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Principal Price - Chapter 1

Being the principal of an all girl boarding school has its benefits.

My name is Darren Price and I am 50 years old. I am just like any other guy of my age I think except for the fact that I am a principal of a private school and I am most privileged as it is an extremely well-known school. Everyone as in everyone dreams to be in my school and being expelled is something unthinkable. Thus, I am privileged since many are willing to do nearly anything to be a part of Saint Catherine Girl School. We even have students from abroad and what a joy to have girls from Canada, Japan, Russia, India or Sri Lanka. I am proud to be their principal and I am in the school to mould them to be the best they can be.

I remember a girl from Venezuela. Her name was Veronica Vasquez. A daughter of a rich businessman and what a beauty she was. She had soft long dark hair that was reaching her buttocks and that was such a contrast to her pale creamy skin. Her eyes were a darker shade of brown with her small nose and such luscious pink lips. Not only that her pink lips were luscious but I can still vividly remember in my mind right now how luscious her other teenage body parts were. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches, she was pretty small in her class nonetheless, with her D cup boobs and her perky ass, she was like a small compact goddess sent by God from the heavens.

Being the school principal has its benefits and personally I LOVE the things that I have gained and I think I will gain. I have never complained and I know I will never complain. In my office, I have a secret chamber where I have my eyes on nearly every room in the school. My eyes were on my girls and some of the teachers most of the time. Nobody knows about my secret or my secret chamber. It is priceless and having that secret room gives me numerous privileges. It was one late afternoon when a camera caught 18-year-old Veronica Vasquez smoking. I pushed a button and zoomed. She was smoking weed. I conveniently recorded her act and kept in for future use. And talking about using it, I did use it to the fullest.

It was her final year here in my school and I used the recording of her to basically persuade her to serve me. In return, I did not report it to the school board nor her parents and she successfully graduated and became Class 2002 valedictorian. How time has passed. That was almost 10 years ago but everything is still vivid and fresh in my mind. I smile and give myself a raging hard on whenever I remember Veronica Vasquez. Only I know how the class valedictorian became Principal Price’s favourite pet. Or maybe I should call her Principal Price’s favourite slave? As I mentioned before, being a principal of this fine school is the best!

Miss Vasquez was called to my office one day. My office is huge compared to any principals I know. I heard a soft knocking on the door and said enter. Veronica then stepped into my office in her cheer-leading outfit. I love all my cheerleaders dearly and Veronica was no exception. She then took a seat in front of me and gave me the most wonderful smile. She had tied her hair in ponytails with black ribbons on each making her looked cute. Her boobs too stretched the front of her tiny top. I remember that I had to drag my eyes away from her D cup teenage tits to her lovely face but I had to stop at her pink soft lips. I was unable to stop myself from imagining how those lips would feel when they wrap themselves around my penis.

When I asked her to turn her attention to the flat screen television to her left, at first she looked puzzled. Then, I pressed the button on the remote control and there it was Miss Vasquez smoking weed behind the janitors’ building. The 18-year-old looked utterly shocked and blood drained from her lovely face. I saw that her body was trembling. I simply smiled and asked her being in my position as the principal of this prestigious school, what actions should I take. She simply sat on the chair in front of me with her head down and she did not say anything. I expected that from her and I was not surprised at all. Then, I began to tell her how disappointed I was with her actions and how devastated her parents would feel with the actions she had taken. I could see her shoulders began to shake and I realized that plan was set to motion.

Through her tears, she begged for my forgiveness and for me not to tell anyone especially her parents. Her application to a well-known college too was in danger if I were to report what she had done. The odds were against her and I was glad to assist her in her time of need. How could I not help a 5 feet 2 inches damsel in distress with soft big tits and ample ass? I slowly stood up from my chair as Veronica continued to cry. Then, I stopped in front of her and sat on my table facing her. Tears had wet both her cheeks and her cute nose was all red. Still, she looked hot and sexy and so damn fuckable to me!

