My Outlaws come to stay - Part One

By Abrach

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Mother in Law teases Son in Law.
I am Greg and I am twenty eight years old and I live with my Fiancé Claire. Claire is twenty five years old, 5’2” tall, slim build, with 34DD breasts and the sexiest ass and legs that you have ever seen, good things come in small packages.

Claire’s family live in the country and regularly come and visit us in the city.

Claire’s father, Andy, is forty and works away. He can be away for long periods of time.

Claire’s mother, Tina, is fifty and is a taller version of Claire. She is 5’10” tall, slim build with long slender legs that you just would love to have wrapped around you. She does have much smaller breasts than Claire, only being a 34B but they are firm and pert for her age.
Finally, Claire’s little sister, Isla. Isla is sixteen years old and beautiful, she is still developing but when she is finished growing she will be a fine looking woman. I have a feeling that she will have small breasts like her mother as at the moment she is only a 32A. She is forever saying that she wished she had boobs like Claire. But she looks damn fine regardless even though she has not taken after her big sister.

It was mainly Tina and Isla that would stay with Claire and I as Andy was more often than not working.

I always got the impression that Tina had a thing for me. She would put her hand on my thigh when she sat next to me. She would squeeze my thigh slightly, it was always a bit too far up than you would want your mother in law to put her hand. She would brush past me and I swear I could feel her trying to push her breasts into my back. Our eyes would regularly meet over the dinner table. She would stare at me until I would get embarrassed and divert my eyes. She would then chuckle and smirk to herself. I was sure that she wanted me and I was sure that she knew I wanted her.

Whenever Tina came to stay she would always wear the most sexy and skimpy underwear to bed. She would wear silk and lace baby dolls and she would always wear matching briefs. Sometimes she would wear a negligee in the morning while drinking her coffee, but more often than not she would just curl up on the sofa and show off her perfect body. I would always dread having to stand up as I always had a semi when she was dressed like that.

Tina would come out of the shower and she would only be wearing her negligee. Sometimes you could see her stiff nipples if it was chilly. From underneath the negligee they looked big and extremely hard. Something to get your teeth into...

I always went into the shower after Tina. She would always leave her underwear in the bathroom after her shower. I would take her briefs or thong and I would smell her scent on them. They were always damp, sometimes soaking wet.

I fantasized about her getting turned on, knowing that her skimpy underwear was so turning me on. I would fantasize about her masturbating in the shower and having to keep her moans and groans in check so that no one would hear her.

I would never lock the bathroom door as I hoped that one day she would “accidentally” walk in on me.

I would stroke my cock and wank in the shower imagining Tina masturbating. Sometimes I would take her underwear and wipe my pre-cum with them. I always thought about wanking into them but I was never brave enough.

Tina and Isla were visiting last holidays and were staying with us for a week. Andy was away working as usual.

It was the same old routine and I was going to go into the shower after Tina and I couldn't wait.

I was walking to my bedroom when Tina came out of the bathroom. She smiled at me and I said

“Are you all done?”

Tina replied “Yes thank you.” 

Tina began walking to the spare room. I watched her as she walked. She was wearing her sexy black silk negligee. She had not tied it and she was holding it together with her hand.

Tina stopped at the door to the spare bedroom and, turning around quickly, saw I was watching her. I smiled and she smiled back. I looked down and saw that she was no longer holding her negligee together. I saw that she was wearing a red see through lace thong. Although I was too far away from her to see her pussy. I could see the outline of her breasts but the negligee still covered her nipples, which I could see were rock hard.

Tina asked “You don’t mind me leaving my underwear in the bathroom do you Greg?”

I immediately stuttered “No, you’re fine”, trying hard not to look at her perfectly shaped breasts.

Tina said “that’s good because I love the smell of them when you come out to the shower. It must be your scent; I don’t know what you use but the smell is lovely, a bit of a turn on really.”

My heart sank. Tina must have smelt my pre-cum on her underwear. My heart then started to race and I could feel a stirring in my cock. I immediately began getting hard. Tina looked down at my crotch and saw that my boxers were beginning to bulge. She winked at me and gave a cheeky smirk before going into the spare room.

I went into the bathroom and I was rock hard.

My mind was racing and I saw Tina’s thong on the floor of the bathroom. I picked it up and they were soaked through. I could smell her familiar scent on them.

I sat on the edge of the bath and closed my eyes. I was thinking about what had just happened and how sexy it was.

I was also confused. Did Tina approve of what I was doing? Did she want me to continue or go further? I made the assumption that she did as she had practically flashed her tits at me.

I began stroking my rock hard cock; I could feel the veins and it was throbbing. I had not me so aroused for a very long time.

All I could see was the image of Tina standing in the doorway. It was such a sexy image. I thought about cumming in Tina’s thong and I wrapped the soaking thong around my cock as I stoked it. The crotch of the thong was soaking wet with Tina’s love juices. The smell was musty and sweet at the same time.

I just imagined Tina and her soaking wet pussy masturbating in the shower wishing that it was my fingers rubbing and poking her sex.

I was still in two minds if I should cum in her thong? My decision was made when I couldn't hold in the most intense orgasm. I shot four long ropes of cum into the thong.

Initially I began to panic but then I thought let’s see where this takes me.

I then had my shower and got out wearing a towel around my waste and 0pened bathroom door...

Thank you for reading and I would appreciate any comments that anyone has as this is my first ever story. If you like it I will write the second part.