Oh, No! Oh, Yes! - Part 3

By sublime

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Finally, we met again

It's been over a year now since I accidentally sent my sister-in-law the email that was supposed to go to my wife. Who knew, as I sat there in a panic at the time wondering what to do, that it would lead up to these encounters. So far my sister-in-law and I have been able to play together on two occasions since my initial accident of hitting the send button. Since our last encounter our families did get together once but we were unable to make anything happen. It was a quick visit and the timing of everything just wasn't right. As usual we never want to force anything if the situation isn't there. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves.

This third visit I'm about to share with you was by far our most intense. We agreed not to have sex. At least that was the plan. Yes, we could just get a room and have complete privacy to ourselves without anybody walking in on us. But honestly, what fun would that be?

The best part of a cat's life is chasing the mouse. If the cat can have the mouse any time it chooses, then the cat will no longer crave that mouse.

Well, about two weeks ago my wife tells me she wants us to go up to visit her sister and her kids for the weekend. It's been a while since our families have gotten together so sure, I'm up for it (no pun intended). Also... they have a hot tub!

As usual before our visits, I send my sis-in-law over an instant message while I'm at work telling her that I'm looking forward to the visit. She replied back happily and this begins an instant message marathon over the next three days that blew me away. Basically, we started off with polite small talk and gradually escalated to full on dirty talk about what we wanted to do to each other. Most of the stuff we wouldn't or couldn't actually do, but for three days while we were both at work, we talked and masturbated over instant messenger. It was simply amazing listening to my wife's sister, who in our family settings is very conservative and clean cut, tell me things like she wants me to finger her ass while she sucks on my cock. It's fascinating seeing another side of a person come out when the right situation presents itself. We halted our messaging a couple days before the visit and where we left off is where I hoped to begin. I told her I wanted to cum for her as many times as possible over the course of the weekend. Who knew if we would have time for 10 minutes of privacy like our last session in my kitchen or if it was going to be nothing but quickie encounters of her watching? I didn't know and I didn't care. This was as open and dirty as we've ever been with each other online, we were both horny as hell and I was excited to see where it would go.

I also asked one last favor of her. For some reason I'm always paranoid that even though we have our fun online, when it comes time for our actual family visits I'm worried she may have a change of heart. Which is perfectly fine, but I don't want to be persistent and make her uncomfortable if she ever has second thoughts or simply decides now is not the time. I simply asked my sister-in-law to wear a yellow shirt/tank top or whatever to let me know she's ready and willing if the situation presented itself. (we talked for 15 minutes online deciding what color, blue, green, etc... she decided yellow was the right color. Don't ask me.) Maybe this wasn't really needed, but we thought it was a fun game none the less that showed some sort of signal only her and I would understand. This only heightened the situation.

We arrived at their house on Friday in the late morning with plans on staying until Sunday morning. We were greeted at the front door by my brother-in-law with the usual hugs and hellos. We made our way to the kitchen where the kids ran to greet each other and finally my sister-in-law walked into the kitchen behind them... wearing a bright yellow shirt.

We exchanged hugs and we gave each other quick glances of coy smiles. Even though we've played before it's still a little bit awkward the first time we see each other after our online escapades.

My family is staying in a small back house in their backyard. One tiny bedroom with one tiny bathroom. It's plenty for my wife and I and our youngest as the older kids usually all sack out together inside. As most of the day goes by, I tell my wife I'm going to set up the cot/crib that my youngest is going to sleep on in our room. We borrow it from my sis-in-law every time we visit so we don't have to travel with ours. It's a bit of a pain, but by now I've gotten fairly good at it. I'm in the midst of setting it up when I noticed the bottom mat is missing along with some velcro straps and sheets that should be attached. So, I walk to the main house and open the back door and ask anyone who's listening about the missing parts.

"Oh shoot" my sis-in-law calls out. "I took it all apart to wash them and I forgot to put it back together."

"No problem" I reply as I waited by the back door.

"Let me show you how to put it back on" she says as she walks through the house just loud enough for everyone to hear.

Nobody even thinks twice as to her bringing the parts out to me. My wife is in the kitchen helping prepare the food along with my brother-in-law who is getting ready to do some serious barbecuing. She walks out the back door with a big smile and walks briskly to the back house. Holy shit, I thought to myself, was it about to happen right now? I follow behind her through the door and the cot is right there half put together. The door is still cracked open but nobody can see us. She drops the mat on the floor and my hand goes directly to her ass. She's wearing shorts and my hand is immediately wedged between her ass crack and I'm groping her aggressively. Her crotch feels warm and I imagine her wet pussy inside those shorts. My sister-in-law turns to face me and grabs my cock through the outside my of shorts and for a few seconds we're in this heated embrace, almost hugging and fondling each other passionately. I get hard almost instantly and her hand is securely attached to my shaft.

