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Naughty Stepfather - Part 2

My stepfather claims me as his little fuck-toy.

This is a sequal but can be read as a stand-alone story.

After the night my stepfather snuck in my room and took my virginity, things changed dramatically in our household. For a start, he stopped showing an interest in my mother. I thought she would be angry with me, but instead she was over the moon, couldn’t be happier. I had always suspected that Frank only married my mother to get close to me and get into my teenage knickers. After last week’s episode, he’d already achieved that goal just a year after marrying her.

From what I heard most nights while lying in bed, Frank was pretty brutal and kinky with my mother in the bedroom. I assumed she had got sick and tired of his kinky games and sexual fetishes. Also, I don’t think my mother ever liked Frank that much, to be honest. It was evident from the start that she only married him for his money. Mother and I were once very poor, and marrying Frank was her way of improving our quality of life. Mother was only too pleased that Frank had turned his attention to me. She seemed only too happy to pass the mantel to me, her sexually inexperienced seventeen-year-old daughter.

I mean, he was twenty-two years older than Mum and forty-one years older than me, and he was hardly what you’d call good-looking. He was a potbellied old man with a baldhead and big bushy beard. He always wore polyester trousers and a button-up cotton shirt that always seemed to have damp patches under the arms. His nose was bulbous and pockmarked and he wore bottle-top glasses that made his eyes look twice as big as they actually were.

It was a week after he took my virginity that I saw him standing at the entrance of my bedroom once again. This time it was morning, and I had just woken up. Frank was stood there leaning casually against the doorframe with his arms folded. He had on a grubby string vest, a pair of tatty old socks with a fat, hairy toe protruding from the end of one, and a pair of Y-fronts that looked like they had seen better days. Again, like before, I was horrified by how hairy he was. His entire body was matted with wiry grey hair that made him look like he had the body of a bear.

My gaze dropped lower and I noticed his Y-fronts were tented at the front, propped up by a raging hard-on that must have been at least four inches in length and as thick as my forearm. I blushed bright red when I looked down at my groin, noticing the reason for his excitement. I had slept naked that night and my bedclothes had rucked up, leaving the soft peach between my legs fully exposed. (That’s what I called my vagina then – the peach. Well, I was only seventeen with an innocent mind.) My legs were wide open, giving my stepfather a titillating view of my peach slices and fury pubic mound.

He was staring at my pussy, his lips drawn down at the corners, with a seriously leer on his face. Drool had begun to form in the corners of his mouth, and the muscles in his face twitched every now and then.

I coughed to clear my throat and then covered my modesty with the bed sheets.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” he sighed in a kind manner. “We’re going out for some fun today. Just you and me.” He entered my room and stood beside my bed, squeezing the bulge at the front of his Y-fronts. “Come on, be a good girl and open those legs. Let me have a taste of that juicy fruit between your thighs.”

I really wanted to. The urge to have Frank lick and suck the tender fruit between my legs was overwhelming. The previous experience with Frank had opened my eyes to a whole new world, but for some reason I was suddenly overcome with shyness and embarrassment. Smiling coyly, I sat up in bed with my back against the headboard, crossed my arms over my pert breasts and closed my legs.

“Where’s Mother? What if she catches us?” I asked.

Frank sat beside me on the bed, the springs groaning with the onslaught of his bodyweight, and started to pinch my toes and ankles. “She’s downstairs making breakfast. She won’t disturb us. She knows the score.”

Now I knew where this was leading. Frank and I always liked a good wrestle – him pinching my breasts and pussy and rubbing his stiff cock against my body – but it was never sexual before now. (At least I didn’t think it was.) But this time I was naked, so God only knew what would happen once we started frolicking and groping each other.

Frank’s hands moved to my sides, pinching my outer thighs and stomach. I giggled and pushed the soles of my feet against his chest to halt his advancements, saying, “Stop it, you dirty old git.” I giggled, enjoying the feel of his clammy hands on my body.

Little did I know, in doing this I had left my buttocks gaping open, exposing my tight little arsehole for a swift invasion.

His hand didn’t need a second invitation. Before I knew what was happening, a greasy forefinger had slipped straight up my anus, all the way to the knuckle. It was a shock at first and I screeched, “Oh my God!” with fright. But then it felt weird yet wonderful and arousing, and I found myself involuntarily squirming on the bed, bucking my hips and squealing and giggling, then writhing with the heat spreading out over my body. Nobody had ever put a finger in my arse before. It was amazing.

