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Professor 'One Night Stand'

Who knew a guy from the bar could be of such importance?
The musky scent of whiskey and cigars clung to his heavy breath as Jolie encased his tongue in another one of her ravenous kisses. The bar was crowded and people were in their own worlds; minding their own business as this sex deprived couple created their own world too. 

The man began to slur in his heavily intoxicated state, “Can we take this somewhere a little more…quite?”

Jolie smile mischievously before she replied.

“Sure thing, come with me.”

Jolie quickly finished her drink and grabbed the arm of her latest conquest. She skillfully weaved them both through the dense field of bodies that filled the dance floor.

His eyes were on her pert ass the whole time it swayed down the damp, leaf ridden path. Jolie smiled, all too knowing of the effect her ass could have. The couple glided effortlessly down the street until she saw and stopped at the same familiar masonry of her home. She pulled the man up the cobbled path, leading him to his object of desire which was encased in her jeans and lace thong.

As soon as the door had opened and had shut them both inside, the couple began groping each other’s body with purpose and eagerness. Both wanted the same thing as the other. He took the hem of Jolie’s tank top and lifted it above her head to allow her ample breasts to bounce free. He palmed the weight of her 34DD breasts before raising it to his lips. Jolie groaned while he circled her nipple with his tongue. She arched her back to intensify her pleasure further.

She pushed him into her living room so he could sit on the sofa; while she removed the rest of her clothing. While she danced provocatively, her skin tight jeans left her body in a flash. Her thong quickly followed suit. She stood for a moment allowing him to view and appreciate the body he was about to experience.

She stood at 5' 6" with a slim body and long legs. Her blonde tresses kissed her forehead, cheeks and collarbone while they hid the piercing green gems that laid beneath. Her black eyelashes poked out and fluttered under the mass of blonde hair while her vibrant peachy lips upturned into a beaming smile.

Jolie purred as she walked slowly towards him with determination. He smiled when Jolie made her way to the floor; sitting on her knees as if she was worshipping his manhood. She grasped his belt buckle startling him. as she removed the leather strap in one swift movement. His shirt then fell to the floor and his jeans quickly followed with his boxers in tow.

His cock stood tall and proud at eight inches; it bobbed in sync with his rushed heartbeat. Jolie didn’t really care for the size though; she just craved for the familiar taste of a cock.

Her tongue darted out over the tip where a pool of precum had collected and he moaned his enjoyment which spurred Jolie on. She licked around the head coating it with her saliva before she quickly engulfed his cock with her plump lips; bobbing her head as she allowed it further into her mouth. The tip had reached the beginning of her throat when she hummed. The simple act received a jump and groan from the man. She allowed the head to venture deeper and soon she was deep throating him and skillfully massaging his pulsing cock.

Jolie brought her hands up to massage his testicles and started to squeeze in places which made him shudder with pleasure. She made her journey with her nimble fingers further south and rubbed his ass in small precise circles. He moaned again and started to thrust his cock in her mouth, showing his approval. She grinned around his cock the best that she could and pushed her finger in while meeting resistance at first. Soon she was massaging him and he wasn’t easy on his thrusts.

He pounded his cock as he fucked Jolie’s throat while she expertly rubbed his g-spot. He screamed out as she sucked his cock deeper and worked her finger harder. She was quickly rewarded with seven precise spurts of cum that shot directly down her throat.

She moved her mouth up his cock and released it with a loud popping sound, and removed her finger gently, before she left the room to go upstairs to her bedroom. She slowly padded up the creaky stair case and entered her room. Soon, she heard the scrambling on the floor below before quick footsteps began ascending the stairway; she smiled triumphantly before she felt the heat from his body radiate towards her.

He grabbed her arms and breathed her scent in while he pulled her arms behind her body. He breathed her in once again before he forced her to the mattress on all fours. The change of authority had shocked Jolie, but she liked it nonetheless. As she became accustomed to the submissive position she felt his hand roam around her creamy skin. He paid close attention to how her ass tensed each time he came close to the puckered hole.

He came close to her ear and whispered, “I must return the favour.”

She smiled as his sweet voice rang in her ears, she moaned as a response.

Jolie felt nothing for a while then suddenly felt the softness of the stranger’s cock against her soaking pussy. In one sharp thrust he impaled her on his rigid cock with both of the lovers moaning in unison for the unexpected shock of pleasure.

“Oh my, fuck me!” she screamed, as he retreated and thrusted again into her tight pussy.

He moaned before replying, “Of course, but you’re so tight, Jolie.”

