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My sister's boyfriend - My girlfriend's sister

They crave each other, but he's her sister's boyfriend - and much older...
Note: This story is told from two different views. The girl's view will be in standard character, the guy's view in italic.

I could hear the familiar sonorous roar of Ryan's convertible Camaro. The first time my elder sister Amy had brought him home, I had immediately recognized what a great man he was. He was twenty-eight, around six feet tall, athletic, smart, funny – and he had a hell of a car. The wet dream of the teenage girl I was.

Of course Amy couldn't stop rhapsodizing about her boyfriend. She had every right to do so. She was twenty-four, about to get completely independent and to move together with Ryan. I have to admit that I was a little jealous of her. She had met him when she was twenty years old, and ever since their first date they were so happy together. It was everything a girl could ever dream of. I on the other hand had only hooked up with total jerks and, of course, given my cherry to the wrong guy, in the wrong place, in the wrong circumstances in my sixteenth year.

We were about to celebrate my seventeenth birthday. It probably was the last birthday we would be able to celebrate with the whole family until my twentieth or something. It was only a matter of time until Amy would move out completely. This meant that I wasn't likely to hear the power of Ryan's V8 engine many more times; what a shame. But it would be better this way, and I knew it.


“This is gonna be one of the last times I'll see her in quite a while,” I thought to myself referring to Amy's little sister Anna.

I had watched her grow into a gorgeous young lady in the past few months. To me she had always appeared very mature for her tender age. Well... no wonder, I mean, look at her: five foot five, an angelic face framed by straight platinum blond hair, this curvy ass, and a pair of 34D breasts her sister had always envied. Not that there was any stain in Amy's beauty, au contraire, both of them were undoubtedly the prettiest girls in town. But I'd be lying if I said I haven't had wet dreams about Anna. Don't get me wrong! I really love Amy from the bottom of my heart, but sometimes I really have to pull myself together when Anna and I are alone in the same room.

I stopped the car in front of their home. I stepped out of it and breathed in the fresh midwinter air. I wasn't given a chance to make two steps before Amy's lips landed on mine. She had been waiting for me outside the house.

“Hi babe,” she said.

“Hi babe,” I replied.

We stepped into the house where I was greeted by Anna. She hugged me as she had always done: A deep intimate cuddle with lots of pressure on my chest. As Always, I was getting a little aroused by this amount of intimacy, but I knew she was sixteen, the age where girls do this sort of greeting to everyone, and they just don't know better. Each time she smiled at me with this cute little smile of hers it had me almost melting every time.

“What a shame, I won't be seeing this very often anymore,” I thought.


As the door flung open, I didn't leave my sister's boyfriend any time before I almost jumped him to give him a biiiig hug, like I'd always do. I gently pressed my ample chest against his, but not too hard. Whenever I did this, I could feel his cock come to life a little bit; just the normal reaction a guy shows at intense physical contact, I guessed. It would have been way too nice, right? And he was my sister's... And he was twenty-eight... And I was just sixteen... And... And... And... Man, how I hated this!

I couldn't help throwing a cheesy smile at him. He returned the gesture. His smile appeared to be honest, and kind.

It was Friday in the late afternoon and he'd stay for the weekend. One part of me wanted me to seize the chance, and to gather his attention while the other despised my teenage fantasies. Why couldn't I be just like any other girl my age and lust after some high school jocks? Why did it have to be a guy that much older? Why did it have to be my sister's boyfriend?

As I realized my face had reddened under Ryan's gaze, I immediately turned around and ran into my room. I stood there motionless for a few minutes with my mind and heart racing in unison. Whenever Ryan was around, I was in a constant state of anxiety that he might find out about my little secret crush on him. This caused me to act so damned awkwardly around him.

My face was on fire. My eyes scanned the whole room, desperate for something else to think of, something to make the moment pass by.

“Stupid kid,” I thought, “there's no way he doesn't know.”

And then again something deep inside me wanted him to see me as a young woman, willing to give him all he wants. No!! Turn it off!! It had to stop.

