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Playing Doctor

Great being the doctor.
My wife and I have a wonderful sex life. It never gets boring. Take the other night for example.

My wife was in the shower, cleaning off the sweat of the day, and preparing for our nighttime activities. I spent the time preparing a few things in the bedroom adjoining the bath and was waiting for her as she dried off.

I was wearing a set of hospital scrubs I had picked up somewhere over the years, and was holding a patient gown my wife had liberated from the hospital after a brief stay. She was looking at me with a slightly confused smile, as I held it out to her.

“Do you need to urinate before your examination?” I asked, trying to sound as professional as I could. “Hospital policy says all examination patients must wear a gown. When you are ready, please come out into the examination room.”

My wife giggled a little, as she slipped on the gown, and a couple of minutes later came out into the bedroom. I had set up the bed with a nest of pillows for her to relax back into. Next to the bed was one of our TV trays covered with a towel. I had made sure that none of the hidden objects were recognizable.

“Please come and sit at the end of the examination bed and we’ll get started.”

I watched as she moved over to the bed, the back of the gown blowing open from the breeze of the fan blowing from one corner of the room. I could see both cheeks of her delicious ass, as she attempted in vane to hold the gown closed.

As she sat on the edge of the bed, I smiled at her.

“Please relax Mrs. D. First, let’s check your heart rate.” I turned back the edge of the towel and put on the stethoscope that I had been hiding in the freezer since I got home.

The gown she was wearing has a small hole in the front, centered over her right tit, one of a set of yummy 36D’s. This is normally used for the leads to a heart monitor, but instead, it became my access point to her nipple. I put the ends of the stethoscope in my ears, and reached out and placed the ice cold end of the stethoscope, through the little hole, right onto her pointy nipple.

She squealed as the frozen pad made direct contact on her shower warmed, excited nipple. Her nipple immediately became rock hard under the frigid contact. I held it there for a moment.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t hear anything. You must try and keep quiet.” I said, as I adjusted the gown on her so that I could put the stethoscope on her other nipple. I was greeted with the exact same reaction, and a duplicate rock hard nipple. The areloa’s were crinkled up, trying to stretch to make the points harder.

“Hmmm…,” I said. “You must keep quiet. Here, let me take your temperature while I continue listening to your heart. Maybe that will help you stay a little quieter. Please open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth as I reached to the next item on my tray. This was a 5 inch, penis shaped vibe. It was thin and light, and I placed it in her mouth and pushed her chin up.

“Hold it tight. We need an accurate reading.”

She closed her mouth around it and sucked on it like a lollipop while I continued to run the icy cold stethoscope all over her goose pimpled tits. When I heard the start of the first moan, I stopped and set the stethoscope aside.

“I need to check for lumps. Please lower the front of your gown.”

She undid the snap, and bared her already chilled breasts to the cool breeze of the fan. Her already cold nipples seemed to stretch out even further, becoming almost an inch long. Putting my hands on either side of her face (which was still sucking gently on the mini vibe, trying not to let it drop), I then slid both my hands around her neck, squeezing gently but firmly, one of my wife’s turn-ons. A low moan escaped from her clenched lips.

Reaching one hand beyond her head, I grabbed a handful of hair and firmly pulled it backwards, forcing her head back, another one of her turn-ons. The moan was a little louder and as it escaped her lips, the mini in her mouth slid in further. She quickly clamped her mouth closed again.

I slowly moved my free hand lower, caressing the chilly flesh of her tits, squeezing and pulling on them, as if searching for any kind of unwanted swelling. I kept this up for a couple of minutes, restoring some warmth to her frosty chest. Her breathing was getting heavier now, and the dildo in her mouth was slowly showing more and more of itself as she forgot about it, losing herself to the feeling of my hands on her chest.

“You must keep it in long enough for me to get a good reading.” I said, as I reached out and pushed the vibe deeper into her mouth, not quite hitting her gag reflex, but enough to remind her of the cock shape resting on her tongue. “You’ve got to keep it in far enough for it to work.” Pulling it out almost to the end I said, “This isn’t enough.” Pushing it back in I said, “This is good”. I repeated myself, “Not enough. Good. Not enough. Good”, a couple of times, slowly sliding the vibe in and out of her hot mouth. The sensations must have been driving her oral fixation crazy.

“Alright now. Let’s get you into position for the rest of your examination.”

I assisted her in scooting back on the bed, until she was leaning back into the nest of pillows I had set up.

“Please raise your knees and relax your thighs.”

My wife giggled around the fake cock in her mouth and did as I asked, perhaps realizing how much access she was giving me to her pussy. I moved the tray closer and kneeled on the edge of the bed. With one smooth motion, I lifted the end of her gown and moved it up, so that the end was around her knees, hiding her view of anything I might do.

Again reaching to the tray, I pulled on a pair of surgical gloves we hadn't use when we redid the bathroom, and poured a liberal amount of lube onto my hand. I let her see me do this. I could tell from the expression on her face that her hot pussy was twitching with anticipation. Her knees came together as she clenched her pussy muscles.

“You must relax, Mrs. D. I need to do a thorough exam.”

Kneeling in closer, with her legs on the outside of mine (to hold them open), I slowly inserted two fingers into her tight-as-a-vise pussy. I could feel the muscles clamping down, and I slowly worked my fingers around and around inside her until she relaxed just a little. I quickly added another finger, stretching her wider. Another low moan hissed from her lips, but this time she held the vibe in her mouth with her teeth, refusing to let it get away from her.