"I want to cum for you" I tell her as I now massage her soft tits on the outside of her shirt.

"We don't have time" she says. "You stay here and start stroking. I'm going to go get you another sheet for the cot and when I bring it back I want to see you cum for me."

I just smile and tell her I'll be here. As she turns around to leave I tell her to wait.

"Pull down the back of your shorts and show me your ass real quick."

She knows how much I love her round white ass. As she stands at the door without even unbuttoning her shorts she grabs the waistband and scoots them down over her ass. With her cheeks now exposed to me, I'm quickly on my knees spreading her cheeks and enjoying the view that is inches from my face. I slide my between her legs to quickly feel her lips and neatly trimmed pubic hair. I give her ass cheek a little kiss and then just like that she teasingly slaps my hands away, lifts up her shorts and exits out the door. My best guess is that little encounter lasted about two minutes. And now I had about a minute to get my hard cock ready to cum for her. I was pretty worked up so it wasn't hard to do. I dropped my shorts and boxers to my ankles and stood next to the window stroking my cock, peaking out of the closed blinds. About 30 seconds later she comes out of the main house with a blanket in hand and hurries back. Upon entering the room she sees me naked from the waist down and gives me a big smile.

"Mmmm, that's what I like to see" she says as she sets the sheets down.

"I'm close" I tell her.

She walks over to me and begins fondling my balls as she looks down at my hand stroking vigorously. She kneels down and immediately takes my cock into her mouth and the feeling her wet tongue on me sends me right over the edge. She begins milking stream after stream of cum down her throat. My knees want to buckle so badly but I do my best to stay composed, holding the back of her head with one hand as I listen to the noises of her wet mouth engulfing my cock. Once I'm drained my cock springs from her mouth and she's looking up at me as my cock lays against her face. She kisses the tip of my cock and stands up and goes to the bathroom to do a quick check of her face. She smiles and says don't be long and vanishes out the door. And just like that I'm standing there alone pulling up my pants just having cum down her throat. I quickly put the rest of the cot together and joined everyone inside. We carried on as if nothing had happened and honestly we both deserved an Oscar for how non-chalantly we played it. Time to start the barbecue!

Dinner came and went and we enjoyed a nice evening drinking wine and cocktails while the kids played into the night. After getting the kids to bed we decided that the hot tub was in order! Now as much as I'd love to tell you that my sister-in-law and I had a hot steamy encounter in the hot tub (trust me I was hoping) it didn't happen. The four of us were together in the hot tub the entire time and the two of us weren't alone for a second. I did enjoy watching my sis-in-law get in and out of the hot tub in her little red bikini. It looked incredibly hot as the wet material stuck to her curves when she got out. After an hour or two in the water we all started getting hot (and drunk) and decided to retreat back inside for a movie. Being a horror fan, I suggested a good scary movie. Surprising they all agreed to the horror flick and in we went inside to change and get comfortable. We all met a few moments later in the living room and out comes my sister-in-law in a pair of cotton pajama bottoms and... another yellow t-shirt. No eye contact was made but trust me, I was smiling on the inside. We made another round of drinks for the girls and got a few beers for the guys and made our way to the couch.

Their couch is a big 'L' shaped couch, so I take a seat right at the corner/wedge of the couch and my wife lays between my legs with her head and pillow on my lap. She has a blanket over her as well. My brother-in-law is sitting on the other end of the couch with my sister-in-law laying her head almost against him with her feet almost touching me. I purposely sat there hoping maybe to get close but honestly I can't pretend that I knew what was about to unfold. As I expected my wife was fast asleep about 30 minutes into the movie. We've all had our share of drinks and my wife not being a night owl is always the first one out. As my wife lay there sleeping beneath me, I'm keeping a close eye on my brother-in-law. He's drank his share and I'm hoping the dark room and alcohol will catch up with him and he'll soon be dozing off. The movie goes on and within the next half hour he does just that. He slowly dozes off, fully engulfed by the corner of the couch, fast asleep. My sister-in-law actually had to get up and remove the beer from his hands so he didn't spill it. It confirmed we were the only ones awake.

