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Opening Up Victoria

Taking my sister in law's virginity
I lay back on the bed, my ten inch cock pointing at the ceiling as Victoria entered the room. Victoria is my wife’s youngest sister, and I was her 16 th birthday present from my wife. Unlike me, Victoria was still dressed at this point, her slim figure covered in a simple white t-shirt and skinny jeans. She was 5 foot 6 with a slim figure. For all her slenderness she already had fairly large C to D cup breasts. Her hair was long straight and mid brown in colour. Her eyes were large and blue and her features fine with sensuous lips. In short she was a very attractive young girl.

Victoria’s eyes were instantly drawn to my throbbing cock. She paused just inside the room. I sensed that nerves might get the better of this little virgin, and so I got up off the bed and walked over to her. I took her into my arms; my hard cock pressed against her stomach and kissed her. At first she tensed up, but as the kiss continued I felt her relax and begin to kiss me back. I broke the kiss and said, “Don’t be frightened Victoria, I will make a woman of you today.”

I began to let my hands rove over her firm young body, feeling her ass first and then letting a hand move up to cup her left breast. Again she stiffened when I touched her tit, so I left my hand there and again kissed her. I was delighted to feel her nipple harden even through her t-shirt and bra. Deciding it was time, I pulled her t-shirt up and over her head and arms leaving her standing in jeans and bra. What a sexy sight. This time I squeezed both her tits, my thumbs finding her nipples through the material of her white bra. “God you are so sexy,” I whispered to her.

To my delight I felt her hand take hold of my cock. With a shock I realised that I was so turned on that even at 35 I could easily cum with very little stimulation from this girl. I reached around her and undid her bra, pulling it away from her tits. “Wow”, I gasped as I saw them for the first time, perky with their teenage swollen nipples. “Victoria, you have no idea how much I want to fuck you! Dou you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes Simon, please fuck me.”

“You do know that your sister wants me to fuck you hard, to fuck you as if you are a dirty little slut.”

“She told me, she told me that you would use my every hole. Simon are you going to stick your cock into my asshole?”

“Yes I will, but not until I have fucked your little pussy. Victoria don’t call me Simon, I want you to call me Master!”


I took her now naked left breast into my hand as I bent down and took her right nipple into my mouth. Victoria let out a little cry and almost shuddered as she felt a man’s mouth on her naked nipple for the first time in her life. Leaving her tits alone for a moment I quickly undid her jeans button and without prompting she wriggled out of the jeans leaving just her panties in place. I can honestly say that Victoria was the sexiest girl I had ever seen nude. I knew that if I tried to fuck her now that two thrusts and I would cum. I did not want that for her first fuck and so said, “Victoria get down on your knees in front of me.”

“Yes Master!”

Victoria obeyed and knelt down in front of me, her beautiful face level with my rampant cock. Now my wife had ordered me to use Victoria hard, to fuck her the way I would fuck a dirty slut, and so I took hold of a handful of her hair, wrapping it around my hand and propelled her face towards my cock. “Open your mouth”, I ordered. Victoria obeyed and I pushed my cock into her mouth stopping only when I felt my helmet hit the back of her throat.

Victoria tried to pull back, but I held her head firmly in place and began to fuck her mouth, slowly at first, relishing not only the warm wetness of her mouth but also the choking noises she made as with every thrust I managed to push more of my 10 inch length down her throat. When I knew I was about to cum I pulled my cock out of her throat and held it in her mouth as my seed erupted into her mouth, string after string of my cum surging into her, until some of it was running down her chin.

When I knew I had almost finished, I pulled out of her mouth and let the last couple of ropes of cum hit her in the eyes. God but she looked like a dirty little whore with my cum stuck to her eyelashes and running down her chin. Finally with a gulp she swallowed what was in her mouth. “You are a right cock sucking little slut now Victoria. I am just going to call you whore now.”

“Yes Mater, I am your dirty little whore.”

I pulled her up onto her feet before pulling her panties down to reveal her completely naked pussy. “Fucking hell you really are such a dirty whore, you have shaved your little cunt!”

“No Master my sister (my wife) did it for me. She said you would like me naked.”

“She said right! We will have to get you into porn as soon as you are 18, you are meant for sex.”

I let my hand reach down and touch her pussy lips, rubbing upwards until I hit her clitoris. Again Victoria cried out as I touched her button. Despite having just pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth, my cock was already hard again. “OK whore, I am going to fuck you hard now!”

“Yeas Master, fuck me like a whore.”

