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My stepdaddy's fantasy

My stepdaddy's fantasy

Sometimes you just have to put the yourself out there to get your stepdad
I laid down in the sun, while in my bikini, in the backyard. My stepdad came out too, and his eyes went to me.

“You are beautiful, Jane,” he let me know.

“Thank you, but am I showing off too much?” I wondered.

His eyes never departed from me, and he clearly thought it was too much. It was all over his face. No father, or stepfather likes seeing his daughter in a bikini, but it was clear he liked the sight. His brown eyes were starring at me, as he was a blonde, at six foot.

"It's sexy, but you are showing off too much though,” he told me.

“Would you prefer me to wear another bikini?” I pondered.

His face went astray, and his cock became hard, as he dodged the question.

“Well, you are certainly getting a nice tan. I'll be inside, don't stay out too long,” he warned me.

“Okay, I'll be in soon,” I let him know.

He went inside, and I was sure I turned him on. There had been a few select times he had me wondering if he wanted to fuck me. For example: on my seventeenth birthday, I received many naughty presents, such as thongs, even from my mom.

That night, I was trying some things on in my room. If someone spied on me then, they would have had a full view of my c-cup boobs, slit, and brown hair, as I stood at five foot eight.

Footsteps came from the other side of the door, but I ignored it, and continued changing. At one point, my reflection in the mirror looked back at my naked body. My hands rubbed up against my boobs, and a great inhale was taken, but not by me though. I heard it come from the other side of the door. As I was naked, my nerves went up.

I covered up, and went to the door. I opened it, but no one was outside of it. Although, right before I shut it, he came out of the bathroom. It was unclear if he was looking at me that night, but since then, I had paraded myself around him, to gauge his reaction, just never naked.

“Tim, where are you?” I wondered, as I looked for him.

Nothing was said back, so I searched for him. I checked the bedrooms, and his door was shut. The question, 'Why?' went through my mind. So I listened through the door, and I heard him mumbling.

“Yes, Jane, suck my cock, and make me cum,” Tim moaned in his room.

I was stunned, he was masturbating thinking about me blowing him. My pussy became wet, as he began moaning, and I thought he was about to cum. I left, and my fast footsteps led to me the living room. He entered a couple minutes later.

“Oh, hi, Jane. Are you done tanning?” he inquired.

“Yes, do you think it looks good?” I was curious about.

His eyes came to me again.

“Yes, I think your boyfriend will love it,” Tim replied.

“Actually, I'm single right now,” I told him.

It was true, no bullshit came out of my mouth. The guy just left me for someone else.

“Oh, when did that happen?” he was curious about.

“A couple weeks ago. Why are you curious about me?” I asked.

"I, I-" he said.

He stammered, and became very nervous. There was only one reason for that.

“It's nothing,” he made clear.

The attraction became obvious. I thought, what if I just put myself out there? My mom was out of town, so the next day came, and I went outside to tan again. Only this time, I was naked, and let him see my c-cup boobs, and landing strip. I waited for his reaction as he came outside.

“Whoa, Jane, why are you naked?” he wanted to know.

“Well, I like it, and you have seen me naked once before,” I reminded him.

“That was inside the house. Why are you sunbathing out here naked?” Tim wanted to know.

“I told you, I like it. Feel free to strip yourself, I don't mind,” I replied.

A skeptical look appeared on his face.

“Are you serious?” he pondered.

“Yes,” I replied.

I wondered if he'd go for it or not, but to my surprise, he did. A minute later, I found him lying four feet away from me. My eyes peeked his cock a few times, I couldn't help it. I also caught him taking sneak peeks at me too. We saw each other naked before in the recent past, but this was really hot. As I knew he had the hots for me, I became hot for him, so I made my move.

“You are still sexy in your old age, Tim,” I said, as I looked at him.

Stunned by the comment, he didn't know what to say.

“Well, you must drive your boyfriends nuts with that body,” he replied, as his eyes were glued to me.

Without thinking, I reduced the gap between us to a foot, but he didn't ask why. His erection was standing out, and my eyes were starring at it.

“Impressed?” he inquired.

“Yes, your cock is huge,” I replied.

“Thank you, but that's a little weird comment coming from you,” he stammered.

Then I took a shot in the dark.

“It's not weird to masturbate thinking about me sucking your cock?” I inquired.

Then an embarrassed look came onto his face.

“I heard you in your bedroom. Do you really feel that way about me?” I asked, as I got right in front of his face.

“It's just a fantasy, that's all,” he made clear.

Disappointment enter my mind, but on the other hand, I didn't think he was sincere. He must have had some feelings for me if he was masturbating thinking about me.

“So, you would be mad, if I grabbed onto your cock?” I asked, as my hand got close to his cock.

As he was speechless, and nervous, I wrapped my fingers around it, and I loved the feeling. It became very hard, and once it was obvious that both of us really wanted it, I wanted to push over the final domino.

“Jane, what are you doing?” he pondered.

“Making your fantasy a reality, now kiss me,” I ordered.

He closed the gap, and put his lips on mine for twenty seconds, before they departed.

“I knew it, you want to fuck me, don't you?” I wanted to know.

Then he just kissed me again, and our lips stayed together for three minutes, before he broke the kiss.

“This isn't right, we can't do this,” he told me, as he backed away.

“Yes, we can. My mom never has to find out, it'll be our little secret. Now make love to me, because we both know you want to,” I replied.

