the kitchen. I got him a mug for his beer while he greeted Jools and Chloe. After pouring himself a beer, Jools took the pitcher and put it in my fridge.

Paul looked around from his vantage point and said, “You got the old Harper place looking pretty good.”

I said, “Thanks. Jools, would please get me a Pepsi out of the fridge?”

Jools handed me the soda and I said, “Why don’t you follow me out to the pool cage so we can talk while I grill the burgers? By the way, do you want bacon and cheese on yours?”

His eyes lit up and he said, “Sure. That sounds good, that sounds real good.”

I explained how I did bacon in my microwave to Jools and she said she could handle it. Paul and I walked out back, me with my soda and the platter of burger patties, Paul with his mug and my long spatula.

He said, “You’ve got it fixed up nice out here, too!”

I thanked him while I put the patties on the grill then sat down on the chair next to him.

“Jools isn’t being a pest is she? She’s been quite a handful since her Mom died.”

I said, “Yeah, Jools told me about that. I’m sorry for your loss – that was just a couple years ago, right?”

“Uh-huh. Stephanie died just before Julianne’s 16 th birthday.”

“Jools’ birthday is what, about 3 weeks away?”

He thought for a second and said, “Yep this is Tuesday the 22nd, so it’s in three weeks on a Thursday the 7th. She’ll be a big girl then – the big 18. You know she doesn’t get along real well with Laura, I’m worried she might end up moving away once she’s 18.”

I said, “We’ve talked, I know there’s friction between her and Laura, but at the same time, I know she loves you very much. If she does move out, I have a feeling it won’t be far away. How old is Laura, she seems quite young?”

“She’s 28 right now.”

“So she’s only 10 years older than Jools? Wow. Good for you on landing such a young hottie.”

He said, “Thanks. I’m 56, so she’s exactly half my age right now.”

I stood up and went over to rotate the burgers a bit searing in that crosshatch pattern, then sat down again. I had been doing the math in my head and said, “I had a minor in Math in college. Numbers are always going through my head. Think about this; you and Laura are 28 years apart right now, give or take. I’m half that closer to Jools, I just turned 32 and she’s gonna be 18 - that’s 14 years. When you were my age, Laura was only 4 years old. When Jools was 4, I was 18, the age she’s going to be in 3 weeks. In order for Jools to date a guy with the same difference as you and Laura, she’d end up with a 46 year old. Weird.”

I could tell he was thinking hard about what I said and saw no correlation between the numbers, and really, there was none. I just wanted him to understand that Jools dating a guy my age was a whole lot more appropriate than a guy his age dating a girl Laura’s age.

He said, “You know, I think Jools has a little crush on you. She seems so excited to spend time over here, I’ve heard her on the phone with Chloe, and your name has come up in the course of their ‘girl-talk’. I guess 14 years isn’t as bad as 28 years.”

I looked at him and replayed that last statement over and over in my head, ‘I guess 14 years isn’t as bad as 28 years’. Did Paul just give me tacit approval to date his nearly 18-year-old daughter? I excused myself, asked him if he was ready to get his beer topped off. I walked inside with his mug and Jools looked to see if he was watching and gave me a kiss.

I said, “Your Dad couldn’t possibly be drunk, could he?”

She looked at the mug and said, “I don’t think so, why?”

“We were talking about age differences between him and Laura, and then I compared their ages and the difference to ours.” I went through all the numbers I brought up with him then repeated the last thing Paul said ‘I guess 14 years isn’t as bad as 28 years’. Did your Dad mean what I think with that statement?”

“Really, he said that?”

“Word for word.”

I grabbed Paul’s fresh beer, a Pepsi for me, the cooked bacon and several cheese slices. Chloe was standing there holding the bag of hamburger rolls and said, “Can you toast our buns?”

I raised my can of soda and said, “To your buns!”

Jools said, “I think she was talking about the rolls.”

I laughed and said, “Sure.”

I put the buns on the tray and carried it out to the grill. Paul had gotten up, flipped the patties at the proper moment. I opened the buns and set them on the toasting rack then put a couple slices of bacon on each patty, followed by a slice of cheese. A couple minutes later, we carried the burgers back inside where we dressed them and took a serving of each side dish the girls prepared.

I said, “ Lanai or dining room?”

Everyone chose lanai so we all took a seat at the big round table, eating and talking.

Jools said, “Daddy, what would you say if I said I wanted to go out with Jon once I turn 18? He told me what you said about our age difference being half what yours is with Laura. I asked him if that meant we could go out on a date and he told me only if you said it was OK and not before my 18 th birthday. I really like him and we having fun getting to know each other. So, Daddy, what do you say?”

Paul said, “I have a feeling you’re going to do it regardless of what I say, but you’re hoping that I give you my blessing. I’m not crazy about the age difference, but I’d be a hypocrite if I objected and you will be an adult after all. So, go ahead if you want but please, don’t disappoint me, Jools.”

Jools got up, hugged her Dad around the neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek saying, “Thanks Daddy. We’ll be good.”

I said, “I’m not really expecting a romantic date, Jools has been helping out so much and she’s refused all my offers of compensation. I told her that if she wouldn’t accept cash for her help unpacking my stuff, how about I take you out for a nice dinner. I’d be on my best behavior and I’ll keep Jools safe and out of trouble. I expect it will be a very innocent dinner. She just deserves some kind of big thank you for all the help she’s given me. The companionship and conversation was nice too.”

He said, “Well, you’re a nice young man. Some of the guys she dated the last couple years were poor dating candidates in my book. You’re a refreshing change. Anyone your age with the ability to buy a home this nice in our neighborhood has to have a head on his shoulders, too. I assume I can trust you, right Jon?”

“Of course you can, Paul.”

We finished eating and Jools said, “I’ll get you another beer, Dad. Chloe and I will take care of the kitchen and you and Jon can enjoy the lanai some more.”

Paul said, “I don’t know if it’s an act for your benefit or if she’s really changing, but I swear she’s grown up so much since she met you. She would have never offered to clean up after dinner or offered to get me another beer just a week ago.”

Jools came out with a fresh beer and a new soda for me, to which Paul commented, “I think that’s the first time she brought me a new drink or anything without me asking for it first since her Mom died. It’s almost like wanting to get involved with an older guy has made her decide to grow up.”

I wanted to deflect as much suspicion as possible since I had been fucking his little girl since the day after I met her practically under his nose. I don’t think he’d be happy about the little show she put on for me the night we met, either so I said, “You’re glossing over another recent life changing event – she also just graduated and as far as the crush you think she has on me goes, as I was leaving her little party, I gave her fifty dollar bill out of my wallet and congratulated her on the achievement.”

