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Crissy seeks to spice up her life and her good friend Cindy helps out by sharing a recipe.
Finding the sexual hors d’oeuvres on offer on her tray of life to be somewhat bland Crissy turns to her friend’s spice rack to liven things up.

Introduction: Crissy is bored.

Crissy was bored and frankly fed up with “hooking up” with guys at clubs and getting “hit on” at university by every loser dweeb who thought he had the remotest chance of dating a girl as “hot” as she was. Crissy had talked to her mom and her best friend Jenny, but really she had no idea what to do. Crissy at nineteen was in the sexual doldrums. Crissy thought if she were this dispirited about sex at nineteen, what would it be like when she reached her sexual peak at thirty? How could you go from losing your virginity to sexual boredom in such a short space of time Crissy wondered? Crissy desperately wanted some new thrills in her life, something to take her breath away and give her tingles. Crissy thought to her self, “I need to spice up my sex life, but how?”

Crissy’s friend Jenny had at least one good idea. “Travel sex” according to Jenny was “the best”. Jenny traveled a lot with her family since her dad was loaded and she always managed to hook-up with interesting random guys in various resorts and five star hotels around the world. Jenny would regale Crissy with lurid tales of hard-cocked young men with cut bodies (usually surfers or scuba instructors) who she would tie-up and tease and taunt in beachside bungalows from Bali, Phuket to the Maldives. Jenny’s tales of foreign conquests were always lavish productions worthy of an R-rated movie with full on lingerie shows and various sex toys to spice up things.

The idea of wild travel sex involving expensive lingerie and colorful vibrators and ropes was certainly appealing to the gorgeously frustrated young Crissy. However, given the huge workload of an honors biology program at a leading university it was not exactly like Crissy had time to take long breaks to distant exotic locals. Also, Crissy didn’t exactly have a credit card that could absorb the damage of such trips since her parents were now divorced.

One evening sharing a drink at a favorite San Jose haunt with her close friend Cindy, an entirely new idea was proposed. In terms of a spice rack, this idea was surely on the “hot” side, a veritable Thai pepper of an idea actually. A little older than Crissy at twenty-one, Cindy was gorgeous and while attending college she sometimes worked as a part-time model in the Bay Area; Cindy was much more “worldly” and experienced sexually than young Crissy. With her connections in the modeling and high fashion world Cindy traveled in much more sophisticated “party crowd” than Crissy.

To say Cindy’s audacious proposal sent a shiver up Crissy’s spine would be an understatement. Crissy’s stomach twisted and turned with butterflies, her palms and underarms began to get warm and moist, her nerves just from thinking about it made her entire body tingle. Crissy flipped her hair (a nervous habit that guys found exceedingly cute) and turned to her sexy friend. Cindy was grinning like a cat that just swallowed the bird, her penetrating eyes waiting for Crissy’s reaction.

“Cindy, you mean I’d be a hooker? Look I only said I wanted to spice things up a little.”

Cindy descended into irrepressible soft feminine giggles and reached across the table stroking Crissy’s arm and giving her friend’s slender hand a gentle reassuring squeeze.

“No Cris, it’s not like that at all. It’s just dating, a sort of ‘role play’ dating. It’s called “compensated dating”. It’s fun and you don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to, only if you like the guy. It’s up to you. It’s just like the stories I’ve told you before about my dates.”

Crissy’s brain spun, her nipples hardened in an involuntary body response, her heart rate increased and Crissy felt her pussy getting moist. This kind of uncontrollable body reaction hadn’t happened to Crissy since the night she lost her virginity to Steve. That night Crissy remembered her body had also been a bundle of nerves and her pussy had been soaking wet in anticipation of her “first time”. It had been so “taboo” to be with an older man, a man who worked at her father’s law firm. The orgasms that had followed that evening had certainly been worth an eighteen year wait by a nervous virgin.

Crissy was hooked by the sheer thrill factor of Cindy’s wild idea and a grin crossed Crissy’s face to match the grin plastered on Cindy’s face. If “taboo” got her thrilled and excited like the first time, then perhaps it was “taboo” she needed to re-invigorate her sex life? Crissy’s mom had told her “variety was the spice of life” and to “explore her sexuality” while she was young. Crissy felt the heat in her cheeks as she thought that he mother surely had not contemplated that her “goodie-two-shoes” straight “A” daughter might want to explore being a high-class hooker to spice things up? Crissy giggled to herself and decided that Cindy’s plan would certainly take her into uncharted waters where she would no doubt discover new things. The two young women shared a conspiratorial giggle that expanded into soft feminine laughter. Cindy picked up her friend’s hand looking at it closely.

“God Crissy, where do you get your nails done? They’re gorgeous!”

A plan had been hatched and now the girls could talk about more important things like their favorite nail polish and which salon had their favorite hair stylist, or the next pair of heels they planned to buy.