During the whole dinner I could hardly bear the tension. I tried my best to act casual. The best way to hide my current state of complete struggle was to eat, I guessed. I hardly spoke to anyone, and was both nervous and exhausted from my self-inflicted burden.

Once dinner was over, I crawled to our comfy couch in front of the television screen and flicked over the channels without really wanting to watch anything. Amy and Ryan soon got to bed. As soon as they had said goodnight to everyone, I went to my room, picked up the phone on the way, and dialed my best friend Bonnie's number.

I didn't have to wait until I heard her familiar “Hey Anna Banana!”

“Hi there, Bonnie Honey,” I shot back.

“Hey you seem to be down, I can hear it in your voice,” she noted, “is Ryan screwing your sister again?”

“Yes. I'll tell you all of it as soon as I'm in my room,” I replied dryly halfway to my door.

“Shoot!” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, I know I've been talking of Ryan all the time. You gotta be tired of hearing all the same old stories again. I'm sorry.”

“Listen Anna, there's nothing to be sorry for. Best friends are here to listen to each other, and you know that!”

“It's just that today... He had that piercing smile as he looked at me, and all I could do was blush red, turn around, and run into my room. It's just... I'm so different around him. I can't help acting stupidly.”

We had already talked for about a quarter of an hour as I could clearly make out muffled, but very suggestive sounds coming from the room next to me, which happened to be my sister's room.

“Listen Bonnie, I gotta go!” I almost yelled in the phone.

I pressed my ear on the wall. It was my sister obviously on the verge to a powerful orgasm. She had often enough told me about what a great lover Ryan was ever since she knew I had gathered my own sexual experiences. And I had often enough been listening to their acts being jealous for their happy relationship, and played with my little craving pussy while doing so. This time was no different.


I was looking down to Amy's back. I held her hips in my hands. My dick was buried deep inside her pussy. Both of us were moaning a dissonant chant of deep groans. Although I was pretty sure the door or even the walls weren't thick enough to muffle our sounds sufficiently, I couldn't hold back my vocal expressions of pleasure.

At one moment I thought I had heard a shrieking voice saying “I gotta go” followed by a faint thud on the other side of the wall which I knew to be Anna's room. My mind was picturing what Anna would possibly do behind this thin wall. I imagined she was listening to us, or maybe even pleasuring herself. These forbidden fantasies only increased my lust for Amy.

She noticed. “Hm... Looks like someone’s ve-e-e-ry hungry tonight.”

She turned her head, gave me one of her 'I'm your little slut' looks, and added,“Let me take care of that...”

I could have come at the mere sound of her sultry tone.

She got off my cock, turned around, and pushed me down. Without hesitation she impaled herself mercilessly. She put her hands on my chest, and started rocking her hips back and forth, from side to side. It felt as though she was using my dick as a dildo. I loved being her sex toy. But still my mind hadn't gotten off the dirty little fantasy about her sister.

In that very moment I was fantasizing about the sister of my girlfriend! This felt so wrong, but got me so hot.

I felt Amy's pussy clench hard around my hard shaft. This was it: She sent me over the edge together with her own climax. Her orgasm was intense, and so was mine. It was the hardest both of us had come in quite some time.

Totally exhausted from our mutual high, we lay in bed for a moment kissing and cuddling. Still I had this picture of her sister tormenting my mind. I somehow had to find out what had been happening on the other side of that wall while Amy and I were savoring our carnal pleasures. I had to find it out or I knew I couldn't set my mind to rest for the next two or three hours.

I was trying hard to hide my shame as I said I had to take a leak. What was I even doing? I was using such a lame excuse to throw a quick glance into Anna's room. How poor was that? I felt like being a perverted stalker. Oh man, this was like so wrong.

Luckily she wasn't in her room. Even though I was a bit disappointed not to find her, I knew it to be better this way. I headed for the bathroom.

In the exact moment I reached to open the door, it opened and Anna stepped out of the bathroom. I instantly stiffened. I looked in her eyes. Those gorgeous green eyes I had been chasing after for the last few months. I tried to make a move, to say something, to break the ice. I begged my mind not to say something wrong or cheesy.

