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School Nurse Confidential

School Nurse Confidential

A teen boy hurts his knee and is treated by the perversely libidinous school nurse.
I watched Michelle do a flawless cartwheel. Her perfect ass in those tight shorts was the star of the show, but her outstretched legs were what got my attention. They were so toned and smooth. I thought for a second that I might’ve caught a glimpse of her panties when she was upside down. Now all I had to do was make sure I didn’t get a boner in front of everyone.

“Let’s go, Kussler!” Mr. Watts, the P.E. Coach, growled at me. “You’re up!”

If it wasn’t for being able to watch the girls jumping around and showing off I’d totally hate the gymnastics unit. I ran toward what I call the “pummel horse,” hit the spring board, and launched myself into the air. As I hung weightless, I couldn’t help but notice the way Danielle’s over-developed breasts bounced when she made her dismount from the balance beam.

Next thing I knew the gym was turning the wrong way up. Everything spun for a second or two before I hit the ground. The good news was that I landed feet first; the bad news was that it wasn’t on the mats. My momentum sent me crashing to the wooden floor, and by the time I slid to a stop against the wall I could hear the laughing.

“Get up, Kussler!” Watts yelled from halfway across the gym.

“My knee,” I protested as the pain shot up my leg.

“Walk it off!” was the only sympathy I got from our compassionate coach. “Let’s go, McCarthy! You’re up! Try not to land on Kussler!”

Luckily Ms. Yance came to my rescue. “Are you all right?” she asked, leaning over me.

“My knee is broken in a hundred places,” I explained through clenched teeth.

She touched my knee lightly. “I don’t think it’s broken, but you may have a sprain. You better go see the nurse.” She helped me up onto one leg. “Michelle!” Ms. Yance called. “Come help Alex to the nurse’s office.”

Michelle met her assignment with a roll of her eyes. She made a comment to her friends under her breath, then came over to help me. She held my elbow ineffectually as I hopped toward the big double doors. I noticed on my way out that the guys weren’t laughing anymore. Watching me get out of gym with the hottest chic in our class by my side probably had all of them thinking about face-planting off the pummel horse themselves.

When we got out into the corridor, Michelle checked that no one was around to see, then said, “Here, put your arm on my shoulder before you end up breaking your other ankle.”

“It’s my knee, actually.”

“I don’t care, whatever.”

I draped my arm over her shoulder and she took some of my weight. We began moving down the hallway at a more reasonable pace.

“Sorry,” I offered when the silence got too weird for me to handle.

“I’m just glad to get out of there.”

“Yeah, gymnastics sucks.”

“I like gymnastics, I just don’t like doing it with forty boys staring at my ass the whole time.” She stopped and shifted under my arm to get comfortable. “Did you get a good look at it before pulling this Jackass routine of yours?”

“ wouldn’t...”

She laughed at me. “I can’t really blame you. I do have an amazing ass.” She bumped her hip against mine and we almost toppled over together.

By the time we recovered, we were both laughing, even though I had banged my knee against a locker along the way. I couldn’t believe that the hottest chic in our class, maybe in our whole school, who hadn’t ever said two words to me before, was talking to me about her ass.

“It is pretty amazing,” I confirmed as we resumed our journey.

She leaned back and checked out my butt. “Well, yours isn’t looking too shabby either. Maybe try adding some squats into your bodybuilding routine.” She most likely knew that I’d never lifted a weight in my life.

Yeah, she was making fun of me, but she was doing it in a nice way. As we moved in tandem our bodies rubbed together. Hers was curvy and soft, mine was angular and boney. It felt wonderful. Her t-shirt was getting pulled to the side because of my arm over her shoulder and I could see the strap of her bra. Teal green. I swallowed to keep from drooling.

“Here we are,” she announced.

My heart dropped. “Oh...okay...thanks.”

“If anyone asks, I stayed with you the whole time.” She turned sharply and headed off in a direction that would not take her back to the gym. “Good luck with the ankle,” she called over her shoulder, “and remember, squats! Lots of squats!” She slapped one of her rounded butt cheeks to drive home her point, and I watched her perfect ass wiggle away around the corner.

I stepped into Nurse Cady’s office and only realized as she looked up from her desk that I was sporting a full-on boner. I quickly moved my arm to strategically cover the evidence.

“Come on in,” Nurse Cady said with a concerned smile. “Did you hurt yourself in gym class?”

“My knee,” I explained with a squeak. I’d never seen her up close before, but I was surprised to notice that our school nurse was actually in a way kind of pretty.

“Let’s take a look.” She helped me into the examination room. “Up on the table…there you go.”

She inspected my knee while I sat hunched over with my arms crossed in my lap. The more I tried to make it go down, the more Michelle’s gorgeous ass made it even harder.

“It’s very swollen,” the nurse said.

She’d seen it! I was totally busted! Then I realized she was talking about my knee -- which was getting pretty swollen, too.

“I’m going to need you to lie on your back for me.” She held my leg gingerly while I twisted and got flat on my back, all the while doing everything I could to cover my stupid, everlasting bulge. “Did you hurt anything else? You seem to be moving with some difficulty.”

