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My Steaming Hot Adventure With Lacy, Kayla And Jill

My Steaming Hot Adventure With Lacy, Kayla And Jill

As doubts arise

"What are you doing?" she pondered, getting up.

"Getting ready to take a shower," I answered, grabbing my robe. "Why, do you want to join me, step sis?"

She strolled to me and slowly brought her hands to her back. "I'm a beyond filthy woman, so I should probably clean up," she answered, undoing her bra.

She pushed down her panties as well and stood in front of me.

"What, do you think I haven't seen you naked before, Lacy? Just in the past few months, I've seen every single square inch of you, whether we were having sex or not. Lady, just showing me the goods isn't much of an icebreaker anymore."

She stayed silent and peeked down for a few seconds. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I just waited for her to peek back at me.

"You aren't getting sick of me, are you, Robin?" she wondered, taking my hands in hers and shooting me a sad look. "We've gotten rather close ever since that first night, then our threesome with Rick and our day sex with Martin and Lenard. So now we're just emotionally and physically attached at the hip. Too much of a good thing can be bad."

"I agree, and maybe it is because it is taboo," I mentioned, prior to smooching her forehead. "We haven't told our parents that we've had sex over a hundred times now."

"Well, over two-hundred, but who is counting?"

"Sure, messy woman, let's go shower together, but no sex, we can't keep taking forty minute showers. Our parents may get suspicious sooner or later."

"Okay, just a five minute make out session, fair enough?"

I nodded.

She kissed my cheek. "How about we consider just telling them? What can they do, we're both consenting adults, you know what I mean?"

I swallowed and bit my bottom lip. My whole body shook somewhat, and I couldn't keep eye contact either.

'Shit, she is expecting some response. I have to say something now.'

"I'm not sure we should because I don't think we're lesbians. I do think we might just be interested in each other, and not in other ladies. We already loved each other, so it really makes sense. The passion we felt then, and the night with Rick. It was just that made me want to have a threesome with him. It is you, and the sex is just one great release I think. Not that we have a lot of stress to deal with, but it does work perfectly for both of us. Now nothing can ever bother us because we can get together."

"So, what are you saying though? Do you need to have sex with another woman to find out how it feels?"

 "Lacy," I muttered, placing my hands on her cheeks. "I'm not gonna cheat on you."

Suddenly, she licked her lips and grinned. "You would view that as cheating on me? As if we're a real couple?"

I rubbed her cheeks for a moment, but my hands slipped down after a moment. Again, I didn't know what to say, but I knew she was expecting something from me. She stayed silent and patiently waited.

"You do, don't you? You want to be girlfriends?"

"I don't know, but as I said, I don't think that I'm a lesbian," I reminded her, shrugging my shoulders. "What if we officially came out, and I just found myself uninterested? Pussy may just not be for me, lovely lady. I certainly wouldn't that to happen to us. Even if our parents loved the idea of us together, it would still be messy if we broke up, don't you think?"

"Maybe, but I think the love will overcome all of that. I don't see it happening because just see how far we've come already. Since we had fun with Lenard and Martin, I know neither one of us have seen anyone else. We've only been with each other, so maybe we already we're already a couple, except we haven't been on an actual date. We have the intimacy in this bedroom and the love down perfectly. We don't even sleep apart anymore, so what do you say that we just tell them?"

I placed my hands on my face again. "I don't know, Lacy. This isn't an ultimatum, is it?"

"No, of course not, Robin. I would never put that pressure on you, that might even kill the relationship entirely," she replied before she pulled my hands down and a small pause. "How about you do it with another woman? Just find out how it feels when you have another woman's lips on yours. Kiss her, have her eat you out, and you eat her out too. Just find out for yourself. It may just be me, or you might just seriously want to switch teams. You might just have to eyeball her boobs for all I know, but I think you should get your answer."

"I don't want to cheat on you though, babe. I can't bear to put you through that," I said, grabbing her arms. "I won't."

She stayed silent again and bit down on her top lip. Both of us shed a couple of tears because we were just so conflicted about everything. After a moment, she leaned to me and kissed me. She failed to feel me or anything; she just kissed me for a moment before coming back.

She swallowed for a few seconds. "How about if I have sex with another woman too? We'll be even, and neither of will have to feel guilty."

I laughed and rubbed my face for a few seconds. "What about your sexual orientation, Lacy? Are you sure you are going to want pussy for the rest of your life? You had a lot of fun fucking Lenard, so you still love cock."

"Chicky, we've just bonded so much, that you are that important to me now. I had never been with a woman before you, but after we had sex, I was sure I'd be willing to be with you forever if you would have me. So, what do you say? Just let yourself discover the same kinds of feelings, just with a different woman. I can fuck another woman too if it makes you feel better. Whatever I need to do, consider it done."

