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Ryan's punishment

Ryan's punishment

Ryan came in needing sympathy, but got much more than he bargained for...
Ryan was slowly driving her mad. Not in the blatant, in-your-face, sort of way that other students sometimes pulled around her. That sort of behavior at times was normal, even expected the second semester of their senior year. Oh no, Ryan drove her mad in other ways, and on purpose. It was sometimes just the way he looked at her, his eyes looking as if he was staring right into her soul; like he was reading her very thoughts. Sometimes, she admitted to herself, she was rather glad he wasn’t reading her thoughts in those moments, for his eyes melted into her heart, causing her to momentarily lose her train of thought.

Luckily, she had taught long enough that she always recovered, and he would not have noticed the slight pause. She didn’t think so, anyway. Other times, Ryan would come up to ask her a question, and place his hand on her shoulder, or her leg, casually, but she could tell he meant to do it. His face would come just a little closer to hers than other students, or sometimes he would whisper in her ear an idea he had, just so ‘no one else would know his thinking.’ His breath would tickle her neck or her ear, and it made her tingle.

Ryan had a sparkling personality; always making everyone feel a little better if he was around. He knew how to banter, play with words, and toy with her, even if he didn’t realize it all the time. It didn’t help that he was her type anyway, with long, curly dark hair forming little ringlets around his head, and his gorgeous dark chocolate eyes had depth that seemed to belie his age. She shivered, and pulled herself out of the brief reverie. Her mind seemed to go to thoughts of him more and more often. It was getting downright annoying. Oh, the things she would have him do to her, given the chance. After all, he did need some form of punishment for his cruel torture that had gone on and on since, he first got into her class.

Stacey (Ms. Tessla) leaned back in her chair, rubbing at her wrists tiredly. She had been typing up a proposal for the issuance of new classic novel sets, which should not be such a monumental undertaking. Shaking her head, she thought about the fact that everything one wanted in public schools these days was not given without going through yards of red tape to receive. Receive it they would, she grimaced, but not until after hours of grueling paperwork. ‘I so need a brain break,’ she thought to herself.

Funny, how sometimes thought can lead to said thought coming to fruition. At that very moment, Ryan came busting through her door. (This was yet another habit of his, and one that was a bit too well defined, as it happened so often.) She always knew if she had to stay after school long enough, he might stop by to see her, and let her know how baseball practice went. These days, it seemed she was having to stay after all too often, for the papers second semester took longer to grade, and were at times rather taxing. Not to mention the red tape paperwork crap. Stacey looked up to see who came through the door, but she already knew, as Ryan was the only one to bust through her door with excitement and flamboyance. Stacey smiled to herself. Every time, without fail. Definitely quite the little personality attached to this one.

“Ms. Tessla, Ms. Tessla!” (If she counted the number of times a day her name was called, she thought.) “Guess what happened at practice today?”

“What happened at practice today, Ryan?” Stacey managed to ask, sounding as if his answer would be the most fascinating part of her day. The deep down truth be told, it was definitely enjoyable talking with Ryan, as much for the reward of watching his animated facial expressions and gestures as what was coming out of his mouth.

Ryan, still slightly out of breath from running down the hall to see if she was in her room, (that was always so cute to her, that he ran to see her) responded after a slight pause. “One of our best outfielders, Danny Rees, got knocked out with the ball today! The ambulance had to come and everything. It was bad. I hope he’s gonna be all right.”

Ryan’s downcast eyes and crestfallen face was more than Stacey could take; he was almost always happy and very much the eternal optimist. He sat, dejected, in a desk near hers. She got up, found a desk next to him, and sat, facing him. His beautiful brown eyes slowly met her hazel ones as she lifted his chin with her fingers. “I’m sure he will be just fine, Ryan. We all know how hard-headed Danny is, nothing will stop his recovery!” With that, Ryan’s face lit up with a smile, and he laughed. Stacey loved his laugh; it always lifted her spirits if she was having a rough day as well. Suddenly, Ryan was no longer laughing, he was kissing her; kissing his teacher. His soft lips lingered on hers, his hands moving to her neck, pulling her closer, for a few precious seconds. Then reality hit him like a freight train. He pulled back a bit, his eyes searching hers, fear entering into his brain as it registered the fact that he had just broken a major taboo, that of kissing his teacher.