“No, just my knee.”

She continued to gently poke at the injured joint. “I don’t think you’ve been to see me before. What’s your name?”

“Alex Kussler. This is my first time.”

“That’s what I thought. I would have remembered if you’d visited me before.” She looked up at me with a funny smile. “I always remember the handsome ones.”

Okay, that was weird. No one ever called me handsome except for my mom. I guess she was just trying to get me to relax or something.

“Let’s see if you can straighten it.” She supported my leg as I extended it. “Does this hurt?” She prodded below my knee, and I shook my head. “How about here?” She pressed just above my knee.

“A little.”

“Hmm...this could be serious.” She moved around to the opposite side of the examination table. “I’m going to check for any muscle damage.” She wrapped her hands around the lower part of my thigh. Her hands were soft and warm. Nurse Cady began working her way up, squeezing and kneading my leg as she went. She wasn’t helping my efforts to de-bonerize myself at all.

“Nothing hurts there,” I told her, hoping to keep her from getting any closer to my groinal area.

“I just have to be sure.” Her hands moved higher up my thigh. “I need you to rest your arms at your sides.”

“ can’t, really…”

“Why can’t you?” Nurse Cady’s voice was patient, but also a little amused.

“I just...well, it wouldn’t be...because…”

“Alex, relax. It’s okay. I’m a nurse.” Her hands remained high up on my thigh. “A nurse in a school full of teenage boys. You don’t have to be embarrassed with me.”

Oh God, she knew. I had to be the biggest loser ever. Nothing to do but get this over with as quickly as possible, then go join the French Foreign Legion. “Sorry,” I mumbled and moved my arms to my side.

My bulge was on full display. No doubt about it. Alex was the mayor of boner town!

“There, see, that’s not so bad,” Nurse Cady said in her soothing tone. “And from what I can see, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

I suddenly began to wonder if I’d dozed off in Algebra and was having a wet dream in the middle of class. She just smiled that strange little smile of hers and went back to feeling up my leg. Her touch reached the edge of my shorts.

“You’ve got good muscle tone, Alex. Nice and strong. You do a lot of sports?”

“Not a lot. Basketball in my driveway, skateboarding sometimes.” I didn’t need to tell her I’d never landed a move in my life. Then I realized that she was probably just trying to distract me from my zombie hard-on that refused to die.

The nurse’s hands then slipped a little higher and they were suddenly up inside the leg of my gym shorts. I choked back a surprised gasp, but she had to know I was shocked by the way I tensed up.

“Just checking the tendons around your hip joint. You can relax.”

“It was only my knee that got messed up.”

“I need to be thorough. You don’t want me to miss something and get into trouble, do you?”

“No, I guess not.”

Her examination continued and I could feel one of her fingertips occasionally glide along the inside edge of my tightie-whities. She was only centimeters from my balls for God’s sake!

“Okay, I think we’re good there.” She went and got her stethoscope. “Sit up and take your shirt off for me.”

I was done arguing with her. I pulled off my shirt as instructed. Nurse Cady leaned in and listened to my heart. She moved the cold metal disc from spot to spot. Her hair was only a few inches from my nose. I could smell her flowery shampoo. I was also acutely aware that her face was hovering just above my hard dick.

“No hair on your chest,” she observed. “I like that.” She straightened up and removed the stethoscope from her ears. “A lot of girls like that.” She waggled her eyebrows at me suggestively.

What was up with this woman? Either she was flirting with me, or I was crazy. My money was on me being certifiably insane. That’s when I decided to take a closer look at her.

I’d guess Nurse Cady was somewhere in her mid-thirties. She was definitely pretty, but not in a very showy way. Her body was fit, though she had somewhat wide hips and was what could be described as full-breasted. Yeah, now that I was paying attention, those puppies were rather substantial. Her brunette hair was pulled back, and her nurse’s uniform was maybe a little tighter than it was meant to be. I couldn’t get a good look at her legs, but I was happy to check her boobs one more time. I swear that top button of hers wasn’t undone when I first came in.

“Okay, Alex Kussler.” She was holding a clipboard and filling something out on it. “Let me see...16 years old?”

“Uh-huh. My birthday was last month...the 14th.”

“Ah, a Scorpio.” She said this like it had some special meaning. “Perfect. You can lie back and get comfortable. I have a whole bunch of questions here that I have to ask.”

I reached for my t-shirt, but she picked it up and set it aside before I could grab it. She sat on a rolling stool and scooted it up close to the table as I lay back. She asked some boring questions like about how tall I was, what I weighed, if I’d ever had any health problems and junk like that. Just when I was beginning to think my stupid boner would finally go away, she started asking a different kind of question.

“Are you sexually active?”

“Huh? Wait. Like what?”

“Alex, have you had sexual intercourse? With either females or males?”

“I’m not gay. And, no I haven’t had...done that yet with anyone. But what does that have to do with my knee?”

