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Sailing Lessons Pt. 5

Uncle Dave has his hands full.

I followed her out of the lodge. The shorts made her legs look impossibly long. We walked up towards the cabin she was staying in with Edna and Albert and spotted them through the trees, heading down to the dock with their fishing gear.

I followed Judith into the cabin and turned around to lock the door. When I turned back, I saw that Judith had stepped into the tidy little kitchen and retrieved a little squeeze bottle of maple syrup. She put the bottle on the counter and turned to face me as I stepped into the kitchen.

With a seductive smile she reached down and peeled her tank top over her head and tossed it onto a chair. She stood there for a second showing off her perky little breasts. While they were not large, Judith's breasts were beautifully shaped and capped with dark little nipples that were standing proudly at attention. Judith's dark tan ended at the triangles of creamy white skin that surrounded her areolas.

Judith took the syrup bottle and turning it over, carefully placed one drop of syrup on the top of her right nipple. The invitation couldn't be any clearer. I leaned over and lightly tongued the underside of the nipple before I slurped the whole nipple into my mouth. Judith moaned her approval as she held my head to her chest and I suckled at the sweet tasting little bud.

"Mmmm that feels good!" She said, running her fingers through my hair.

My right hand went to her other nipple and I gave it a little twist. It was so stiff and nubbly I couldn't make it any stiffer. My left hand slid down her back and cupped the firm, muscular cheeks of her ass through the fabric of her shorts. I could tell that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath them.

When I pulled back a bit to take a breath, Judith reached out for the syrup bottle and placed a little dollop of syrup on her left nipple. She looked at me expectantly, and then closed her eyes as I leaned in and took her left nipple in my mouth. This time I slid my left hand down Judith's firm belly and under the elastic of her shorts. As my tongue laved the syrupy nipple, my fingers sought out the soft furry patch of hair between her legs.

Judith let go of my hair long enough to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and push them down so they fell to her ankles, giving me full access to her downy slit. She lifted one foot out of her shorts so she could spread her legs a little. I took the opportunity and insinuated my middle finger between her nether lips and slid it down until I found her moist opening. I gathered and spread the slippery stuff seeping from between her lips and drew it up to her clit and drew little circles around it with my finger. Judith started rocking her hips and made a little moaning sound. I had sucked all the maple syrup off of the nipple I was sucking on and I pulled my head away long enough that I could look at Judith's eyes. I caught her with her head back and her eyes closed, smiling and making that little humming sound.

I must have distracted her because she opened her eyes and looked at me and her smile widened. She reached over and picked up the syrup, and pulled away from me. She took my hand and led the way into her bedroom. She turned and sat on her bed, then leaned back so she could dribble a few drops of maple syrup directly onto the top of her slit, where I could see the stiff little clit protruding slightly from the folds of her pussy lips.

I didn't need any more encouragement than that, and I knelt on the floor between her legs. Judith had propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch, still holding the syrup in her right hand. I leaned in and used just the tip of my tongue to smear the syrup around her slit. Judith and I made eye contact, and I just let my mouth completely envelope her pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth as my tongue probed deeper into the warm, fragrant folds.

The syrup combined with Judith's natural lubricant to make an interesting combination of tastes. As I buried my tongue in Judith's pussy, I ran my hands up her muscular thighs, caressing her smooth, firm skin and sliding my fingers right up to the blonde tuft of hair.

I pulled back a bit to have a good look at what I was doing. I used my thumbs to part Judith's lips and expose her beautiful wet pussy completely. I glanced up and saw Judith watching me with those intense blue eyes. She must have thought I needed more encouragement, because she held the maple syrup up so the drops would land directly on her clit. I watched in fascination as the syrup drooled down the folds of her nether lips and ran into her already slippery opening.

It was almost more than I could take, and I dove back in and lapped away with a purpose. My tongue sank deep into her. I watched her eyes as I slurped my way up her slit to her hard little clit and sucked it into my mouth.

Judith's eyes fluttered and closed, and her head went back as I sucked her stiff little nub into my mouth and vibrated my tongue. I smiled to myself. Judith's left hand went behind my head and her fingers tangled in my hair as she held me there so I would finish what I'd started. I continued tantalizing the sensitive little parts I had pulled into my mouth with the tip of my tongue, and moved just enough that I could push two fingers into her. She moaned quietly as my fingers slid into her. Slowly at first, I started to pump my fingers in and out of her as my tongue was busy lapping away at her sensitive clit. I continued this as Judith's hips rocked to meet my thrusting. Her breathing became faster and more ragged. Sensing that she was getting close, I curled my fingers upwards inside of her, trying to stimulate her G-spot as I sucked on her clit. That, apparently, was all it took.

