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Psyche - The Professor

A story I've been dying to write, about a young woman just trying to become famous.

I sat at my desk watching my professor talk. The man loved to hear himself talk. I can't even imagine a person being more... well, boring. But still, if I was going to get the internship I desperately needed, I had to get an 'A' in his class.

It wasn't my fault really...Ok, sure I could have studied more, but a girl has other things she needs to do, and reading paper after paper of boring psychological studies... well, it's enough to put you to sleep. I need my sleep. So... I guess I should be grateful.

He looked over at me again, and his eyes dropped, naturally, to my breasts. Of course they did, I wanted his eyes to drop to my breasts, how else would I get out of taking the medieval exam he had planned? Lord! Of course I hadn't studied. Oh, don't get me wrong, I knew all the classic cases by heart, I could spit out names and dates like they were second nature. It was just that I found it all so... boring. Plus, being honest, it was more fun to get an 'A' like this than it was actually working for it. Who likes work?

The seduction took more work than I had planned. Men had so many more rules to follow these days, so much more to worry about, and so many ways they could be not only disciplined, but thrown in jail. Still, you would have thought that a balding, flabby, late-middle-aged man with a wife barely able to spread her legs, would have jumped at the chance to get it on with a young, blonde, athletic (years of gymnastics) girl, who was making it so easy for him, all he basically had to do was drop his pants. Only, the poor man didn't want to "cross that line", so I applied all the same rules he taught in class.

First I created an atmosphere of safety. I made sure that the top I was wearing not only showed my cleavage, but when I leaned over my desk during class, anyone standing in front of me had a clear view down my top. No bra. I flashed my most innocent school girl smile at him, and I learned a long time ago that pig tails go quite a long way. The effect on men is a bit like cat nip, you can actually see them squirm.

Second, I made him seem to have the power, and reassured him that it was ok to exercise that power over me. Of course he had no power over me, but I didn't want him to know that. Acting shy and needy wasn't difficult for me, most of my life was spent in the shadow of my parents, unseen, unloved, and barely there. He ate up my shy act like chocolate on a Sunday night.

Third, I gave him cause to wonder, to inquire, to dream. I stood a bit too close, I unbuttoned another button, exposing my cream colored nipple. Toward the end of class, when I was sure he was watching, I unbuttoned the bottom of my top and tied it, showing off my smooth, impossibly small waist. My low-cut cotton capris stopped barely above my pubic hair line, if I had any pubic hair, which I don't. In fact, I had, had them removed, forever, so down there, I was as smooth as a... well, you get the point. I squirmed, I turned, I made sure he saw my breast down my top. I made sure he saw me reach between my thighs and touch myself a couple of times.

And now I knew I had him, I could actually, yes actually, see him sweating. So this was it, this was the moment of truth. Class was ending, students were piling out the door. But before I could go up to make sure I followed him to his office, a guy by the name of Gilliam or something, came up to me. I sat looking at my papers, acting like something was wrong, wishing Gillweed would go away.

"Hey, Monica isn't it?"

I didn't answer.

"Yeah, it is. I know it. So, I was just wondering..."

"You were wondering if Cathleen was waiting for you outside?" I asked. He paused, looked at me like there was no way I could know this, but I did. I knew a lot of things. "I mean you guys are dating right? Of course, it could be you aren't dating because I did see you and that Japanese exchange student making out by the fountain after the party last weekend. Either way, I'm really busy, and I don't like to get mixed up between two other girls. So, run along outside. I think your little girlfriend is waiting, and... Gilbert, is it?"

I didn't wait for him to answer, even though his mouth dropped open ready to speak, "Sweet 'ums, I'll be honest with you, I'm in the middle of something. Ok? Good boy," I finished and stood up. His eyes ran down my body, and the look of disappointment on his face was sweet. After all, my breast was almost completely exposed, and I do have very nice breasts. I closed my top over my pale nipple.

He frowned and whispered, "Slut."

I walked up to my Professor, and I let my top open up again. I was thrilled. After all, I had never done this before. However, I simply HAD to have this internship, and if I was going to get rich off of writing books about some of the most famous crazy people in the world, well...

"Umm, Sir?" I breathed.

"Yes, Monica?" He replied, attempting not to look up.

I pulled my books up over my chest, giving him the safety to look up, but at the same time adding to the innocent school girl look. I also leaned against his desk, pushing my hip out, and giving him clear cause to look directly at the light coming through my thighs. I read once that men really love a "gap" between a woman's legs. They find it inviting, and I had just a peek, enough to suggest the mound of pleasure waiting under my cotton panties, but not so much it seemed like the entire football team had played ball there.

"I really need to ask a few questions about the upcoming exam, and I was hoping... umm, you would have just a few minutes?"

"Monica, I really don't..."

"I know, I know, you are really busy, and really important, I know that. After all, I read the award winning paper you wrote on viral interactions and the mind...Oh," I swooned, yes, swooned, "...and I know that someone like you," always a good thing to throw in, "really doesn't have the time to help a little co-ed with her studies, but..."