Not a word was uttered for over five minutes as we both just stood there. I couldn't possibly comprehend how Lacy landed on those feelings, but it seemed more than evident that they were real.

"You want me so badly, that you are willing to have me screw another woman? Is that seriously the proposal you are giving me right now?"

"Yes, every time we were in the shower making out or having sex, I'm pretty sure we were extending our love and just the overall emotions that we can give each other. I would certainly hate to let all of that go just because you might think you may be uninterested years down the road. I'll still have this same body, but it'll be older. I surely wouldn't want you to force you into this relationship if you are unsure. It would feel like emotional blackmail, Robin."

I took an extra deep breath as I kept eye contact with her. She had teary eyes too, and I just wrapped my arms around her after a moment.

"Please say 'Yes.', step-sis," she pleaded before she slowly leaned away from me. "You mean everything to me," she mentioned, placing her right hand on my cheek. "I love you right now, and I always will."

I giggled somewhat and closed my eyes for a couple of seconds. "Sure, Lacy. You are nuts, to say the least, so I'll do it for you."

"Seriously? You'll have sex with another woman, just for me?"

"Yes, I guess," I chuckled, breaking eye contact. "Fuck me, you are going to be a giant handful, aren't you?"

"You know what they say about crazy people: they are wild in bed."

"Dually noted, now let's go shower."

We did just that, and I had no idea how I'd be hooking up with another woman. I didn't even know how to feel exactly. I told her I'd do it for her benefit because I didn't think she let me leave without breaking out the 'Y' word.

To no surprise, we had sex in the shower again, and we probably wedged ourselves even a little bit further down the taboo rabbit hole. The forbidden aspect of it was a great kick starter, but it was the love that made having her between my legs so surreal and made us go so far.

After we were done having sex, her lips were on mine again. Both of us had no choice, but to place, our hands on one another's butts too. It seemed at the time that no one could replace her, but her love would make me do anything.

My lips came from hers. "Who would either of us even do it with?"

"I have a couple more friends who are seeing each other. I'm sure if I asked them to do this, they'd be willing to get involved. We could even do it in the same room again if you'd fancy. You handled seeing me with Lenard, but what about seeing me with another woman?"

"Lacy, it was your idea, now you are asking about my comfort?"

"I guess, but you still want to do it, right?"

"Yes, Lacy," I sighed. "I'll do it for you, and no one else."

"Good," she said before she kissed me. "If you like it, you'll want to come out to our parents, right?"

"As if you are going to accept any other answer than 'Yes.', Lacy."

"Hell, if you asked me, I'd let you fuck my mom. I'd say 'Yes' in a heartbeat. Whatever gets you in my bed with our parent's knowledge of it."

I nodded and kissed her. "You are an emotional basketcase, girlfriend. Just set it up with your friends, and I'll let you know my answer afterward."

"Thank you, Robin," she said, hugging me. "You are awesome."

We eventually got out, and I found myself curious about what might happen with her friends and us. I didn't even know she had other friends. Anyway, this time she didn't have me just catch her with the women, she gave me a real time and place.

I sat down on my bed, but she immediately sat next to me. "I can't wait for this, we'll both get a little pussy we haven't been with before, and then you'll want to be with me forever."

"Okay, no pressure there, Lacy. Are you planning our lesbian wedding now?"

"No, I just think you'll love it, and it'll be a no-brainer. Simple as that, you know what I mean?"

"Are we gonna do it on the same bed though? If I'm going to eat another's women's cherry, do I have to do it with you within sniffing distance? Don't you think it might be a conflict of interest if I'm trying to figure out my feelings when you are right there? Can't you at least fuck your lady on your bed?"

"Fine," she groaned before she pecked my cheek. "Only because I love you," she said before she went over to her bed.

We peeked at each other on and off for a few minutes. I just didn't have anything to say, everything that needed to be said, was already. I knew I was definitely attracted to Lacy, but the jury was out on just how I'd view being with another woman. She blew me a kiss and then the door suddenly opened. 

'Oh, two very sexy ladies did just come in, so let's see where this goes. Now she is hugging them and getting a little chummy too,' I thought before I got up.

"Hey, who are you friends, Lacy?"

"Oh, do I detect a little jealousy in your voice, Robin?" Lacy pondered, coming towards me. "Don't worry; you'll get full access to one of them: a pretty black hair chick with B-cups or a sexy brunette with C-cups. Go ahead, look at them," she offered, placing her hands on my butt. "You can do anything you want with either of them right on your bed, sound good?"

"While you are gonna be having sex with one of them?"

"Yes, that's what we agreed to, but how about this: would you like both of them? I mean with two hot skanks, you'll definitely know how much you'll want pussy after all is said and done."

"You are offering me both of them now?"

"If you want them, yes, horny hussy. I bullshit you not; I will do anything for you. They know how great the sex can be, they are intimate and are step-sisters too."

"No kidding?" I wondered before I glanced at them.

