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Playground Fun with a Stranger

A true story from when I was a teenager and fucked a complete stranger on a playground.
This is a true story. It is also my first story ever written. So any advice is welcomed! Thank you!

It was the summer and I was 16. My boyfriend and I had broken up about a month before and I was still pretty upset. My friend Krista suggest we have a Girls' Night, and invited me over to her house. She lived in a small one bedroom apartment with her aunt who was never there. I agreed and was excited to pig out on junk food and watch girl empowerment movies!

The night started out just as planned! We ordered pizza, made weird flavors of popcorn, danced to loud music, and watched a movie. Soon after the movie ended, she got a call from her boyfriend Logan. (I'm calling him her boyfriend but really Krista was a bit of a whore and he was her main fuck buddy.)

I decided to give her some time to talk to him and got up to get more popcorn. When I walked back into the living room, she was off the phone.

"Holly," she said with big green puppy dog eyes.

"Yes..?" I replied, knowing exactly what she was abut to ask.

"Would you totes be upset if Logan came over?"

"Um... But you said it was just going to be us, Krista."

"I know," she said. "But he only wants to come over for like a hour or two. We can all hang out together! I promise he won't stay the night and it will just be me and you!"

I thought for second, "Alright, just for a little bit!"

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She cheered. "I love you! I'll text him now."

When Logan got there it actually wasn't too bad. We were having fun hanging out, and started to watch another movie. But not 30 minutes into it, they had escaped to the room by themselves. I waited for awhile, and continued to watch the movie. It wasn't long until I heard the bed squeaking and her moaning. I couldn't believe it! They were fucking on our Girls' Night! I actually wasn't too pissed and surprising was getting a bit turned on.

Since I had no one to fuck, and I didn't want to be some sad, pathetic loner and masturbate to my friends in the next room, I decided to go for a walk and cool down for a bit.

As I stepped outside, I was reminded of how late it was. It was so dark even with the street lights. The apartment had a playground and a little pond filled with ducks. I thought it would be fun to see ducks sleeping and decided I'd go. Besides the crickets chirping and the wind blowing, it was quiet. I became lost in the soothing sounds.

Suddenly, I heard the slam of a car door. I jumped and turned toward the sound. I saw a man standing by his truck. I couldn't see him too well but I could tell he was older than me. He was tall and fit with short, light brown hair. I flashed him a cute smile and continued my way to the pond.

"Hey!" he called out. I turned around. "You must be new. I haven't seen you around."

"Oh, I actually don't live here. I'm just visiting my friend. She lives over there in building C."

"Ah," he said. "Then why aren't you over there in building C visiting with her?"

I laughed and said, "Well, her boyfriend came over and now they are fucking."

He smiled. "Yeah, that can be a little awkward."

"A little." I said, "It was mostly just turning me on. I came out here to cool down a bit."

"Did you cool down?" he asked.

"No." I said and moved a little closer to him.

We continued talking and flirting for a bit. The entire time I kept catching him looking at my boobs. He was wearing basketball shorts and I could see him starting to get hard. So I did what any horny teenager would do.... I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it.

"Woah!" he said, as he moved my hand. "How old are you?"

"I'm sixteen."

"Damn! You're so young!" He said, taking a step back.

"Hmm... maybe you are right. I think we should go play on the playground." I moved closer to him and put my hand back onto his growing cock.

He didn't move my hand. "Ahh shit," he said.

I stayed there. Softly petting his dick. Looking him in his eyes and biting my bottom lip.

"Well," I said. "I'm going to go play on the playground. You are more than welcome to join me." I smiled, and started to walk confidently away.

I got only a few yards away when I heard him yell, "Wait!"

I looked back and saw him reaching into his truck and pulling out a pack of cigarettes. Then he jogged a little to catch up with me. We walked to the playground not really saying anything. We sat in the swings and he opened his cigarette pack which actually had two joints and a lighter in it. He took one out and lit it and took two deep hits. I figured he got it to make him relax more around me.

"Do I make you nervous?" I asked.

"Yeah!" He laughed and passed me the joint. I only took one slow hit. I held it in, and passed it back to him. He watched me as I blew the smoke out slowly.

"So," I said. "You know my age, I think it's only fair that I know yours."

He took out his wallet and showed me his license. Pointing to his birth date he said, "I'm 28."

