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Seducing Sarah

Seducing Sarah

A stepmother appeals to her long-distance boyfriend to explore her stepdaughter's sexual interests.

The trip had been on the calendar for months. Each time Vivian looked at that bright red circle, her pussy would ache for the day to arrive when Sarah would go away for the weekend to the National Tech Competition. Vivian had paid good money, not just for the trip, but to cover the cost for her best friend, George, to be the chaperone that took Sarah in, cared for her, and showed her around Washington, D.C.

Having been friends for years, George and Sarah had formed a close bond that left them inseparable, though they had never met. Their online chats had reached a pivotal point where they weren’t chats, anymore. They were a connection of heart and soul. Through words, they shared their sexual proclivities and darkest fantasies and admitted their profound, libido-driven truths.

One wickedly taboo truth that Vivian admitted on a blustery, winter morning, was that she had become sexually attracted to Sarah. As Sarah became a fine, young woman, Vivian only became more drawn to her. They didn’t have a traditional step-mother, step-daughter relationship from the start. Sarah was standoffish at the least, mildly connected to Vivian at best. Yet, that didn’t dissuade Vivian from fantasizing, from fixating, from becoming more and more entranced by Sarah.

What that led to was the unshakable fact: these things had to be explored in some fashion, somehow. Desperate times called for creative measures. 


Some time ago, Vivian had shared with George a rather risqué fantasy that hardly involved herself at all. Instead of being the one to seduce Sarah, Vivian often fantasized about George himself being the one to seduce Sarah while Vivian wasn't around. Vivian’s fantasies were filled with the wild craziness becoming of any unrestrained sexual fantasy. Punishing Sarah’s delectable ass with spankings and filling her holes with hard cock and warm piss often came to mind. Hour after hour of intense kinky passions unleashed, slowly turning Sarah into a cock-hungry slut so Sarah herself would become so lust-driven that she’d happily show Vivian all she learned.

When George found out that Sarah would be taking a trip to his state, he immediately applied for the position of local chaperone. This way, he'd ensure all of their fantasies could come true. Before Sarah boarded the bus, Vivian was sure to hug her tight, feeling her warm softness pressed against hers.

Vivian’s pussy was already wet, and she reminded Sarah to mind George. "You can talk to him about anything. He’s a doctor. He knows best."

Soon after, Sarah’s bus was on its way.

Hours later, George texted Vivian around noon, saying he was going to leave his place and secure the hotel room and then head to the station to meet with other local chaperones and welcome the Triads. Then, finally, he would meet Sarah for the first time.



Like Vivian, George was struggling with the anticipation, having had to stroke off more than once to ease the ache. But nothing helped. Until he was able to talk Sarah out of her clothes and into the bed (or bathroom, closet; any place would do) he'd simply have to suffer.

And if Sarah wasn’t at all interested? He would have to cope, somehow.

Sarah was the first Triad to step off the bus. Her short curly hair was dyed a brilliant purple, her bright, expectant eyes were filled with expectation. She recognized George and immediately offered him a hug. George bent over and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, wanting to grind against her, having to resist the urge. Immediately George knew why Vivian wanted her so badly: she was too cute for words.

George signed off on a sheet, helped Sarah collect her luggage, and loaded them into his van.

He couldn't keep his eyes off her. Sarah's shapely figure with her tits, a nice handful to squeeze and an ass just as inviting.

"You hungry?" George looked over his shoulder, asking the question as he backed out of the parking space.

Sarah smiled. "Nah, we ate a bit ago."

"To the hotel, then?"

"How are the sleeping arrangements? Does it at least have a big bed?" Sarah asked as she focused her attention on her cell phone.

"Yes, it has one huge bed," George answered happily. "By a window."

Sarah made a 'mmhmm' sound. "Just one bed? Where will you sleep?"

George just smiled at her in the rear-view mirror.



The hotel room was one of the most lavish the hotel had to offer. The king-sized bed faced the grand window, giving a lovely view of the Potomac River. There were several couches, with a separate area for cooking and dining and several tables. Most of all, the beds were four-posters. The bathroom was equally lavish. The fully tiled shower was big enough for the two of them and there were several towel bars. As Sarah accustomed herself to all the suite's features, George stepped into the bathroom and gave everything a thorough look-over to ensure cleanliness.

"So, you and Vivian are close friends?" Sarah asked, startling George with her silent approach to the bathroom door.

"Yes, for several years now."

