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Sex Diaries: The Nanny

The nanny seduces
"Dude your nanny is fucking hot," Bill McRiley said as he handed Evan a cold one.

Evan simply nodded and twisted the cap of his Miller and took a gulp.

"Yes she is," Evan finally said.

As he and Bill watched he remaining of the Giants/Patriots game Evan thought back 6 months ago to when he and his wife were shifting through mountains of resumes. Evan's wife of six years had given birth to their first child and they were in serious need of a nanny. Claire was a tax lawyer and her maternity leave was coming to an end. Evan recollected painstaking hours of interviews and follow-ups to find the right nanny. With Claire and Evan's combined salary money was not an issue. What was an issue, however, was finding the right nanny with the right experience. Recently in the news there had been lots of stories of ill-gotten nannies and babysitters that harmed the child under their care. As a new mother, Claire did not want to take any chances. After months of searching they had narrowed it down to two candidates: one was in her early sixties, with twenty years experience, the other was twenty-five with two years experience but a degree in child development and social services.

On paper the old woman looked better, but in person she was old fashioned who strongly believed in punishment if the child misbehaved or did not listen. Claire did not like that. The twenty-five year old, on the other hand, was soft spoken with a beautiful smile. During the interview Evan found his eyes wandering all over the young woman. Her name was Adonia. She was born in Spain and migrated to America in her teen years with her parents. Evan later learned that Adonia meant beautiful. A fact that was not overlooked by him. Adonia reminded Evan of actress Olivia Wilde, everything from her mesmerizing cat-like eyes to her seductive, yet playful, smile. After the interview process the only negative thing Claire had to say of Adonia was how attractive she was. Even Claire had noticed. But since time was of the essence and no other real prospects had come forth, they agreed that Adonia was their new nanny.

Adonia started a few days later and she and Claire spent a lot of time together. Claire wanted to see the interaction between her child with the Spanish goddess. On many occasions Evan noticed how his boy would grab Adonia's boobs. That's my boy, Evan would think.

"Damn the fucking Giants!"

Evan came out of his trance and focused on the TV. The Giants had lost.

Bill finished his beer and got up to leave. Evan walked him to the door and promised the next game would be at a sports bar where they can yell and scream as much as they wanted.

After dinner, Evan and Claire settled on the couch to watch some TV when Claire said, "Honey, we need to talk about Adonia."

"I swear I did not touch her" Evan said playfully.

"Oh puh-leaze. Like you would ever have a chance with someone that hot," Clare retorted.

"Ouch," Evan said and playfully pulled a knife out of his chest.

"Adonia was telling me that her building's been infected with bed bugs and she needs to evacuate her place for a few days while they fumigate and clean. She was worried about hotel charges and unneeded extra expenses."

"Man, that sucks. Wait, she isn't asking for a raise is she? I mean she just started."

"No she's not asking for a raise, idiot. She was asking where she can go that's cheap and safe and not too far away," Claire responded. She took the remote from Evan so he would pay attention.

"Well, I don't know of any hotels or anything like that. Most of the cheap hotels are in the dinky side of town. Not exactly women friendly."

"I know. That's why I was thinking since its only for a few days maybe she can stay here. With us."

Evan sat up and eyed his wife. Was she actually asking him if he'd be OK with Adonia staying with them for a while? The only thought in Evan's mind was if Adonia slept nude or in some sexy lingerie.

"Well..." Evan started.

"My thinking is if she's here she can look after the baby all the time. I don't feel right to have her stay in some scary place just so she can save some money."

"Well, honey, I don't have an issue with that. As long as she cleans up after herself and doesn't have guys over," Evan said.

"That's wonderful! I'll go call her and tell her the good news. So she can bring her stuff tomorrow." Claire kissed Evan and got up to call Adonia.


"Thank you so much Mr. Stone for letting me stay here," Adonia said the next morning. She flashed him her seductive smile.

"No worries Adonia. Glad we can help," Evan said while he sipped his coffee. Adonia bent over and picked up little Ricky and Evan eyed her ass.

Man I can spank that ass for hours, Evan thought. He took another sip.

"I promise I won't get in the way. You'll barely notice I'm here," Adonia said with Ricky in her arms. Ricky's little hands rested snugly atop Adonia's right breast.

"Having you here is my pleasure," Evan said and got up. He placed his coffee cup in the sink and went to kiss his son. Adonia moved just as Evan leaned in to kiss Ricky. Her sudden movement caused Evan to lean in and kiss Adonia's left breast.