“That was very generous of you, Jon. You didn’t even know her. Maybe that’s why she was so anxious to help you and refused compensation. I suspect that generosity might be partially responsible for her little crush, too.”

“So what is the friction between her and Laura all about?”

“This is between you and me, right?”

“Of course.”

“Well, first of all like you pointed out, Laura is only 10 years older than Julianne. She didn’t like the idea of me replacing her Mom, especially with someone so young, but I needed a woman around for her, I couldn’t deal with any ‘female’ issues. She started having periods while her Mom was still alive, but I knew she would be needing under-things and someone to discuss girly things and sex education. I didn’t want her learning any of that from her peers and the school nurse was useless. I tried dating women her Mom’s age, but most of them had kids and I wasn’t having any fun with them. I didn’t want to add any other kids to the family and certainly no boys. I ran into Laura when she was a server at a restaurant near work. She dressed really sexy and I left her pretty big tips. They paid off, too. We decided to go out one night and afterwards, she fucked me into a coma – I had never been with a woman who let me have sex on the first date before she came along. I started treating her like a mistress instead of a girlfriend, I made her car and rent payments for a while and I don’t know why, but I asked her to move in with me and we got married a couple months later. Julianne immediately resented her ‘new Mom’, with all the ‘you’re not my mom’, ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ and most of the other rants you can imagine.”

“Yeah, I’ve known a couple families that went through that. The remaining parent is only trying to do what’s best and the kids don’t realize that the parent has a right to be happy and have a life of their own. Have Jools and Laura been getting along any better over the last week or so?”

“It’s hard to tell, they avoid each other as much as possible. I haven’t heard any fights lately, but then I’m not around much when they’re together,” he lamented, “I don’t know if Laura and I are going to last anyhow. She’s more like a roommate than a wife anymore. I hope when Julianne settles down, it’s close - she’s all I’ve got left.”

“No 18 year old girl calls her father ‘Daddy’ unless she loves him. You’re not in any danger of losing her.”

Jools and Chloe came out in their bikinis and stopped near me. I got a friendly little hug and kiss on the cheek from both of them, followed by Jools giving her Dad another while she said, “Chloe and I are getting back in the pool for a while, OK?”

Paul said, “Maybe you should ask Jon instead of me, Pumpkin.”

She replied, “Jon told me I don’t even have to ask. I can use it whenever I want. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t need me to come home right away.”

“Well, you two go ahead then, Baby.”

I noticed Paul checking out Chloe’s body as she walked toward the pool. He leaned over and said, “Man that Chloe’s a work of art. Have you ever seen a girl with such an amazing body?”

I resisted the urge to tell him as a matter of fact, I saw her naked a few hours ago when I was having a three-way with her and his daughter. Instead, I said, “She’s definitely going to break some hearts along her way. She is so exotic looking with that olive skin, her dark brown eyes and black hair.”

“I think I’d go nuts having those two running around my back yard dressed in bikinis like that.”

I said, “I just keep reminding myself that they are both essentially jailbait. But they make a guy proud to be a man, that’s for sure!”

We both watched the girls play and splash around in the water while Paul and I talked. When he downed the last of his pitcher of beer, he said he was going to head home since Laura would be getting home soon. “If Jools gets to be too much, send her home.”

“Jools and Chloe are a delight. I’ll never enjoy the pool enough to warrant the upkeep cost myself, so I’m glad someone is enjoying it. It makes the cost worthwhile. Between electricity for the pump and heater, the chemicals and other supplies, I’m told it will run around 150 to 200 a month.”

“Makes me glad I never put one in, Julianne would have been the only one that ever used it.”

“She’s welcome to use mine anytime. And you do have the spa, hot tub or whatever it is over there.”

“Yeah, now that was a good investment! Laura and I use it frequently. It can be a lot of fun, if you know what I mean.”

“I think I know what you mean. A hot tub is on my wish list, but that isn’t what I had in mind for it. They’re just really relaxing after a long day. I have a feeling I’ll be using the hot tub much more than the pool after I get one, too.”

“Well I’m going to go. Thanks for dinner.”

“It was my pleasure, Paul. I’ll make sure your beer pitcher is cleaned and have Jools take it home with her later, OK?”

“Great, thanks again. I have a feeling we’re going to end up being good friends, Jon.”

“I sure hope so. I don’t plan on going anywhere in the near future.”

As soon as Paul left, Jools and Chloe got out of the pool and we all went in the house and up to my room.

Chloe said, “I guess I should head home now. I’m sure you guys want some private time before Jools has to head home.”

Jools took her friend in her arms and they kissed passionately, with open mouths right on the lips. Seeing them kiss like that was such a beautiful, erotic sight – I immediately found myself becoming aroused again. As the kiss broke off, they whispered in each other’s ears for a moment then shared another quick kiss before Chloe walked up to me and kissed me just as passionately as she had kissed Jools only moments earlier.

She said, “Thank you Jon, you made me feel incredible earlier, Jools said if it’s OK with you, she’d like to do that again one of these days.”

She reached down, grabbed my cock through the material of my shorts and went on, “Jools, I’d say he’s in favor of the idea of doing a three-way with us again.”

Jools said, “Good, so am I!”

Chloe backed away from me and picked up the clothes she arrived in, took off her bikini before slipping them back on. When she was dressed, Jools and I accompanied her to the front door where we all shared a kiss before she walked out the door to head home. We closed the door then Jools said, “Back to your room?

I said, “OK.”

She took my hand as we walked upstairs and up to the edge of the bed. She took off her top, and then lifted the tee shirt over my head. Rubbing her boobs against my chest, she kissed me on the lips then whispered in my ear, “What are the chances I can get you to make love with me before I go home?”

I said, “What are the chances you’ll let me?

She attacked the button on my shorts, pulled the zipper down and savagely pushed my shorts and boxers to the floor. I then picked her up and gently lay her on the bed. She bent her knees and used her feet to lift her ass up off the sheets and I pulled her bottom off. Jools beckoned me with her outstretched arms to join her on the bed and we kissed passionately while groping each other until I was rock hard and she was sopping wet.

She had me get between her legs and used a hand to feed my cock into her pussy and we made slow passionate love until we came simultaneously. I continued lying on top of her with my cock inside her while we kissed passionately as it grew soft and slipped out on its own.

Jools said, “I love the way it feels when your cock is buried in my pussy to the hilt, Jon.”

“It feels pretty good to me, too. I have to admit putting my cock in such a tight 17-year-old pussy is something I haven’t felt for 12 or 13 years. I could get used to being with you every day.”

She kissed me and said, “Promise?”

“What can I do, you’ve gone and made me fall in love with you, Jools.”

“Then my plan worked!”

“What plan is that?”

“My plan to get you to fall in love with me. I was teasing you most of the day Saturday. However, that backfired on me and I ended up getting a serious crush on you. That’s why I treated you to my little show that night. When you showed me your cock, I knew I had to have it.”

