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My Teacher's Blackmail

Teacher blackmails a virgin female student into sex; turns out she likes it.
I sit at my desk at school staring out the window forlornly; my head reeling with all the stuff that has been going on the last week. So much so that I have been unable to concentrate in even my favourite class. Maths was even harder though. The teacher was cruel and the class was just generally boring, which is why I decided to not even try to pay attention. Mr Mathews stands at the front of the class talking about the upcoming math assignment. He stops talking suddenly to look at me. The whole class turns to me too. I realise he has asked me a question. I blush furiously, knowing I'd been caught slacking off and not paying attention.

"Um ... what?" I ask lamely. The class stares at me in disbelief, a few kids chuckle. The teacher looks unimpressed. 

Suddenly the bell rings, dismissing the class. I get up and swing my bag over my shoulder. As I'm walking past the front of the room, Mr Mathews stops me.

"Can I talk to you a moment Stephanie?" He says gruffly. 

"Um sure" I respond, knowing he wants to talk to me about why I have been so distracted.

We wait for the rest of the class to leave and he closes the door so we wont be overheard. 

"I'm sorry sir..." I begin.

"Stephanie," he says sternly, cutting me off. "You need to focus in my class. I know you are an A+ student but that doesn't mean you can slack off."

"I .. I know sir," I stammer. "There's just a lot been going on back at home sir... I'm having a hard time."

"I don't care if you are having a hard time. Don't slack off in my class," he says harshly. I wince. 

"Yes sir," I say. "It won't happen again sir." I begin to walk off again when he grabs my arm, stopping me. I turn around shocked.

"I have not dismissed you yet Miss Williams," he growls.

"Sir?" I ask confused. "Is there something else?"

He's still holding my arm and steps closer to me. I look up at him confused. 

"Yes," he says. "You have to make up for slacking off in my class." 

"Are you giving me detention sir?" I ask, shocked. "I've never been given detention, please don't sir. I don't want this on my record. Only the highest grade students are let into Yale. If I have a black spot I won't get in for sure!"

Mr Mathews grins coldly down at me.

"Is that so?" he asks. I nod my head frantically. "Well," he says, still holding my arm, "Maybe I can just not record it. As long as you behave."

"Of course sir!" I say relieved, "I'll just sit at my desk and do my homework quietly till you say I can go home."

A cruel smile twists my teachers features.

"Oh you won't need to do that the whole time. I have something much better in mind."

"Sir?" I ask a bit confused. 

"You turned 18 recently didn't you Stephanie?" He asks. Finally letting go of my arm. 

"Um yes sir, about a month ago Sir. Why do you ask?" 

"Oh no reason..." He chuckles. "Take a seat please. And you better let your parents know you will be home late." I nod and do as I'm told, pulling out my phone as I sit down again.

After a quick text to my mum saying I'd decided to study in the library for my upcoming History test (I definitely didn't want her finding out I had detention!) I put my phone back in my bag and look at Mr Mathews. He's standing at the door to the room, it's closed. He flicks the lock. I feel a shot of panic course through me. Why is he locking the door? Teachers never lock the doors here, unless it's their staff room. The doors are always supposed to stay open.

"Sir? Why did you lock the door?" I ask as normally as possible. He turns and grins at me. 

"The other teachers will be leaving soon," he says as he walks back to his desk and sits down, staring at me. I notice he hadn't answered my question. Panic rose inside me. 

"Sir..." I try again. "The door isn't supposed to be locked." I can hear the panic in my voice. 

"I'm the teacher," he says. "I can do what I want."

"I..." I start to say.

"Quiet," he snaps, "Or I will have to record this detention." 

I close my mouth fearfully. Not wanting to ruin my chances.

I wait to see what would happen. After nothing does for a while I start to relax. Maybe he was just joking about the 'something else' part. About 30 minutes pass. I don't say anything for fear of him recording my time here. Eventually he stands. 

