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Sex Diaries: Roommates

Sex diaries presents roommates
Josh Burrows stared up as Amy started slowly riding him. Her C-cup breasts bouncing with each gyration. He reached up and grabbed her soft melons and squeezed. He loved the they felt. Soft and ample. He traced his fingers over her erect nipples. Amy let out a low moan, and bit her lower lip. She stared back at him and leaned forward. Her lips came close to his, but instead of kissing she moved her lips closer to his and exhaled. Josh felt her cinnamon breath. Josh leaned in to kiss her but she pulled back. She licked her lips, smiled wickedly and started gyrating a little faster. She placed her hands on his broad chest, digging her nails into his flesh.

Josh released his grip over her tits, and grabbed her hips. With a firm hold he starts swaying his hands back and forth. Amy let out a louder moan and bounced even more. Her long brown hair swayed around her small round face. She leaned in again and kissed Josh hard. Her lower lip fell over his lower lip. Josh slipped his tongue inside her warm mouth as he moved his hands over her butt.

Josh slowly glides his hands over each ass cheek, then without warning he slapped one ass cheek, followed by the other. Amy bit his lower lip with every slap then pulled back up. In response, Josh pulled her off him and threw her on the bed and got behind her. He grabbed her waist and lifted her ass up a little and glided his cock inside her, from behind. Amy turned her head and watched as her boyfriend started thrusting into her, doggiestyle. Josh increased his intensity as his eyes met hers.

"Ohhhh goooooddd! Fuuuckkkkk," Amy let out a yelp as Josh goes deeper inside her.

He increased his speed, and felt his balls slam against her thighs. The pressure starts building and within seconds he blew his load inside her. He felt Amy clench as she reached an orgasm of her own.

He pumped her one last time, before pulling out and crashing on the bed next to her. Amy turned over, and kissed Josh on his cheek. Just then the silent moment was interrupted by a cell phone ringing.

"Uuuggghhh," Amy said and reached over her nightstand and picked up her iPhone.

"Hello," Amy said. "OK...yeah, sure...when? Alright...Bye."

She hung up the phone and turned her attention to Josh. He knew that look. She was called into work.

"You have to go in now?"

"I'm sorry baby, it's an emergency," Amy said and jumped out of bed. She grabbed her towel and rushed out of the bedroom. Ten minutes later she came back in wrapped in her towel and hair damp. She quickly shed the towel, reached for her underwear and uniform.

Josh sat up and watched with glee as his girlfriend got dressed. Aside from a killer body and an angelic face, Josh was also drawn to a woman in uniform. Especially a nurses uniform. Amy finished getting dressed and sat next to Josh and kissed him.

"I'll make it up. Promise," she said and crossed her fingers.

"Oh you will. I'll make sure," Josh smiled and hopped out of bed. "I'll walk you to the door."

Amy grabbed her phone and purse and opened her bedroom door and walked out, followed by Josh. At the front door, he kissed her softly then watched as Amy left. Josh looked around the empty living room and eyed the kitchen. Josh smiled and realized he had worked up an appetite.

Josh opened the fridge and pulled a slice of cake and milk. As he unwrapped the foil, he heard the other bedroom door open.

"Hey," he heard a familiar voice.

Josh looked up and smiled at Amy's roommate, Kelly, as he put a piece of chocolate cake in his mouth.

"Is that MY piece of cake?" Kelly asked.

"Oops," was all Josh said.

"Guess I'll have to eat something else," Kelly said as she headed for the fridge.

Josh stared at Kelly's ass as she bent over to look in the fridge.

Josh and Amy had been dating close to a year, and Josh spent more nights here then Amy spent at his place. Part of the reason was because of Amy's job and hectic work schedule. The other reason was Kelly. As much as Josh liked Amy, and hot as Amy was, Josh was still a man and he enjoyed looking at a fine woman. The first time he met Kelly, she was coming out of the shower. Her naked body left him speechless, and her casualness of being nude got him excited. Just like Amy, Kelly was a C-cup. And just like Amy, Kelly had a nice round ass. The type you can get a good grip to hold onto. Amy had a small round face, while Kelly had a longer face with pouter lips. Add in Kelly's tramp stamp of a butterfly on her lower back, and Josh was mesmerized.