Veronica cried for quite sometime and then she finally stopped her sobbing until it turned into soft snivelling. I gave her a few tissues so that she could wipe her eyes, nose and face. She looked much better after she had done that nevertheless, she still looked devastated. I explained to her that I could make the recording disappear if she were to follow whatever I tell her. She, like lightning nodded her lovely head and said she would do anything just so that her parents would not know, so that she could graduate that year and so that she could have a pristine record to enrol into the college of her choice.

That day was the first day I had my cock and balls sucked, licked and eaten by Veronica Vasquez. She was appalled by the idea at first and was so close of running away from me, nevertheless I had everything by my side. The 18-year-old simply could not deny every request I made. I simply sat on my chair and had her in her cheer-leading uniform between my legs. She knelt on the carpeted floor and at first she hesitated. Then, I could not help but press the button on the remote to show the recording. That was her Achilles heel.

“Mr. Price, what do you want me to do for you?” She asked.

“Well Veronica, have you sucked a cock before?” I asked and she nodded.

“How many dicks have you sucked? Tell me.”

“T... Two.” She whispered.


“My boyfriends.”

“I guess you are not a virgin anymore huh? This is what I want you to do.” I continued.

Veronica rubbed her face onto my hard cock making my cock twitched under my pants. I could not help but spread my legs wider and had the girl open her her mouth and traced the outline of my cock using her mouth. I could feel her warm breath through the material of my pants and I shuddered when she licked my cock from the outside. I asked her to beg for my white cock. To make me feel good and to make me feel like her master and that I owned her from that day onward.

I stood up as she unzipped my pants with her small trembling fingers. She pulled my pants down and also my boxers. I then sat on my table with the petite Veronica in front of me standing there looking all nervous. She followed my instructions pretty well even though she was quite jittery. Firstly, she gave me soft wet kisses on my chest and suckled my pink nipples. Then, holding my shoulders she continued to kiss my body lower and lower licking my skin from time to time. Finally, the teenagers lips were kissing my cock head and I felt her tongue licking my cumhole. I moaned in ecstasy. Her pink lips then wrapped themselves around my cock and started sucking. I let out a growl with the pleasure given by Veronica who was now kneeling on the floor sucking my dick.

I instructed her on what to do next. She licked my cock from the base right up to the tip and she did it again and again until my throbbing cock was glistening with her juices. After that, she used her hand to slowly jack off my cock and as she was doing that she brought her sexy lips to my semen-filled balls. The girl licked my balls ravenously, suckling them . My cock was alive under her ministration. My young Veronica. It was not my fault that you smoked weed I thought as she massaged my balls. The girl’s attention had shifted to my cock, sucking it and sliding it deep in her throat. I grabbed both her ponytails and winked at her. I then pumped my cock into her mouth. Principal Price was fucking his student’s lovey face. She gagged a few times but I could not stop myself from ramming my pulsating cock into her mouth. She looked so good with her chin covered with her saliva and mouth filled with my meat. I slowly took it out and slapped my cock to her face a few times. She was breathing raggedly making her ample tits heaved to my delight.

“Take off your top and bra Veronica. And I want you to follow everything I say just like before.” I instructed her.

She pulled her top first revealing her creamy skin underneath and it was a contrast to her tanned face, arms and legs. She was wearing a white lacy push up bra and when she took the bra off my cock reacted more and more to the sight before me. I took a pen from my table and teased her light brown nipples with the tip. She was trembling but she did not made any sound. Nevertheless, her nipples did not betray me. They puckered slightly when I poked and teased those young nipples. Her aureole too crunched up when I teased her more and more. I put the pen down and pulled her body closer to mine. I then held her soft creamy tits in my hands weighing them. Feeling them in my hands. They were big enough for me I thought and I drew my face closer until my face was between her lovely boobs. I squashed my face between those wonderful warm soft flesh. She smelled nice, but her teenage tits on my face felt so much better. I could also hear how frantic her heartbeat was.

