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Right Away, Sir!

An attention-loving secretary who loves to strut it gets into it with her boss
I love strutting it - I don't have the best body on this planet but I sure do love to show off what I got and that is a 5'8 tan body with a pair of firm Bs.

As a 21-year old woman I work as a secretary for the big boss at a big bank. I had landed this job by chance as I was applying left and right, my good wits had made me a shoe-in - and I guess my open blouse hadn't been too shabby either.

It's a nice job with a surprisingly high salary and fairly long hours. My duty is to make sure the big man gets to all of his appointments, take notes, calls and book meetings, arrange his papers and occasionally make a personal run. Oh, how I love those personal runs, they vary a lot; anything from getting his Armani suits and shoes to - yes, really - a pack of condoms. I guess you can understand why my salary is so high.

About my boss: he's a tall shy man in his late forties with fair and freckled skin, pale blond hair and dark blond eyebrows that blend a bit with his face at the edges, even his eyelashes are light. He isn't all pale though because his eyes are an astounding blue and his lips are full and pink. Quite frankly he is a babe. I can only imagine what he looked like when he was my age.

With a face like that it's no surprise that he's married - and with lips you'd just love to fuck with your dripping pussy it's to my delight that he's unhappy.


"Francine, could you come in here?"

I got up off of my chair and straightened my tight skirt. Outside it was dark and snowing; this was the last day before a three-day-holiday over Christmas and we, along with the janitors, were the only ones left at the office.

"Yes, Sir?" I peeked in from the side of the door, leaning in a bit too far so he could see my chest through my Christmas-red blouse.

"I'm sorry for keeping you this long, you're an angel," he said in his shy voice and smiled at me. He looked so serene, I almost felt guilty for using him as an object during my masturbation fantasies. I'd lay in my bed with my legs spread wide and an a vibrator rubbing my aching clit. Most of the time I would cum to his voice in my head saying I was a good secretary.

"No problems, Sir." I smiled back and watched his eyes linger on my chest as he raised his glass filled with Scotch. I wondered if he was thinking of spreading my slippery pussy lips and finger fucking me.

As my panties were lacy and I wasn't wearing any stockings I suddenly became a bit worried that my juices would run down my leg - so I crossed one over the other and kept smiling. Something about him today was such a turn on for me and my lower regions were already throbbing.

"Is there anything you'd like?"

"I guess I should give you your Christmas bonus now?" He put the glass down and got up. "It's in the drawer, you can get it yourself."
"Thank you, Sir." I walked over to his mahogany desk that I helped pick out.
"At the bottom."

Oh, we're playing this game are we?

I bent down and reached for the drawer at the bottom. His eyes were fixated on my ass - I was one hundred percent sure of it. That was a valid reason to take a longer time than it usually would to get an envelope. I wanted to see if he was going to do something.

"I can't see it?"

"Farther in."

Something brushed by my ass. At first I wasn't sure if he had meant to or not, but after about two seconds I felt it again. My black skirt slid up farther and farther and his hand curved underneath my buttocks and caressed the inside of my thigh.


"Ah, I'm sorry!" His cheeks flushed at the very sight of me and he turned around. "I shouldn't have done that."

I rose with the envelope in my hand. Francine it said on the cover in his italic writing - no doubt he had taken some extra time writing it. As a reward I deliberately hiked up my skirt, leaned against the table and spread my legs a bit. My black lace panties were visible now.

"Don't be sorry, it's my fault. I shouldn't strut around like this," I said in a sensual low voice - I wanted him to look at me. "It's only right that you get you fair share."

"I'm a married man."
"I'm a discrete woman."
"It's wrong!" he looked panicked and it almost made me moan out of delight seeing his mature features turning in to one of a teenager.
"Is it though? I know your wife yells at you and I also know about the pack of condoms you have lying in your desk - they didn't get much use now did they?"

He didn't look at me. Instead he looked out the enourmous windows displaying the skyline of the city.

With a disappointed look I got off the table and pulled my skirt down again. If he didn't want to fuck I wasn't about to beg for it.

"Put the bonus on the table."
"Excuse me, Sir?"
"Put it... on the table," he held a finger against the wood with a ferocious look in his eyes and I dropped it without a word. "If you want it... you'll have to earn it. Close the door."

His anger frightened me a bit but I tentatively walked the short distance and closed the door. The next thing I knew a hard smack landed on my ass and made it sting.
"Fuck!" I shrieked, surprised by it.

My back slammed against the door and my boss's hand slid up under my skirt, making it ride up and rest on my hips.

"You'd like that wouldn't you," he huffed in my ear and rubbed my wet pussy hard with his big hand. "I see how you prance around like a little whore, showing off your slutty little tits in front of everyone."
I was honestly a bit scared, but a part of me wanted to know how far this could go.
"I'll fulfull your little slut dreams." He backed off and unzipped his pants. "I suspect you know what to do?" he said and sat down on the desk.

