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Seduced by My Daughter's Teen Indian Friend

I meet my teen daughter's best friend in a country and western bar and she seduces me.
My wife Megan and I were born and raised in the Dallas area, and we were able to find good jobs here after college. We live in an affluent suburb, which is a wonderful place to raise our daughter Julia. Megan and I got married right after college, and by the ages of twenty-three our daughter was born. Julia turned sixteen at the beginning of the summer before her junior year in high school, and Megan and I were still relatively young, thirty-nine year old parents.

It was a lot of fun raising our daughter, and we always welcomed her girlfriends into our home. This started by hosting play dates when Julia was very young and then having her friends over for sleepovers and to use our pool on a regular basis as they got older. We watched the girls grow up through all of those awkward stages until they became lovely young women.

I travel a lot with my job, and it had been a few months since I had seen any of Julia’s friends around the house. Then one Saturday during the middle of the summer, after Julia and her friends turned sixteen, she had her best friend Shabari over to swim and sleep over. There are many prejudiced people in this world, and since Shabari is an Indian girl with a medium-olive complexion, she didn’t have many friends. Our Julia learned from Megan and me to be accepting of all people, and they became the best of friends. I could hardly believe how much Shabari had matured since I saw her last.

Shabari is a very pretty, sexy looking, girl who is a petite five feet and four inches tall and weighing maybe one hundred and ten pounds at that time. Her hair is black, straight and shoulder-length, with a sculpted cut that frames her pretty face and brings out her brown eyes perfectly. Her skin tone makes her look very exotic. But the things that amazed me the most were her D-cup, cantaloupe-sized breasts and a protruding, shapely ass that are just amazing. Her face is that of a sixteen year old, but her body is mature and wonderfully ripe beyond her years.

It was fun watching Shabari prancing around the pool in her somewhat modest, white bikini, and it was difficult at times for me to hide my hard cock. Sometimes I caught her glancing at me too. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a good looking guy at six feet and one inch tall and weighing one hundred and ninety pounds. I’m in good shape from frequent workouts at the gym and running, and am blessed to have a very thick, uncircumcised, ten inch cock. Shabari really looked me over when I got out of the pool with my wet bathing suit clinging to my crotch.

That night we had a nice, casual cookout and dinner by the pool, before the girls went to Julia’s room, and Megan and I watched a movie downstairs on Netflix. After the movie I went upstairs to get something from my bedroom, and walked by Julia’s room. Her door was slightly open and I glanced inside. All I saw was the back of Shabari’s thighs and exotic ass facing the door and sticking up, with her legs parted. She was wearing very skimpy, white bikini panties, really almost a thong, and her ass was so beautiful. With her legs parted and from my vantage point, I clearly saw her hairy, dark and puffy labia through the thin material, and her panties even looked wet with her young juices.

I was so turned on seeing that pretty girl’s ass and pussy that my cock got hard instantly. When Megan and I went to bed about an hour later, she couldn’t understand why I was so horny. Our love life hadn’t been so good for the last several months, and Megan seemed to have lost interest in sex for some reason. But I insisted that we fuck, and I had a huge ejaculation that ran out of her pussy and soaked the bed sheets.

Shabari was over at our home many more times over the next several weeks, and I was becoming more and more obsessed with her beauty and sexuality. I tried to calm myself down since I knew that I could never have sex with a sixteen year old girl, and resigned myself to having infrequent sex with Megan, and of course masturbating.

Later in the summer, Megan and Julia made plans to visit Megan’s parents in Houston for a week. They were leaving on a Wednesday and planned to come back the following Wednesday. I couldn’t go due to my work schedule, and was actually looking forward to a little time at home alone.

As the week passed I began to enjoy the freedom of being a bachelor for a week, and was starting to think about going out, maybe just to check out the bar scene, and possibly find a woman to spend time with. I had always been a big fan of county and western music, and participated in a lot of line dances when I was younger. There is a popular country and western bar not far from my home, and I thought about going there on Friday night. It has a reputation for being a little seedy, and way in the back of my mind, I was thinking that I might get lucky and find a woman there to fuck.

I didn’t arrive at the country and western bar until 9:00 pm on Friday, dressed in a western shirt, jeans, and boots. The line dancing was in full swing, and I got a table in the corner by myself and ordered a pitcher of beer. I wanted to drink and watch for a while and reacquaint myself with the steps before going out there and making a fool of myself.