They both licked their lips for a couple of seconds and turned to each other. They pressed their lips together and placed their hands on one another's shoulders too. We both watched them make out for a moment, and my panties became rather drenched.

"Fuck, you do know how to pick the sexy participants for this bedroom, Lacy. You certainly have the gift."

After a long moment, their lips parted them then they both peeked right at me.

"So," Lacy said, coming behind me. "Which will it be, Jill or Kayla?" she asked before a brief pause. "Or, do you want both? There won't be any hurt feelings, Robin. If it is what you want, say the word."

I turned to her after a moment. "Are you sure, what if you get jealous? What if it puts a damper on our relationship? Seeing me with two women might do just that."

"Would you like me to leave?"

"No," I answered, putting my hands up towards my face. "That would certainly feel like cheating. I'm not gonna do that to you, Lacy," I admitted before I uncovered my face. "I love you."

"I love you too, but now I think you should go over to your bed and invite your new friends to shed a little light on this new lesbian side of you. I can just sit on my bed and watch if you'd like. Have fun with them and maybe by the time you've had enough of them, you'll come to realize that maybe you will want both pussy and cock. Don't worry; they'll be good to you," she explained before she kissed me.

"I have your blessing to have great sex with both of your friends as you just watch?"

"Yes, lick their nipples, rub them and everything else you desire to do with them, Robin. They are dirty young ladies, just like us. They are both eighteen too, and ready for you, horndog. Don't be shy, let your sexual freak flag fly."

I stared at her for another moment, but then I calmly turned around to see the two new females coming to me. They both took one of my hands and brought me to my bed. We all sat down, and I checked out both of them over the next couple minutes.

'Wow, I'm overwhelmed, two very cute women are on my bed and ready to screw me,' I thought before I slanted my head back. 'Oh, now they are both kissing my neck.'

I just sat back and enjoyed the sweet physical and emotional feelings that seemed to be roaming all throughout the room.

"I'm Jill by the way," the brunette informed me, placing her hand on my left tit.

"And that would make me Kayla," the black hair chick mentioned, positioning her hand on my other boob. "We certainly like sexy ladies like yourself, Robin."

"And I'm a nice piece candy too, aren't I?" Lacy wondered.

"Yes," Kayla replied, peeking at her. "Although, I think we like your step sister just a little bit more. Don't get jealous," she said, rubbing her body onto mine.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled embarrassingly at Lacy. She just blew me a kiss and let her right hand slither into her shorts.

"I love you," I mouthed to her.

"I love you more, slut," she mouthed back.

I slanted my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed Kayla and Jill feeling me up. Their hands stayed on my melons, and their lips regularly kissed my neck and cheeks.

'That tickles,' I thought, jiggling around.

"Arms up," Jill said, grabbing the end of my shirt with Kayla.

I did that, and then they both got it off me in a few seconds. 

"Oh, you are ravishing, Robin, like a supermodel," Jill commended me, scanning my body.

"You got that right, step sis," Kayla agreed, getting down on the floor in front of me.

She undid my shorts and slowly tugged them off me. I tingled a bit, but I couldn't make eye contact with either of them. Not that I felt self-cautious, but it seemed odd what was happening. Like it was too good to be true.

"Would you mind if we took off your bra and panties as well, Robin? Even though baby blue looks great on you?" Jill wondered.

I looked at her and nodded. Jill brought her hands to my back and undid my bra as Kayla pulled off my matching panties. I sat there naked and just let them examine my figure once again. I noticed that both of them were smiling, but I still had a few small twitches.

Without saying a word, Kayla came to me lazily and pressed her lips onto mine. We made out for a few seconds before her lips parted from mine. No one spoke, but my smile said it all. So, she put her lips back on mine and Jill snatched my hands.

Jill set them down on Kayla's butt and smooched my cheek. "You are insanely sexy, Robin, now make out with my step-sister and let her deposit the pleasure to you."

I grasped Kayla's butt cheeks hard, but not too hard. As I did, she calmly brought her palms over onto my hooters and squeezed them a bit. She didn't hurt me, but made the sexy message rather clear.

"Come on, don't be shy, bring your hands up to her black tank top and bring it up above her boobs. Take it right off her and toss it. After that, rush your hands to her back and take off her bra as well. She has bosoms that are to die for, Robin. We don't want to push you too far, but you also need to take the lead too. As I'm sure, Lacy might have taught you, ladies like that," Jill explained.

I turned my head to her, and we just stared for a moment. After that, she let her lips come onto mine. I shook around as if I was a vibrator. That was before I suddenly felt a few fingers slide onto my slit. I didn't even know whose fingers they were, but the pleasure was phenomenal.

We made out for a few minutes, so both pairs of my lips felt pleasure, but then Jill's lips came off mine. I just breathed heavily for a moment, but then I peeked back at Kayla, and she put her arms up. I got her top off her in a few seconds, and I got her bra off her as well.

