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Principal Price Chapter 3

It is great to be a principal! I love my job!
My name is Darren Price and I am 50 years old. I am the principal of a private boarding school. It is also an all girl school. I love my job and I will never ever want to be doing anything else. It is a pretty prestigious school where I have students from all over the world trying to be a part of this magnificent legacy. We produced students who will be the cream of society and we are proud of it. And being the principal of this school has given me numerous benefits. I have my own mansion in the school compound. I have a great office. And I have world class facilities, staff and teachers. But, first and foremost I am responsible for my beloved girls. Teenage girls of different races, colours and creed from different corners of the world. Another reason why I am so blessed in being the principal of this school is the fact that I have my eyes on nearly every room in school and nearly on every girl. They do not know that I have cameras all over the school. Nobody is safe from my prying eyes.

Heidi Aalvik who is of Norwegian nationality and descendant was a student of mine. She enrolled in this school when she was 16 and graduated from here when she was 18. She was the only daughter of famous fashion designers in Europe and she grew up with fashion, fame, glamour and beauty surrounding her. That seemed to have caused much sadness and dissatisfaction in her. It was through the cameras that I first noticed that she would alienate herself from her peers and hide in very unlikely places at school or at the dorms. Countless times I would see her crying silently all by herself. She was 17 at that time in 2004 when I was deeply moved by her that I decided to call her to my office. Despite the constant urge of having young willing bodies to feast on, I am a very caring principal in my own twisted perverted ways!

The 5 feet 6 inches blonde girl stepped into my office that afternoon in January 2004. I asked her to take a seat first since I was on the phone with one of my staff and said that I would only take a few moments on the phone. While I was discussing with my staff, my eyes ran up and down the girl sitting in front of me. She ha d nice features. Her eyes were so blue while her nose was pretty sharp. Her mouth was small and cute with a mole just above her upper lip. I found that I would love to lick that mole and not to mention to lick her smooth fair skin. I felt a jolt running through me and it made my cock twitched. I finished the discussion with my staff, put the phone down, instructed my receptionist not to disturb me for the next few hours and focused on girl sitting in front of my huge table.

“Miss Aalvik, I’m sorry for making you wait for me.” I said while smiling at her.

“Not a problem sir. It’s not a problem, really.” She timidly said with a bit of Norwegian accent. I found that not only her mole and her fair skin were fascinating to me, but now my mind had begun imagining how would she scream and beg with that sexy accent.

“Thank you my dear. Now, I will cut to the chase Miss Aalvik. May I know something? Well... are you happy here? I mean, are you happy studying in my school?” I asked her.

“Ha... Happy? Yes. I... I guess I do love studying here sir.” She answered with that sexy accent again.

“Good, but my dear... I have been getting not complaints, but rather reports concerning you. A few teachers and a few students reported to me that you have been depressed and sad. Are you depressed Miss Aalvik? Or should I call you Heidi?”

“No... no... I am not sad sir. Or... depressed.” She insisted and formed a force smile on her pretty face.

“Are you sure Heidi? I am here to help. I have seen you cried before Heidi. All by yourself. Are you sure there is nothing that I can do for you to help?” I insisted as the caring principal that I am.

The pretty girl burst into tears, crying. I gave her some tissues and waited for her. Even through the tears, her blue eyes pierced through. Drop after drop, the tears kept wetting her now pink cheeks. My tongue tingled as my mind imagined how would it feel to lick off her tears from her silky smooth skin. After about 15 minutes, she stopped crying and told me what had been bugging her. She said that she was ugly and not as beautiful and sexy as the models that worked with her parents’. She explained that her ex-boyfriend said that she was too fat and dumped her for another girl who was prettier, taller and sexier. When she said that, my eyes darted up and down her 5 feet 6 inches frame and then concluded that she was not fat, well, maybe not thin either, but maybe a little bit on the chubby side, but she had the right fat on the right places! I personally would not mind having Heidi Aalvik as my fuck-friend and have the pretty girl with the sexy body who had issues with her self-esteem bouncing on my cock. I realized that I would gladly help her and make herself feel more confident with herself and not be sad all the time. I convinced her that I would help.