Judith shuddered with a series of spasms that shook her whole body, her legs clamping and quivering, and her pussy contracting on my fingers. Her fingers in my hair clenched hard enough that I thought she'd pull my hair out. Although it only lasted a few seconds, it left Judith panting and breathing so heavy you'd have thought she'd just run a mile.


"Whew!" Judith said, putting the syrup bottle on the night stand and collapsing back on the pillows, completely spread-eagle. "That was really good!" She said, still out of breath and looking at the ceiling. Her face was flushed, the blush spreading down her front across her breasts and tight little tummy.

"You like that? I asked, standing up and gazing down at the lewd sight of Judith spread wide on the bed. She had a sheen of sweat on her forehead, her breathing still ragged.

She looked up at me smiling and pushed a damp strand of blonde hair away from her eyes. "I loved it!" She propped herself back up on her elbows so she could study me as I stood there. She made no move to cover herself or close her legs. The puffy lips of her pussy were glistening and red where I had been sucking on them. I couldn't help but stare at the spectacle in front of me.

"Why do you still have your shorts on?" Judith asked, staring straight at the obvious bulge in my pants. She pushed herself into a sitting position on the edge of the bed as I unbuttoned the front of my shorts and pushed them down. I had hooked my briefs too and as the waistband pulled my rigid prick down and then released it, my prick bounced in front of her.

Judith looked up at me as she leaned forward and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She looked down then and studied her prize. She leaned forward and gave the bulging purple head a light kiss. I couldn't help but put my hands behind her head, and feel the soft blonde hair slide through my fingers.

Judith took the whole head of my cock in her mouth and sucked it in as far as possible. As she pulled back, exposing the shaft, I could see the blue veins standing out in relief and the saliva coating the hot flesh. Judith had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock as her head bobbed up and down. Her other hand slid up and under my balls so she could heft them and roll them around in her hand.

Judith looked up so she could make eye contact and watch my reaction as she slid the stiff shaft into her warm, wet mouth. I smiled back at her.

"That feels wonderful!" I said, curling my fingers in her hair, but putting no pressure on her one way or the other. She was doing just fine without any direction from me. I could feel her tongue working on the underside of my throbbing prick as it slid in and out. One feature that Judith and Audrey shared was a wide, sexy mouth, and Judith was able to take a considerable amount of my cock into her mouth comfortably and still smile.

Judith pulled it out to study the slick shaft and the shining purple helmet. She licked her way up from the base of my shaft and circled the head with her tongue before slurping the entire thing into her mouth again and bobbing her head. She did this several times, each time returning my prick to the wonderful warmth of her mouth and swirling tongue.

She started to sense that I was getting close, and intensified her efforts. Her right hand pumped the base of my cock steadily as her left hand continued to fondle my scrotum and tease the area behind my balls. Her head bobbed insistently up and down, sucking it in until it hit the back of her throat, then slurping noisily. My hips had started to buck on their own and I couldn't help but caress Judith's hair as I held her head in my hands.

"I'm gonna cum." I warned her. She acknowledged by sucking harder and humming. Her fist pumped as she sucked me in for the final few strokes and I spewed what seemed like a lot of cum into her swirling mouth. I continued to spurt every time she pulled on me. When she thought I was finally spent, she pulled my cock from her mouth and studied the end as she milked the last few drops of sperm to the tip so she could lick them off. She looked up again to see my reaction.

"Wow," I said, just staring into her eyes.

"Glad you liked it." Judith said with a sly grin. She leaned back on her elbows and stared directly at my softening prick, leaving her legs splayed open for my benefit. I stood at the edge of the bed, her legs on either side of mine, and I stared down at her. Her tight, athletic body seemed so relaxed even though she was so completely exposed to me. We must have stared at each other for several minutes.

Finally I had to break the spell and asked, "What were we doing before we got distracted with the maple syrup?"

Judith looked up at me. "I think I was going to get ready to go skiing."

I was standing by the bed with my shorts pooled around my ankles. I bent at the waist to pull them up and found myself inches from Judith's still glistening pussy. I gave it a quick kiss and pulled my shorts up.

I stepped back and held out a hand to help Judith up. She gave me her cute, dimpled smile, hopped up and started looking in her dresser drawer. She pulled out a blue one-piece swimsuit and pulled it on while I watched. She had such a lithe, toned body that she made it fun to watch her do that.