Scene One: Inside Hotel Room

Crissy looked at herself in the floor length mirror with a woman’s intensely critical eye scrutinizing the reflected image for any repairable flaws. Her deep dark brown eyes moved up and down as she took in her reflection and assessed her ensemble. Crissy swiveled her hips and straightened her back to get a side profile. Crissy tensed her back muscles and shoulders and did her best to squeeze as much length as she could out of her five-foot one petite Asian frame and her two-inch patent leather strappy heels.

Cindy, her friend, looked at Crissy from across the large hotel suite and let out a soft “wolf-whistle” of mock male appreciation of Crissy’s stunning outfit. The two girls giggled wildly, Crissy’s giggles provoked as much by her nervous butterfly filled tummy as by her friend’s joking mock whistle.

At nineteen this was surely the craziest thing Crissy had ever done in her life and the thought of backing out was still in the forefront of her mind. Okay maybe Bungee jumping that bridge in New Zealand was crazier, but somehow this felt scarier and more thrilling. Crissy almost said something to Cindy as her brain hesitated wondering if she could pull it off. Then Crissy looked at Cindy and saw her friend’s sexy short black leather mini-skirt, her sheer almost see-through coral silk top and Cindy’s amazing 34C firm breasts complimented by her sophisticated choker pearl necklace; something in Cindy’s steady gaze caused Crissy to hold her tongue. There would be no backing out. Cindy spoke to her friend with a soft and reassuring voice.

“You’ll be fine. He’s a nice guy, really nice. Bill said he’s cool. Apparently he’s a bit ‘down in the dumps’ and the date with you will be his pick-me-up. He’s perfect for your first time.”

Crissy nodded faintly in Cindy’s direction and then shifted her worried gaze back to the mirror and the reflection of her petite Vietnamese frame. Addressing her reflection one final time Crissy took inventory and was pleased with the final tally. Tonight Crissy’s make-up was a little heavier than normal, her lipstick a little brighter and redder, her blush more prominent, her eyelashes heavier and a little longer, her almost black hair more curled and full, her long nails perfectly done in a glossy scarlet red. Crissy’s silk dress was a backless short little black dress with a very short crinoline skirting and of necessity she was going braless. The jet black of the dress nicely contrasted with the honey golden brown tone of her flawlessly smooth Asian skin. The air conditioning in the room had hardened Crissy’s small light brown nipples. Crissy blushed noting how the hard little rubbery points stuck out so prominently under the sheer black silk fabric of her dress top.

Crissy’s sexy yet elegant dress was held up by a black choker neck collar with silver fixtures and in addition to being backless it had a long slit that went from her collar down between her two smallish but pert breasts all the way to the cinched waist band. Cindy had borrowed the dress from one of the stylists at an agency she was doing a photo shoot with. This sexy “little black dress” fit Crissy’s body like it was custom made and it was the perfect dress to cock-tease an older sophisticated man. Under the crinoline skirting that flared out slightly at her hips you could see a hint of the black garters showing where they hooked onto the sheer black stockings. Crissy’s stockings were decorated with a delicate tiny diamond pattern.

The effect of the whole sexy black outfit was designed to make Crissy look taller than she really was, older and more sophisticated than she really was, more sexually confident than she really felt and for the man looking at her to be willing to do almost anything to possess her. A mischievous smile crossed Crissy’s face as she took in the total effect of her outfit. Crissy hated being short and she loved how tall she looked in the dress and heels!

Cindy was a little older than Crissy at twenty-one and she could sense her friend Cris was still nervous about the whole situation. Cris had known that Cindy went on “compensated dates” for a while, but she didn’t really know all the details. Cindy didn’t come from a rich family like Crissy and Jenny and once Cindy had turned sixteen she had realized that her body and her beauty were a tool she could use for success in life. No, she did not plan to become a prostitute. Never.

“Compensated dating” just sort of happened and Cindy didn’t really plan it at all. Cindy simply had the genetic good fortune to be born substantially more gorgeous than ninety-nine point nine-nine percent of women. Guys just happened to want to be with Cindy, to be near her. It was sort of just that simple. Cindy found out early that guys would do pretty well anything to be with her or get her attention. They’d perform tricks, pay for drinks, grovel, beg, tell jokes, pull her hair, tease her, write her poems; yup guys pretty much would do anything to get Cindy’s attention.

When she turned sixteen Cindy got into part-time modeling with a local agency in the Bay Area. Once you were into the modeling and high fashion crowd you got invited to all kinds of cool parties where no one was carded and no ID’s were checked. Fashion shows, press gatherings, branding events of all sorts that required the presence of gorgeous women would ring up the agencies to make sure sexy young women would attend. Cindy as a stunning taller than average Asian was in high demand. At the parties you met all kinds of successful older men who dressed nicely, drove amazing cars and seemed to have a rainbow colored variety of credit cards to play with. Cindy soon found that guys in their thirties and forties, even into their fifties, couldn’t help trying to hit on her at these parties even though she was only sixteen.