I motioned for her to scoot down a little bit and she positioned her pillow a few feet from her husband so her feet were touching me as she was laying in the fetal position. She covered herself back up and resumed watching the movie. This was by far the most daring we've been to this point as we were both laying on the couch with our passed out spouses. We both probably would of been asleep as well if not for our hidden agenda. I know at times I was forcing myself to stay awake as was she. My first move was sliding my left hand under her blanket and positioning it on her thigh. My heart raced at first as I felt her leg for the first time in the presence of everyone around us. I moved my hand up her cotton pajamas and my hand was now on her ass. I started slowly moving my hand around her cheeks trying to keep the rest of me as still as possible. Part of me couldn't believe this was happening right there, but part of me was not surprised at all. Her ass was about an arms length away so I leaned over slightly to grab the back of her pajamas and with a little help of her raised hips, I maneuvered them over her ass and down just below her cheeks. My hand immediately went back to her soft cold ass, massaging it as we lay there watching the movie. I then wedged my hand between her thighs and she opened them ever so slightly giving me better access. The side of my hand slowly found itself between her soft lips. I felt her wetness on my hand and I slowly moved it back and forth rubbing her pussy under the blanket. I then guided two fingers slowly inside her. I mean slow. I took my time parting her lips with my fingers, finding the right position and one finger then entered her pussy. I then guided my second finger inside her slowly until they were both deep inside of her. She had to part her knees a little further to allow my fingers to penetrate her. My fingers were soaked as they gently fucked her laying there on the couch. I lifted the blanket up briefly to get a glimpse of her ass as I fingered her, but after a moment she motioned for me to cover her ass back up. But what a site it was to see her pajamas pulled to her thighs and my fingers deep inside my sister-in-law. I remember staring at her face as she would close her eyes every time my pace picked up a little bit. I would go quicker for a few minutes sliding my fingers in and out and then I would stop and just sit there watching the movie feeling her pussy contracting around my fingers. This continued off and on for about 20 minutes.

I wanted to taste her so badly and my mind was racing how to make this happen. We couldn't really talk but I knew she was wet and horny and I was hard as a rock under my wife's pillow. My brother-in-law was out like a light so I decided to try and get up and wake my wife up in hopes she'd wake up and decide to go to bed. I had to go to the bathroom anyway, so I began to scoot out from under her. I lifted her head and pillow off my lap and stood up. She plopped back down and didn't budge. Okay, so now what. I whispered to my sis-in-law that I'd be right back and off to the bathroom I went. This took longer than expected but those of you guys that have ever tried to pee with a hard on know it's virtually impossible. Other than doing a hand stand you just have to wait for it to go down a little bit. And considering I was just finger fucking my sis-in-law and my hand was covered in her beautiful scent, this was not easy. None the less, I made it happen and a few minutes later I returned to the scene of the crime, where everyone was exactly how I left them.

I looked at her laying next to her husband and we both gave out a silent giggle. The movie was probably about 2/3 of the way done and I just stood there thinking. I really didn't want to sit back down, I wanted my sister-in-law... badly. So I motioned for her to get up and come with me. She sat up and shrugged and silently asked 'where?' I had no idea actually, but I just shrugged back and looked around the house. Bedrooms were not an option in case someone woke up. The same with outside. We didn't want to be gone and look suspicious. I pointed to the kitchen and I could see her thinking about it and debating the risks. I walked into the kitchen which was right around the corner behind the T.V. and she ended up following me. We stood there for a second assessing the situation all while gently groping each other. I felt like two high-school kids trying to sneak around, hiding from their parents, but it was quite a thrill to be honest. She stood in the entrance of the kitchen just out of site of the living the room. We could easily peak around the wall and see our spouses but us being in the dark kitchen, we were out of their site completely... and this is where it got fun.

I whispered to her, "If anyone wakes up, turn on the lights and go to the sink or refrigerator and just start doing stuff. I'll grab a beer out of the frig and we'll just go on as if we're doing... something". It sounded like a solid plan in my head at the time, but we weren't really thinking straight either. I just figured it would be a lot less suspicious then the both of us coming out of a room or something.

