Servicing the Latino Repairmen - Part One (Sucking Cock)

By edlangston

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I become curious about sucking cock and end up sucking off two Mexican repairmen.
My wife Joan and I were living in an Atlanta suburb at the time of this story. She was 45 years old and had a good job in the insurance industry, and I was 47 but had been laid off from my management job. I was spending a lot of time at home on the computer looking for a new job, and despite the many applications that I had sent out, I was having no luck in finding work.

Joan and I had a great love life for most of our marriage, but for some reason she had much less interest in sex over the last couple of years. But I have a high sex drive and had to masturbate almost daily. I had never been into porn, but with so much time on my hands I started going to various porn sites on the internet, and found that I enjoyed reading some of the stories and jacking off to them.

Over time I was starting to like the cuckold stories the most, and even surprised myself that I was fantasizing about watching other men with big cocks fucking Joan, and especially black, Latino and middle Eastern cocks. I’m still not sure why those stories affected me that way, but it might be because I have a small, white dick and that made me feel submissive sexually, even though I am a normal guy in all other aspects of my life.

I continued reading those cuckold stories and soon became fascinated with the concept of not only watching Joan fuck other men, but also sucking the cum of those other men from her well-fucked cunt. This was the first time in my life that I had any bisexual urges like that, and I was also beginning to like the descriptions of the cuckold husbands cleaning the cocks of the wife’s lovers with their mouths. All of these urges were frustrating for me since I was certain that Joan would have no interest in fucking other men, or even me for that matter. I thought about trying to find another woman to both have sex with and to cuckold me, but then reasoned that it would be risky and expensive to get involved with another woman.

One day after I had been reading the cuckold stories for several months, it dawned on me that I might enjoy reading bisexual stories about men sucking off other men. The stories I enjoyed the most were about married men sucking other married men who just weren’t getting enough sex at home. And I was still fascinated by the idea of sucking men of color. I didn’t like the stories that included huggy, kissy or anal activities, but just those about mature married men like me sucking a clean, married cock. I read the cock sucking stories for a while and then a common theme jumped out at me.

What I liked most about the cuckold stories were the descriptions of pussy juices and cum and the wetness of it all, coupled with the cuckold character’s strong urges to suck, taste and swallow those fluids. And what I liked most about the cock sucking stories were the descriptions of a hard cock pulsing and throbbing as the cum shoots into the cock sucker’s mouth. I was really turned by the idea of sucking and swallowing bodily fluids from others.

One strange thing about my new urges was that even though I started reading the porn stories because I wasn’t getting much sex at home, I ended up fantasizing about the mental sexual relief of serving the needs of others. In short, I was becoming sexually submissive, even though I am a normal guy in all other aspects of my life, and I was no longer concerned with getting my own rocks off.

I knew from all of the stories I had read that although it was easy enough to find cock to suck, it wasn’t that easy to find a clean and disease-free cock to suck in a safe environment. I searched the hookup websites and found that there were many more men trying to find cock to suck than there were feeders, so cock suckers would be competing for cocks to suck. But I wasn’t ready to try that yet and take the risks of finding someone online. So I decided to just look for opportunities to find a married cock to suck, in a situation where I could bring it up in a way that didn’t expose my intent until I knew that the other guy had an interest. I had done some research on bisexuality, and knew that it would be hard to find what I was looking for in the general population since only between three and seven percent of men in the US were bisexual, depending on the study I was reading. And I was not interested in getting with a gay guy since I didn’t want any kind of huggy, kissy stuff or an emotional connection.

Some of the cuckold and bisexual stories I read were about wives or husbands having sex with repairmen that came to their homes, so I saw it as an opportunity when our hot water heater started leaking and I had to call a plumbing contractor. We discovered the leak during Joan’s morning shower when the water turned cold very quickly, and I arranged for the repairmen to come to our home as soon as possible in the late morning when she was at work.

Two men showed up at my door at about 11:30am, and I showed them down to the basement where the hot water heater was located. Both men were Latino, likely Mexican, and the older man was named Tony and he looked to be about 45 years old and five feet and nine inches tall and about 170 pounds. His assistant, named Jose, looked to be about 30 years old and was about the same size as Tony. They took one look at the hot water heater and knew that the bottom had rusted out and they would need to replace it. They decided that Jose would make the drive back to their shop to pick up a new unit, and since Tony had the most technical plumbing experience, he would stay and disconnect the old unit and prepare the pipes and electrical connections for the new one.

It only took Tony a half hour to prepare the area for the new unit and then he came back upstairs. We were sitting at the kitchen table doing some of the paperwork, and I noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring, and seemed to be a normal guy.