The second time he bumped into Kelly, they were both naked. She was coming of her room to get some water just as Josh was stepping out of Amy's room to get some water. They both stared at each other and laughed and walked into the kitchen together. Kelly checked out Josh as got his water and had uttered, "Nice ass."

Kelly thought Josh hadn’t heard her, but he had. From that moment on Josh decided to spend more time here then have Amy spend at his place. Since that night, every time Josh and Kelly saw each other at least one of them was naked. There was no awkwardness or embarrassment which Josh found peculiar.

"How's my cake?" Kelly said as she peeled a banana. She moved her blonde bangs out of her face and leaned against the fridge. Her tits jiggled a little with the movement. Josh watched as Kelly peeled the banana. His eyes darted down her perky tits to her flat stomach and smooth clean pussy, and down her smooth tanned legs.

Josh took another bite and watched as Kelly raised the banana to her lips, wrapped her mouth over the fruit and bit into it.

Josh stopped smiling and cleared his throat.

Kelly watched as Josh reached for the glass of milk and take a sip. Her eyes darted down his broad lean chest and past his six-pack abs. Her eyes fell on his phallic member. She always wondered how big he got in the heat of passion. Kelly had been with several men and could accurately size up a guys erect penis while in their phallic state. Her estimation on Josh was about 9 inches. She bit into her banana again wishing it was Josh.

"Now I feel bad I took your cake. Here have a piece," Josh said and stepped closer to Kelly.

Kelly teasingly smiled, opened her mouth and let Josh put the spoon in. She wrapped her lips over spoon and closed her mouth. Josh pulled the spoon out and said, "Is it as good as you thought it would be?"

"Even better," Kelly said. With that she walked past Josh and headed to her room. Josh watched as Kelly swayed her ass and the butterfly on her lower back moved out of view.

Once he heard the bedroom door slap, he let out a loud sigh and looked down and saw himself get a little aroused. He quickly finished the cake and went to bed.


The next evening, Josh was on the couch with Amy watching TV. Amy had gotten home late morning and took a quick nap. After she woke up, and freshened up

She found herself become lazy. She called Josh and asked if they can just stay in and watch TV instead of going out to dinner and a movie. Josh said no worries and that he'd bring some dinner. An hour after eating they settled on the couch. Amy was in a tank top and daisy duke shorts, her brunette hair in a pony tail. Amy snuggled up to Josh, just as Kelly came home.

"Hey guys," Kelly said.

"Hey Kells," Amy said not looking up from the TV. Josh just waived at her.

"Smells good, what'd you guys have?"

"Chinese. Still plenty of leftovers, help yourself," Josh said.

"This doesn't make up for my cake," Kelly said as she walked into her room.

"You at her cake?" Amy asked and started laughing.

"It was an honest mistake. There was no name on it," Josh said defending himself.

The TV screen erupted in a fiery explosion as they watched Stallone run out of a building.

"I don't wanna watch this anymore," Amy said and reached for the remote and changed the channel.

Kelly walked back into the living room in a short white skirt and a thin halter top. She grabbed a bowl and came to the couch and sat next to Josh. She was close enough that Josh smelled her shampoo and her sweet aroma. Their knees touched and Josh watched Kelly from the corner of his eyes.

"What're you watching," Kelly said and leaned back on the couch.

"Dunno, ask Amy. She changed the channel," Josh replied.

"Anything other than Stallon!" Amy exclaimed. Finally she rested on a channel. A few minutes into the movie they watched as Denise Richards and Matt Dillon started making out. Slowly the scene became steamier, as Matt Dillon started removing Denise Richards clothes. The scene became more intense and Matt Dillon and Denise Richards started having sex. Amy ran her hands over Josh's lap. Finally she leaned into Josh's ear and whispered, "Fuck me now!"

Josh, not needing further convincing, grabbed Amy's wrist and pulled her up. He lifted her off the ground and threw her over his shoulders and headed for her bedroom, leaving Kelly alone on the couch.

Kelly started hearing moans and screams of ecstasy emanating from Amy's room. She couldn't help but get aroused. With a steamy sex scene on the TV screen, and a vivid one playing out in her roommate’s bed Kelly found herself incredibly horny. She laid back on the couch and lifted her skirt, ran her fingers over her lace panties, and pulled them down. She started running her fingers over her pussy lips and slid one finger inside. Kelly closed her eyes and released a soft moan while fingering herself.