I made some tea for her and a coffee for me. We sipped our drinks and she then told me about her ex-boyfriend who dumped her. To my surprise and utter shock, he was Adam Murphy who was a chemistry teacher in my school. Jealousy and hatred boiled my blood. Nobody could touch my girls. My school. My girls. My sluts. She then explained to me how she felt so ugly and so not sexy compared to the models she would see when she went back home to her parents ’ . She was sad that boys and men in general only like and lust over sexy, hot beautiful girls with long legs and killer sex appeal. I in turn tried to convince her that not all boys or men are the same. I would show her that she was hot and sexy in her own ways and that she should be confident with herself. She looked puzzled and asked me how. I gave her a wicked smile.

I ushered her to a room next to my office. There was a big and comfortable settee with tables near the wall, but most importantly one wall facing the settee was covered with a huge mirror. I was standing behind the 17-year-old with my head way above her. I was smiling, but she looked nervous. I held her arm and asked her to look at herself in the mirror. At first, she was quite reluctant but after a while she raised her head and looked at her the reflection in the mirror. Her eyes stared at her reflection and then her eyes met mine while she whispered that she was ugly. I gave her the warmest smile and said that she must be crazy thinking that she was ugly. Then slowly but surely, my right thumb touched her young soft lips making her looked a bit uncomfortable, nevertheless I continued by saying that both boys and men would love to kiss her sexy lips. She blushed.

I then trailed my fingers on the delicate fair skin of her pretty face while explaining that boys, girls, men and women would love holding this face between their hands and caressed it. She blushed even more. I knew that I had to take a risk, I pulled her young quivering body against me and I really made sure that she could feel how hard my dick was pressed behind her. I then lowered my face to her right ear, while staring at her wide eyes and whispered how she would not affect me in such a way if she were to be horribly ugly. I could feel her whole body simply froze and tensed up. Fear crept into her dazzling blue eyes, but I was not deterred. My hands crept slowly to her chest and massaged her nipples through the white school shirt and her bra while whispering that many would love to suckle and play with her soft ample tits as they were so sexy and beautiful. Her eyed grew wider. I enjoyed observing her reflection on the mirror as I seduced the 17-year-old standing in front of me.

I was overjoyed when through her bra and the white cotton shirt, I could feel on my fingertips her delicious nipples began to pucker. My other arm went lower to ample creamy thighs gently massaging her warm skin and squeezing the teenager’s flesh. She gasped as I massaged her thighs and that was one of the evidences that Heidi Aalvik was beginning to be affected by my seduction. Her body was no longer tensed up and her beautiful blue eyes were no longer afraid, but instead they were filled with lust and desire. All the while I was massaging her thighs and rubbing and toying her nipples, I kept on telling her how sexy and hot she was. And that she should believe that she was sexy and hot. And because of her, I was so consumed with so much desire for her like nobody that I had met before. She timidly whispered yes, trying to convince herself that she was pretty and special. Nonetheless, most importantly, I was beginning to make the young Norwegian girl aroused.

I slowly pulled away from her and I asked her to take off her school shirt. Her eyes flew to my face in the mirror, but her fingers were unbuttoning her shirt and they were trembling. She was wearing a cream coloured cotton bra that was ugly in my eyes, nonetheless my thoughts on the ugly bra vanished when finally I could see her true beauty. Her tits were soft, creamy and pretty big behind the bra. A definite C cup. Her nipples looked reasonably big too as they protruded through the thin material of her cotton bra. I praised on how pretty and great her tits looked and her ex-boyfriend was stupid for leaving her. I explained to her that I would savour and cherish her tits since they were so beautiful. I pulled the school shirt off her body and she trembled like a leaf. I kissed her right shoulder and told her not to worry since she was just perfect. I cupped her ample tits from outside her bra, weighing them , squeezing them gently . She looked apprehensive, nevertheless her eyes were beginning to be cloudy with lust.