The lights were low, and even though it was hard to make out faces in the crowd, I saw a lot of pretty ladies out there with some very nice bodies. I just loved seeing those women dressed in their tight jeans or shorts and tight shirts of various types. The longer I watched, the more I began to focus on a lady with a dark complexion wearing very tight, cutoff, Daisy Duke type shorts and a tight, midriff shirt tied below her breasts.

Her gorgeous ass was hanging out of the shorts and her big tits were jiggling and swaying as she danced. She looked somewhat familiar to me but I couldn’t quite make out who she was in the dim light. During a break in the dancing, she went up to the bar and several men were hitting on her and trying to buy her beers. She gladly accepted the beers from three different men and quickly drank them down.

She went back out to dance when the music started, and those men were pushing and shoving one another to see who could get next to her in the line. It was obvious that everyone had a buzz on from the beer, and the guys were understandably horny looking at her luscious body and competing to win her favor. At one point things started to get a little rough and one of the men accidently pushed her to the floor.

I had a little buzz on myself, but I wasn’t going to stand by while a young woman like that was being manhandled. I walked out onto the dance floor and lifted the girl up by the arms. One of the guys tried to give me some shit about interfering, and I told him to fuck off, before leading the girl back to my table. She had her head down and was crying. I asked one of the waitresses for another glass, and poured her a beer.

She finally looked up at me and I was shocked. There staring at me, with her beautiful, tear-stained cheeks, was my daughter’s best friend Shabari. She didn’t recognize me at first and I asked, “My goodness, Shabari, what are you doing in a place like this. You’re just barely sixteen and I saw you up at the bar drinking beer with those men. How did you get in here, and where do your parents think you are anyway?”

Shabari looked closely at me to be sure who I was and hugged my neck as she said, “Oh fuck, it is you, Mr. L. Thank you so much for saving me from those rednecks. I couldn’t believe how rough they were getting. I guess my new outfit is a little too much for them to handle. Please don’t tell my parents that I was in here and drinking. I have a fake ID that shows I’m twenty-one years old. And don’t be mad, but I told my parents that I was sleeping over at your house tonight with Julia.”

She looked so cute in her Daisy Dukes and that tight shirt, and it was hard for me scold her like I wanted to. I just looked at her for a moment and said, “A young Indian girl like you shouldn’t be in a place like this, especially dressed like that. My goodness, Shabari, those are grown men and they’d love nothing more than to take advantage of a young girl like you, especially because of the racial difference. And what’s with the foul language? I’ve never heard you talk like that at my home.”

Shabari took a sip of her beer before I could stop her and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. L., but I guess I do have a dirty mouth when I’m not around my parents and other adults I know. I came here tonight for the first time since most of the boys my age at school are so immature. You might not want to hear this, but I had sex for the first time about a week ago with an Indian boy. It really wasn’t very satisfying for me, and I wanted to find out what it would be like to be with a more-mature man. And by the way, what are you doing here without Mrs. L.? I know that she and Julia are out of town for a week.”

I was trying to take in everything she told me and replied, “Damn, Shabari, I have to admit that you look really nice in your outfit, but I had no idea that you would have started having sex at your age. Have you even thought about the possibility that you could get pregnant or catch a disease? Are you on any kind of birth control? And as far as what I’m doing here, I was just getting lonely being at home by myself and thought I’d go out for a few beers and check this place out.”

She took another sip of her beer, and I didn’t even try to stop her. To be honest, I was getting turned on looking down at her big, jiggling tits and didn’t want to get too bossy with her. She wiped the foam from her lips and said, “Thanks for the compliment on my outfit, Mr. L. I really like the way you look at me when I’m over at your pool, and I like to look at you too. To answer your question though, I’m not on any birth control yet. My mother made an appointment for us to go to her gynecologist in two weeks from now, so I guess I was taking a little risk with that boy. I think I’m in my safe time right now anyway, which is why I came here tonight.”

Just then something dawned on me and I asked, “Well if your parents think you are sleeping over with Julia and you’re not there, where were you planning on sleeping tonight? And how did you get here?”