My body was alive with sexual sensation, so I lay on my back, opened my legs and wrapped them around Frank’s fat head, gripping him in a tight headlock and smothering his face with my juicy peach. I thrust my hips, mashing my pussy against his hairy face. Then I felt his tongue go to work over my crevice, his bushy beard tickling my nether region and heightening my arousal. I groaned as I felt exotic sensations washing over me.

I felt myself drifting off into a state of intense sexual arousal. I don’t know what Frank’s tongue was doing to the peachy fruit between my legs, but before I knew it, an orgasm was sweeping over me that nearly blew my head off. I was seeing stars for a moment. My hips bucked manically and I was grasping at the bed sheets to stop myself from bouncing off the bed. I gave out a loud sigh as I fell back to earth, regaining my composure.

Frank couldn’t resist giving my arsehole a little lick before standing up to admire my naked form.

I lay on the bed, spread eagled, breathing heavy, my most intimate areas exposed to Frank’s avid gaze. He spent a moment leering down at me and fiddling with his cock that was now poking out of his Y-fronts. I expected him to ejaculate over my docile body, but to my surprise, he slipped his erection back in his grubby Y-fronts and started rooting through my clothes drawers. I first thought he was looking for dirty underwear to play with. Frank had a penchant for my dirty underwear. On many occasions over the past year I had walked in my bedroom only to catch Frank digging through my laundry basket, looking for dirty socks and panties to sniff.

A few weeks ago, I caught him lying on my bed with the elastic waistband of my dirty panties around his head and the gusset pressed against his nose whilst wanking himself off.

But to my surprise he pulled out a two-piece string bikini, the skimpiest outfit I owned. He turned to me, threw me the bikini and said, “There you go, sweetheart. Slip that on with a pair of flip-flops. I want you showing off a bit of flesh today when we’re out and about. You’ve got the body of an angel and I want the world to see it.”

I blushed, horrified that I’d be walking around in public showing off almost every inch of my body, everything but my nipples and pussy. My heart was thumping in my chest at the prospect of going out dressed like this.

Over the previous week Frank had encouraged me to apply moisturiser to my body every day and twice visit the tanning salon. I suddenly realised why when I slipped on my bikini and studied myself in the mirror. My skin was lightly tanned and super soft. My slender frame and pert tits were enough to turn the head of any man. I looked seriously hot, but maintained that air of youth and innocent.

Frank stood behind me as I looked in the mirror, his breath heavy on my cheek my as he rested his hairy face on my shoulder. His hard, calloused hands began to roam over my soft body. I could feel his fat erection prodding my buttocks as he whispered, “We’re going out today, little lady, and I’m gonna spoil you rotten. First I’m gonna buy you lots of new clothes.”

My eyes lit up, delighted that Frank was going to treat me.

His hands squeezed and fondled my breasts as he continued, “But you’re to do everything I say – no arguments. And you’re not to come again until I say so. Is that understood?”

I bit into my bottom lip and, smiling nervously, nodded my head.

“Good,” he said, giving my buttocks a hard smack with the palm of his hand. “You’re gonna see some action today, sweetheart. Make no mistake about it.”


Half an hour later, we were ready to leave for our shopping spree. I was wearing my string bikini. And Frank, despite the hot weather, was wearing his usual trousers and button-up shirt. His face was already coated with sweat and we hadn’t even left the house yet. On his feet he wore open-toed sandals with white socks. It looked quite comical with his big toe still protruding from the end of one sock.

“Have fun guys,” my mother shouted as we left the house, not even trying to hide her delight at spending the day alone instead of having Frank lurking around her all day making constant sexual demands.

I can’t describe the thrill I felt venturing outside wearing so little clothing. My nipples and pussy, the only parts of my body that were concealed, immediately tingled with sexual delight.

As we approached the car Frank stopped and scratched his chin. He thought for a moment then said, “It’s pension day today, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied, looking confused.

“Why don’t we take the bus instead of the car,” he suggested. “Those old boys on the bus will have a treat when they see you wearing that bikini.”

“Frank!” I whined. But the thought did turn me on.