Evan lips landed softly over Adonia cotton tee-shirt. His lips fell right above her bra cup. Evan jerked up and looked at Adonia in panic. Adonia equally shocked stared back. They made eye contact but neither said anything for a few seconds.

"I-I'm sorry. I went to kiss Ricky and you moved," Evan stammered.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you were gonna kiss your son," Adonia said at the same time.

"I'm gonna go," Evan said and he quickly ran out of the kitchen.

All day all Evan could think of was the incident. He relived the moment, play by play, in slow motion. How his head tilted inwards, how her left breasts heaved up. His lips landing on her soft ample breast over her tee-shirt. The softness of her breast, the sweet smell of her perfume. The play-by-play in his mind left Evan with a hard-on all day long. All Evan could think was getting some alone time so he could whack off.

The day quickly drolled on and Evan finally left his office. By the time he got home it was Eight. Claire had left a message on his cell stating that she was going to be home very late. A client's tax troubles had roped her into the affidavit and she needed to play catch-up with the rest of the team.

Evan checked on his son who was fast asleep in his crib. He found Adonia in the den where she was readying the couch. They spotted each other but didn't saying anything. They just nodded and smiled at each other. Evan felt his prick stiffen. He ran to the bathroom, unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. It was half erect and getting harder by the second. He slowly stroked his manhood while resting against the bathroom sink. His ass felt cool against the porcelain sink. Evan closed his eyes and pictured Adonia. This time she was nude and on her knees. She pictured her lovely mouth taking his thick shaft all the way down. He started stroking a little harder. His hands went up and down. He slowed his pace to enjoy this moment a little longer.

"Oh my god!" he heard a voice.

He quickly looked up and found Adonia watching him. In his haste he had forgotten to lock the bathroom door.

"Adonia," Evan said and realized there was nothing he could say to make this moment less awkward. She quickly left and closed the bathroom door behind her. Evan zipped up and followed her out.

"Adonia, wait..." Evan said following her into the den.

"I'm so....I'm sooo sorry Mr. Stone. I didn't know you there. I thought you were in your room," Adonia started. Her voice shaking.

"It's OK, Adonia. Don't feel bad. I'm don't feel bad," Evan lied. He was mortified.

Like hell I don't feel bad, he thought to himself. But Evan knew he had to do serious damage control. So far in one day he managed to kiss Adonia's left tit and have her walk in on him masturbating. He was afraid what tomorrow might bring.

"You're not?" Adonia asked a little surprised.

"Noooo, it happens. Claire's walked in on me many times. Look, I'm a guy. This goes with owning a penis," Evan said and laughed.

Adonia smiled and relaxed a bit.

"You do this often?"

"Depends on what you mean by 'often'. But, yeah, maybe 3 times a week," Evan answered, again lying. He and Claire had a great sex life and he never had the urge to stroke his own penis. That is until today.

Adonia sat on the couch. Her eyes fell on his crotch. Evan walked over and sat next to her.

"So, uhm, how much did you see?"

Adonia blushed a little and said, "Quite a bit. I walked in with your hands over it. You were stroking. Your eyes were closed it looked like you were picturing someone."

"I was."

"You were? Who?"

"Well, to be honest. You."

"Me?!?" Adonia's voice rose.

"Yes. You are incredibly hot and sexy. And, well, after this morning, I couldn't think of anything else. All day at work I just pictured my lips over your breast. I was walking around with a huge hard-on all day. I needed to whack off so badly."

"Wow. So, what, umm, What were you thinking about me?"

Evan noticed a hint of intrigue in her voice. She looked at him with her sultry eyes and moved a little closer to him.

"Well, if you really want to know, I was picturing you naked. On your knees. With your mouth on my dick. Sucking."

Adonia shifted in her seat a little. The sexual tone of the conversation was turning her on. Evan also felt his groin stiffen.

"What else?"

"You interrupted me before I could think of something else."

"What if I hadn't walked in on you. Then what?"

"Pictured you against the sink as I fucked you from behind."

"Oh. Wow," Adonia said staring at him. Her deep sapphire blue eyes bore into him. Evan saw the lust in her eyes, felt the sexual tension around them. Adonia leaned in and kissed him. Her soft lips made contact with Evan's. Her upper lip rested on top of his upper lip and her lower lip was above his. She leaned in a little then felt Evan's arms. He pulled her in until their bodies met. The kiss became more passionate. Adonia slowly slid her leg over Evan until she was sitting on top of him.