The more experienced models soon took Cindy under their wing and told the gorgeous sixteen-year-old girl how “generous” these older guys were, how sophisticated they were and how well they treated a young girl on a “date”. The other more experienced models all claimed that once you went out with these older successful guys you would never want to date a guy your own age again. Aside from the fact that she was young, horny and broke, Cindy was also more than a little wide-eyed and curious about what these older models were getting up to with these older guys.

Soon enough one of the other models, a stunning five-foot nine blond named Kendra, had arranged a double date so Cindy could meet one of these older guys from the party circuit. Cindy was not a virgin at sixteen, but she might as well have been since her first high school fuck had been such a fumbling idiot. Kendra took Cindy under her wing, much like Cindy was doing with Crissy now, and showed her how to dress, how to act and how to deal with the older guy on the date.

On her first date Cindy had been incredibly nervous and had acted modestly. Cindy had even undressed in the guy’s hotel bathroom and had come out in the dark so the guy couldn’t really see her naked. Cindy’s youth and her stunningly taut teenage body combined with her inexperience had only served to turn the older guy on even more. The sex on that first “compensated date” had been a blur for Cindy, but the guy had been so impressed he had given Cindy a thick envelope with a lot of money inside. Cindy had gone on a shopping spree for the first time in her life and had told Kendra to set up a second date right away. That’s how it had all started for Cindy.

Eventually Cindy had told her two closest friends at school about what she did sometimes to get some extra cash. Cindy swore Jenny and Crissy to “sisterhood secrecy” and forbid them from telling anyone else on pain of destroying their friendship. Cindy came from a conservative Chinese family and if her mom and dad found out about what she was doing with older men it would kill them. Over time Crissy had become somewhat obsessed with Cindy telling her all about these “dates” and what she did on them.

It seems Crissy was somewhat fascinated with the whole idea of a girl acting so sexually free and being able to act like a “bad girl”. Not only did Cindy get to act like a “bad girl” on these dates, but also instead of being punished for being “bad” she was being rewarded with envelopes of money and fancy shopping sprees at the most expensive stores in town. The whole idea thrilled Crissy and set her mind spinning with fantasies of her own. Crissy had been brought up to be a “good girl” by her mom and when Cindy described her dates and the older men and what they did it gave Crissy tingles. No not tingles in her spine, tingles in her loins.

The time was getting late and Crissy checked inside her small black embroidered leather clutch bag one final time to make sure her fake ID was inside along with her lipstick and perfume. She giggled thinking of the fake name she had picked for herself--Candy! What was more irresistible than candy? Was there anything sweeter or more irresistible than candy? The name Candy was cute, sexy and cheery and screamed, “check her out!” Crissy thought, “Candy” was the kind of name you’d come across in a Carl Hiaasen novel for a blond bombshell character that completely took good guys for a ride.

Crissy looked over at the dressing table and saw that all her “special effects” purchases were laid out and ready. Cindy had helped with the planning, but the idea of how she would play “Candy” was all Crissy’s. She saw the black feather eye mask, the black lace bustier with a half-cup bra, the matching tiny black lace panties with the slit to fit a cock or a tongue, the matching garter belt, the sheer black camisole cover-up, the leather wrapped riding crop, the even higher black heels, the eight-inch silicone coated vibrator; yes everything was ready so Crissy could play a total “bad girl”. The pink satin cords had already been affixed to the headboard posts of the bed so Crissy was certain of being totally in control. On the bedside table Crissy had a tube of warming gel and a small tube of menthol toothpaste (a little trick Jenny had taught her).

Tonight as she checked out the mirror Crissy realized she had really and truly morphed to become the naughty “Candy”. The more overt make-up, the slightly slutty backless dress, her pert braless tits, the higher than normal heels, the excessive amount of blush on her cheeks, the brighter than normal red shade of lipstick and nail polish; it all screamed “Candy” instead of “Crissy”. To everyone who knew her “Crissy” was flirty and fun, but no one would ever say she was “slutty and sexy”. Looking in the mirror no one who saw this new girl would deny that “Candy” was the totally opposite kind of girl to Crissy. Candy was sexy, hot and a head-turner par excellence. An older guy looking at Crissy would think, “Cute, flirty, but way too young and out of my league. I don’t have a chance.” An older guy looking at Candy was going to think, “Hot, sexy and this girl will fuck my brains out if I treat her right.”

The first class plane tickets from San Jose to Vegas had been paid for by Bill, one of Cindy’s “regular dates”. Bill had also booked the suite at the Bellagio where he was a regular guest. Bill’s friend John was going to be coming along and he would be Crissy’s first “date” of this type. Just the thought of meeting some guy like this turned Crissy’s tummy to a million butterflies and she could feel her heart pounding against her chest in nervous anticipation.