Then he said, “It will take Jose another hour and one half to get back here with the new unit, so where would you like me to wait?”

I said, “My schedule is pretty much open today, so we can sit here and chat if you want to. Would you like something to drink while we’re waiting?”

Then Tony said, “Yes thank you very much, I could use a soft drink if you have any, and if not, then water will be fine.”

As I was getting a drink for Tony, I was thinking that this might be the best chance I’d ever have to see if a guy would have an interest in me sucking his cock. I was trying to think of a way to approach it so I wouldn’t show my hand too soon, and then thought of a way.

I said, “So Tony, you must go into a lot of homes in your business. And I’ve read some stories about men in your line of work being hit on by some of the housewives to have sex with them. That sounds pretty farfetched to me, but if you don’t mind me asking, have you ever had any experiences like that?”

Tony looked a little uncomfortable with the question, but then said, “Well, it’s pretty dangerous for guys like me to get involved with a horny housewife. You never know if they will complain to my company about it or claim rape or something, and it’s best to find a nice way to turn down those kinds of requests.”

I then pressed further asking, “Yes, I agree that it might be risky, but have ever had that type of experience with a woman customer?”

He was still uncomfortable with my questions, but he thought for a minute and said, “Well, I’ve never had that kind of experience with a woman, but some of my coworkers have. And it’s not always the women who make a move on us anyway.”

Now we were getting somewhere. He was pretty much admitting that some men also approached them for sex. I knew that I had to phrase my next comments carefully so I didn’t commit too soon, but also kept the topic evolving so I might have a chance to suck his cock in the remaining time before Jose got back.

So I said, “Holy shit, do you mean that some men try to hit on you too? What types of guys approach you and how in the world would they start the conversation?”

Tony was really looking very uncomfortable now, and he studied my face carefully before answering. It was as if he was trying to gauge whether I was trying to hit on him or would report him to the owner.

Then he replied, “Yes, I have to admit that men will sometimes hit on us too. And as for the type of guy, they are usually middle-aged white guys whose wives don’t give them much sex anymore. They end up going on the internet and reading porn stories and decide that having sex of any kind is better than none. And they approach us in many different ways.”

I then replied, “Wow that is very interesting. Have you ever asked those men what types of stories they were reading that got them excited enough to approach you? Also, are most of your coworkers hit on, or do the men focus on just some of you?”

Tony was a little more relaxed now, though still suspicious of my questions, but he answered, “If you are sure that you want to know about this I’ll tell you. But I’ll warn you that it can get a little graphic, and I can’t afford to have you reporting me to my employer.”

I said, “Please tell me. I’m interested in how something like that can take place. I promise that I’ll keep this between us.”

Tony smiled a little and continued, “I’ll try not to get too raunchy here, but some of those men have told me that they start reading just about any kind of porn, but then evolved to the cuckold stories. They will at some point admit to having small genitals, and they start to identify with the submissive nature of the cuckold characters in those stories. Then they’ll start reading bisexual stories and develop a desire to approach men. And as far as the types of men they approach, some of these men say that many of the cuckold stories characterize black and Latino men as having larger genitalia than the white men, and the cuckold husbands enjoy watching them with their wives. So they usually try to suck men of color too.”

Tony was being much more forthcoming than I could have hoped for, and since we were sitting next to each other at the table, I could see a definite bulge developing in his pants. I was getting excited at the potential to suck my first cock, and a brown Latino one and that, but wanted to ask a few more questions before I exposed my desires. So I decided to ask him some very personal questions that would force him to expose his intentions.

I said, “Wow Tony, from the way you’ve explained the motivations of those men, it seems pretty clear that you have discussed this stuff with more than a few of them. Tell me if I’m getting too personal here, but does that mean that you have allowed some men to suck your cock? And if so, is it because you’re not getting enough sex at home?”

He squirmed in his chair and thought for a moment before answering.

Then he replied, “Well, those are very personal questions Ed, but I don’t mind answering you if you’ll then answer my questions. So yes, I have had many male customers suck my cock and swallow my cum. It’s usually too risky to fuck around with women, except in some cases the husbands want a cuckold experience and convince me to fuck their wives. The men who suck me off are very enthusiastic and hungry for my fuck juice, and they won’t tell anyone about it due to the stigma of being labeled as a cock sucker.”