I have a habit of making sure that my humongous table neat and pretty much clear from anything. Maybe I am a neat freak to a certain extent. That day with Veronica, that had benefited me. I lay the topless Veronica on my table with her legs dangling on either sides of me. Again, she was trembling making her tits quaked just to my liking. I then greedily suckled her nipples and if I were to suckle her right nipple, my fingers would tweak her left. She was unable to suppress the pleasure that I brought upon her lovely boobs and nipples. She was biting her lower lip and was trashing from side to side. She was affected by me suckling and teasing of her boobs. I then licked the skin of her lovely soft boobs tasting the feast that I had on my table. I loved her salty skin. She was delicious.

I stopped teasing her boobs and lifted the short skirt she was wearing. I said that she was a very bad girl and bad girls should be spanked. I saw fear creeping into her eyes and I raised my hand high. Then, I spanked her crotch a few times. She stopped me from continuing when she held my arm that was spanking her pussy while she begged me. I told her to let go off me and she reluctantly followed. Then, to her surprised I began spanking her nipples. She hissed with each slapping that I gave her young nipples. As my right hand continued to spank her nipples and the soft flesh of her tits, my other hand rubbed her pussy through her white lacy panties. I felt my fingers touching the dampness of her arousal.

I then pulled her panties away from her young sexy body and she was only wearing her short cheer-leading skirt after that. I liked what I saw and what I had on my table. Her pussy was shaved clean while her pussy was dripping with her juices. I put two fingers on her clitoris and pushed it. The girl gasped and raised her hip a little bit from my table to the two fingers rubbing her. I continued rubbing her clit and I watched her moving her hip and body moaning with what I was doing to her. Her breathing was becoming erratic and while her moaning was louder. I stopped. Her eyes darted to my face as if asking me why I stopped.

“Tell me what you want Veronica.” I said to her.
“I want to come Mr. Price. Please?” She whispered.

I nodded and brought my fingers to her mouth and slide them in. She licked her juices off my fingers. After that, I brought the two fingers down her body and positioned them at the entrance of her soaking pussy. I ram my fingers deep into her tight wetness and I could hear her gasped out loud. I pushed my fingers in and out her cunt. Gyrating my fingers and pumping my fingers in her. She moaned and screamed and called my name. She was enjoying my fingers that were now ploughing her teenage pussy. My fingers and hand were quickly covered with her juices. I simply rejoiced listening to her voice as my fingers were building pleasure in her. I was in control of her little young body. I loved feeling her vaginal wall wrapping itself around my fingers and how it pulsated and squeezed and sucked my fingers. She was unable to stop herself from trashing from side to side and control how her body shook with my ministration. She was one horny little girl. With my right fingers fucking her teenage pussy, my other hand now moved to her slit and rubbed her clitoris. She screamed and buckled on my table. I also knew that she would reach her orgasm soon. I could feel it in her sopping core and her whole body. Veronica screamed as her body convulsed as she came. My fingers felt the tremor and the ecstasy that she felt coursing through her young body.

I then took out my fingers from her pussy and licked my fingers one by one licking her juices away. Her boobs jingled and shook with the aftermath of her cumming with her eyes cloudy, dazed from it. I raised her left leg and put it on my chest. Then, I rubbed my cock head along the sticky wet pussy up and down slowly, coating my cock head with her juices. I loved it as every time my cock head nudged her clitoris, her body jerked and convulsed without control. I noticed that she raised her head slightly and that was when I slid my cock deep inside her welcoming wet pussy. I could hear myself groaned as I entered her sexy young body.

“You are so tight Veronica. You will make me a happy man.” I said.

Then, I held her leg tight and began moving my hip. She gasped as I started fucking her tight pussy. She made me felt so damn good! She was slick with her womanly juices and she was tight. She was also moving her body as I impaled her body with my dick. I continued to pump my cock harder and faster. Her moaning increased with the movements that I made. I pumped my cock in and out her sopping core. I knew the slutty girl was loving it. Without warning, I pulled my cock out and dragged her to the front of the fireplace. I had an expensive rug there. I placed her on the rug on all four. She looked glorious with her now damp sweaty body glistening and her heavy boobs dangling from her body. I knelt behind her and slapped her ass a few times.

