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Principal Price Chapter 2

Being the Principal of an all girl private boarding school has its benefits.
My name is Darren Price and I am 50 years old. I am the principal of a private boarding school. It is also an all girl school. I love my job and I will never ever want to be doing anything else. It is a pretty prestigious school where I have students from all over the world trying to be a part of this magnificent legacy. We produced students who will be the cream of society and we are proud of it. And being the principal of this school has given me numerous benefits. I have my own mansion in the school compound. I have a great office. And I have world class facilities, staff and teachers. But, first and foremost I am responsible for my beloved girls. Teenage girls of different races, colours and creed from different corners of the world. Another reason why I am so blessed in being the principal of this school is the fact that I have my eyes on nearly every room in school and nearly on every girl. They do not know that I have cameras all over the school. Nobody is safe from my prying eyes.

In 2000, I had the luxury of catching a student of mine masturbating in the locker room all by herself. My sweet Erica Tan. A student of mixed heritage. Her mother was a Swedish model while her father was a well-known scientist from China. I recorded all and she looked so damn good rubbing her clitoris on the floor of the locker room moaning and gasping that she made me jacked off my cock as I watched her. She was slapping her small tits as she continued to rub her clit even when she had come a few times. She caught my interest instantly. She could come a few times in less than 15 minutes. It would be extremely intriguing to have her serving me. I had known her since she first registered into my school and how time had blossomed the girl into a tall slender 18 year old. After she thought she had enough of playing with herself, she put her panties on and her small bra. Then, she licked her fingers clean before leaving the locker room.

Erica Tan caught my eyes that year. She was tall just like her mother standing at 5 feet 11 inches and she was actually 2 inches shorter than me. I also loved looking at her beauty having Swedish and Chinese blood in her. I think she got her height from her mother who was a model and also her long slender legs. She had short black hair, a small nose that of her father, lips that haunted my dream and legs that seemed to go forever. Her eyes were light brown with a touch of the Chinese small eyes. She was cute and sexy at the same time. When I caught her masturbating in the locker room, I basically hit the jackpot. She was graduating that year and I knew she could never say no to my request since she would never tarnish her father’s reputation as a world renowned scientist or her squeaky clean record at school.

I called Erica Tan on fine morning. It was a beautiful morning as I remember with birds chirping, the sun shining and the sky was blue. I walked to the main school building where my office is situated with the copy of the recording that I made for Erica Tan. On the way to the main office, many of my staff and students had begun to arrive at school. They greeted me with happy smiling faces that simply lifted my spirit and feelings. Not that I needed any boost to lift my spirit since I knew that day was going to be great for me since Erica Tan would be my little slut in training. I gave my staff and student a warm wonderful smile. Life is good I thought as I climbed up the stairs to the third floor where the whole floor was dedicated as my office. I love being the principal of this prestigious school and I could never imagine doing anything else in my life.

When I arrived at the floor of my office, to my surprise Erica was already waiting for me there, sitting on one of the chairs in front of my office. She gave me the most beautiful and yet innocent smile. She stood up and greeted me. I nodded and greeted the young girl too as I unlocked the big wooden doors to my office. When the doors were open I gestured that she entered the room first and she smiled as she walked in front of me. My eyes could not help but stared at her slender legs and my mind was racing, imagining how those long legs would feel as they wrapped themselves around my body as I fucked her. What a way to start my morning at work. She smelled nice too knowing that the girls in my school would buy the most expensive perfume that they can get their hands on and Erica was no exception. I gestured for her to sit on the chair facing my table while I unbutton my blazer and took my seat.

“Miss Tan. Do you know why I have called for you this morning?” I asked.

“Is it about the summer programme that we are planning to do sir?” She said innocently.

“No my dear, but I have a more depressing matter to discuss with you.” I said.

“What is it Mr. Price.?” Again, she asked me with those innocents face.

“My dear, have you done anything naughty this week?” I asked her.

“Huh? Naughty? What... what are you talking about sir?” She answered while fidgeting on the chair. Her innocent face now looked slightly worried.

“Do you like satisfying your sexual curiosity and desire Erica?” I asked her again.

“What?!” She gasped with her eyes now wide.