What did John look like? Cindy had shown Crissy a picture on her phone, but John had been standing in the distance and it was hard to tell what he really looked like. From what Crissy could see John looked a lot younger than his disclosed forty-three years of age. Crissy rolled the number over again in her mind teasingly. Just imagine having sex with a guy that old that you didn’t even know? Her body shivered as she was overcome by little tingles. Just the thought of what she was embarking on made Crissy feel ever so naughty. He’s almost as old as my dad Crissy giggled to herself. What would daddy think if he knew I was fucking a man that old and getting an envelope full of money or perhaps an expensive dress in return? Crissy marveled at her audacity and steeled herself for the next step.

Cindy looked Crissy in the eyes a final time and addressed her best friend before they walked out the door.

“What was my advice Cris? Uh I mean Candy.”

The two girls giggled at Cindy’s use of Crissy’s chosen alter-ego name. But Crissy returned Cindy’s now more serious gaze as the giggles faded. Crissy recited what she could recall from Cindy’s earlier monologue.

“Always remember, they look older and more confident, but deep inside they are really just insecure little high school boys dressed up in suits and ties and with colored credit cards to boost their egos.”

Cindy giggled softly once again as her friend recited her words almost verbatim.


“And always stay in control but let them think they are the aggressor until you turn the tables on them. Remember, you are the ‘good girl’ until all of a sudden you turn into the ‘bad girl slut’ they secretly desire. Be the elusive female ‘prey’ at the beginning and let them do the caveman hunting routine so they feel manly; always get an envelope or a gift BEFORE you do anything….and….”

Crissy’s voice trailed off as she tried to remember everything Cindy had told her. Cindy felt her friend’s hesitation and interjected.

“And if you don’t like how he looks, how he smells, how he acts….anything…..just remember….you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You don’t have any pimp who’s gonna beat the shit out of you so just call it all off if you want to. If you’re nervous about how to get out of the situation just call me on my cell. OK?”

Crissy nodded and her chest relaxed a little as her friend reassured her that there was always a fire escape should she want to bail on this whole crazy idea.

“And one last thing?” Cindy added.

Cris pondered what she might have left out from the advice Cindy had been downloading to her over the past few days. She smiled trying to sort through the information overload,

“Oh yeah….gosh…I almost forgot: be as naughty as you want, they’ll love it!! Flirt, flirt and FLIRT some more and then be wild in bed! Become the total ‘bad girl’ he really wants, the girl you’ve always been afraid to be, the naughty girl trapped inside you. Tonight, let Candy out to play.”

The two girls giggled in unison as Crissy recited her final bit of advice from Cindy. Crissy was still nervous, but she was also very excited. It was the kind of thrill you got at the top of the rollercoaster when you knew it was about to plunge down and in a few seconds you wouldn’t have a whole lot of control over your emotions. This was such a turn-on and thrill Crissy could feel her pussy already getting moist in anticipation of what was to come. Crissy didn’t really need any money or expensive gifts at all since her dad was fairly loaded and bought her pretty much anything she wanted. It was just? Well tonight was Crissy’s chance to finally be the “bad girl” she’d never been.

Tonight instead of playing fair, instead of playing by the rules, for once in her life Crissy relished the prospect of playing dirty. Not just playing a little dirty, but playing really dirty. Tonight would be even more exciting than cheating on a test at school. Tonight Crissy wanted to be the “bad girl” that had been hiding inside her for all these years. She wanted to be the bad girl who was aching to come out to play, but who up till now always had to stay hidden from sight while “good Crissy” got good grades and did what she was told by the teachers and her mommy and daddy.

Tonight “Candy” was finally going to come out for some fun and frolicking and Crissy couldn’t wait. Crissy started to imagine herself as Candy, her thoughts wandering into lurid corners of her mind she rarely visited except late at night with her legs spread, her eyes closed and her fingers playing with her clit as she masturbated to her wildest fantasies. Crissy imagined her sexy black lace lingerie, the stiff leather riding crop, the satin ropes and ties; Crissy imagined grabbing the man’s hair in her hands and pulling his head up off the bed as she pushed her throbbing pussy against his captive mouth and wriggling tongue. Crissy smiled to herself before looking up towards her friend.

Cindy pulled open the door of their suite and the two girls headed for the hotel elevators. Cindy turned to Crissy as they walked down the hall.

“Well Cris, you wanted to spice up your sex life so here goes girl!”

They both giggled and Cindy took Crissy hand and held it reassuringly as they walked towards the elevators. Crissy had remembered to text her mom Colleen to let her know they had arrived in Vegas and were okay. Crissy’s mom had gone “boy crazy” since her divorce and was no doubt out with some “toy boy” of her own tonight, but Crissy knew how her mom worried about her and thought it best to send a text anyways.