I could have taken a moment to appreciate her tits, but I went right down to her shorts. I quickly undid them and yanked them off as well. I glared at her crotch and noticed her panties were soaked. My mouth opened and I moaned a bit, but then I snatched them and nearly tore them off her.

"Yes, take control, you horny bitch," Kayla let out.

I slowly turned to Jill and pushed her on the bed. She laughed a bit, but stayed leaned up. She knew to bring her arms up and then I got her top right off her as well. I got her shorts off too, and then I stood up.

I put my hand up and then Jill immediately took it. "Do you love your step sister?"

"Yes, I'd happily take a bullet for Kayla, would you take one for Lacy?"

I glanced at her for a split second, but turned back. "I'd take on an army," I answered, bringing my hands to her back.

I got Jill's bra off and dropped down to my knees. I smooched her stomach a few times and calmly grabbed her panties. I failed to peek at her, but I continued to kiss her stomach as I lazily brought down her undergarments.

She stepped right out of them and helped me back up with her. "Did you two really fuck black studs in here?"


"I hope you enjoyed it because, by the time my step sister and I have our way with you, cock won't interest you anymore," she explained, taking my hands in hers.

"You think so?"

"Yes," Kayla responded, coming behind me. "If you want Lacy badly enough, maybe we can push you to make yourself take her in the palm of your hand," she whispered, pushing her hooters onto my back.

I moaned and shuddered a bit too.

"Oh, she is happy, Kayla. Her cherry is leaking out now," Jill pointed out, covering my pussy with her right hand and closing the gap between us. "Do you like that, Robin? My hand is on your cherry, and my melons are on yours too. You have great tits and two fantastic pairs of lips too. We like you, is it safe to say you like us?"

I nodded and then they both took one of my hands. I swallowed as they calmly brought me to my bed. We all sat down on it, and they both let a palm land on one of my boobs. I drooled a little bit as I looked at both of them back and forth.

From one second to the next, I suddenly felt both of my nipples take shelter inside their mouths. I slanted my head back and instantly tried to deal with the pleasure. It was immediately evident that they knew what they were doing.

"Come on, sweet chick, caress their heads. Let them know how much you love the pleasure," Lacy suggested, playing with her pussy. "Give your step sister a good show to watch."

I blindly placed my hands on their noggins and did indeed rub them. I licked my lips numerous times and vibrated a little more too. The whole thought that I had two chicks pleasuring me with Lacy watching turned me on to no end.

Feeling each of them sucking on my nipples was quite a paradise, but they also massaged my hooters as well. They titillated me, and it seemed like this wasn't even a warm-up for them.

I desired to play with my slit, but I didn't want to ruin the intimacy we seemed to have. Little did I know, after a couple of beautiful moments, that I was going to feel a couple of fingers down on my pussy lips. I instantly twitched, but I didn't disturb them.

"Oh, now I feel two sets of fingers on my cherry now," I moaned, pressuring both of their heads. "Oh, I love women who know how to pleasure other women," I let out, arching my head forward.

I glanced at both of them numerous times, and they both just looked right back at me. I was breathing rather slowly, but I managed to keep myself together. My whole frame also felt to be as slick as ice, but I seemed to be burning up too.

Feeling both of them making my juice spurt out using their fingers and mouths made me shed tears of joy. I looked directly into Jill's brown eyes, and she kept hers right on mine too. I bit my bottom lip and then she suddenly began sucking even harder.

"Oh," I moaned, letting out a bit of saliva. "Holy shit, not even Lacy can suck my nipple quite like that, Jill."

"Shut the hell up," Lacy whined.

I failed to respond as I was quite busy containing the thrill. I even felt a couple of fingers slither up into my twat and they teased my clit a bit. That was when I had to close my eyes again. I felt a full body high as if I was invincible.

My heels began hitting the floor repeatedly, and I gave an extra hefty dose of my lady juice to the bed as well. Nothing was wrong with the picture, but I peeked back at Lacy. She was busy masturbating like never before, but then I felt the need.

"I love you so much, step sis," I mouthed to her.

She calmly rose up, but made the bed creak somewhat. She lazily made her way over to me and placed her free hand on my cheek. She leaned to me and kissed me for over a moment as Jill and Kayla just kept pleasuring me.

"I love you too, more than a step-sister, Robin. I love you as the horny tart you are, don't ever forget it," she warned me, prior to walking back to her bed.

"I won't, desirable woman."

As she sat back down on her bed, Kayla's mouth lifted off my nipple, and she came to my ear. "She is dazzling, so you lucked out. Have you eaten her out before?"

"A couple of times, yes, but she is better at it than me. She did it for me the first time we had sex. She did make me feel good, fully sexually pleased in fact. She is a sexual witch wrapped in a beautiful angel."

"Damn right, you cheating wench," Lacy whined.