As he closed his wallet, I saw a condom in it. "We should go up there." I said, pointing to a little club house above the slide.

We both climbed up and into the tiny club house. He was too tall and immediately had to sit down. I still had room, and stood over him. I didn't say anything but slowly started taking off my shirt. I could feel his eyes on me. I was wearing a light purple bra with a bow on each side of the straps.

"Do you like my bra?" I said.

"Adorable," he said.

I then started rubbing my breast and down my stomach until I reached the button of my jeans. He was looking at my hands and I was looking at him. I undid my button and moved my hands to the side of my jeans. His eyes slowly moved back up to mine and I lowered my pants down my thighs. We were both holding our breaths. He looked back down.

"Oh," he said, "It matches your panties."

"Yeah." I said, removing one pant leg. And then the other.

I moved closer to him and sat on his lap. I was really wet and my panties were really thin. He was hard and I could feel it. I started to grind on his dick. His fingers softly traced up my legs, my hips, and up my back. He grabbed me closer, and I closed my eyes. I heard and felt him breath me in.

And then he let go of me quickly. "We can't do this! We could get into a lot of trouble," he said abruptly.

"That's what makes this so much fun!" I said and I grabbed his hands and put them back on my waist.

"You for sure don't have a little girl's body," he said moving his hands to breast. He squeezed them, and pushed them together.

But again I feel him hesitate and move his hands away. "Don't think about it," I said. "Have fun."

I kissed him on the lips, and lower my face to his crotch. I slip my fingers under his waist band and lower his shorts. His cock was huge! The biggest I had ever seen. It was thick, and hard, and already had a string of precum.

"Look," I said, "He wants me."

I grabbed his cock with both hands and gave the head a little kiss. The drop of precum stuck to my lips. I licked my lips to clean them off. He let out a soft moan. I moved my tongue around the head, and down his entire shaft. Then I licked all the way back up again. When my mouth got back up at the top, I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and slowly took in every inch of his enormous, rock hard cock.

"Oh my god," He said. "Where did you learn that from?"

Taking his cock out of my mouth I laughed and said that I watched a lot of porn.

I started licking his balls, and then I sucked them into my mouth. I hadn't done that before and started to feel like I was doing it wrong so I licked back up his cock again. As I continued sucking his dick I reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and opened it with one hand. I stopped sucking his dick and found the condom in the wallet. While opening the condom with my teeth I climbed back onto his lap. Once the condom was opened I reached down between us and slipped it onto him.

He grabbed his cock firmly and rubbed it against my pussy and clit. I moaned softly. He placed the head against the hole of my vagina.

I very slowly eased my way onto his cock. It was so thick and long I gasped as he entered me. When I had the full length in me, I paused for a second. I'll be honest, it hurt a little. I had only been with one guy before and he was not nearly as long or thick as this stranger. I started to ride him slowly at first, letting my pussy get use to being stretched so far! When I got more comfortable I picked up speed and force.

Both of his hands were on my hips helping me bounce on his cock. He started kissing my chest and down my breast until my nipples were in his mouth. I could feels his tongue trace them. It's felt so great! I was in ecstasy and soon was about to cum.

"I'm about to cum." I told him.

"Do it. Cum on this cock, baby girl," he replies.

At that moment I came!

He pulled me in and told me to turn over and get on my hands and knees. He moved behind me. All off a sudden I felt a smack on my ass.

"You should know better! Seducing an older stranger makes you a naughty girl!" He said.

He gave my ass one more good spanking! And forcefully thrust his cock into my pussy. I let out a scream.

"Shhh," he said.

"But you're fucking me so hard."

"You wanted it. Now, you're going to get it."

"Mmmm, good!" I said.

He was fucking me so hard. Between my moans and the sound of his balls slapping me, any one walking by could clearly tell what was going on in this little club house. I had never been fucked that hard. Ever. He moved one hand from hip, and around to my pussy and started to rub my clit. The sensation was too much.

"You're going to make me cum again!" I shouted

"Just wait baby, I'm close too."

I tried to hold it. But it felt so good. I started shaking!

"I can't...." Was all I could say before my orgasm took over.

He started cumming too. I could feel his dick throbbing, filling me up with his sperm. Even though he was wearing a condom I could feel the load against the inside of my pussy. As our orgasms subsided we didn't move. I can still remember the feeling of his breath on my neck and back.

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