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School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 2

School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 2

A horny student visits the nurse's office and learns what a prostate exam is all about.
My heart was thumping and my palms were sweaty as I presented Mr. Brundowski with my appointment slip. He eyed me suspiciously, but wrote me a pass to go to the nurse’s office anyway. It wasn’t that I was getting out of Geometry class that had me so excited; it was that I was going to see Nurse Cady again.

I must have jerked off to thoughts of her at least a hundred times in the past five days. I forced myself to stop yesterday so I could save up a nice load for her in case there was a repeat of what happened last time. Now all I had to do was make it from the classroom to her office without popping a boner and creaming in my pants.

I stepped into her front office and was disappointed to see that Nurse Cady wasn’t at her desk. I stood there for a minute not knowing what to do. I re-checked the time on my appointment slip to make sure I hadn’t screwed something up. Just then the door to the examination room opened only enough for Colleen Flynn to slip out. Her normally pale cheeks were flushed, and her mass of curly red hair was even more of a mess than usual. She hurried past me. We weren’t really friends or anything, but we’d sat next to each other in a few classes and usually said hi when we passed in the hall. She didn’t look at me, or say anything, and was gone before I could so much as exchange a friendly smile with her. Odd.

A minute ticked by before Nurse Cady emerged from the examination room, putting the finishing touches on a reapplication of her lip gloss. I hadn’t noticed how sexy her lips were last time. The butterflies kicked into high gear.

“Oh, hi there, Alan,” She moved to her desk and checked something on her phone. “What can I do for you?”

“Um...Alex, actually.”

“Yes, right, sorry.”

“Okay, well, I guess I was supposed to get a prostrate exam, or something?”

Nurse Cady did her best to hold back a smirk. I must have said something stupid, but she didn’t want to laugh at me and make me feel like more of a loser than I already did.

“Excellent.” Her eyes seemed to sparkle. “Let’s get right to it, then.” She led me into the examination room. “Do you have any questions or concerns about your last visit, Alex?”

“No, not really,” I said as she closed the door behind us.

“I let things get a bit out of hand during that visit, didn’t I?” She unfurled a fresh length of crinkly paper to cover the blue vinyl of the examination table. “That was very unprofessional of me.”

“That’s okay,” I assured her. “I didn’t mind.” I couldn’t stop staring at her volumptuous ass as she fiddled with something on the scale.

When she turned and looked me over, she shook her head. “I see you’re still experiencing those spontaneous erections.”

I didn’t realize my boner was that obvious. All I could do was blush and try to hide it. Which was stupid ‘cause she’d already seen my naked dick and everything.

“We’ll discuss that later.” She gave me a promising wink. “For now, I need you to undress and step up onto the scale.”

I quickly started stripping. Even though it was one of the things I had been hoping for all week, it still felt a little funny getting naked in front of a girl -- well, in front of a woman, actually.

“There’s our persistent little friend,” she commented when I pulled down my underpants. “Step up.” She moved the weights around until the balance settled at 133. “Back nice and straight, chin up. Good.” She lowered a metal arm down until it touched the top of my head at 5 feet 9 inches. “There we go.” She folded the arm away, and opened a nearby drawer. “Now turn around and face me.”

I noticed she was holding a wooden ruler. “What’s that for?”

“Is your penis is fully erect?” she asked in that official nurse voice of hers.

“I guess.”

“Let’s just be sure, shall we?” Nurse Cady took my dick in her hand and began to stroke it.

She wasn’t exactly jerking me off like before, but more massaging it and getting it even more excited than it already was. The whole time I was able to see a little ways down the top of her white uniform to where her cleavage was. I wanted to see her boobs again so bad.

“Okay, that looks like it did the trick.” She laid the ruler along the top of my hard-on with the end poking into my pubes. Leaning down close, she checked the numbers. I could feel her warm breath blowing on the end of my dick. “I’d say that’s a fairly respectable six and seven-eighths.” She tapped the ruler lightly against the head of my dick a few times, making it bounce a little. “With a couple more growth spurts, you should end up with at least a good seven and a half inches. My guess is you’ll be sporting a solid 8-incher before you graduate.”