Tony took a drink of his soft drink, and rubbed his cock bulge and then continued, “My wife still lets me fuck her about once a month, but she won’t suck my cock anymore. Earlier in our marriage I was used to having her suck me off almost every day that we didn’t fuck, but in the last couple of years she hasn’t wanted to do it. The simple fact is that I enjoy having my cock sucked and watching the hungry cock suckers gag and struggle to swallow my big cum loads. And I can get even nastier if they want me to. So that’s my story, but now you have to answer my questions. Tell me the truth Ed; do you want to suck my cock? And if so is this your first time? Finally, how did you develop a desire to suck cock?”

It was clearly time for me to commit, so I smiled and said, “I definitely want to try sucking your cock, and this will be my first time of having sex with a man. And as for the reason why, your comments about what those other men told you describes me perfectly. I started reading those stories after my wife lost interest in sex, and evolved to the point that I wanted to suck cock. It was just a matter of finding the right situation, and your repair visit seemed like a good chance to try it. But tell me what you mean about getting even nastier.”

Tony smiled and replied, “I’m happy that you want to suck my cock, and we have about a half hour before Jose gets backs if you want to try it now. You might even like it so much that you’ll want to suck his cock too, and I’m sure that he would want you to do it. He’s even hornier than I am, and we have fucked a lot of white face together. The nastier stuff is just that some guys want me to be more aggressive and sit on their faces to smother them and feed them my nuts and ass. Some guys even want me to wash down my cum with piss. Others even like me to verbally abuse them while they’re sucking me since that feeds their submissive fantasies. So just let me know if you want to try any of that.”

I was anxious to try sucking Tony’s cock so I asked, “I don’t have any experience with this, so how do you suggest we get started?”

Tony was now openly rubbing his swollen cock through his pants and said, “We can just go in on your couch. I’ll stand in front of you to start, and you can pull down my pants and pull my cock out to get acquainted with it. Then we can just go from there. But be sure that this is what you want to do. I don’t want you to get this started and get me all excited, and then have you chicken out. But I just knew that you were going to ask me to suck my cock when you asked that first question about whether any women tried to hit on us. You mentioned reading stories about it, and those had to be cuckold stories from porn sites. And I’ve been approached often enough over the years that I can recognize it when horny white cock suckers are trying to feel me out on it without committing until they’re pretty sure that I’ll let them suck my cock. So let’s go in the other room and see how it goes. I just know that you’ll love my meat and juices.”

I was very nervous as we moved to the other room and I sat down on the couch. Tony stood in front of me and said, “Okay, help yourself Ed, and let me know if you want me to be aggressive with you.”

Tony was looking down at me with a smile and I said, “Since I don’t have any experience, why don’t you just tell me what to do and you do what you want to me unless I ask you to stop?”

I reached out to rub the lump in his pants and was impressed with the size of his cock, and it was probably only semi-hard at that point. Then I nervously unfastened the belt and top button of his work pants and pulled down his zipper. His pants dropped to the floor and I helped him remove his shoes and step out of them. Now I was staring at his tight, white underwear which had some ripe stains, and I got the first musky aroma of his sweaty crotch. He had been working all morning, and his aroma was virile and strong, but not offensive. I then had a clear view of his cock curled around his thigh and the lumps of his big balls. This was the moment of truth, and I pulled his underwear down, allowing his cock to swing out just in front of my face.

I could actually see his cock throbbing and the prominent veins pulsing as it continued to harden, and I was seeing my first foreskin as his cock head pushed against the skin.

Then Tony said, “You’ve looked at it enough cock sucker, now take it in your hand and get a feel of it. And then I want you to take it in your mouth and suck it for me.”

It was amazing comparing his cock to my little one. His brown cock was now fully hard and about eight and a half inches long and at least six and a half inches around, and his balls were the size of lemons and hanging low in his hairy, dark scrotum sack. I reached out to hold it with my hand while holding his balls with my other hand, and the heat and thickness was very arousing to me. I stroked his cock for a few moments, and then leaned in to take my first taste of his cockhead and foreskin which were now covered in precum.

Tony said, “That’s it cock sucker, take my meat into your mouth and suck it for me. You white guys really seem to like dark, Mexican cock, so suck it good for me and I’ll reward you with my potent sperm.”

I had to fully open my mouth to take in the head and first few inches of his massive organ, and I just loved the taste and texture of his cock in my mouth. I continued to stroke his shaft with my hand as I took more and more of the cock into my mouth, and Tony placed his hands behind my head and pulled me even father onto his meat. It was hard to believe, but here I was with my first cock in my mouth and I was enjoying being submissive to this Mexican plumber.

He continued fucking my face that way a few minutes, and then he said, “I’m close to cumming and I want to hold off and enjoy your mouth for a little longer. So I want you to sit on the floor with your back to the couch, and lean your head back on the cushion. I’m going to get on the couch above you on my knees, and then lower my balls and ass to your face. I know that I’m sweaty down there, and you can lick and suck it all clean for me.”

