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My step brother fulfilled my fantasy

The next night, the shoe is on the other foot

I opened my stepbrother’s door, lady juice dripping down my naked legs as I stepped inside. My first thought was to leave immediately. Heartbeats pounded in my ears, and I lowered my gaze to the ground, worried I might wake him up.

Clothes, movies, and other various things strewn across the floor, but by the bed were my panties. My favorite pair, purple with a pink rose. I felt a smile stretch across my face.

"He’s been masturbating thinking of me," I thought.

My eyes became attracted to his cock, which I could see clearly in the dim hallway light. It was long, thick, and a little hairy too. My mouth watered, and my own wetness splashed on the floor next to my feet.

I moped forward in an effort not to wake him, and headed toward my panties. Above them, I stooped and my hand went to my panties. Wet cum came in contact with my fingers, and the memory of when I gave them to him entered my mind.

The night before as he'd thought I was asleep, his naked body appeared in my room, and his attraction to me got the better of him. With the light just in the right place, I viewed him picking my panties up, and putting them onto his hard cock.

He crept out, just as lady juice seeped out of my cherry. My feet met the floor, and I ambled to his door to open it. Moans entered the airwaves, and I tiptoed to his bed. As my knees bent to the floor, a glorious sight entered my vision.

With his eyes shut, I focused right on his panty covered cock. His hand went up, and down on his cock with slow, but steady paces. My fingers made their way to my slit, slicking with cum.

A moan boomed from his mouth, with cum jolting out of his cock. Most of it landed onto my panties, but some flowed off, and drizzled onto his stomach. His body twitched in quick motions, which caused the bed to shake.

I felt my lips depart my teeth to smile.

Heavy breathing jumped out of my mouth, in tempo with his, right before he opened his eyes, and got the view of my naked body. He focused on my boobs for the first few seconds, then his gaze jumped to mine. A quick apology uttered out, but my fingers prevented more words.

"Shh, James," I whispered.

Lifting my panties, I saw his cum. My lips came to his, kissing him deeply.

When I broke away, I smiled with him. Love blossomed in my heart for the first time, and my hands tightened around my panties. I stood, snuck over to his dresser, and dropped them in one of his dresser drawers. I wanted him to keep them, to have a part of me with him always.

Thoughts of us becoming closer entered my mind, and I slinked back to him. My lips glided over his cock, and I soon felt the pounding sensations of each passing heartbeat in my temples, and the crooks of my jaw. Moans spilled out of his mouth, as my lips slid down to the base of his cock.

A lusty, and loving look appeared on his face as I watched. My lips slid up and down on his cock at a steady pace. He jerked as my tongue circled his cock.

"I love a woman that uses her tongue," he moaned.

A series of twitching commenced, and my mouth followed, just as he filled me full of cum. All of it got sucked right down my throat, and none of it leaked out. I opened my empty mouth, matching his heavy breathing.

My fingers found their way to his lips, hushing him as I stood up. He closed his mouth, and I turned, stepping away toward the door. Stopping in the doorway, I’d blown him a kiss.

Tonight, I stood near his bed, rubbing my soft, cum soaked panties onto my twat. Wonderful physical, and emotional feelings came upon me.

Thoughts of him making love to me and cumming inside me entered my mind. I tiptoed away from his bed to stand beside his closet. Stroking my panties from the top of my slit to the bottom, moans vibrated from my mouth.

"Oh, James," I moaned.

I found myself wanting him, knowing he wanted me. My new fantasy of him making love to me stayed on my mind. I stumbled, my free hand jolted from my side, and I slapped the wall to balance myself.


"Shit," I muttered, as I looked at him.

His body remained still, and I could still see his cock. I felt another smile blaze across my cheeks, as I faced the wall, and continued my assault on my pussy.

“Shit,” I moaned.

My back bent as I moaned louder, with my cum dripping to the floor. Tears came to my eyes. With my body going weak, my knees met the floor. My pussy felt like it was on fire, and the rest of my body was shaking. I breathed heavily, needing time to recover.

Vulnerable, I remained by the wall, as I tried to control myself. My fingers dipped through my wet panties, before I sucked them into my mouth. Rolling the taste over my tongue, I savored the taste of both of our cum just before I heard soft footsteps.