Sarah and George stood there for an awkward moment. Then she looked around the bathroom, eyeing the towel bars and extravagant shower.

"I need to pee," Sarah said after a while.

"I'll be done in just a minute," George said as he turned his attention to unpacking a bag of his toiletries, setting everything neatly on the counter, imagining where some of the items could end up.

His mind was on overdrive and he knew that he would have to get control of himself or everything would end up at a loss. Sarah waited patiently and her silent observance of what George was doing made George wonder what she was thinking. After unpacking his toiletries, George excused himself, pulling the bathroom door shut as he left.

Already, George's cock was rock-hard. He pulled out his cellphone and texted Vivian something he knew would tease her: "She has a gorgeous, cock-sucking mouth."

George stepped into the bathroom after Sarah was finished. He resisted the urge to stroke off, wanting to save it for later. He didn't know how far he'd get, but it would make things all the more exciting. After a struggle, he eased his tension enough to actually piss.

George joined Sarah in the room, shoving one hand quickly into his pants pocket to try to hide the fact that his dick was painfully hard at the sight of her. Sarah was lounging against a stack of pillows on the bed.

Already, she had found something to watch on TV even though her attention was on her cell phone. "I'm texting Viv, letting her know I’m here."

George sat on Sarah's bed and leaned back against the pillows. Since it was a king-size, there was plenty of room for two, even three. His plan was to bring up something casual and vaguely sexual, to see if Sarah was receptive to some dirty humor, but what to say evaded him.

"So, how are your studies?" he asked after a great amount of stress.

Sarah shrugged.

"Vivian said you’re taking advanced classes, acing everything.”

“All my life I heard college was supposed to be hard, but it's sort of boring."

"But this trip is exciting?" George suggested.

"Of course," Sarah answered. "I always wanted to come to the East Coast."

"Vivian grew up around here," George explained.

"You did too, didn't you?"

"Yes, I've lived around here my whole life."

And as what happens when all people have casual conversations, they chatted about general interests, music, and places to go.

Over the course of their casual chat, punctuated with the occasional joke and laugh, George had scooted over on the bed. Sarah hopped up and bounced off right as George was beginning to consider how to broach the topic of something adult in nature.

"I need to use the bathroom," she said while she shut the bathroom door.

George took the opportunity to adjust himself. He wasn't hard at the moment, but it would take very little to get him there. With Sarah out of the room, he was certain to text Vivian and let her know how things were going. When Sarah came out of the bathroom, she was holding her arm at an odd angle, out to the side, flinching as she moved.

George slid his cell phone into his pocket. "You okay?"

"Cramp in my back. I sat on the bed for too long."

George didn't hesitate to offer up a solution: "Come here, lie down on the bed. I'll give you a massage. Work that kink out."

"You sure?" Sarah stood awkwardly, holding her arm out, obviously in pain.

"Sure." George stood and patted the bed innocently. "Oh... I have the perfect thing."

He stepped to his luggage and dug through one of the pockets, pulling out a tube of scented oil. It wasn't just body massage oil. It was pheromone-enriched massage oil, specially made to get people a bit turned on. It might not work, but it would be helpful one way or the other at a time like this. And, to boot, it smelled of berries.

"This is a body massage oil. It'll help to ease aches and pains."

Sarah eyed the tube for a moment but said nothing as she climbed up on the bed and settled on her stomach. Her body was perfect. Slender. As she lay down, her breasts became small pillows under her, pushing the fabric of her t-shirt tight. George, so badly, wanted to run his hands all over her in a sexual way. The massage was an ideal way to touch her skin without coming on too strong.

"I'll have to touch under your shirt, is that okay?"

Sarah nodded, her face angled so she could see the TV.

George popped the lid and drizzled some oil into his palm. He then tossed the tube on the nightstand, his cock fighting to break free from his pants as he rubbed his hands together to warm the oil. Then, while taking a deep, steadying breath, he dared to reach down and slip his fingertips underneath Sarah's shirt.

Touching her this way was an electrifying experience. He rubbed her lower back, first, knowing that was not quite where she pointed when she said she had a cramp, but he'd get there and hopefully other places, soon enough.

He had given numerous massages before but none so erotic, and she didn't even have her clothes off.

"How's that?" he asked, trying not to let the lust seep into his words too much.

"Good." She did seem to have a bit of a moan to her words, but it might also have been his imagination.

"Want me to keep going?"