Shabari gave me a coy smile and said, “Don’t be upset with me, but my plan was to stay for the night with whoever picked me up here at the bar. I had my mother drop me off in front of your house and I walked here. It’s not that far.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing and responded, “Holy shit, Shabari, that could be pretty dangerous. These men wouldn’t care anything about you except to get into your pants. And when they realize how young you are they would probably kick you out. I feel like I should take you home to your parents right now, before you get yourself into trouble.”

She looked panicked as she said, “Please don’t take me home, Mr. L. My parents would be furious and I’d be grounded for months. You said that you wanted to have a few beers and to check this place out. Let’s just stay for a while. I feel safe with you here and would like to at least dance a little more.”

My mind was telling me to take her home, but my cock wanted to stay at the bar with her. It was hard to believe the affect this teen girl was having on me. So I know that I wasn’t thinking clearly when I said, “Okay, Shabari, we can stay for a while, but then I think we should take you home. Since your parents think you are at my house anyway, we can just tell them that Julia got sick and we thought it would best for you to go home. And I think that while we’re here, you should just call me Ed so people don’t start wondering about us.”

By the time we finished talking, the line dance was over. The band took a break, and a DJ was playing slow dance music. We finished our beers and Shabari took me by the hand to the dance floor. I started out trying to keep a respectable distance between us, but she soon pulled us tightly together. Because of the difference in height, her big breasts were pressed against my lower chest and felt so soft and warm. She also had our legs intertwined so she was rubbing her crotch on my upper thigh. This girl was very sensuous and horny for being so young.

After dancing three songs with this voluptuous girl it was easy to forget that she was only sixteen years old. We were holding one another tightly and openly rubbing one another on the back and ass. My cock was rock hard and pressed into her belly, and I felt that the moisture from her cunt that had soaked through her shorts and onto my thigh. By the fourth song she moved one hand to my thigh, and started pushing it between us to feel my cock. I knew that I should stop this before it went any further, but I felt like I was back in high school with the lust and puppy love I was feeling for her.

Just as her hand reached my cock, she reached behind my neck with her other hand and pulled me down towards her. Our lips met in a kiss with more passion than I had felt in years. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and we stood still on the dance floor kissing and rubbing one another. We continued kissing as she pulled one of my hands to her huge breast and I began rubbing her.

At that point I felt like we were going too far on the dance floor, so I broke the kiss and we went back to our table. I ordered another pitcher of beer as Shabari scooted her chair right next to mine and began rubbing my inner thigh. She moved her hand farther up and began rubbing the bulges of my cock and balls. Then she whispered, “Oh fuck, Ed, I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw the way you were looking at me at your pool this summer. And I watched your big cock bulge, trying to imagine what it would feel like in my hand.”

The next thing I knew she was trying to unfasten my belt and zipper. The bouncers were watching and I stopped her saying, “Stop that now, Shabari. We’ll really get into trouble here if you continue doing that. Let’s just drink our beers and then I’ll take you home.”

We sat at the table until we finished the second pitcher. She was still sitting right next to me and rubbing her tits all over my shoulder and arm, while at the same time rubbing my cock and balls. We were both feeling no pain, and I was glad that I lived only about one mile from the bar, and Shabari lived two blocks from me.

It was almost midnight and I told her that it was time to take her home and we walked out of there together. As soon as we got into my car she leaned over to kiss me again and then said, “Please don’t take me to my house and upset my parents this late at night. They’ll smell the beer and smoke on me. Take me home with you and let me sleep it off in Julia’s bed.”

I knew what would happen if I took her to my home, with us being inebriated and having keen awareness of everything that happened in the bar. At that point though, I was definitely thinking with my cock. I had her slouch down in the seat so my neighbors wouldn’t see me pulling into the garage with a woman in the car, and carefully drove us back to my home.

It was important to my self-image that I not initiate anything with a teenager like Shabari. I showed her to Julia’s room and gave her some spare toiletries so she could get ready for bed. I went to my bedroom and took off my clothes that were rather smelly due to sweating while dancing and the cigarette smoke in the room. Then I jumped into the shower to wash off the sweat and smoky smell.

We have a nice, big, eight feet by five feet shower in the master bath. It’s made of natural travertine stone and features multiple shower heads and a wide seat at the far end. I had no sooner gotten into the shower and was starting to soap myself, when I heard the shower door open and close behind me. I turned to see Shabari standing there, totally nude. She was a vision of seductive beauty, with her brown skin and big, pendulous breasts moving and shaking as she walked towards me. Her dark brown areolas are larger than silver dollars and her fat labia are almost black and covered in thick, neatly-trimmed, black hair.