“Come on,” he said, ignoring my protest. “I told you no arguing. You’re my little fuck-toy and you’ll do as you’re bloody well told.”


The bus was pulling into the stop when we arrived. We had to run to get on before it pulled away. Frank waddled quickly rather than ran, with his potbelly bouncing up and down at every stride and sweat pouring down his chubby face.

When we boarded the bus, the driver’s eyes immediately fixed on to my tits. He was delighted to see only my nipples were concealed within the skimpy top with the fleshy parts of my breasts fully exposed. His eyes never left my tits the whole time we were paying our fare. Feeling slightly aroused and very naughty, I pushed my chest out to give him a bit of a thrill. He went red with embarrassment. Stifling a giggle, I moved towards the back of bus and sat down with Frank plonking himself down next to me and breathing heavily.

At the next stop there was a huge queue of pensioners waiting to get on. When they started filling the bus, everyone took a double take when they saw me sitting at the back of the bus almost naked.

Frank’s eyes lit up. “Fucking hell. If you don't get groped today, it will be a fucking miracle," he murmured with a dirty grin on his face, while fiddling absentmindedly with the bulge in his trousers. “Stand up, sweetheart,” he demanded between heavy breaths. “Let the old folk sit down.”

Feeling nervous and exposed in my bikini, I forced a smile and stood up before reaching for the bar above my head to steady myself when the bus moved off.

The bus was suddenly packed, with quite a few standing. I noticed I was surrounded by old folk, all in close proximity to me. So when I felt something brush across my taut bottom a few minutes later, I thought nothing of it. But when it happened for a second time, and then a third, a nervous look spread across my face. I hadn't seen anyone younger than sixty get on the bus, so I knew it was some old man feeling me up.

I didn't move, just stood frozen to the spot in fear at what would happen next. I was petrified. Other than Frank the previous weekend, nobody had ever touched me intimately before.

A few moments later the hand returned to my bottom, but this time it stayed and moulded itself to my pert buttocks. I looked over at Frank to see if he would intervene, but he just flashed a dirty grin and winked at me.

The hand was still for a minute or two and my nerves began to settle, knowing it was just some old codger touching me up. But then, since I hadn't moved to stop him, the hand started to caress and squeeze my arse. I felt daring and naughty, so I decided to give him some encouragement. I was beginning to feel horny.

We were nearly at our stop and would have to get off soon, so I pushed my bottom back into his hand, letting him know I liked what he was doing to me.

As soon as I moved the hand dropped and my heart sank, but then leapt as I felt it return to cup my buttocks once more. This time though the hand was frantic and I stifled a gasp as he groped and squeezed my arse. Trying not to draw attention to myself, I opened my legs slightly when he pushed against my inner thighs. But I couldn't help but gasp and had to force a cough when his fingers slipped under the elastic of my bikini bottoms and rubbed along the crease of my young cunt before slipping easily into my wet hole.

I could feel the tingle building in my stomach and wasn't sure I could stay quiet if I climaxed. My knees were starting to give already as I felt his gnarled old fingers sliding in and out of my peach slices and rubbing across my engorged clit. My hips began to gyrate gently of their own accord, and I pushed myself back onto his fingers as he slipped another one inside me.

"Oh, God, yes," I sighed to myself.

“Don’t you dare come,” Frank growled from the seat beside me. “Remember what I said.”

Just then the bus stopped and people started to move towards the doors. The fingers were instantly withdrawn from my pussy and I felt and heard the snap of the elastic as the waistband fell back into place.

I held onto the bar above me as people pushed past to get off, my legs trembling. He was so close to finishing me off, but now I'd been left frustrated.

I glanced out of the window and saw a little old man giving me a toothless grin. He held his fingers to his nose and made a show of sniffing them. He then gave me a rueful smile as the bus moved off.

“You fucking loved that, didn’t ya, you dirty little bitch?” snarled Frank.

Feeling ashamed and dirty, I blushed and looked down at him. His hand was down his trousers playing frantically with his cock, a look of sexual excitement on his face. His eyes were locked onto the damp patch that had formed at the crotch of my bikini bottoms.


When we arrived at the clothes store, it was brimming with customers. The place was packed. I spent over an hour picking out several outfits and pairs of sexy underwear. Frank just watched me the whole time, playing with his cock every now and then and sweating like a pig. When it was time for me to try them on, he insisted that he come in the changing room too.