“Well I’m sure your Dad would be pissed off if he found out we were having sex, but the idea of us dating after you turn 18 doesn’t seem to bother him that much.”

We got up; rinsed off under the shower again then Jools commented on the discussion we had the other day regarding ‘man-scaping’.

She said, “So are you going to let me do that for you?”

I warned her, “If you cut me or anything, you can’t have it again until the boo-boo is gone.”

How about this, if I hurt you in anyway, I’ll kiss the boo-boo. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably kiss it whether there’s a boo-boo or not.”

I pulled out my travel shaving kit that has all the toiletry items I might need if I have to do any business travel. It contains all my tools and supplies for my hair, teeth, beard, nails and showering, including a pair of nice scissors and a rechargeable battery powered beard trimmer. I hopped my ass up on the bathroom vanity and Jools used the scissors to trim off all the ‘wild’ hairs, then used the beard trimmer with the guide to regulate hair length to trim all the hair in my pubic region to about a quarter to three eighths of an inch long. I looked down and my partially aroused cock looked even more impressive than it had before the trim.

I said, “Are you done?”

“Nope, there’s a little more to go.”

She took a washcloth, turned on the hot water in one of the sinks and closed the stopper. She then took the hot, wet washcloth, wet my entire pubic area, dispensed a little ‘Edge’ shaving cream into her hand, and applied to some of the peripheral area of what she had trimmed. I got a little nervous when she took out my new ‘Fusion’ razor and while holding the head of my rapidly growing cock, shaved the perimeter of my pubic region creating what she deemed a very nice ‘manscape’ on me.

She rinsed the washcloth again and wiped up all the shaving gel residue. When finished, she inspected the area very closely then said, “So what do you think?”

I said, “It looks OK, but I think the question is, how do you like it?”

She grabbed my cock near the base and lifted it up so the head was pointed directly at her mouth and made it disappear into her throat then let it out. She said, “I like it, I like it a lot!”

I pulled her up, jumped off the counter, and kissed her passionately.

I said, “Baby, you are incredible. I love everything about you. I can’t wait until we can spend the night together so we can make love until the sun comes up.”

“You might not have to wait very long. Chloe’s parents are going away for the weekend and she told my Dad she wants me to spend Friday and Saturday night at her house. I’m thinking I’ll spend one night alone with you and the other one we’ll both spend the night with you. Would you like that?”

“Jools, we had a lot of fun this morning but it could have stayed a fantasy and as far as I’m concerned it never has to happen again. But if you want it to I’d be thrilled and love you even more for the experience.”

“Oh, it’s gonna happen. It would be so much fun to spend a whole night naked with you and Chloe.”

She looked down and noticed my cock beginning to respond to the thought she planted in my mind about spending a night in bed naked with both girls. She gently grabbed it and pulled on it a bit then said, “I knew you’d get into the idea.”

“I’ll admit it would be fun but I’m really even more interested in falling asleep in your arms alone.”

“We’ll be doing that every night before long if I have my way.”

Jools and I slowly redressed and she said, “I suppose I should head home soon. I’ll call you before I go to sleep. I love you, Baby.”

I walked her down to the door and over to her house. We kissed passionately as we stood there at the stoop and I didn’t even care if Paul or Laura saw us. After the talk with Paul earlier, I had a feeling he, at least, knew that Jools and I were becoming a couple.

She opened the door, gave me fleeting kiss on the lips and said, “Good night, I’ll talk to you a bit later.”

I walked home, secured the house and went into my office to check the day’s email. I had been neglecting this practice since Jools came into my life. The first couple of emails were just reports on systems touring the country. One was a system I had working a tour crossing the southern states with a tour of young up and coming rock acts. The stage manager hired by the tour was having problems with the agreed upon sound system and my crew chief thought the only way to un-ruffle the stage manager’s feathers was for me to meet with him. I sent off an email and told them to get the details together for me and to expect another email from me tomorrow where I’d try to arrange a meeting with them this Friday.

I printed up the email from my crew and my response so I wouldn’t forget. “Damn,” I thought. “It was going to be tough spending a two or three days away from Jools, including the night she was looking forward after the last couple days.” In a sudden flash of lucidity, I got to thinking that I might see if I could either rent a plane or charter one with a pilot. I had taken flying lessons and had my private ticket before my 18th birthday and now had the flight time and necessary endorsements to operate a twin engine prop plane, but I didn’t purchase an aircraft because I was trying to work my way up to qualify in a business class jet. I had an ‘aircraft of my dreams’ already picked out, but I still had many hours to go before I could qualify in it, so I flew a little at time, gradually building hours toward my rather lofty goal. I hadn’t conferred with any of the local airports or flight services since I moved here, but I had the credentials, which could be easily verified and could document that I had checked out in a variety of twins.

I jotted a note on the bottom of the email to call around and see what I could do in the morning. That way, I could still feasibly spend the night with Jools, and perhaps the next night with both girls.

I quickly disposed of the balance of email, checked on line for flight service companies in the area and jotted the numbers down to call in the morning. I went on my Facebook account and looked to see if I had any messages, friend requests or notifications, but honestly, with all their recent changes, I had lost interest in the social network and now just occasionally looked at my home page without actively participating. I wondered if Jools had a Facebook page and typed her name in the search box. Wow, there were quite a few people with her last name with Julianne listed as the first name. I scrolled down the list 2 pages and nothing – I tried Jools for a first name and there she was.

I opened her page and went to her photos first. There were at least a couple hundred images, some of her at school functions, in her cheerleader outfits, at the beach and several in her backyard with friends. There were even a few of her graduation party. Chloe was featured with Jools in many photos, many with their arms around each other. I looked at her status updates next and scrolled down to her party.

One entry “OMG, today’s my graduation party! I’m so happy; I can’t wait to see my friends. Can’t wait to see how well I do.”

There were no updates since the party other than photos of the party uploaded later that day. I bookmarked her profile page and shut down the PC turned out the lights and went upstairs.

I took off my shorts and tee shirt to climb into bed. Her blinds were open, but there was no light on in Jools’ room, so I lay down in bed, making sure I had my phone handy. A few minutes later, my phone went off, I answered it and happily, it was Jools.

“Hi, Jools.”

“Whatcha doin’, Baby?”

“Laying in bed trying to figure out how not to screw up our ability to fall asleep in each other’s arms Friday night.”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember me telling you that I work out of my home 90% of the time? I got an email today and I might have to go out of town Friday. I might be able to make it back late Friday afternoon, but I won’t know until I make a few calls in the morning. Would you be interested in going along if we can make it back later the same day?”

“I’d love to go on a trip with you, where would we be going?”