“Is that good?”

“It is in my book. The girls will be quite happy with it, I assure you. Now hop up onto the table for me.”

I climbed up and lay on my back feeling a new sense of confidence.

“This would be a good time to think about starting a weightlifting program. You have the ideal body structure for it, and at this age you might be surprised at how quickly your muscles will respond. It would be nice to develop a body that goes along with that big cock you’re going to have, don’t you think?”

“Uh huh.” I swallowed hard. It was crazy how hot it was when she switched between talking all clinical to coming right out with a word like “cock.”

Nurse Cady pulled on a pair of pale green rubber gloves. “Now for that prostate exam.” She grabbed a tube of something and came to the side of the examination table. “I need you to turn over and get up on all fours. There you go...that’s a good little puppy.”

She got behind me. I felt her pushing my cheeks apart, and then she glopped something cold and wet right onto my butt hole!

“Wait, what’s that? What’re you doing?”

“I’m going to examine your prostate, Alex. That’s what you’re here for, right?”

“Okay, but I don’t entirely know what that is,” I tried to keep the panic out of my voice, but I wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

“The prostate is a gland that’s part of the male reproductive system. It produces fluids that nourish your sperm and make up a portion of the seminal fluid that you see when you ejaculate.”

“Yeah, alright, but why did you put all that goop back there?”

“Your prostate is located between your bladder and your penis, just next to your rectum.” Her voice was steady and patient, but I could swear there was a hint of amusement behind it all.

“Fine, but I still don’t get it…”

“I have to examine your prostate digitally to make sure it’s healthy.”

“Digitally? Like with a computer?”

“No. With my finger. The only way to do that is through your rectum, and the only way to your rectum is through your anus.”

“Hold on! Are you saying that you want to stick your finger in my butt?”

“It’s part of a nurse’s job, Alex. It’s not necessarily that I want to do it, but I have to be thorough.”

“Um, okay, I’m not so sure about this. I think maybe I changed my mind.”

“Just relax.” She began smearing the goo around between my cheeks. “Who knows? You might even like it.”

“I don’t think so,” I disagreed, trying desperately to come up with an excuse why this shouldn’t happen. “Is there some other...oooooh, geez!”

Her finger poked at my butt and I clenched up.

“Alex.” She used that tone my mother had when I wasn’t doing what I supposed to be doing. “Loosen up for me.”

This wasn’t at all what I had been fantasizing about all week! I tried to do what she said, but I really didn’t want her in there. I was trying to remember if I’d taken care of that area during my shower this morning. Then I felt something else.

Her other hand wrapped around my dick, which was dangling down between my legs in this position. The cool rubber of her gloves felt strange, but nice. Nurse Cady began massaging my dick again. After a few seconds of that, she fondled my balls some, then went back to my dick. I had started to lose my boner, but she was bringing it right back to life.

“That feel good?”

“Uh huh.”

“Focus on what I’m doing with your penis. Feel my hand moving up and down. That’s nice, isn’t it?”


Just as I was getting into it something happened. There was a quick bit of pressure and there was suddenly something in my butt!

“There we go. That isn’t so bad now, is it?

“Hold on, what just happened? What’s going on back there?” The panic was rising again.

“Nothing to be alarmed about, Alex. I have my finger in your asshole, that’s all.”

“I think you should probably not do that.”

“My, my you have a strong grip,” she chuckled. “Try not to break my finger.” She patted one of my butt cheeks. “I promise if you just relax everything will be fine.”

“I feel like I have to poop.” As if I wasn’t already stressed enough, that was the last thing I needed.

“That’s normal, not to worry. Try to enjoy the sensation instead of fighting it.”