"That should be enough time," he says. I stand too, feeling a flood of relief, thinking he's letting me go home. Detentions did only last about half an hour.

"Oh no, not for you miss," he says snidely. "You can sit down again. You'll be here for a while longer."

I open my mouth to protest, but he stops me.

"Remember the quiet rule Miss Williams. One peep and this goes down on the record." I close my mouth again, the panic rising once more within me.

I watch as my teacher rifles through a drawer in his desk and pulls out a bunch of papers. He walks over to my desk and puts them in front of me. I glance down and see they are test papers. One is marked with and A+, the other with an F. I look up at him confused. He points to the names. I read them. They both read Stephanie Williams.

I look back up at him, now very confused. I had never gotten an F in my life. 

"These are the test results for the test in a months time. If you behave correctly this afternoon I will submit this one." He point's at the paper marked with an A+. "If you refuse to do as I ask I will submit this one... and you can say goodbye to Yale." I looked up at him realising what was happening. He was blackmailing me. But for what reason.

"Yes, that's right Miss Williams. Now are you going to do as I say? Oh, and you may talk now." He grabs a chair and pulls it up on the other side of my desk. He sits in it facing me.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask. The panic still firmly in place. He grins at me.

"Because I want something from you," he says looking at me. 

"W.. What?" I ask. I watch him as his eyes drop down to my breasts. A smile creeps across his face once more as he licks his lips. My breath hitches. 'Surely not... no, he couldn't want that.' I think. My heart begins to beat faster as I wait for a response.

"You," he says. "I want you." 

My heart stops for a second. His eyes haven't moved from my breasts. I feel my breathing get quicker knowing my earlier thoughts were true. I start to shake my head eyes wide. 'No I don't want this,' I think. 'He's my teacher, it's wrong!' I stare at him unable to speak for a while.

"No... Sir, please no... That's wrong. I can't... You're my teacher." 

He drags his gaze up to my face again but I feel his hand come down on my left knee. I flinch. 

"No one has to know." He says. "Surely you wouldn't tell if I had this ready to be submitted." He taps the failed test in front of me.

"You can't..." I say, my panic rising ever higher. "I'll go to the principal," I threaten.

He laughs.

"Oh and do you really think Mrs Whethers would trust you over me? I'm a respectable teacher here. You, you're just a student. No ones going to believe you."

I know he's right. And I shut up. He grins back in triumph. 

"It's up to you Stephanie. Is getting into Yale that important to you?" 

I gulp, feeling trapped. If I leave he will put an F on my record. Talking my way out of a detention might be possible but not an F on an exam.

"Fine," my voice comes out strangled. "I'll do what you want." Mr Mathews grins at me menacingly. 

"Excellent. I knew you were a smart girl. Remember, if you try to tell anyone about this, they wont believe you." 

I nod. 

"And if you do try, I will know, and I will submit the F. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I say Miserably. 

"Yes what?" He says his hand slapping my knee. I jump.

"Yes Sir," I mutter. He smiles. 

"My advice is... Try to enjoy this." He smirks at me. 

"Yes sir," I say again, thinking I would hate every second of what was about to occur.

"Take your top off," he says. I do as I am told and start to undo my buttons. I pull it off and drop it to the floor feeling vulnerable in my lacy white bra. I see his eyes roam my breasts again and shiver. He nods his head in content. "The bra too please," he says.

I can feel his hand starting to move on my leg, rubbing up and down my thigh. I flinch as his hand ventures up my leg almost to my skirt. I reach behind me and undo my bra, also removing that and dropping it on top of my shirt.

My boobs bounce free, a nice C cup size. Mr Mathews looks on seeming impressed. His tongue darts across his lips again. He reaches the hand that is not rubbing my thigh out towards my boobs. I look away, not being able to watch. I feel his hand close around my right boob. He fondles it, and I try not to pull away, knowing if I did he might take it as resistance and send me home promising that F.

