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Sexy Annie Is Hot

Sexy Annie Is Hot

Annie Davidson ran home from school and did her favorite activity.  She loved to stand nude in front of her mirror and admire her voluptuous body.  Annie wore a size forty-two D bra size.  She loved how her breasts were full and more than a handful.  Annie had turned eighteen last month.

She swore that her breast exercises had helped.  Annie finally reached her house and ran up the stairs to the front door and opened the lock with her key.  There was nobody home so she ran to her room, took off all her clothes and grabbed her nice smelling lotion.

She stood in front of her mirror and recited the following words:

“I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”

She really believed that this helped her breasts get bigger.  She said this out loud several times and poured the silky lotion all over her firm bust.  When doing this, she’d experienced feelings of pleasure in her vagina.  She knew that she was turning herself on while she played with her breasts.

She massaged the cream all over her bosom and pulled and rolled at her nipples between her fingers.  She moaned softly to herself.  She opened her legs and stroked herself between her legs.  Her pussy was warm and wet.  She had wished one of her boyfriends was with her to have sex.  Everybody was busy, so she would masturbate instead.

She was excited and moved over to her bed.  She got herself comfortable while she rubbed her pussy with her fingers.  She pushed several fingers inside of her pussy and fingered herself several times.  She moaned and groaned while trying to make herself come.  She was hot and bothered by her actions.

Suddenly, her door opened violently and her stepfather stood there with his mouth opened wide.  He didn’t speak a word and just stood there watching his stepdaughter masturbating.

“Jimmy, what the hell are you doing in my room?  Get out!”

“Well, I heard all of this moaning and thought you were having sex upstairs in your room.  You know the rules, girlie.”

“I’m not fucking any boys.  I’m masturbating.  Is that a crime?”

“No.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I wish your mother would do the same.  I’m so sex deprived.  Your mother hasn’t fucked me in a long time.  She should take lessons from you.  You could show her some of your tricks.”

The funny part was Annie didn’t stop masturbating while her stepfather was in her room.  She even pushed more of her hand into her pussy.  She listened to everything he said and started moaning from the pleasure she was giving herself.

“Jesus!  Annie, you look so hot while having an orgasm.  I have a big dick and could really fuck you good.  Want to make your step-daddy happy?”

“What will mom say?”

“Honey, she’s not home and isn’t interested in sex.  I see you’re very interested and I could help you have a better orgasm.  What do you say?  I could even lick your pussy for an hour.  Would you like that, honey?”

“I’d love that.  Really get into my pussy hole and fuck me there.  I really love oral sex.”

Her stepfather was excited that she was going to let him eat her out.  He took off all his clothes and approached her bed.  Annie spread her legs wide while he got positioned in the right place.  He moved his fingers all over her pussy and began kissing her thigh region.  She played with her creamed breasts and moved her foot around his hair.

He took his time inhaling her pussy perfume which smelled delicious to him.  He opened his mouth and sucked on her clitoris which made her moan with pleasure.  He pushed his tongue into her pussy hole and sucked out the cream that was there from her efforts in masturbating. 

“Oh God!  Right there!  Don’t stop, Jimmy.”

He slurped her juices while he munched on her sweet pussy.  He pushed his tongue as deep as he could while she rode in pleasure on his long tongue.  She was screaming and pulling on her breasts.  Jimmy took his time with pleasuring her there.

“Fuck me, step-daddy.  Put your big piece of meat inside of me.  Fuck your stepdaughter!”

He stopped what he was doing and moved closer to her on the bed.  He teased her with his huge head and then eased into her tight cunt.  It wasn’t as tight as he thought it would be.  He knew that his daughter fucked around with a handful of guys that she liked.  The young men enjoyed her breasts.  Her stepfather put his hands on her breasts and rammed his cock deep inside of her. 

He leaned down and kissed her red stained lips.  His stepdaughter liked kissing and continued French kissing him.  Her pussy was wet and felt nice on his large cock.  He rocked and moved his penis deep inside of her.

“I want to ride you!  Get on your back!”

He got off his stepdaughter and got comfortable on the bed.  His stepdaughter eased down on his dick and moved her hips forward and back.  She was good and knew how to fuck.  She played with her cannons while fucking her stepfather. 

“Oh, Annie.  Ride me like a horse.  Faster, baby.  Make your step-daddy come.  You’re on birth control?”

“I am.  Come inside of my pussy!"

"Fucking hell.  I’m coming, baby!”

With that, her stepfather came in her pussy.  She continued riding her stepfather.  He had a big smile on his face.  She played with her big breasts and got off her step-daddy.  She was very impressed with herself.

“Why don’t you be a peach doll and give your step-daddy a blow job.  That would please him so much.”


Annie got between his legs and pushed his creamy cock into her mouth.  She played with his warm balls and gave him oral pleasure.  He got very excited while she sucked at his cock.  He could feel his cock growing again inside of her mouth.  His wife never gave him head anymore.  She never seemed to want sex ever.  He thought at first it was menopause, but that passed many moons ago.

After his wife put on some weight, she lost interest in sex.  His stepdaughter was a tiger in bed.  She loves sucking his cock and liked when he fucked her.  He was hoping she would become his new plaything in the bedroom.  He watched his stepdaughter sucking his cock.  She made all kinds of sucking noises while she enjoyed his dick.

Her step-daddy was enjoying her efforts.  He watched as his stepdaughter sucked and played with his balls.  He glanced at his watch and noticed she’d been sucking for nearly thirty minutes after they made love.  She seemed to enjoy giving head.

“Honey, I’m hard again!  How about I fuck your asshole?  You like anal sex?”

“Sure.  That would be fine.  I have some lube in my drawer.  Just don’t go too crazy fucking me there.  I’ve only done it a few times.”

“No problem!  You’re so hot, princess!  I wish your mother would have sex like you.  My god!  No wonder you have so many boyfriends.  They’re lucky men.”

“You’re lucky too!  You’re my step-daddy.  We can make love all the time.”

“Really!  You want to fuck me again?  That would be wonderful.  Your mother goes to bed early.  We could go into the basement.  There’s a couch down there.  Your mother would never hear us.”

“Fuck my ass now!  Slide that huge cock into my asshole. Go slow!”

Her stepfather retrieved the lube and opened the tube.  He put the solution over his cock and over his stepdaughter’s asshole.  She was on all fours on the bed.  Her stepfather moved her closer to the edge of the bed and slid his cock slowly into her asshole.  She moaned while he got high into her asshole.

“Oh, step-daddy!  Fuck me, Jimmy!  Fuck me with your cock!”

He pulled his cock in and out of her tight asshole and fucked his step-daughter a while.  Her asshole was much tighter than her pussy hole.  He got excited and blasted her ass with a pile of his sperm.  He pulled out of her and rolled her over and climbed on top of her.  He kissed his stepdaughter and played with her big breasts.

“Fuck!  You’re so hot, princess.  Meet me in the basement tonight.  I’ll lick your pussy till you scream.  Your mother will never hear us.  I’ll make you happy baby.”

“You already do!  That will be fun.  See you later!”

Her stepfather grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom to shower.  His wife would be home within the hour.  He felt alive again.  He was glad Annie and himself worked out an arrangement.  He was glad to be having sex again.

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