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My Teacher 3

I introduce my wonderful teacher to the thrill of light bondage.
This story takes place about a month after my high school band director and I began having sex with each other. We had a bit of time to play with each other one evening, because her husband had left for the night to go visit one of his old friends, and he left her home alone with me and a very comfortable king sized bed. We were just laying together on her couch in the living room neither of us really paying attention to what was on the tv at the time.

She said she was thirsty so I walked to the kitchen and poured us both a glass of red wine. I walked back around the corner to see her laid back on the couch naked smiling at me with one hand tweaking her nipple while the other worked on her soaking wet pussy. I just sat the glasses of wine on the counter and began to walk over to her. I grabbed her hand and removed it from her sex and began to kiss my way down her thighs. I started at her left knee and left a soft kiss every inch or so down the length of her thigh, and just as I reached her sweet sex I kissed her mound just above and started my way back up her other thigh and to her right knee. I repeated this about half a dozen times getting just close enough for my hot breath to drive her wild, but I made sure to never touch her.

I kissed her mound again and gently nibbled just above her clitoral hood before I started running my kisses away from her burning desire and up toward her magnificent breasts. I made sure to work my way around them kissing and nibbling at the sensitive skin, but I never touched her nipples. She was fighting against my grip on her hands never letting her touch herself, but I was much stronger than her and I wouldn't let her ruin what I was building up inside of her. She was so wet by this point that her sweet honey was dripping down and leaving a small puddle on the leather couch.

I grabbed her hands and stood her up, looking deep into her lust filled eyes I asked, "Do you trust me?"

She didn't say a word, all she did was smile and lean in to kiss me. I walked her to her room still holding her hands so she couldn't touch herself, and I laid her down onto her soft bed. I knew she had a few scarves in her closet because I had gotten them for her before, so I grabbed two of them and I began to snugly tie her up to the bed posts. As I secured the second scarf I reached over to her bed side table and grabbed her sleep mask so I could slip it over her eyes. Once I was sure that I had complete control over her I knew that the games could begin.

I had a three foot long peacock feather to tease her with so that I didn't have to get onto the bed to reach her and she would never know where the next touch was coming from. I brought light touches from the feather all over her writhing body, moving from one area to another, teasing and torturing her body until she begged me to fuck her. I propped the feather up so that the tip was lightly brushing her clit and I walked back to the kitchen to grab a cube of ice. I got onto the bed with her and popped the ice cube into my mouth, holding it in my cheek. I began kissing her breasts again, and as I took her hard sensitive nipple into my mouth I dropped the ice cube onto it, between the brushing of the feather that I had propped up and the ice on her nipple she screamed out in an orgasm and soaked her bed with her sweet juices.

I got back off of the bed and removed my shorts unleashing my hard throbbing cock. I climbed back onto the bed and climbed up on top of her, resting my throbbing member between her amazing breasts, finally taking off her blindfold. The lust in her eyes had taken over and she brought her mouth straight down onto my head expertly swirling and sucking me. I reach up and untie her hands, as I release them they immediately come down and she uses them to massage her breasts against my shaft. I sit there for about ten minutes fucking her wonderful tits and mouth before I find myself getting close to the edge.

I slid back down her body dragging my penis over her soft skin and down to her hot wet pussy. I stopped and took a few seconds just to probe at her hole and rub my head up and down her wet lips and over her hard clit, payback for the teasing she loves to do to me throughout the day. She began to beg me to fuck her, telling me how much she wants me to fuck her and use her like the whore she is. I stopped the rubbing and in one hard thrust shoved my entire length into her so that my full balls were resting against her ass. She screamed out and had her second orgasm of the night.

She threw her head back moaning and grinding her teeth as I picked up my speed, fucking her harder and harder, her nails digging into my back and drawing blood from between my shoulder blades. I felt the searing pain of her nails digging into me just multiplying the pleasure I felt, but I wanted to make sure she still knew who was in control. I brought my hand up to her throat and began to lightly squeeze, not hurting her but still bringing her to a new level of submission that she hadn't felt before. She responded to my hand around her throat with the loudest moans and screams I have ever heard, so I decided to push it even farther.

I pulled out of her and grabbed her by her hair dragging her to the end of the bed and throwing her face down with her ass in the air for me to use. I rested my cock between her cheeks and leaned forward to say something to her but she yelled at me before I could speak, "Dont talk, just fuck me!"

I smiled and straightened back up behind her. I took my head and began to probe at her tight little rose bud. She moaned and said, "Oh my god yes, please fuck my ass."

I didn't even hesitate to shove my head past her tight ring. I took it slow off the start making sure she felt every inch of me probing deep inside her. The sheets were being ripped off of her bed as I picked up the pace, until I could hear the entire bed slamming into the wall and her cumming over and over again as I fucked her and her sensitive clit rubbed against the edge of the bed.

I fucked her harder and harder, all you could hear was the sound of skin slamming together, her screams and moans, and the head of the bed putting a huge dent in the wall. She had one final huge orgasm and it pushed me over the edge filling her ass up with my cream. I collapsed down on top of her exhausted and satisfied. I finally regained the strength to stand back up and I pulled myself out of her. She turned herself around and cleaned every drop of cum off of me before she looked up and smiled....... But she wasn't smiling at me.

I turned and looked over my shoulder to see her husband standing there with a video camera, apparently I had never heard him walk in to the house or the room. He just clicked off the camera, sat it down, and said, "Well you two put on one hell of a show."

He showed me the video about a week later, apparently he had been there for nearly an hour while I fucked her. Eventually we ended up having to erase it, because I was seventeen and her being my teacher it would completely ruin her if it ever got out, I've always wished we kept a copy of it. It was my first on camera experience, but it is far from my last.

I hope you enjoyed this story as well as my others. I have may more, but due to my extremely busy schedule it is hard for me to find time to write. Let me know if you enjoy them and I will be sure to give you some more.

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