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Nominated For Best Picture

Enjoying a wonderful day at the movies…
It’s been a long, dry season. The days have slowly turned into weeks, now approaching nearly a full month. It’s a love that burns deeply in their hearts but alas, it’s complicated. Married, but not to each other, the agony of separation gnaws at them daily.

They’ve run the gamut from careless abandon to strategic get a-ways to this very difficult season, deciding not to see each other altogether. They have determined it is best to just be friends. They stay in touch through emails and messaging but nothing satisfies them like the sound of each other’s voice, the touch of their hands, the joining of their lips, the flurry of their hearts. This strategy, while probably the wisest, is driving them nearly insane. The love in their hearts simply cannot be quenched by merely the written word. It just isn’t enough. After all, they love each other, they need each other. And so it is, on this very special day, that she decides to reopen the door just a little bit.

“I’d love to see that new movie,” he texts her. “I heard it has an amazing cast.”

“Which one, Silver Linings Playbook?”

“Yes!” He’s completely shocked. She’s far from a movie buff, rarely ever goes. Hell, he swears the last time she was inside a theater was to see Gone with the Wind! Then again, there are so closely intertwined it kind of makes perfect sense. They have always seemed to know what the other is thinking. “You should go with me,” he kids her, knowing full well she won’t bite on the invitation in a million years.

“Sure, I’d love to!”


“Yes honey, friends go to movies together all the time. It’s okay if we go, just tell me when and where and I’ll meet you there.”

His surprise is plastered all over his face but he’s not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He also reads into the words she’s using. Stacy is the type of woman, capable and skilled as she is, who likes to relent complete control to her man. She likes it when he just takes over. Moments later he writes her back and tells her where she is to meet him. In less than 48 hours they will once again be together.


He’s been sitting in his car for twenty agonizing minutes when he sees her sporty little vehicle come into view. The door opens, her hips pivot in the seat and she plants her feet firmly on the ground. Standing there in the sun, he can feel his breath being sucked right out of his lungs as he advances towards her. Damn, she is one beautiful woman. The green dress hugs beautifully to her sexy, toned body as the gold jewelry glimmers around her strong, athletic neck. She’s gotten even tanner since their last meeting and, as unfathomable it is for him to even consider, she is more beautiful than ever before. Her brown wedge sandals complete the ensemble. He knows he can’t - that he won’t - but he wants to push her back into the car and take her right there in the backseat.

It’s an awkward moment when he’s finally standing beside her. He leans back against her car, encircles his arms around her and pulls her body into his. He can feel his cock begin to swell as it rests against her hip. He gives her a tentative hug and kisses her cheek tenderly as her warm body lays against his, their cheeks resting on the others. It has just been too long since he’s laid eyes on her beautiful green peepers. He wasn’t even sure, given the context, whether he would even hold her hand today. It feels so good to have her wrapped in his strong arms once again. Moments later, and with tickets in hand, they are walking through the entry. Immediately he starts to head towards theater number eight.

“You’re not getting any snacks?” He turns and sees her furrowed brow and puzzled look.

“No, honey I’m fine!” he lies. The truth is he’s always hungry and she knows that. But he has determined that on this day he wants to eliminate any excuse that might preclude him from holding her hand, touching her lovely skin. Food and drink would just get in the way. He thinks he’s being sly but she, knowing this man she’s still in love with, knows exactly what he’s doing. She’s beaming as he takes her by the hand and they walk through the double doors. He too is smiling, just relishing in the touch of her tender, lovely skin.

The massive theater has less than a dozen people inside as he leads her to their seats. He’s a planner, a very strategic man. It’s not by chance that he sits down in pretty much the middle row on the far right side. Everyone is over on the left and there’s no one within several rows of them. He sits in the second seat and has her sit down in the one on the aisle. Still recovering from left shoulder surgery he wanted her seated to the right of him so, if she is open to it, he can hold her with his good hand and arm.

Soon the lights have dimmed, the previews have been shown and the comedic drama begins to unfold. Within seconds he reaches for her hand. Under the cloak of darkness his smile is hidden as it is enthusiastically received into her own tiny hand. He turns to smile at her as he prepares to settle in and watch the flick. His warm smile is met with something altogether different. It’s the look of lust, as her once smiling face has turned to a passion-filled expression of haunting, desperate need. My God, the fiery redhead’s look of sexual thirst is overpowering. The movie isn’t a minute old when the real story begins.