I kissed her neck and kissed her shoulders gently, not wanting to scare her. My hands on her soft warm tits continued to squeeze and tease. She gasped and her eyes flew to my face, then she kept her sexy lips shut. While my left hand kneaded and squeezed her tits, my right hand now began to roam on her soft warm stomach. She trembled and moaned at the same time. I did not stop saying that she was pretty and beautiful between my wet kisses on her shoulder, her neck and her back. I could not wait to ask her to take off her bra, but I knew I had to go slow. I then turned her body facing me. She was nervously looking up to my face. Her blue eyes were piercing. I smiled as I lowered my head and kissed her right cheek. After that, my lips trailed to her left cheek. I then moved my lips to her sexy lips. I gave her soft and gentle kisses at first and the lips under mine quivered, nevertheless she did not back away. I then licked her lower lip and that made her eyes pierced into mine. I slid my tongue deeper into the teenager’s mouth and she opened her mouth slightly. I took this advantage and slid my tongue deeper while french kissing her. She moaned as I ravaged her sexy warm sweet lips. I tasted her and I loved what I was tasting.

As I kissed Heidi in front of the huge mirror, my hand went between out bodies and pushed her bra to reveal her ample heavy tits. Finally, her boobs were free from the cups. I pulled myself from kissing her and stared at the young tits jutting out for me. They were perfect I said to her. Her nipples were bigger and pointier than many nipples I had seen before. Her aureole too were bigger than many I had seen. I turned her to face the mirror and she quickly covered her tits with her arms, but I stopped her saying that she should appreciate her beauty and that she was indeed so hot and sexy. I also insisted that she was special. She did not have to be like her parents’ models or anyone else, since for me I said, she was beautiful.

She stood in front of me, topless and both of us were staring at the reflection. Her skin was creamy and soft. Meanwhile, her puckered nipples and aureole were a darker shade of cream. I slowly slithered my hands from behind and then I grazed my fingernails on the over-sized nipples. Heidi moaned and called my name. I replaced my fingernails with my fingers. I tweaked the young girl’s nipples and pulled them slightly away from her body. The girl whimpered and I noticed she was leaning back into my body. It was then I knew Heidi was mine. Her knees were weak from the pleasure brought by her over-sized and maybe very sensitive nipples. As my fingers squeezed and teased her rock-hard nipples, I continued to give wet kisses onto her creamy shoulders and I began nipping on her flesh as she moaned louder this time.

“Do you like how you feel Heidi?” I asked her as I pinched her nipple. She moaned.

“Tell me Heidi, do you like how your principal makes you feel?” I asked again while tugging both her nipples. She whimpered.

I kept on tweaking and teasing her nipples for a while and then, slowly my left hand roamed her abdomen. My fingers were feeling her soft warm skin and I pushed my hand lower and lower. As soon as I pushed my hand into her plaid skirt, she began to get nervous again. I said it was okay and that I would make feel good. I slid my hand lower and I knew my fingers were in her panties. She was gasping and her body trembled from the anticipation. Finally, my hand found what I was craving. Wet warm flesh of Heidi’s quivering pussy. My eyes now looked into her blue ones. Both of us knew now that she was soaking wet. I rubbed her clitoris and she called my name. I rubbed her clitoris again, and she trembled in front of me. Her clitoris felt hard and I tweaked it between my fingers relishing the tremor in her body as I did so.

“Heidi, have you fucked before.” I whispered to her. She closed her eyes. She was blushing to the roots of her hair and nodded.

“Who was it Heidi? Was it Adam Murphy?” I asked and she nodded.

“Did he make you feel good?” I asked again. That question made her blushed even more, but fascinatingly she did not nod.

“I will make you feel good. In fact, I will make you feel so great!” I promised her.

I had taken Heidi’s plaid skirt off and she was in her panties now. The boring and ugly panties. For the daughter of fashion designers, something must have gone wrong I thought. Nevertheless, there it was, a damp patch on the crotch of the hideous panties. I brought her to the huge settee in the middle of the room and put her on it. After that, I asked her to lie on her back.

“Mr. Price! There’s another mirror up there.!” She covered her tits again.