"Monica, my dear," a very hopeful sign he was calling me 'dear', he continued, "first of all, my paper wasn't award winning, second of all you aren't a "co-ed", and... Oh very well, I will help you with your questions, but quickly."

"I'll follow you back to your office," I offered.

On the walk over to his office, I found my face flush with heat. This was all going so well. I never dreamed it would be this easy, and fun, to seduce a professor. I felt a bit like I was in a bad porno, but at the same time, just like some bad porno's I've seen, I was a more than a little turned on, and just a touch wet. I felt the creamy beginnings of wet panties. Oh it had nothing to do with the pathetic slob in front of me, it was just being... well... bad. I had always been good little Monica, and now, here I was about to do whatever it took to get this fucking internship, and I didn't even have to do it. I could probably get the internship without doing anything with this loser.

So there was a moment I almost turned around and walked away. My weeks and weeks of planning and preparing for this gone. But it was just a moment, then I let the smile spread, the smile that my Mom had told me seemed to spread just a bit too far. My mischief smile.

His office had no windows, and it was the small office of a man who has been in the system his entire life. Beige walls, fading color prints of outdoor scenes of places he may or may not ever go, the obligatory photo of his wife and family, boxes and file cabinets, and papers, and so much stuff, it was a wonder the man didn't loose his mind.

Hell, I was practically doing the old fart a favor. I'm quite positive he had never had a girl like me in his office. I know I look like a cheerleader and porn star, wrapped in an innocent shell and candy coated with sex. Hey, that's just me, and I'll be honest, I was damn happy to finally be doing something with that look. All my life I've hidden from it, danced around it, and tried to get away from it. But now that I was about to get a doctorate, fuck it, I was going to enjoy how I look.

I locked the door.

"Monica, what..."

"Professor...Sir, we both know I can pass your exam without any questions. I also know that you are looking at my breasts right now and wishing my top would just come all the way off," his eyes jumped up to my face, but then the weight of his desire pulled them back down again. I leaned forward and said, "So, take it off."

"What?" He asked.

"My top.," I said in a whisper.

He actually licked his lips. I fought back the urge to leave. He moved closer and for a moment I was afraid. I reached behind me and into my bag. He reached up and opened my top. His hands wrapped around my breasts like he was grabbing tits for the very first time. I wondered how many years it had been since he'd seen tits this large and this firm? Obviously a long time because he leaned down and wrapped his mouth around one of my nipples. I was getting far more excited by my game than I thought I ever would.

"Professor!" I yelled.

He looked up like a wounded puppy. I dropped my head and he looked up from my breasts. His mouth was still open just in front of my creamy erect nipple. My nipples are very long, giving me high beams even when I'm not excited, when I am excited, they are so long they seem to be little flag posts at the end of each breast. His face below mine and my pig tails falling over our faces.

I whispered, "Make me."

"What," He said.

"No Sir! I just had some questions about the exam. I can't believe this is happening, I mean, I've never done anything before...," I said in a convincing voice, but my face, close to his and hidden, betrayed the game.

He smiled and said, "So you have questions? Well I have a few myself, like are you shaved, hairy, or do you have one of those little landing strips the girls like to shave into their twats now?"

Oh God, this couldn't be going better if I had dreamed it. He picked me up, and he threw me on the desk. A pencil holder fell, papers shifted under me, and a pen was under my ass. He literally held me down and went at my breasts again. I made a show of hitting his shoulders and his back. I hit hard, but not hard enough to really hurt him. I wanted him to know it was a game.

"God! No! I can't. I've never done this. I've never... I'm a virgin," I said.

Which was true actually. I had never done anything in high school because I was too shy and too afraid, and I had done everything else in college, but always it seemed that things weren't right. If truth be told, all the guys I played around with bored me.

"Yeah right," He said, "You are a virgin like I'm a man of the cloth. Now I'm going to see what you have down there and then I'm going to fuck you like the little whore you are."

Good God! I had expected him to be eager to do something with me. I had read all the signs and you could tell he was dying to fuck a student, but he wasn't the guy who would normally attract girls who are used to getting fucked in the dorm rooms by young hot guys. But I never in a million years dreamed he was going to be this big of a pervert! What a fucking joke. I actually laughed a little.

"What?" He asked, hearing me laugh.

"I just laugh when I'm scared. But please, please Prof. D., I really ain't never done 'nuttin like this before, and...," Oh God, why was my accent coming out? What was happening? I felt like a different person for a second.

"Oh shut up!" He said.

He angrily ripped my capri pants off my hips. The button went flying across the room, and I screamed, for effect of course. He was hungry, like a shark coming in for the kill, his eyes lifeless and cold. I expected to see drool run down his chin. I turned over and tried to crawl away from him. I couldn't just let him get a view of my smooth little slit without some work. He had hold of my pants, and was tugging and ripping them down. I felt them move half way down my ass.

My stomach down, I reached for the lip of the desk, and I kicked. He fell back. I turned and saw the look of confusion on his face. I gave him a lopsided grin, turning my head away from my bag, and I struggled to get off his desk. He jumped up and grabbed my legs, pulling me back so that my legs and feet came off the side he was on. Then he pulled and ripped my pants off. I struggled, I cried, and this seemed to turn him on even more. Next thing I knew, my pants were off, my panties came soon after, and then he really shocked me by shoving my panties, wet with my cream, into my mouth. I gagged, I kicked, and I thought to myself that this was amazingly hotter than I thought it would be.