I crawled into his arms, he stood up, and he carried me inside. His feet led us to his room, and he set me down on the bed. His hand dug into the dresser, and grabbed a condom. He laid his body next to mine, and the condom slid onto his cock. Hesitantly, his entire body landed on top of me, and his cock was positioned right in front of my slit.

“Don't be scared, it's just your step daughter's pussy,” I said.

The courage was given to him, so he could stick it inside me. His big dick entered, and it hurt.

“Your pussy is tight,” he let me know.

His cock began thrusting, his arms went underneath me, and my hands took a tour of on his butt.

“Holy shit, Tim, your dick is so big. I'm not sure my tight pussy can take it all,” I let him know.

“I'll be gentle, sweetie. Don't worry, your step daddy will be nice, and sweet to you,” he made clear.

Moans exited my mouth, and the feeling down there sky rocketed.

"That hurts, but keep going. I want my pussy to get used to your big cock," I told him.

Our lips came together again. It was only going to be for five seconds, buy my arms I kept him down with me, and made our lips stay together. Both of our bodies turned over, and I leaned my body up to ride him. His hands graduated onto my boobs, and started rubbing them very slowly. I became titillated.

“Oh, holy shit, you are gonna make me cum. I'm gonna cum all over your stomach,” I said.

“I know, sweetheart. Keep bouncing up and down. Ride me, and get yourself off,” he replied.

Laughing preceded from me, but I think this was a lot more than lust. My pussy stayed on cock, and I managed to have moans come out of his mouth too. My boobs received a firm squeeze, and my nipples were pinched quite hard. Pain came with that, but it was well liked.

“Those nipples are a little sensitive, so be nice to them,” I warned him.

His arms forced me to come down with him.

“I'm nice only to my sexy step daughter,” Tim replied.

My boobs began to float right over his face. His tongue came out, as my boobs began swinging back and forth.

“Yes, swing those nice boobs in my face,” he mentioned.

I became appreciative to him, because my boobs had gone unloved before by my past boyfriends. I found the palms of his hands on them, and shortly after, his tongue came to my right nipple.

“Yes, get those nipples,” I said.

My head became full of special feelings, and I felt the love coming from him. He was my step dad, but then I found him to be a very sexual man. Sense he gave me special feelings, I returned the favor. My body leaned up off him. My stomach met with the bed, and the condom was ripped off. His nine inch cock entered my mouth, and it was sucked on very passionately. His breathing became heavy, and his hands came onto my head.

“Oh, Jane,” he moaned.

He kept his breath steady, as was I. Both of our heart rates shot through the roof. Only about three quarters of cock could fit in my mouth, but he didn't care. My tongue took several trips around it, and that caused his jaw to drop. Theories came into my head that he was going to cum, but I was proven wrong.

Then my fingers rubbed onto my wet pussy for a few seconds, and they came up to his mouth. Every single drop of my juices were sucked off my fingers. I had him right where I wanted him, he was loving me.

“Get your fingers wet again, I want more juice,” he demanded.

He was not denied that. My fingers rubbed my pussy again, and they became really wet. My fingers entered his mouth again, and he performed the job again, only faster that time. As he was done, I climbed back up onto him, and my lips planted a kiss on his.

“I love you, Tim,” I said.

"Me too," he replied.

Then he jolted off the bed, and stood on the side, as I my fingers rubbed my pussy. His hand stroked his cock quickly, and his load shot onto my stomach. As it was very kinky, I got even more close company with him. My hand was removed, and his hand took it's place on my slit. He began fingering me with his magic fingers. His fingers moved very quickly, and it was so erotic, as it felt so right too.

"Cum for me, Jane," he whispered.

The clock was ticking, so every second was enjoyed. His lips came to my forehead, and he made sure I knew just how big of a thing he had for me. He was fingering me like he was playing a guitar, and he was Angus Young. My tight pussy clenched up, as it just couldn't take anymore.

"Ted, you are making me cum," I cried.

So many good feelings came, that I sparked a few tears. His hand, and the bed were splattered. All the wetness was admired, as we cuddled again.

“You are some kind of man,” I said.

He positioned himself on top of me again, and our arms wrapped around each other. Our lips met for a great while. After that, his eyes glared at me.

“Were you setting me up, Jane? By sunbathing naked?” he pondered.

“Would you be mad if you said yes?” I asked.

He smiled.

“How was it?” he was curious about.

“Wonderful, I never thought we would actually have sex, but I'm not complaining. I heard you masturbating, and I wanted to see if you would make a move,” I let him know.

“It was just a fantasy, and obviously you helped me bring it to a reality. So thank you,” he mentioned.

“Your welcome, Tim, I love you,” I replied.

“I love you too," he made clear.

“How long have you had this fantasy?” I asked.

“A few months ago when you were in the shower. I came in to get something, and I don't remember what it was. You thought I was your boyfriend. He was sleeping in your room, and you started talking about sex, and it just turned me on. I didn't wanna embarrass you, so I didn't say anything,” he explained.

“I was wondering why he didn't join me. Oh, that's funny, Tim, and even though you couldn't see me naked, that still turned you on?” I was curious about.

“Yes,” he replied.

Then I gave him a kiss.

“So you liked having sex with me?” I asked.

"Yes, but we can't your mother know," he made clear.

I made his fantasy a reality. I didn't have the fantasy of being with him before that, I just wanted him, when I knew for sure he wanted me. I flaunted myself around him, but he never made a move. I had to sunbathe naked to really push over that first domino. If I make it a reality again, we'll see.
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