"Did you ask Fred if you could use the ski boat this morning?" I asked.

Judith shook her head no. She was putting sun screen and a towel into a bag. I followed her back into the kitchen where she retrieved her tank top from the chair and the shorts from the floor. She went back into her room and emerged wearing blue shorts over the swimsuit and white sneakers.

Judith looked the model of an innocent young thing, though I knew the real truth. For just a second, I suspected that I had found some universal truth that I should note for posterity, but then I forgot to write it down.


Back at the lodge, I found Fred in the office and asked if we could use the ski boat today. He checked the schedule and said, "It's all yours. Nobody else signed up for skiing today."

He opened the desk drawer, fished out the keys and handed them to me. "Let's go down and I'll show you the new ski boat."

I followed Fred out the door and we headed down to the docks. "You get the boat this summer?" I asked as we walked.

"Yeah," Fred said, "Ed didn't think the old one had enough power."

"You're kidding," I said.

"You know Ed." Fred said. We both knew that Uncle Ed had expensive tastes in toys, and boats were no exception. We walked down the tree-lined path to the docks and Fred showed me the boat and the made sure I knew where all the bells and whistles were. I fired the motor up and ran it for a minute to be sure everything worked and made sure the gas tank was topped off. Fred had just gotten through showing me where all the skis and gear was stored when Audrey showed up.

She was wearing a fairly modest one-piece suit under her shorts and carrying a beach bag. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she had on cool sunglasses.

"Hi Fred," She said as Fred stepped out of the boat.

"Hi Audrey," Fred replied smiling. I noticed that he took a second just to stand and admire Audrey. She was pretty easy on the eyes.

"Hi Dave," Audrey said to me as she handed me her beach bag to put in the boat. I held a hand out to steady her as she stepped down into the boat.

"Where's Judith?" I asked, stowing Audrey's beach bag in the locker in the front of the boat.

"She was just behind me," Audrey said, looking around. Audrey spotted her coming down the path and pointed at her. "There she is!" Audrey waved at Judith, motioning her to hurry up. Judith came bounding down the path, across the dock and jumped into the boat, almost crashing into Audrey.

'Whew!" she said, "I just made it!"

"Whew!" Audrey said, "We were just about to leave without you!"

"Oh no!" Judith said in mock horror.

"Oh yes!" Audrey said. "Dave wanted to leave without you but I wouldn't let him."

"Dave must be really itching to get out there on those skis!" Judith said to Audrey as if I wasn't there.

"Oh he can't wait!"

"Wait a minute," I said, "I thought I was just going along to drive the boat."

Judith had just stowing her bag in the front of the boat and turned around to look at Audrey.

"What a poop!" She said to Audrey.

"We'll see," said Audrey.

Fred had witnessed the whole short conversation as he was untying the lines for us. I looked at him with a pleading gesture with my palms up. He just looked at Audrey and said, "Hasn't Dave ever showed you all of his water skiing trophies?"

Audrey and Judith both grinned at Fred and then looked at each other.

"Why no!" Judith said.

"He is so modest that way." Audrey said to Judith.

Fred had the lines undone, so I sat behind the wheel and asked, "Are we ready to roll?"

Audrey and Judith took their seats and nodded, still grinning.

Fred just looked at the girls and then me and said, "You be careful."

"I will," I said, and fired the motor up and backed away from the dock.

I idled out of the little harbor. Audrey had taken the spotter's seat next to mine and had spun the chair around to say something to Judith. I pushed the throttle forward a little too fast and the rumbling engine made this funny sound like it was inhaling air and fuel for just a split second before the boat lunged forward with neck-snapping acceleration.

Audrey wound up in a heap in the back of the boat next to where Judith was sitting. She was lucky she didn't go overboard. We were instantly up on plane and picking up speed like crazy.

"Holy crap!" I said, as I throttled back to an idle. I turned around to see Judith helping Audrey get up and get back to her seat. "Are you OK?" I asked.

Judith was giggling uncontrollably.

Audrey was giggling too, and looked a bit sheepish as she settled back in her chair and spun it around to the forward position.

"I'm alright," she said, "I should have been paying attention, shouldn't I?"

"I'm sorry," I said, "I should have told you to hang on or something. I didn't quite expect that."

"That was a rush!" Judith said from the back.

"Well, let's try that again," I said, "only this time everybody hang on."

Audrey braced herself. I turned around and Judith was grinning from ear to ear.

"Ready?" I asked.

