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My step brother wants me

You don't always like the people in your life, but sometimes you find the one you like.
My name is Rachel. Life sucks a lot and your parents get divorced. I don't know why. But shit happens I guess. And sometimes you get a step brother or sister out of a divorce. They are pretty much just given to you, and you don't always want them. Like my step brother Tim. I got him 2 years ago when my mom remarried another guy when I was 17. Now I'm 19 and he is 18. I have black hair and brown eyes. He has brown hair and eyes. I'm about 5'6 while he is 5'8 and I have a nice C-cup rack. One Saturday night my mom and Tim's dad were out on a date. I was watching TV and he came in the living room with me.

“Hey Rachel what's up?” Tim asked.

“Nothing much, just chilling here, watching TV,” I replied I said in a tone.

Then he sat down on the couch with me.

“Rachel, can you I ask you something?” Tim asked.

“Sure. You got a mouth you like to use,” I replied.

“Do you just hate my dad and me?” Tim asked.

He had a point for asking. I was never happy about his dad marrying my mom. I might have come across as being cold to him.

“Well no, I don't hate you two. But it's just disappointing when your parents divorce. I want my mom to be happy don't get me wrong, but I still wanted my parents to get back together at some point,” I replied.

“Well I'm sorry it didn't work out, but you still seem to really hate me. When ever I ask you to a movie or something you are always busy and talk to me with that tone. So of course you leave me to believe that you just don't like me at all,” Tim said.

I heard what he said, so I threw him a bone.

“OK, what would you like to do together?” I asked.

“Come and see the remake of Fright Night with me right now. It starts in 40 minutes,” Tim replied.

And what could I say, he just busted me on being busy all the time and I was just watching TV.

“OK fine, but you are driving,” I said.

“I know you'll like it,” Tim replied.

Then he sent a text to our parents that we were going to a movie. Then we headed out to the theater. We got in line for our tickets.

“Do you want any popcorn, I'll buy?” Tim asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

Then we went to get the popcorn and I got the tickets. Then we met at the gate to the theaters and went our theater. We got good seats and watched the movie. As it was over we came back out and got into car, then we went back home. I gotta admit it was a good movie. Collin Farrell was underrated. Then we both sat down on the couch and our parents were still gone.

“Well I suppose a 'thank you' is an order,” I said.

“I wasn't gonna ask for one. But I'd love to get one though,” Tim replied.

“OK thank you Tim. That was nice of you, and the movie was good,” I said.

“Well I'm glad you had a good time Rachel. Really I just wanna make it work with our parents. They loved each other enough to marry each other. So obviously there was something there. I just want us to get along too,” Tim replied.

I heard him and understood what he was saying.

“I got you Tim. You have a point,” I said.

Then over the next few weeks, we did more stuff together. We went to movies, played Putt Putt together, played video games too. So we developed some chemistry after awhile and were getting along pretty well. And our parents Mike and Paige couldn't help but notice.

“I must say it's really good to see you two getting along so well now,” Paige said.

“Well we had to grow on each other sooner or later. So I guess it was just a matter of time,” I replied.

“I can't say we didn't want you to get along this well before, but better now than never though,” Mike said.

As the weeks went on, we actually got even closer. After awhile I actually started to wonder how I didn't have such a great time before. Maybe I was just being stubborn, I don't know honestly. Another Saturday night our parents were out on another date. I was taking a shower, and he was in the living room watching TV. As I was done, I got out and dried off. But unfortunately, we only had one bathroom, and he didn't know I was in there. So as I was drying off, he came in and saw me naked.

“Oh I'm sorry Rachel. I should have knocked,” Tim said.

“It's fine Tim. Just don't do that again,” I replied as he covered his eyes.

“I'll be in the living room, if you wanna go out or something,” Tim said.

“OK Tim, just shut the door please,” I replied.

“Sorry again,” Tim said as he shut the door.