Releasing her hand he moves his right hand around the back of her neck and urgently draws her lips to his. With eyes closed and tilted heads they quickly put to bed a month’s worth of longing, this dire season of neglect. Their tongues join in the fury, slipping aggressively inside the other’s mouth. Soon his left hand is caressing the inside of her leg just above her left knee. He’s grown stone hard at the smooth touch of her hot, smooth leg as the urgency in them continues to build. Just then her chair is pushed forward as an older man slides into the row behind them, bumping her seat before sitting down. He’s so close to them they can hear him breathing.

A look of despair covers his face as he senses the moment is slipping away. With his arm still on the nape of her neck, he feels her soft hand slide over his and take hold of it. As she leans in for another kiss her hand begins to lead his higher and higher up under her dress. His lust is heightened when he begins to feel the steam rising from her core. Both sets of eyes bug open wide and grab hold of the other’s as his extended fingers slide into her panty-less dripping folds.

“Oh God!!!” she moans into his throat.

The grip on her neck tightens as his tongue pushes deeper into her mouth and his rigid fingers pump in out of her dripping slit. His mind begins to spin. How he loves the feel of her smooth, wet pussy. He had never before felt another so wet, tight and smoking hot. Almost immediately her body begins to spasm uncontrollably. As he works his fingers ever faster, her hand has risen up and slid into his thick brown head of hair, driving their mouths even closer together. After several minutes he feels her orgasm begin to wane and he slows the pace of his fingers. Still probing the depths of their mouths, he grabs a fistful of hair and backs away from her. He’s holding her head in place and brings his dripping fingers up to her head as he tilts it back. She’s staring straight into his eyes and her mouth is gaping open, ready to do as he asks. She loves to please him.

“That’s it babe, don’t you dare waste a drop!” he whispers as he pushes past her lips and she closes her mouth, sucking and licking his fingers. Long before she’s finished the job he pulls his fingers out and slides them into his own mouth. Damn, how he’s missed her sweet nectar. Once they’re clean he leans in and kisses her deeply once again. Theirs is the kind of love where they could almost be satisfied by kissing alone….almost.

Settling back again in their tall, cushioned chairs, his hand wrapped in hers, they begin anew to watch the film. It’s a good flick that on any other day would be good enough to easily hold their attention. Alas, this isn’t any other day. They had been apart far too long. Soon the sweet smell of her lovely natural scent is flooding his nostrils, and the added scent of her sweet cream is driving him to the brink of insanity. Just as it is in their seats, the sexual tension on the screen was beginning to build between the lead actors. Before you could say, “Fuck, I need to come!” their mouths were glued together and his hand was slowly trekking up inside her dress again.

Not a word is spoken but it’s as if she is in his spell. Her ass has slid forward in her seat, leaving her dress rolled up and resting at her lower back.

“Pinch your nipples!” comes his nearly silent command. No sooner had she heard the words and her left hand was pulling on the top of the green fabric and her right begins to cup her right breast. Sliding her hand from the width all the way to her hardened nip, she takes her throbbing nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“Hmmm, that’s my obedient pet!” he encourages. “You know what to do!”

Moans begin escaping from her clenched teeth as she pinches down hard and extends her hand outwards, pulling her nipple until it extends out an amazing two inches. As the actress starts to pursue her leading man, the sound of her feet pounding the pavement as she’s playfully running after him down the street, Stacy begins to feel a pounding inside her own body. His fingers are deeply lodged inside of her, tapping rhythmically on her G spot, almost in time to the film’s runner girl. She loves to have her nipples tweaked and twisted, and she’s being so rough now that the sensations alone might push her to her second come. He knows her. He’s a very attentive lover and can sense exactly where her body is. Forcefully grabbing her chin, he turns her head so that their eyes meet. He then leans in so that his lips and breath are literally on her ear.

“Do not come! I will tell you when you can fucking come!”

With a determined increase in aggression, he is finger fucking his beauty as her back begins to arch right off of the seat. Her ass is now a foot in the air, her body doing a plank from her head to the back of her thighs. He looks up just in time and gets “the look” from her. He loves this woman and he looks upon her with mercy.

“Yes, my pet, you may come now.”

