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Please Don't Tell Anyone

My coworker was innocent. But her back was sore.
Her ass looked amazing.

Liz, my coworker, was laying flat on her stomach, on top of the covers of her bed in only her white panties. Just like she promised.

Liz and I work together and have for about 6 years. The first 5 years went by fairly innocently and always professionally. She is in her late twenties and single. I am also her boss.

In the past year Liz and I have shared a huge office and since then have begun chatting more and more. She’s cute, about 5’ 9” with a skinny frame and long brown hair. Not too skinny, but thin. She’s a little bit of a tomboy with pale skin. She’s more conservative and passive than she is aggressive. She’s very cute, but I think I already mentioned that.

Her hands where folded underneath her head and her eyes were closed. I couldn’t stop staring at her cute little butt covered in white cotton that hovered over her long legs. Her white panties were slightly wedged between her cheeks, which really emphasized the roundness of her butt. Next to her on the nightstand was a little bottle of baby oil. Just like she promised.

About 3 months ago, our chats started crossing over to relationships, which led to a few conversations that I’d never thought would ever occur between us. It was nothing too crazy or sexual, but just basic relationship stuff. We’d talk about her past boyfriends and my marriage. Yes, I’m married. On one particular day we were on the topic of massages (she got a spa/massage package for Christmas) and that’s when it all started. As it turns out, we both love massages. I love getting them and especially giving them. I told her this and she expressed how much she loved getting them as well. This led to stories, which were the result of me asking question after question getting different bits of information out of her. For some reason this topic really opened her up to talk a bit more about herself and more particularly her body. And I loved hearing every second of it.

Liz’s apartment was very quiet. After a few moments of taking in the site of my co-worker laying on her bed in her underwear, I walked over to the side of her bed where I began slipping off my shoes. My socks were next, followed by my shirt. After a deep breath, I undid by belt and slid my pants to the floor. There I stood, next to Liz’s bed in my black boxer briefs. They were tight showing a little bit of a bulge. When I say a little bit I don’t mean, like… little as in the bulge was litt… oh never mind.

A little about me in case you care. I’m in decent shape, about 5’ 11” 180 pounds with short brown hair and olive skin.

I didn’t think you cared.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and neither of us said a word. Her head was facing the other direction so she didn’t see me undress, but she obviously knew that I had. Besides, we had agreed that I would. With the bottle of clear baby oil in hand, I poured it slowly onto her back. Her skin flinched ever so slightly when the first drop touched her skin. A line of oil poured down her spine from her shoulder blades to the top of her white panties. With the oil applied to her back, my hands finally made contact with her skin for the first time. It was a moment I will never forget. Her skin instantly became shiny as I rubbed the oil generously around her back. Next, I moved to her shoulders and then her arms. After every second, a new part of her pale skin began to glisten. More oil poured down over her thighs and calves and my hands followed, rubbing it slowly into her. I could not have been any harder at that moment.

Being that our chats at work became more and more ‘open’ on a daily basis I found myself one Friday afternoon chatting about a particular massage I had gotten some time ago, which turned a bit erotic. I told Liz that for the first time during a massage I was naked and uncovered. Being subtle and not too graphic, I was letting her know that I was on this table with my cock as hard as rock while this lady massaged me.

“Did she touch you? You know, down there?” Liz asked.

“Well I would normally never do this?” I sincerely lied, “but she was very nice and it was going very well so I agreed to let her massage me there.”

“… and it felt good.” I added on as Liz just stared at me.

My co-worker was now deeply interested. She had a little coy smile and her panties were getting moist. (I actually have no proof her panties were moist, but I’m just going to go ahead and pretend they were.)

“And?” Liz asked.

“And what?” I asked back fully knowing what she was getting at.

“Did you… did you um, have a happy ending?”

Now let me tell you how awesome it was to hear my long time coworker ask me if I had received a happy ending. Progress!

“Yeah, it was a pretty good ending.” I confirmed.

Time to bring this up a notch.

“It was actually pretty exciting to have this lady I just met give me an orgasm like that. She was very professional and never said a word to me during it. She just oiled up my, well, you know and slowly stroked me until I finished.”

“Shut up.” Liz said.