He began to pick up speed and rhythm.

The man held her hips while he worked his cock inside her as he watched his eight inches disappear into her velvety walls. He moved his hand to rub Jolie’s clit before he moved again to collect some of her juices as he brought the wet fingers to her tight ass; wetting it sufficiently so he could explore the tight orifice. He rubbed his thumb around the puckered hole slowly before he inserted it pass the resistant barrier.

Jolie started to moan uncontrollably and her pussy contracted around his cock which made the man roar with ferocity. He began to dominate her pussy as he built up the familiar tingle that had started deep within his balls. They both worked together in their movements, both of them trying to satisfy their personal needs.

Jolie was focused and knew that the penultimate moment had arrived just as the man thrust into her deep. She spiralled into a powerful orgasm and felt the power doubled as he started pounding into her even harder.

“Shit, Jolie!” he groaned, his speed picking up even faster.

“Come on me.” She commanded as he pulled his cock from her pussy.

He formed a fist around his cock as he pumped it briskly; he spurted across her back while he roared once more. One final rope quickly escaped before he collapsed onto the bed with Jolie at his side. The couple had tangled their limbs together and were sated and satisfied with the evening’s events and eventually fell into a peaceful sleep.

Jolie awoke a few hours later with the man still asleep next to her. She smiled feeling the delicious ache deep within her pussy.

She thought for a second, “Shit. Do I even know his name?”

She tried to stifle a giggle before admitting the information wasn’t relevant, but she was slightly curious.

She went to her bathroom for quick shower to wash away the cum and sweat on her body and then made her way downstairs for a glass of water. As she entered the living room she spotted the man’s wallet and curiosity got the better of her. She opened it. His driver’s licence practically fell out into the palm of her hands and she finally knew her mystery man’s name.

Conrad Barker.

“Not bad, I guess?” she whispered to herself.

She quickly collected a bottle of water to save time and made her way back upstairs to sleep. She had to get up for the start of her university course the next day and Conrad had helped her calm her nerves. She reached her bed with Conrad still blissfully asleep. She laid at his side as she snuggled into his warm embrace as sleep overtook her.

“Good Morning, gorgeous,” Conrad said whilst kissing Jolie’s forehead.

“Good morning?” she groaned her response before collapsing back into her pillow from tiredness and disbelief that the night before was reality.

He laughed before he got out of the bed so he could go to the bathroom to relieve himself and to get a shower.

By the time he re-entered the room Jolie was sat up in her bed. He smiled at her while he rubbed his hair with a towel; the rest of him was completely naked.

“Make yourself at home then,” she stated sarcastically.

He laughed again.

“Thanks, but I didn’t really want to start my first day of work smelling of the night before… even though it was fucking mind blowing.” He smirked and made his way downstairs to collect his clothing.

Jolie was still picturing his body. He was six feet of pure muscle. Tanned skin and a six pack chiselled to perfection. His mousy brown hair framed his face perfectly and it reached his strong jaw line. His eyes lit up his face with their blue vibrancy. She swooned, but quickly got herself out of bed and dressed.

Jolie’s hair had now dried off and waved naturally creating a blonde halo around her head. She wore blue jeans, brown boots and a beige cable knit pullover to keep her warm on the chilly autumn day. A brown scarf was then wrapped around her neck before she left her room and her book bag was then draped over her body which created a defined dip between her breasts.

“Hey Jolie, sorry to rush off like this, but I really need to get some clean clothes on before I go to work," he explained quickly.

“But I really enjoyed the time we have shared. Maybe it can happen again sometime?” Conrad added as he stood behind Jolie.

Jolie nodded her head, “I’d love that.”

She handed him a pen and he quickly moved towards her. He grabbed her hand and jotted his phone number on the back before placing a gentle peck next to it.

“Until next time, Jolie,” Conrad kissed her goodbye and made his way to leave.

Jolie sighed when she heard her front door slam shut. She collected her books from the coffee table and placed them in her bag before she too had to leave her home. She reluctantly made her way to get the public transport that was required to get her to her first lecture of the year; all too knowing about its reliability.

Traffic was horrendous; although, she made it to the campus with thirty minutes to spare. She decided to grab a coffee to perk herself up before class started and she sat outside the busy coffee shop enjoying the cool air.

She sighed to herself as she entered the university building. She realised she had finally accomplished what her family never expected or encouraged her to do. As she spoke to the very accommodating university representative; she discovered that her class was located on the second floor. She set off in good time so she could get a decent seat hoping all the time that the class wasn’t too busy and that the professor wasn’t too boring. English Literature wasn’t an interesting subject to most, but Jolie loved the class. It was just the idea of teacher with a monotone voice often made her reconsider her choices.

