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Ripped Ass and Lick O' Lot of Puss

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In my first instalment ‘First I fucked my Sister-in-Law’ I told how my wife Aisling had offered to let me fulfil my sexual fantasy (which was to fuck her younger sister Davina) if I let her have her way in an unspecified matter. This instalment continues from where the first finished.

A couple of hours after Davina had left me well fucked I heard the door opening. My wife was home from work. She came into the living room where I was sprawled on the sofa and said, “Well was my little sister as good a fuck as you had hoped?”

I thought about what I would answer. Should I say that she was ok but nothing special so that Aisling would feel less threatened or should I tell the truth? I answered, “Hell yes she is one hot little fucker!”

“Oh is she better than me then?”

“Not a lot in it, but she has bigger tits (an obvious truth) and she is the best cock sucker I have ever experienced” I replied.

Aisling smiled and said, “Yeah she certainly has big boobs, men and boys have always been drawn to her chest. Why is she such a good cock sucker?”

“She took my whole 10 inches down her throat, and not just that she knew how to use her tongue on it as well. She took a shot of my cum right down her neck!”

Aisling came over and sat beside me on the sofa and give me a lingering kiss and said, “I will try to swallow your whole dick, but he is so big, I don’t know how she did it.”

As she was talking she reached over and started to rub my cock through my boxers (I had not bothered putting my trousers back on after Davina had left). Just reliving what I had got up to with Davina, and the perversion of telling my wife what I had been up to had already got my cock stirring despite the fact that I had already cum three times that day (remember I was 35 not 19). As my tool stirred back to life Aisling started to stroke it up and down and soon it had grown to its full 10 inches. She pulled my boxers off and started to lick my shaft as she gently squeezed my hairy balls. I moaned with pleasure as my cock was stimulated by its second beautiful girl that day. Aisling reaching the helmet of my cock kissed it before parting her lips and sucking the sensitive end, swirling her tongue around it. This sent shivers of pleasure through my body. For me having my balls played with at the same time has always enhanced the pleasure coming from my cock. Aisling then took more of my cock into her mouth until I could feel it hit against the back of her throat. Normally that is as far as she would have gone, but I could feel her trying to take more. However all she managed to do was to trigger her gag reflex. She pulled back from my cock and looked up and said, “I am sorry, I just don’t’ know how she does it.”

I said, “Keep trying.”

Again Aisling took my cock into her mouth and again as my helmet hit the back of her throat she gagged. However this time I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and holding it firm I thrust with my cock. This forced her to try and swallow the object in her throat by reflex, and as she did so my cock was able to start to slide deeper. I then relaxed my hold on her hair. She paused briefly before swallowing the rest of my cock down. I let her deep throat my cock until she seemed to be getting more comfortable with it. However my well used cock was not going to let me cum again easily, so I eventually pulled her up from my cock and began to kiss her.

Soon I was helping Aisling out of her blouse, bra and other clothes. I sucked on her nipples , all the time musing on how great I had always thought her tits were, but how Davina’s were better. Still I went down on her tasting her musky pussy juices, playing with her clitoris. Aisling squirmed and moaned as she built up towards her climax. Finally she orgasmed noisily, her cunt flooding with her juices.

“Fuck me, fuck me the way you fucked my slut sister” she commanded.

I pulled her up and bent her over the arm of the sofa with her legs parted. I then guided the head of my engorged cock to the opening of her sex. I pulled my foreskin back and rubbed the end of my cock up and down her slit, enjoying the sensation of her flesh against the exposed helmet of my dick.

Again she shouted, “Fuck me you bastard!”

I rammed my cock home until my heavy balls slapped against her arse. “Yessss, fuck me hard.”

I fucked her hard and fast, but she was so wet and I was already so well fucked by her sister that I soon realised that I was going to really struggle to cum again. I decided that I need a tighter hole. Now Aisling had only ever let me fuck her asshole once, years before. I had really enjoyed it. Her arse was so tight, and the almost taboo nature of sodomy had excited me. She had always refused again because she said my cock was so big that she had felt like she was going to shit herself for days after I had buggered her. However I thought that I would chance my arm and taking my cock, slippery with the juices from her well lubricated cunt, positioned it against her asshole. I felt her tense when she felt me begin to push, but I was right, perhaps because she did feel threatened by how much I had enjoyed fucking her sister, she did not protest. It was hard work getting my huge cock to enter her almost virgin arse, but finally her ring gave way to the pressure and the head of my cock pushed through. She almost jumped and let out a cry. At first I only gently thrust in a few inches of my shaft, but with each new thrust I pushed more of my cock into her back passage, until finally my full tool was buried into her bowel. I then built up the speed as all the while Aisling was moaning and saying “Yessss” in an almost breathless high pitched whisper.

