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My Stepmother Dream Pt2

Florence and I lay in her bed for about the next half hour just holding each other and kissing and petting. My mind kept racing about the events that had unfolded that evening. Here I was in bed with my stepmother, the woman that I had a secret crush on for the last few years. Waves of guilt and excitement flowed through me. She was almost 25 years my senior but to me she was better than a teenage prom queen.

I pulled her close to me and I could feel her body heat and her smell that had intoxicated me for years. I kissed her gently on the lips and I told her that I needed to get home before my wife started to worry. She said that she understood and that she would call me tomorrow because we needed to talk. I stood up, got dressed, and Florence propped her self up on her elbow watching me. I couldn’t tell if I felt guilty for leaving or for what I had just done to my stepmother.

I kneeled onto the bed and gave her one last kiss and told her I would talk to her tomorrow and I let me self out. As I walked out to my car I could still smell her and I thought to myself oh my god what if my wife can smell her? When I got home my wife was already in bed.

“Glad your home, what took so long?" she yelled. I had rehearsed my answer all the way home.

“The pump need to be re primed and sprayed nasty water all over, I am going to take a shower before I come up.” I yelled back.

"Ok see ya when you come up." She answered back.

So far so good. All I could think about as I got into the shower was to make sure I got Florence’s perfume off of me. As I started scrubbing myself I grabbed my cock and started to soap it up. As I scrubbed myself I started to think about what had happened and I started to get hard again. I had just made love to my stepmother wow…and now those last images of her in bed watching me get dressed were driving me wild. I found myself no longer washing my cock I was playing with it.

The guilt was gone and the desire was back. I want to feel her lips on mine and to feel her body next to me. I then wished I had not washed all her perfume off. After making myself cum once again, I cleaned up and went up stairs to bed. As I crawled into bed I could tell my wife was fast asleep and my thoughts drifted back to Florence and I slowly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke, got ready for work and headed out the door. I start work early about 6am, and I was at work for about 2 hours when my cell phone buzzed telling me that I had a text message. I looked down and saw that it was Florence, my stepmother. All of a sudden I was nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. I got up, closed my office door and sat down to open the message.

It was a short message and it read: “Thank you for last night, do you think we can talk about it today?” My hands were trembling I didn’t know what to say back. I sent her a message back saying: “Sure.” One word…wow I was smooth. For about 10 minutes I just stared at my phone not knowing what to do. Then it buzzed again.

This time it said: “Did you enjoy last night?” I could tell that she was feeling a little nervous also, and maybe a little guilty about having sex with her step son. This time I sent her a longer message back I typed out: “Yes I did.” And then I stopped before I hit the send button. Do I want to say more? I could end it now with her or I could encourage her and see what happens next. I kept typing. “Yes I did, and I am missing you today.” I hit the send button before I could think about what I was doing.

It took less than a minute this time for her to respond. “I miss you too, what are you doing right now?”

My mind started racing, I knew it was wrong on so many levels, first have sex with another woman that was not my wife, I think I'll call that having an affair and second this woman was my stepmother. Sure my father was gone but still for the last 20+ years she had been married to my dad and she was almost 70 years old for crying out loud. But while I was telling myself how wrong this was, I start to get hard and I could feel the pre-cum leaking onto my leg. I was glad my office door was closed as I adjusted myself.

I knew I wanted her again and I didn’t care how wrong it was. I was getting ready to send her a message back when I said to hell with and I dialed her number. The phone rang about 5 times before she answered it. Florence answered the phone with a subdued "hello."

I said: "Hi," and that I felt we were past the “texting” stage. She laughed and yes we were.

She asked me if I had a few minutes to talk and I said, "Sure." We made small talk for a few minutes like, 'When did the power come back on?' and 'Was the pump ok?' Then it got silent again and I thought to myself, ‘Well you might as well take a shot and see what happens.'

I told her that I really enjoyed what happened last night and I want to hold her again. There was silence on the other end and I thought well that’s the end of that. Then she said that she was so afraid that I wouldn’t feel that way and she was very anxious to be with me again also. As soon as she said that, my other head took over the thinking. I knew I could get away from work without any problems and I asked her if it would be ok if I came up right now.

You could tell in her voice that she was as excited and horny as I was. She said: "Yes come up right now and hurry!"

