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My Neighbor's Teenage Daughter - part one

I meet the teenage daughter of my new neighbors and the sexual tension is incredible.
The neighbors were having a big celebration of some kind the Saturday I moved into my new house. The moving truck was unloaded, all the furniture and the boxes were distributed to the appropriate rooms and I was beginning to unpack the boxes in my kitchen by the time the movers pulled away. I heard the doorbell sound and went to greet the visitor, expecting it to be someone welcoming me to the neighborhood, even though I honestly thought any considerate person would have waited for me to settle in before doing that. I opened the door to find a young girl and she said, “I noticed you moving in and I had a feeling you wouldn’t be able to cook for yourself right away. I’m having my High School graduation party next door today and we’re getting ready to put some burgers on the grill. I thought you might want to come over and have something to eat. By the way, my name is Julianne. My friends call me Jools.”

I said, “My name is Jon. And thank you for the lunch invitation. You’re right about me not being able to cook here for a while. I planned to order a pizza or something when I got hungry but I’d love to grab a burger and meet some of the neighbors. By the way, congratulations on your graduation, but honestly, I think you look way to young to graduate from high school already.”

She straightened up, threw her shoulders back causing her tits to jut out and said, “I’ll be 18 next month. I’m practically old enough to vote!”

I was thinking to myself that God shouldn’t have put such a sweet, innocent, angelic face on such a voluptuous young body. She was barely 5 feet tall, yet had a bikini model's figure. Slender legs that magically blended into a very nice apple shaped ass accented by the tiny pair of cut-offs she was wearing and looking as though it was begging to be cupped in my hands. She was wearing a midriff baring, embroidered top that showed off her flat, taut belly and had boobs riding high that were big enough to keep the bottom front hem of her top away from her torso. Her face was, indeed angelic, with bright blue eyes, a brilliant smile and bra-strap length dirty blonde hair cascading over her shoulders in long spiral curls. She seemed to notice I was appraising her body and felt no shame or modesty as I checked her out, I’m positive I wasn’t the first guy to look her over and lust after her young, hard body and she almost seemed to enjoy it.

I said, “So when should I come over?”

She said, “Come on over right away. The first batch of burgers is on the grill already. We have all kinds of things to have with them too. Potato salad, Cole slaw, baked beans, chips, all kinds of stuff. My dad even has a keg of beer for the adults, but I’ve managed to sneak two glasses away myself, so far.”

I said, “OK, hang on a second then.”

She was looking at everything she could see from her vantage point in the foyer. I finished getting ready and went to the door. Jools and I walked out the door and she said, “So when will your wife or girlfriend be arriving? Do you have any kids?”

I said, “Nope. I don’t have any kids and I’ll be living here all by myself.”

She said, “When the Harpers lived there, they were really were really nice people. They used to let me come enjoy the pool and in return, I helped them keep it clean.”

I said, “So you know all about pools and how to take care of them? This is my first pool of my own and I don’t know a thing about maintaining them. I’d be willing to make you that same deal. If you teach me what needs to be done and help me with it, I’ll be happy to let you use the pool.”

She said, “I suppose I should use some of my graduation money and buy a new bikini, then. I think last year’s might be a little small on me this year.”

As soon as we got there, Jools took my hand and led me up to her father who was much older than I expected.

She said, “Daddy, this is Jon, our new neighbor. Jon this is my Dad, Paul.”

We both extended our hands and shook. I hoped he didn’t notice my nervousness at meeting the father of the girl I was just lusting after, but he seemed cool and offered me a beer.

I said, “Thanks, but I’ve got so much work to do at home, I’d prefer a soft drink today. I’d be happy to knock back a few brews with you when I’m more settled in, though.”

Jools then led me over to her mother who looked much, much younger than I expected and said, “Laura, this is Jon, our new neighbor. Jon, this is my step-mom, Laura.”

I said, “Hi, Laura it’s nice to meet you.”

When we shook hands, I felt her index fingernail scratch the length of my palm and I looked in her eyes to see if I could conjure up an innocent meaning for the action, but I couldn’t see anything but a blatant attempt to signal her willingness to flirt. I glanced over at Paul and he seemed oblivious to what was going on, busy working on the burgers and leaning over to top off his big blue Solo cup with more beer from the keg.

Laura said, “It’s very nice to meet you, Jon.”

Jools said, “Come on Jon, meet some of my friends.”

Laura said, “We’ll talk to you later, Jon.”

Jools introduced me to a bunch of her friends, all girls, most of whom graduated with her and appeared to be part of the ‘popular’ crowd. She introduced most of them by saying ‘she was on the cheerleading squad with me’, ‘she was on our varsity volleyball team’, and other various high school girls’ groups, clubs or athletics programs. They, for the most part, were also really cute and very fuckable. She also introduced me, although with considerably less fanfare, to a few other neighbors and close relatives in attendance.

She took me over to the big folding table next and got two plates, handing me one and urging me down the line where we each got our lunch. She then herded me over to a table occupied only by a girl she had introduced to me to as another cheerleader named Chloe, a beautiful girl with very dark hair and eyes, an olive complexion and a body second only to Jools'. We sat down and enjoyed our lunch.