As the moans and screams started coming from Amy's room, Kelly started fingering herself faster. She slid two fingers inside her wet pussy and started rubbing intensely. Her fingers made their way in and out, and around her pussy lips. Just as Amy's moans got louder and louder, Kelly found her breathing become heavier and heavier. She bit her lower lip as she went in deeper.

The vibration caused her to back to arch and heart to race. Just Amy came to climax, Kelly found herself reaching climax. Soon after Kelly's heartbeat got back to normal and her breathing became less heavy. The moans had also stopped from Amy's room. Kelly quickly sat up and pulled her panties up and ran to her bedroom before Josh could come out and see her on the couch.


A few hours later, Kelly awoke with a loud slam. She reached over the nightstand and grabbed her phone and saw it was only 2am. She sifted under her covers a few times before giving up. She jumped out of bed, and headed to the door. If you can't sleep at 2am, then get some comfort food, Kelly thought.

Kelly walked into the kitchen and found Josh at the counter making an ice cream sundae, naked. Kelly eyed his toned ass. Josh looked up and his eyes met hers then slightly glanced down to her perfect tits and perky nipples. Kelly noticed the glance, and shifted her stance so he could get a better view.

She came in closer and asked, "Can't sleep?"

"Nope, you?"

"Nope. Amy's asleep?"

"Yeah like she's hibernating," Josh chuckled.

"That's mean," Kelly said and watched Josh add some whip cream on his sundae.

"C'mon, you of all people should know that girl can sleep through anything. One time I dropped a lamp on the floor which caused my bowling ball to fall with it. My neighbors woke up but Amy was still sound asleep," Josh said defending himself.

Kelly chuckled a little.

"You want a sundae?" Josh asked.

"No, I think I'm fine. Think I'll have another banana," Kelly said and walked to the fridge.

Josh picked up the sundae and headed for the couch. Kelly followed him.

Josh took a bite of the sundae and said, "Mmmm this is fucking awesome. You sure you don't want a bite?"

"Ok, sure, if it’s that good," Kelly replied.

Josh scooped up some sundae and put the spoon closer to Kelly's mouth.

"Mmm, this is good. But it's missing something," Kelly said.

Josh took another bite and asked, "Like what?"



"Yeah, nuts."

Josh turned and looked at Kelly and said, "You want some nuts?"

"Yeah, sometimes a girl just needs nuts," Kelly said and bit into the banana.

"Well I think its missing some hot chocolate," Josh replied.

"I can help you with that," Kelly said and got up and walked back into the kitchen. Josh watched as Kelly got some fudge from the fridge and microwave it. His eyes we glued to her as she walked back to him. Her blond hair draped over her shoulders, her tits bouncing with each step and her hips swaying. He eyed her shaved pussy and licked his lips. Josh felt a little stirring between his legs and decided to think about something else.

Despite being naked around each other, Kelly had never seen him erect. Josh wasn't sure if all this was harmless flirting but he wasn't about to risk losing the privilege of having Kelly naked around him by pulling a hard-on right now.

Kelly stood over him, and poured hot fudge over his sundae. She sat down next to him, closer this time and asked, "How's that?"

Josh took a bite and said, "Much better, but what about the nuts?"

"Hey, I brought the hot fudge, the least you could do is give me nuts," Kelly said playfully.

Josh scooped up another spoon and as he was about to feed Kelly the ice cream dripped all over his upper thigh. The hot fudge had started melting the ice cream.

Without hesitating, Kelly ran her fingers over his thighs to scoop up the melted ice cream. She licked her fingers clean and ran her fingers over his thighs a second time. The second time, Kelly glared at Josh as she placed her fingers in her mouth.

Josh felt his penis starting to stir a little, and thought, "fuck it." He dropped some ice cream on his thighs, this time a little closer to his penis.

Kelly, smiled and got off the couch and on her knees, in front of him. She leaned in and licked the ice cream. The feeling of her tongue over his flesh was too much for Josh. He felt his dick get harder. The ice cream started dribbling down his thighs and on his balls. Kelly wrapped her fingers around his cock, lifted it and started licking his balls. Josh closed his eyes and leaned back and Kelly traced her tongue up his balls and up his shaft. By now Josh was fully erect. Kelly tightened her grip and slowly made her way to the tip. When she reached the head, she wrapped her lips over his cock and started gown down on it. She took his 9 inch cock all the down. Josh felt the back of her throat and her tongue over his balls.