I went on and on with more details and honestly as the days progressed I brought it up as much as possible. We found ourselves on more than one occasion while alone in the office talking about masturbation and my cock getting stroked by my masseuse. She would sit and listen to my stories (with moist panties we can all assume). Our relationship was now at a new level and I had finally gotten my innocent co-worker talking about sexual things with me.

Work was so much more fun!

On one particular day our talks got pretty heated. It was usually around the end of the day when we got onto these topics. I admitted that this happy ending scenario happened more than once and I was telling her about the experiences in more detail. She actually said at one point that we should stop because it was turning her on.

More progress!

I didn’t listen and kept going.

Towards the end of our day I just flat out asked her if I could give her a massage sometime. I could tell she wanted to say yes, but she said that she shouldn’t because I was married.

She didn’t say no. She said ‘she shouldn’t because I was married’. Baby steps!

Time to put on my game face! This is what I said verbatim (or at least pretty damn close):

“Liz, I completely understand. The last thing I want is to make you uncomfortable and besides we work together and I consider us friends. I would never want to have an affair nor would I even consider sex. I just thought it would be fun to give you a massage. Is it right? Probably not, we work together, but we both know we’re mature enough to try this and enjoy ourselves without our normal lives being affected. It would be fun.”

And now I waited.

“What if someone found out? That would be horrible.” She said.

“Well, there will only be two people that know. I sure as hell ain’t going to say anything for obvious reasons. So the only way anyone will know is if you decide to tell someone.”

“True” she replied.

Now it got a bit awkward for a few moments after this and I didn’t want to leave us in this quiet room together feeling any weird pressure to make a decision or anything so I decide to pack up.

On my way out I simply said, “Your apartment would be perfect. It’s close enough that we could use it during lunch. Maybe in the next few days we could use it? Anyway I got to run. Please don’t worry about it, I’m just having a little fun with you is all. Have a great night and see ya tomorrow.”

And I left.

I left her alone to think about it. And when I got to work the next day I started chatting up again after a few hours and transitioned back into our massage conversation.

And then it happened.

Liz, staring into her monitor not making any eye contact with me says in a semi-sarcastic tone, “You know my back is pretty sore again. Any chance you can help me work out the kinks?”

Have sweet mercy on my soul! (I didn’t say this out loud. That would have been weird).

“Sure, I think I can help you with that. Just let me know when.” I said trying to remain calm.

“Tomorrow is good for me,” says my about to be massaged coworker.

“Perfect,” I say calmly. ‘Tomorrow it is.”

She looks over her shoulder at the door to make sure nobody is walking by.

“Tomorrow around 12 I’ll leave first. Just wait about 10 minutes and then you leave. I’ll email you my address and I’ll be waiting for you at my place.”

Wow, now she’s giving me orders and she’s clearly thought this through. How the tide has changed Ms. Innocent Liz.

My turn.

“When I get there, I’ll just need a bottle of baby oil. Lotion will work but oil is better. You can wait for me or just undress and lay on your bed.”

“I’m not getting naked,” Liz says.

“Uh, fine. Whatever makes you comfortable,” I reply.

“I’ll leave my door open. Just come inside and lock it behind you.” she says.

“Sounds like a plan,” says the happiest boss in the world.

And that was that. The rest of the day was all business as usual and of course I couldn’t get a single ounce of work done. I was happier than a fat kid with cake… and ice cream.

The big day arrived and it took forever for noon to arrive. Seriously, the slowest.. day.. ever. Strangely, we never once talked about it at all leading up to it. Part of me thought she would change her mind and decide not to go through with it. But for some reason I didn’t want to say anything, so I just left it alone. Around 11:55 Liz finally says something.

“I’m leaving for lunch. Did you get my email?”

I replied, “Yeah, I got it”.

“Cool, see you in a bit”.

I almost forgot to mention the email. The night before I received an email from her which said:

‘Dear Awesome Boss’ (okay she didn’t write Awesome Boss, she typed my name, but wouldn’t have been cool if she did?)

I checked and I do have oil. Lucky you! As I mentioned I won’t be nude but you’ll be happy. See you tomorrow at work!

Oh, and if I have to be semi-naked, then so you do you. Bye!


So yeah, that happened.

So back at the office, Liz had now left and I began my staring contest with the clock on the wall.

I lost.

After 9 minutes and 53 seconds I grabbed my keys and bolted out of the building.