“This is the thing Erica. I know you love masturbating and I have the proof. I have the proof in this CD. I can turn you in or you can have sex with me and come as many times as you want. What say you? You choose. Either I show your parents how their little daughter played with her pussy and clit on the floor of the locker room or you fuck me, your principal.”I explained to the now shocked girl.

“What? Are you crazy? No!” She screamed at me as she stood up from the chair.

“I am not crazy. Think about my preposition. You can leave now. I know you will not mention about this with anyone since you have a reputation to uphold. Go to your class now. See me after school here.” I said to the shocked pale girl while handing her the CD.

“I have the recording Erica. Don’t do anything stupid that you might regret.” I continued.

As I expected, at 5 that day after all the school activities had nearly ended I heard a soft rapping on my wooden door. In seconds, Erica Tan was standing inside my office in her school uniform. She no longer looked as happy as when I met her in the morning, but in contrast I was still gleaming with happiness because I knew that I got what I wanted. I called her to the chair where I was sitting. I tugged her plaid school skirt so that she was standing between my legs. Her eyes were staring at her black leather shoes while biting her lower lip. I could not help but caressed the warm skin of her long legs with the palms of my hands and enjoyed the silken softness of her teenage legs. That made her eyes to flicker to my face in alarm.

“So Erica, what have you decided dear?” I asked the young girl.

“I... I don’t know sir.” She whispered.

“You can leave if you want, but have you watched the CD?” I asked.

“Please! Please Mr. Price. Don’t show that to my parents or anyone!” She began to cry.

“Then, you know what to do. Have sex with me and follow what I say. I give you my word that you are safe.” I said.

It took a while for the girl to finally agree with my suggestion. I smiled while my hands continued to slowly massage the back of her thighs rejoicing how supple her young body felt under my fingers. Then, I asked her to just leave her bags on the table and take her jacket off. She was now in her white school shirt and her plaid school skirt. She looked so sexy in my eyes even when she did not have the boobs or the ass. After that, I instructed her to sit on my thighs facing me. My cock that had been anticipating the moment she surrendered was now growing and happily throbbing between my legs. Her ass felt warm on me while her supple long legs draped on either sides of me. Again, her perfume consumed me. I commented the girl that her scent was making me crazy, that did not do anything to the now nervous child.

I told her that I was not a horrible man and that she would enjoy having sex with me. I also promised her that I would destroy her CD and all recordings I had on her when she graduated. She nodded her head silently. First, I simply ran my fingers over her beautiful face. Chinese added with her mother’s Swedish beauty. I was fascinated with her lips and I put my hand behind her neck and slowly pulled the girl’s face to me. I took my time simply licking her lower lip and nibbling on it. She tasted so sweet. She also hesitated at first but finally opened her lips to me and I then began to give the 18-year-old some good french kissing. I felt how her whole body reacted and a smile formed on my lips as I devoured the girl’s lips and tongue. She started to moan and gasp as I continued to kiss her. plunging my tongue in and out her warm sweet mouth. Then, I slowly stopped kissing the girl and began to unbutton her blouse revealing her light pink cotton bra.

I pulled the cup of the bra away from her small tits revealing her nipples. I pulled both of the nipples making her arched her body. I did that again and again until suddenly she said please. I then asked her please what? She blushed and did not say anything, but I knew what she wanted and what she needed. I flicked her left nipples with my fingers while suckling the other one. I was sure that the girl now was wet since I also knew how she loved playing with her tits when she masturbated in the locker room. I turned my mouth to the other nipple and suckled it too while rubbing her right nipples between my thumb and finger. She moaned and arched her body towards me. Her puckered nipples tasted delicious on my tongue.

I then continued to rub her nipples with my fingers. Both my hands were flicking and rubbing them. Her eyes began to glaze with her arousal and when I instructed her to play with herself and come, the hazy eyes suddenly opened wide. I said to her just do what she had been doing in the locker room only this time her nipples will be pulled and teased by me. She said okay and then she slipped her left hand into her light pink cotton panties she was wearing. I coaxed her to come as many times she wanted as I loved girls that could cream and enjoy their bodies and sexual needs. Erica followed what I said and started rubbing her clitoris first. I too pulled her nipples as she rubbed her young pussy making her body moved slowly on my lap. She gasped and moaned as she continued rubbing her clitoris. I stopped pulling the nipples and spanked her nipples instead. That seemed to heighten her lust making her ground and humped her fingers. The crotch of her panties too was damp as juices poured out from her young pussy.