Nurse Cady chuckled. “Don’t get all worked up, it’s a standard survey to assess teen risk factors. This is just between us, your parents won’t know about anything you tell me here, so you can be honest.”

“Like doctor-patient confidentiality?”

“Exactly like that. So, no sex for Alex…yet.” She marked something on the form. “Let’s see. Do you experience spontaneous erections at inappropriate times?” She looked at my persistent bulge. “I’ll mark that one with a big ol’ yes.”

I wanted to cover myself again, but I knew that would only draw more attention to it.

“How often do you have dreams of a sexual nature?”

“Um...I don’t know...maybe once or twice a week.”

“Oh, okay, then.”

“Why? Is that a lot? Too many? It’s probably less than that.”

“No, that’s a good number.” She gave me a look. “Of course, boys tend to cut the number in half because they’re embarrassed, so that means for you it’s more like four times a week. And, of course, we only remember an average of about fifteen percent of our dreams, which puts you at about twenty-five or so erotic dreams a week. You’re a very sexual y oriented young man.”

“Are there many more questions like this?”

“Is this making you uncomfortable?”

“A little.”

“There nothing to be embarrassed about, Alex. I’m not judging you.” She reached out and gave my arm a reassuring caress. “I’m a medical professional. There’s nothing you can say that I haven’t already heard before.”

I nodded, even though I didn’t feel any more comfortable.

“Okay.” She consulted her clipboard. “Do you masturbate?”


“Alex?” Her tone was the same as my mother’s when she knows I’m lying.

“Alright, fine. Yes.”

Nurse Cady smiled and made a mark. “How often do you masturbate?”

“I don’t know. Maybe once a week,” I lied.

“Really? Is that all?”

“Yeah. And sometimes not even that much.”

“You really should masturbate more than that, Alex. It’s healthy for a boy your age to exercise his penis often. I would recommend you do it at least twice a day. More if you can.”

“Oh, okay.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Maybe if you jerked off more frequently you wouldn’t be getting hard-ons in the middle of the school day,” she joked and nudged my hip playfully.

Wait! Did this medical professional just say “jerk off” and “hard-on”? Maybe I bumped my head when I came off that pummel horse. I was probably sprawled out on the gym floor right now unconscious. And, knowing my luck, I probably had a boner there too.

“Do you ejaculate when you masturbate?”


“Mm, I bet you do,” Nurse Cady said to herself as she marked the form.

I could feel my cheeks burning. My whole face was probably red. “God, this is more embarrassing than anything.”

“Oh, come on now, it’s not that bad.” She reached out again and put her hand on my thigh, giving it a friendly rub. “How about this? Why don’t you ask me a question?”

“What kind of question?”

“Anything you’d like. A sex question, if you want.”

“Okay, fine.” My mouth was going dry. Her hand was still on my thigh, and I had the sneaky feeling it was slowly inching up my leg. “Have you ever had sexual intercourse?”

“Yes, I have,” she answered without hesitating. “Quite a lot, actually”

I looked down and noticed for the first time that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Nurse Cady might just be a slut. “Do you like having it? Sex, that is…”

“Yes, I like it very much.” Her hand squeezed my leg.

My mind raced. “Okay, um, do girls masturbate?”

“They do.”

“Do you?”

“I do.” She didn’t seem to be getting embarrassed no matter how hard I tried. “I masturbate most mornings before I come here to school, then again when I get home. I also like to do it at night before I go to sleep.”

This was too incredible to be real. “Should you be telling me all that?”

She shrugged. “This is just between you and me, right? I meant it when I said we could be honest with each other.” She patted my leg and put the clipboard aside. “Tell you what, let’s take a break from the survey and finish the exam.”


“Yup, let’s get you down off that table first.” She helped me down and I did my best to balance on one foot. “I need to check you for hernias.” She pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. “Drop your shorts for me.”

I’d done this once before at a doctor’s check-up, but not with a boner, and not with a woman. I pulled down my shorts.

“Underpants, too, Alex.”

With a shaking hand I dropped my underwear. My dick stood straight out and pointed up a little also. This had to be the most humiliating day of my life. Nurse Cady turned around and looked at my boner. She didn’t even pretend like she wasn’t staring at it.

“Turn your head to the left.” She stepped up close to me, and placed two fingers up under my balls. “Cough. Good.” She moved her fingers to the other side. “Cough. Again. Good.”

Nurse Cady took off one of her gloves, then reached back down there. “Now I need to check your scrotum for any abnormalities.” She rubbed her fingers around my ball sack, pinching the skin lightly in places. “Sweaty, but normal,” she announced. “Testicles.” She handled my balls, feeling them all over. I would swear if I didn’t know better that she was just playing with my nuts. “The testicles feel good.”

“The doctor never--”

“I have to be thorough,” she said, cutting me off. “You appear to have a healthy erection.”

I felt her lift my penis. I turned and saw her examining it closely.

“Look to your left, please, Alex.” One of her fingers traced down my shaft. “Vascular distribution appears normal. Circumcised.” She squeezed the head. “Urethral opening looks clear, aside from a small amount of pre-ejaculate.”