I nodded.

"Then suck it."

I stumbled up to him and sank down on my knees. My hands nervously massaged his limp cock and it instantly grew bigger. I gulped at the very sight of it - it was almost eight inches long and thicker than any cock I'd ever seen. How could I possibly swallow that?

"What the fuck are you waiting for?" His hand grabbed my hair and forced me down. I quickly closed my lips around it. There was no way I could swallow the whole thing - it was already taking up most of my mouth and I was usually very bad a letting a cock fill my throat.


I did. I swirled my tongue around it and created a light suction around the tip of his dick, then I sank down and started to rub my hands up and down, up and down in a slow manner wanting to tease him into his orgasm. He squirmed a bit and clenched his buttocks as I let some saliva drip down over the monster cock.

"I want you to swallow," he groaned and thrust upwards with his hips, making his fat cock poke that back of my troath. It tickled my gag reflax and I had to pull back.

"I don't remember telling you to stop!"

My hands were still in command but he seemed to want more so I forced myself to lock my lips around it again. Sucking harder and swirling my tongue faster. After a while he started to groan louder and louder until a warm solution filled my mouth and ran down my troath.

"I'm sorry... I couldn't last longer."

Longer?! I thought as I swallowed. A blowjob would usually only last a few minutes at most.

"Get up," he said. He seemed to enjoy bossing a woman around this way. "Lose the clothes."

"Right away, Sir." I pulled down the zipper on the back of my skirt while he unbuttoned my blouse. He stroked my tits through the black bra and squeezed them hard as my skirt fell to the ground. He pulled my body closer and my pussy was resting on his thigh while he pinched my nipples. I couldn't help but grind a bit on him - an action that almost brought me to orgasm.

My boss held me off though and instead let his finger slide down my stomach and find it's way down my underwear where it settled.

"My wife shaves," he said and kissed my neck. "I fucking hate it."

"Good thing I'm not your wife then," I said quickly and pressed my groin to his hand. The completely shaved-fad had never caught on with me - instead I kept it trimmed low.

He was rubbing my clit so hard and fast I was about to cum. My body slumped down on him and my shoulder rested on his chest as I swayed my hips in the motion of his hand.

"Finger me, Sir," I said and kissed his ear. I could feel his big finger slide into my hot and juicy pussy painfully slow with an amazing technique. He even managed to rub me with his thumb while doing it.

Then he stopped and I could feel my body screaming for him. "Bend over the table." He got up and started to remove his pants properly. As he did I stepped out of my underwear and leaned on the table with my tits on the papers I had dropped by earlier.

With one hand I reached back and spread my pussy lips. I was so wet it was practically running out of me now but I didn't really care. All I wanted was for him to fuck me like an animal.

"Aahhh...," I moaned as he slapped my ass and rubbed his huge cock against my longing pussy. I grabbed it with one hand over his. It felt even bigger when I forced him to push it into me.

"You're huge," I informed with a moan and humped back towards him, trying to get it farther in. As it managed to squeeze in entirely and hit the base of my pussy I began rocking up and down.

He grabbed my shoulder with one hand and pulled out and then rammed back in, making me feel a mixture of pain and pleasure.
"My wife never lets me do this to her. That fucking cunt," he said and fucked me harder while his balls slapped my pussy.

"Take out all your anger on me," I said as I flung forward from his harsh movement. "Harder..."

"You little cunt." My boss pounded my little pussy hard and fast. He kept going for a while and occasionally smacked my ass or tugged my hair. "You like it don't you? You like being fucked like a dog by my huge cock, don't you?"

I nodded and managed to say "yes" in between my moans.

"You know what? Get up against the window, I want to fuck you against the world." I felt oddly empty as he pulled out and my ass felt sore from all the smacks but I did as he said and went over to the glass window and leaned my weight against it. It was cold against my cheeks and instantly made my nipples freeze.

He pushed his fat cock into my pussy without a warning and made me gasp. "If you want your bonus you'll be a nice little fuck, so come on."
I pushed back on his cock and and moaned. It felt good being really dominated. It felt good being smacked on the ass. It felt good being treated as his personal whore.

"Fuck me... fuck me... fuhuu..." My muscles twitched and then I sighed and relaxed.

"No, no, no... fuck me..." He pulled out once again and turned me around just to hoist me up on his dick.

My ass pressed against the cold glass ass I bounced up and down on him. People in the building on the opposite side could probably see us but that only made me hornier! Thinking of some old guy watching us fuck like animals made me crazy.

I met his intense blue eyes and stole a kiss from him. I watched him tense up his face and breath harder as he cummed inside of my pussy. It was so tight his semen dripped out on the sides and slid down my ass.

"Good Francine," he pulled out and dropped me, making me first land wobbly on my high heelsthen on my ass with my legs and pussy spread. "You earned it this time." He picked up the envelope from his desk and threw it at me. "I'll see you in three days."

"Yes, sir."

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