“Oh good little slut. Make yourself come. Come as many times as you want.” I said.

I yanked her nipples again and again while she rubbed her clitoris. She then raised her slender young body a little bit from my lap and inserted 2 of her fingers in her sopping core. Now she was pumping her fingers while her other hand was vigorously rubbing her clitoris. Her moaning filled my office and I also noticed that she was about to come. I continued to pinch and pull her nipples as she fucked her cunt with her fingers. My penis was rock hard as the girl kept grinding on her fingers. Then, suddenly she let out a scream and her whole body convulsed and spasmed. Erica came for the first time.

Without wasting time, I pulled her back onto my lap and brought her arms to her back. I used my neck-tie to tie her arms up while she was still spasming from her climax. I then grabbed her light pink panties that was soaking with her juices and tugged. The material around her crotch was straining against her lovely wet pussy and clitoris. I tugged harder and harder until she had to raise her body just so that the material would not torture her open pussy. I continued tugging her panties making sure that the wet material was rubbing against her clitoris. She moaned and begged me to stop but I did not listen to her. I yanked the girl’s panties again and again and I could hear her moaning intensified this time. She was grinding her body against the panties that I was tugging and yanking. Again, her whole body shook and trembled as she came for the second time. Her small tits moved and jingled as she continued to experience her second orgasm.

“Good girl. Good girl.” I said to her.

I made her sit on my table and pulled down her now drenched panties. I held the light pink panties in my hand and smelled her scent on it. It fired up my lust for the girl more and more. My cock had been throbbing in my trousers, but I wanted to play with her longer. I then pushed myself closer to her on the table. I held her legs and put them over my shoulders. I kissed her inner thighs, nuzzled them and licked them. She gasped and I still could feel her slender body was still convulsing from her orgasm. Then, my mouth found what it sought. I was tasting her juices and her teenage pussy for the first time and I thought to myself that I really loved her taste. Her pussy was shaved just like many girls that I fucked but Erica’s mound and pussy looked as if it had not been shaved for a while but I was not complaining. I am a lover of young pussies and I was not complaining. The moment I spread her pussylips with my fingers, she moaned so loud. Then, my attention was focused on her clitoris. I nudged it a few times and that made her trembled. I then placed my lips on her sensitive clitoris and sucked hard.

She buckled so hard on my table and raised her hip, grinding her pussy onto my face. I could feel her long legs wrapping around my body as she pushed herself more and more onto my mouth. I continued sucking, licking and suckling her young sopping clitoris. She was moving and trashing on my table so hard that even her school bag fell onto the floor. Papers too flew from my table. I also realized that as her arms were tied, she could not do much except humped my face with her wet pussy and yes, she came again. She let out another scream and came with my mouth greedily licking and lapping her drenched and quivering pussy. What a wonderful girl. Cumming 3 times in a short time.

It was my turn to come I thought, but I was unsure how to fuck the long-legged beauty that I had now on her back, legs wide apart gasping for air after coming 3 times. Her young body was now damp from her sweat. I decided to have the 18-year-old lick, taste, savour and eat my throbbing white cock. I stood up and moved from my table and chair. I slowly took my time to unzip my trousers and took them off. I folded them and put them on a table. Then, I rubbed my cock from outside my boxers and it felt so damn good. I took my boxers off and put them on top of my trousers. After that, I walked to my chair, helped Erica to get off the table and kneel. I took my seat and simply let the girl see the cock that would make her happy in her final year in my school. Her beloved principal’s dick that had been throbbing for her. Her eyes were glued on my cock. It was throbbing and rock-hard for Erica.

“Make me come by using your lips and tongue Erica. Can you do that for me?” I asked her. She nodded faintly.

What an angel! She licked my semen-filled balls first and I groaned with delight. I pulled my cock a bit so that she could lick my balls and that made my cock throbbed more and more. She pushed her face onto my balls and squeeze the balls into her wet warm mouth. She made her principal a very happy man that day. I groaned and gasped as Erica sucked my balls and lapped them with her tongue. After that, the girl began to lick my hard cock from the base to my cumhole. She had a problem since her arms were still tied behind her. I told her that I would help her. I slid my fingers in her short hair and grabbed two handful of the hair. She flinched a little bit. Then, I instructed the girl to open her mouth.