It was the first time a female had ever handled my dick. Even though I was as embarrassed as humanly possible, it still felt kind of good. Now all I had to do was not jizz all over the place.

“Everything looks perfect down there, Alex.” She gave my butt one of her friendly pats. “Very nice. Now let me help you back up onto the table.”

I reached for my shorts, but she held me back.

“You can put those on after we’re done.”

As I lay back down on the crinkly paper, I thought about Nurse Cady’s legs. I got a quick look at them, and they were quite attractive. She had nylons on and they made her skin look smooth and perfect. These thoughts did little to distract me from being almost completely naked in front of a woman. At least I still had my socks on to save me from total indignity.

“Let’s go through the rest of these survey questions, then we’ll get you back to class. Have you ever stimulated your anus during masturbation?”


“Yes, your butthole.”

“I know what an anus is, but…”

“They basically want to know if you ever play with your ass when you jerk off.”


“Have you ever inserted an object in your anus?”

“Definitely no.”

“Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” Nurse Cady commented and jotted down my response.

I was no doubt freaked out by all of this, but at the same time I couldn’t stop being aroused by it.

“Next. Do you prefer nurses with small breasts or big breasts?”


She laughed slapped me lightly on the hip. “Lighten up, Alex, it was just a joke.”

“Oh...ha, yeah,” Everything was a little wrong side up again. “Big breasts would be my answer then.” I looked over at her to make sure she knew I was joking (but not really).

Nurse Cady smiled and gave me the eyebrows again. “Last set of questions. Have you ever seen a vagina?”


“Have you ever touched a vagina?”


“If given the opportunity, would you like to see and/or touch a vagina?”

“Yes. Both. See and touch.”

She made a few more notes and I wondered if she noticed my dick twitching with those last questions. She went out and put the clipboard on her desk in the other room, then came back in and closed the door again. At the side of the table she crossed her arms and looked at my boner. And this time I was sure that the top two buttons of her uniform hadn’t been undone when I first came in.

“The problem we have now is that I can’t send you back to class in this condition. If the girls get a look at that monster I’ll be dealing with a flood of fainting cases.” She smiled and nudged me to make sure I was in on the gag.

“I’m sorry, but it won’t go away. I’ve been trying.”

“Well, I only know of one surefire medical procedure to alleviate your problem. The trusty handjob.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You need to ejaculate, Alex. You can do it yourself if you want, but I would suggest that in this case you allow a professional to handle it.” She placed her warm, soft hand on my naked belly and smiled.

“You? You’re saying you want to handjob me?” My mind and mouth weren’t operating properly together.

“Do I have your permission to masturbate your penis to ejaculation in order to alleviate your sustained priapism?”


“It’s a boner that won’t go away.” She took a hold of my dick. “May I?”

A shiver of joy ran all up and down my body. “Uh huh.”

“For this to be legal, I need to hear you say the words, Alex.”

“Um...I give you permission to...uh, masturbate my penis for ejaculating?”

“Good enough for me.”

Nurse Cady began stroking me. There was no way this was actually happening. It had to be some sort of elaborate, x-rated version of Punk’d. Her hand moved slowly but firmly. She watched what she was doing with that little smile on her lips. From the looks of it, she was enjoying this almost as much as I was.

“You really do have a lovely cock, Alex.”

Cock? So much for professionalism. “Okay, thanks.”

“I’ve seen a lot of cocks over the years, so I know what I’m talking about.” Her other hand cupped my balls. “Have any other girls told you what a nice cock you have?”

“I’ve never done anything with a girl before.”

“Nothing? Not even a blowjob? You poor thing.” She continued stroking me slowly and fondling my balls. “You’re about the same size as my favorite dildo, the one I keep under my pillow. Oh, you probably don’t know what a dildo is. It’s like a fake rubber or plastic penis that women use when they masturbate. I know you’re curious about how girls do it by themselves.”

I had a pretty good idea what a dildo was after being called one on so many occasions, but it was nice to hear her explanation. This woman was clearly doing and saying things to me that would get her into big trouble, but I wasn’t about to complain.

“Can I ask something else about girls? Do they cum?”

“They do, but it’s a little different than the way boys do.” She switched hands so she was jerking me with her left and her right drifted up to my hairless chest. “We have orgasms, but we don’t ejaculate the same as you. Some women express more lubricating fluid when they orgasm, and a few will actually squirt, but it’s not like the delicious cum that shoots out of your cock when you orgasm.”

“Uh, did you say delicious?”

“Haven’t you ever tasted you own cum? I love the flavor of a man’s ejaculate.” Nurse Cady wasn’t so much stroking me anymore as much as she was massaging my shaft. I suspected she was making this last longer than it had to. “It’s an acquired taste.” She looked wistfully at my dick. “I acquired my taste for it when I was just about your age. You should give it a try after you jerk off sometime.”

“Yeah, maybe.” It wasn’t something I really wanted to do, but I had the feeling that I probably would just to see what she was talking about.

