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New Family: Family Bonds

A stepmother's test

Billy was cynical, though also very intrigued by his stepsister's risque proposal. He didn't completely trust her intentions, but he couldn't help following her down the dark road, no matter where it led. Once agreed upon, Nicole put her nefarious plan into motion. All she asked of Billy was that he do as she instructed, no questions asked.

"Are you willing to place yourself in my hands and do whatever I say?" He easily submitted to her will. She loved to be in control. The power turned her on immensely, giving her a rush of euphoria matched only by hot, mind-blowing sex. Nicole found her stepbrother's anxiousness to be extremely amusing. She almost felt bad for what she was about to put him through, but the sympathetic thoughts were quickly replaced by decadent visions of taboo lust.

"Tonight's the night," Nicole exclaimed, beaming from ear-to-ear. "Dad will be working late and mom said she was going to visit a friend, so we'll have the whole house to ourselves. So, get away from the door and stop listening to mommy fucking herself. Okay?"

Billy nodded his head, frustrated and horny, but excited by what his stepsister might have in store for him later that evening. He spent the rest of the day in a haze, counting the minutes until his stepmom left the house and went to see her girlfriend, Julia. His anticipation reached a crescendo when Emma finally walked out the front door, waving to them as she closed it behind her.

"Let's go up to my room," Nicole said, smiling wickedly. She made her way up the steps, followed closely by her stepbrother, who she assumed must be checking out her ass as they ascended the stairs. She figured right. Billy's eyes were glued to her magnificent backside, which was covered only by a tiny pair of shorts. She looked over her shoulder, grinning at him when she confirmed her previous suspicions. She knew she could make him do anything she wanted him to. Damn, this was going to be so much fun.

"Have a seat," Nicole said, motioning to the swivel chair in front of her makeup and jewelry desk. She removed her heels and laid down on the bed. Nicole had Billy's undivided attention and didn't want to waste this golden opportunity at starting her seduction. If all went as planned, they both would be getting off in a big way.

"Dakota told me you're very well-endowed, and also have a talented tongue. I must admit, I am a little jealous of her, as well as of our mother. I wanted you to think that I was irritated by your spying, but truth be told, it really turned me on."

Billy gave no reply, too dumbfounded to speak. He liked hearing those words, though he thought this might be just part of her elaborate scheme. She seductively removed her bra, exposing her spectacular breasts. Like mother, like daughter.

"Are mommy's nicer than these?" she inquired, cupping her breasts. He remained silent. His heart, as well as his cock, pounded with excitement. She needed to push the envelope, to really drive him crazy. Nicole enjoyed teasing her stepbrother. It was so deliciously wicked.

"I want to hear all about your escapade with Dakota. Don't leave anything out," Nicole said, running a hand along the soft flesh of her breasts. Billy proceeded to recount his experience with her sexy blonde friend. He felt a little embarrassed, but realized that his stepsister was enthralled by the titillating story.

"Wow, that made me hot!" Nicole exclaimed, rubbing the front of her silk panties.

Nicole slipped out of her tiny purple panties, revealing a shaven pussy to her awestruck young stepbrother. His eyes grew large as he took in her magnificent form. Billy ran his approving gaze over every delectable, tan inch of her. His cock, now hard as steel, pulsed feverishly in his shorts. One of Nicole's hands squeezed a luscious breast while the other caressed a long, lovely leg. She had the young man mesmerized and wanted to take full advantage of the situation. She knew this moment would eventually come, ever since the first time she caught Billy leering at her.

She spread her legs for him, showing Billy her sex. A delicate hand traced circles around bare, pink lips. His mouth watered, pulse racing. Nicole smiled sinfully, pinching one of her hard nipples as she slid a finger back and forth over her moist mound. Her stepbrother's continuous gaze made her unbelievably wet. She had him exactly where she wanted, like a puppet on a string. A most indecent thought came to her perverted mind. As the pieces fell into place in her head, Nicole began to get more excited. Unexpectedly, she could no longer deprive herself.