I turned to see James's naked body, as his knees hit the floor.

"Fancy meeting you here," he said.

My lips went to his, as if they were magnets. I had to have him. His body pressed against mine, sweat slicking between our skin. Departing my lips from his, I locked eyes with him.

"If you wanted your panties back, you could have just told me. Breaking in wasn't necessary," James told me.

"Shut up, and make love to me," I ordered him.

His arms circled me, and our bodies rolled onto the floor. His naked body pressed onto mine, and his bare cock penetrated my wet slit.

Moans of appreciation unleashed. I felt the vein in my forehead jolt.

"I love you, James. Please make me feel good," I moaned.

He grinned, as the length of his cock sought shelter in my pussy. My hand went to his forehead, feeling the rapid heartbeats rage in him too. He was like an overheated hot tub, his entire body was lubed with sweat.

He started with slow but consistent thrusts. His hands jumped to my shoulders, our eyes locking together.

“Take it, Jessica,” he said every time his cock went back in.

James’s hair fluttered about as heavy breathing bolted from my mouth. His eyebrows descended, the toothy smile still painting his face, and he reminded me of the devil without the horns.

"What’s he thinking?" I thought.

His eyes closed, a gap opening between us. He moaned, "I love you too, Jessica."

My pussy became sore with the increase of his thrusts. Heavy ventilating exited his mouth, as drops of sweat fell from his face, and landed on mine.

Strong and pleasurable thrusts transformed my snatch. It was as if his cock loosened the hinges, and transformed it into a cock throbbing machine.

"Will you cum inside me, please?" I pleaded.

His lips came over mine, and then replied, “I'd love to.”

Our gazes never departed each others’. Love burst inside me, and tears flowed from both of our eyes. One of his hands went down to my cherry. It jetted right back up, glistening with pussy juice, but went right to his mouth.

My back seared with his hard fucking, but I’d never felt more blissful. Between the physical nirvana, and the taboo nature of our love, my pussy craved him like the essence of life. I moaned and sucked in as much air as I could, only for it to jolt out three times faster. A shortness of breath came my way, and my heart pounded in my ears again.

"Fuck me, James." I moaned.

His lips came to mine while I gripped his butt. My ears still got wind of his heavy breathing, and my right hand made the trip to his forehead to feel the rapid heartbeats, as his sexual tension came to halt.

"Shit, Jessica," James moaned.

I felt his love juice squirt inside me, making my body tingle, as he lay his body on top of mine. Vibrations coursed between us, and he continued to make love to me, this time as if his body wasn't moved by him. One by one, his thrusts shrunk down to very tiny ones, and his lips came to mine.

Our kisses seemed to surf forever, the love between us climbing with time. The only thing that mattered in the world was the two of us being together.

"You are the best step sister ever. I love you," James told me.

"I love you too, James," I told him back.

Our arms wrapped around each other, and his head came to rest on my right shoulder. I felt his hot breath on my breasts, as his cock continued to stretch out my slit.

"I guess I won't have to steal your panties anymore, now the real thing is mine," James mentioned.

My facial muscles got a big workout, as a giant grin took over my face. My lips came to the top of his head a number of times.

A half hour later, his body lifted off mine, and got under the blanket.

"What are you doing?" I wondered.

With a weird face he replied, "It's one in the morning, and I just made love to the woman I love most. I'm exhausted."

His body lay down on his bed, and it appeared he needed to catch some Z's. Tears came to my eyes, as I worried what we did would be meaningless to him.

"What do you want me to do, just go back to my room?" I cried.

His hand came to mine, and then his lips following. His gaze glued to mine, his love becoming clear yet again.

"The words 'Jessica, please leave.' never jumped out of my mouth, nor would they ever. I told you I loved you, and I meant it. You are a wonderful woman, Jessica," he told me.

The invitation became clear, and my naked body took him up on it. With our bodies together, his cock entered my cherry a few more times. Eventually, at three in the morning, we had to sleep. Our bodies stayed together all night.

Our parents eyes never came across me sleeping with my step brother.

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