“My goodness, this cock of yours is very stubborn, isn’t it? I’m thinking that maybe you need a little more inspiration. Do you like tits?”

“Sure, yeah, I love tits.”

“Then let’s see if this helps.” She unbuttoned her uniform all the way down. She was wearing a bra underneath, but it wasn’t one of those plain kind that my mom usually buys -- it looked like one of the fancy lacy Victoria Secret kind. She squeezed her bazooms together and they practically popped out of the top of her bra. I was the easily the happiest boy in the whole school at that moment.

Just when I thought that was all I was going to get, she undid the clasp between her breasts and suddenly I was staring at two perfectly naked tits. Her areolas were a light brown and shaped like cock-eyed ovals. In the centers, her nipples stood out prominently. I never wanted to suck on anything so badly before in my life. The best part was that she had faded bikini lines left over from summer and so her tits were pure white while the rest of her was slightly tanned. Nurse Cady was getting sexier by the second!

“Now just look at my tits while I jerk you off and we’ll see if we can’t get this lovely cock of yours to cum.”

If I had known our school nurse was a kinky sex freak slut I would have visited her office a lot sooner. I was so glad that I broke my knee in a thousand places!

I lay motionless on the table, mesmerized by Nurse Cady’s amazing tits. They were right there, almost within reach. So enticingly round and smooth. Those nipples pointing right at me, begging to be sucked. I was so distracted that I almost forgot that I was also getting jerked off at the same time. She was holding her index finger and thumb in a loose ring around my shaft and moving up and down its length. The fingers of her other hand were tickling around the space underneath my balls. I became certain that I had probably broken my neck going over the pummel horse and had died. But, I decided, it was worth being dead if this was what heaven was like.

“Is this helping?” she jiggled her boobs a little as she asked the question.

“Um...yes! Very much.”

“I’d let you touch them if I could, but that would be unprofessional. I could get in a lot of trouble if you told anyone about this special procedure of ours.”

“Don’t worry,” I quickly assured her, “I won’t tell anyone. We have that confidentiality thing, remember?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. So, if I did let you play with my boobies, you wouldn’t go bragging to your friends? Or report me to the principal?”

“No! I swear I’ll never say anything to anyone ever. I don’t even have any friends!”

She considered. Each second that passed was torture. The palms of my hands itched.

“Well, I guess I can trust you.” She squeezed my balls tightly. “But this has to be our secret, understand?”

I nodded vigorously.

“Okay, then,” she thrust her chest out toward me, “they’re all yours. Go for it!”

I sat up and grabbed a tit in each hand. I was so deliriously thrilled that I barely knew what I was doing. I squeezed, and squished, and squashed them. I slid my hand under her boobs and juggled them up and down. She must have thought I was an idiot, but I didn’t care.

“Ooo, sweaty palms. That feels kind of nice.” She never stopped stroking my dick the whole time. “I like when a man plays with my nipples.”

I took the hint and went for those alluring ovals of tawny brown flesh. When I got there I realized I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with them. I rubbed them each with my thumbs, marveling at the way they reacted to my touch, always springing back to attention. They were so soft and stiff at the same time.

“Try pinching them a little...yes, like that...good job, Alex.” Her hand began moving a little faster. “I hope this is turning you on, young man, because I know it’s turning me on.”

Could that be possible? Could I actually be getting a woman excited? No time to analyze it, I had my hands full of real live boobage!

“Um, Nurse Cady? Would it be possible if I maybe sucked on one for just a second?”

“We’ve come this far, I don’t see why not. Just be careful with the teeth.”

I didn’t know which one to go for. I leaned in and put my mouth over her left tit and began sucking for all I was worth. I went for longer than a second and expected to feel a slap upside my head any moment. I forced myself away and drew in a deep breath like a swimmer coming up for air.

“What about the other one?” She pouted and offered me her un-sucked titty.

I wasted no time latching on to her other breast. I sucked her whole nipple into my mouth and fluttered my tongue over her hard nub. I didn’t know if that did anything for her, but I was loving it. One second turned into ten and I was still suckling her big boob. I was about to pull away when I felt her hand on the back of my head pressing my face harder against her pillowy breast. I was only vaguely aware that she was playing with my dick because my whole brain was taken up with trying to believe what I was doing.

Nurse Cady yanked her nipple away, but before I could be disappointed by this she shoved her other tit against my mouth. I went right at it, going crazy on her nipple and then on her whole boob. I licked it and sucked it and I might have even accidently bit it once or twice.

“Oh, Alex, you’re driving me wild.” She pushed me away hard and I fell back flat on the table. “I’m sorry, but if I let you keep doing that I won’t be able to control myself.” She pressed the heel of her free hand against her crotch and closed her eyes for a few seconds. “Let’s just get you finished off here, and send you back to class.”

“Okay,” I agreed, my eyes still fixated on her saliva-covered tits.

“Is there a girl you like?”


“A girl in your class? Someone you think about when you jerk off at night.”