“I’ve got to check in the morning, it will probably be Louisiana . I’ll find out exactly where they’ll be the day I go. I’ve got to settle a problem with the tour manager and my crew chief.”

“You can’t make it to any of those places and back in one day.”

“I think maybe I can, don’t worry about it tonight. Hey guess what I found?”

“I’m pretty sure I left some underwear over there, probably under the bed or in the bathroom.”

“I found your Facebook page. It looks like you haven’t done anything on it since Saturday.”

“I’ve been a little busy falling in love with and fucking the guy next door. I should send you a friend request!”

“I rarely go on Facebook anymore. It was fun for a while, but the novelty has worn off. I don’t have time for it anymore. I’m busy trying to get the neighbor girl to fall in love with me.”

“ Mission accomplished! I do love you, Jon.”

“I love you too. Tomorrow, I have some running to do. Would you be interested in going with me?”

“I’d love to. Actually, I’ll do anything to spend time with you.”

“Did you talk to Chloe again tonight?”

“Uh-huh. She’s really happy about the way things turned out this morning.”

“I’m kinda happy about that myself.”

“She can’t wait for all of us to fall asleep together Saturday night. I can’t wait for that either, but Friday night is going to be the most special night of my life. I’ve never fallen asleep and spent the night with a lover before, in his bed or anywhere else for that matter.”

“Making love until the two people are a sweaty, exhausted single mass of flesh then falling asleep in each other’s arms is the best emotional sensation you can possibly imagine. I’m so anxious to do it with you and even more anxious to do it every night for the rest of lives from some not too distant point.”

“Stop. You’re making me want to sneak out tonight and come sleep with you.”

“Let’s wait until Friday night. The anticipation will heighten the experience.”

We talked for another half hour or so and decided to go to sleep so we could get an early start tomorrow. I expected to toss and turn for a while, but I fell asleep before I knew it.

I woke up and did my morning bathroom routine then dressed and hit my office. I called the first air service company on the list, told them what I needed and what my credentials were. They had a Cessna 340, the only twin engine plane in their inventory that I was already qualified in. They did tell me it was a company requirement to have one of their pilots or instructors check out new customers in any plane they chose to rent. The rates were right, they were close and I was happy with the model to which they offered me access. I offered them a credit card to hold the 340 until I could get there a bit later this morning. They offered to hold it without the card until noon and I promised I’d be there by then. I printed up Google Maps directions, gathered my pilot’s flight bag, which contains my log, and all the documentation I might need to pass muster with the air service company. I made my way to the kitchen and fixed myself a bowl of cereal.

I had just gotten out the milk when my doorbell rang. I went over, opened the door, and let Jools in. She was wearing a medium length denim skirt and a pretty top. She had also done her hair and makeup nicely.

She said, “Is this OK for what we’ve got to do today? I wasn’t sure how to dress so I went ‘conservative casual',"

I said, “Its fine. You look really nice. Have you had breakfast? I was just going to have a bowl of cereal and some juice, join me?” She said, “Sure, I hurried up so I could get here sooner. It would be so much easier if I got to wake up in the bed next to you instead of the house next to you.”

I said, “Hurry up and turn 18 then.”

We sat down to enjoy our breakfast and she said, “I have been planting seeds. I told Dad that I have a feeling his relationship with Laura would probably improve if I were out of their hair. I didn’t tell him there’s no hope because she’s a slut. But I also made it clear that I loved him very much and that I wanted to stay close to home and that Chloe and I have been talking about trying to find a place together once we find decent jobs.”

I said, “Doesn’t he want you to go to college?”

She said, “I had decent grades but I’ve got no idea what I want to do, I don’t think it’s worth going to college if I don’t have something I’m passionate about.”

I said, “That’s true, if you end up with me, I’ll cover all of your expenses, you’ll never have to work, you’ll have the car of your dreams, plenty of spending money and a credit card in your own name attached to my account for hanging out or shopping with your BFF, Chloe. You’d be treated very well and live like a princess.”

“Really, I’d love to live with you!”

“Do you ever want to get married?”

“Maybe someday, but I’m not in any hurry, especially if I can be with the man I love.”

We finished up, took care of our dishes then I gathered my stuff, we went into my garage and I let her into my car. Getting behind the wheel, I said, “Are you ready, Baby?”

She said, “Uh, huh.”

I took off and made the 20 minute drive to the airport. Jools said, “What are we doing here?” I said, “You’ll see.”

I grabbed my flight bag, helped Jools out of her seat and we walked up to the offices of the air service company. The guy I spoke with earlier greeted me and I began to show him my credentials.

He said, “Our insurance company’s rules make it necessary to give new customers checkout flights on any aircraft they intend to use before we rent to them. You said you’ve checked out in a 340 before?”

I said, “Yeah, I used one from a company several years ago called Serv-A-Plane out of MBS, in Michigan . I’ve got maybe 350 hours on that model, it’s all in my log book.”

“What are your travel plans?”

I said, “I’m not sure the precise destination yet, I’ll know later this afternoon. I’ve got to meet one of my employees and a client to settle a dispute. I hope to fly out first thing in the morning, heading toward Louisiana, have the meeting then flying back before dark – I’ve got plans for tomorrow evening here in town.”

“Would you be willing to do a check out flight now?”

I said, “Can my girlfriend come along?”

“As a back seat passenger, sure.”

Jools and I followed the guy out onto the tarmac and Jools leaned up close and said, “You’re a pilot?”

“Yep, since I was your age. I got my license just before I turned 18. I don’t own a plane yet, but as soon as I qualify in it, I’ve got my eye on the model I would like to buy.”

She kissed me on the cheek and said, “This is so exciting.”

Jools and the instructor stood and watched while I did the pre-flight check. I gave the entire plane – fuselage, wings and landing gear a visual inspection, then manually inspected the leading edges of all the flight surfaces and props, checked for free movement of all the control surfaces, I checked for condensation in the wing tanks, fluid levels in the engines, finally uncovering and checking to make sure all the Pitot tubes were unobstructed.

Satisfied with my diligence, we all got into the plane. Jools behind the co-pilot’s seat, the instructor in the right-hand or co-pilot’s seat and I got in the pilots seat. We all buckled in then got on the radio for weather information, altimeter setting and clearance for a short joy ride. I made the necessary instrument adjustments, started the engines and moved the plane to the staging area at the end of the #27 runway. I turned the aircraft into the wind and ran the engines up to 80 percent power.

Once satisfied of smooth operation of the engines, I moved to the runway, throttled up and began racing down the center of the runway. At 91 Knots, I pulled back on the yoke and Jools giggled with glee as she watched the ground rapidly disappearing below us. The instructor gave me several commands regarding heading, altitude and maneuvers and he was soon satisfied of my competency at piloting the twin engine aircraft. We headed back to the airport, got clearance, landed without incident and moved the plane back to it’s tie-down area where I properly secured the plane to the anchors in the tarmac and replaced the Pitot tube covers.