I rammed my cock into her pussy and fucked the teenager doggy-style. I could feel my cock sliding deeper into her core and I pushed my body relentlessly again and again. She too was like a bitch in heat pushed her body to the back receiving my cock as I slid my cock and in and out her body. I cupped her tits from behind as I fucked her and then I pulled her nipples making her squealed with pain and delight. She was small and when I was too caught up with my own lust I did not realize that I had picked her from the floor and fucked her while standing. Her small legs were dangling as I rammed my dick in her continuously. Her legs were no longer touching the ground. I pumped. And I pumped. As I fucked and I fucked the young girl. Until finally I could feel my own orgasm nearing. I gripped her hip so tightly and slammed my dick deeper, harder and faster. Her pussy felt so good as I fucked her. I was in a frenzy and my mind was solely focusing on my orgasm. She too was screaming and moaning loud as I continued to stuff my cock in her. Finally, I groaned as I squirted all of my semen all over her back and she too yelled out as she reached her orgasm.

Before she left me, she licked my balls and cock clean. As she was putting on her clothes, she looked dejected. She too looked somewhat confused. I in contrast was as happy as a lark and my mind was clear on what I was going to do next. Veronica Vasquez would continue to be my sex pet until she graduated from my school. I explained to her about my plans and she faintly nodded and left my room. As she closed the door behind her, I picked up her panties and imagine sexy nasty things in my mind. I knew I would enjoy myself that year.


Veronica Vasquez met me the second time at my house. That is one of the many benefits of being the principal of Saint Catherine Girl School. I have a house in the 50 acres school compound. It was at night and that was crucial so that nobody could see her walking to my house. I quickly ushered her to my bedroom and I also quickly stripped her clothes off. By the time she was standing at the foot of my bed, the beautiful girl was completely naked. I asked her to crawl on my bed with her lovely ass to me. The girl obliged as she was on an all four on the bed in an instant and gave me the naked view of her luscious ass and pussy to me. I smiled to myself when I noticed that her pussy was glistening with her juices.

“You are a slut Veronica. Wet even before you have arrived here.” I said.
“You missed my cock dear?” I asked her but she was quiet.
“You missed me?” I asked again but this time I licked her pussy from behind.

She whimpered as I licked her and that made me convince that my student was indeed craving for my cock. I then traced my tongue along the slit making her body now trembling with lust as she dripped more and more. I then turned around and simply sat on a chair facing the sexy girl while I commanded her to play with herself until she came. She then asked me whether she could lie on her back facing me and I nodded to her request. The naked girl slowly turned to me and lie on her back. She raised and spread her legs. My cock came alive with the sight of her on my bed. Her sexy teenage cunt was so wet by the time she spread the luscious pussy-lips and began rubbing her clitoris.

Veronica moaned and whimpered as she rubbed her clitoris. Her voice was music to my ears and fired up my lust for her. She used her other hand to pull and pinch her lovely nipples making them puckered. After that, she pushed her ample globes to her lips and sucked on them hard. I slithered my hand under my robe and jacked my throbbing hard dick off as I watched the petite girl with huge boobs pleasuring herself. She then slowly raised her body, opened her legs even more and slid her fingers into her sopping pussy. She began pumping her fingers in and out her drench core. The young girl moaned louder and louder as she ravaged her cunt with her fingers. Her juices poured out from her. I slowly stood up and took a few steps to my bed. I held her hand to stop her. She protested since she knew that she was about to come. She even begged me but I simply held her hand away.

“Mr. Price... please... please! I want to come sir!” She begged.
“Spank your cunt 10 times. Then, I will allow you to come.” I said hoarsely.

