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Seducing the Librarian

Alice the Librarian fulfills her fantasies...
He stroked his bulging member with great desperation, feeling it pulsate and contract in his hand. Carlita licked her lips greedily as she anticipated his release. His passion exploded at that moment, streams of hot white cum landing on her swollen...

“Miss? Can you help me find the Dr. Seuss section?”

Alice was startled by this sudden voice in her mind- she placed her book down and smiled sweetly at the mother in her midst, clutching the hand of a squirmy toddler. “Sure, right over here,” she gestured, leading the mother to the clearly marked “Children’s Section”.

Alice didn’t mind being a librarian, although the shine of the job had worn off long ago, just as the crisp pages of new books turn yellowed and weathered. No, being a librarian was not her first choice, but she just never got the hang of the corporate world, with its confident, beautiful people. They all knew what they wanted in their lives, but Alice was still fumbling through what she knew.

Books were always her escape- she read anything and everything she could get her hands on- but after she had worked her way through the masterpieces, she had looked for a new avenue- and quickly found the Romance section.

Alice, although she had a great body, had never had a boyfriend. In fact, she had never had anyone interested in her, at least, no one had ever made it known. She couldn’t even look men in the eye without blushing, even as they approached her desk and asked for the new Stephen King novel. No, Alice never thought she’d be that girl that confidently asserted her sexuality- so she lived vicariously through her stories. Her books were all that she had.

She read them with vigor, taking mental notes of seduction techniques, positions, sexy one-liners, and anything else that could come to her aid if she ever found herself in a compromising position with a man. She could only dream…

But Alice had no idea who would walk in to the library that day, and she could have no idea that when it was all over, she could write her own book about seduction.

It was late in the evening and Alice found herself the only one in the library. She was toward the end of her book when she heard the door click open and close, and her eyes raised to greet the late night library guest.

He was taller than Alice, with broad shoulders and long, masculine arms that could crush you or gently hold you, depending on what kind of mood he was in. He was dark headed, with messy curls and only one dimple, buried in his left cheek, a sly smile that seemed always up to something.

Alice straightened up at her desk and felt her cheeks flush. “Hello,” she said softly. “Welcome to the Nelson-Gibson. What can I help you with tonight?”

He locked on her eyes with his and said, “Well I’m looking for something good. Anything, really. Is there something you’d recommend that you’ve read lately?”

Alice’s cheeks flushed again. She couldn’t tell him that she was reading about Reginald, the Civil War Soldier, and his bulging member! She stood quickly and smoothed out her skirt. “Come this way, I’ll show you the bestsellers list.”

He followed her with deep strides, and she felt his eyes on her, and her pulse quickened. “Over here we have the new John Grisham…” she stopped and pulled out a book, and as he reached for it, his hands brushed hers. They were hot- as if they had just been holding a furnace- and she felt her pussy throb a bit. She wanted those hands on her so badly, and he’d only been here a few minutes!

He smiled as their hands touched, as he didn’t take his hand away. He liked it, he could see her beauty underneath the librarian getup. She only needed a little prodding to become one of those harlots from that trashy novel she was reading when he came in. He’d been watching her from across the street at his office… and he set his sights on her. He wanted her, and he was going to have her… tonight.

“Stephen King has a semi-new one, but it’s not very good…” she says, breaking him from thought. He watches her. His cock stiffens as he thinks of breaking her out of her shell, turning her into a whore.

“What’s your name?” He asks, smiling.

“Alice,” She says, blushing, looking at her feet. He’s harder now, the thought of how shy she is turns him on so much.

“I’m Mark,” he says. When she goes to turn her head to smile at him, he leans in for a passionate kiss. He forces his tongue between her thin lips, and she hesitantly lets him take her mouth. He drops the book from his hands, suddenly not caring about keeping up the book search façade. He slides his big arms around her waist and pulls her toward him. His cock is rock hard, pressing up against her skirt. She can feel it and she moans… this is her chance! She can be a trollop, the whore she’s dreamed about.

He reaches his burly hand under her skirt, feeling for her cunt. It’s white hot under his fingertips, as he guides his fingers into her tight mound, surrounded by a trimmed, moist bush of hair. She gasps as he plunges his fingers into her virgin pussy. He had no idea that she was so fresh, virginal. His cock was strained against his jeans, and he pushed her against a shelf of books. She grabbed his head, messing with his curls, tugging at them. She could feel the shelf at her back as he thrust his hands back into her.

He lowered her to the ground and unzipped his jeans. She furiously unbuttoned her shirt, pulled it from the skirt. His cock sprung from his jeans, into his hands, and she crawled to it on her knees. This was her first time, with a real cock in her hands, and she grasped it with force, lowered her mouth onto it and sucked it.. hard. He gasped in response. “Easy, Alice….” He said to her eager lips. She smiled bashfully. She sucked and licked furiously. “I want to be inside you,” he said, his cock throbbing, near climax.

She lay down and he buried his head into her mound, licking and sucking her clit, inserting his fingers into her tight hole. He couldn’t wait to be inside it. She was close, he knew, as she writhed under his tongue and bucked his face. “Now, please, please,” She begged, and he gave into her request. He hovered over her, poised his cock, and slowly shoved it into her, deflowering her virginal cunt. She screamed in an odd mix of pleasure and pain, and he rhythmically thrust in and out as she met his rises and falls, moaning and screaming his name.

She kissed his mouth, passionately and desperately and gently pushed him off of her. He lay back and she crawled on top of him, lowering her sopping wet cunt onto his rock hard penis. His hands grasped onto her soft hips as she started grinding, feeling his cock deep inside her. She pressed harder and harder, getting him as deep inside as possible.

He was close to coming and she knew it, and she didn’t let up. She rode him hard, bucking like a cowgirl at a rodeo. He tried to warn her… “Alice, I’m so close. I’m going to come-“

“Ssssh.” She said, smiling slyly, and she thrust down on him harder. “Fill me,” she said, and as soon as those words came from her lips, it sent him over the edge. He felt his balls contract and his cock pulsate, spitting jets of cum into her devirginized cunt. He moaned and grabbed her as she rolled off of him and smiled. He panted, his breath short and shallow, trying to recover from what just happened.

“Alice, I’ve been planning this for weeks.. in my head.” He said to her. “I watch you every day.”

Alice smiled, and looked at Mark, naked on the library floor. “That’s funny, because I’ve been planning this in my head, too.”

Mark looked at her, surprised. He had thought he was so sly, watching her from afar. The whole time, she’d been plotting it, too!

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