"Do you want to fuck me, little brother?" she asked, smugly. Nicole slipped two fingers into her soaking wet slit, reveling in her own depravity. Billy's expression was priceless, filled with cynicism and overt jubilation. His conflicting emotions were pulling him in opposite directions, but seeing his stepsister fingering herself right in front of him, forced him back to his taboo infatuation. He gave no response, though the tent in his shorts clearly indicated his answer.

"Take out your cock, Billy. I want to see for myself if Dakota was telling the truth," Nicole said, a devilish grin on her beautiful face. She watched her stepbrother gleefully. He unzipped his pants, slipped them off his legs and stood there bottomless. Nicole smiled, taken aback by the size of his manhood. Her pussy began to drip as she contemplated how it would feel inside her. She could see that the head was shiny and throbbing, begging for some attention. Sadly, the beautiful cock would not be getting any, at least not tonight.

"WOW!" Nicole exclaimed. "It's huge." Billy felt a sense of pride at hearing her gush over his impressive cock. She continued to finger-fuck her wet hole, teasing her stepbrother, who looked delirious with lust. He wrapped his hand around his hardness, but Nicole never told him he was allowed.

"Sorry, Billy. Tonight is all about watching. I know you love to watch me touch myself, but you can't pleasure yourself. Okay?"

Nicole's question was rhetorical. Billy had agreed to follow her every command, and she wouldn't let him break the rules. He'd have to be satisfied with seeing her gratification. His would come later, once she dismissed him he could go to his room and get himself off. Until then, the only one cumming would be Nicole.

"You've never seen me playing with myself, have you Billy?" Nicole slipped a third digit into her warm, wet pussy. She gazed deeply into the awestruck boy's eyes as she brought herself closer to nirvana." Did mommy cum while you were watching her?"

He nodded, his face turning bright red. She smiled at his uneasiness, amusement filling her gorgeous blue eyes. His cock twitched with excitement, pre-cum oozing from the engorged head. Nicole never broke eye contact, staring into his soft brown eyes while she fingered herself, a powerful orgasm quickly approaching. This turned her on more than she expected, her pussy had never been so unbelievably wet.

"I'm so close, Billy. So fucking close," Nicole said, plunging her fingers deeper inside her hole. She could feel the pressure building, an explosion, literally, at her fingertips. The blonde's beautiful eyes rolled back in her head, a primal scream escaping her lips.

"Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum!" Nicole moaned, closing her eyes, a mind-blowing wave of pleasure rushing through her. Billy loved watching his sexy stepsister writhing in ecstasy. Hypnotized by the decadent display, Billy fought hard to control his own urges.

Coming down from her delicious high, Nicole refocused her attention on her younger stepbrother. His cock twitched with raw enthusiasm, a stream of slickness running down the shaft. Instinctively, he reached for his penis, but was scolded by his authoritative sibling. At her command, Billy pulled up his pants and waited to be dismissed. He received a nice peck on the cheek, which reddened instantly. It was the first time that Nicole's lips had touched him. He could only imagine how they would feel on other, more sensitive, parts of his body.

"Don't look so sad. That was just the beginning," Nicole said reassuringly, noticing the disappointment on her stepbrother's face. The blonde stunner got dressed while Billy's frown grew more prominent.

"May I leave now?" he inquired, a tad of annoyance in his voice. At this point, he wasn't even sure if he wanted to jerk himself off anymore. The sight of his stepsister masturbating was extremely exhilarating, but the letdown of not being allowed to touch himself had severely altered his upbeat mood.

"It's okay, little brother. I promise, it gets much better from here," Nicole stated, patting him on the cheek as she escorted him out of her bedroom. He avoided her the rest of the night, staying in his room and trying to concentrate on the book he had been reading. Although quite angry at his stepsister, Billy still felt a twinge of excitement at the possibility that she might actually help him in his quest for his beautiful stepmother.