His hand continues to fondle my boob as the other one travels further up my leg and under my skirt. My heart starts pounding and to my dismay I feel the burn of arousal down below. I am still looking away as the hand fondling my boob starts to play with my nipple. This sends a shock down through my body, and the feeling of arousal grows. My face flushes as I try to convince myself I do not want this. I knew my mind did not, but my body did, and it was slowly overpowering my coherent thoughts.

I hear and feel Mr Mathews lean forward, his hand on my thigh slipping right up to my panties causing more arousal to blossom in me. Suddenly, both hands were gone. I look back at him to see him standing up. I start to feel relief flood over me. Even if my body wanted it, my mind certainly did not. I let out a sigh of relief before I realise he is only moving the desk that was between us. A sense of dread wells up inside me. I chastise myself, 'How can I be so stupid? Of course he's not going to be satisfied with just that. He won't be satisfied until he's done with me.' But even through the dread, I can feel a hum of anticipation move through my body, my ends feeling electrified in anticipation. My cheeks burn in shame.

My teacher sits down in front of me again. Closer this time. He looks at me and grins wickedly. 

"You are such a good girl. And this body of yours is amazing. Keep this up and the F will go away." 

I nod forlornly. He reaches out and grips the back of my head. Pulling me forward his other hand finds my thigh again.

"Kiss me," he says. I squeeze my eyes shut as he presses his lips against mine. I don't kiss him back, but he doesn't seem to mind. He runs his tongue over my lips and forces mine apart, when I resist his hand on my thigh travels higher and squeezes painfully. I open my mouth to him and he explores my mouth as he rubs my leg where he had squeezed it. I feel arousal surge in me again as his hand travels up to my panties again and starts to rub against the space beside the fabric. My tongue starts to automatically respond to his and he moans softly. My coherent thoughts get softer and less noticeable as my breathing accelerates and my body craves more of his touch. 

He pulls back from the kiss but his hand stays where it is; under my skirt. He moves it so that he is rubbing against my pussy through the fabric. I feel myself moisten even more as a small moan escapes my lips uncontrollably.

Mr Mathews smiles at me. 

"See, you can enjoy this too. I can feel your wetness. I can tell you want this." 

He leans forward again but this time to suck on one of my pert nipples. This causes another surge of arousal to course through me, and I moan softly again. He sucks my nipple a bit more, then teases the other in the same way, all the while still rubbing me through my panties.

He pulls back after a while and grins at me. I am still sitting in my chair, my legs spread and a dazed look on my face. My whole control has slipped and my bodies urges have taken over my mind. Now, all I wanted was more.

"Take off your panties for me but leave the skirt on," he says to me. I comply, standing and sliding them down my legs. He grabs my hand and pulls me over to him so I am standing before him. He pulls on my legs positioning them so that my feet are spread and his legs are between mine. He leans his head forward again, the perfect height to suck my nipples while still sitting. His hands travel up my legs, he gropes my ass and I let out another moan, enjoying the sensation as he sucks on one of my nipples.

He releases my ass and draws a hand back to the front. Slowly he slides his hand up the inside of my leg to my pussy. He rubs my pussy lips for a bit before separating them slowly with a finger. I let out a moan. He pulls away from my hard nipple for a moment.

"Mmm so moist Stephanie. You so want this," he growls. I whimper in response, as his fingers push my pussy lips wider. His mouth goes to my other nipple and starts to suck on that as he pushes a finger up inside me. I moan louder than before and he bites down softly on my nipple which causes me to moan harder.

He fingers me for a moment with one finger then slowly pushes another in. I moan and grind against his hand. 

I feel overwhelmed with sensation as his fingers work in and out of me and as he sucks on my nipples. My legs start to tremble, and Mr Mathews stops what he's doing.