I don't know how, but suddenly our faces were just inches away. Seconds that felt like hours passed by.

A snore escaped from their parent's bedroom. The tension broke. An awkward laughter passed the threshold of my lips. My eyes were looking blankly into space.

I passed by her. I don't know if it was by accident, or on purpose, but our hands touched. Somehow this touch felt like more than just a casual touch. It was more like our hands were searching for another and trying to make the contact last as long as possible.

I watched her walking back to her room as I was rigidly standing in the door frame of the bathroom. Her panties hugged that perfect booty of hers. I couldn't take my eyes off those perfect cheeks.

She threw me one last glance before entering her room again. It was a short glance, but long enough to check out all of my body. Her gaze lingered on my boxer briefs for half a second. I don't know if I was really reading disappointment in her face as a reaction to my limp cock.

I wanted to tell her that it wasn't because I was not attracted to her. I wanted to tell her that I had just had a huge orgasm while her sister screwed my brains out. I wanted to tell her it wasn't her fault, but I remained in my stiff position as she entered her room, and closed the door.


I went straight to bed. Still I did not fully comprehend what had just happened. My mind felt so heavy. I needed relief, but who could I possibly tell? Bonnie was likely to be asleep already. I felt both excited, and disappointed. My heart was pounding as though it wanted to tear my chest apart. With every second, every breath, I got sicker and sicker. I was trying to put my shuffled thoughts in order. I was cursing myself for my juvenile foolishness. I mean who was I to hope for another girl's boyfriend to fall for me? Especially if he was my sister's! That was wrong! Not only because he was my sister's! I was just some stupid kid trying to get a little attention from a man that much older. This was twice wrong! But also were I pleased. I had felt the warmth of Ryan's hand on mine. It had aroused me. It had fueled my mind with fantasies. Let's just say my mind was completely messed up.

I was having trouble breathing. The lump in my throat grew bigger and bigger. I wanted to strangle the whole world. I was so angry at myself. I was angry at Ryan. I was angry at my sister.

Soon the first tears ran over my face. I had checked him out before passing the door to my room. Our touch hadn't aroused him even a bit. So here I was: The stupid little sixteen-year-old girl desperately trying to gather some way-too-old man's attention. This was so poor, so pathetic. I was crying. Crying like a little child. This was so unfair!

I looked into the mirror on the back of my door. I was shocked. I looked awful, and I had forgotten to remove my make up. My face was a mess. I had black stains from my eyeliner all over it. It definitely was time to go to sleep. But I had to clean that mess on my face first.

On my way to the bathroom I crossed Ryan. Well, I think it was him. I didn't bother to lift my head, hoping that he hadn't seen the state of mind I was in. I noticed that he had taken a whole lot of time in the bathroom, but didn't care why that was.

Back in bed, I instantly fell in a deep mind-purging slumber.


My mind traveled through the memories of the past half hour: The instant our hands were touching, the countless times I had splashed my face with water in order to get rid of my sordid ideas, Anna's tear-stained face. That sight had almost made my heart burst.

I lay on my back, my hands entwined under the back of my head, staring into the endless blankness of the pitch black room I was – sleepless. Amy was happily snoring by my side. She had fallen asleep right after I had left the room earlier. If only she knew...

I couldn't get my head to switch off. These pictures were auto-repeating. My mind stuck a moment on what I had just witnessed. The picture perfect face of that little girl covered in black stains of her eyeliner. Had she been crying? But what for?

The good guy I was wanted to go and see her, ask her what was wrong, console her. But the other part of me was busy wondering what that incident – our hands touching – was all about.

It had me all confused. Had it been an accident? Had it been on purpose? My mind wouldn't go to rest. It wanted me to approach this little beauty and take her. I pictured what I would do to her. Then again I cursed my mind for its sultry imagination.

All of this was wrong, so wrong. Not only was she my girl's little sister, she was too young for me. This was twice wrong. But still I didn't get my mind to stop fantasizing about this young voluptuous girl.