Billy woke the next morning with a raging hard-on. It was a new day, filled with hope for all sorts of delicious perversions. His expectations melted away when he entered the kitchen. There on the table was a note from his stepmom, explaining that she and her friend, Julia, were spending the day together. She wouldn't be back until late, thwarting any chance to cash in on Nicole's naughty proposition. Frustration boiled inside him, threatening to upend his search for forbidden lust. His stepsister's manipulation had kept him under her thumb for too long. He went to talk to her.

"Are you just playing with me?" Billy questioned, a bit of authority in his tone. She lounged on the sofa, sipping coffee while watching the weather report. Sweat formed on his brow as he waited for her response. Maybe he shouldn't have forced the issue. Even though he wanted more, his stepsister did give him a memorable afternoon. If he offended her with this inquiry, she might pull the plug on this whole operation and he'd be left holding his dick in his hand.

"I told you not to worry. My word is gold. You'll get your chance with mother, if you remain a good boy and listen to what I say. Can you do that?"

She wasn't upset with him. On the contrary, Nicole admired him for standing up to her. Maybe he would prove a bigger challenge than she had once thought, though she still doubted his resolve, especially when she turned on the charm. Her plan was taking shape, nicely. Today would be the main event, something no one in their family would soon forget.

"Ready for playtime, Billy? Today will be more fun for you little brother. Follow me upstairs." He stopped in front of her bedroom door, while she continued down the hall. His curiosity spiked when she turned around and waved a pair of silky blue panties at him before slipping into their parents' bedroom. He moved slowly, coming to a halt outside the open bedroom door. Was she really serious about having this next chapter of her seduction in their parents' bedroom?

Expecting to see his sinful stepsister on the bed, Billy was surprised when she was seated in the chair by the full-length mirror, which hung on the wall opposite the bathroom. The blue panties were on the king-sized bed. He didn't know what was going on in her wicked little mind, but he couldn't wait to find out. She motioned toward the bed, encouraging him to climb up.

"First, I want you to take off your clothes," Nicole said, a wicked smile lighting up her gorgeous face. Shyly, he began to undress, nervously glancing over at his stepsister, who glared at him, amusingly. His fit, muscular frame kept her attention, but it was the monster between his legs that fueled her imagination.

"Does mommy know you have such a big cock, Billy? I bet if she did..." Her words trailed off, leaving Billy staring at her in wonder. She just smiled, delighted at his anxious demeanor. Feeling completely vulnerable and uneasy, he sat on the bed, his eyes glued to his stepsister's.

"Pick up the panties, Billy," she commanded, an amused grin playing on her face. She looked on as her stepbrother reached down and grabbed the silky blue underwear with his right hand. He looked toward her for further instructions. His heart beat faster, dick hardening, while he waited for her orders. His mind was racing, filled with a number of dirty thoughts.

"Wrap them around your cock," Nicole said. She couldn't wait to see the surprise on his handsome face. The revelation would surely blow the young man's mind.

"Jerk yourself off with those panties, Billy. But don't cum on them. Mommy would be mad if you ruined her favorite pair." Nicole found his shocked expression priceless. He was lying in his stepmom's bed, her panties wrapped around his hard cock, while his naughty stepsister orchestrated the debauchery.


An hour earlier at Julia's, Emma and her gorgeous blonde friend were sitting on the couch talking about everything; men, food, family. Ever since her divorce two years ago, Julia, now at the prime age of forty-five, had not been on more than a couple of dates. Emma always wondered why such a beautiful woman didn't have a man in her life. She was about to find out. The answer would both shock and titillate her.

"Have you been seeing anyone, Julia?" Emma inquired, concern for her friend quite evident." You should have a nice man to share your bed. You are too stunning to be alone, sweetie."

A brilliant smile lit Julia's face. She adored Emma and appreciated the compliment. She thought for a moment before giving a response. This information would surprise her friend, but Julia was dying to tell Emma all about her young stud.