“Mom Cin & I arrived OK. Dnt u worry K. Going dancing with friends. Call tmrw love C”

The two young women looked stunning walking hand-in-hand with their hair done, their make-up complete and dressed in ever so sexy outfits as they headed down the long hotel hallway. Their sexy high heels sunk into the plush cream-colored carpeting and made no noise as they moved with growing excitement towards the floor lobby. A middle-age slightly balding man with a paunch passed them going the other direction and he couldn’t help craning his neck to look back at the two hot Asian girls as they sashayed past. The man was mesmerized by their tight asses and amazing legs and almost ran into the wall with his neck craned backwards. The girls both knew he would do anything to fuck them and they giggled in unison as they pressed the elevator button their egos boosted knowing how desirable they both were to the opposite sex.

Cindy had arranged to meet Bill and his friend John at the Yellowtail Lounge where they would have drinks and snacks before going for dinner and a show.

Scene Two: Inside the Hotel Penthouse Suite

When Bill had told his friend John about Cindy it had inspired more than a little jealousy. John was financially successful, but he didn’t have anything like the amazing life Bill had. Bill ran one of the leading post-production high end printing labs in the Bay Area. This meant Bill dealt with all the leading fashion photographers and modeling agencies on major projects to agree on layouts, color palettes and special effects they needed for their projects. Creating high quality images required a great deal of experience and skill and Bill was the best in town. As a result Bill got invited to all the hot and hip parties where the young sexy models and the “fashion crowd” would show up.

John made more than enough money and had a nice car and traveled around the world and overall most people would think his life was pretty exciting. But when John saw Bill with a new piece of young eye-candy on his arm every two or three months he envied his good friend the wild and youthful playful sex life that he simply didn’t seem to have. John’s life just seemed somewhat monotonous; he seemed to have worked himself into a rut and John just didn’t know how to get out. “God I really need to spice my life up?” John thought to himself, but he had no clue of what to do about it.

John also had a real “thing” for Asian girls and when Bill had told John about Cindy, the sexy new Chinese model he was dating, it was envy material for sure. Looking at the sexy pictures of Cindy on Bill’s phone John couldn’t help starting to fantasize about what it would be like to be with a young sexy Asian girl like that. The sex must be insanely good was all he could think as he tried to imagine being with a girl who was only twenty-one. As John’s envy grew his dissatisfaction with his own pathetic sex life increased and he became somewhat depressed. John knew he needed a change, he needed a “pick me up”, but what could he do?

Having a glass of wine one night Bill explained to John that Cindy wasn’t a “real” girlfriend. He told John that a lot of part-time models needed money and they used “compensated dating” to fill in where the booking fees fell short of the lifestyle they desired. John looked confused so Bill elaborated and explained how he didn’t actually pay Cindy for sex. John still looked confused so Bill continued to offer a further explanation. He told John how every once and a while he would give Cindy an “envelope” as a sort of contribution towards her college studies and rent. Other times Bill explained he would take Cindy on expensive trips and they’d go shopping at expensive boutiques. It was just like having a real girlfriend when you were together traveling or at an expensive restaurant, except it was more like “friends with benefits” when you weren’t together.

By then John was sort of drunk from the wine and Bill could tell his good friend was more than a little bit bummed out and feeling sorry for himself. Bill wanted to cheer John up so without really thinking he threw out a suggestion.

“Hey look Cindy and I are hitting Vegas for a few days, a get-away. You might think this is a crazy idea John, but why don’t I see if Cindy’s got a friend who wants to join in and then you could come along? What do you think? You could use a break John.”

John smiled. Just the thought of wild sex with a cute young university student or part-time model, even the mere idea of it, was enough to cheer him up and perk his usually flaccid cock into a semi-erect state.

“Do you think Cindy has an Asian friend?”

John asked somewhat anxiously in reply.

“Hey, don’t know. I’ll ask her and let you know.”

Well that’s how it had all started and as John took one final look around his Bellagio suite he checked to make sure everything looked neat and tidy. He didn’t want to look like a slob if, as he hoped, the young lady he was meeting agreed to come back to his room for the evening. John gargled a final time with Listerine, his nerves showing. John slipped on his Italian black blazer over his powder blue hand tailored shirt as he thought anxiously about the young college girl he was about to meet. John felt for the thick white envelope in his jacket pocket containing crisp one hundred dollar bills to make sure it was in place. Bill had suggested starting this type of relationship off on a good footing and a nice thick envelope, an initial “gift”, was the best way to start he suggested.

John’s room phone rang and Bill’s voice said to head for the elevator lobby to meet the girls. John checked himself in the mirror one final time. Elegant Italian blazer from the finest wool, hand tailored powder blue shirt with thick Italian style buttons made from the finest English cotton, soft black tailored slacks with a French cuff, crocodile belt and soft leather loafers all topped off with a vintage watch. John knew he probably didn’t look “hip and cool” like the guys who went to Bill’s parties with all the models, but hey this was the best he could do. John hoped this girl would not be totally put off by his age and his subdued style of dressing.

A final splash of rich earthy cologne and John opened the door and headed down the long hotel hallway. John met Bill at the elevator lobby and they exchanged smiles. Bill slapped his friend on the back in a bonding ritual of male camaraderie universally understood, as if to say, “relax my friend, everything will be fine”. Bill looked at his friend.