Nurse Cady pulled her finger back a little then pushed it in again even farther than it was before. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t think of anything more humiliating that this. It was like I was in a bad prison movie, and she was making me her bitch. What had I gotten myself into?

Her finger moved in and out again. I was sweating all over. My heart raced and I tried to think of some way out of this. Then something felt kind of good back there. In and out one more time. Must’ve been my imagination.

“Nurse Cady, I’m know I’m not an expert or anything, but what you’re doing back there doesn’t exactly feel like a medical exam.”

“Oh? What does it feel like?”

“Well, it just kinda just feels like you’re finger banging my butt hole.”

“I am. It’s the only way I’m going to get you to properly relax your sphincter so I can get my finger deep enough to reach your prostate.”

“Is this going to be over soon?”

“The sooner you unclench, the sooner it will be over.”

I took a deep breath and did my best to relax. She continued to poke me in the ass. I just needed to get through this and get the heck out of there. The only way to do that was to calm down and let go. I concentrated on letting each of my muscles go lax, starting at my toes, up my calves, then my thighs, and finally my butt.

“Ahh, that’s more like it,” Nurse Cady praised. Her finger moved in and out some more and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it had been at first. I was starting to think that I might not entirely hate what she was doing. “Now let’s see if we can find that buried treasure.”

Her finger started probing around way up in there. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever felt.

“Yes, there’s the spot.” She was quiet for a little while she was doing the exam. “It’s looking lovely from back here, Alex. How are you holding up?”

“Okay, I guess.” I didn’t want to admit that it felt more than okay now that I’d stopped fighting it, but I think she already knew.

“Stay just as you are, you’re doing nicely.” Her finger moved around some more. “Have you been following my recommendations and masturbating more often?”

“Um, basically, yes. I do it about maybe one time a day now.” More like five, but I didn’t want her to know what a complete spaz I was.

“I’m happy to hear that. Twice a day would be healthier, but at least you’re making progress.” She wasn’t exactly butt banging me anymore, but there was a sort of push and release rhythm to what she was doing. And her fingertip seemed to be circling around in the same spot way up in there somewhere. “Have you been thinking about Michelle Nickerson naked while during these masturbation sessions?”

“No. A couple times, yeah, but not really.” I knew what I was about to say but I couldn’t make myself not say it in time. “I mostly thought about you.”

“Me?” she said with fake surprise. “What sorts of things were you thinking about?”

“Well, your boobs, obviously.”


“And how you looked when you took down your pantyhose and sat on the chair.”

“So you were picturing my pussy while you jerked off?”

“Sorry, yeah, pretty much.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, dear.” Whatever she was doing in there with her finger was starting to feel super good. “That was very unprofessional of me to let you see my vagina, but I must admit that I masturbated while thinking of you a few times myself.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.” She leaned down and planted a kiss on one of my butt cheeks. “I gave myself several nice orgasms remembering how you squirted your cum all over my pussy. It was very bad of me to allow you to do that.”

“I’m glad you did. Thanks again, by the way.” God, why did I have to be so lame? Something strange was definitely starting to happen down below. “I’m feeling a little funny. What’s going on?”

“I’m giving you what’s called a prostate massage. Does it feel funny in a good way?”

“Yeah. What’s a prostate massage supposed to do?”

“Give it a minute and maybe we’ll find out. Pay attention to the way it feels and just let go.”

I did what she told me. My forehead was pressed against the crinkly paper and my butt was sticking up in the air, but I didn’t feel as foolish about it anymore. It was starting to feel like when I was jerking off and I was getting close to blowing my load, only I wasn’t jerking off at all. Nurse Cady’s fingernails started tickling my balls. Holy shit burgers, that felt fucking awesome.

Her finger inside my rear started moving a little quicker, and I began moving my butt around in the same way as she was touching me.

“Now you’re getting the idea,” she said from behind me. “You like it, don’t you? You like the way I’m finger fucking your ass. That’s right, Alex, I have my finger right up in your tight, little asshole, don’t I?”

