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Oz's Angel (The Sensual Dom and his gangbang sluts [Intro])

This first time is just the beginning...
I spot this cute girl. She has got on a short skirt and and tight top. She is wearing heels and her long silky hair flows down her back. She does not know I am watching her. I do not know who she is but I follow her home. She lives alone. I watch her through the living room window. She takes off her heels. She is totally in her own world.

I will pause here and introduce myself since I will be sharing so much with you. My name is Oswald Grant and I hate it because its father's name. We have issues all our own. You will know me as Oz, or more formally, Sir. I am a Sensual Dominant male. Physically I am dominant as well standing 6'2". I lift weights to stay fit. I keep my curly brown hair cut short so it appears wavy and spiky. I sometimes add highlights when I'm in the mood for something different. I have hazel eyes that change with my mood. I am in my 20s but do not let my age fool you I have had experiences that can only be described as orgasmic, for myself and my partners. I enjoy the pleasures of foreplay more than just the act of sex itself.

Now back to the girl. She goes into the bedroom and I mirror her movements outside the house. Opening the gate and entering the back yard. The window has a shade on it so I just see her outline. She's getting undressed and then I see her going into what must be the bathroom. I hear water running and I make my move. I must see her. She drives me wild and I do something so crazy.

I go to the back of the house and sure enough the patio door is left open. She must have a cat or something because I see a bowl of water and food. I go into her bedroom and creep into the bathroom. Steam fills the small space. Knowing I will see her naked, in just seconds, makes my cock harden. She cannot see me or hear me. I decide to let her come out of the bathroom first. Don't want her slipping and falling.

I wait in the bedroom. A few minutes pass and she comes out wrapped in a towel. She sees me and stares at me then screams. I jump up and she stumbles back into the wall. I cover her mouth and press my body against hers. Then I feel it and look down.

"What the fuck!?"

The towel falls away and a sizable dick is nestled between us and its not mine.

"You're a guy..but you have...tits. What the fuck."

I say again as tears are welling up in her..his eyes. He bites my hand and I pull my hand away.

"Does that change your mind about whatever you come here to do? I'm a she-male and I prefer to live as a woman. I'm Angel. You can do whatever you want to me. I don't care."

She looks at me with dark brown eyes, her bangs sweep down to cover one eye. She is still the beautiful woman I have been fantasizing about. If I had been dating her for this long and we finally have sex, and I found out. Would I still want to fuck her?

"Yes. I will fuck you. Get on the bed."

I don't know why her having a dick doesn't turn me off. I see her face and breasts and I see a female. Besides I always enjoy anal with women, why not consider this the same thing. Angel's slim hip sway as she goes to her bed and climbs in. She puts her ass in the air and spreads her legs.

"I can lube my hole for you, Sir."

My breath catches and my cock throbs.

"What did you call me?"


Angel says again. Her voice so small I step closer, getting behind her and rubbing my hard cock on her ass. She moans and pushes back on my jean covered cock.

"Yes I want your tight hole lubed and ready for my 8 inch dick."

I smack her ass and she jumps, her own cock dangles down between her legs. My hand snakes down and I touch someone else's cock for the first time. She moans again and I want to hear her moaning more. I touch her like I want to be touch. My thumb rubs the back of her balls and then down the underside of her cock. I feel her throb and swell in my hand. My finger swipe over the wet tip.

"Sir, yes, oh god..."

She even sounds so soft and female. It is great. She has black, silky hair. It is not a wig and I love that. I can tug on it as I fuck her. She skin is tan and flawless. Where as I am pale skinned and have a muscular build. Her body is slim, ass small and pert. Her cock is hard and leaking pre-cum.

"Please, Sir. Fuck me."

Angel turns to me, desire burning in her dark brown eyes. Mouth pouting, pleading. She begs and I fuck her. Hard. I start by using lube on my own dick, fisting my cock and then pushing the tip into her ass.


She clenches then releases the feeling of her ass squeezing my cock head makes me groan. My nails dig into her skin.

"Fuck, yes..."

I thrust deeper and her ass opens up for me. 

"May I stroke my cock, Sir."

God that has got to be the sexiest fucking thing I have heard.

"Yes, you fucking hot little slut. Stroke it."

A sexy scene of me taking her. A she-male giving me her ass. My cock swells and I thrust in to the hilt.

"Ahhh fuck..."

She falls into the bed and then pushes her ass back, ass clenching on my cock even more.


I pull out and thrust in harder.

"Yes, yes.."

She repeats the move as I thrust in she thrusts back and clenches.

"What the fuck, god."

I moan as she masters a move that will make me blow my load fast. I begin pounding her tight little ass harder.

"Ahhh god yes, Sir. Pound my ass good."

I know she is stroking her cock and that makes me fuck her even harder. My hard cock sliding into her deeper and faster.

"Shit, your gonna make me cum." I tell Angel.

"Yes, please. Sir give me your load."

She squeezes her ass and I grind into her deeper. Forcing my cock into her deep and hard. She trembles as I fuck her faster, my climax building. 


Moments later my hot load fills her ass. I do not pull out right away.

"Your mine you know that right."

After I say that to her I pull out watching my cum drip from her hole. She pushes more of it out and I moan with lust.

"Yes, Sir. I am your little anal cock slut to use as you see fit."

She stays like that until I finish dressing.

"You can leave my cum right where it is. Don't wash it off. I want everyone knowing what a cock slut you are. I'm going to find a couple friends and we're going to come over and fuck you as well."

Angel moans and nods her head against the bed. She waits to be told she can lay down. I smack her ass.

"Goodnight slut."

I do not tell her she can lay down. She can stay like that until she falls asleep. I will not know if she stays ass up but she was like that when I left the room. It will be fun fucking her with four of my friends.

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