"Shut it, Lacy, your step-sister, is just having fun, that's all," Jill reminded her, getting down on her knees in front of me.

She calmly spread my legs out and brought her lips down to my upper right thigh. She smooched it all over for a moment as both Kayla, and I viewed her carefully.

Kayla got behind me and placed her palms on my melons. "Sex between step-siblings can be, so life-affirming, so when you are ready to take things to the next level with Lacy, you hold onto her. She likes you, Jill and I could tell from the first time she mentioned your name. Her voice went up, and she smiled too, that means she loves you, Robin. I got my step-sister, but our parents have no idea about our relationship. It makes the sex so much hotter, so you'll have that chilling feeling for as long as you keep her."

I jiggled and attempted to keep my cool. "Lacy wants to come out though."

Jill made it to my pussy lips and laid a big juicy kiss on them. "I'm pretty sure she is worth it though, Robin. A sexy chick with big tits doesn't just become your step sister every day, you know what I mean?" she pondered, placing her fingers on my slit.

I opened my mouth and let a little drool out. I had many different things wandering through my mind, and they were all fantastic in their own way. Jill shot me the lustiest look I could possibly imagine for over a moment.

"Yes, Jill does that, she just teases you not with her fingers, her eyes or anything else, but her mind. You are just left speechless right now, aren't you? Don't worry; you can admit it to me now. There is nothing to ashamed of, Robin. Hell, I'd want to slap if you did have something to say. The only sentence I want to hear you utter is: Jill would you just eat me out already?"

"Jill, will you just eat my pussy before I go nuts?"

"Of course," Jill replied before she pecked my cherry lips again. "All you had to do was ask," she informed me before her tongue slipped out.

I watched it slithered right in between my lips down there, and I immediately placed my hands on her head. I closed my eyes, but oddly enough, I immediately imagined that Lacy was fucking me. I kept that to myself and enjoyed the ride.

"Yes," Kayla moaned, rubbing my tits. "Eat her twat, step sis. Eat it better than how you eat mine, you filthy skank. You cheater, Jill. Good thing it is with such a hot piece of ass like Robin here," Kayla let out, prior to smooching my shoulder numerous times.

I felt Jill's tongue attack my pussy walls like it was out on a mission to destroy it with pleasure. I had no idea it would feel amazing as it did, but it could have been because Lacy was right there and in my thoughts too.

"Don't worry, Robin, when the time comes for you to shoot your lady juice like a cannon, let it loose. I know for a fact that Lacy would love to see that. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure she'd especially love the honors to lick it all off your face too. She told me she has cleaned it off several times before, and you have even done it for her too. So, you two must be extra close, in a good way though."

"I know, I know, Kayla. She is one special witch, one that maybe I'd like to wake up next to every day."

"Really?" Lacy pondered.

"Yes," I answered, keeping my eyelids down.

From one second to the next, I felt some lips come down onto mine. After a couple of seconds, I opened my eyes to see Lacy's eyelids. I calmly placed my hand on the back of her head and made out as Jill and Kayla never stopped pleasuring me.

I continued to feel Jill's tongue licking all over my cherry, but she only teased my clit though. She made sure not to assault that, but she did give me some implication that she might have some plans for it coming soon.

Kayla's body felt to be as soft as a cloud, and it seemed to be getting slicker as the minutes went by. She scrubbed my breasts as if she was attempting to put out a couple of fires on them. The sexual nirvana was at an all-time high, and no one showed signs of slowing down.

Then Lacy took her lips off mine and backed up somewhat. We just looked at each other as her hand never vacated her snatch. She just continued to finger fuck herself like her fingers were unstoppable jackhammers.

I couldn't help, but to watch her pleasure herself within sniffing distance of me. Even with my eyes open, I had no issue envisioning Lacy fucking the life out of my pussy with her sexy mouth. I swear I felt my heart blossoming a little bit more by the second.

I was fully aware of my surroundings, but of course, Lacy had me under her spell. Unlike Kayla and Jill, Lacy could make me do anything with her eyes. Although, she could also use her body to make me fall for her harder than a bowling ball off a skyscraper.

"Are either of them better than me, Robin?"

I shook my head no and blew her a kiss. She immediately blew one back, but began licking her fingers right after that. My whole figure rocked, and even a few tears made appearances on my face too.

"Fuck yes, suck on her lips now, you skank, Jill. Drink all that juice coming from Robin's twat, and don't you dare let any of it drizzle out of your mouth. You will satisfy her even if it is the last thing you do. I don't care if you are cheating on me right now, you do NOT... let a woman go unsatisfied. This whore demands you to thrill her like no one else."

"Don't call my girlfriend a whore, bitch," Lacy groaned.

"I don't think she meant anything by it, babe. I think everyone loves each other in this room, so let that one slide. Both of these women are rather ravishing and eager to please, so don't get bent out of shape. It is a little whoreish for me to have sex with a black guy and two other white chicks with you in the room."