I hung up the phone and called my boss, I told him that I had a project I need to take care of at home and I was taking a personnel day. He told me fine and said that he would see me tomorrow.

I rushed out of the office and headed straight for Florence’s house, as I work in town it was only about a 5 minute drive. As I turned down her street, I could feel the excitement building inside of me. I pulled in the driveway and parked my car back out of the way. Why I did that? I don’t know. I got out straightened the bulge in my pants so I could walk and I got up to the door and rang the bell.

About 10 seconds later the door opened and there was Florence. She never looked so beautiful to me before; it was like she was glowing. I step inside the door and closed it behind me and I took her into my arms and gave her a very long, wet and passionate kiss.

Florence leaned back and she said: "You don’t need to ring the bell any more just come in."

I never wanted someone so bad in my life. We stood there in the entry way for a few minutes just kissing each other and running our hands over each other. I brought my hand up to her breast and I could feel her nipple was rock hard, I pinched it between my thumb and finger and she moaned. She then pulled away from me and took me by the hand and we started down the hallway to her bedroom where so much had happened last night.
As soon as we entered the room, I started undressing and she did the same. Soon we were both naked and I could feel her body heat once again. I pushed her gently back onto the bed and lay beside her. My hands were feeling every inch of her and I was kissing everything my lips touched. Florence lay back on the bed with her arms over her head and let me explore her body. It was now daylight and I could see everything. Her body looked old but it looked very exciting. I cupped one of her tits and began licking and sucking her nipple first one then the other and slid my hand down between her legs; I could feel the heat coming from her. She was so wet that my fingers were instantly covered with her juices. I played briefly with her clit, but I knew I wanted to taste her again.

I started kissing my way down her body and as I got close to her wet lips and swollen clit, I could smell her perfume again. She had sprayed a little extra down there for me. I dove in like a hungry beast, licking and sucking every inch of her swollen pussy. It tasted so good I never wanted to take my mouth away. By this time my cock was aching for some action. I started to kiss my way up her body and positioned myself right above her.

She looked up at me and put her arms around my neck. She pulled me down and kissed me and whispered: “Make love to me again,” and that was all it took. My cock instantly found her wet lips and I shoved it deep inside her. There was no being genteel on my part she wanted to make love but I just wanted a hard fast fuck I would make love later. I reached down and grabbed her soft ass and pulled her into me. I started fucking like a mad man with each thrust she would let out a little moan.

I whispered in her ear: “Florence, I am going to fuck you forever.”

She screamed out: "Oh god yes! Fuck my pussy, it’s yours now."

Now as I trusted into her she was pushing back driving my cock deeper into her. Her talking kept getting nastier too, she was saying to fuck me like I am your wife, and that she was never going to let my cock go, that I was hers now. I was getting caught up in the sex talk.

I told her that she was a much better fuck than my wife and that no one but me was ever going to fuck her again, and that her pussy now belonged to me. She begged me to fuck her harder and she told me that I could do anything I wanted to her, that every hole she has is mine. Hearing that got me hotter and with my hand on her ass I tickled her asshole.

Unlike my wife, she didn’t tell me to stop. She wiggled my finger deeper into her. I had always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass but my wife would not let me anywhere near hers.

I bit Florence on the neck, and told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She grabbed my head and told me: "Yes," that she loved it up there. I pulled my cock out of her. It was dripping wet with her juice and I rolled her over. I bent over and started kissing and licking her ass and stuck my tongue as far as I could into her. Her ass was wet and ready. I guided my cock head up to her ass and slowly started pushing it in.

Well that was not good enough for her she shoved her self back onto my cock and it filled her tight ass. I could tell that she had done this before and I thought to myself my dad sure was lucky. I grabbed her hips and started pounding away at her.

It didn’t take long till I was about to explode into her. I yelled out: "I am going to cum!"

"God yes! Fill my ass with your hot cum, I want it deep inside me," she said. And with that I exploded filling her with my cum. I just stood there as my cock kept pulsing cum out looking at the sight of my cock burred in her ass it was so hot.

Finally I pulled my cock out of her ass and crawled up beside her. I took her in my arms and started kissing her. She pushed me away and said that I was not finished and told me to eat her pussy till she cummed. I buried my face in her pussy and kept licking and sucking until she screamed that she was going to cum. When she was finished, I laid there with my head on her stomach and after a few minutes she said: “Now, we can have that talk.”
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