She stepped up to me and took the soap into her hand and started rubbing my chest. I stared at her tits and pussy, and the rest of her lean, teen body and said, “My oh my, Shabari, you are breathtaking! But you need to know that if you get this started, I won’t be able to stop myself. And I don’t have any condoms to use for your protection. So be sure that this is what you want, sweetie.”

My cock was already hardening when she reached down and began stroking me. I took the soap back and began rubbing her big tits. The contrast of the white soap suds on her dark skin was alluring and it felt so good to lift and rub her breasts. My wife’s breasts are a little smaller than C-cups, so it was a real treat to be able to play with Shabari’s full and pendulous breasts. It was almost surreal to be touching such a voluptuous body on a teenage girl.

We washed each other all over, and I just loved moving my hands in a circular motion on her full and round ass cheeks, making sure to run my fingers through her crack. We were finished rinsing off as I backed up to sit on the bench, with her standing in front of me. Her breasts were at face level and I sucked first one and then the other of her dark areolas and nipples into my mouth, while lifting her tits and feeling the weight of them in my hands.

She continued stroking my cock which was then at its full, thick ten inches and said, “Damn, Ed, your cock is so long and thick, and your balls are the size of eggs hanging down there. I can hardly wait to feel your big fuck meat in my almost virgin pussy. You’ll need to be gentle with me though, just until I get accustomed to your size.”

I moved my hands around to her firm, round ass as I continued sucking her breasts. I wanted to taste that lovely girl so badly and said, “Shabari, you are so fucking hot. Let’s dry off and take this to my bed.”

We dried off and walked hand in hand to my bed. It was such a turn on to be with a well built girl like her. I lay back on the bed and she lay to my side leaning over onto me. We kissed passionately, sucking one another’s tongues. It was so nice to be with this girl in the safety and privacy of my own home where we could take our time, just down the hall from where she spent so many nights sleeping over with Julia.

After we broke our kiss, she started kissing and licking down my chest and stomach towards my cock. That’s when I turned around in the bed and pulled her on top of me into the sixty-nine position. I felt her sweet mouth engulf the oozing head of my thick cock as I looked up at her dark, hairy and puffy labia. Her pussy was already wet and the scent was amazing as I pulled her labia to my mouth. She tasted so sweet and I loved the contrast of our skin color and our ages. I could never have imagined that I would be sucking on the wet pussy of a sixteen year old girl.

Shabari struggled to take more and more of my cock into her mouth as she stroked my meat and fondled my balls with her other hand. She took her mouth off of my cock momentarily and said, “Oh shit, Ed, I’ve never sucked a cock or had my pussy eaten before. It feels so good having you suck my cunt that way, and I just love the taste of your cock and the feeling of that extra skin sliding in my mouth.”

I spread her legs and pulled them back behind my arms. Her tasty, black pussy with the pink insides and ass were fully exposed to me and I hungrily sucked her clit and labia. I had never been that much into oral sex with Megan, but I was sure enjoying eating out Shabari. We sucked each other for what seemed like twenty minutes. Then she rolled off of me onto her back and said, “Fuck me, Ed. I’ve got to feel your big cock inside of me.”

It only took me a few seconds to get into position between her legs. I pushed the big head of my cock against her pussy, and leaned down to kiss her. My tongue parted her lips as my cock stretched and slipped between her very wet labia. She sucked my tongue even harder and squirmed beneath me when she felt the pressure of my cock sliding through her vulva and into her vagina. I couldn’t remember ever fucking a pussy as tight and wet as hers.

I continued pushing my cock into her, until I had maybe seven inches in her. That’s when I pressed gently up against her cervix and she wrapped her legs around my thighs to hold me in place. I kept up the gentle pressure on her cervix as she swiveled her hips. All of a sudden her uterus shifted, and I had her fully impaled on my big cock. We both stayed still for a few moments to allow her young vagina time to get used to the fullness and pressure of my thick fuck meat.