"I love you, harlot," Lacy moaned, shaking around.

"I love you too, now get yourself off right now."

No one uttered a word for a few minutes after that, and my dominoes were falling rather quickly too. Feeling Jill's lips on my cherry lips and her tongue teasing my clit was beyond phenomenal in every way imaginable.

I felt as if I was a cancer patient and she was sucking it out ever so pleasurably. I shed out tears, but never actually began crying. Not as I thought it might ruin the mood, but to show how powerful I was.

I wanted to hold out for as long as possible, damn the consequences. I knew Lacy had to get at least a little jealous, but yet; I saw her viewing the sexy action as if it was a four-star movie with Keanu Reeves or Liam Neason.

"You agree that Lacy is your girlfriend now, Robin?" Kayla whispered in my ear. "She is drenching her lips like there is no tomorrow, I think she is crazy about you."

I nodded while keeping eye contact with Lacy. I wasn't sure what to think exactly, but I knew my relationship with Lacy was multiplying. Just how far it would go beyond our parents finding out about us, I didn't know, but I was more than eager to find out.

"Does Lacy keep eye contact with you when she eats you out?"

"Yes, very much so. I can't always keep constant eye contact though, she is a mystical witch, and she knows how to please a woman like no other. Your step-sister is quite a sexual beast too, but she is not Lacy."

"It sounds like you are just now figuring out that you might be crazy about her too, is that right?"

"Maybe, Kayla. I just don't know, I don't think I'm a lesbian, but I feel like I'm swayed now. I can't help, but to love Lacy like no one else. She is a lovely woman, but she trapped me with her mind. I can't break it off with her because I just love her that much now. Just like you two it seems, you are quite connected to Jill."

"Yes, now quit talking and give Jill your lady juice. Give her all you can dole out, she has been an extra naughty girl, and you should probably teach her a lesson. So, drown her in your cum, Robin. Make her sorry for even attempting to take your pussy for a ride."

"Shut the fuck up, Kayla," I managed, jiggling nonstop, leaning my head back and breathing heavily. "Oh, fuck, you are almost there now, Jill. Keep going and let Lacy see it all. Yes, I love it, I love it, get my clit and make me cum. Everyone in the room wants it so badly. Holy shit, I feel like you are poking at my sexual soul now."

No one said a word for some time after that, but we all knew it was just a matter of time before I had to unleash my cum all over Jill's face. Lacy came over to me once again and kissed me. I thought it'd be brief, but her lips remained on mine for some time.

It was like trying to stay up after giant weights landed on my shoulders. I already had Jill fucking the shit out my pussy, Kayla rubbing my boobs and then Lacy's lips on mine too. I placed my right hand on the back of her head, and our tongues went into one another's mouths.

'Oh, my step sister is one fucked up chick. Damn, is she shedding tears?'

Her lips parted from mine. "Just promise me even if we don't end up together, we'll always be close, Robin."

"Yes, Lacy, you stupid tart. Just because we had sex, that doesn't mean we're gonna drift," I let out, breathing heavily.

She took my right hand in hers and applied a bit of pressure to it too. She only tipped the scales even further, but I still held firm and halted my seed for the time being. Although, it took just about every ounce of my strength to hold out.

Lacy maintained her position, so our eye never parted. Both of us were grinding our teeth a little bit, so neither of us were smiling, but the physical and emotional pleasure said everything.

"Do you like seeing her eat my pussy, Lacy?"

"Yes, Robin."

"Kiss me again, harlot."

Her lips jumped right onto mine, and we made out for a moment with our eyes closed. I had several tears come out onto my cheeks, and soaked in her beautiful soul so to speak.

After a moment, my lips came off hers. "Shit, Kayla, here it comes," I moaned before I had to unleash my lady juice to Kayla's face.

I desired to see the spectacle, but I covered my face with both hands just before I had my orgasm. My whole body was as slick as ice, but felt to be in a volcano. It just felt so great, but was quite painful at the same time.

"Give it to me, Robin," Kayla ordered me.

I granted her wish and let out that juice she was craving for just a few seconds later. My juice came bolting right out of my pussy like a fire hydrant. I still wanted to see it, but I couldn't. I just dealt with it all for as long as possible and envisioned everyone enjoying the show.

I wasn't sure just how long I lasted, but it felt to last a lifetime. An endless amount of pleasure wrapped in a burning pain centered right in my slit. Nothing could possibly compare with the feelings, but only if Lacy was doing the sexy work.

When I finished, I slowly let my hands off my face and looked down there. "Oh, you mean bitch, Lacy," I branded her, breathing heavily. "You couldn't just let Kayla have the juice?"

She shook her head no, and then I leaned up towards her. I took both of her hands in mine and kissed her once. After that, my tongue came out and set down on her right cheek. I began a licking exercise where I made sure I got every drop of my juice off her face.