I could hardly believe that having already got to fuck Davina, who I had lusted for, for so long, I was also now getting to really fuck the arse of my wife, and all on the same day. If I had not already cum three times, I could not have lasted long in Aisling’s tight arse, but because I had I was able to pound her ass long and hard, until finally I felt my balls tense and my cum shoot out into her rectum. I kept my cock in her ass until I felt it soften. I pulled out and looked at my wife’s asshole. It did not immediately squeeze shut, instead remaining wide open, allowing me to see up into her back passage. Slowly it did close over, but still looked loser than normal. I suspected that she was going to feel like she needed to shit again afterwards. I walked around and collapsed unto the sofa. Aisling seemed to be in a daze and did not immediately move, staying bent over the arm of the sofa, ass in the air as she panted heavily. Just then my mobile rang. The caller display showed that it was Davina calling. I answered and she asked, “Is Aisling home yet?”

“Yes she is here beside me” I answered.

“Is everything OK between you guys?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I have just fucked the arse of her!”

“Fucked the arse of her…….you mean…?”

I interrupted and said, “Yes her actual arsehole, and the next time you come over I want to do the same to you!”

There was silence for a moment before Davina said, “You can do whatever you want to me. Give my love to Aisling”.

Davina hung up as Aisling finally pushed herself up from the arm of the sofa. “Jesus what have you done to me, I think my insides are going to drop out.”

She suddenly ran towards the downstairs toilet. As the door slammed shut I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. What a day. When Aisling finally emerged from the toilet I led her upstairs to the bedroom, and we crawled into the bed. Aisling made a face when she felt the damp patch where a mix of Davina’s pussy juice and my cum had soaked the sheet, but she lay down anyway. I held her tight and asked, “So are you going to tell me what it is that you want so badly that you have let me fuck your sister and rip the ass of you?”

Aisling took a deep breath and said, “I have fallen in love with someone else.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and before I knew it I almost cried out “Who the fuck is it?”

Aisling quickly replied, “It is not what you think it is. It is not another man!”

I still felt dazed by this confession of love and stammered, “Not another man…?”

“No Love, it is a woman. She is the mother of one of my students. Her name is Kelly.”

“I don’t understand are you telling me that all of a sudden you are a lesbian? That you want to leave me for woman!”

“No darling I do not want to leave you, and I am not a full blown lesbian, but I have always enjoyed a woman’s body. When I was a student I had both boyfriends and girlfriends, I am bi.”

As I was finally getting my wits back together I asked, “So what is it exactly you are asking me?”

“I want Kelly and her daughter Victoria to move in with us. I love her and want her to be a permanent part of my life.”

This was hard, I felt betrayed, but I knew I still loved Aisling and I could tell how serious she was. This explained why she had been willing to let me fuck her sister; she really had wanted to sweeten me up. There I had been thinking she wanted a gang bang or something. This was the last thing I had expected. Finally I said, “I really don’t know what to think, but can I at least meet this woman before I agree to allow her to become part of the family?”

Aisling kissed me and then said, “Of course you can. Kelly wants to meet you as well. She has not had much to do with men since she got knocked up with Victoria when she was 18.”

“What age is Victoria” I asked?

“She is just turned 16, she is in my year 12 class. Kelly is 35. You will like them both.”

God she was asking me to not only accept that she had a lesbian lover, but to accept both her lover and a teenager into our home. “Bring her along, have sex with her here and I will see how I cope with it. I can’t say I am happy, but I did promise you that you could have your thing if you arranged for me to screw Davina” I said.

“OK love” Aisling responded before making a run from the bed to the toilet.

That was Thursday evening. When Aisling came home from work the next day she told me that she had spoken to Kelly and that Kelly would come to visit on Saturday.