We went back inside, I gave him my credit card for the expenses I was bound to incur, told them I’d be back at 8 am for the plane. At the 340’s cruising speed (equaling roughly 250 MPH, ground speed, I was sure I could make it to the destination in 3 hours or less, spend an hour or two at my meeting and be home by 4 pm, 5 at the latest.

On the way home, I said, “Feel like going for a plane ride tomorrow, Jools? You could even bring Chloe with you so you’ve got someone to hang out with while I’m at my meeting. Maybe you guys could do some shopping or something.”

Jools kissed me and said, “I love you, Jon. I’d love to come along and I’ll see if Chloe wants to come, too.” She got out her cell phone and called Chloe. “Hey Chloe, guess what I just did with Jon?” “No, but I plan to do that just as soon as we get home! Jon has a pilots license and just took me for a ride in a plane he has to rent tomorrow for a business meeting he has to go to. He wants me to come and we’re leaving at 8 in the morning. Do you want to go with us? Jon told me to invite you so I had someone to hang out with he was in his meeting. He thinks in Louisiana . Well, wherever he has to go to hook up with the guys for the meeting. OK, he has a couple stops to make then we’ll be home. I’ll call you back then.”

I found a hardware store and went inside, got several keys duplicated then we got back in the car.

I said, “Do you like Chinese food?”


“I would like some for lunch. Do you have a favorite?”

“The China Wokkery is the one I like most.”

She directed me to the restaurant, we went in and had a nice meal and talked about the trip.

I said, “It would probably be a good idea to have Chloe at my house by 7:30 or so, ready to go.”

“Maybe I’ll have her sleep at my house tonight then.”

“That would work. I really want to be at the airport ready to go by 8:00 . If you guys want to, we can leave a little early and stop somewhere for a light breakfast.”

We headed back to my house and I took one of the keys I had made and checked it in the front door. It opened easily and I removed the key and handed it to Jools.

“Here, Baby. This way you don’t have to ring the bell when you come over anymore.”

She through her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

“Thank you, Baby, you won’t regret this. Take me upstairs so we can fuck, OK?”

“Wouldn’t you rather make love?”

“Maybe later, right now I just need your cock inside me. Fuck me hard and fast, make my come and fill my pussy with your cum and I’ll be happy. We can make love after you scratch my itch.”

We went upstairs where she had my pants around my knees and my cock buried in her mouth before I had a chance to object. She also refused to let me eat her at the same time. Once she had my cock rock hard with a shiny purple head, she lifted her skirt up, pulled her panties off and grabbed my cock, vigorously rubbed the tip the length of her slit until the tip had found her opening.

“Stick it in me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard and make me come.”

I stood there at the edge of the bed, pants and boxers around my ankles, my shirt still on as I was fucking Jools who lay there, her legs raised high in a ‘V’, her skirt bunched up around her waist and my hands under her top, playing with her boobs.

“Oh, God that’s good. I love the way you fuck me, Jon.”

“I love the way you make me feel, Baby, but you better let me eat you later. I hate the idea of fucking you without making you come with my mouth first.”

“I love the things you do to me with your mouth, especially the things you do with my butt.”

I said, “I like that, too.”

We kept on fucking and I said, “I’m not gonna last much longer, Babe.”

“I’m ready to come, too. God, your cock feels even bigger with less foreplay. I’m gonna come, Jon. I’m coming, I’m coming.”

I plunged into her pussy to the limit and erupted deep inside her. She let her legs drop, I collapsed on top of her and we lay there breathing hard and sweating. Jools wrapped her arms around me then wrapped her legs around my waist, essentially locking me in place while we kissed.

She said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow night, to fall asleep in your arms and wake up next to you.”

“I almost decided to drive to my meeting but it would have been a 2 to 2-1/2 day trip and I didn’t want to miss out on spending the night sleeping with you, either.”

“I’m so glad about that, I can’t wait to go on the plane ride with you, too.”

“Have you ever been flying before?”

“In airliners, a couple times. Today was my first ride in a private plane.”

“Are you going to ask your Dad before we take off?”

“I should, I’m trying to act more mature so he thinks I’m making more grownup decisions when it comes to spending time with you.”

“What about Chloe?”

“Chloe will be fine, her relationship with her parents is more along the lines of letting them know what’s going on as opposed to asking for permission.”

My cock slipped out of her pussy and I decided to pay her back for not letting me eat her before we fucked by eating her now. I made sure she remained laying back on the bed then I got on my knees on the floor between her legs. I held her legs straight up while I began licking the length of her slit, cleaning up the evidence from us having sex. I began to concentrate on her clit while plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy. She started moving erratically and a moment later had another orgasm, soaking my face, neck and shirt as she gushed and pushed my face away from her pussy. I quit paying attention to her clit and pussy and began licking long trails up her thighs, stopping just short of her hypersensitive areas.

When the euphoria of her massive orgasm now passed, I began working on her clit again, slowly and gently while working first my index finger into her pussy, followed by using my middle finger there. I pulled my fingers out and began using my tongue on her little pink asshole.

“Oh, God. Your tongue feels amazing in my ass. I love it when you do that.”

It only took a few minutes for her ass to become quite relaxed and I went back to concentrating on her clit with my mouth, using my index finger in her pussy while I slipped my middle finger into her ass. I was slowly working my fingers as deep as they would go, then with drawing them out only to plunge back in again. Jools was moaning and her erratic behavior told me she was approaching another orgasm. It wasn’t as strong as the earlier orgasm but seemed to last a lot longer.

As it subsided, she said, “Baby?”

“Yes, Jools?”

“I’m kinda scared, but I want to know if maybe you would try putting your cock in my ass sometime. I have girlfriends who beg me to try it and swear it feels incredible, but I can’t see your cock even fitting in my ass. Your finger is the biggest thing that ever went into my ass and I can guarantee you, nothing even approaching the size your cock has ever come out of it. But, after the way you just made me feel, if you promise to be gentle and stop if it hurts, I think I’d like to experiment with it.”

“I’d be happy if the only body part of mine you ever allowed near your ass was my tongue and you know it will never hurt you. If you want to try anal sex one of these times, I’ll use plenty of foreplay and lubricant before I even try to put it in your ass. I also promise to stop at any point you say you don’t want to go on.”

She said, “OK. I know you’d never hurt me, especially on purpose but I do want to try it sometime. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?”

“Yeah, a few times, a couple girls who mentioned wanting to do it had second thoughts when they saw me aroused, but there have been a couple girls who did that with me, one really got into it and let me do it with her every time we were together, so I know it’s possible, but I won’t push it on you or whimper about it if you decide to stop or not try it at all.”