Jools said, “Chloe, Jon said if I help him maintain the pool, he’ll let me use it!”

She said, “Cool! If I help can I use it too, Jon?”

I said, “I don’t see why not, provided things don’t get out of hand.”

Jools was sitting fairly close to me and ran her hand up my thigh, stopping just short of my cock and said, “I won’t let anything get out of hand, I promise,” squeezing my thigh for emphasis when she said the word ‘anything’.

I about choked on the bite of Cole slaw I had in my mouth at the time and looked into her eyes in an attempt to understand the innuendo, but again I could only find meanings that further fueled my lust. I was beginning to wonder what kind of neighborhood I ended up in.

We finished our lunch and I thanked Paul and Laura for the lunch, promising to host a barbecue for them once I was settled in to repay the favor. Paul shook my hand and Laura gave me a nice hug and kiss on the cheek welcoming me to the neighborhood and thanked me for the invitation. I told them I had lots of work to do before I’d be able to fix anything to eat or even go to bed later, so I felt it necessary to take off and get to work on it. Jools seemed intent on escorting me home and frankly, I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to spend time with such a young, sexy girl.

As soon as we entered the house, I pulled a fifty out of my wallet and offered it to Jools saying, “Here. I didn’t have time to go shopping, I’m sure you’ll be able to get something you want or need with this. Congratulations again on your graduation. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and thanked me. She said, “Maybe I’ll use this to buy a super-sexy bikini to wear when I come help you with your pool.”

I said, “As much as I’d like that, maybe ‘super-sexy’ isn’t the appropriate thing to wear when visiting here."

She got right in my face, her boobs pressing against my chest and said, “I have a feeling 'super-sexy'is the perfect thing to wear when I'm visiting here or helping you with the pool. How about all these boxes? Would you like a hand unpacking them, too?”

I said, “I wouldn’t turn it down. You’ve got your party to deal with today, but if you’re free tomorrow and want to help, I will even pay you for your time. Maybe you can show me where to buy the pool supplies we’ll need and help me find my way around town a bit. I’ll need to find a few places right off the bat; a good grocery store, a store that sells musical supplies like guitar strings, a home improvement center like Home Depot or Lowe’s and an electronics store like Best Buy.”

She excitedly said, “OK, I’ll be happy to do all that with you.” After giving me a little kiss right on the lips, she added, “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning then. Bye, Jon.

I watched her sort of skip down the driveway to the sidewalk then out of sight before closing the door behind her and shaking my head in disbelief. I’ve always looked a bit younger than my age. Even now I get carded once in a while at liquor stores. But, I thought, there was no way anyone, not Jools, not Laura and certainly not Paul, would have thought I was age appropriate for Jools. I found myself getting a little worked up and decided I wanted another look at Jools, if I could see her without her knowing it. I walked out to the pool cage, but hedges on both sides of the fence made it impossible to even see their house, let alone into their back yard so I went up stairs. The master bedroom was on that end of the house and had only one window facing the right direction and as I approached it, I could see one window on their house with mini-blinds drawn and nothing to indicate what room it was. As I peered down through my window, I could see people milling about in Jools’ back yard, then I spotted her. She was talking with her friends and laughing. I put my hand over my crotch and gave my cock a good rub and almost as if by telepathy, Jools slowly turned her head until her eyes met mine. She smiled then turned back to her friends.

I left the room and went back downstairs feeling incredibly horny, with absolutely no idea of what my future held in store for me, but liking my prospects. Reluctantly, I went back to work putting my kitchen together. I had the kitchen ready to go, albeit without any groceries beyond dry staples and canned goods, and I went up to the dark master bedroom, took off my shirt and shorts, leaving me in nothing but boxers and plopped down exhausted on the bare mattress. God it felt good, I hadn’t been off my feet since I sat next to Jools at the picnic table when I had lunch over there. I lay there on my back for a minute, then rolled onto my stomach to spend another moment before getting up. I saw light coming in the uncovered window facing Jools’s house and raised up on my elbows to see the source of light.

The window blinds in the room I saw earlier were up now and although I didn’t see anyone through the window, I found myself hoping it might be Jools’ room. I kept watching even though I thought my time would be better spent making my bed ready to sleep in and putting my clothes away. I had just made up my mind to get up when I saw a shadow in the room. I looked as discreetly as possible, trying to stay out of sight when suddenly, Jools appeared in front of the window, one towel wrapped around her head, another concealing her body from just over her boobs to just below her ass.

“Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please,” I begged, “stay in view when you take those towels off.”

The towel on her head was the first to come off, letting her damp, long dirty-blonde hair fall out and cascade over her shoulders. She picked up a white spray bottle and generously applied it all over her hair then picked up a brush and brushed it for what seemed like an eternity. I thought she might have spotted me once or twice, but she continued as if she hadn’t. When she finished, she shook the wild mane of hair then ran her fingers through it, separating the strands looking directly into the window as if it were a large mirror. She then stood up tall and proud pulling her shoulders back like earlier and let the towel around her body fall to the floor. Her body was magnificent!