I pushed her knees to the side making sure that the young slut in front of me was totally exposed to my eyes. Her lovely face distorted with dissatisfaction and with the denied lust in her. She slowy raised her hand but I asked to raised it higher and then SPANKED! She spanked her sopping pussy with her small hand. She gasped and hissed while her whole body convulsed. I then saw her raised her hand again and spanked her wet pussy. She was torn between the pain caused by the spanking and idea that I was denying her to climax and come. Her face continued to contort with pleasure and pain, yet she continued to follow my instruction. After she spanked her now sore pussy for the sixth time, I asked her to stop. Her eyes were staring at me as she was begging me to allow her to climax. I roughly spread her pussylips and I saw her eyes wide in anticipation. Then, I rammed 3 of my fingers in her dripping sore cunt.

She screamed out loud but she raised her hip in mid-air welcoming the assault given by my 3 fingers. She called me again and again. Begging. Moaning. Whimpering. With each time I moved my fingers in her pussy. She was soaking wet and I loved seeing how her young body surrendered to me and how her voice that was full of lust and pleasure filling my bedroom. I gyrated my fingers in her core and rammed them in and out her pussy. I knew she was about to come. I intensified the movement of my fingers. She was trashing on my bed. Veronica was consumed with pleasure. Her voice continued to feed my lust for her. The girl was loving each thrust that my fingers gave her young body. My fingers were totally coated with her lust juices. I rammed my fingers again and again making her more and more to the brink of ecstasy. Her body was following the rhythm of my fingers and the pleasure that was building in her young body when suddenly, Veronica let out a scream signalling that she was climaxing. I rejoiced the feeling of her vaginal wall contracting and convulsing around my fingers that were deep in her sopping core. Her moaning and whimpering as she came filled my room. It was beautiful.

I took out my drenched fingers from her cunt and coated my hard cock with her juices. My cock was glistening now with her juices. I pulled her up from the bed and pushed her to the floor kneeling while deposited myself on the bed siting on it with the girl between my legs. I groaned when without me instructing the 18-year-old, she quickly began to lick the juices off my rigid white cock. I instinctively grabbed a bunch of her silken hair and I ordered her to open her mouth wide while I pumped my cock her throat. She gagged but I ignored her teary eyes and continued ramming my cock in and out her mouth. I took out my cock a few times when I slapped my thick cock onto her lovely face before I quickly rammed my cock into her mouth. I was enjoying every second fucking the face of Veronica Vasquez. I could feel that I was about to come when I stood up, pulled my cock out and forced her jaws to open. I groaned and squirted all my semen into her mouth. She chocked on my warm creamy cum while I instructed her to swallow every single drop of my semen.

After I loaded my semen into her mouth, I asked her to lie on my huge bed. I slowly tied both her arms spread eagle and also her lovely tone legs. Then, I left her for a bit since I had to find things that I needed for my next adventure with the sexy hot young Veronica. I thought that she would freak out when I tied her up, but from her face I knew that she was more than okay with what she was sharing and having with me, her school principal. I went down to the kitchen and also my small private room on the ground floor. Finally, after 20 minutes I managed to collect everything that I needed to make me happy and hopefully to make the young lady tied on my bed scream and beg that night.

By the time I stepped my foot into my bedroom, my cock had begun to rise and grow. I love the feeling of being aroused and the feeling of blood pumping my cock to life. When I neared my bed, I saw her sexy shaved pussy glistening with her juices. My tongue tingled thinking of how delicious her cunt would taste. That thought made my cock twitched. I stared at her young sexy body. Her chest heaved with anticipation making her soft young tits moved. Her skin seemed to glow under my soft bedroom light. She raised her head and body slightly as she welcomed me with the unmistakable face of a teenager in heat. She wanted the same thing, I hoped. I put all the things that I brought with me on a table just next to the bed and sat myself to her right. She turned her head towards me all the while, eyes staring at me all the time.

I took an ice cube from the table and then focused my attention to the girl. I smiled at her and then I ran the cold wet ice along her neck making her gasped softly. After that, I started to rub the ice cube onto her left nipple. Her gasping was loud while her young body began to react to the whole ordeal. Her nipple instantaneously puckered while she squirmed on my bed. Too bad for her, her body was not able to move and react as she wanted with her arms and legs were all tied up. Her face began to show that she was unsatisfied. I could feel my lips curled up forming a smile knowing her dissatisfaction with the whole ordeal. Little that she knew, I was going to torture her little young mind and body that night. Her protest and disappointment were not important to me.