Audrey nodded. Judith yelled, "Hit it!"

This time I was ready. Just for fun, I pushed the throttle all the way forward and the damned boat came almost completely out of the water. The acceleration was breathtaking. In just a couple of seconds we were cruising at 65 miles an hour, according to the speedometer. It felt more like 165, and it seemed like we were just hitting the tops of the waves every now and then.

The water was just a little choppy, but it felt like it was going to rattle my teeth out of their sockets so I slowed down to about forty so I could catch my breath and talk without yelling.

"Where should we go to go skiing?" I asked.

"How about on the other side of that island?" Audrey said pointing ahead to a small island about a mile away. I turned and looked questioningly at Judith, who nodded.

"Sounds good to me," I said, and we headed off in that direction.

Once we got behind the island, the water was quite calm and I throttled back and slowed the boat, finally shutting it off so we could get the skis and stuff out of the locker. Judith volunteered to go first and got in the water.

Judith must have had a lot of practice skiing because she got up on the first try and maneuvered like a pro. We went in a big oval behind the island for about ten minutes, with Judith jumping the wake and cutting back and forth. I was quite impressed. Finally she let go of the tow rope and settled back into the water.

I brought the boat around so she could climb back on board and dry off. She handed the life vest to Audrey. I noticed that Audrey had to loosen the straps on the vest a bit to accommodate her larger beasts.

She climbed into the water and we handed the skis to her. Judith settled into the spotter's chair, toweling her hair off as we idled out to the end of the tow line. Audrey wasn't as practiced as Judith and had a bit of a hard time getting set, but once she was she yelled, "Hit it!" and we took off. I kept the speed down to a reasonable 32 miles an hour, and Audrey managed to look sexy even on water skis.

After about ten minutes of skiing, Audrey wanted out and we managed to get her and the skis back on board I looked at Judith as Audrey was toweling herself off and asked if she wanted to go again.

Judith got the slalom ski out and got in the water. I was really quite amazed at how good she was. She would swing way wide and then cut across the wake, only to cut back so hard she was almost parallel with the water. After quite a while on the slalom ski, we recovered Judith from the water and I expected Audrey would go again.

"Why don't you go Dave?" Judith said.

"I thought I was just going to drive the boat," I said. "I didn't bring a suit or towel."

"Oh c'mon Dave," Audrey said, "your shorts will work fine. Just leave your wallet and belt in the boat." I hesitated, but eventually they talked me into going. I peeled off my polo shirt, stashed my wallet and belt in the console, and climbed into the water.

Judith took the wheel and idled out to the end of the tow rope. I got set and yelled. "Hit it!"

It had been a while since I had been skiing, but I managed to get up on the first try and settled for doing a few mild maneuvers back and forth across the wake of the boat. About the time I swung wide to the right, Judith cut to the left. I tried to cut back in, but Judith had caught me too far out and was playing crack the whip with me. I came off the skis and went knifing into the water headfirst.

Judith idled up to me as I was swimming back to collect the skis. Audrey leaned over the right side of the boat just behind Judith.

"You OK?" She asked.

"I'm fine." I said.

"Do you want to go again?" Audrey asked. "Do you still have your shorts on after that?" Judith asked.

Audrey glanced at Judith with a grin.

I pretended to be momentarily shocked and reached down to check saying, "Yup, the shorts are still there."

Judith looked back at Audrey and said. "Then he needs to go again."

Audrey looked at me in the water and said, "You need to go again."

They were both smiling at me expectantly.

"OK, " I said, "one more time."

I put the skis back on as Judith fired up the boat and idled away. I managed to get back up and was careful not to let Judith catch me swinging too wide again. Judith behaved and drove normally, and I thought I was getting the hang of jumping the wake, but after we hit the wake of a passing boat, I caught a ski and went ass over teacups all by myself.

This time, the shorts did get dragged down to around my ankles. As they turned the boat around and headed over to pick me up, Judith and Audrey could see me struggling to get my shorts pulled back up and they were giggling hysterically as they stopped next to me and shut the motor off.

"That was a good one!" Audrey said, leaning over the side of the boat and taking the ski I handed to her. "Sure you don't want to go again?"

I handed her the other ski and said, "I think I've had enough for right now." I climbed into the boat and took off the ski vest, and used the towel that Audrey handed me to dry off the best I could.

"Either of you want to go again?" I asked as I stood there in the back of the boat. I caught Judith staring at my crotch.

"I'm good." Audrey said.

Judith finally looked up and said, "I'm done for now. It's probably getting pretty close to lunch time."