I was a little annoyed and he seemed embarrassed. So I didn't think he did it on purpose. And I should have locked the door as I always do, but for some odd reason I didn't. So I finished drying off and I got into my robe. Then I went out to the living room with him.

“I'm sorry again. This isn't gonna screw up our friendship is it?” Tim asked.

“No. Just please try and knock next time. I realize it was an accident, but it was a little annoying though,” I replied.

“Can I say something though?” Tim asked as I sat down.

“About?” I asked.

“You,” Tim replied.

“Sure I guess,” I said.

“You are a sexy lady from what I saw. I just hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable,” Tim replied.

Then a thought came through my mind, what if it wasn't an accident? What if he was just trying to get a look at me?

“Well thank you I guess. But can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Sure,” Tim replied.

“Was that really an accident?” I asked.

Then he looked embarrassed once again to say the least. I saw the answer written all over his face.

“I take that as a no,” I said.

“Are you mad?” Tim asked.

I wasn't sure honestly. I mean nobody wants someone to walk in on them when they are nude like that, but on the other hand, everyone likes to be liked. To have someone that is attracted to them. So I really couldn't be that mad.

“No, I'm not mad Tim. I just didn't know you were... interested in me,” I replied.

Then he put his head down. He was still very embarrassed. Then I brought his head up.

“Tim, this is for you,” I said just before I kissed him.

We kissed for about 10 seconds.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Yes I did. Can I have another one?” Tim asked.

Then we started making out with each other for a few minutes. I wasn't sure how I felt completely, but we had been getting along quite well, so I just went with it for awhile. He put his arms around me and held me close. I think he might have had a thing for me for quite some time by then. Then I broke the kiss.

“Wow, you are some kisser Rachel. Seriously. You look great naked and have a great pair of lips as well as your...,” Tim said.

“My boobs?” I asked.

“Yes, those,” Tim replied.

“Well thank you step brother. I always appreciate getting compliments,” I replied.

Then I undid my robe and he took a look at my boobs again.

“Are we gonna have sex?” Tim asked.

Then I took his right hand and felt his veins on his wrist. His heart rate was through the roof.

“Do you wanna have sex with me Tim?” I asked.

“Yes. I have ever since I laid my eyes on you. I wanted to fuck you badly ever since then and I could never tell you. I was just scared I guess. But you are not teasing me are you?” Tim asked.

Then I leaned over and kissed him again.

“No I'm not, and if you really are interested, I'll be in my room. I hope to see you in there,” I said.

Then I got up and walked to my room with my robe. I laid down on my bed before I tied my robe back up. I waited 10 minutes and he didn't come back. I wondered what was taking so long. So I went out there to find out what was taking so long. He was still watching TV.

“I thought you were gonna come in my room?” I asked.

“Well, it won't screw up what we have, will it?” Tim asked.

Then I got on the couch and kissed him.

“No, it won't. We enjoyed being together 2 hours ago, and we'll still like it tomorrow. I promise,” I replied.

Then he put his faith in me and took my hand. We both walked over to my bedroom and I shut and locked the door as he sat down on my bed. Then I got right in front of him.

“So you really like this?” I asked as I took off the robe.

Then he just eyeballed every single inch of me. He was very stunned by my beauty. I could see it in his eyes. Then I came over to the bed on my knees. I put my hand on the bulge in his pants.

“And do you like this?” I asked.

He couldn't answer. He was just breathing in and out steadily.

“Stop me if it's just too much,” I said.

He just nodded as I began undoing his pants and I pulled his dick out. It was a decent 7 inches long.

“Nice,” I said.

“Thank you,” Tim replied.

Then I leaned down and took his dick into my mouth. I've given head to a couple guys, but this was definitely the most exciting. I went down as far as I could go and he laid down on his back. I started going up and down slowly as well. He was still breathing in and out slowly and he could barely talk at all at that point honestly.

“Holy shit Rachel. Please don't stop. That feels good. Really good,” Tim said.