With her concentration briefly distracted to her mouth, I quickly gave her another finger. I pushed the four fingers deep inside her, massaging her pussy and stretching the entrance. My thumb (still outside) was brushing up against her excited clit, slowly rubbing it in small circles. I put on my best doctor face, and kept massaging and pushing more and more of my hand inside her, as I pretended to be feeling for ‘irregularities’.

Her head was slowly drooping back, as she felt my hand moving inside her. I reached up with my free hand and slid the vibe out of her mouth. She opened her eyes briefly at the sudden vacancy in her mouth, but closed them and moaned deeply, as I pushed all five fingers into her lubed and sopping wet pussy.

It was very tight and I could feel her cunt muscles pulsing around my mostly buried hand, squeezing it tightly. I slowly rotated my hand, stretching her out. Her moans were getting louder and louder.

“This position isn’t allowing me the access for a decent examination. Please get on your hands and knees.” I said, as I withdrew my hand, which was accompanied by a soft whimper from her, as the full feeling disappeared momentarily.

Quickly, she turned over and got on her hands and knees, pulling one of the pillows close to her chest and resting her forehead on the mattress. Her butt was naked now, with the gown falling open to her sides.

I replaced my hand back into her drooling pussy, giving it an extra push to get it past the knuckles. She immediately gripped the pillow with both hands and groaned with the invasion. I kept pushing with my hand, backing off only a fraction of an inch before pushing it in again further. Her head was tilted slightly to the side and I could see that she had her eyes closed, absorbing all the sensations my hand was giving her.

This was working out perfectly. She hadn’t even noticed that I hadn’t returned the mini vibe back to the tray, but was still holding it in my other hand. It was positively dripping with saliva, and enough of the ‘liberal’ lube I'd applied earlier on my hand had dribbled down into the crack of her ass, so I took advantage.

I pressed the small vibe up against her butthole and on the next push with my hand, buried the first three inches into her puckered asshole. The squeal she made was loud, but muffled by her face being buried deep into the pillow she was now clenching onto for dear life.

Holding the vibe in place, I again worked my hand around inside of her. My hand felt like it was being crushed, but she slowly relaxed as I felt for her g-spot. Again, she relaxed a little, and again I quickly pulled and pushed the vibe so that it was buried all the way, with just the little turning knob on the end visible.

I had to slow down then, because I couldn’t move my hand buried in her pussy. It was so tight, I couldn’t even spread my fingers. I was a little worried, but took a chance anyway and turned on the vibe, I then pushed my hand in as far as I could and spread my fingers inside her pussy, all at the same time.

I’m sure the groan that came from her could be heard by the neighbors.

At the first sign of any relaxation, I began moving my hand again. At the same time, I began moving the buzzing little vibe in and out of her ass, fucking it in and out of her in slow strokes, moving it in and around at an angle to loosen her back door.

After only a few minutes, her groans had turned to moans. Her ass wasn’t just clenching the vibe, but was moving slowly forward and back, fucking herself on my hand and the mini vibe.

“Mrs. D? I think I have found your problem and I have the medicine right here.”

Letting go of the vibe in her ass, I quickly worked the front of my scrub pants down, freeing my rock hard 8” prick from its confines. The vibe in her clenched ass slowly slid out, as her muscles continued clenching. I pulled my hand from her drenched pussy and lined up my cock with her pulsating asshole. In one quick move, I buried the first 4 inches of my throbbing cock inside her hot ass.

I’m wider than the vibe, but the motion had loosened it enough to allow me to bury all of it in just 3 strokes, with my balls resting up against the fiery furnace that her pussy had become. It was tight and hot, and the pressure from her muscles squeezing, almost made me cum right then.

“I’m sorry to say that the medicine I have only comes in suppository form. Please hold on while I give you the injection.”

I then began to stroke in and out of her ass, slowly withdrawing and then slamming it back in, building up the tempo and force of my thrusts. Each move forced another short groan from between my sweet wife’s lips.

As I quickly picked up the pace, she let go of the pillow with one of her hands which disappeared beneath her body. The light buzzing from the mini vibe left its place next to my leg and I felt it move up underneath my balls. Then I didn’t feel it anymore, but instead felt her asshole clench tightly around my dick. She must have gotten it where she wanted, right on her clit.

I pulled off my gloves, and grabbed a firm hold on either side of her hips and concentrated on ‘giving her the medicine’. And give it to her I did. I began pounding in and out of her stretched asshole at a furious pace.

I could feel the clenching get tighter, and I could feel the swelling in my cock as she cried out in orgasm. The spasms in her ass flowed up and down the length of my cock, as I thrust hard three more times into her. I unloaded volley after volley of my cum deep inside her bowels, draining me of every drop.

She apparently hadn’t stopped using the vibe, because as the last drops left me, I could feel another fierce clenching around my cock and could hear another scream coming from my well fucked wife. This one was hard enough to push out my cock and a little dribble followed it, dripping down towards her pussy.

Together, we collapsed on the bed, her back against my chest with my arms around her. She grabbed onto my arms and hugged back against me, as we both trembled in the aftershocks and let the cool fan blow over us. I kissed her neck, and let the goosebumps form on her body.

This was a few days ago. Today I noticed that she has pulled her old nurses outfit out of the back of the closet and washed it. I think I may be in for an ‘examination’ of my own soon.

Lucky me!!!

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