"Good God, you have a little cunt," he said.

His finger pressed into me, and came away dripping with my juices, which he also placed into my mouth.

"Does it taste good? I want to try," He said and pushed his meaty fingers into my soaked little bald kitty again.

I was excited and repulsed, and I was damn near about ready to end this. But he had other ideas.

"I've never seen a pussy so small, so tight, and so smooth before. Just like your nipples, your pussy is so pale, it's almost white. I swear, you are so beautiful in such an odd way."

He seemed mesmerized by the sight of my little cunny. I was about to end it when he dived down. His mouth closed over my pussy, he licked, he sucked my clit, he nibbled. While he was eating me out, I lay flat, eyes closed. I was dripping wet. I was thinking about letting him fuck me. Would I? No... his tongue felt good, especially when it went into my ass, but honestly...I was getting a little bit bored.

I turned over. He took this as a sign that I wanted to fuck him. He began to unbutton his pants. I saw the erection poking out of his underwear. I thought of that thing inside me and there was no way in hell I was about to let that happen. The game was over. I crossed my legs in front of him, put them on either side of him, and then quick as lightening, I used my crossed legs to turn myself over, pull myself up to him, over him, so that I was sitting on his shoulders. Naked except for my top, which was open and hanging off one side, I closed my thighs tight. He wasn't strong enough to hold a full grown woman on his shoulder, as I had expected, so he dropped down to the desk, barely getting his hands out to keep his face from slamming into the desk.

My feet landed on the desk, I did a backward leap off the side of the desk, landing on my hands and slowly, bringing my feet down behind me. I'm sure if anyone had seen it, it would have been a fantastic show doing my moves naked.

"What? Wha...," he stammered.

"Oh Prof. D, I ain't got time to stay. I'm afraid I'm about to go running naked out of your office, and with a video recording of you raping me," I accused.

He looked confused. He smiled like I was joking, his pants still down, his cock, slowly falling now as he realized he was in big trouble. I held the recorder out in front of me and grinned, the grin that goes out just a bit too far.

"Monica...," he tried to say.

I cut him off, "Oh, yes. I'm serious. You have two minutes to decide something. It's simple really, I just want that internship. Way I see it, you can either give it to me, with an extremely high recommendation that I bypass all the normal protocols, getting high security clearance, or I run naked out of this room with only my backpack and my ripped shirt. You have my ripped and ruined capris... oh," I looked over to the file cabinet covered with boxes and papers, and sitting on top where my panties, "and my panties. So, what's it gonna be Prof. D? You gonna do what I want, or you gonna end your career today?"

"You can't do this! I'm a well respected...,"

"Oh, I know exactly what you are, and I won't kiddin' when I said you were a brilliant man...," I said and moved closer to him.

He eyed the little camera. I knew he was going to try to get it before he even moved. His hand reached out and I dove down, giving him one of my feet instead. His hand was knocked to the side, and I was back up in front of him again. I was still naked, his cock was still out, I took it in my hand.

"You can't touch me if I don't want you to, but I can do anything I want to you. I can either make this an amazing deal for both of us, or I can make this your worst nightmare. Your choice, but decide quick, I have my shows coming on in thirty minutes."

" are insane," He said.

He was having a hard time talking because his cock was getting hard in my hand. I let him push it against my naked body, it was hot and warm, he was so turned on again. I stroked him, I opened my mouth and bit his bottom lip. I rubbed my breasts against him, I pushed my hand and my body against his cock. He pumped against me, he fucked against me, and I knew he was going to cum.

"Please...," he begged.

I couldn't tell what he wanted, but his cum shot all over me, and I quickly pushed against him and put him just inside me a little, so his cum was all over my pussy. He came hard, rubbing his cock all over my pale pink pussy.

"See...," I whispered, "I can make it amazing for you, and I know you think I'm hot. So decide, your time is up. Internship, stellar recommendation, security bypass, instant advancement to top security inmates, and I'll make dreams come true. Or...," and I looked down at the mess he had made, "Or, I run screaming, DNA..."

"Whatever you want...Ok, I'll do it all. I don't know about the advancement, but I'll do anything I can. But just know, I'll find some...,"

I held up a finger and moved it in front of his face, "Ah, ah, ah, Proffessy boy. I ain't gonna play that game. You'll loose. You do it all, and if I find even a hint that you haven't given it your all, then this video will be on YouTube, and your DNA evidence will be in a folder on a GCPD desk," and with that, I picked up my bag, my pants, my panties, and I put them back on. I dropped the vial of his cum in my bag, I pulled my shirt over my chest, and I made my way out the door.

Back in my room I looked at myself in the mirror. It seemed like there was another me there. A darker me, a me that had always wanted to come out and I had just seen a taste of her tonight. I was amazed at my actions, I was afraid of myself.

Then I smiled. It did go just a touch too far, but how far was I willing to go?

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