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One night with a coworker

Two coworkers and friends down on their luck keep each other company
Clara and I had been friends for a couple years when this incident happened. We worked together and that is the source of our friendship. She is one of my most cherished friends and one night we took it too far.

Clara had been seeing her boyfriend for about seven years. She wasn’t interested in marriage or kids and was happy to live freely and enjoy life. Clara and I chatted much about my failed relationships and the troubles she would have with her boyfriend. I enjoyed these chats because we could joke with each other about our problems and we always knew what to say to each other. We were almost comparable to Jim and Pam on The Office before they got together.

I am your average guy, 6’4” and built like a football player. Girls would always joke with me that their moms wanted them to marry me. I guess I am a nice guy but have trouble finding the right girl. Clara on the other hand is a gorgeous female that doesn’t realize how beautiful she actually is. She has an ass that I always admired and nice C cup breasts that would often be hidden by the shirts she wore. She has a beautiful face with a very caring look to her. She is very protective of her friends and always looked out for me when I needed her.

One day after work on a Friday, Clara and I decided it was beer-o’clock. It had been a stressful week at our workplace and drinks were definitely needed. We each had our own stresses as I had a girl break up with me the week prior and her boyfriend had left the week before for a month long trip to Europe. Between work and our personal problems and stresses, we drank hard. We went to our favorite bar and the bartender fed us way too many drinks. I was sitting at the bar looking around the room at women when I noticed that next to me Clara had taken off her work shirt to reveal her breasts being hugged by a tight tank top. She shook out her hair a bit and I instantly had a hard on seeing her in this new light. She looked over at me with compassionate eyes and asked if I saw any women there that interested me. I paused for a second and blurted out that no women in the bar were interesting me and that I would have to pay attention to her. She giggled a bit and blushed. We sat there for about another hour and chatted away.

When we decided to leave it was about 10 o’clock. I told Clara that I was worried about her walking home as she lived in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. I lived in the opposite direction. My brain told me that I was crazy to walk her home expecting anything as she was in a relationship and wouldn’t cheat on her man. My drunken instinct though was to walk her home and I didn’t hesitate whatsoever. She told me she would be fine but would like some company on the way home if I didn’t have anywhere to be. My mind immediately raced as to what this meant and my dick became hard again. I hope she hadn’t seen the bulge in my pants that was growing by the second. We set off for her place and chatted away about her plans for the weekend. About halfway on the walk to her place we stopped in the middle of a bridge that we had to cross. She looked at me and peered into my soul with her gorgeous eyes. She told me to not think about what she was about to do and leaned in and kissed me with her sweet lips. I hesitated at first but kissed her back, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. It may have been the romantic scene overlooking the harbor at night, or perhaps my willingness to keep her company while she was lonely, but she kissed me with intense passion.

After kissing on the bridge for what must have been 10 minutes we continued to walk to her home. Her hand grasped mine tightly as we walked. I could tell she had wanted to do this for a while. She told me of how she had always admired me as one of her closest friends and found me to be quite sexy. She said she had never made any advances but on this particular night she needed someone who she trusted to keep her company. I told her afterwards of how I had always found her to be one of the sexiest women I know and how her features drove my imagination wild sometimes. She grinned at me as we turned down to the street where she lived. I had only seen the outside of her house before, never the inside. My mind went crazy thinking about what would happen next. We arrived at her doorstep and she pulled me in for a big hug. I still had a bulge in my pants at that point and it rubbed against her hip as we hugged. She pulled back a little when she felt it, but then broke off the hug, opened the door, and walked into her home without closing it. I had to decide right then and there whether I wanted to do this with a close friend who was committed to her boyfriend. As I contemplated this for what must have been 30 seconds, she came back to the front entrance way with 2 drinks in hand, shocked to see me still outside. “Get in here you goof!” she yelled out at me. My brain shut off then and there and I proceeded into the house, thanking her for the drink.

We sat down on the couch and finished our drinks with tons of sexual tension flowing between us in our body language. She instructed me to wait in the living room while she went and changed out of her work clothes. I obliged, waiting for the few minutes. She came back into the room with a robe on and looked at me passionately. She immediately came to the couch and kissed me with such passion that I had never experienced before. I kissed her back, running my hand through her hair and down her back. Her body tingled to my touch as she ran her hand up my thigh and along my shirt to my mouth. Was this really happening? Next thing I knew she began to unbutton my shirt running her hands over my pectorals and kissing my exposed neck. I pulled her in closer and looked down at her now exposed cleavage leaping though her robe. I kissed her on the lips once again and began to undo the knot holding her robe together. While doing this she reached down and rubbed my dick through my pants with her gentle hands. I pulled her robe off revealing a lace bra barely holding in her perfect breasts and a soaked thong. She was horny as hell and pushed me back on the couch and told me to relax.

Clara took her time teasing me about what was going to happen next exploring my chest with kisses and her tongue all while rubbing my dick that was ready to explode. Next thing I knew my belt was being undone and there was my whipping out of my boxers. She was astonished to see how big I was and began teasing me once again by playing with my balls and touching my rock hard cock. She then got up and looked at me with the same look of passion she had been giving me all night. She blew a kiss my way and went down to take my whole member in her mouth. I moaned in passion as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft, mixing in her tongue to give the best blowjob I had ever had. I felt a huge cum loading up and told her I was ready to cum. She then worked even harder at the best blowjob I had ever had and when she felt my tremble before shooting my load, she took my whole member in her mouth and let the hot loads of cum spill down her throat. She swallowed every last drop before looking at me with her gazing eyes once more.

I told her it was her turn to relax and she lay back on the couch this time as I began caressing her body with my tongue. She moaned in excitement and pleasure as I came close to her bra. I lifted her up and removed her bra revealing C cup breasts with tiny little rick hard nipples asking to be played with. I proceed to suck on her nipples and rub her down with my hand slowly working my way up her thigh. She moaned once more and quivered when my hand came close her pussy. I began rubbing her clit through her thong and she gasped at the suddenness of my hand reaching down her thong to finger her. I pulled off her thong to reveal a very nice pussy that was shaved and getting wetter by the second. She moaned much louder as I fingered her and licked her clit. The intense passion was getting to her as she began to grasp my arm tightly and cry out. She came twice while I licked her folds and pussy and still she wanted more. 

Clara sat up and looked at me sternly begging me to enter her. Without hesitation I inserted my 8 inch member into her vagina and fucked her hard. She screamed out in passion as my balls slapped her ass. After fucking her hard I came blowing my load deep in her. She loved this and came instantly as well.

We both fell back on the couch and looked at each other. We just began laughing that we had actually just done that. What a night. I joined her in the shower afterwards and fucked her once more. As we dried each other off she thanked me for keeping her company. I dressed quickly and left after one more kiss at the door. 

Clara is still seeing her boyfriend to this day, not married. And I am now seeing another girl who is hot and gives me what I need. Clara and I are still close friends and every once in a while Clara will get lonely and ask me to keep her company again. I am always more than happy to help her out. 

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