Aisling had arranged that we would meet up with Kelly and her daughter Victoria for lunch at a casual restaurant within walking distance from where Kelly lived. I checked with Aisling about what Victoria knew, and apparently she both knew and was cool with her mother and her maths teacher getting it off. Aisling and I arrived first and were already at the table when Kelly and Victoria arrived. My immediate impression was very favourable. Kelly like Aisling was well preserved for her age, and could easily have passed for late 20s rather than 35. She was tall, perhaps 5 foot 9 with long blonde (dyed) hair pulled back into a simple pony tail. She had a nice figure, slim with tits of decent size (C-cup?). She was wearing a simple white t-shirt style top that managed to highlight her breasts and a pair of trousers lose enough to not make obvious how good her legs might be. I did however notice that she has fine ankles and that her arms were shapely, so I suspected she would have nice legs. Initially I paid more attention to Kelly, but I could not help but notice that Victoria was a very attractive young girl, with long straight mid brown hair, large blue eyes and a very slim figure. She had that ‘coltish’ look that the best looking adolescents often have. I felt a bit pervy when I felt my cock stir as I looked at Victoria. She noticed my attention and blushed and looked down as she sat down across the table from me.

We all chatted over lunch and I was happy to say that there was nothing butch or mannish about Kelly. I admit to having feared that I would have to live with a shaven headed dike, built like the proverbial ‘brick shit house’. Finally lunch was over and Victoria headed off by herself to meet up with some school friends. Kelly joined us in the car and we headed back to our house. As I drove I said, “OK girls how’s this going to work? Are you going to have sex and if so do you want me to head out?”

To my surprise it was Kelly who answered and she said, “Yes I can’t wait to make love to Aisling; she has refused to do it behind your back.”

“OK” I answered.

“You don’t need to head out. You can stay in the house; you can even watch and join in as far as I am concerned if Aisling is OK with that!”

‘Wow’ I thought to myself, this one must be bisexual rather than fully lesbian. I looked at Aisling and said, “Perhaps you just want to have lesbian sex on its own?”

“Yes I would like to just experience the pleasure of Kelly’s body, perhaps you could just watch this time.”

We agreed to this. Once we got to the house, I got myself a glass of wine and settled back in the armchair while Aisling and Kelly started to kiss. It was a strange sensation watching my wife snog another girl and watching her hand cup and squeeze her tits, However it was very clear that both of them were as charged up as I had been a couple of days earlier with Davina. Within minutes both had stripped down to their undies. My cock was rock hard as I looked at Kelly. She had a smoking hot well-toned body. This girl obviously did some gym work, and I had been right, her legs were great. Aisling was the first one to get her tits bare. I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing my erection through my trousers as Kelly started to suck and bite Aisling’s nipples. She started to kiss her way down Aisling’s stomach until she reached her panties. Aisling lifted her bottom off the sofa and Kelly quickly pulled her panties off. I could see that Aisling’s pussy lips were swollen and engorged. Aisling let out a loud moan as Kelly brushed her fingers against her slit.

This was too much for me, I didn’t care what Kelly thought, and I quickly undressed and sat back in the chair with my 10 inch cock in my hand and slowly wanked it while Kelly buried her face in my wife’s juicy cunt. Kelly glanced over to me and I could see her interest in my cock. She continued to work Aisling with tongue and fingers until with a loud “Yessssssssssss oh yesssssss” she climaxed and too my surprise squirted in the same way that Davina had. I couldn’t help but think that Aisling could be more Lesbian than straight as she had never squirted for me.

Kelly stood up and made a big show of dropping her own panties revealing a cleanly shaved and very neat little cunt. She looked me straight in the eye as she inserted a couple of fingers into her own slit before withdrawing them and showing me the juices. She held them out to me, and before I knew what I was doing I had got up and sucked them clean. As I did so my hard cock brushed against her stomach. She smiled and pushed me back down into my chair before sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide. Soon Aisling was licking her out as she played with her own tits. As Kelly got near to her orgasm, and was starting to cry out, her back arching I knew I had had enough. I got up and as Kelly cried out her orgasm my own climax hit and strings of my hot semen erupted out over Aisling’s back, and over Kelly’s tits. To my delight, she gathered as much of my cum up as she could and sucked some of it into her own mouth and fed some of it to Aisling.

We ended up naked together on the sofa with me in the middle. Aisling asked, “Well was that terrible, or can you bear the thought of Kelly coming to stay. Letting my cock do the thinking for me I replied “Yes she can come, but only if you let me fuck Davina whenever I want.”

Both Aisling and Kelly spoke at the same time indicating that yes that was fine by them. It was arranged that Kelly and Victoria would start to move in the next day.

I dropped Kelly home and was delighted that she massaged my cock as we drove along. When we got to her flat she allowed me to kiss her and to feel her tits before going in. I was very turned on. I called Aisling and told her that I had to call to my office to clear up some work.

I will describe what happened next in another instalment.

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