“Yes. Right up all the way in there…” I was breathing heavy and had the urge to grab my dick, but I somehow knew she didn’t want me to do that.

“Almost there, Alex. Think of how I took down my pantyhose and opened my legs up last time you were here with me. Remember what my pussy looked like. Picture the way it looked when I spread my cunt lips for you, and how you jacked your cock all over my wet pussy. Think of all that hot, gooey cum flowing from your big, hard cock.”

“Oh, oh, oh, Jesus, something’s happening,” I blathered directly into the examination table that my face was pressed against.

“That’s a good boy, let it go.” She was manipulating my balls encouragingly as my dick flexed and jumped. It felt like I was cumming but that was impossible. “There it goes. Get it all out. That’s it.” The soothing tone of her voice sounded nice. Nurse Cady stopped moving her finger, but she kept playing with my balls. “How was that?”

“Good. Actually, it was great. Whatever it was.”

“Lift up and look down here.”

I extended my arms and pushed myself up, looking under me. On the table, below where my dick was hanging, was a huge puddle of jizz. I don’t think I’d ever seen so much of it all in one spot like that before.

“Where did all that come from?”

“Where do you think, Alex?” She couldn’t help but laugh at me a little. “From your gorgeous, teenage cock, of course.”

“But you weren’t jacking me off or anything. How is that possible?”

Nurse Cady pulled her finger from my ass and held it up. “Welcome to the magical world of the prostate massage.” She pulled each of her gloves off and tossed them in a wastebasket. “You can do this to yourself, if you like. I highly recommend that you finger your asshole while masturbating as often as you can. Start by practicing in the shower, and be sure to use plenty of lubrication.”

“Um, yeah, I will.”

“Nurse’s orders.” She held a box of tissue out to me. “Go ahead and clean yourself up back there.”

I took a couple of the tissues and wiped the goop off my ass as she watched with a curious smirk on her face. She was enjoying this. I took a couple more tissues and was about to mop up my cum puddle.

“No!” she said suddenly. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. Don’t worry about that, Alex. I’ll take care of it later.”

Okay, that was weird. “Alright, sure.”

“You can go ahead and get dressed.”

I got down off the table. “Is that it? We’re all done?”

“Yes. I gave you your exam, and then some. Your prostate is quite healthy. What else could there be?”

“I thought maybe…”

“Ah, I see. You thought maybe I would just lift up my skirt and show you my vagina again. Is that it?”

“No…” My face felt hot. Was it ever possible for me not to be a megatronic dork? “Not exactly.”

“Then what exactly?” She folded her arms and gave me a stern look.

Wow, I really got myself in it this time. “Um...I thought maybe your boobs. Or...yeah, I guess your before.”

“So, even after I gave you a lovely orgasm in the middle of the school day, you think you deserve something more?”

“I guess not.”

“I have appointments with other students you know. I can’t be messing about with you all day just because you’re perpetually horny.”


“If anyone deserves something more around here, it’s me. You got your rocks off, what did I get out of it?”

“I don’t know.” Now I felt like a complete shit nugget.

“You know what? I believe I do deserve a little something for my trouble.” She uncrossed her arms and pointed. “Get that tube.”

I went over to the counter and got the tube of goop. By the time I turned around Nurse Cady already had her skirt pulled up around her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties again, and she didn’t have pantyhose on either. Instead she had on stockings, the kind that need one of those garter belt thingies to hold them up. She looked like a Victoria Secret model, only with a much bigger ass.

Nurse Cady bent over the examination table.

“I had to finger your ass, so it’s only fair that you should finger mine for me.”

She made it almost sound like a punishment, but that wasn’t how I was seeing it.

“Should I put on gloves?” My voice was as shaky as I had ever been.