I moved her head up and down while her wet warm mouth was fucked by my dick. I pushed her head lower and I realized that I was also reaching her throat. My cock felt so damn good sliding on her tongue and ramming in and out her mouth. She gagged a little bit making her eyes watery but I continued to fuck her pretty face. I moaned and called her my slave and my slut. My voice vibrated through my room while she whimpered and gurgled sucking my cock in a frenzy. I knew I was rough handling the girl in such a way, but her lips and her mouth felt so fucking good on my cock. My cock and balls were now covered in her saliva while my cockhead was slamming the back of her throat. I did not even realize that each time her head came down, I would raise my hip ramming my cock into her mouth. I ignored her protest and her whimpering. I was simply consumed with fucking the girl’s face again and again. Finally, I pulled my cock out jacking it off like mad man and then I groaned so loud squirting my warm creamy cum all over her cute dazed face. Her face was now coated with my cum. I came good. I came so damn good.

I untied Erica after that, but I did not allow her to leave just yet since I know that she can come so much more. I gave her a dildo and she had to come 5 more times using the dildo before she could head back to her dormitory. I brought her to the couch I had at an area in my office. I sat in one while she sat on another facing me. She had her long legs draped on the armrest and the sexy girl was wide open and soaking wet for my eyes. She pushed the dildo in her sopping pussy and began masturbating. Her gasping, her whimpering and her soft moaning were like music to my ears. She came again in no time and then she continued fucking her pussy with the dildo while her other hand was relentlessly rubbing her clitoris. I loved looking at her making her whole body shook and convulsed when she came again. She took out the dildo for a while and licked her juices off it, her eyes were on me. I realized that Erica was teasing me, seducing me. I gave her a wicked smile.

Suddenly, the girl stood up from the couch and walked towards where I was sitting. I was pretty surprised but I just let her came nearer and nearer to where I was. She then stopped as she lifted her left leg and put it on the armrest of my couch. I could smell the scent of her wet pussy and my mouth watered thinking of eating her again. She continued by rubbing the dildo on her clitoris as she moaned and that managed to make my cock throbbed again. She was sopping wet and the dildo was coated with her creamy goodness. My heart skipped a beat as she plunged the dildo in her awaiting pussy again. Gyrating the dildo and sliding the thing in and out her wet cunt. She was such a slut and I did not realize that Erica was somewhat an exhibitionist. Her juices trailed down her inner thighs while her hand was pushing the dildo faster and deeper now. I could feel that my cock began to grow again with the lusty girl masturbating inches from my face Again, she spasmed and yelled out cumming yet again.

I pulled her onto my lap. Again, the naked sweaty girl was sitting facing me. Her long legs were on the couch straddling my body. I licked and suckled her nipples and they tasted salty from her sweat, but undeniably delectable. I took the dildo from her hand and it was my time to fuck her pussy this time. I rammed the dildo into her sopping centre and she arched her young body and in an instant she was humping her body onto the dildo in my hand. She was wild riding the dildo and moving her body in abandonment. As she rode the dildo, she pulled and pinched her nipples moaning with pleasure. She was beyond what I expected of her. I thought she was pretty innocent or maybe not since she was like a wild slutty cowgirl riding on her principal’s lap. She was so sexy. Such a young body and such a slutty mind. She came again. I lost count on how many times she had come that night. She was not like any girls I had encountered.

She left my office just before midnight after I fucked her again. I had the girl wrapped her long slender legs around my body as I fucked her pussy. Standing, I had her back against the wall and rammed my hard cock into her cunt again and again. It made me felt so fucking good. One of the best sex I had in months. I could not even leave my office because the slutty girl sapped all my energy. I slept in the small bedroom I had on the same floor. I had a dream that night. I had Erica as my little pet slave with her collar and leash following me around on all four and cumming whenever I instructed her. When I woke up the next morning, my cock was rock hard and my thought flew to the Erica but I groaned since I knew that fucking her was impossible that day. I had a meeting with my staff and another meeting after that. I cursed under my breath before wrapping my hands around my engorged cock and jacked it off with Erica on my mind wiggling her ass and gyrating her pussy on my cock.


“Mr. Price? You want me to wear these? I mean... are you sure?” Erica asked.

“Yes. I have been imagining you wearing it for days baby. Put them on like a good slutty girl you are.” I coaxed her.