Stacey stared back at him, all her pent up frustrations about his rather personal dealings with her coming to the surface, crystallized in that kiss. Words formed, and then somehow came out of her mouth without her even having time to think about them. “Ryan, you shouldn’t have done that. What am I going to do with you now? You need to have some form of penalty for your actions.”

Ryan could only stare at her open-mouthed, with horror growing in his countenance every passing second. Finally, he pulled himself together enough to respond. “Ms. Tessla, please. Please don’t tell the principal about this, I want to keep playing baseball, my college career depends on it!” Ryan’s eyes pleaded with her. Stacey knew full well about his scholarship to the University of Texas, the college where he desperately wanted to go. She raised her eyebrow at him.

“Well, Ryan, I suppose we could keep this between us, and I could assign some sort of appropriate punishment.” The look of pure relief on his face was almost comical, and Stacey had trouble maintaining a straight face. Stacey was going to milk this for all it was worth. She smiled inwardly, inner goddess jumping around like a cheerleader. Now that was quite a sight.

“Let’s see. First, since we’re going to keep this between us, no one else needs to know. So take my key, and go lock the door.” Hastily, Ryan grabbed the key, walked quickly over to the door, and locked it, shutting it behind him. They were now not in danger of getting caught for the said ensuing “punishment.”

“Ryan, come here.” Obediently, he immediately came to her, kneeling before her. Was it just her imagination, or did she detect a hint of enthusiasm in his manner?

“Whatever I need to do for my punishment, anything Ms. Tessla, I will. I never should have crossed that line. I respect you so much, and I’m truly sorry.”

Stacey smiled, looking at the top of his head, for his eyes and face were downcast at the moment, in utter humility. She was touched, among other stronger emotions threatening to break through at the moment. In a softer voice, she said, “Well Ryan, to start, I want you to massage my feet. I’ve been going since 6:30 this morning, coaching the girls volleyball practice in place of Mrs. Fields. She was ill today.” Ryan’s face lit up in a smile; she was pretty sure he didn’t think his punishment would be of such a nature.

“Yes, Ms. Tessla, as you wish. I only hope my massage is good enough for your beautiful feet.” And the goddess continued to dance in her head, the joy reverberating through her entire body. Ryan’s hands touched her skin, after removing her shoes. The touch of his fingers on her feet sent high intensity shock waves through her entire body. All her nerve endings came alive at the feel of his touch.

‘Oh my,’ she thought. ‘This is going to be so much more intense than I ever imagined.’ Steeling her resolve, she tried to relax into her role. “Oh Ryan, you are a very, very good masseuse,” she breathed, her eyes closing as his hands worked magic on her feet. As he continued the massage, he moved up her calves slowly, his eyes finding hers, questioning. Stacey simply nodded in approval, and wordlessly he massaged her legs, a look of utter wonder on his features. Stacey didn’t know it at the time, but he was enacting a fantasy of mass proportions every time he got an order. He was utterly and completely head over heels for his teacher, and had been before he even got the privilege of being in her class.

Unknowingly fulfilling Ryan’s secret fantasies of her for the previous two years, Stacey continued to deal out her student’s discipline. “Ryan, move your hands slowly up my body. I need to feel you, everywhere.” Her voice had become almost a purr, and electricity danced within his fingers as he eagerly processed and put into action her request, moaning softly as his hands made their way up her thighs, skirting her inner core, traveling up her hips beneath her skirt. They rested there a while, as he gazed up into her eyes, heat and passion causing them to darken and smolder. Stacey’s breath caught in her throat. She swore he was the only man she’d ever seen whose eyes could actually smolder.

His hands slowly continued their ascent, finding their way beneath her blouse. He felt her sides, now heated to his touch, and he couldn’t help it, his mouth followed his hands. “I hope you don’t mind if I add a little of my own touches to your punishment, Ms. Tessla. I’ve been such a bad student, I feel I deserve further sentencing.” His words got her to smile, and she nodded. A moan escaped her lips as his made contact with her bare skin. He set her on fire, as his passion and fervor built, his tongue licking, tasting, his mouth sucking her skin gently. He made his way toward her breasts, small but firm. Ryan had secretly dreamed of touching her, just once, for so long. Now, a moan escaped his lips as his hands closed at last around her mounds, his fantasy fully realized. Ryan looked upon them, complete awe and adoration on his face. It was time for another command, goddess reminded her gently.