“No time for that.” She reached around and spread her butt cheeks apart. I could see everything down there clear as day. My boner jumped at the sight of it all. “Let’s go. Lube me up and get a finger in my asshole, Alex.”

I jumped to it, squeezing a big dollop of goo into her butt crack, then rubbing it on her perfectly puckered bung hole. I couldn’t believe this was even happening. A grown woman was bent over in front of me holding her ass completely open like it was nothing. “Okay, ready?”

“Do it.” She was trying to sound all indignant about it, but I could kind of tell she was really horny for this.

“Here goes.”

I poked my finger into the center of her small star of flesh. There was only a slight amount of resistance, then my finger slid right in. I guess she didn’t have any problems relaxing her bum.

“Oh, fuck, that’s it,” she moaned. “Shove that finger in my asshole. All the way in.”

It was amazing how tightly her ass held onto my finger. It was crazy.

“In and out, Alex. Fuck my asshole. Fuck it.”

I did just what she told me. No one in the whole school would ever in a million years guess I was doing this right now.

Nurse Cady let go of one of her cheeks and reached between her legs from the front. If I ducked down a little I could see that she was masturbating her pussy. This was even better than what I hoped for.

“That’s it, play with my asshole while I make myself cum.” She was kind of humping back against my finger. “I need two in there, Alex. Put another one of your fingers in my ass.”

I pulled out, then put my index finger and middle finger together and pushed. It wasn’t as easy to get them in there as with just one, but after a couple seconds they slid on into her slippery butt hole.

“Oooh, yes, that’s more like it.” She glanced up at the clock hanging on the wall. “Shit, we have to make this quick.” Nurse Cady began rubbing her pussy faster, and I went ahead and fingered her quicker. Her big, beautiful ass was starting to jiggle. “Alex?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“You said you wanted to touch a vagina last time we spoke, right?”


“Okay, then, here’s your chance. I need you to put some fingers in my vagina.” She spread herself down there. “See that hole right there? That’s where I want them.”

I began to pull my fingers out of her butt.

“No, no, no! Leave those in my asshole! Use your other hand for my pussy.”

I prodded around with the index finger of my left hand until I zeroed in on the hole she was holding open for me. My finger slipped in like it was nothing.

“That’s the spot, you got it. Now put as many fingers in as you can fit. Hurry.”

It was so wet. I easily added a second finger. So smooth. A third was no problem. So warm. My pinky squeezed in without much trouble. I was pretty sure I’d be able to get my whole hand up in there if I really wanted to.

Nurse Cady was moaning in a way that sounded like she was half in pain and half in ecstasy. She was back to rubbing the thingy she called a clitoris. I pushed my fingers as far as I could into her pussy while I pulled back the fingers I had in her ass. Then I reversed it, pushing into her ass while pulling back from her pussy. Once I got a good rhythm going it was like my hands were pistons in an engine. It was still impossible to think that I was standing there naked with a grown woman bent over in front of me while I finger fucked her butt and her pussy at the same time. I was my own hero!

“That’s good, Alex. Keep up just like that, I’m almost there. Shove ‘em right in there, don’t be shy. Fuck me with those grubby little boy fingers.”

Grubby? Whatever. I kept going at her hard with both pistons. Suddenly her ass and her pussy clamped tight around my fingers. She was making a funny sound, like she was holding in a scream. She went up on her tip toes and started slapping her clitoris area really fast. After about ten sharp smacks, she relaxed and let out a big gasp. While she panted for breath, she tapped my hand that was in her pussy and I pulled it out. It made a cool squishy sound. I then did the same with the fingers in her butt. Her back hole stayed open for a second, then closed right up like magic. Double cool.

Nurse Cady stood up and checked the clock again while she pulled her skirt down. “Nicely done, Alex. Now get dressed for me, okay?”

“What about this?” I looked down at my boner.

“What about it?” She was rinsing her hands in the little sink.