Erica looked so sexy and hot. She was wearing red satin panties and matching bra; and nothing else except the red collar and leash. That day, Erica was my sex pet. She was timidly standing in front of the fireplace covering her small tits and delicious pussy. I purposely had her wore crotchless panties so that I can lick and eat and have my ways with her. But actually, making Erica wore the panties simply made me felt more control and had more power over her. Not to mention that she looked so good in them and so slutty just I like it.

She was still standing in front of the fireplace fidgeting away. I asked her to stop covering her pussy so that I could enjoy the view before me and she did follow me with her cute face contorted in dismay. I could not care less, I knew she would follow what I said simply because I still had the recording of her masturbating in the locker room. I then slowly and clearly instructed her on what to do. She bit her lower lips and stared at me, but her eyes told me something else. I could see and feel how she was loving what I had asked her to do. I simply smiled add said.

“Erica dear, follow what I say and I will reward you. We both know how much you love to come and how many times you are capable of experiencing orgasm. Come on, be a good girl. Follow what I say. You know I can make you feel so good!”

Her eye flicked to my face and she stopped chewing on her lower lips. She drew in a shaky breath and spread her legs. Just as I instructed, she spread her pussylips to show her pink sopping core and as I expected, juices began sipping out her teenage young cunt. Erica then, slowly started rubbing her clitoris. She gasped and moaned as she rubbed it. My cock grew and throbbed enjoying how the girl pleasuring herself. Her fingers were beginning to be coated by her juices shimmering under my bedroom light. My mouth watered thinking how delicious she could taste. I could not stop myself from standing and taking a few steps towards her. I knelled before her, held her either sides of her waist and stared at her long fingers now rubbing her clitoris in a frenzy.

She looked utterly scrumptious. I licked her pussy and she rubbed herself. She moaned louder as I continued to lap and lick Erica’s sopping core. I loved the taste that the girl was bestowing upon me. She rubbed and tweaked and rubbed her juicy clit while I continued to lick her wet pussy. II grabbed her leg and put it on my shoulder to give her more leverage and provide me more access to her pussy. I sucked her juices and drank her nectar while she grew wetter and hornier. She moaned and begged in her sweet sexy voice. Erica was nearing her orgasm, which was her first from many that night. I poked my long wet warm tongue into her pussy-opening and she grabbed my hair. What a wild girl I thought. She ground her pussy as I fucked her little sopping hole with my tongue. She too ground her clitoris onto my face when finally the young girl screamed and buckled. She came. Such a beautiful sight.

Her knees finally buckled as she feel on the carpet kneeling. My pet was trembling and shaking from her orgasm. I kissed her lips and slid my tongue in. She opened her mouth letting me taste all of her and feel all of her. She moaned softly as I pressed her small young body towards me. I hissed when her body was completely skin to skin to mine. Her rock-hard nipples were teasing my skin to my delight. I grabbed the soft warm flesh of her ass and kneaded them with my hands roughly as I continued french-kissing her. Her arms too encircled my head as she offered more of her lips and tongue to me. My left hand squeezed her right ass so roughly that she gasped and tore her lips away from me. Then, I squeezed both of her young supple ass with my hands making her groaned in pain.

“Please! Please stop!” She begged.

“Why should I?” I said with my fingers digging into the soft flesh of her ass.

“Mr. Price... please sir. It’s painful.” She said.

“Pain is pleasure my pet. You know that. I give you a bit of pain, but you and your body feel the pleasure.” I continued squeezing harder. She winced.

“Please Sir! Ahhh... please stop!” She begged. I stopped.

“Tell me how do you want to be punished then?” I asked.

“Spank me? Please spank me Mr. Price!” She said.

Erica was on all four on the bed with her pussy dripping with her juices. The nipples on her young small tits were puckering just as I like them. I was holding a paddle in my hand. I rubbed and massaged her ass and then, WHACKED! I spanked her. Her voice reverberated through my bedroom. Then, another one. Her small young ass now had a tinge of pink. Then, WHACKED! She yelled out and she asked me to stop suddenly. I would still punish her I said. I put the paddle on the bed and I would punish her really good now!