“Michelle Nickerson? Yes, she is a little hottie, isn’t she?” Nurse Cady leaned in over my dick and got a better grip. “Okay, imagine Michelle is here with us. She sees you naked and loses her mind. She takes off all her clothes.”

“Sweet,” I burbled, hypnotized by bouncing boobs.

“What part of her do you like the best?”

“Ass,” I replied without having to think about it.

“Good. Michelle turns around and you can see her bare ass. She stands with her feet apart and slowly bends over. You can just barely see her tight little virgin pussy.”

“Oh, God.”

“Then she reaches around, puts a hand on each of those pert butt cheeks of hers, and spreads them apart. You can see everything.”

“Even her anus?”

“Yes, Alex, Michelle is showing you her pretty little asshole and she wants you to cum all over it.”

“Holy fuck!” I had lost what little composure I’d had left.

Nurse Cady was beating me off good and hard at that point. My balls were jumping up and down. Her tits were flying all over the place. Michelle was showing me her asshole. The edges of my vision went all blurry and next thing I knew it felt like my balls were shooting out the end of my dick.

“Ah! Yes, that’s it, Alex! Give me that big load! Let me see that cum!” She was laughing with breathy delight. “Look at it all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cum so much in my life.”

I was too incoherent to respond, or even move for that matter. I was slowly floating down from the ceiling, gradually returning to my body.

“I guess we’d better get this sexy mess cleaned up. She went and got a washcloth and wet it with warm water. She had a chance to button up her uniform, but she didn’t. I lay there motionless as she wiped up the jizz from my chest and belly. I noticed a few pearly drops had landed on her tits, but she didn’t seem bothered by it. Finally she skillfully cleaned the tip of my cock.

“Thanks,” I mumbled. “That was...nice.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She set the cloth on the counter near a little sink. “Now lie there and think of geometry or The Gettysburg Address or something until that bad boy goes away.” She noticed me still staring at her exposed tits. “Oops, I guess these aren’t helping the cause any.”

Nurse Cady turned away and busied herself rearranging various medical supplies in the cabinets, but just knowing that those fabulous knockers were still just hanging out in the open was enough to keep me hard. After a few minutes she checked to find my boner still at full strength.

“The wonders of youth,” she sighed.


“Looks like it’s going to take an additional treatment to relieve that swelling.” She opened the examination room door a crack and checked to make sure no one was out there waiting for her. When she saw the coast was clear she quietly closed the door and returned to my side. “Here’s the deal, Alex. I was planning to give myself a ‘treatment’ as soon as you left, if you know what I mean.”

I wasn’t exactly sure that I did, but if she meant what I thought she did, then holy shit!

“So why don’t we try this. I’ll sit over here,” she indicated an old green chair with plastic cushions that had probably been around since the 1950s, “and treat myself while you watch and take care of Mr. Happy. Sound like a plan?”

I nodded, still not a hundred percent certain I fully understood.

Nurse Cady went over to the chair and, with her back to me, hiked up her white skirt. Yup, it looked like she meant what I thought she meant. Her ass was big, but in a good way. A very good way. It was hard to see exactly what was going on through her pantyhose, but I was pretty sure she didn’t have any underwear on. She slowly peeled her nylons down to her ankles and my suspicions were confirmed as I gawked at her naked ass just a few feet away. She looked at me over her shoulder.

“You did say you wanted to see a vagina, didn’t you?”

I swallowed hard, unwilling to speak and risk saying something stupid that would spoil what might be about to happen. She turned around and I saw bush. Yes, that was definitely pussy hair. There wasn’t a lot of it, just a neat little triangle, but there it was right out in the open. Gentlemen, we have a confirmed pube sighting!

Nurse Cady sat down in the creaky old chair, keeping her knees demurely pressed together. She covered her breasts with her arms, suddenly acting like she was all bashful. I held my breath and didn’t dare move. Did she change her mind? Was that all? Please, don’t let it end here!

“I don’t usually masturbate during school hours,” she confessed with a kind of guilty pout. “But playing with your cock and balls got me very excited. And seeing all your sexy cum squirting everywhere made me awfully wet down there.” She leaned back in the chair keeping her legs together and her chest covered. “It’s your fault that I have to do this. Are you ready?”

“Uh huh!” A thousand times un-huh!

Her arms slid away, once again revealing those magnificent mammaries. She toyed with each of her nipples in turn -- stroking them, twisting them, then pulling on them. My heart thumped like mad and I broke out in a full body sweat. She pushed one of her womanly tits up and flicked her stiff nipple with the tip of her tongue. My stomach began doing somersaults. No way Michelle would be able to pull that move off.

“Mmm...I love playing with my titties,” she cooed, “but the bell is going to ring soon so there’s no time to fool around.”

Nurse Cady’s hands flowed down her body to her legs then out to her knees. After a dramatic pause, she pushed her legs apart as wide as she was able. All around me there were fireworks, riotous crowds cheering, and very exuberant marching band. Despite all the distractions, I never lost sight of the object that inspired the phantasmal celebration: Nurse Cady’s pussy.