“Well, I can’t go back to class like this…”

“Oh, for goodness sake.” She looked at my throbbing dick and knew I was right. “You’ve got exactly one minute, not a second more.” She began quickly unbuttoning her uniform. “And breasts is all you’re getting. Start jerking, young man.”

I began whacking it while she scooped her big boobs out of her black bra and knelt down in front of me. Sweet! She boosted her tits up and squeezed them together. Her wide brown nipples were sticking up and they were only a few inches away from the end of my dick.

“Nice and fast, Alex. This is what you’ve been thinking about right? These big titties. I want you cum on them for me. Faster, Alex. Jerk that hot cock and shoot your boy cum all over my fat titties.”

Seeing her boobs again was awesome enough, but the way she was talking to me made it super awesome. I was jacking as fast as I could and praying I could beat the one minute deadline. I was starting to worry I wasn’t going to make it when suddenly she leaned forward and licked the tip of my dick. Everything went into hyperdrive and a couple seconds later I was spewing spooge all over her boobs and nipples. I came so hard it hurt my nuts.

“Now hurry up and get your clothes on while I take care of this mess!”

I pulled on my clothes as fast as I could. I was pretty sure my underwear were on inside out, but I didn’t care. When I turned around I almost passed out.

Nurse Cady was holding her boobs up and was licking my cum off her left nipple. There was nothing left of the spunk I’d blasted all over her right tit. She looked up and must have noticed the shocked expression on my face.

“What? I told you I was going to take care of it.” She dipped her head back down and sucked up the last few drops of jizz from her boob and began jamming each of them back into her bra. I glanced over at the puddle of my dick chowder that was still pooled on the examination table. It struck me that she hadn’t said she was going to clean it up, she’d said she would “take care of it.” If that meant what I thought it meant, then I was going to be in love with this woman for the rest of my life.

“Okay.” She stood, buttoning her top. “I’m sure you remember our commitment to confidentiality around here, yes?”

“Um, yeah...of course.”

She stepped to the door and smoothed her uniform. After a calming breath, she opened the door. “All the results look normal, so there’s nothing to be concerned about.” Nurse Cady was using her professional voice once again. She motioned for me to scoot.

I walked out into the waiting room half in a daze. She totally just ate all my jizz up off her boobs and was acting like nothing happened. As I headed for the door I noticed someone was sitting in the waiting area. It took me a second to realize that it was Michelle Nickerson. I stopped in my tracks and blinked, making sure I wasn’t seeing things. Was there any possible way she could have heard anything that was going on in the next room?

Michelle seemed to be avoiding eye contact with me.

“And, Alex,” Nurse Cady said from behind me, “if you have another spontaneous event, don’t hesitate to come see me.”

Michelle looked up. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just waved like a dweebmeister. She smiled a little then looked away.

“I’ll be with you in just a moment, Miss Nickerson. There’s something I need to take care of in here right away.”

I looked back over my shoulder in time to see Nurse Cady blow me a kiss as she closed the door.

Michelle wasn’t saying anything. I was somewhat bummed because I sort of thought we’d shared a moment last week in the corridor when she’d escorted me here after I hurt my knee in gym class. Now she was acting like she was wishing she was invisible or something.


I headed out into the hallway and headed toward Geometry, maybe. After a few steps I became aware of an issue in my pants. I looked down and saw the unmistakable outline of my full six and seven-eighths inches. Apparently Nurse Cady’s anti-boner treatment was counteracted by the sight of her eating my spunk off her own tits. And to make matters worse, there was a growing wet spot right over the end of my stupid dick. No wonder Michelle couldn’t look at me.

If this had happened two weeks ago, I would have climbed into an air-tight box and Fed Exed myself to Siberia. I sniffed my fingers. But, after what just happened in that examination room, Michelle Nickerson seeing my boner leaking through my pants barely registered on my What-the-Fuck meter.

I picked a random direction and staggered that way, wondering as I went how long I had to wait before I could get away with visiting Nurse Cady again.

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