From behind, I spanked her wet sopping cunt with my open palm. Her juices spattered. I felt how my cock twitched and throbbed with excitement. Again, I slapped her open pussy. I felt my palm stinging with the pain. I slapped her pussy again and again tormenting her. She was screaming and gasping, but I knew she was aroused and loving me with what I was doing to her and her young body. I roughly pushed her to the bed and turned her body. She was on her back and I asked to spread her legs wide. She was soaking wet and her juices were coating her crotch, her anus and between her thighs. She was sopping to her core. I told her that I was still punishing her.

“Please Mr. price. Please punish me!” She begged through her ragged breath.

I ploughed her pussy with 3 fingers. Spreading her pussylips wide open. I rammed my fingers deep, and stopped. The girl frantically moved her body and began to continue begging again. I pulled on her leash and brought her up from the bed. She was sitting face to face with me, with my fingers in her pussy. Her beautiful face contorted with desire and lust. I could feel how her vaginal wall squeezing my fingers and I know she was begging me to make her come again. I could not deny my pet. I gyrated my fingers and that made the girl moaned. I continued pumping my fingers in and out her sopping core gyrating them as I rammed them. As I fucked her cunt with my fingers, I stared at her face and how her lovely face was affected by the pleasure brought by my fingers. She came in a matter of moments. I continued to rub her clit as she screamed and moaned with her second orgasm that day. She thrashed on my bed as she came again with only me rubbing and teasing her clit.

Before she could do anything, I lay on my back and instructed her to sit on my face. She slowly got up still dazed from her orgasm and straddled my face. She was on her knees as she was unsure how she could sit on her Principal's face. I grabbed her leash and pulled her down to my lips and tongue. She shrieked when I sucked on her clitoris and buckled on my face. Instinctively Erica began grinding and gyrating her body. I sucked, I licked, I lapped and I savoured her essence. She humped my face as she fed on her growing arousal and fueled her pleasure. Through the corner of my left eye, I could see how the sexy long-legged Erica was straddling my face and grinding her pussy against my face. She was blinded by the pleasure coursing through her and she simply could not stop herself from grinding more and more onto my face. I could feel my mouth, chin and nose now were totally coated by her glistening love juices. Again, she yelled out when she reached her orgasm. I enjoyed licking and lapping her sweet juices pouring out of her. I could feel her young body buckling and shaking as her orgasm ran through her system.

I licked her clit. Her body could not stop convulsing as she begged me to stop barely coherent since she was unable to control each time I teased her clitoris. I ignored her. I then sucked her clitoris. She yelled out and tried to move her pussy away from my face. I instructed her to stay still. My attention was focused on making her climaxed again. I pulled her body down. She screamed and begged me to stop as I simply gripped her small slender body against my face and tortured her clitoris with my mouth. Her clitoris was hard and so heavenly sensitive. It was futile for her to resist, her clitoris controlled her. I licked and lapped and suckled it when finally, Erica came again screaming in ecstasy.

I fucked her finally on my bed with her riding my raging hard on. My cock slid into her pussy and I could hear the squishing sound my cock made when I rammed my cock deep into her. She was drenched to the core. I pulled her leash as she moved her young body on me. I pulled and twisted her puckered nipples as she impaled her young body with my dick. Her juices continued to pour out from her. Before I came, the girl moaned and groaned when she came again as she was still bouncing on my cock. She gasped and stopped for a bit enjoying the pleasure of her orgasm before she continued riding my engorged cock. I rubbed her clit as she rode me and that made her continue to moan in pleasure. We came together as I squirted all my semen all over her chest and face. After a few moments, I tugged on her leash and made the girl crawled on all four towards the shower.

“Erica, you are dirty. Let your master give you a good rubbing and cleaning and later a really good fuck.” I said to her as she crawled on all four following me.


Erica Tan graduated that year and as I promised, I gave her back all the recording. Then, she enrolled into Harvard just as her father wanted and she was also working part time as a model. She followed both of her parents’ footsteps. Sometimes if she were in town, she would call me and we would meet up and simply enjoy sex. We both know what we want and need. A few times, I allowed her to tie me up and she became my mistress. I love her so much and as the principal of this school and her sex partner, she turns out to be more than I can imagine. She becomes the face of many prestigious brands and with her degree in Biology, she is a rare gem in her business. She is sexy, hot, full of lust, intelligent and beautiful. With what she has accomplished in her life right now, I am so proud of her!

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