There is was in all its glory for my private and personal edification. Her outer lips were shaved clean, the skin there a shade darker than her barely tanned thighs. I could see her whole slit top to bottom. There was a curly slip of skin peeking out from the center of this crease that had a fleshy crimson hue. Near the bottom there was a mysterious fluid seeping from somewhere. I guessed that’s what she meant when she said my dick made her wet.

I sucked in a lungful of air, content in knowing that I’d finally seen it all. The holy of holies. The grail was mine. I was finally a man. Then she put her fingers on either side of her slit and spread her pussy lips apart. Holy fuck! There was a whole ‘nother level of secret lady stuff going on down there!

I stared into the inner sanctum of Nurse Cady’s pussy. My mind was exploding and melting out of my ears at the same time. It was the most beautiful, the most enchanting, the most everything that I’d ever seen in my whole meaningless virgin life. I never had to question why I was put on this earth again; I had my answer.

“What’s the matter, Alex? Don’t you like it?”

“I...I love it. I adore it. I worship it.”

Nurse Cady giggled at my awestruck utterances of sincere devotion. “How about instead of all that you just jerk off to it? Go ahead, grab that big thing sticking up in front of you. There you go, now up and down. That’s my good boy.”

I was half in a daze as I stroked my dick. I should have been beyond embarrassed about playing with myself in front of a girl, but I didn’t even care. The rules had all changed. Anything was possible. I was king of the world!

Nurse Cady pulled on those curly bits of flesh and stretched them out like two voluptuous butterfly wings. She then moved her fingers lower and displayed her pussy hole to me. This, I could see, was the source of the dribbling fluids. Her hands moved up again and she carefully tugged back a knot of engorged skin near the top of her slit. I saw a small, rounded nub of something there. She gingerly touched it with the tip of her finger and let out a happy squeal. Whatever that thing was, it seemed to be important.

She began circling her finger around that spot. I watched intently, my hand mechanically rising and falling in time with my raspy breathing.

“Girls have different ways to masturbate,” she explained. “We can rub our clitoris, like this.” Her finger made several more circuits, which caused her hips grind around in the opposite direction. “Or we can do ourselves, like this.” With that she slipped a finger down, and it disappeared into her hole just like magic. “Can you see that, Alex? Can you see how I’m sliding my finger in and out of my vagina?”

It took me a moment to realize it wasn’t a rhetorical question. “Uh, yeah, I can see all that there what you’re doing down in that area.”

“Good. This is where your penis would go if you wanted to fuck me.” She took her finger out, showed me her hole once more, then put the finger back in. “Do you want to fuck me, Alex?”

“Um, yes, I guess, sure.”

“Mmm, it’s too bad I’m not allowed to fuck students. That wouldn’t be very professional, now would it?”

“I don’t know, maybe?”

She smiled at my nonsense attempt to communicate. “We don’t have much time, so you’re going to have to jerk that cock of yours faster for me, okay?”

I nodded and did as I was told. I swear my dick was harder than it had ever been since I was born.

Nurse Cady licked the tips of the fingers of her left hand. She began rubbing her clitoris thingie with that hand while still fucking herself with the other. I wasn’t able to see much of her pussy this way, but actually watching a girl masturbate more than made up for it.

She played with her pussy and let out little moans and sighs of pleasure here and there. I was whacking away on the examination table, but I would carefully slack off if I started getting too close. I didn’t want to blow my wad before she was finished. After a minute or so she started rubbing and fucking herself faster and faster. Her butt was coming up off the chair and it was creaking louder and louder.

“Oh, Alex. Watch me masturbate. Watch me fuck myself.” Her eyes were closed and her head was moving from side to side. “I’m going to cum, Alex. Watch me make my pussy cum. Jerk your cock to my big, wet, fucking pussy!”

Nurse Cady’s body surged up off the chair so only her shoulders were pushing against the back of it. Her face screwed up like she was in pain, and she clenched her teeth in a tormented grimace. Her hands were flying between her legs; fingers strumming madly back and forth up top; fingers pumping fiercely in and out down below. Meanwhile, I had stopped trying to pace myself and was beating off like a crazy person on XTC.

“I’m cumming, Alex! I’m fucking cumming! Fuuuuuck!”

She humped the air for several seconds before letting out a relieved gasp and plopping her butt back down on the green plastic cushion. She opened her eyes and saw me wildly abusing myself. I felt that happy tingle starting to materialize.

“Wait, don’t cum yet,” she urged. “Get over here, quickly!”

It took every ounce of willpower I ever possessed to stop jerking and get down off the table. She beckoned me closer and I hobbled to her. She grabbed my hips and positioned me between her open legs.

“I don’t want to have to clean up another big mess, so I want you to shoot it on my pussy.”

“You what?”

“Cum on my cunt, Alex. Hurry.” She spread her pussy lips apart giving me a clear target.

I resumed jacking off with her pussy just inches below the tip of my dick. I didn’t exactly know what was happening, but all I knew was I was practically fucking her right then.