It is a fortunate thing, what with her crescendo matching the one in the movie. If not for that, and the quick work of her lover as he turns her head and shoves his thumb into her mouth to deafen the scream, they might have been carted off to jail. Stacy, raising her hips to fuck his hand right back, is now grunting and moaning and thrusting with all of her strength. He swears, as he relentlessly pistons in and out of her cunt, that her juicy muscles are threatening to suck the fingers right off of his hand. His hand is now completely drenched, as well as the seat beneath her. The sweet aroma of sex has finally overtaken the smell of buttered popcorn and fills the air even as sexy, guttural moans have filled their ears.

When her tired body finally descends back down on the soaked seat, he removes his fingers and leans over her to feast. She can hear him licking and sucking his fingers as she continues to play with her still throbbing nipple. When she’s caught her breath a little she reaches for his wrist and he looks up into her moistened eyes. His tender, gorgeous beauty, just as she often does, has tears rolling down her cheeks. She is so lovely, so damn endearing. She gently pulls his hand up and, with eyes riveted to his, takes his digits one by one between her dreamy lips. Licking, sucking, kissing, seductively playing with her tongue, she cleans all of her remaining cum from his hand then leans in and shares it with her lover. She loves to kiss him. She loves to share her cum with him and she loves the sweet taste of his thick white cream. She hopes that she can have some again soon. Today, there is truly no place she’d rather be than right here with him.

The movie is far from over. Their kissing and frolicking has lasted pretty much the entire length of the 122 minute film. He fingers her to yet one more come as his mouth is busy covering hers. At one point he even saw fit to fill his mouth with one of her breasts, enjoying a lengthy suck and bite-fest on her protruding nipple.

When the credits begin to roll and people start to exit, they find their stomachs in knots. This isn’t just the end of the movie, this also pretty much concludes their time together until God knows when. Just before the lights come up they look at each other with that all too familiar dreadful pain.

Well, they silently think in unison, at least we had a good time and at least we didn’t get caught, at least no one knew. Just then, as if to slap them back into reality, they hear the man behind them stand up. They had forgotten all about him. After his initial entrance he had remained deadly silent. That is, until now. He places a hand on the younger man’s shoulder and leans in between the couple.

“Damn, what a great show! Let me know if there’s ever a repeat performance. I’ll definitely want to see that!” he says, pats him on the shoulder and then walks out of the theater. As soon as he’s out of sight the young lovers look at each other, a smile spreading to their faces, and finally they begin to wail out loud in laughter.

Moments later the two of them are making the short trek back to the parking lot. It’s a slow and painful process, each knowing the end of their time together is upon them as they walk hand in hand.

Standing at her car now, she unlocks the door and begins to open it. Her eyes are clenched tight when he removes her right hand from the handle and pushes it closed again. He raises her arm and places it over the rooftop of her car. He leans in against her, his body pushing hard into hers. His swollen cock pushes into the crack of her ass as his hand slides to the front of her neck, pulling her chin high into the air. She gasps loudly as his lips surround her ear and he tenderly bites into her fleshy lobe.

“Are you going to miss me?” he teases between nibbles.

“Oh God yes…”

His left hand has slid over the outside of her breast, cupping it harshly through the tight green material. She can feel his steel-like cock as it continues to push into her flesh. She’s wanted his cock for nearly a month. Right now she’d drop down to her knees and beg for it if he would let her suck him off. Damn, she wants his cum! Unfortunately, she knows who, as always, is in control here.

“You better…I want you…I need you Stacy!”

Immediately he lets her go, steps back, opens the door and helps her inside. She’s all flustered now. She wants more. She needs more. As he always has done, he leans in and fastens the seat belt snugly around her, tucking her in so to speak.

“You know we can’t do this anymore. We’re married; it just isn’t right. This shouldn’t have happened today. We owe it to…”

He cuts her off mid-sentence when he leans down and shoves his tongue into her mouth and forces his hand right back into her still dripping cunt. With his right hand grabbing hard onto her neck, he is tongue fucking one hole while finger fucking the other. She begins to moan so loudly the sound in the small car is almost stifling. Within a minute she is approaching the very edge of another come and then, just as quickly as it has started, he removes his fingers and his tongue.

She begins to protest and immediately finds his sticky fingers lodged inside her mouth. She knows what to do and begins to suck them fervently.

“I’ll see you soon my pet! Call me after you get on the freeway!” and he closes her door in finality.

She drives away with a flustered look, a tentative wave and misty eyes. In spite of this Dom’s strength, her beauty just about brings him to his knees. He can’t stand the thought of one more day being apart from her. He needs this woman. He loves this woman. He can’t help but to talk aloud to himself.

“Damn I need her…
She better not be gone with the wind!”

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