She said, “I believe you, I really love you, Jon. I wouldn’t give it up to you if I didn’t think there was a good chance we’re going to grow old together.”

“Well if you want, we can wait until you’re sure, but I know I want to grow old with you already. If you’re considering giving me your anal virginity, I’ll treat it like the precious gift it is.”

We kissed again and she said, “Do you want to take a shower with me, Baby? I smell like sex.”

“You’ll never have any trouble getting me to enjoy a shower with you, Jools. I love being naked with you.”

“You seemed to enjoy being naked with Chloe, too!”

“Yeah, but only if you’re with us, too. She’s got an amazing body, and I love her exotic complexion but I’m in love with you.”

“You know, if I end up giving you my anal cherry, she may want it too. Would you be willing to do that with her if she does?”

“I suppose if it’s in the course of us all enjoying a three-way, I’d consider it. I do love the way it makes me feel and most of the girls I’ve done it with claim to enjoy it.”

“I can’t wait for you to pop my anal cherry now. I hope it doesn’t hurt a lot.”

“I’ll do what I can to make it as pleasant as possible for you.”

“It hurt when I lost my virginity, too. I don’t expect my first try at anal sex to be pain-free, I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much.”

We finished our shower then put on swimwear before heading downstairs. Jools said, “Can we sit in the lanai and have a soda before going into the pool?”

“Whatever you like, Baby.”

“I should call Chloe back, too. Do you want me to invite her over?”

“You certainly are welcome to ask her if you want, this is your place, too.”

She smiled and I went to get us a couple sodas while she sat down at the table and dialed her phone.

“Hey, Sis.”

“We’re sitting in the lanai now, thinking about going for a swim.”

“We already fucked when we got home. I’m so excited about tomorrow. Jon wants to leave his house by 7:30 or so, do you want to spend the night at my house?”

“I’m not sure. Things are going real well right now between me and my Dad as far as Jon and I go. If I got busted, it would make my life Hell. What if our parents talked to each other?”

“I’ll think about it. Feel like coming by for a swim?”

“He said I could invite you if I want. Ooh, guess what? Jon gave me a key to his house!”

“Yeah, I’m so happy I can’t contain myself! So, you comin’ over or not?” We’ll see. I only fucked him once so far today.”

“OK, we’ll probably be in the pool, come around to the pool cage, I’ll unlock the door closest to my house.”

“Bye, Sis.”

I said, “So Chloe’s coming over?”

“Yeah. She suggested spending the night here tonight since we’re leaving so early.”

“If you guys want to share a guest room, that’s OK with me.”

“Fuck that – if were spending the night, it’s in your bed!”

“Both of you?”

She said, “You’ve only had sex once today, I think you can handle it. We can make love tomorrow night.”

“What are you gonna tell your Dad?”

“I’m thinking about trying honesty. Tell him you invited us on an adventure tomorrow and we need to leave really early so you offered to let me and Chloe crash in a guest room to make sure we get out on time. He seems to like the new mature me. With Chloe here, I can’t imagine him thinking there’s anything going on.”

“I should probably send a message to RC, my crew chief to find out where he wants to hold our meeting. You and Chloe have to make sure your cell phones are charged up, so we can get a hold of each other tomorrow, too. I’ll probably have you grab a taxi and do some shopping or something while I’m busy, then we’ll hook up when I’m done, do some lunch and fly home.”

Just then, Chloe appeared at the side door of the pool cage and came in, “Hi Guys.” We said ‘Hi’ then Jools and Chloe headed upstairs so Chloe could change into her bikini. I went into my office and sent an email telling RC I would arrive in the region between 11.00 and 11:30 . asking where he thought the tour would be and asking him to arrange for a room for the meeting. As I was leaving my office, Jools and Chloe were coming down the stairs and we decided to sit for a moment so I could fill them in on the adventure that awaited them.

I told them what my meeting was for, how long I thought it might take and that I wasn’t sure what kind of town we were headed for but if it was a decent size town, I would send them shopping or something while I was having the meeting. Jools filled Chloe in on her idea for spending the night at my house and Chloe was pretty sure she could get crash here with Jools with no difficulty.

They asked about clothes for the trip and I said, “Whatever you want to wear is fine – make it something comfortable and cool. You might want to bring something to put on in case it’s chilly out, though. As soon as I know where we’re going, I’ll look up the weather forecast to check it out.”

We ended up in the pool for a while and after an hour or so, we all got out and dried off. Jools said, “Well , my Dad should be home by now. We should go over and fill him in on our plans. Then we’ll have to go to get Chloe’s stuff.”

“I suppose I should come to talk with your Dad, huh?”

She hugged me and gave me a little kiss then said, “You really do love me, don’t you?”

“More than you know.”

We went upstairs and got into street clothes, then headed downstairs, out the door and over to Jool’s house. She opened the front door, “Daddy? Daddy, are you here?”

Paul poked his head out of the kitchen entryway and said, “Hi, Princess, Chloe, Jon. What’s up?”

I spoke up before Jools had a chance to, “Paul, I’ve got to make a short business run tomorrow and invited Jools and Chloe to go along. It should be quite an adventure.”

Jools said, “Actually, it will be an incredible adventure. Guess what Daddy? Jon is a pilot. He took me to the airport today and rented an airplane for tomorrow. They wouldn’t rent it to them without knowing how good he was at flying so we went for a quick joy ride. It was so much fun.”

Paul said, “Pilot, huh?”

I said, “14 years now. I got my license just before my 18th birthday but don’t have a 'plane of my own yet. I’ve been building hours and increasing my ratings ever since I got the license. I rented a twin engine Cessna for tomorrow and have to go to a meeting to settle a dispute between a tour manager and my crew chief, most likely in Louisiana . I probably have an email at home now telling me where I need to go to meet them. Anyhow, I hate flying alone and thought I’d ask Jools and Chloe to come along. I expect to be back tomorrow night by dinner time.”

“And you want to go, right Julianne?”

“Oh yes, Daddy. But there is one thing.”

“What’s that Pumpkin?”

“We’ve got to leave between 7.00 and 7:30 so Chloe and I planned to stay in one of Jon’s guest rooms. It’s right next door Daddy. You know you can trust me to be good girl. Is it OK, Daddy?

“Honey, you’re only three weeks from being an adult and able to make your own decisions. If I can’t trust you now, I don’t think I could ever trust you. So many of your girlfriends from school got into trouble, and you and Chloe managed to stay out of trouble. I do think I can trust you over there with Chloe. Jon being willing to face me himself tells me I can trust him to, so go ahead honey. Have fun and don’t give me a reason to stop trusting you, OK, Princess?”