He ran his fingers in circles along her spine, up toward the middle of her back, just high enough to brush the strap of her bra. Then back down, going out a little further with the strokes.

He had to ask, to see if that sound in her voice was really there: "And how's that?"

"Still good."

"Feel good in other places, too? Not just your back?"

There was a pause before she answered, "Yeah."

"Like what?"

But she didn't answer. He continued with the widening circles up and down her back, his fingers methodically wrapping around her sides. He dared to go a bit higher, wedging his fingers just under her bra strap. Then lower, just under the waistline of her shorts, and further around the sides so that his fingertips swept the blanket underneath. He went to the tube a few more times to keep her skin nice and slick. Her body had warmed and there was a trickle of sweat running along her neck. She was also breathing harder and even squirming just a little bit but from the climbing heat, the motion of his hands, or in an effort to pleasure herself he couldn't quite tell.

"You want me to keep going?" he asked, sounding breathless himself. "Perhaps you could use a rub in other places? After a long trip, your whole body must be sore."

She didn't respond at first, but just lay there and let him rub and touch. Then she shifted a bit, turning her head so she could see him. This caught him off guard. By now his cock was incredibly hard and undeniably just inches from her face. He didn't try to hide it, though. The oil seemed to cloud his own tact.

"Like where?" she asked quietly.

"Anywhere you need any sort of ache relieved."

"Really?" She scowled a bit.

He decided to go for bold, clinical, using a tone that a doctor might use. "Sometimes when females get a massage, they get an aching tingle in their breasts, perhaps even between their legs. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I was a masseuse for years and I know the best way to treat it."

"Maybe a little lower," she said with a touch of red embarrassment at her cheeks.

"Lower in the front, or the back?"

"The back."

"The glutes, as you know, are considerable muscles that take quite a bit of abuse," he explained with that 'matter of fact' tone.

George was right. Her ass cheeks were amazing. He rubbed down, squeezing a little as he brought his hands up. Wide, firm circles. Up her back, down over her ass, working his fingers further around her sides.

"It might be easier if I slide your shorts down. Is that okay?" he asked.


"Good." With a twinge of nervousness, he swallowed hard as she lifted her butt in the air just enough for him to wriggle down the waistband.

It settled snug just below her rounded cheeks. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

"Mind if I work your bottom more fully? In between a little bit? Glutes are sizable muscles."

She shrugged. "Okay." But her voice betrayed her excitement.

She was enjoying the naughty contact quite a bit, he could tell. Raging heat came from between her cheeks and there were times where he could swear that some of the wetness of her shorts was from her being so excited and not the oil he was using.

"Tell me where you need it, Sarah," he encouraged.

"More... in between."

"Does your anus feel sore?" he offered up. The thrill of touching her this way had rattled his mind a bit. Lust was taking over.

"Yes." Her voice went up in pitch.

"Want me to massage that, too?"

"Inside, you mean?" She lifted her head a bit to look at him, concern in her eyes.

"Yes. Inside is usually the best way to get to those muscles and force them to relax."

And in that moment, her eyes wandered and settled on George's hard cock. Her mouth fell open a bit as she looked at his tucked away erection.

"With your fingers?" she asked.

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes." She was quick to answer which made her excitement obvious.

He didn't hesitate to draw one finger through the deep center, nice and slick between those lovely ass cheeks. He ran it over her hole, trying to manage tight circles. She jumped a bit, tensing up. But his rubbing helped her relax and after a few times around the outside of her hole, he touched his fingertip to the center of it and pushed inward.

"Just relax," he encouraged, his mind spinning with the fact that he was already touching her sexually and she knew he was hard from the contact.

She buried her face in the bed, muffling the groaning sound that came out as he slid his finger inside her hole.

His breath came in a vicious rush, making him shudder all over. He swallowed, trying to control himself. 'Not too much or she might be frightened off,' he cautioned himself.

Sarah wasn't frightened off, though. She brought her legs together tight and lifted herself off the bed just a bit, which allowed him to slide his finger in deeper.

"Very good. Have you done this before?" he asked.

"Not with my finger."

"With what?"

When she didn't answer, he offered up, "You don't have to tell me. We can just not talk."

"A candle."

'Jesus! What a sexy babe she was!'

"A candle? What type of a candle?"

"A long, tapered one from the dining room."

"And did it help take away the ache?"

"It made it worse, actually."

"Is this making it worse?"

"But you can make it better."

"How do you want me to do that?"