I pulled the tow rope in while Audrey stowed the skis, and as soon as I had the rope put away, Judith fired up the engine.

"You don't mind if I drive on the way back, do you?" She asked.

"No problem," I said, as I watched Audrey settle into the spotter's seat. That left me the bench seat in the back of the boat.

"Hang on!" Judith called out as she jammed the throttle forward and the engine roared to life. She spun the wheel and the boat pirouetted and rocketed west towards the far end of the island. We picked up speed alarmingly fast in the smooth water on this side of the island.

"Woohoo!" Audrey yelled as Judith trimmed up the boat to get the maximum speed out of the thing. We must have been doing about 70 when we came around the west end of the island and headed across the open water towards the lodge. Judith was grinning like a fool and hanging on for dear life as we started to hit rougher water. I was looking around for something to hang onto as we bounced across the tops of the waves.

I wasn't scared until we hit the wake of another boat and almost went airborne. I was bounced high enough that I thought I'd be thrown overboard. Neither Judith nor Audrey noticed, and we rocketed on towards the bay by the lodge. The water was calmer as we entered the bay, so the scary bouncing stopped, but Judith wasn't slowing down at all. We were getting closer to the docks in a big hurry, and Judith still had us flying along flat out.

I was really starting to get nervous and was just about to say something, but at the last minute, Judith pulled the throttle back and we quickly slowed to an idle. I breathed a sigh of relief. I made a mental note to never let Judith drive anything with any horsepower again if I was riding along.

As we idled up to the dock, I jumped out and tied the boat up. Across the dock from us, Bill and Norma Thompson were just tying their fishing boat up after a morning of fishing. Norma was one of Louise's cousins. Bill and Norma were probably a couple of years older than me, and both of them were devoted fishing fanatics.

"Hi Dave!" Norma said when she spotted me.

"Hi Norma, Hi Bill!" I said. "Have any luck?"

"Hi Dave!" Bill said. "Wait till you see what we got!"

As Judith and Audrey handed stuff to me to put on the dock, Bill reached into the live well and hauled out the biggest northern I'd ever seen and held it up for us to see.

"You going to have it mounted?" I asked.

"Yup!" Bill said proudly.

"That's huge!" I said. "Where'd you get that?"

"Norma caught it up in Baker's Bay," Bill said.

Norma was unloading fishing tackle and a cooler onto the dock. I looked at her and gave her a thumbs-up. She grinned. Bill put the fish back in the live well for the time being.

Audrey and Judith had stepped out of the ski boat onto the dock and were picking up their things.

"What are you guys going to do now?" I asked the girls.

"I'm going to grab a shower before lunch," Judith said.

"Me too," Audrey said. "Are you going to work on the network this afternoon?" she asked.

"I suppose I should," I said. "I'll probably wire the controller up in the lodge."

"OK," Audrey said, "We'll see you later."

Judith and Audrey headed up the trail towards the cabins. Bill had stepped onto the dock and took a couple of fishing poles from Norma and then offered her a hand to help her out of the boat. As they collected their things, Bill leaned over and quietly asked me, "Is that dark-haired one little Audrey Wilson?" We both looked at Audrey and Judith as they sashayed up the trail.

"She's not so little any more, is she?" I said.

Norma stepped up behind us and quietly said, "I guess not. She's got bigger boobs than I do."

We both turned around and grinned at Norma. Norma was an attractive woman with a great sense of humor. I offered to help them carry their stuff up to their cabin. I wound up helping Norma carry the fishing gear up to their cabin while Bill took the monster fish down to the bait shop to arrange for it to become a trophy.

When we got to their cabin, Norma took all the fishing gear from me and offered me a beer. I gratefully took it as she got one for herself, and the two of us sat out on the deck waiting for Bill to show up.

"So where's Louise this week?" Norma asked.

"She's over in Germany this summer, finishing up her PhD." I explained.

"You'll probably be glad when she gets back, won't you?"


"Yeah," I said, "It'll be good to get back to normal."

"Are you just up here for the week?" She asked.

"No, I'll be here next week too," I said.

"Cool," she said, "Us too. Isn't this a great place to hang out?"

"I'm having a great time." I said honestly.

Bill showed up and grabbed a beer and joined us on the deck.

"So you got to try out the new ski boat, eh?" Bill asked.

"Yeah," I said, "It's pretty nice."

"We were thinking of taking it out tomorrow. Got any advice?" Bill asked.

"Don't let Judith drive."


