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Oh to Sister Mary Rose

Nuns have good hidden talents

Oh to Sister Mary Rose


            This all started when Tommy “my buddy” throws some clay during art class and it stuck to the caulk board. Being the best buddy a guy could have, he points right at me, when Sister Mary Rose said “Who just throw this clay?!” I wasn’t even paying attention one bit when Tommy thrown it. It was quit a shock when Sister Mary Rose yanked me out of my chair by my shirt collar. She march me out of the room down the hall to her office, she push me in and shut the door locking it behind her, I knew I was in deep shit.

            Now I wasn’t a saint by any means in school, and took a little pride in messing with Sister Mary Rose in the past. It wasn’t any surprise she was pissed at me. She ordered me to walk over to her as she set down at her desk chair, “We’ve been here before“she says. I had my mouth smacked, knuckles cracked with a ruler, even spanked by her, but the look in her eyes was an all time pissed off look, even for me. She reaches over for her paddle and tells me to down my paints. Holy shit I thought, this is going to hurt. I stood there in a bit of shock so she repeated herself and this time add “Your underwear too”.

            I undid my belt and unsnapped my paint, pulled them down underwear too. I stood there butt naked in front of her, she took a quick look at my penis and told me to lay across her lap. I don’t mind telling you I was scared to death, I put my hands on her knee as I leaned forward and then laid down on her lap. My penis rubbed up against her skirt and the material felt good as my penis slide along down her thigh. There I was with my ass in the air waiting for that first crack of the paddle. To my surprise Sister Mary Rose took her hand and rubbed my ass very softly in small circles both cheeks. This was making my penis start to move, it felt just as good as her skirt did.

            Then came the crack, but not with the paddle. It was with her hand, and another and another. I lost count about six or so I think, because I had noticed my penis was hard, making me rub against her thigh every time she smack my bare ass. My mind was spinning I didn’t know what to feel pain or pleasure. About the tenth smack we’ll say, her hand smacked my balls, I guess my legs had separated a bit with each smack. Now that hurt! I jumped up saying “You smacked my balls” as I reach around with my left hand to rub them, this put my hard dick right at her face.

            Sister Mary Rose was shock herself and began to apologize for hitting them, “Oh my lord child, I’m so sorry, let me see them” she says putting her hands on my hips to turn me around. I’m sure they were as red as my ass was. She kept apologizing and told me to bend over for her to get a good look at them. All the sudden I felt her hand softly rubbing them, that felt so good and made my dick rock hard, I didn’t want her to stop. She then told me to turn around and started to apologize some more but she stopped in mid sentence when she saw my hardon bouncing. I had never had it throb like that before, it was so damn hard I though it was going to bust.

            She sat there with her mouth open, I was waiting for her to finish her sentence. More to my surprise and liking her grabbed my hardon and leaned over and put it in her mouth. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! I had never felt anything in my life feel so good! I learned later this is a blow job, and a great one at that. She slowly took more in her mouth and then pulled her head back. I thought that would be it but no, and thank god she was not finished with my at all. She kept this motion up putting more and more of my cock in her mouth, she was trying to take the whole thing in. she gagged at first than she slowly pushed her head to me and my whole cock was in her mouth.

            This I also learned is a deep throat, me like. She had to take her hand off of me in order to swallow my cock, with one hand on my hip helping me fuck her mouth, the other was softly rubbing my balls. After a few minute of this treatment I felt something stranger in my balls I thought it was because she was rubbing them, well it seems that was helping the felling. The next thing I know all of muscles in my crouch are freaking out. Sister Mary Rose pulls her mouth off my cock as I saw it shooting white juice like stuff out, hitting her in the face. There was a bunch still in her mouth as well. What the hell is going on, this too I learned was shooting your wad. Sister Mary Rose seemed to be possessed with this white stuff licking her mouth and my cock all over, she was moaning the whole time I later remember.

            After we both calmed down and she regained her composer, she told me we’re to never speak of this and I would not be punished for it. For me, my head was still in the clouds, I would have agreed to anything, plus I had no way of knowing just what went on just now. “Sure I won’t tell anyone, I promise” “Good, now pull up your paint and go straight back to class, remember not a word” she said while waving her finger at me.

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