“Heidi. What did I say? You are perfect. Take you arms away.” I coaxed her.

“And Heidi, look at me. You make me like THIS.” I said to her as I pulled out my throbbing cock out from my pants. Her eyes were glued on my dick. That, boosted my ego tremendously.

“Mr. Price... you’re... big.” She whispered.

“Really? Well... thanks! Even bigger than Mr. Murphy’s?” I teased her and to add my inflated ego, she nodded.

The girl kept on staring the ceiling where she could see how her principal was licking her wet pussy. Her young hip moved as I feasted on her sopping cunt, offering me her delicious young body. I knew my chin and my lips were covered with her juices but I did not care. I then slid a finger into her warm hole and she buckled. Her whimpering and moaning were getting louder as I faster and faster slid and gyrated my finger in and out her young writhing body. Her creamy skin was slowly covered with sweat while her puffy nipples jingled and quaked as she moved. I continued moving my finger in her pussy and I began sucking her clitoris harder. Heidi’s voice filled my ears and I continued to sucked hard on her clit while fucking her pussy with my finger. I knew she was on the brink of climaxing. Her whole body convulsed and trembled as she came for the first time. All the while, my cock was agonizingly hard and throbbing with anticipation.

I lifted my head and my eyes savoured the teenager’s body still trembling from the pleasure that I brought upon her body. I loved looking her stomach and her soft ample tits trembling with the aftermath of her coming. I stood up and started to rub my engorged cock while the girl regained her composure. Her deep blue eyes were still hazy but I knew she was all the time staring at my hard cock. I smiled at her as I explained that she was the cause of my hard on and she was sexy to me. Her cheeks turned another shade of pink as I commented on her. I slowly took off my clothes and told her how I wanted to fuck her teenaged body. I loved seeing her eyes grew wider when I told her that I wanted to tie her up and let one of her classmates eat her pussy. I told her that I would fuck her in her dorm with her friends watching us. When I was completely naked before my 17-year-old student, I could feel that my cock was screaming for release.

“Now Heidi. Suck your principal. Mr. Price needs your service.” I instructed her.

“Yes sir.” She whispered as pulled herself up and knelt on the settee.

“Kiss my cock head and lick it good Heidi.” The young Norwegian girl looked up and started kissing my cock head. I moaned as the sexy small lips touched my dick.

“Lick all of my cock. Tell me how good I taste.”

“You.. ahh... taste good sir.” My cock slowly was glistening with her saliva. As she took her time licking the length of my throbbing dick, I could not but play with her soft ample boobs.

“Suck my balls. Open your mouth and suck them good.”

“Good girl. Use your tongue. So good!” I groaned. I then held her beautiful face between my hand and asked her to open her mouth.

“Your principal is going to fuck your face. You make me feel so good Heidi.” I said.

Her soft fingers continued to massage and rub my cum-filled balls and I loved them. Her small mouth tried very hard to suck the length of my cock. I loved looking at her teary eyes as my cock head grazed the back of her throat. I cherished the feeling of her tongue teasing my dick; and how her lips moved up and down my throbbing meat. I moved my hip and began pumping my cock in and out her mouth. I grab a handful of her soft blonde hair in a fist and let my body moved to its own accordance. I love sliding in and out her wet warm mouth all the while my balls slapping her chin as I drove my cock deeper and harder. Her young mouth made me felt so good. I held her face in both hands and continued to slide my hard cock in frenzy. Finally, I groaned so loud and came in her mouth squirting all my creamy semen in her mouth. She pulled away and coughed but I held her face and came all over her sexy face.