I used another ice cube onto her right nipple, again she began to move her body but there was little that she could do. She began to beg me. I ignored her begging. Then, I slid an egg vibrator into her pussy. She trashed on the bed raising her hip. I pushed her abdomen down and she had to comply. I then turned the vibrator on.

“Mr. Price! Oh yes. Mr. Price! More please! More!” She begged.

I yet again simply ignored her as I did not increase the setting on the egg vibrator. She wiggled her hip. She raised her hip as she tried to feel more, but she was under my control. There was not much she could do. Her lovely young face contorted with dissatisfaction. She continued to beg me to give her more. I knew she wanted to come again but it was not easy for me to grant that. I wanted to be in control. I wanted her to beg. And I wanted her to submit to the fact that she was under my control. She would come when I wanted her to come.

Suddenly, my cellphone rang. I grabbed the phone and walked out from my bedroom to my study room. It was my wife, Maria. She reminded me about my daughter’s birthday and asked me to make all the necessary preparations for her birthday party. I told her that I had done what I needed to do and I would make sure that it was going to be the party that she wanted. Then my wife continued to tell me a problem she encountered at work, and being a good husband that I am, I listened to her. By the time she hung up, I think we have talked for nearly 20 minutes. My mind snapped back to Miss Vasquez that I had all tied up on my bed.

I quickly walked towards my room and stopped at the foot of my bed. I was astonished with what I saw. Little Miss Vasquez had created a miniature pool under her sexy ass. She was dripping wet and she had also weted my bedspread with her juices. I could not help myself. I crawled onto bed and in seconds I had my face between the 18-year-old legs. I licked and lapped all her yummy goodness. I loved the taste of her juices that was soaking her pussy, her pussylips, her anus and her young ass. She too gasped and moaned with what I was doing between her legs. I too increased the setting on the egg vibrator. She was grinding her cunt to my face and humped my face. I knew my face too was coated with her juices. I continued to lick her. As the vibrator continued to hum in her cunt, I then raised her hip from the bed and spread her asscheeks. I forced my tongue into her tight asshole. Veronica yelled out and moaned. Her whole body was consumed with lust. Again, the girl climaxed.

I roughly pulled out the vibrator and knelt between her legs, raised her body from the bed and slammed my cock like a madman into her sopping core. She was drenched. She was still coming when I fucked her. Her pussy made my throbbing white cock felt so damn good. I slammed into her body again and again. It was relentless. I could hear the girl screaming my name and that made me feel delighted. I held her hip so tightly as I continued to fuck the young willing body. I could hear her gasping each time I thrust my thick shaft into her soaking wetness. Her body jingled and shook as I rammed her with my cock. I also knew I was making her felt so damn fucking good too. She came again screaming so loud and I rejoiced the feeling of her orgasm with her vaginal wall quivering and pulsating around my dick. Then, I came. I could hear myself screaming her name. It was primal. It was raw. I came deep in her pussy. Then, finally I collapsed on her young sweaty body and closed my eyes.


That was in 2002. Veronica and I had sex numerous times. In the second month of our sexual relationship, I did not even have to call her. She would simply slip into my office, took off her panties and rode my cock as I did my work. She was precious. Sometimes, I would wake up in my house with the girl already licking my balls and jacking off my cock. I would sometimes find her in my jacuzzi, naked and luscious just perfect for a tired private boarding school principal to fuck. Then, it was time for her to graduate and she finally had to leave the school. I extremely enjoyed moments that I shared with her. Now, she is a physician working in Europe. She did not follow her father’s footsteps making big bucks in business. I sometimes get her emails where she tells me what is going on her life and sex life of course! She used to my Miss Veronica Vasquez, but now she is Doctor Veronica Vasquez. I am so proud of her!

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