What was wrong with me? This was twisted! This was so sick! I felt like I had to puke.

After a while of endless self-torture I finally drifted off to sleep.


“Good morning, sleepy head,” I heard my mom say as I joined family for breakfast.

I hadn't bothered to brush my hair, or wash my face yet, so I just looked like a scarecrow – one hell of a scarecrow. I tried to form a smile with the corners of my mouth unsuccessfully, so I decided to just sit down, and stuff a few slices of bread into my mouth. I was hungry. Crying all night had gotten me starving. I ignored everyone and stared blankly into space.

Then suddenly I was caught off guard. “Anna, listen,” Amy said, “we – and this means mom dad and I – are going to check out some potential apartments for Ryan and me. Ryan has to do some work. I know that you are pretty good at cooking and all that stuff, and you know he could use a good teacher. Can you watch after him as long as we're on the road? Mom and dad will use the occasion to go and visit Grandma. I'll be coming home alone sooner or later tonight.”

I was dumbstruck. Ryan and me, alone? I tried not to swallow too hard, and managed to slightly nod my head in approval.

“So that okay with you?” was her next rhetorical question.

Of course this was okay. It was more than okay! It was brilliant! It was perfect! It was all I ever wanted... “not to happen” was the train of thought that instantly turned my enthusiasm into reluctance. This was a dream come true! It all seemed so surreal. Like a dream. But I knew it to be fact. I was experiencing trouble not to get lost in my torments again – lots of trouble. So I tried to think of what I could possibly want to fix for Ryan. I found an adequate menu pretty soon and thought of some details to make it perfect.

It wasn't hard to make the day go by. It was just a matter of a few phone calls, checking my emails, and my agenda for coming events. Nothing special. I figured out that I could actually go to the mall. I asked a few friends if they wanted to come along, but they were all out of cash, busy working, or – shall I say – on a ride, you know what I mean. So I asked Ryan, who had been staring into the screen of his notebook for hours, if he wanted to join me. He said he'd be in for a break of maybe two hours, why not?

“Does this mean you will take me for a ride in your Camaro?” I asked cheekily, putting an unconscious emphasis on the word 'ride'.

He smiled. “Yes. Why not? I know how much you love that car.”

I jumped in delight. In fact I didn't love his car; it was just an excuse to get on a ride with the man of my desire.

We headed for the mall. The cold air felt wonderful on my cheeks. I had a feeling that it was going to be a wonderful day.


The first thought that came through my mind after she had asked me to accompany her to the mall was that it would certainly be better than having this piece of pure lust around me all day long – alone. Being alone with her wasn't an easy challenge for me. It actually was torture. At least I could distract myself with some work I had to do. The mall was perfect. People everywhere, enough distraction from the danger. I mean, how would she react if she ever found out that I was lusting after her? What's my age again? I felt like a total perv.

We shuffled through the stores like brother and sister. We were joking around, exchanged a few episodes of our lives, and so on. I was amazed at the number of stories she could tell. She was a very mature girl, and her view of some things was pretty sensible and advanced for her age. The more we talked, the more she turned into a lady of the age of her sister. If I hadn't known her actual age, I could have sworn she was Amy's twin sister.

During our entire little trip she clenched my arm with hers and leaned on my shoulder. Even as we ran into her best friend Bonnie together with the boyfriend of hers she didn’t let go of me. We exchanged a few shallow formalities and wished each other a good weekend before parting again.

After a while we sat in a café which I knew served the greatest Italian coffee in town. I offered her whatever she wanted as a reward for her dinner that was about to come. There again I found it quite stunning with which expertise she chose her coffee.

While we were talking, our bare legs touched several times by accident. That's at least what I thought. They just seemed to find the way to each other. Every time they would touch, they lingered a little moment longer until finally neither of us bothered about it anymore. It was around the time our conversations grew bolder and more intimate.