"I think you are ready for me Miss Williams." He pulls me over to the desk that he moved before, it is now lined up with a second one. Giving enough room for me to lay down on it. Mr Mathews helps me to lay across the tables on my stomach. He then pulls me softly by the legs so that my pussy is just over the edge of the table. He spreads my legs as wide as they will go and steps between them.

My breath is coming quickly now and my head is dizzy from the amount of arousal I am going through. Even laying on my stomach with my legs spread was making me feel all hot and bothered. I hear a zip being undone and a soft thud as I presume his pants hit the floor. I moan softly thinking of what is to come.

"Mr Mathews?" I say almost breathlessly.

"Yes, Stephanie?" He says as he pushes two fingers inside my pussy again.

I moan as he swirls his fingers around inside of me. When he stills his fingers a moment waiting, I manage to get out what I wanted to say.

"Please be careful with me... It's my first time." I say shyly.

"I will Stephanie, since you have been such a good girl and enjoyed this." He swirls his fingers again and I moan louder.

"Do you want my cock inside you Stephanie?" He asks me.

A surge of arousal washes over me as he says that, and I moan softly.

"Yes... I do sir," I say.

"You do what?" he asks.

"I do want your cock inside me," I say.

"Good girl," he says, "And you will get it."

I feel something big and warm press against my pussy entrance, something much bigger than a finger. I moan in anticipation. Slowly with his hands holding my waist, he pushes into me. His tip enters, and I gasp. He pushes harder and I feel a bit of pain as his cock stretches my pussy walls.

"Ohhh," I let out a small whimper.

He continues to push further, and I let out a gasp.

"Fuck you are so tight!" he says.

He draws his cock back out slowly, only having gotten halfway in. I moan at the sensation. I feel him grip my hips firmer.

"I'm going to push all the way in now Stephanie. Are you ready."

"Yes sir. I'm ready," I manage.

He grips harder and pushes into me hard. I let out a yelp of pain. He stays there for a bit rubbing my ass softly. After my whimpers settle down he starts to move his big cock in and out of me. At first it feels really unnatural and weird. And then I start to enjoy it. A lot. I moan loudly as he moves in and out of my pussy. I feel his hands massage my ass as he pushes in and out.

He grips my sides again, and I feel him start to move faster and faster. In, out, in, out, in, out. I moan hard as my body slides up and down the table as he fucks me thrust after thrust . He gets faster and faster and the feeling of pleasure rises higher and higher. I moan loudly as I hear him grunt in pleasure, his cock still sliding in and out of my tight pussy. Eventually, I let out a really loud moan as the pleasure reaches a point that takes me over the top and leaves my body shaking as it spasms uncontrollably. I hear Mr Mathews moan too as his cock convulses inside of me. My spasms slowly fade as Mr Mathews draws his soaking cock out of me. We are both breathing heavily and don't move for a while. Slowly I start to sit up, wincing at a small amount of pain from my abused pussy. I turn to look at my teacher in wonder.

Mr Mathews looks at me, his gaze greedily sweeping my body before he looks at my face. I smile at him dreamily still feeling high from my orgasm.

"I'll see you in class tomorrow Stephanie," he says. "You better be paying attention." 

"What happens if I don't Sir?" I ask, thinking that if I didn't maybe he would have to "punish" me again.

"Well I might have to start giving you more detentions." He grins. 

"Yes sir..." I smile up at him. Both of us knowing I may purposely not pay attention in the future.

I walk over to my clothes and start to get dressed again.

"Sir?" I ask. "Do you do personal tutoring sessions outside of school?"

He looks at me and I see a grin spread across his face. 

"For you, I might make an exception, how do you feel about starting math at a college level?"

"Sounds great to me sir," I say shyly.

"Good, then we will start tomorrow afternoon. I'll take you there after class and you can tell your parents where to pick you up from."

I nod at him and swing my bag over my shoulder. As I walk out of the classroom, I can't help but think that I want my teacher to fuck me again.


This is my first story on here, so please tell me what you think.

xxx Teila

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