She arrived at class five minutes before it started and entered to find it almost full.

She sighed. “So much for a good seat,”

She felt deflated, but quickly spotted a seat in the centre and moved to snatch it.

She acknowledged the professor’s presence before racing to her seat. He had already arrived and was knelt at the podium with his back to the class. She quickly removed her books and notepad once seated and started to converse with the students to her sides before the professor cleared his throat and spoke. She smiled at the classmate to her left before looking at her desk; scribbling her name and the date on the top her notepad.

“Good morning, class. Welcome to English Literature. I am Professor Barker, but you can call me Conrad.” He spoke with an element of confidence which broke Jolie from her reverie.

She physically tensed as she lifted her head meeting the face of her one night stand who stood at the front of the room holding the attention of the entire class. He wore smart grey trousers, brown shoes and a white shirt. He exuded sex appeal which awoke the hunger in the females of the group.

Jolie sat with her mouth agape and felt like a deer caught in the headlights. She sagged in her seat and hid her face hoping he hadn’t noticed her. Thankfully, he didn’t.

The class continued as Jolie was too far in her thoughts to have any input. She was remembering the night before and how he made her feel. How he felt inside her pussy. How his thumb felt in her ass. She breathed heavily to calm herself while shivered. The delicious ache returned once again and she moaned inwardly so her classmates wouldn’t hear. It was obvious that the girls around her wanted to experience Jolie’s professor, but she was just lucky enough to have already had the chance.

“Please pass your papers to the front of the class and I’ll quickly look through them. Please talk amongst yourselves and get to know each other as you’ll be together for the next year at least.” Conrad announced before he turned to sit at desk in the corner. He began to rifle through the messy papers while the class erupted in conversation.

“Jolie Waters?” asked a female voice behind Jolie. She turned and met a very familiar face.

“Oh wow. Katie Harlow? I never thought I’d see you again!” Jolie smiled, reconnecting with her best friend from secondary school.

“We grew up together and haven’t been in touch sooner? I’m ashamed with us both.”

The girls laughed together and were talking happily when the man sat next to Katie spoke.

“Do you know each other? We can trade seats if so, I use to sit there last year and I kind of miss it.”

Jolie smiled to the man and nodded her head.

“Of course, I don’t mind at all.”

She moved her bag and books behind her before she stepped on her seat and climbed over. She crossed paths with the male before she sat down and she thanked him.

Jolie and Katie had started a deep conversation when Conrad spoke again.

“Miss Waters, please stay behind. The rest can leave.”

The smile on Jolie’s face vanished when she met Conrad’s burning gaze. The recognition that fleeted across his face was one of panic and confusion.

The class quickly filtered out and Jolie sat in her seat, waiting for Conrad to speak. Once the class had left Conrad asked her to come to his desk and she quickly made her way down; blushing as she did.

“Well this is unexpected, Miss Waters. When I said until next time I didn’t exactly mean in two hours and at my lecture.”

“I can’t quite believe it. Do you know how awkward it is?” Jolie asked. “The entire female population of this class have been saying how they want to ride you and… well… I’ve already done that.” Jolie knitted her eyebrows and laughed at her forwardness.

“I’m sorry that your time at university it going to be full of awkwardness between the two of us, but I do ask. Can you keep this between us?” he looked concerned.

“I could get fired," he added, but Jolie just shook her head and smiled.

“No worries Professor. The secret is safe with me, but does that mean the offer about ‘next time’ being withdrawn?” she asked seductively while closing the gap between them both.

“Of course not, do you think I’m crazy? Outside of university, I’m just the guy you picked up from the bar and fucked, but it can’t go public that’s all.” They laughed together before Conrad placed a gentle kiss on Jolie’s plump lips.

“On another note, your note taking was quite surprising and impressive. You’ve got quite a head on your shoulders.” Jolie beamed with pride at the compliment.

“Thank you, but please don’t let our past reflect my work. I want to get things on my own merit and not because I’m banging the professor.” She smiled before they were both were encased in a belly laugh quickly sharing another kiss while they could.

“I wasn’t looking forward to this year teaching, but I guess it’s looking much brighter,” Conrad admitted and Jolie nodded smiling.

University was going to be an experience and Jolie’s professor was going along for the ride.

There could potentially be a part two depending on the response to this part. Thank you for reading!

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