She stood with her back to me and I immediately put my hand down the back of her pajamas. I lowered them all of the way down to her ankles and she stood their half naked peaking around the corner. I've seen her naked before but the site of her pants dropping to the ground and her bare ass and pussy being exposed to me never gets old. Every time is like the first time all over again. I told her keep watching them and then got on my knees behind her. I never get tired of seeing her big round ass in front of me. She's fairly tan and her white ass stood out even in the dark kitchen. With one hand on each cheek, I spread her apart and buried my face in her ass. I licked every inch of her that I could and tried to position myself below to her slide my tongue inside of her pussy. It wasn't easy but I did my best and eventually felt her lips against my face. I knew my neck could only stand so much of this position so I told her to get on her knees. She got down on all fours and still kept her head facing the doorway so she could peak around the corner. It was so hot seeing her like this but honestly it didn't make it much easier for me to eat her out. What I ended up doing was just laying down beneath her. I laid down on my back and slid under her pussy. She had to take one leg out of her pajama bottoms which made her a bit nervous but we weren't turning back now. Basically she didn't change positions but was now able to ride my face. I grabbed her hips and helped guide her down until she was sitting on my mouth and of course she was still facing the direction to be on the lookout.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and she began rocking back and forth grinding against my face. My tongue was out and she was sliding her pussy back and forth against it. My tongue would open her lips every time she crossed my mouth. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair would tickle my nose every time she thrusted forward on my face. Over the next few minutes she fucked my face like this while she watched the others sleep. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and her grinding became shorter and more precise. She was grabbing my head and really forcing me into her crotch. She was using my mouth like a sex toy to get her off and I could feel her body begin to quiver a little bit. I had begun stroking my cock during this but quickly stopped and slid a finger in her ass as she fucked my mouth faster and harder. The force of her pressing against me almost hurt but I wasn't about to stop this now. As I began to really finger her ass she really forced my mouth into her pussy and began to shake. I could tell she wanted to moan so badly but all you heard was heavy breathing and silent gasps. My face was soaked with her juices as she gyrated on my face. She gripped a big chunk of my hair as if she was going to pull it out and held my face for a few seconds firmly against her wet pussy. It felt like she was in the middle of an orgasm because of her shaky breathing and her legs were also shaking a little bit. She slowly came to a halt and held my face in her crotch for another moment. She then let go of my hair and collapsed forward to catch her breath. I scooted out from under her to catch a glimpse of them still passed out on the couch. She stayed on her hands and knees for another few moments breathing heavily below me. We were both so horny and I wanted to cum badly.

"Just stay like that for a minute" I whispered to her.

I kneeled behind her and ran my hand over her crotch and it was incredible how wet she was. I rubbed her juices all over her ass almost like a lube which made her ass cheeks glisten in the dark. I was planning to jack off on her ass as quickly as I could. I continued to cover her ass with her own juices as I stroked my hard cock. All of our inhibitions were gone at this point and there was heavy lust in the air. I was stroking my cock and fingering her at the same time and she made no attempt to stop me. She arched her back and stuck her ass out even further giving me complete access to do whatever I wanted to her. I placed by cock between her cheeks and masturbated my cock using her round soft cheeks. I would stop and tease her asshole with the tip of my cock and then continue stroking. We were both so damn horny. I decided to talk dirty to her like we did when we were online.

"Oh babe, I'm going fuck you in the ass." I whispered to her, half shocking myself.

"Do it!" she whispered back.

I could believe this. We were instantly at another level, a dirtier level.

"I'm going to cum in your ass babe." I said.

"Oh fuck, cum in me right now.. hurry!" she said.

This was crazy. My wife was passed out in the living room and her sister was on all fours in the kitchen asking me to cum in her ass. Very slowly, I slid my cock inside of her and watched it disappear inside of her ass. My shorts were almost off and we were doomed if anyone woke up. Once my cock was half way in I began fucking her faster. I grabbed her hair for leverage and for the next minute we fucked as fast as we could. Watching her ass bounce around with every thrust was sending me over the edge. Thankfully the volume on the T.V. was covering the sounds of her ass cheeks slapping against me. I didn't want it to end but the sites and sounds I was witnessing were bringing me close to climax. After a few more big thrusts against her ass and I whispered to her that I was going to cum.

"Come in my ass!" she whispered a little bit louder.

And with hearing those words from my sister-in-laws mouth, I pumped and pumped everything I had into her. My cock pulsating inside of her wouldn't stop cumming. I bit my lip trying to keep quiet. It felt so good to finally cum and I enjoyed slowly sliding it out watching it drip down her crack. I couldn't believe we just crossed that line, but there was no doubt how much we both wanted it. We both stood up and composed ourselves and she scurried off to the bathroom in her room down the hall. I knew she would be in there for a few moments cleaning up. I went to the guest bathroom to do the same.

We eventually both came out to the living room to them still passed out. I'm guessing 15 or 20 minutes went by during this, but really I'm not sure. It always happens so fast. I opened up another beer because I didn't know what else to do and noticed the movie was over and it was now just back to the main menu. We eventually woke them up and all of us went off to bed.

My sister-in-law and I didn't get together again the rest of the weekend. I think the night before was so intense we were both kind of in shock or spent from our encounter. It didn't really feel weird between us the next day but we both were like, holy shit, did that really happen? At least that's the feeling I got.

As we got home from our visit and started our work week I couldn't stop thinking about it was a little worried that she was upset or ashamed, I had no idea really.

Finally towards the end of the day on Monday I decided to send her a quick instant message:

me: are we okay?

S.I.L: we're great!

me: okay, I was worried I crossed the line or made you uncomfortable.

S.I.L: seriously? the only thing uncomfortable was my damn kitchen floor.

me: haha

S.I.L: well, I'll talk to you soon. I've got to call your wife soon.

me: why's that?

S.I.L: so we can make plans for the holidays ;)