I quickly moved into place and was apprehensive about what would happen next, but I was also excited to experience being used by Tony. I felt his legs on each side of my face as he moved into place above me and his big, brown balls were hanging down on my mouth. I instinctively started licking his scrotum and then sucked one of his huge balls into my mouth. I could taste his sweat and probably the remnants of piss, but instead of repulsing me, it was turning me on.

I was enjoying the erotic feeling of having his tangy scrotum in my mouth and then he said, “That right, clean my balls for me. And if you like that, I’ll feed you my hairy ass.”

Then Tony shifted his weight forward, and as his scrotum pulled out of my mouth, I could taste his tangy ass. He started moving back and forth fucking my face with his sweaty ass crack, and I could hardly breathe being smothered between his meaty cheeks. I liked sucking his balls, but I wasn’t as excited about sucking his ass crack. But I was enjoying having him dominate me like that.

I continued sucking and licking his ass, and he continued with his verbal abuse saying, “Damn Ed, I would have never guessed that a first-time cock sucker would take to sucking my balls and ass this way. You are a nasty fucker, and I’m really enjoying this. But Jose will be back soon, and I need to finish this up. When I get off of you, I want you to lie on the floor. I’ll get on top of you in a 69 position and fuck your face until I cum, but of course I won’t be touching your little white dick.”

I did as Tony said and lay back on the floor. His cock was still hard as a rock as he got on top of me and aggressively pushed his meat into my mouth. Then he started fucking me, and with every stroke I was able to take more and more of his cock. It was so erotic being fucked like a cunt like that while being pinned on the floor, and I was soon able to take his cock into my throat without gagging. Every time he shoved into me, I could feel his big balls slapping against my face and head.

It only took him a few minutes before he said, “Oh fuck, here it comes cock sucker, so get ready for a big load. I haven’t had sex for a few days and I know I’ll gag you on my thick juice.”

Right after Tony’s warning he shoved his cock into my mouth one more time, and then I could feel it pulse and throb as he spewed his cum and flooded my mouth with his semen.

He said, “Ooohh aahh, swallow my cum cock sucker and take all of my potent seed. You cock suckers just love our cocks and fuck juice, so take it all down.”

The taste of his cum was amazing, and I could hardly believe what a big load he pumped into me. And after he finished ejaculating into my receptive mouth, and his cock started to soften, he stayed on top of me and slowly pushed into and out of my mouth. I enjoyed sucking his cock as it got softer because I could more easily get it into my mouth, and I liked the feeling of being under him.

He got off of me and said, “I’m going to sit on the couch, and I want you to kneel in front of me and take my cock back into your mouth. I want to see if you can handle more of my fluids. I always have to piss after I get my rocks off, and since you didn’t mind sucking my funky ass, then maybe you’ll like taking my piss too.”

I did get in front of him on my knees, but I was apprehensive about drinking his piss. So I said, “I don’t know about this Tony. It sounds really nasty to drink another man’s piss. How do I know that it won’t make me sick?”

Tony replied, “From what I’ve read, piss is basically clean and sterile when taken fresh from the source from a healthy person with no urinary tract infections. And the way you enjoyed my big load of cum, I think you’ll like feeling me forcefully filling your mouth with my piss. I know that I don’t have any infections, but if I did, you would already be infected anyway from drinking my cum from the same pipe. Most of my cock suckers enjoy it, and they like to see me looking down at them and being submissive to me as they drink it. None of them have ever gotten sick from it, and you might like it too. Just start swallowing when you feel it start, and you’ll be fine. I don’t have to go that bad anyway.”

I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, and he started pissing right away. It didn’t seem to have much taste, and he was right that I liked the feeling of having it forcefully shooting into my mouth. He was also right that I felt very submissive being on my knees taking his piss like that, and I was surprised that I really enjoyed it.

The flow finally subsided, and he said, “Damn Ed, you’ve done everything I wanted which is very good for your first time. It sometimes takes guys several sessions to work up to sucking ass and drinking piss. But I’d better get dressed now before Jose arrives.”

Tony got dressed and we sat at the table for a few minutes talking about what we had just done.

Then he asked, “So tell me how you liked your first experience with another man. Was it what you expected? Would you want to do it again? Would you like to suck Jose too?”

It was surprising that I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about what I had done, and I guess after you’ve sucked a man’s cock and taken his piss and cum into your mouth, there wasn’t much else to be shy about.