"Actually, I'm not dating anyone, Emma, though my bed is never empty," Julia teased, her deep blue eyes sparkling. Although her curiosity was peaked, Emma paused for a second, seeing if Julia would spill the beans on her own. Sure enough, it would require some prodding on her part. Emma plunged straight ahead, anxious to hear the juicy details.

"So, where did you meet this man? Is he cute? How old is he?" Emma fired off a round of questions, then waited for her friend to respond.

"He is..." Julia began, then hesitated, her focus turning toward the front door, "very young."

The sexy blonde smiled, watching her stepson, Kevin, enter the house before she locked eyes with Emma. A perverse, devilish smile brightened Julia's beautiful face. She couldn't believe what Julia was implying. She had to be joking.

"How was your day, honey?" Julia asked her stepson. He told her that it had been a rough day and that he was glad to be home. She moved toward him, giving Emma a sly wink before greeting Kevin with an unmotherly, open-mouthed kiss.

Emma stood there, stunned by her friend's bold display of affection towards her stepson. She could see by the way they kissed that the pair shared more than the normal familial connection. Julia had been telling the truth. Damn, she felt a tingling between her legs which both surprised and excited her. After they ended their erotic lip-lock, Kevin excused himself and left the good friends with something monumental to discuss.

"I can't believe..." Emma began, not knowing exactly how to proceed. So flabbergasted, she could not form the words. With her tongue tied in knots, she waited for her friend to break the silence. Julia gladly obliged, eagerly telling Emma all about her taboo affair.

"I've been fucking Kevin," Julia admitted, proudly. "He's handsome, young, always hard and really knows how to fuck me."

Emma's mouth hung open, disbelief filling her face. Her cheeks turned a deep crimson, and her pussy started to moisten. Julia continued to regale her with her wicked indiscretions. She could see lust in Emma's eyes. Julia asked her a question that would forever change her friend's new family.

"Do you want to fuck your stepson, Emma?" Julia inquired, hoping she would join in the debauchery. Julia had been pulled into a taboo relationship by Lisa, now she wanted to do the same for Emma. Contemplation visible on Emma's face, Julia decided to ratchet up her friend's level of interest.

"The great thing is that Kevin is always here and available, anytime of the day or night. If I feel horny, all I have to do is call his name and he's right there with his delicious hard cock, ready to fuck," Julia said, seeing the enthusiasm grow on her beautiful face.

"Confessing this to you has gotten my pussy so wet," Julia divulged, glaring at Emma, who was now sitting on the edge of her seat, hanging on her friend's every wicked word. To be honest, Emma also felt her panties start to dampen.

"If you don't believe me, I can call in Kevin," Julia teased, relishing her role as the sexual instigator.

Emma seemed curious, but scared. Although typically jealous, Julia was turned on by the idea of asking Emma to join her and her stepson in a scorching threesome. Watching her baby fuck the hell out of Emma might be too juicy to pass up. She didn't wait for an answer.

"Kevin, can I see you in here, please?" Julia asked, her eyes never leaving Emma's beautiful face.

Her stunned expression only added to the thrill. The creaking of the stairs announced Kevin's approach. The beauties stared at each other, sexual tension hung thickly in the air. A shirtless Kevin entered the living room, a massive hard-on quite apparent in his shorts.

"Yes, mom," Kevin answered, a knowing look in his eyes. His stepmom had become much more aggressive and assertive since being exposed to Lisa. She loved to push peoples' boundaries and her sparkling blue eyes were filled with mischief.

"Take out your cock, baby. I want to show Emma what we've been up to," Julia purred, running her tongue across her scarlet lips.

Emma felt as if she might hyperventilate, unable to catch her breath. Kevin stood before the women, his large dick standing at full attention. Julia smiled at her friend before wrapping her manicured fingers around the long smooth shaft. She lovingly stroked his manhood, eliciting an appreciative sigh from her young boy. Emma's mouth hung open, disbelief showed in her eyes.

"Come join me, sweetie," Julia said, shaking the large cock in her hand in front of Emma.

