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My New Doctor

My mom took me to my new doctor, and things got hot. First story.
Well, since I turned 18, I could no longer see my pediatrician. Today, I got a new doctor. He's a guy, about 50 or so. Looks quite nice for his age. He stands at about 6 feet, and is muscular with smooth skin. Everything else was hidden under his all white scrubs. The first thing I liked about him was his deep sexy voice. I sat in the chair, and as he spoke to me, I felt tingly from his talking, and the way his teeth touched his lip and slid off so slowly when he made the "f" sound. My mind was thinking dirty thoughts already, and he had no idea. I began to wonder if he had ever fucked one of his patients, and how his cock looked and felt. He told me to sit on the doctor bed thingy. I rose, and walked to the bed. I could feel his eyes on me. I jumped onto it, and purposely, but subtly arched my back, my back dimple peeking from my midriff shirt. The doctor paused and licked his lips for a second, then snapped back into professional mode. This turned me on a little. I liked playing with him like that. He pulled out a stethoscope. I was wearing a loose low cut V neck midriff sweater with no bra. My boobs were visible as he put the stethoscope on my chest. I lightly and subtly rubbed my left thumb over my right nipple, through my shirt, then looked up at the doctor, then down at his pants. I saw his dick jump at that, and I let out a very soft quiet whisper-like moan. After a moment of silence, he asked me about breast cancer examination.
"No, I've never checked. I don't really know how" I said.

After that, the doctor ordered me to remove my shirt. I got down from the table and removed my shirt, leaving me topless with no bra, and my loose sweats hanging low, revealing the top of my cheetah print panties. He told me to get back on the table and lay on my back. By now I was pretty sure he knew I wanted it, and was turned on as well. On my way to the table, I purposely walked extremely close to him, brushing by his penis, tits out. I first sat up on the bed, back arched and legs slightly parted, then I lifted one leg, and the other followed, and I lay on my back shirtless in my sweats. First he just talks me through the process. He hits and brushes my nipples gently while explaining, and they harden.

"Are you comfortable with me demonstrating?" he asked.

I nodded my head yes and bit my lip. First he rolled my hard nipples in his fingers. Then he began massaging and caressing my breasts. This was making him very hard. He did it for a long time, and toward the end his hands started going lower. When he realized and started to moved back up, I grabbed his hand, and guided it down, past my belly button, to the lining of my underwear. He curled his fingers in and revealed the top of my thin brown pubic hair. His cock harden more, then he took his hand off of me.

"You understand the process. Just feel around..." he started, continuing to fondle with my breasts. While he did this, I began to rub my stomach. It started with my stomach, but ended up going toward the top of my panties. I played with the lining, and ran my fingertips inside. He moaned to himself, and the I put my hand all the way in, and began to rub my slippery wet clit with one hand, and put my other hand on top of his which still rested on my tit, but did not move. Once he started getting really into watching me, I took my hand off my pussy, and grabbed his hand off the tit, then aggressively yanked it downward. He put his hand inside. He rubbed it a few times, then began to finger me. I asked him if he was horny and hard.

"Rock solid" he responded. "You've got me hornier than I've ever been."

"Fuck me" I replied in a whisper. I lay there for a while, while he admired my body, then I sat up, and lightly rubbed the lump in his pants. He quickly pulled it out. When he did so, I arched my back, then grabbed, and stroked it. I looked at his face, then I licked around the tip. Pre-cum. I stood up, and untied my sweats, and with mt eyes, signaled him to undress me. He did, then he picked me up and sat me on the bed, where he stood in between my legs, dick out. It was so big and long and thick. First, he rubbed it slowly on my clit. He lifted it off slow, and my cream stringed in between, thing both me and him on. Everytime he dropped it again, his cock would hit my clit. He then sped up and vigorously rubbed my clit with his penis. He pressed harder, and went faster. Right before I came, he stuck his dick in my pussy and began to fuck me at a steady rhythmic pace. I moaned whenever he pressed hard and forced his whole entire dick deep into my tight pussy. He did it more. By about 15 minutes, he wasgapingfast and hard, and he pushed me back where I was laying down. After I came, so did he, again. And as we breathed in silence, he sucked on my neck. My doctor...

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