So I said, “I did enjoy this first experience, and I really would like to do it some more if you’re up for it. I’ll be home during the days until I can find a new job, so you can stop by for me to suck you anytime you’re in the neighborhood. And hell yes, I’d love to suck Jose’s cock when he gets here.”

Tony was obviously happy with my reaction to sucking him and said, “Okay, when Jose gets here we’ll install the new unit, and I can tell him that we’ve found a new cock sucker. His cock is a little bigger than mine and he can be aggressive, but I think you’ll enjoy sucking him. Do you have any questions about any of this?”

I thought for a moment and said, “Yes, now that you mention it, you said earlier that some men asked you to cuckold them by fucking their wives. I’m just curious how you make that happen when many of the men who suck your cock are probably doing it since the wives have no interest in sex. What would you suggest if I wanted to get my wife interested in fucking you guys?”

He responded, “Man that would be awesome to get some sweet, white pussy again. Do you have any pictures of her? You’re right that many of the wives have no interest in sex, but I can suggest ways for you to get her interested in cuckolding you. Some of the men have allowed their wives to catch them viewing porn stories and pictures, and after the arguing over it subsides, they convince their wives to read some of the cuckold stories with them. It obviously doesn’t always work, but if the husband has a small dick, the wife sometimes takes an interest when she see pictures of big, brown or black cocks. I’m not saying it’s easy, but if the wife has deep down desires for sex, then she might be willing to eventually bring another man with a big cock into their bed. It has worked for several of the men who suck our cocks, and we’d happily fuck your wife if you could make it happen.”

At that point the doorbell rang and Jose had arrived with the new hot water heater.

Tony stepped outside to help him and I overheard Jose saying, “I’ve got the new unit and we can install it now, but first I’d like to go in and use the rest room to take a piss.”

Then I heard Tony say, “You might want to hold your piss until we finish the installation, and I can explain more about that while we’re working.”

They carried the unit down to the basement to hook it up, and I could hear them taking and laughing, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. My guess is that Tony was telling Jose about finding a new cock sucker and cum and piss drinker for them. While I was waiting I went into my closet and found some nude photos of Joan from several years ago to show to the men. Joan was five feet six and about 120 pounds, and was in very good shape for her age. She had full and round D-cup tits, and her ass was firm and with well-defined round globes of flesh. She also has thick labia and a prominent pubis, and a thin layer of well-groomed blond hair on her labia. I knew that those guys would really like her and would be pressing me to let them fuck her.

Tony and Jose came back upstairs in about a half hour.

Jose was smiling at me as Tony said, “The job’s done Ed, and now it’s time for you to do a job on Jose if you still want to. But we can’t take as long as you and I did since we’re already late for our next appointment. So if you’re ready, let’s go back on the couch.”

I led the men back into the other room, and as I sat down in front of Jose I said, “I’ve just got one concern. I heard Jose say when he got back an hour ago that he had to piss. So I’m a little worried that he will drown me in his urine. How can we deal with this?”

Then Jose spoke up and said, “Don’t worry Ed, I’ll try not to let the flow get too strong, and we can stop if you give me a signal. From what Tony told me you took his piss for the first time with no problem, so you’ll be okay with mine too.”

I was satisfied with his comments and I unfastened and dropped his pants as I had done with Tony. Now I was staring at another thick, brown cock which was just about the same thickness as Tony’s, but about nine inches long. I started to suck him but then Jose said, “Go ahead and lay down on the floor. I’ll start out sitting on your chest, and then will lean over and get on top of you and fuck your face like a pussy. I like to force cock suckers to take my meat.”

I started sucking him as he leaned over me and pushed that big cock into my mouth. He was aggressively fucking me and I liked the feeling of being pinned under him like that and being fucked like a cunt. Jose must have already been aroused from hearing about what I had done with Tony, and within only about four minutes his cock started to buck and pulse, and he held his big cock in my mouth, feeding me another big, thick load of Latino cum.

The cum had finally finished shooting in and his cock was starting to soften, when without warning Jose started to pee in my mouth. His urine had a stronger flavor since he had been holding it for so long, and he did a good job controlling the flow so I did not choke or gag. But where Tony probably gave me about a cup of piss, Jose must have sprayed at least a pint or more in me. I still had a hard time believing that drinking cum and piss would turn me on so much, but here I was lying under a Jose and taking his juices.

The guys were in a hurry to leave, so we agreed that they would call me when they were in the area and I would suck them off as often as they desired. I also let them see Joan’s naked photos, and they were anxious for me to get the ball rolling on convincing her to fuck them. In the second part of this story I will describe my efforts to get Joan interested in fucking other men, and specifically fucking Tony and Jose.

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