“I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Cindy says this girl is amazing.”

John looked back at Bill fidgeting nervously with his fingers.

“What’s her name again?”

“I’ve forgotten my man. We’ll just introduce ourselves. Don’t be so damn nervous. Man up! It’s gonna be a blast!”

Bill and John wended their way through the various gambling venues to reach the Yellowtail Lounge. As they neared the lounge the men could see two stunning young Asian women standing near the hostess desk. Bill smiled and waved towards Cindy and John noted that the beautiful taller Chinese girl dressed in a short black leather mini-skirt with a coral blouse smiled and waved back to his friend. As John got closer he noted the young woman’s classic pearl necklace, her perfect make-up, and her perfect hair. John was struck at how standing with her shoulders straight and in two-inch heels she must be at least five-foot nine. John also couldn’t help his eyes straying to the open button on her coral blouse, the hint of peach lace and the incredible firm and rounded C breasts. No wonder this girl was a model, she’s truly stunning John concluded.

Standing next to the taller Chinese girl John could see a much more petite Asian girl in a very short little black dress with stockings and heels. John’s cock pulsed with blood and his eyes instinctively widened in appreciation of how sexy she looked. “My god she’s so beautiful!” Was all John could think? Petite and tiny yes, but fucking sexy as hell with gorgeous long lustrous black hair and eyes and a face that was perfect. John was immediately smitten and more than anything he hoped he could impress her and that they would get along. John had masturbated many a night during his life to his “Asian Princess” fantasy and this girl he was about to meet was more beautiful and sexier than any girl who had thus far played the leading lady in his dreams.

John’s palms were sweating slightly as he was about to meet this young sexy Asian university student. He was a little nervous, since this wasn’t exactly how he normally met women. As they met Bill was his effusive jock self and at total ease with the young women. Bill leaned forward and kissed both girls on the cheek. Cindy casually linked her arm in Bill’s as Bill turned motioning towards John.

“John, this is my good friend Cindy.”

Cindy smiled a beautiful sparkly smile and John could see why she was a model as her smile literally lit up the room. Tall and stunningly beautiful with toned slim legs that seemed to never end Cindy was something to behold in person. Cindy turned to her more petite friend who was standing back somewhat waiting to be introduced.

“John, this is my best friend Candy.”

Their eyes met and Crissy knew that she would like John right away. With the confidence of a “Candy” she moved forward placing her hand on John’s forearm and leaning into him so he could kiss her on the cheek. As John’s face got closer to Crissy’s cheek he was intoxicated by Candy’s generously applied perfume that wafted into his nostrils and his sexual attraction to her was intense. As John’s lips touched Candy’s cheek he could feel her skin was so delicate, so smooth, so soft and perfect, like the finest silk, that he had trouble pulling his lips away. If Candy’s cheek felt this amazing John could only imagine what her lips would feel like if he got to kiss them?

Scene Three: The Dinner Date

Crissy’s nerves (I should say “Candy’s” nerves I guess?) soon subsided, her butterflies calming down, as the group moved into the restaurant for drinks. Bill especially was great at breaking the ice and the four of them were soon chatting and laughing at various jokes and stories as they sipped elegant crystal flutes of pink Champagne. The dinner seemed to fly bye and Crissy made sure to sit extra close to John and let her leg teasingly touch his every now and then under the table. As a woman with natural instincts Candy let herself flirt in the most unrestrained way she had ever acted with a man she hardly knew. It never even entered her mind that Crissy might not act like this, or that her mother might not approve; she was Candy tonight.

After dinner the group went to a small VIP venue where they watched an impersonator comedian who had them all laughing enough to make their tummies hurt. Several times in the dark theatre Candy let her leg rub and rest against John’s, turning up the heat on her prey. Sometimes when they were all laughing particularly hard Candy would let her left hand slide along John’s thigh lightly and she’d give his leg a light squeeze. Other times she’d let her nails lightly tease the inside of John’s thigh. John had a hard time concentrating on the comedian given his interest in the sexy Asian goddess sitting beside him who, every once in a while, would tease him with deft touches or while giggling lightly would incline her head intoxicatingly on his shoulder.

When the show was over it was still quite early and the double-dating foursome walked through the shopping mall passing expensive shop after expensive shop. In Vegas it is not unusual to see stunningly beautiful young women on the arms of older successful men so their foursome barely registered with the people walking past. The two girls explored a couple of shops without buying anything. Reaching Celine the two females could not resist the temptation of the incredible shoes in the window (shoes are the “crack cocaine” of the female species) and they scurried eagerly into the shop.

Cindy had been to Vegas several times with Bill and already knew Tammy the shop assistant at Celine. Crissy rarely found shoes she liked quickly and her shoe shopping trips could easily cover days or weeks before she made a purchase. “Candy” was another story altogether. Candy was a much more impulsive shopper. With Tammy’s eager assistance Candy was quickly admiring an extremely expensive pair of black suede lambskin wedge heels that looked amazing. Candy was “oohing” and “ahhing” enthusiastically as she checked out the shoes in the mirror. Cindy stood back to look at her friend.