It lasted for over a moment, but right after I licked for the final time, we just looked at each other. Neither of us uttered a word, but the message was clear for the most part: we loved each other, and we both considered ourselves bisexual too.

"Don't you ever fucking cheat on me again, Robin."

"I'll see what I can do," I replied, grabbing a hand from both Kayla and Jill.

I pulled them both towards us, and they stood on their knees with us on each side. "We will have to invite them over now and then," I mentioned before I leaned down to Kayla's left tit.

I opened my mouth and immediately began sucking on it. I failed to look back at Lacy, but I was sure she still liked the turn of events. That became obvious when I noticed her on Kayla's other nipple.

I blindly put my hand towards her and felt her take it a few seconds later. Time and time again it was proven that we were emotionally connected, and the love was mutual. I couldn't put my finger on why, but I didn't care.

'The heart just wants what it wants. Nothing more, and nothing less it seems. What is it about Lacy made me go down this road? Who knows, and who cares? I'm on it now, and that's all that matters.'

Kayla brought her hands to our heads and caressed them both for us. "Oh, fuck yes, Jill, we'll have to have some more fun with these two pieces of lesbian heaven. Even if neither of them thinks they love pussy, we'll have to show them that they do. They both know how to suck a nipple, they are even giving you a run for your money now."

I heard the floor creak, and I saw Jill get right in front of Kayla. "Bullshit, hussy," she called, placing her palms on Kayla's butt. "No one can pleasure you in any way better than me. I'm your queen, and that's that, whore. If you disagree, I'll fuck the life out of you right in front of them," she sobbed before she kissed Kayla. "Don't you ever think that anyone will ever please or love you more than me, got it?"

"Yes, drama queen," Kayla answered before she kissed her back. "Thirty years from now, I'll still be craving to get between your legs. Nothing and no one will ever change that, skank."

Both Lacy and I saw them making out, but yet, our mouths stayed right on Kayla's nice nipples. It was her flesh, but they tasted better than candy. I grinned somewhat, and Lacy saw it. I don't think she got jealous, but I noticed she wouldn't take her eyes off me.

I sucked Kayla's entire nipple into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. My cheeks went all the way into my mouth, and I even became slightly lite headed too. It was completely worth it as it nearly seemed like I was in a contest with Lacy.

I saw her sucking the life out of Kayla's other nipple, and she seemed to be loving every second of it too. We held hands rather firmly for the time being and enjoyed the sweet intimacy. The act of us watching each other appeared to be even sexier than one of us sucking the other's nipple.

I had tears coming out on my cheeks, and then I saw her doing the same thing. As time went on, our grip on one another's hands became stronger. The emotions skyrocketed like mad, and they weren't showing any signs of slowing down.

I wouldn't stop pleasuring Kayla's nipple, and neither would Lacy. It was like we were in a race to make her cum, but only for bragging rights. Kayla and Jill never stopped making out or caressing one another's butts.

'Wow, they are in love. They weren't supposed to fall for each other, but yet it is crystal clear. Maybe neither of them thought of themselves being lesbos before, but apparently, they are now. I would certainly hope our parents accept us, but I don't even know if their parents know about them.'

Kayla's lips jumped off Jill's. "Damn, step sis, now you are finger fucking me too. Are you in a hurry for me to cum?"

"Maybe, Kayla. Just remember: after we leave these two sexy chicks, you are all mine. I'm not about to share you again."

"The feeling is mutual, jealous woman. When we get back home, I'm gonna get out that strap on and make love to you all night long while I kiss you all over your face," Kayla announced before she began smooching Jill all over her face for a moment.

I felt a little extra sexy as I thought we might have been instrumental in getting them to love each other a tiny bit more. I wasn't sure what to think, but I certainly liked the possibilities though. The intense love going through the room was undeniably impressive.

From one second to the next, Lacy took her mouth off Kayla's nipple, and she attacked me. She took me down swiftly and pasted her onto mine. I just grinned as much as I could and went with the sexual flow.

We both wrapped our arms around one another and let our lesbian flags fly for those two ravishing ladies. I couldn't see them, but I was positive that they were eyeballing us they were hawks, and we were defenseless snakes.

"How many different ways can I say 'Fucked up.'?" Kayla pondered.

"I don't know step-sis, but let's follow by example."

A few seconds later, we both felt the floor move just a tad, and we had to peek at them for a split second. They were making out like a couple of lesbo pros with Jill on top. I just couldn't wrap my head around it all, could they have been us in just a month, six months or a year?

That plagued my mind as if it was a treasure map and I was just one step away from finding it. It appeared to be too good to be true or maybe just too good to pass up. We hadn't even come out to our parents, but it seemed like there was wedding planning coming sooner or later.