Her pussy was nearly bare except for a postage stamp size patch of dirty blonde pubic hair directly over her clit. Naked, her trim waist and flat tummy blending perfectly into her pelvic area and up to her boobs was exactly how I expected it based on my earlier observations when she was clothed. Her boobs! My God, her boobs were perfect. They looked like identical C-cup sized ice cream scoops perfectly positioned high on her chest and they had these nearly pre-pubescent nickel-size areolas with hardened pencil eraser-size nipples just slightly above center on her luscious boobs. She bent over to retrieve the towel and her boobs remained stationary as she moved.

My cock was rock hard from the show I had just witnessed and although I thought I got away with seeing her unnoticed, she locked eyes on mine, blew me a kiss then winked at me. I figured the best thing I could do was to roll out of bed as if I had actually been laying in it to go to sleep and stand up. When I did, she flashed me a huge, brilliant smile and looked down a bit, indicating she noticed my erection straining to be free of the boxers. I smiled back and gave her a profile view of my massive hard on that was all due to her sexiness. She acknowledged me by rotating where she stood, allowing me to see her glorious ass as well as her nude profile.

Facing me once again, she pretended to shimmy a pair of imaginary shorts down. I wasn’t sure what she meant the first time but when she repeated the move, she pointed at my boxers and taking what I felt was a huge risk, pushed my boxers to the floor and stepped out of them. She signaled me to rotate where I stood to let her see my profile as well. I rotated, stopping at the profile view and looked at her before continuing around. I noticed she had moved her hand down between her legs and seemed to be slowly massaging her clit. I responded by stroking my cock and she sped up her movements.

I had a feeling we were going to finish ourselves off for each other, when I noticed her rapidly turn her head to the side and open her mouth as if she was yelling to someone then turn back to me, blow me another kiss and mouthed the words ‘SEE YOU IN THE MORNING’. She moved out of sight and I sat back down on my bed wondering what the Hell just happened. I was still sitting there, slowly stroking my rock hard cock when my doorbell rang. I was scared shitless thinking I was busted or that perhaps Jools told on me. So I pulled my shorts back on, sans boxers, put on a clean tee shirt and ran down the steps not sure what awaited me on the other side of the door. I opened it and found Jools standing there, all by herself.

I said, “I half expected your dad to be standing here with a shotgun!”

She said, “We’re safe, my door was locked. He knocked on it and asked if I’d run to the store for him and I said that you had mentioned earlier not having anything to eat or drink so Laura suggested I ask you if you wanted to tag along and get some drinks or snacks.”

I said, “Sure. I’d like that.”

We walked out to the car and took off and she said, “So did you like my little show?”

I said, “I think it was pretty obvious how much I liked it. You’ve got an incredible body, Jools.”

She said, “So do you. I can’t wait to spend time over here. I hope you pick me over Laura.”

I just looked at her curiously. She went on, “I saw the way she interacted with you. She wants you. I’ve seen that look in her eyes before.”

I said, “What about your dad?”

She said, “He’s oblivious. She fucks around on him all the time and he doesn’t have a clue. But I saw you first. There’s no way I’m gonna let that bitch have you, she’s got lots of guys she can fuck. You’re mine, all mine.”

I looked at her with what was undoubtedly a stupid look on my face and she reached over, stroked my still engorged cock through my shorts and said, “You do want me, don’t you?”

I said, “Heaven help me, yes. Yes, I do want you.”

She said, “We won’t have time tonight, but tomorrow, you’re mine.”

We finally made our way to the store and went in. I got some soda and snacks to tide me over and Jools got the stuff her dad sent her out to get. We walked back out to the car and put our things in the trunk. When I closed the lid, Jools threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

She said, “We better go, I don’t want to start something tonight we can’t finish. Although we’ll have lots of time tomorrow to do anything we want.”

We made it home and she dropped me off before heading home herself. I walked inside and put my things away before heading upstairs, my mind reeling from Jools’ statements. I un-boxed my bedding and made up my bed, taking a final look into Jools’s bedroom before laying down. I noticed Jools changing out of her shorts and top. She spotted me and turned around, grabbed her ass cheeks and bent over, showing me her ass and pussy. I reciprocated by hauling out my cock and stroking it a few times for her enjoyment.

She dredged two fingers through her pussy then stuck them seductively into her mouth. I almost came on the spot. She then pulled on a bright red camisole set and pouted as she waved good bye and turned out the lamp in her room. I turned out the lights in my room, got between the covers then tossed and turned, unable to get comfortable. I ended up masturbating into my old tee shirt to get rid of the erection that would have undoubtedly kept me awake most the night. As tired as I was, I still had trouble getting to sleep with Jools on my mind.

End of ‘My Neighbor’s Teenage Daughter – part one’,

Keep an eye out for ‘My Neighbor’s Teenage Daughter – part two’

(I’m editing it as I write this. I’ll post it soon if I get positive feedback on part one.)

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