The kiss was heavy. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth. Evan moved his hands up and down her back. They kissed for a while.

"Take of my shirt," Adonia whispered.

Her hypnotic voice and her sultry eyes were no match for Evan. He grabbed the bottom of her tee-shirt and slowly lifted it. Little by little the tee-shirt was moving up. Evan saw Adonia's creamy skin. He lifted the tee-shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. Adonia leaned in and kissed him again. Her lips moved to his ears. She blew in his ear and bit his earlobe.

"Take off my bra," Adonia commanded. The lust and desire clearly in her voice. She was very aroused by the thought of being in a married man's fantasy.

Evan moved his hands around Adonia back and undid her bra clasp. He slid her green lace bra start off one shoulder, then the other. He caught the bra as it fell off her and tossed it aside. Adonia leaned back and heaved her 34C tits in Evan's face. He grabbed one and squeezed, and put the other in his mouth. His lips brushed against her erect nipples. He moved his teeth over her nipples and bit into them, hard. Adonia let out a small yelp. Evan didn't stop. He bit and sucked while continuing to grope the other breast.

Adonia ran her hands through Evan's soft brown hair. Her eyes closed and her lips quivering. She let out a low moan as Evan continues to suck and caress.

A few minutes later, Adonia slid off of Evan's lap. She stood in front of him and started to take her pants off. She looked directly at him as slipped out of her thong. She stepped out of the only article of clothing she had and got on her knees. Her hands reached for Evan's pant button. She unbuttoned and unzipped him. She grabbed his pants and started to drag them off. Evan assisted by lifting his ass up a little.

Adonia held Evan's fully erect penis in her hands and leaned in. Her tongue touched the tip of his cock and ran it down to his balls. She mouthed his nut sack and lightly sucked his balls. Evan exhaled in pleasure. The sensation of having his nut sack in her mouth was exhilarating. Adonia moved her tongue up his prick until she reached the head and wrapped her lips around it. Her warm wet mouth went down his throbbing cock. She had taken all of his eight inches in. Evan felt the back of her throat and felt her tongue drape over his balls.

"OH gooooodddddddd," Evan moaned. Not even Claire could take it all in.

Adonia started sucking. The blowjob continued for a few minutes. Finally Adonia stands up. She places one of her foot on Evan's lap and eyes at him. Evan reached forward and ran his hands over her clean pussy lips. She was wet. He slid one finger between her puffy lips and Adonia moaned. Evan grabbed her and pulled her in. He swung Adonia onto the couch and went down on her. His tongue licked her juices. His mouth went over her cunt. He stuck his tongue inside her and tasted sweetness. He ran his hands up towards her tits and squeezed. Without thinking Evan lifted his hand and let it down on one of her tits hard. The sharp sound echoed in the den.


"OHHhhhhhh," Adonia moaned louder. She had never been slapped before. It felt incredible.

Evan slapped her tits a few times as he continued licking. His entire mouth was devouring her cunt.

"OH FUCK ME! God just fuck me now," Adonia screamed.

Evan lifted Adonia off her back. He sat up on the couch and Adonia sat on top of him. Her pussy slid over his hard penis. Adonia and Evan moaned in unison as Evan's thick cock pressed its way inside her walls. Adonia placed her hands on his shoulder and started to move her hips. With each move Evan's cock went in deeper.

"Mr. Stone. Oh yeah...,mmmm," Adonia whispered.

Evan held Adonia by her hips firmly and started to pump her. He lifted her up and down. Faster and quicker. Her thighs slammed against his lap and her tits bounced feverishly. Evan grabbed one of her tits in mid bounce and slapped it.

"Oh yeaaahhh," Adonia said.

Evan slapped her tits with as much vigor as he pumped into her. Adonia leaned back confidant that Evan was holding onto her. She licked her fingers and continued to moan. Evan looked down and saw his cock go in and out of her pussy. This sight drove him wild. He Pulled her up and continued fucking her. She bounced on top of him. Her hair over her face.

Evan felt an orgasm and without warning he unleashed his cum deep inside Adonia. Adonia met his orgasm with one of her own. She leaned in and hugged Evan. Her tits pressed against his shirt, she bit his earlobe as her nails dug into the back of his neck. Evan felt his cock empty everything inside Adonia until he started to get limp.

Adonia leaned back and kissed Evan. Then she slowly slid off him, picked up her clothes and left the den. Evan pulled his pants up and followed her out of the den.

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