“Oh my god Candy, they look darling don’t they.”

The two young women looked at each other with faces animated and glowing happily like they had just felt the effects of their latest hit of a happy drug. Bill and John couldn’t help chuckling knowing, as males do, the female weakness for the “shoe drug”. John reached into his jacket and pulled out his wallet handing a shiny black credit card to Tammy.

“Can you wrap those up for Candy? I think she likes them.”

Candy turns to John her face smiling, her eyes wide, like she couldn’t believe it.

“Gosh John, you don’t need to do that. My, you’re so sweet.”

Candy walked over close to John, leaning into his body and for the first time in the evening (just as she and Cindy had planned) she reached out and took John’s hand into hers. Leaning in even closer, her lips directly next to John’s ear, her warm moist breath teasing his skin and offering a hint of the fantasy John lusted for, Candy whispered.

“You’re such a darling John. I’ll make it up to you later. I promise.”

John could not repress a big grin and the pressure on his chest eased. How did this girl do it, he wondered? John felt like a sixteen year old schoolboy who just had his first girl agree to a date? Why do I feel so new and excited with this young temptress John wondered? John didn’t know why, but feeling Candy take his hand had made his head spin. Surely she’s done this dozens of times John mulled in his brain and yet she’s making me as excited as the day I lost my virginity? Whatever it was, John was enjoying his time with Candy more than any date he could recall for years.

With purchases in hand Candy took John’s hand again and the foursome headed out looking to all intents and purposes like all other ordinary couples dating and having a dirty little get-away in Vegas. Crissy truly felt like an actress as she walked along knowing she was in fact only playing the role of Candy, playing the role of the “bad girl” who let men buy her expensive gifts and then let them play with her body like a sex toy in return. None of the people looking at her in the mall or on the street thought Crissy was anything other than a very sexy girl next door. None of them had any idea that in a little while she would be “Candy”, dressed in black lingerie, holding a riding crop and repaying this handsome man for the shoes with the wildest and most lurid sex session of his entire life. The thought sent a thrill through Crissy’s body and she felt her panties getting wet.

Bill raised his hand to his mouth and stifled a big yawn. He turned to John and Candy.

“Hey you two lovebirds, Cindy and I are heading back to my suite. I’m beat so we’ll see you in the morning.”

Cindy winked at Crissy and gave her friend a little wave of encouragement as she and Bill turned and walked through the hotel lobby toward the elevators. John didn’t know what to do? He was unsure how exactly this kind of situation moved forward. Should he ask her to his room? John had never been in a situation like this and he was hesitating. Just as John was clearing his throat and haltingly starting to ask Candy if she wanted to come up to his room, Crissy became fully possessed by her new character “Candy”. With a confidence she had no idea she even possessed Crissy turned to the nervous handsome man next to her and looked him deep in the eyes.

“John let’s go back to my room. I’ve had a lovely date and it would be a pity if it ended so soon don’t you think? A drink?”

John stepped back on his heel to catch his balance as he took in what this gorgeous Asian creature had just said. While he was expecting, or should I say, “hoping” for more from the evening, Candy’s direct approach took John completely off guard. John nodded weakly and followed Candy’s lead as she led him towards the bank of elevators in the other wing of the huge hotel. Where previously John had thought, or perhaps expected, that as the older male he would take the lead, now he could feel a subtle change in the relationship as young sexy Candy, dressed to the nines and swinging her Celine bag, led the way.

During the whole evening Candy had been flirtatious, teasing, and playful, but at the same time somewhat reserved and demure, a submissive kitty offering her pussy to the successful dominant male. Candy had laughed at John’s jokes and responded to his eye contact, yet always retained a somewhat shy and submissive quality about her self. John had felt the dominant male pursuer the whole time and he had felt his male confidence growing throughout the evening. John’s crowning moment had been in the store when he had purchased the expensive shoes. John had seen the look of happiness on Candy’s face and the way she had submissively snuggled up to him and whispered in his ear offering him unspecified sexual pleasures in return for his successful offering of the shoes. John had felt like a caveman hunter who returns with the slain deer to be rewarded with wild sex that night in a frenzied coupling with the most desirable fertile young female in the cave.

Now, however, John felt unsure of himself as Candy led him towards her room and he had no idea of what to expect. Where before his confidence had been growing, now as Candy asserted herself his self-doubt was returning. What was about to happen? John had no idea and the butterflies in his stomach and the sweat forming in his moist palms suggested that perhaps this leap into the unknown was the biggest part of the thrill?