This brought Stacey out of her reverie. “Ryan, put your mouth on them, taste them, suck on them. I command you to ravish them completely.” Her words yielded a completely unexpected response from Ryan. They ignited his passion, and he attacked her breasts with fervor, hardly able to contain himself. Ryan was intoxicating, and Stacey realized at that point that she was somehow fulfilling a longing inside him that she didn’t know existed before. Stacey decided to see how far she could encourage him to go. Instead of giving him another command out loud, she ran her fingers through his thick hair, putting slight pressure, moving him down her body. A moan escaped his lips, as he registered what she wanted of him.

“You have no idea, Miss Tessla, how long I’ve dreamed of even a moment of this.” Slowly, he removed her skirt, kissing along her legs as it went down, and heat waves flooded through her entire body. Ryan growled as he looked at her, touching her black lace panties, then kissing them, taking in her scent.

“I have to taste you, Miss Tessla, I hope it’s what you desire, and if not you can punish me more later.” With that, he pulled off her panties in one motion and began to lick her with fierce abandon, all his fantasies coming to life and to a head in this moment for him. Ryan’s tongue drove her crazy; he had to hold her down with his strong hands so he could keep his tongue where he wanted it, deep in her core, then eventually finding her clit, tasting her with long, loving licks until he felt her legs shake. Loud moans escaped her lips, and he began to get even harder than he already was watching her body and hearing her sounds through her orgasm.

Wow, he had just caused his fantasy to orgasm. He was so turned on it almost hurt. Her breathing faster, moans and sighs escaping her lips, she began to undo his belt buckle, then unbutton his jeans. She brought his mouth up toward hers, kissing him deeply. Ryan kissed her back, hard, his tongue seeking hers in an erotic dance. Consumed with desire, she removed his jeans and boxers quickly, a process greatly expediated by his enthusiastic assistance. Her fingers ran along the length of his manhood, barely touching, watching him quiver in response, hearing the hot words coming out of his mouth. “Oh my god Miss Tessla, your touch, it’s setting me on fire, I can’t stand it, I’ve needed you, wanted you for so long…” and on and on the words went, coming from a passionate and heated place within Ryan’s brain.

“I need you to take me now, Ryan, I want all of you, now, deep inside me.” Ryan looked at her, his eyes not just smoldering but now on fire.

“Your wish is my command, for you are in control of my punishment,” he said huskily, barely able to get the words out he was so heated from desire. He pressed himself against her, leaning her back on the desk, and rubbed himself along her folds. Slowly, he entered her. Stacey was tight; she hadn’t had a lover in almost two years. Ryan was not small, and as he worked himself into her depths, he moaned, biting her neck, kissing her passionately, telling her she was all he desired as his hands found their way to her breasts once more, molding them, pulling her against his body. Ryan began to thrust harder, as he felt Stacey grab his butt, urging him on with her words and her body moving in rhythm with his. Harder, faster he went, his body covering hers, his hips moving completely in sync with hers, until climax was near, and desire was at its peak.

“What is your desire, my fantasy, my beauty,” he whispered, and Stacey knew he was close.

“I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me, Ryan, release, release for me,” she commanded him, in a low but demanding voice. It was enough to send him over the edge, and his body tensed. With one final hard thrust, Ryan exploded, his mind reeling, hot words escaping his lips that he would never later be able to remember, he was so lost in her, and in the moment. Just watching him, listening to him, feeling him caused her body to shake, then surrender to a powerful orgasm. Her inner walls clenched tightly around him, holding him deep inside her as they both stayed in ecstasy for that extended time of nothingness and everything, all at once.

Ryan’s head rested on her chest, as he stole sweet kisses along her breasts. Stacey’s fingers ran through his dark curls, loving playing with his hair. After a time, words came. “I think, Ryan, that your punishment is enough. However, you might want to watch it so you don’t get into more trouble in the future.” She tried to sound serious. Ryan’s face, however, showed he fully intended to get into as much trouble as possible in the next few months. No words were needed for her to know that.

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