Emma couldn't move, as if frozen in place. Was she really about to witness this? Her good friend sucking her own stepson's cock. She watched in amazement as Julia took his manhood down her throat. Although her brain told her to leave right away, her body was giving her mixed signals. Surprisingly, she could feel her pussy begin to moisten. Holy shit, this was turning her on.

Julia sensed her friend's conflicting emotions. She needed to convince her to stay. To partake in some afternoon delights. And maybe open a door to her taboo desires. Emma's eyes were locked on to the erotic scene, her intrigue rising, while her mind screamed, Go. Kevin moaned with delight as his stepmom took him deep inside her velvety mouth. Emma wanted to look away. To run away. If she stayed much longer, Emma was afraid she'd be sucked into her good friend's unspeakable act.

Mustering up every last ounce of self-control, Emma strode toward the front door. Her friend called out, but it was no use. With Julia's voice echoing in her ear, Emma stepped outside, shutting the door behind her. She regained her composure as she made her way down the walk to where she had parked. The mature blonde drove off towards home, still a bit flustered by what she'd witnessed at Julia's.

Before long she pulled into her driveway and hurried inside. Despite her best efforts, what she had seen at Julia's had made her extremely horny and she desperately needed to get herself off. Emma rushed up the stairs and headed for her bedroom, intent on quickly undressing and fingering herself to an explosive orgasm. Those plans would have to be put on hold.

As she grabbed the knob, turned the handle and pushed the door inward, Emma's eyes beheld an unexpected and mind-boggling sight. Her stepson, Billy, was lying naked on the bed, stroking his cock with her favorite pair of panties. The head of his cock popping into view each time he moved the silky blue underwear down his impressive manhood. So awestruck by her stepson's kinky antics, she didn't even notice her daughter standing right behind her.

"Like what you see, mommy?" Nicole whispered, startling her stunned mother.

Emma turned to see her wicked daughter smiling devilishly. She always had been a troublemaker, but this little charade even surprised Emma.

"He's waiting for you, mommy. Your stepson wants to fuck you."

Nicole's dirty words combined with Billy's jerk-off session threatened to push Emma past a boundary she swore she'd never break. This was her husband's son. She made a vow, a promise to never cheat. This would be such a betrayal. As if sensing her thoughts, Nicole tried to reassure her conflicted mother.

"Daddy will never find out. He's not here, but your stepson is. Hard, horny and so ready to fuck his stepmommy. Your choice. I'll leave you alone. Have fun," Nicole teased, sauntering down the hall, looking back and winking at her mom before descending the stairs.

Emma's gaze went back to Billy, whose rhythmic stroking put her in a sexual trance. His hand gliding up and down his rigid cock, her panties now soaked in his pre-cum. She loved watching a man pleasuring himself, but what really turned her on was when he exploded. How close was he to ejaculating? Seeing a guy's cum shooting from the head of his twitching cock, his face contorted in pure orgasmic bliss, thrilled her beyond words. But this time she felt guilty watching. This was her stepson. It was so wrong.

Billy's cock was quite a bit larger than her husband's and it made her mouth water. She continued to watch as the large, shiny head poked it's way out of his firm grip. Her silky blue panties were still wrapped around the long shaft. Would she ever be able to wear those again without this erotic image popping into her head? That's assuming her perverted stepson ever gave them back in the first place.

Emma faced a moral dilemma. Should she interrupt his solo session and join her stepson in a taboo tryst? Maybe, she'd just watch him jerk off to completion. That wouldn't be as bad, right? Or she could just walk away and act like this never happened. Although, Nicole would always know, and her daughter would be very persistent in finding out all the details. What should she do next?

Without even realizing it , Emma's hand had found it's way into her panties (the ones she was currently wearing). She was absolutely dripping wet. She desperately wanted to touch her clit, but knew exactly where that would lead. Once she started, she would not be able to stop until she got herself off. Or even more sordid, until Billy's cock, mouth or fingers did the job for her. As she continued to watch Billy, Emma could tell that he was very close to finishing, which would force her to make a split decision, even though she didn't really know what was her best and most ethical course of action at the moment.