He joined me in the changing room. With the curtain closed it was our own private room. Frank pulled his underpants down to his ankles, his stiffy pointing straight at me, and watched me try on the clothes. He played with his cock as I tried on various outfits, stroking it gently and twiddling the drooling bell end while fiddling his dangling ball sack.

He watched me with an avid leer in his eyes as I stripped off and tried on all sorts of different clothes and put on a real show, his polyester trousers around his ankles while pumping his stubby erection in his fist.

Every now and then he’d leave his cock alone and just let it dangle there, slapping it with his palm every so often, giving me an unhindered view of his gentiles. He retracted the foreskin and snagged it behind the glans, displaying the mushroom head that glistened with moisture. It was a shock to see the hair surrounding his cock and balls. It was a dense bush of coarse grey hair, with a stiff cock jutting up from the depths of the fuzzy growth. And the shaft was so veiny it looked like a tree stump with ivy growing up it.

He got ever so excited when it came to me trying on the underwear. I was stripping off completely naked and trying on all sorts of sexy lingerie, all the while posing for Frank and giving him titillating glimpses of my tight snatch. He began fisting his cock furiously, his face a picture of concentration with his tongue poking out from the corner of his mouth.

He was wanking his cock like a man possessed and tugging harshly on his sweaty ball bag as I continued to try on the underwear. A moment later he pulled a tube of lube from his pocket and lubed-up his cock before massaging it into his shaft and helmet. He was breathing heavy now and his shirt was literally drenched in sweat. Moisture was dripping from his chin like a leaky tap.

As he massaged his knob, every now and then a large blob of pre-cum would form on the swollen bell end, and he would say, “Be a good girl and lick that jizz off me helmet.”

I would do as requested and slurp the clear liquid from his rampant member. I recall it being very slippery on my tongue and having a musky, salty flavour.

It was after I’d run my tongue over Frank’s helmet for the fourth time that he began to lose his composure. “Oh, fuck, you sexy little bitch. You don’t know what you’re doing to me. I can’t hold back any longer. I can’t control myself. I’m gonna fuck the fucking life out of ya.”

At that point I slid the sexy knickers down my legs, leaving myself completely naked. I turned my back to Frank and bent over and parted my buttocks and pussy, giving a full and unhindered view of my arsehole and the inner folds of my juicy cunt.

Frank totally lost his composure. “Oh, fuck, you saucy little minx.” He sprang to his feet, stumbling with his trousers tightly wrapped around his ankles, and grabbed my thighs. He shoved his cock into me hard and fierce, showing me no mercy. I cried out in pain, but the shock sent a tremor of arousal through me.

“I’m gonna fuck the fucking cunt off ya, you teasing little bitch!” he exclaimed as he ploughed his cock in and out of my body.

The slapping sound of his thighs hitting my arse and my yelps and gasps rang out for all the shoppers outside the changing room to hear. Frank had lost it, but he didn’t take long to come.

He slipped a finger into my arse then slapped my buttocks hard, making me screech with shock and delight, and then flooded my hot little cunny with his old man seed.

He groaned loudly with every squirt as he filled me full of goo. There was so much spunk injected into me I thought my pussy would burst.

“Fuck, that’s a hot little cunt,” he breathed as his orgasm subsided. I slipped my bikini back on and left the changing room to go pay for the goods.

When we exited the changing room, the whole shop had fallen silent. It was hard to ignore the looks of disgust and disapproval on the faces of the shoppers. They had obviously heard the noise of our fuck session emanating from the changing room. I looked down at the floor, though I could still feel their eyes burning into me.

Frank was oblivious and as happy as could be. He was holding all my new clothes, taking them to the checkout to pay for them, all the while whistling a tune.

A moment later, my shame and embarrassment could have swallowed me, as I felt Frank’s cum ooze from my vagina. I used my forefinger to pull the gusset of my bottoms to one side, allowing the flow of cum to dribble down my leg. The people behind us at the checkout were staring as think goo trickled down my leg, past my ankle and onto the floor.

I heard a woman say, “Disgusting girl.”

I’d been embarrassed and humiliated, but God it was exciting. I’d never been so turned on in all my life.

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