"Can I... I can't..." She shook her head.

"Can you what? What do you need, Sarah? I'm here to help."

"I need to pee."

He stopped the slow thrust of his finger.

"With you doing that to me," she added. "I need to pee."

His eyebrows lifted with astonishment. "Have you done that before?"

"I watched... someone... do that."

"Who is this someone, Sarah?"

She hesitated again.

The urge to drive his finger into her got the best of him. He did, deep, and a lot more quickly than he had been doing.

The invasion made her gasp. "I watched Stanley."

"Oh? And who is Stanley?”

"My neighbor. He’s my age. He puts things in his ass while he uses the bathroom."

"How often."

"Every week. A few times."

"And you watch him?"


"How do you watch him if he’s your neighbor?”

“He comes over... he does it in my bathroom.”

“What does he use?"

"The candle."

Oh wow. "You use what he uses? After he uses it?"


"So you want to try what he does?" George stepped back, slowly sliding his finger out from her pretty little hole.

He held his hand out for her to take and he helped her off the bed. She seemed shy at first, trying to grab her shorts before they could slide down much further. Her neck and face were bright red from embarrassment.

"It's okay, Sarah. I am a doctor."

And with that, she let go of her shorts and wriggled them off and onto the floor.

He took her hand and guided her to the bathroom, holding the door open for her. She hung back by the door as he entered the bathroom and lifted the lid so that the hinged rim was readily accessible.

"Or would you prefer the shower?"

Her eyes were on his hard cock, though, and she quietly stepped forward. George’s eyes were on her pussy, such a nice, perfect little piece of a pussy. A touch of curl, her hair not too thick, no need for trimming as it was naturally kempt. It was picture perfect.

Sarah finally relaxed and entered the room, shutting the door behind her. Then she stepped to the toilet and took a deep breath as she actually spread her legs to straddle it, facing backward. She was still slick with oil, glistening, and yet George knew that the dribbles running down her legs were not from the oil but from her sweet pussy.

He stepped behind her, casually letting his hard cock run against her shoulder for a brief moment, just a test to see how she’d respond, before he knelt down. He ran one hand over her back as he slid the other down, between her spread cheeks. He then ran two fingers between her ass cheeks, finding that slicked hole. Then, both at the same time, he pressed them into her. Slowly, so slowly, her body opened to the greater pressure. she gasped, leaning forward to hold onto the toilet tank.

"How's that?"

"Good." She gasped.

He could easily picture her and even Stanley, most likely the all-American type of experimental late-teen, sitting just like this as they used a candle to pleasure and punish their backsides.

"But you've never peed while having something in your bottom?"

She shook her head 'no'... and then relaxed her shoulders. A moment later, the trickling sound of her peeing filled the room with a delightful echo.

"Do you swallow pee?" he asked, being bold now.


"Would you want to?"

She looked over her shoulder, her eyes fixing on his hard on again. Then she slid her hand between her legs and began rubbing at her clit. Having her here, with his fingers in her ass as she peed into a toilet, was one of the highlights of George's life. They'd definitely do this as many times as possible.

Sarah's body shuddered and she began bouncing, wriggling and worming her hips to drive herself onto his fingers. In a frenzy, bucking her hips, she gasped and thrust forward. No doubt, she was coming. With his other hand, George clasped his cock through his pants and squeezed. She was intense to be near, to be inside, and yet he couldn't help but wonder what else she would let him do.


"Mm?" her voice was relaxed... and he couldn't bring himself to ruin her relaxed state, so he rubbed her back as she came down from her high.

"Want to head back to the bed?" George offered.

She nodded, saying yes under her breath. He helped her up, concerned that she might have regrets or feel anger or shame... but she just smiled shyly as he held her hand and guided her to the bed. He helped her into her shorts, sneaking a gentle feel of her soft pussy as he did so, and then pulled back the covers so she could sleep.



In the bathroom, George texted Vivian: "Sarah's ass feels as amazing as it looks."

His phone rang in the next second with Vivian desperate to hear the sordid details. Her voice was ragged from lust and as George told her what had taken place he could hear her finger-fucking herself. He stepped out of the bathroom, leaned against a wall, and as Vivian masturbated over the phone, he stood there watching Sarah sleep as he did the same.

He came with a rage. The pent-up need had finally been satisfied, but only for a short while. Sarah was open-minded, stunningly sexual, and George couldn’t wait to find out what else she was willing to do.

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