“That’s it, jerk that hot cock. Cum on my pussy. Shoot it right in my pussy hole, Alex.” She pulled herself open wider for me. “I want your cum up inside my vagina!”

Something told me that should have been a bad idea, but I aimed my hard-on at her gaping hole and let loose. My first spurt went high and hit her clitoris, but I adjusted and the next one hit right on the edge of her hole. After that, I pumped four rounds of jizz straight into her open vagina just like she wanted.

Her eyes got really big and she let out a sort of crazy little laugh. If I wasn’t in the middle of cumming my brains out, I might have been frightened by it. Nurse Cady quickly jammed two fingers into her pussy and began fucking herself again. I wasn’t done jerking, and a few more squirts came out and landed on her hand and in her fluffy patch of pussy hair.

“Oh, yes, it’s in there. My pussy is all covered in a hot load of gooey boy cum.” She wasn’t talking to me anymore. The way she was going at herself it seemed like she didn’t even know I was still there.

I stared at her hand moving fast while I held my dick in my hand. Her pussy was making loud smushy sounds as she fucked herself, and my cum was mixing with her juices to make a frothy ring around her hole. In less than a minute she was grunting and saying, “Yes, yes, yes,” over and over again under her breath as she finger banged herself even harder. Her mouth opened wide and she let out a strained “Ahhhhhh” Every part of her tensed up and she held her breath for a few seconds, before letting out a happy laugh and relaxing.

“Thank you, Alex,” she panted. “That was perfect. Just what I needed.” She distractedly examined her fingers all coated in our combined sex goop.

“Um, you’re welcome, but, ah...doesn’t this mean that you’re going to be pregnant now or something?’

She was kind enough not to laugh at me. “No, you don’t have to worry about that with me. But you shouldn’t do this with any of your little girl friends or you’ll be a daddy before you graduate high school.”

“Okay.” I was beginning to feel awkward standing there naked holding my penis. “Do you want me to get the washcloth so you can clean up?”

“No, I’m fine,” she said with a dreamy look in her eye. “I’ll save that for later.”

Nurse Cady reached down and worked her nylons carefully up her legs. She then lifted her butt and snugged the pantyhose into place right over top of all the stuff I’d splooged onto her pussy and pubes. Before she pulled her skirt back down I could see the mess already soaking through the sheer fabric stretched across her crotch. She was some kind of freak, but that only made me like her more.

She stood up, steadied herself, and began tucking her big tits back into her bra. “Say goodbye to the girls.” Those gorgeous melons disappeared into the confinement of her bra’s D-cups and I was sad to see them go. “Now you get your clothes back on, young man, and try not to think about anything having to do with sex.”

She straightened her uniform and went to the outer office, leaving me alone. I couldn’t exactly not think about sex, but I did think about what my mom would do to me if she found out what I did in school today. My dick finally started to wilt. I put on my underwear, then my shorts and t-shirt. I waited another minute until I was sure I could put my sneakers on and go out in public without everyone knowing how horny I was.

Nurse Cady was sitting at her desk like it was business as usual. The bell rang.

“How’s your knee?” she asked.

“My what?”

“Your knee, dear. The reason you came to see me.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.” I put some weight on it. A little twinge but nothing to cry about. “It’s fine, I guess.”

“Sex can be a highly effective pain reliever.” She winked at me and ripped a slip off the small pad she was writing on. “Here’s a late pass for your next class.” She handed me that, then held out another slip.

“What’s this one?”

“That’s your appointment with me next week for a prostate exam.”

“Why do I need that?”

“You know me, I have to be thorough.”

“Oh, alright.” I didn’t know what a prostate exam was, but it sounded harmless enough. I was hoping that maybe it was just an excuse to get me back in her examining room so she could have her way with me. I didn’t know if I was supposed to give her a kiss goodbye, or tell her I loved her, or what. Before I could make a fool of myself the door opened and two girls sauntered in.

Nurse Cady’s lecherous attitude with me was suddenly replaced with an institutional demeanor. “I hope you feel better, Mr. Kussler. Be sure to ice that knee when you get home. I’ll see you next week, and don’t forget our strict confidentiality policy.” She fixed me with a cautionary look that said it all, then turned her attention to the new arrivals. “Yes, girls, what’s the problem today?”

I thought it was funny that those girls had no clue that the nurse’s pussy was currently drenched in my cum.

As I turned to go, I noticed the clipboard on her desk. Where I expected to see a survey form there was just a blank piece of paper with some random marks and doodles on it. Some of the doodles kind of looked like tiny little dicks. What was that all about? My flaccid brain was in no condition to try to figure it out, so I simply shuffled out of the nurse’s office.

I headed for the gym locker room. Even though something felt creepy and wrong about it all, I was still the happiest I’d ever been in my whole life. I looked at the slip in my hand. Five more days until my prostate exam.

I suddenly had a newfound love for the gymnastics unit, and especially that wonderful old pummel horse. Now all I had to do was try to make sure I didn’t beat my dick completely to death before my appointment by jerking off every twenty minutes thinking about all the unbelievable things that just happened to me in the nurse’s office!

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