I parked my bright red Ferrari (Ford Focus) on the street outside her apartment. Her apartment was easy to find and I took one last deep breath before I opened the door. It was unlocked and there I was a moment later, inside my co-workers apartment. There was no turning back now I thought to myself. I remember thinking how quiet it was and everything was very clean. I shut the door and locked it just as I was told. She never told me where her room was but I figured in an 800 square foot apartment I should be able to find the semi-naked lady on a bed. I’m good like that. Quietly, I walked around until I came to door that was cracked open. Upon opening the door slowly, I was greeted with a beautiful sight. And the first thing I noticed… her ass looked amazing!

Liz’s legs and back were now glistening with oil. I don’t know who invented baby oil, but if you see them, give them a hug for me. The room was semi-lit by the blinds that were half open. Not too dark but not too bright. Liz was laying with her hands under her head and her eyes were still closed. This entire time I had been sitting next to her rubbing her naked back and legs. It was at this point I decided to straddle her. Starting low, I sat near her ankles and began really working her calf muscles. Then, I slowly moved to her thighs, kneading them slowly but firmly. Up and down watching my hands slide over her oily skin. Pure bliss!

Finally, my hands worked their way up towards her butt cheeks and for the first time, I was now massaging my co-workers ass. I stayed in that area for about 10 minutes and really got into it. Slowly massaging every inch of her beautiful behind that I could around her panties. With my massaging motions, my hands would spread her cheeks apart wishing those white panties were not there. Her cheeks would jiggle back into place every time I let go. She never said a word.

It was time to do her back and this is where it got fun. Now sitting just below her ass, I leaned forward to massage her upper back and shoulders and my hard cock would press up against her butt. Every time I returned to her shoulders my cock would dry hump her from behind. My hard cock would wedge perfectly between her cheeks and I would slowly gyrate as I pretended to focus on her back. As I massaged her neck I looked down to see the black outline of my cock disappearing between her cheeks. The feeling of her soft cheeks pressing against me was amazing.

After a few more minutes I asked her if she wanted to roll over or just stay like she was.

She just rolled over.

Her tits were small but perky with little tan lines that were beautiful. Her nipples were just perfect and slightly erect. I noticed a little smirk on her face, probably because she knew how much I was enjoying this. And she couldn’t have been more right.

With more baby oil in hand, I applied more to her stomach and then up between her small perky tits. My hands started gently on her stomach and slowly worked their way up to her breasts. It took a little courage but I finally just cupped her breasts in both of my hands. It was just surreal that this was happening and she still said nothing. This was a sign to continue.

I was gentle as I massaged (fondled) her chest. If my hands left her tits it was only for a second. There I sat, in my underwear with a huge visible hard on pressing against her, rubbing her tits. This went on for quite some time. Her eyes were closed so she couldn’t see my cock about to burst out of my tight briefs, but she had to of felt it. My bulge was pressed against her pelvis area and I did my best to be sure she felt my balls and shaft against her.

With a new goal in mind, I got up and sat beside her again and began to focus on the front of her legs. More oil poured onto her thighs and I began kneading them gently. Inevitably my hands ended up in her inner thighs where I gently pushed her legs apart. Her mound was visible underneath her panties, and she looked to have a nicely trimmed bush. I remained focused down there for a few minutes and let one of my fingers ever so slightly slide under the top of her panties.

“Those have to stay on.” She said, finally speaking for the first time.

“Of course.” I said.

But I kept massaging down there the best I could. My thumbs rubbed up against the crotch of her panties and she said nothing. I did it again and pushed them a little further underneath the fabric, and she said nothing. And then finally, my thumbs traced over the top of her pubic hair underneath her fabric, and she still said nothing. I could not have been any harder and even noticed a little spot of pre-cum on my briefs.

I decided to go for it.

With one hand placed on her thigh, my other hand laid casually on her crotch. I slowly began moving my hand in small circles on her mound on top of her panties. Pretending that I was focusing on her thigh with one hand, my other hand worked its way down over her pussy lips and continued making small gyrations. Still, there was no reaction from her. I pressed a little bit firmer until my right hand was fully cupped over her pussy. With no objections from Liz, I let my middle finger begin to press the fabric between her warm lips and moved it slowly up and down. At this point, I had completely stopped massaging her thigh and was 100% focused on her pussy. I kept this up until I finally got a tiny little squirm out of her and a soft audible moan.