“I won’t, Daddy. I promise, I want you to be proud of me.”

Jools and Chloe went to get some clothes and supplies while I sat and talked with Paul. He asked about my flying, and I assured him I had hundreds of hours in the pilot’s seat and was close to my next goal. When asked about that, I told him I wanted to qualify in a business class jet. I told him Cessna had a model that was probably one of the sexiest machines I’d ever seen up close – the Citation X.

I said, “It’s the fastest civilian aircraft on the market and will go nearly Mach 1, the only faster civilian aircraft was the Concorde which was no longer available or in service anywhere.”

He said, “A plane like that must cost a fortune.”

I said, “New, around 22 million. I wouldn’t personally buy one, but my company could either lease one or buy one.”

“Seriously? Your company has that kind of eminence?”

“Well, tomorrow’s trip is kind of short. But I have systems all over the country. When problems arise, I can’t always get from point a to point b on commercial airlines in the necessary time frame, so being able to fly myself there is a real advantage. The Cessna twin I’m renting is one of their nicer prop airplanes and quite comfortable but it will only do about 250 miles an hour equivalent ground speed, so trips much longer than the one tomorrow tend to be 2 day affairs, so I am looking forward to being able to use a business class jet. I had a timeshare on a twin engine Cessna before I moved.”

“I always wanted to learn how to fly.”

“I’ll be happy to take you up for a joy ride one of these days if you like.”

“That would be quite a thrill.”

“Well then, let’s make a plan to do that one of these days. The 340 I’m renting will hold a pilot and five passengers, maybe we could hit Key West for dinner one of these weekends. You told me that Jools seemed to have a crush on me and I’ve got to tell you, I’m developing one on her as well. With your permission of course, once she turns 18, I’d love it if you gave me permission to pursue a relationship with her. If you let me do that, to celebrate, I’d love to treat you and Laura to a nice dinner down there. Several of my all time favorite restaurants are in Key West ... I love it down there.”

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming – the dinner invitation, that is. I was pretty sure you and Julianne were going to end up dating.”

“So is it a date?”

He said, “Well it will require a bit of advance planning, but I think I’d really enjoy that. It just might be the spark Laura and I need to reinvigorate our relationship, too.”

Jools and Chloe came down with big tote bag and said, “I’ve got everything I need for tonight and tomorrow. We have to go get Chloe’s stuff, now.”

I said, “See you later Paul. We’ll get those plans worked out for a month or so from now, OK?”

Jools gave her Dad a hug and kiss on the cheek then we head back to my house. Along the way, Jools asked me what the deal was with my comment to her Dad about plans a month or so from now.

I said, “Well, in return for your Dad’s blessings for you and I to pursue a relationship, I’ve agreed to a ‘double-date’ with your Dad and Laura. I offered to treat them to dinner in Key West. I think we now have his permission to actively date.”

She said, “Good, it will be nice to date the guy I’m fucking all the time!

“Yeah, it will be nice to take you out and show you off to everyone! Having such a hot girl, or two, on my side as I’m out in public does wonders for my ego and attitude.”

When we got to my house I said, “How far away do you live, Chloe?”

“Just a few blocks.”

“Do you need me to come along? Do you think your parents may want to talk to me before letting you go?”

“No I just need to grab a few things. They’re cool with me making my own decisions.”

I said, “Why don’t you take her in my car, Jools? I’ll stay here and take care of the details for our trip.”

Jools said, “Are you sure?”

I said, “Yeah, I’ve been in a car when you were driving, I trust you.”

She said, “OK, then.”

I handed her the keys to my car and gave her and Chloe a kiss at the door then went to my office. I checked my e-mail and found out my destination was Shreveport , Louisiana. I sent a confirmation email telling RC that I’d be there around 11:30 or so and would use a cab or shuttle for transportation. I got cash out of my lock box for tomorrow, called AirTrek to confirm our arrangements, and have them file a flight plan for me flying out IFR with pilot and two passengers for Shreveport Regional Airport, returning at an undetermined time later in the day.

I then went up to my room and put a casual outfit and my typical business attire of Dockers and a Land’s End shirt to wear at the meeting in a bag, knowing I could change in one of my busses if needed. I took my bag downstairs and set it in the foyer just as Jools and Chloe came in the front door.

I said, “Are we all set?”

Jools said, “Yeppers.”

I said, “How about ordering some pizza and wings for dinner tonight?”

Jools said, “How about we have sex first?”

Without another word, Jools took my right hand, Chloe took my left and they led me up the stairs. Jools took the chair that had been setting next to my dresser and moved it to the side of the bed about four feet away, facing it. She had me sit down, then she and Chloe began to hug and kiss each other as they removed each other’s clothes.

Soon both girls were down to tiny thongs and actively making out with each other. The action was starting to get hot and I was too so I removed my shirt and continued watching them fondle, grope and kiss. Chloe had Jools lay down right in front of me giving me a great view of her tiny thong, which all but vanished into her wet folds. Chloe then bent over at the waist just a few inches away from my face and buried her face in Jools pussy. She licked and sucked on the damp garment for a while then hooking her fingers on the waistband, backed up as she pulled down past Jools’ hips, literally forcing my nose and mouth into her crack where I licked her pussy through the tiny thong she was wearing.

Jools’ thong, no longer in the way, allowed Chloe to lick and suck on her clit, pussy and all the way back over her asshole, causing Jools to become more and more animated, well on her way to an orgasm. I couldn’t help myself so I pulled my engorged cock out of my pants and began stroking it. Jools experienced an orgasm and sat up kissing Chloe deeply on the lips. Jools got up and she and Chloe gave me a deep kiss before having Chloe take the spot on the bed where Jools had been. Jools looked down at my rock hard cock sucked the head into her mouth and licked around the head, her tongue between it and my foreskin then kissed the tip and said, “Having fun, Baby?”

I said, “You two look so fucking hot doing that I hope I can last until you guys finish.”

She said, “You better. You know our pussies are going to feel a lot better wrapped around your cock than your hand does.”

She then turned and bent over her hot, wet and relaxed pussy right in my face while she gave Chloe’s thong a lick from her clit well past her asshole before removing the sopping wet garment. Then with her ass in my face she started eating Chloe. It wasn’t long before all the tell-tale signs of a strong orgasm appeared. Chloe grabbed Jools by the head forcing it to the spot she wanted her to pay attention to.

Now rock hard and aching for release, I stood up and pushed the chair back out of the way and while Jools continued eating Chloe, I started working my cock into her pussy. I noticed Jools was fondling Chloe’s boobs and I reached down and grabbed Jools boobs, too. I’m sure it made a sexy sight. Me fucking Jools from behind and playing with her boobs while she kept on eating Chloe and playing with her boobs. Chloe had an orgasm then Jools stood up and we continued fucking as we stood there next to the bed.