She told me about her first boyfriend who had convinced her into sex in the wrong circumstances, and how ashamed she was now for having given in to that request. She said she had just been blinded by his charms, and by teenage love. I tried my best to comfort her a little without sounding like the next guy who wanted to nail her. But soon we drifted back to flirting and joking.

As we were heading back to the parking lot, she asked me to wait for her at the car. She had to go and get a few things for dinner which she didn't want me to know.

While she was buying the last few things for dinner, my thoughts traveled through the past two hours or so. I noted that we had actually had a date. Again my mind was struck with a slight, but urging insecurity.

Back home I sat back to my computer, and finished my work. The moment I closed my notebook, she appeared on the bottom of the stairs. I had to pull myself together not to drop my jaw right to the floor.


Back home I went straight to my room. I had to calm down. Had I really been on a date with Ryan? How had it come to this? That was a catastrophe! I mean, the date had been perfect. Ryan was the perfect man a girl could possibly dream of, and he had seemed so comfortable with me. And above all we’d had to run into Bonnie and her boyfriend. That had been more than embarrassing!

I had to take a few deep breaths before looking at my reflection in the mirror. I looked a little tired. I had to take a shower, and to change into more sensible clothes.

The shower felt wonderful, as though I was washing off all my worries, my dark thoughts, my doubts. My mind was crystal clear now. I had to decide whether I was going to forget about Ryan, or if I really wanted to take the risk to ruin the relationships in my small family. Then again, this would probably be the last chance to jump this guy, right?

Although I had a considerable wardrobe including the few sexy lingerie sets every good lady has in store, I exactly knew what would have to wear for this evening: A black tank top that was not all too revealing, a pair of jeans that hugged my buttocks pretty well, just the clothes to accentuated my curves in a decent way without being tasteless. I didn't put on any make-up, for we wouldn't need it for cooking, would we?

As I came down the stair set, I saw that my intentions to make a mature impression were taking effect on Ryan. I could tell he liked what he was seeing. I made a pirouette to show him what I had to offer without being all too vulgar. He seemed pleased by my gestures, but too well did I know that he was just a man after all. And this is just the way men act around good-looking girls, don't they?

“You ready for some cooking action?” I asked him.

He smiled at me.

“Yes I am,” he said, “and I can’t wait to see what you are up to.”

I walked towards him, grabbed him by both his arms, and pulled him up. I guided him to the kitchen still holding his one hand. I unconsciously parted my fingers to allow his to slip his in between. His fingers acted the same.

Once arrived in the kitchen it took us a moment to part. It was one of these moments where you can’t really say if it only lasts seconds or hours, and a slight thrill passes one’s body – a thrill full of expectations and anticipation. His eyes seemed to be glued to mine.

For some reason I can’t recall, I started having trouble breathing and I felt my cheeks slowly turn red. I immediately let go his hand and looked away.

An uncomfortable silence came in. Luckily Ryan was the one to break it: “So… um… what will we eat tonight?”

I opened the freezer, and took out our main dish.

“Fish sticks…” I said, and waited to see Ryan’s incredulous facial expression, “…with rice! Aaaaand to spice it up a little, we’ll have to prepare some mango-chili chutney as well, and believe me, this is going to be the fun part!”

His face lit up. We started with chopping all the required ingredients. He was a quick learner and had some talent for cooking. I was astonished by his enthusiasm to learn.

“All we have to do now is chop the chiles,” I said after everything else was already done. “How many of them would you like? You know… It’s winter, and… I like it hot.”

Wait a sec… Did I just say what I’m thinking?


“It’s winter and… I like it hot,” she said. I’m not sure whether her slight emphasis on the word ‘hot’ had been on purpose. I swallowed. She didn’t seem to have noticed what she had said, so it had to be a mistake.

“Well… Let’s just… uh… taste them, and then we’ll… um… decide, ok?” I said, trying my best not to sound all too cheesy.

My idea got approved, so we tasted them… or better tried to. They were so hot we almost got our mouths burnt. So we decided to add only one single chili to the chutney, and to cut a few additional slices for whoever wanted to add some more on their plate.