'Shit, what if this serious? I certainly love pussy now, but I still might want cock at some point in the future. Damn, this lovely skank has my mind ready just to explode. She is dazzling in every sense of the word and my step sister, so it is safe to say she has me under her spell. Obviously, there is no remedy for getting rid of it. Not that I want to, but shit, Lacy, you are also nuts.'

Both of us couples made out for over twenty minutes without stopping even for a second. I was confident that everyone in the room was just going off some real passionate adrenaline all spawned by love.

Our boobs stayed together the entire time, but our lips touched together on every single centimeter. I was breathing steadily and so was Lacy, so you could say we were pacing ourselves. It seemed pointless as I knew I could go all night long if she were up for it.

After all the time, her lips slowly drifted off mine, and she just looked at me. She failed to say anything, and I didn't even try to speak. We still heard kissing sounds coming from Jill and Kayla, but that didn't distract us from our staring contest.

Although, a couple of minutes later, I noticed that their lips did separate. I was sure they were just eyeballing one another too in absolute silence. They had the magical chemistry also, but it seemed indestructible for them as well.

"I love you, step sis," Jill made clear before she got off Kayla.

Intrigued as Lacy and I were, we watched Jill go to her shorts and dig into one of the pockets. 

Jill grabbed both of Kayla's hands and shed a few tears too. "Kayla, I love you."

"I love you too, Jill, but why are you crying?"

Jill opened up her hand and Kayla's eyes immediately widened.

Lacy came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and placed her mouth and nose on my upper back. "Is Jill actually proposing to her step-sister right now?"

"It appears that way, considering that is an engagement ring," I replied, positioning my palms over her hands.

"Kayla, you are bar none the most important person to me in the world. I love my mom to no end, but you just love me in a way she can not. For you, I'm willing to give up cock and commit to your pussy. Today, tomorrow, ten years from now and forever. I know the wild sex brings a lot to the table, but I know I love you for you. Nothing and no one could replace you, step-sis. I know this is taboo, but oh so phenomenal too," Jill explained before she slathered her lips for a moment.

She did that and failed to talk. We all knew what the implied question was, but everyone needed to hear those four words.

Jill kissed Kayla once again. "Will you marry me?" she proposed, aligning the ring with Kayla's finger.

"Cocky tart, don't you think?" Lacy muttered in my ear.

I smiled and giggled somewhat as I awaited Kayla's official response.

"Yes, Jill."

Jill advanced the ring on Kayla's finger, and they glued their lips together. We watched them as their breasts collided and their lips moved nonstop for a few minutes. After those few minutes, she turned me to her.

She kissed me once. "They seem in love, step sis."

"Yes, they do."

"Sorry, but we're gonna have to leave now," Kayla mentioned, bending down.

We both peeked at them and saw them getting dressed. We couldn't help, but to cheese. After Kayla and Jill were covered, they failed to even glance back at us, they just bolted through the door and didn't even shut it.

"They didn't say 'Goodbye.', those bitches."

Lacy placed her hands on my face and turned it to hers. "Don't ever cheat on me, not with a cock or a cherry. I know that might sound extreme, but I will supply you will with all the wild sex you can endure. Whether it is three in the morning, or in the afternoon, I'll be there for you."

"You fully realize that a relationship isn't just about sex, so I'm gonna want to talk too, right?"

"Just not about Trump though, okay? He is just an emotional and physical buzzkill."

"Understood, but let's lie down now and just enjoy each other's company."

We did just that, pulled the blanket ourselves and cuddled her head on my chest. No one spoke a word for some time, and we enjoyed the intimacy once again. I could hypothesize what could happen in the coming days when we told our parents, but we just needed to tell them.

She calmly lifted her head off me and brought her face within only a couple inches of mine. "No pressure, but what we just witnessed some real magic," she mentioned, breaking eye contact.


She brought herself off me, and she couldn't seem to look at me in the eyes. My eyes peeked up and down nonstop for a few minutes as neither of uttered a word. Then I took her hand in mine and smooched her cheek.

"I just know I've never felt this great about another living human being. They are fucked up, and so are we."

"What are you trying to say?"

She kissed me on the lips. "If our parents are okay with it, I'd definitely be willing to take our relationship to that level, like them. I know I'm probably just riding the high of this screwed up thing, but you are special to me. Our sexual adventures together have taken me on an emotional roller coaster, and I certainly like it too."

"Good to know, we'll just have to find out what our parents say. I did love having those two, but I still think you are the 'X' factor that I just can't say no to, babe."

"Okay, but now I need you to say several sexy things as I have my way with your pussy yet again," she informed me, slowly positioning herself in front of my cherry. "Whatever you want for us, Robin, I'm on board," she mentioned, placing her fingers from both hands on it. "I just hope I can make you happy."

"You'll be off to a good start if you use that mouth for something other than talking, right here, right now."

She blew a kiss, smiled for a moment, and then she dove right into my twat.


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