"Ohh goddd," Josh muttered. Even Amy couldn't deep throat him.

Kelly continued her sucking motion a few times, before Josh sat up and placed his hands behind her neck. He grabbed some of her hair and pulled her head back. He looked into her hungry eyes and he leaned in and kissed her. Their tongues met as he got up from the couch, bringing Kelly with him. He placed his other arm around Kelly and pulled in closer. Her tits pressed against his chest.

After a minute of passionate kissing, Josh pulled back. While holding onto a chunk of her hair, he ran his other hand around her hips and between her legs. He gilded his fingers over her smooth pussy lips. Kelly flinched at the touch of his fingers over her sensitive part. Josh shoved two fingers inside her and started playing with her wet pussy lips. Kelly moaned a little as Josh started fingering her.

After a few strokes, Josh pulled out and ran his hands over her tits. He squeezed them hard. They were as perfect as he had imagined. He leaned in and sucked on one then sucked on the other. He bit her erect nipples, hard. Kelly let out an excited yelp and reached over and grabbed his cock. Josh smacked her hands and she released his cock. But Kelly tried again. Josh smacked her hand again, and Kelly let out a moan.

"I want you to fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard and rough. Any hole," Kelly said.

"Any hole?"

"Any hole," Kelly repeated, "Just fuck me."

Josh ran his hands over Kelly's smooth face. With her hair still in his hands, he made his way to her bedroom, dragging her behind him. Josh threw Kelly on her bed, and she fell on her back her legs lifted off the ground. Josh caught both her ankles. He pressed her ankles together and lifted them straight in the air. He licked his fingers, and lightly smacked her pussy. Kelly let out a short yell.

Josh let go her legs, got down and buried his face between her legs. He started hungrily licking her sweet wet cunt. He lapped up her juices with intensity and started running his tongue over her clit. Kelly grabbed her pillow and started biting into it. Josh buried his face deeper, and stuck his tongue in deeper. After a few intense licks, Josh stood up. He grabbed her ankles again, and spread them apart. He guided his hard cock right between her legs and shoved it deep in her cunt. Kelly let out a loud moan, which was stifled with her pillow. Josh pumped in and out, while holding her legs apart.

He watched as her tits started jiggling and bouncing. This made him go even faster.

"OOOhhhh ggggooooddd," Kelly uttered into the pillow, "fuck me harder."

Josh pumped in a few times then let go of her ankles and pulled out. He flipped her over, onto her stomach. He grabbed her ass, each cheek in each hand and started squeezing.

Any hole...was all he could think. Josh had begged Amy to do anal, but she refused. Amy said she was scared.

But what about Kelly?

Any hole.

Josh parted Kelly's ass and leaned in. His thick hard cock made its way into her tight ass hole. Kelly let out a loud scream.

"Ooooooooooooooo," Kelly yelled as she felt Josh penetrating her ass. Kelly had only let two other guys fuck her in the ass, and each time it gave her no pleasure. But not with Josh. The other guys had been too slow to allow any pleasure to build, but not Josh. Josh shoved himself up her ass. He did it quick and fast. Once he was all the way in he thrust his hips inwards. Josh released Kelly’s ass cheeks, and leaned all the way in.

He fell on top of Kelly and bit her ear lobe. His hands, reached for hers. His fingers interlocked with hers as he thrush his hips in and out. His cock came out a little but went back in faster and harder. Kelly dug her face into her comforter and continued to scream. Josh didn't let up, he went faster and faster. He released his fingers, got up a little and grabbed her hips.

Josh started feeling the pressure build on his balls, and knew he was close to explode. He thrust a few more times then pulled out quick, and flipped Kelly over. He grabbed his cock and aimed right at Kelly’s tits and stomach. Josh had been with plenty of women and had perfected his aim. The moment he couldn't take it anymore he let out a stream of hot, thick cum over Kelly's tits and stomach. When we was empty he stepped back and eyed Kelly. As if commanding her, Kelly sat up, leaned forward and grabbed his cock. He mouth swallowed his cock and sucked the last few drops clean.

When she was done, she let go and drop back on her bed. Josh got next to her. He ran his hands over her face and leaned in.

"I marked my territory. You belong to me now."

Kelly looked over at him, but before she could say anything he continued, "Keep my cum on your chest and stomach until tomorrow morning."

With that, Josh got up and walked out the bedroom.

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