As soon as this was done she told me the chutney needed to boil twenty minutes more before we could mash it and we'd better wash our hands very carefully meanwhile in order not to ruin our eyes while rubbing them. Before I could wet my hands under the tap, she gave me a bottle of peanut oil.

“Here. You'll need to cover your hands with this before you wash them, because otherwise the hot stuff won't get off your hands. It doesn't dissolve in water,” she paused. “Just gimme your hands, and I'll show you how to.”

I did as ordered. She poured an abundant amount of the slippery liquid over my palms, and started rubbing them slowly, and smoothly. I have to admit that it felt great. Having thi sgirl massaging, yet caressing my hands with such attention and passion caused my mind to black out. I kept – or better tried to keep – thinking her actions were pure teaching, nothing more. But still my heart appeared to pound harder and harder.

I tried to take my eyes off our hands that were firmly locked together and to find something else to look at, but only succeeded in looking into her gorgeous eyes. Apparently she had been encountering the same troubles. As soon as we were looking into each other's eyes, our hands stopped moving.

This time I was unable to break the thick silence. All I could come up with were various scenarios how to get out of this situation – and hoping she would be the one to say something. But no... neither of us was talking anymore. Dead silence. The constant hard-on I had been suffering from since she had come down the flight of stairs now started aching.

I didn't notice us steadily approaching to one another until her breath was clearly palpable on my lips. Both my body and mind were not likely to interrupt the inevitable events.


My mind was still lost in the turbulence of the past few minutes – let’s just call them incidents. I was hoping so badly that Ryan hadn't noticed any of my little hints, like the 'hot' blooper. And now what the hell had occurred to me that I would stroke his oily hands? What was I even thinking? In my desperate search for answers, my eyes fell on his. Something told me it would be more sensible to look in another way, to start talking, to keep on rubbing his hands, to do anything that had no similarity to what I was doing in that very moment.

Suddenly I realized what was about to happen. Our eyes were already half closed. The warmth of his breath felt so tempting on my lips. Both my body and mind were not likely to interrupt the inevitable events.

At our first contact my mind went blank. Basic animal instincts came over me and over him as well. Every time our lips would caress each other again, we raised the pressure until our initial innocent kiss became passionate, lustful French kissing. We were obviously making out like a sex-craving couple. No doubt, no remorse was holding us back anymore.

I wanted to touch him, to undress him, to jump him, but our hands were still sticky from the oil. I broke the kiss to look into his eyes again.

“Ryan...” I said panting.

He cut me short: “Anna, let's wash those hands, and go to your bedroom”

“No,” I replied, “You better wash your hands and fuck me right here on the kitchen table!”

No further instructions were needed. We immediately washed our hands. We didn't even bother to dry them. Our hands were all over each other's bodies as soon as we had them washed.


The first pieces of clothing to fall on the floor were her jeans. I lifted her on the kitchen table. I didn't have to ask her to spread her legs. I could see her panties were already drenched in juices. Her smell started filling the room.

“Oh fuck! Anna...” I panted. “Let me eat that pussy,” I said putting the crotch of her panties to the side, and uncovering her glistening honey pot.

I tried to lick her pussy clean of all her juices, but they kept on flowing from her aching tunnel. Once I had found her clit, I slid two fingers inside her to enhance her pleasure. I quickly located her g-spot, and started playing with it. This made her hips squirm and caused her to moan.

She pushed my face deeper and deeper into her crotch.

“Noooo Ryan! Fuck! Stop it... Ryan... Please! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! Give it to me!”

I ignored her instructions and remained teasing her clit and g-spot. I sent her to the verge of orgasm, but made sure she wouldn't come. I wanted her to beg for me to fuck her. Since our lust was unbearable I didn't have to wait for it for too long.

“Please Ryan! Please! Shove your cock in my pussy. Pound me hard with your cock. Please! Ryan! I beg you. I can't take it anymore!”