He wanted it, so I did for him. And he put his hands onto my head and then my heart was beating rather quickly as well. I guess because he was enjoying this so much he made me actually start to enjoy it as well. He started moaning a bit as he leaned back up. He started playing with my hair a bit as well.

“Fuck yes Rachel. I have really have wanted this for fucking ever. I've wanted your lips around my dick so fucking badly. You are so fucking sexy,” Tim said.

Then I stopped for a couple seconds and leaned up to kiss him.

“Well enjoy it while you can Tim. After it's over, it feels like it was all too short,” I replied.

“Will do,” Tim said.

Then we kissed again and I took his dick back into my mouth. I was breathing in and out slowly too. But having his step sister sucking on his cock got him just too excited.

“Oh shit, oh shit, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum,” Tim said.

Then I backed up a little and watched him cum for the very first time. It was cool, he came a lot more than I expected him to honestly. Then he had to lay down for a minute. As he laid down I stroked his dick a bit.

“You want more now?” Tim asked.

“Unless you wanna stop. I thought you wanted to fuck me?” I asked.

“It just seems too good to be true I guess. You are really gonna let me fuck you?” Tim asked.

“Consider it a personal favor if you want. But you want it, I wanna do it for you,” I replied.

Then I got up and got out a condom. I took it out of the package and put it on his dick for him. Then he got on top of me missionary position. He started thrusting his dick into me a little deep, but not too deep though.

“So how do you like this?” I asked.

“Absolutely amazing honestly. Can I kiss you again?” Tim asked.

“Tim, you got your dick inside me right now, I think I'll be OK if you kiss me right now. Call me crazy,” I replied.

Then we both wrapped our arms around each other and made out a bit as he was still thrusting his nice dick into me. Then I let out some nice moans as well. I was really enjoying the sex. Not that it was horrible at first.

“You are really liking me fucking you?” Tim asked.

“Yes, now jam that dick into me even deeper and I'll like it even more,” I replied.

Then he got even rougher with me. He began thrusting his dick in and out of me even faster. I kissed him a few more times and then we switched to me being on top. Then I leaned up cowgirl style. I started bouncing up and down a little as he put his hands onto my boobs. I think that was definitely one of the big attractions to him honestly.

“Yeah feel those boobs as if you will die if you don't feel them now,” I said.

He was playing with them, shaking them around.

“Damn Tim. Make them feel good, real good. Pinch my nipples too,” I said.

And he did pinch my nipples as well. I felt very titillated as well as he pinched them very hard.

“Ow Tim. Be nice to those nipples though,” I said.

Then he leaned up and gave me a kiss. Our chests were leaning against each other. I was feeling my tits leaning up against him nicely as we both wrapped our arms around each other. Then we both started moaning quite loudly for a minute.

“Shit, I think I'm gonna cum now Rachel,” Tim said.

“Oh shit, me too,” I replied.

Then we both had nice orgasms. Then we both laid down on our sides. I kissed him on the lips a few times as we were breathing in and out slowly.

“And that was a personal favor to me?” Tim asked.

“You could call it that. I like to do favors for people. You said you were interested and I haven't had sex in like 3 months now. So I did it for you,” I replied.

“But you really found me at least a little attractive right?” Tim asked.

“Yes of course Tim. And it is a turn on to be with your step brother. But you were good though. I never had such good sex before,” I replied.

Then he pieced something together.

“So you are actually saying I'm the best you ever had?” Tim asked.

“Yes I guess I'm,” I replied.

Then we kissed again. That seriously was the best sex I had up to that point. Maybe it was because he was my step brother. Who the hell knows? Then I got a text from our parents.

“Well shit, it looks like they are gonna spend the night at a fucking hotel. One really hot date they are gonna be having. So you up to go again?” I asked.

“Well, can I sleep with you then?” Tim asked.

“Maybe,” I replied.

And that's how we started a relationship together. With some hot sex. We really hit it off. We did it for a few weeks before our parents caught us. But they were OK with it. Now we're not sure if any step brother and sister were closer than us.

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