His breathing became more labored as he increased the pace of his stroking. Emma had to make up her mind. and quickly. Finally, she decided that having sex with her stepson would be wrong. But watching him masturbate to an explosive climax would not be cheating, and besides, it would be so fucking hot and sexy. After resolving this in her mind, there was only one thing left to figure out. Would she stay silent and watch , or make her presence known and tell him how turned on she was and encourage him to continue? The answer was obvious. Only one option would satisfy her burning desire.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, young man?" Emma shouted, feigning disgust and anger.

"Uh, mom," Billy replied, shocked and embarrassed beyond imagination.

He had stopped stroking, but his rock-hard cock remained in his vice-like grip. His eyes were wide, mouth hung open, cheeks bright red. Emma just stared sternly at him, making him squirm. She so enjoyed the desperate, hand in the cookie jar expression on his handsome face. She wanted to up the tension and knew exactly how to accomplish that goal.

"Who told you it was acceptable behavior to lay on my bed, take my panties and pleasure yourself with them?" Emma demanded, knowing full well that this had her daughter's name written all over it. Would her stepson succumb to the pressure and tell on his stepsister? Surprisingly, and quite admirably, he kept his mouth shut about her involvement.

"Well, I should put you over my knee and give you a good spanking," Emma teased. She thought she noticed a glimmer of enthusiasm in his eyes. The naughty boy would probably enjoy a nice spanking. Honestly, she wouldn't mind slapping his firm ass herself.

"But I think your stepsister would be so disappointed if all her hard work and planning went to waste," Emma stated plainly. "Besides, I do adore watching a man pleasure himself, and sadly your father is too shy to "perform" for me. So, since it looked as if you were so close when I interrupted you and it would be mean to kick you out of my bed before you had a chance to finish."

"Just don't tell your father. It will be our little secret," Emma said, giving her stepson a knowing wink and sinful smile.

He swallowed hard and tried to stay calm. His cock was throbbing so badly and he didn't want to ejaculate too soon. He loved the fact that his stepmom was enjoying his masturbation session and he wanted to prolong it as much as possible. The mere mention of Nicole put a lump in his throat. What if Emma asked him, point blank, if her daughter had anything to do with this? He thought she probably already knew. But still, how would he respond? He began to get anxious, though his hand remained firmly grasped around his rigid penis. Thankfully, she didn't inquire about her daughter's involvement. Instead, she encouraged him to continue.

"I bet you're  so anxious to let go of all that hot, sticky cum. How long have you been masturbating on my bed, Billy?" Emma asked, seeing the surprise in the young boy's baby brown eyes. He loved the dirty talk coming from her luscious mouth. It was a new and naughty  side to his stepmom.

"Uh... ever since you went to Ms. Tavella's," Billy admitted, swallowing hard, his cheeks turning crimson.

She smiled widely. Over an hour  of self-pleasure, not bad for a young boy, she thought. Emma knew that Billy must be ready to explode. She was just happy that she had come home  in time for the big climax.

"Cum for your mommy, sweetie!" Emma demanded, her soaking pussy drenching her lacy panties.

Billy's stroking  intensified. his breathing became labored. Finally, he screamed out, erupting all over his chest and stomach. She'd never seen someone cum so much before in her life. The craving was powerful, Emma wanted to lick up and swallow every last drop. But she showed tremendous restraint, telling herself that going any further would be a mistake.

"You better clean that up, honey," Emma said, grabbing some tissues from the nightstand and handing them to the young boy. The awkward tension was broken by a little humor from his stepmom.

"You can keep those panties, Billy. They're yours now. Maybe, you can model them for me next time."

At first he wondered if she actually wanted him to wear her underwear. A bit kinky of her, he thought. Then, the realization of her words hit him. Next time.

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