I let go off her pussy but left my fingers inside. She leaned forward to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants. My hard-on was visible through the fabric of my boxer briefs like an iron pole. She freed my dick from its bond and started stroking it in the same pace I kept caressing her g-spot. No need to take my pants off completely. It was a waste of time.

She placed my rod next to my fingers. I took them out, and let her suck on them. She was eagerly licking her own juices off my fingertips. I pushed my head slowly inside her entrance.


His head slid in. One inch at a time. I moaned on his fingers. I had never realized my own juices could be so sweet. Tasting my own pussy got me even hotter.

I grabbed him by his hips, and pulled him inside me with all my force. I wouldn't stop pressing him into me until his cock was only stopped by his balls. I felt so full.

My sister sure was a lucky girl, I thought. She had one hell of a lover.

Ryan had taken his fingers out of my mouth. My muffled moans became cries of pure lust and pleasure. He was holding me tightly pressed to his chest.

“Oh Anna...” he moaned. “I've been waiting... for this... for so... long!”

His sultry tone made my pussy grab his dick a little harder, causing him to let out a few deep guttural growls.

“And now you can screw my brains out, just like the little slut I am,” I replied trying my best to form a sentence that was not interrupted by my moans.

“Fuck yessss!” he hissed. “You're so tight, Anna! So wet!”

Sounds of moisture were coming from our sexes. I was soaking wet. His cock felt as if it was covered with a thin layer of oil.

“Fuck me harder Ryan! Fuck me harder!”

I didn't really have to order it, for he was reading my thoughts. He was pounding in and out of me with his hot iron pole with such an ardor it almost hurt. But all I wanted was to get fucked real hard. I craved for it! My pussy craved for it!


Her juices were all running over my balls. I had never ever seen a girl produce so much juice, and I loved every part of it. She was a nymph, a goddess of sex. Oh boy, whoever could fuck her could die a happy man!

My cock appeared to pound faster and faster all from alone. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Her asking me to fuck her even harder only encouraged me to quicken the pace even more. We were screwing like rabbits, like animals, like beasts! It felt so primal, yet so natural, so good.

I leaned forward to her ear to whisper, “I hope that you're on the pill.”

She continued before I could finish,“Hell yeah! And make sure to fill me with your steamy white cum.”

I couldn't believe what she had just said. It was so hot, so dirty! I wanted to give her what she desired. Our lips locked firmly together again. We were both craving for relief. Our kisses were drenched in saliva.

It didn't take much longer until I felt the familiar pressure build in my balls. I was about to shoot the load of my life into my girlfriend's slutty little sister.

As if she knew I was about to cum she commanded: “Oh yes! Shoot it all inside me, and make me cum with you!”


All I wanted in this moment was to milk his cock dry and to feel his hot semen splashing deep in my womb. I put my arms around him, and clenched him hard into my body. I got prepared to receive that huge orgasm my body had been building ever since Ryan had been licking me.

The moment his prick contracted the first time to flood my tunnel with cum my body got lifted to a whole new level of ecstasy. His thick semen filled my pussy in large ropes. Both of us were babbling incomprehensible noises until our orgasms subsided.

I was afraid of the mess I would cause the moment Ryan would pull his cock out of me. But to my surprise he ate my pussy a second time right after pulling out. I felt the mixture of both our juices run into his mouth. It was a lot. But no, instead of swallowing, he came to my face, and we started French kissing. His tongue was covered with my juices and his cum. The taste was strange, but appealing. I liked it.

After a while of making out I got dressed again. I took a shower, while Ryan took care of frying the fish sticks, and of course aerating the kitchen.

Amy came home while we were eating. She didn't notice anything special save for the room temperature that seemed unusually low. Both Ryan and I were experiencing troubles not to burst out in laughter on this remark. Only by then I realized how lucky we had been: A few minutes later would have made the difference between ruining our family and just having fun.

Only a few days after our little adventure Ryan and Amy got settled on their own. Never again did that happen, and I don't regret any of it. Ryan and I have only talked about it once. He told me that it had been a perfect little winter incident. All I could do was agree with him. It had indeed been perfect.

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