I finished my beer and decided that I needed to go back to my cabin and get some dry shorts. Then I headed down to the lodge for a little lunch. I found Fred at his desk.

"Hi Fred," I said, "What's for lunch?"

"Hi Dave," he said, putting some bills on a pile in front of him. "I'm running a little late, and I didn't get anything organized for lunch today yet."

"No problem," I said. "Want me to throw something together?"

“There's some sandwich stuff in the fridge if you're hungry," he said.

"You want me to make you a sandwich?" I asked, heading towards the kitchen.

"Nah, don't bother for me. I had a big breakfast," he said.

I made myself a sandwich and went back into the office to shoot the breeze with Fred. We figured out where we would run the wiring and put the components that I was going to try to hook up this afternoon. I finished my lunch, cleaned up my dishes and headed out to the van to get some of the stuff I needed. I was carrying the second load of stuff into the lodge when Audrey showed up. She was wearing shorts and a little cami top that showed off her breasts nicely without being too risqué. She offered to help carry stuff in.

Audrey was her usual cheerful, helpful self, and I enjoyed her company and her help. We spent the afternoon running wires through the lodge and mounting the boxes in the closet.

At one point, I was in the upstairs hallway of the lodge, standing on a ladder, with the top half of my body in the scuttle hole to the attic. Nobody else was around and I wasn't entirely surprised when Audrey joined me on the ladder. I felt her hands run up my legs.
"I'm here to keep you from falling off the ladder, Dave," she said.

"I feel safer already," I said, pulling the wires together where I was going to splice them. I could feel Audrey's hands slipping up my thighs and under the legs of my shorts. I looked down at her, and she looked up with a bright smile. She covered my thighs with little kisses.

I heard someone coming up the stairs at the end of the hall! Uh-oh! I handed down the toolbox I had in the attic and Audrey took it and stepped down to the floor as the steps got closer.

Presently, I could see Fred standing next to Audrey at the foot of the stepladder.

"Is there anything you need from the hardware store?"

"Not that I can think of," I said.

"I was going to try to get the last of the lights wired on my boat when I get back. You think you'd have some time to help me?"

"Sure Fred," I said. "I should probably be around the lodge here."

Fred wandered off and I looked down at Audrey.

She looked up with a sheepish look. That was close, and she knew it. Then she graced me with that dazzling smile, and just looked so sweet I couldn't be upset. We were very discrete after that.

We had mounted the main controller in the closet of the lodge office, and had some of the wires run to it. I was just about to test the connections when Fred returned.

"How's that project coming along?" he asked.

"Pretty good, Fred. I can start testing the connections any time, I think."

"Have you got all the cabins hooked up?" He asked, somewhat surprised.

"Oh no," I said. "Only four of the eight we were going to do this year."

"OK, that makes more sense." He said. "You at a good break point for that, or did you need to work on it some more today?"

I looked at Audrey and we both shrugged. "No rush on this thing," I said. "We can test it out tomorrow."

Audrey looked at me and asked, "Should I start putting this stuff back in your van?"

"Leave the little toolbox out, but the rest of that stuff can go back in the van," I said.

Audrey smiled sweetly and headed out with a handful of gear.

When she was out of earshot, Fred said, "Quite the assistant you have there, Dave."

"She's actually pretty good at this stuff," I said.

"Not to mention nice to look at," Fred said, grinning.

"That's true, Fred. Very nice," I said.

Audrey came back into the office and gathered another handful of stuff. In the process, she leaned over in front of Fred and me, giving us an excellent view of her cleavage. Fred couldn't help but stare.

When she left the room again, we both looked at each other and smiled.

"Very nice," he said.

I grabbed the last of the hardware, and headed out to the van where I found Audrey putting stuff away.

"Are we done for today?" she asked.

"I guess so," I said. "I should help Fred with his boat."

"How long do you think that'll take?"

"I don't know. Maybe a few hours." I guessed. "Why?"

"I just thought that maybe you could stop by my cabin later, like around nine," She said with a coy innocent smile.

"I think that might just be possible."

"OK, see you later. I'll probably go read or something for a bit," she said, and headed up the trail.

Fred and I did manage to get his lights wired up and even figured out how to get the little fridge in his boat to work off the wind charger and the batteries. (Fred had some really good scotch handy for breaks, so the work wasn't too punishing.)

By the time I got my tools put away, the sun had set and I wandered up to my cabin to clean up. I noticed that it was close to nine o'clock, so after I got cleaned up a little, I wandered up towards Uncle Ed's cabin.

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