She said, “Give the first one to Chloe , OK ?”

I said, “Sure.”

Jools and Chloe both moved onto the bed and Chloe was on her back in the center with her head on my pillows. Chloe told Jools to sit on her face while I fucked her. Jools took her position, lowered her pussy to Chloe’s face then I got between Chloe’s legs and worked my cock into her pussy. I started fucking Chloe with long slow strokes and a moment later, she raised her legs up, hooking her ankles over my shoulders and I began fucking her with short, hard strokes, plunging deep inside her every five or six strokes. Meanwhile I could see Jools rapidly approaching an orgasm and watching her shudder and jerk as the orgasm hit, gushing all over Chloe’s face pushed me over the edge. I pushed my cock inside Chloe as far as possible and erupted deep in her pussy, which seemed to push her over the edge as well.

Jools was now exhausted and satisfied, Chloe was stuffed full of my cum and basking in the aftermath of her orgasm and I was spent and feeling incredibly lucky to be with two young beautiful girls. We collapsed next to each other on the bed, talking and kissing.

Jools said, “When I had that orgasm, Chloe had her tongue in my ass, it was wild. I can’t wait to try anal sex with you.”

I said, “You let me know when you’re ready and we’ll give it a shot.”

Chloe said, “Hey, I want to try it too.”

Jools said, “We’ve got all weekend, I’m sure you’ll get a shot too.”

I said, “I can’t believe I get to be either of you, let alone both of you. The prospect of letting me have anal sex with either or both of you is beyond imagination.”

Jools said, “Want to give it a try now? That ought to show you it’s within all of our imaginations. Chloe, want to watch Jon try to get his cock into my ass? I can’t wait to feel it there.”

I said, “Are you sure? I do have some KY in the bathroom”

Chloe said, “It’s making me wet just thinking about it!”

I suggested a position that would allow us to continue the three-way while still ending up with Jools getting my cock in her ass. I told them that if they could get into a ‘69’ with Jools on top, I could lick and tongue-fuck Jools’ ass while they eat each other, then start by slipping my cock into her pussy for some additional lube before attempting to put it in her ass with Chloe having an up-close and personal view of it happening, not to mention being able to pleasure each other during the act.

Jools excitedly said, “That’s what I want to do, is it OK with you Chloe?”

Chloe said, “As long we get to trade positions when I get my shot at giving it a try, HELL,YEAH! That sounds so hot.”

We rested a while and kept talking while we waited for me to recuperate and Chloe had subconsciously been stroking my cock. When she noticed it responding, she declared me ready to give it a try. I said, “I’ll go get that KY, you guys can get started if you want. I think this is going to be fun.”

I got up off the bed and ran to the bathroom for the jelly. I retrieved the unopened tube and went back to the bed where the girls were engaged in a ‘69’, Chloe on her back, Jools on top and quite obviously, they were really enjoying the activity. I moved close to Jools face and gave her a kiss, then moved behind her and gave Chloe a kiss before beginning to use my tongue in Jools’ ass. Things were going very well and I grew rock hard with virtually no stimulation other than what Chloe did to me before we started.

I kept working on her ass which was becoming quite relaxed and wet. When she reached a fairly strong orgasm with my tongue in her ass and Chloe’s mouth and tongue in her pussy, I said, “Are you ready to give this a try, Baby? I promise I’ll stop if it hurts too much or you say stop.”

She said, “I’m ready Jon. Fuck my ass, fuck my virgin ass and fill it with your cum. Pop my anal cherry for me.”

I held the tube in my hand, hoping to warm the jelly a bit before using in her ass. I removed the cap and squeezed a dollop into her asshole then used a finger to spread the lubrication around the perimeter of the tight, pink hole and a bit around the immediate surrounding area. I got on my knees behind her and went to push my cock into her pussy for a bit of lube when Chloe grabbed my cock with her hand, sucked it into her mouth, nearly deep-throating the organ and giving me the shock of my life. I gave her a few strokes on my cock, then took aim at Jools’ tiny puckered ring. The head went in easily, Jools moaned.

I said, “Are you OK?”

She said, “Don’t stop. Keep going!”

I left my cock where it was to let her ass get used to the invader and looking down into Chloe’s eyes, I saw a look of awe and lust combined. I just knew I would soon get this same opportunity with her ass. After a moment, I began pushing forward and Jools seemed to be pushing back just as hard if not harder. It wasn’t long before the beefier portion just behind the head disappeared into her ass, just a fraction of an inch at a time. Once I was an inch or two in, I would pull back so just the head remained inside her, then pushed forward again. Gradually it went deeper and deeper, eventually bottoming out in Jools’ delicious little ass. When she felt my balls compressed between us, she lifted her face away from Chloe’s pussy and screamed, “You got that monster in my ass all the way up to your balls don’t you?”

I said, “Yeah, I do and I love it, are you still OK?”

“Uh, huh. Now fuck my virgin ass and make me come!”

I pulled back a bit, added a bit more jelly where my cock met her ass and began fucking her ass with long, slow strokes. As she became more relaxed and the lubrication did its job, I began to speed up. Jools was unable to continue eating Chloe while we fucked and Jools said, “Oh, God. This feels so good, Jon. Fuck my ass, Baby. Fuck my ass and make me come. Fill my ass with your cum, Oh, shit this is good!”

I did as she asked and she had a strong, gushing orgasm and her sphincter clamped down so hard on my cock, it prevented me from moving for a minute. When I was able to move again, I started fucking her perfect little ass again and she said, “God, Chloe, you’re gonna love this. I never dreamed it would feel so good or I could come so hard. Fill my ass for me Baby, fill my ass with your sweet cum.”

I said, “I’m almost there, Baby.”

Just a few strokes later, I felt that familiar tightening in my balls and I came in her ass. The extra pressure from the tighter orifice made me feel like I was coming harder than ever. I plunged balls deep in her while I finished then slowly pulled my cock out. Chloe was there waiting and sucked the head into her mouth in attempt to milk the last few drops from the spent organ.

We all got up and Jools hugged me tight and kissed me passionately.

She said, “I can’t wait to do that again, it was incredible, Baby.”

I said, “Yes it was!”

Chloe hugged and kissed us both and said, “That was amazing, I want to try it too!

Jools said, “Sis, you know I wouldn’t do this for anyone else in the world, but I’m anxious to reverse the roles and let Jon try it with you, too.”

They kissed passionately then we went into the shower, cleaned up and dried off before changing the bedding on my King size bed. We climbed between the covers and drifted off into a well-deserved sleep, a girl on either side of me, their heads resting on my chest with an arm of mine around each girl, all of us feeling quite content and more satisfied than any three people had the right to feel.

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