I pushed her back into the settee and suckled her tits ignoring her tiny protest. She gasped when I shoved two fingers in her sopping little pussy. It was a snug fit and I smiled because I knew my cock would relish the tight pussy. She began moving her hip as I ploughed her pussy while I nibbled on her hard nipples. I told her that her nipples tasted so damn good but I knew she was not listening as I could feel her vaginal wall began contracting around my wet fingers. I pulled my face from her tits and pumped my fingers faster in her fuck hole. Her young body convulsed on the settee as I gave her the pleasure that she wanted. She begged and moaned so loud. I wanted her to come harder than before. I used my other hand and rubbed her clitoris while pumping my fingers in her pussy. She buckled and screamed on the settee. It was beautiful when she came in my hand. Her vaginal wall quivered around my fingers as she came again. I took out my fingers from her pussy and they were soaking from her juices. I licked and sucked my fingers saying she tasted marvelous. By then, my cock had become hard again and I knew that it was time for 17-year-old Heidi Alvik to be fucked.

“Tell me Heidi… how do you want to be fucked?” I asked her as I rubbed my cock head. I smiled when all she did was stared at my cock.

“Heidi.” I called her again and finally her blue eyes rested on my face.

“How do you want me to fuck you?” I asked again.

“H… how?” She asked me back and I nodded. She licked her lips.

“Can… can… I be on top?” she whispered and she was blushing so the roots of her hair.

“Your wish is my command.” I said.

I was on my back waiting for the girl to ride my pulsating dick. She straddled my body and knelt, her sopping pussy hovering just above my awaiting cock. She looked nervous but juices from her arousal were already wetting her creamy inner thighs. She slowly lowered her young body, both of us gasped when her warm wet opening touched my cock head. I close my eyes trying hard not to ram my hard cock in her tight wetness. She moved her body and lowered herself more. She gasped louder as more of my cock penetrated her young pussy while I could feel my cock inched deeper in her drenched pussy. I moaned as more of my cock delved deeper in her. She was so damn tight and my cock twitched and throbbed in her. Her C-cup tits were damp with her sweat and her nipples looked so puckered just to my liking. They trembled as she tried to take in as much of my cock as she could.

“Heidi, never ever say that you are not sexy.” I said.

“Look at your body… beautiful. Those tits, to die for.” I continued as I pulled her body towards me and suckled her right nipple hard.

“Mr. Price! Please!” She moaned.

“Please what Miss Alvik?” I asked her as I let go of her puckered nipple from my lips.

“Please fuck me.” She begged.

“You are on top. You are in charge. For today.” I retorted and winked at her.

Imagine having a young blonde girl. Not too thin. Not too chubby. She was just perfect in her own ways. Soft tits jingled as she moved her body on my cock. Soft creamy ass shook as she moved them up and down my body. I simply held her hip and let her ride my dick. She was moaning and gasping with each movement that she made. Her vaginal walls kept squeezing my hard cock and she was moving and gyrating her body making me felt so damn good. Her soft small hands were on my chest trying to steady herself as she fucked her principal’s cock. Her blue eyes were cloudy with her lust and her voice filled up my secret room. The sound of her young wet pussy slamming down onto my cock was music to my ears. I could not help but tease her young teenaged body in the end. My left hand left her hip and rubbed her engorged pink clit and she screamed as she came on my body. I gritted my teeth as I felt her pussy contracting and convulsing around my dick. I grabbed her body tightly and as she was still consumed with her climax, I raised my hip and slammed my hard dick like a madman in her sopping pussy. She made me feel so good. I continued holding her soft yielding body tightly and rammed my cock again and again in and out her pussy ignoring her moaning, ignoring her begging as I came so hard in her wet welcoming pussy. I pumped all my creamy semen in her.

“Lick my cock clean Heidi?” I asked her as I pulled out my cock from her pussy. My semen poured out slowly from her pussy. The young girl moved sluggishly between my legs and started licking my cock.

“Good girl. Do you like having sex with me?”

“Yes Mr. Price. I love it!” She beamed with a smile on her face.

“Well… you know where to find me.”

“Mr. Price? Am I really not ugly?” She timidly asked.

“I don’t fuck ugly girls!” She grinned when I said that.

“Heidi, tomorrow afternoon you’re free right?” I asked and she nodded as she licked my now semi-hard dick.

“How do you like to be tied up?” My question made her blue eyes grew.

“Yes or no?” She did not answer, but she simple nodded with my cock in her mouth.

“I love being the principal of this school.” I said as my cock began to grow in Heidi’s mouth.

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