Oh this was heaven, I thought to myself.

I quickly switched hands so my left hand was now on her pussy and my right hand went to her tits. Liz was now at my mercy as I felt like I had full control over her oiled up body. Liz bit her lower lip as my middle finger went a little deeper inside of her. There was nothing subtle about it. The crotch of her panties was wedged inside of her pussy lips and I was basically fingering her with her panties on. My eyes went back and forth from her nipples pressed between my hands and my fingers pressing against her crotch. She began moaning more. Not loud, just deep. It was incredibly hot. My pace picked up and so did her moans.

I wanted to make her cum. I was going to make her cum. Rubbing a bit faster now I noticed that the crotch of her panties began to lift up a little off her crotch with every gyration my hand made and her pink lips became exposed to me for the first time. A few fingers even accidently fell inside of her panties and her wetness soaked my fingers. Her nipples were now fully hard and I could tell she was getting close by the pace of her moans. She sounded so amazing. After a few more minutes of this Liz’s legs began to quiver. I slid my entire hand under the crotch of her panties and my middle finger slid inside of her.

Deep inside of her. Her wetness allowed my finger to enter easily and once inside, I felt her tense up. Her panties were stretched out around my hand now and I was fucking my co-worker with my finger and deliberately as I could. Her legs squirmed more and you could hear the wetness of my finger going in and out of her. Her moans were now little shouts and I did my best to keep the pace of my finger going despite her body movements. She bit down on her lower lip and forced her head firmly into the pillow. Her legs stiffened and I slowed my motions to observe the incredible site of my co-worker cumming in front of me. Seriously, it was pretty cool. Her breathing became slower as did my pace and eventually she let out a huge sigh. My finger was still deep inside her pussy and I slowly pulled it out as she flinched one last time. My hand was soaked.

I sat there next to her and we both gave out a little giggle when our eyes met. Liz looked over and saw my hard cock trying to burst out of my tight boxers.

“I see you enjoyed that.” She said.

“Uh, yeah, just a little.” I responded sarcastically.

Liz then tells me that it’s my turn and she wants to watch me cum. I would love to tell you we had amazing sex, or she went down on me, or even gave me a hand job, but that’s not what happened. But despite that, what happened next turned out to be pretty damn erotic… in my opinion. Still kneeling on her bed I slid off my boxers revealing my hard cock to my co-worker for the first time. She said nothing but only smiled as my hand went quickly to my shaft and began slowly stroking it for her. With all boundaries gone, I decided to straddle her again and lifted my leg over her until I was sitting on her crotch area with my cock hovering just over her belly button area.

My hand stroked my shaft slowly and methodically as she watched intently. Her eyes were focused on my cock. We made eye contact a few times and it felt so erotic. Liz just laid there with her perky tits staring up at me as I masturbated for her. Leaning over, I cupped her breast with my left hand as I stroked but she quickly pushed my hand back and said that it was my turn now. I could have cum in about 3 seconds but I did my best to make it last. This went on for about 10 minutes, just me masturbating on top of Liz as she lay there all oiled up. Pure bliss! But it had to end eventually. That feeling hit me and I knew I was about to cum.

Leaning forward, I braced myself with one hand on the bed and began cumming all over Liz’s stomach and chest. The first few shots reached her cleavage area and the last few fell on her belly button. Neither of us could believe how much I came. My co-worker was covered in my cum. It was such a surreal moment knowing that I just masturbated for her and she let me cum all over her. After I finished and got my composure back, we giggled again and I got up. She got up and quickly scampered to the bathroom to clean up. I sat at the edge of the bet in disbelief of what just happened.

After she returned we cleaned up a little more and got dressed. I told her I was going to head back to the office for a few hours and if she wanted to, she could just take the rest of the day off. She decided to take me up on my offer and after a quick awkward hug, I left. This was also good because now I could avoid the awkwardness of working next to my coworker who I just came all over.

Fortunately, the days after weren’t awkward at all and we actually still had a great professional and fun relationship at work. Life was good. I wasn’t sure if there would ever be a second time so I didn’t push it.

Then one afternoon we’re chatting again and an email from Liz pops up in my inbox. Weird, I thought, because she’s sitting like 10 feet away from me. So anyway, I open the email:

“My neck is sore!”

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