Then I slowly began stroking my cock in her, with ever faster and longer strokes. Soon I was fucking her like a man possessed, and my balls were slapping against her thighs and ass. She was moaning into my mouth as we continued kissing. I could tell by the way she was trembling and gripping me with her legs, that she was having one orgasm after the other. I honestly don’t know how I lasted so long, given the tightness and wetness of her pussy and how seldom I had been able to fuck Megan recently. In addition to the physical issues, the knowledge that I was fucking this sixteen year old girl’s tight, black pussy was emotionally stimulating.

I was quickening my strokes and Shabari must have sensed that I was close to ejaculating. She held me even tighter with her legs and broke our licentious kiss. We were both caught up in the lust of the moment as she panted out the words, “Yes, yes, yesssss, Ed, fuck me hard and fill me with your cum. Who would have ever thought that my best friend’s father would be fucking me to such pleasure?”

Her comments put me over the edge, and I held my cock head against her womb as I filled her with a huge load of semen and sperm. She said that she was in her safe time and couldn’t get pregnant. But just the fact that I was fucking this girl bareback, with her being unprotected, was enough to cause my cum load to be even bigger.

After we came down from our orgasms, she released the grip of her legs and I continued to slowly thrust my softening cock in her cunt. She was so tight and the added lubrication of my semen made her pussy so hot and steamy. The smell of our fluids filled the room, and I suddenly had a strong desire to suck her pussy. I rolled off of her and quickly pulled her around on top of me.

She was surprised when I took her hot, oozing pussy into my mouth again and began sucking out and swallowing our fuck fluids. She was hesitant at first, but then I felt her mouth engulf my soft cock that was covered in our juices. We sucked that way until her well-fucked pussy was clean of our juices and she rolled off to the side. I turned around in bed and kissed her deeply, with a passion that I didn’t even understand.

We finally both lay back to rest and she said, “My goodness, Ed, you are so wonderfully nasty to suck my pussy after fucking me. I thought it was totally disgusting until I took a taste of your slimy cock and realized how wonderful it all is. I’m so lucky to have an experienced man like you to teach me so much about sex.”

I was still overwhelmed with my passion for her and said, “That was all so wonderful for me, Shabari. There are other things we can do together too. I’m so surprised and amazed that you are already so hungry for sex and willing to try new things. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough of your luscious body and positive attitudes about sex.”

By then it was 2:00 am, and even though the buzz from the beer had worn off, we were both exhausted due to the drinking and sex, and the lateness of the hour. We kissed again as I pulled the covers over us and she snuggled up with her big tits pressed against my chest. We quickly fell asleep, and I didn’t wake up until I felt Shabari rubbing my hardening cock. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00 am and getting light outside.

She slid down and turned around under the covers, sucking my cock into her mouth. Pretty soon we were in a side-by-side sixty-nine, casually munching on one another’s genitals. She took her time and sucked my balls and perineum, as I sucked per pussy and even lower to her ass. I just loved the tastes and smells of the stale remnants of our previous fucking. Of course all of that led to another sweaty round of hot, sweaty fucking.

We took another shower together at around 8:00 am, and stayed nude as we walked around the house. We were both ravenous with hunger and I fixed us a breakfast of orange juice, pancakes and bacon. Then we spent another two hours having oral sex and exploring one another’s bodies, ending in our third fuck in less than twelve hours. At around noon Shabari’s mother called and thanked me for letting her daughter stay over with Julia. She was coming by to pick her up for a trip to the mall for school clothes, but said she would drop Shabari back at our house later in the day. I found it amusing that she was unwittingly delivering her daughter back to me to be fucked.

That weekend was the beginning of a tempestuous, teen/adult affair that lasted until Julia and Shabari graduated from high school and went away to college. We had to carefully choose our times to be alone together. Sometimes when Megan and Julia were out of the house together for a few hours, Shabari would tel her mother that she was going over to see Julia. That would give us a couple of hours to fuck. At other times when she slept over at our house, we’d wait for Megan and Julia to go to sleep, and then fuck on the couch in my private study.

There was obviously some risk for us meeting that way, but we were lucky to never be caught. On several occasions Megan questioned me about the damp spots on our sheets, and I made a big deal out of ‘admitting’ to her that I had been masturbating. She even felt bad for me sometimes and started giving me more of her pussy. But nothing could replace the emotional and physical highs that I got from fucking that tight, exotic, teen pussy.

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