I pushed her down unto the bed, with her face buried into the duvet and her ass in the air. I guided my cock to her slit, first teasing her by rubbing its head up and down the length of her sex slit, before finally starting to push it in. I revelled in feeling the resistance of her intact hymen. I paused a moment before thrusting on until her hymen give way. She let out a little squeal as I felt her warm blood against my cock. I was in, and so with a hard thrust shoved my 10 inches home, feeling the head of my cock ram into her cervix. “What does it feel like to have your brother-in law’s big cock in your cunt you dirty little whore?”

“Ahhhh….Master it feels so good.”

I began pumping my cock into her, driving her face into the bed with every thrust. She moaned and cried as I worked her. Never had sex felt so good. Her young pussy was tight, but the taboo nature of fucking my wife’s barely legal sister greatly added spice to the act. The longer I pumped into her, the louder she moaned until finally with a loud cry she came. This was enough to drive me over the edge and my cum spewed hot and salty into her cunt. As I withdrew my still semi erect tool, my seed started to dribble out of her slit and down the inside of her thighs.

“Are you are on the pill? Or are you going to do your GCSEs with my bastard growing in your womb?”

“No Master, I thought you would use a condom.”

“Condom, no way, dirty little whores like you take it bareback.”

God but it was such as thrill thinking that I may have bred my wife’s 16 year old sister. Victoria collapsed down unto the bed and rolled over unto her back. I relished looking at her nearly perfect young body. I snatched my iPhone off the dresser and took a few snaps of her. I then lay down beside her and began kissing her and running my hands over her body again. I whispered in her ear, “Well that’s most of your virginity lost.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well I have fucked your face and your hot little cunt, but have you forgotten that you do have another hole that I am going to shove my cock into!”

“Yes Master, my ass, please fuck my asshole.”

After I had caught my breath I lay back and directed her to suck my cock again. This time I told her how to suck in my balls and to lick up the length of my shaft, to pull my foreskin back and tease the slit. She took to it well and it was not long before I was fully hard again. This young girl really had the makings of being a dirty slut. I enjoyed this blow job for a while until I felt it was time for me to sodomise her. Again I got her to get unto her knees and elbows, with her delicious ass sticking up into the air. I looked over at the dresser, where Alison had left a tube of KY jelly knowing that I would be fucking Victoria up the ass. I hesitated and then decided that I wanted her to feel the full effect of taking my ten inch cock up her anus. I wanted to dry hole her.

“Do you want me to use lub to make it easier for you to take my cock, or do you want to really be a proper dirty slut and take it dry?”

“Master you can do anything you want to me.”

I positioned myself behind her and guided the helmet of my cock against her tight little asshole. “Are you ready for this you dirty little bitch? Your slut sister loves getting cock up her shit hole.”

“Please, please stick your cock in my ass Master.”

“This will hurt, but you need this to turn you into a complete little whore.”

I began to push against her sphincter. Compared with her older sister’s well used ass, she was tight. Several times my cock slipped upwards or downwards from her hole, but finally I felt her muscles give way and the head of my huge cock began to sink into her anus.

She screamed, “AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

I could have stopped with just the head of my cock in her ass to give her a chance to get used to it, but no I wanted to rip the ass of her. I thrust my cock home until my balls hit the lips of her pussy. I then pulled a good 9 inches of my tool back out before slamming it home again. I continued fucking her ass for all I was worth, while all the while she moaned and let out little screams. I decided I wanted to see the dirty little whore’s face as I buggered her, and so pulling out, I flipped her unto her back before placing a couple of pillows under her hips to raise her ass up. I marvelled at how much easier it was to penetrate her arse now this second time. It gave me an enormous kick watching her pretty young face screw up as I buggered her. Having already orgasmed twice, even with how tight her ass was and how big a turn on I found it all, I managed to fuck her ass for the best part of an hour before I blew my load into her bowels. When I pulled out her anus stayed slackly open with a string of my cum running slowly out. I could not resist taking another couple of iPhone photos. I even managed to insert my whole hand up her anus.

“Victoria, did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes Master, it was sore, but so good at the same time.”

I laughed and said, “You really are like your big sister, there is nothing she likes more than have me fuck the ass off her. You are both dirty whores!”

Afterwards we both fell asleep side by side. A couple of times during the night Victoria disturbed me getting up to go to the toilet. The second time I woke more fully and got turned on again. When she came back I was fully erect. I ordered her to straddle me and she lowered her cunt down over my cock and rode me as I delighted in playing with her puffy nipples. This time the sex was more like love making. Dawn was breaking at I shot my fourth load of cum into her having had my cock in her mouth, pussy and even her ass again before I was done.

A couple of hours later my wife came in and told Victoria that it was time for her to get dressed and go to school. It was very exciting imaging her sitting in class, with my cum dribbling out of her, and perhaps my sperm finding one of her eggs.

I had had my pleasure, now I had to face that my wife was going to get hers with a big black cock, but that story will have to wait for another episode.

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