Scene Four: Candy Takes Center Stage

Crissy had no idea how it was happening, but the closer she got to her suite the more and more she morphed into “Candy”. Crissy felt her confidence growing and she felt a corollary effect, the hesitation in the strong male hand she was holding. Candy almost giggled to herself feeling John’s nervousness conveyed through the palm of his hand into her body. Yes they chit chatted about something or other as they walked, but neither one of them paid any attention or could have told you what they were talking about had you stopped to ask them. They were both completely focused on what was about to happen in a hotel room a short distance away.

As they entered Candy’s suite John noticed it was in a crescent shape with a fabulous view of the Vegas main drag and the spectacular water fountain in front of the hotel. Candy beamed and did a sexy pirouette as she showed John the room. As Candy turned John couldn’t help being intoxicated by her sexy petite body, her perfect ass, her perky smile.

“Isn’t it great? It’s called a Cypress Suite. So cool isn’t it. It’s over fifteen hundred square feet. Here stand by the window and look out. The view is great.”

Candy’s vivacious manner and her youthful sparky enthusiasm countered John’s growing nerves and allowed him to relax. John moved to the window and stood next to the ever so desirable Candy looking out into the exciting city of lights. Candy leaned into John’s body and let him slip his arm around her narrow feminine waist. Candy’s stomach was tingling, her pussy was tingling, her skin was on fire; Candy so wanted to begin to play! Candy hoped John would be as good in bed as he looked out of it. Candy gazed up at John’s ruggedly handsome face and she could feel the strength and hardness of his male body next to her tiny Asian frame. John’s eyes turned down and without waiting to see what John would do Candy leaned forward, closed her eyes and leaning forward, pressing into his hard male body, she kissed him.

John’s cock took immediate notice of the small petite feminine body next to his, but when Candy kissed him his cock began seriously filling with blood and hardening into a thick steel rod. The delicate softness of Candy’s lips, her perfume wafting into his nostrils, her lustrous soft hair tickling the skin on his face and his neck; John was getting so excited he wanted to rip Candy’s sexy dress off and throw her onto the bed and ram his hardness into her tight Asian pussy without the delay of any further mating rituals. It had been so long John was desperate for some wild fun. Before John could actually throw Candy on the bed she pulled away and ended the kiss. Pulling John by the hand into the bedroom Candy placed him next to the king size bed. Kissing John again lightly on the lips she looked him sternly in the eyes.

“Now don’t move, I’ll be right back. Don’t move okay?”

John chuckled and promised not to move. Candy went into the changing room. Reaching into the closet Candy selected the larger plush white terry robe meant for a man and pulled it down. Returning to the room she found John standing by the window. Candy frowned and moved close to him.

“I told you not to move John. I see you have a hard time following instructions. Are you always this naughty?”

Candy made a “tut tut” sound with her tongue to admonish him and giggled. John couldn’t quite make out Candy’s demeanor. On the one hand she seemed to be acting playfully and silly, “girly” if you will, but on the other hand there seemed to be an undercurrent of seriousness to her voice, an edge of discipline as it were.


Candy frowned at John’s stutteringly feeble efforts to respond.

“Here, take off all your clothes and put this on and wait for me by the bed.”

Candy threw the robe onto the bed. John couldn’t help a huge grin crossing his face as he looked at this gorgeous young woman and the thick white terry robe on the bed.

“Uh, okay….I…..”

Candy looked at John and made her face even more serious. Crissy had truly become Candy and she was relishing her new confidence and assertiveness as she played the role to the max.

“And John, I really mean take everything off, okay?”

Candy looked John in the eyes until he nodded in agreement. Smiling she continued.

“I’ll be right back. A girl just needs a little time to get herself ready.”

With that Candy turned and standing close to John she asked him one final favor.

“John, can you unlatch the collar of my dress for me? Oh and dim the lights please.”

John’s hands traced their way up Candy’s feminine hips and then followed the inward curve of her trim waist until her body broadened at her shoulders. Tracing the curve of Candy’s shoulder up to her slender neck John’s nervous fingers finally reached the silver clasp of the black dress at her collar. John’s fingers fumbled slightly before he could finally unhitch the slippery silver metal clasp. Candy held the fabric at the front of her sexy black dress against her small firm breasts so it would not fall away leaving her naked. Giggling as only feminine young woman can giggle, Candy quickly retreated to the changing room to complete her transformation. In the process of dealing with Candy’s dress John’s cock had become incredibly erect and hard. As John watched the flawless honey-toned skin of Candy’s bareback retreat from view and the wooden door to the changing room slide shut he was astounded by her youthful beauty.

John walked over to the light switch and rotated it to dim the lights to a very faint warm yellow glow. He then pulled the sheer blinds to give the room more privacy before he slowly removed his clothes, folding them and placing them on the side credenza. Finally with only his underwear on John hesitated. If he removed his underwear his hard pulsing cock would spring out? John decided to leave his underwear on and slipped the soft plush robe over his shoulders, tied the waistband loosely with a single wrap loop and waited for Candy to reappear. As a final afterthought John took out the thick white envelope and placed it on the credenza beside his clothes.

In the changing room Crissy’s transformation into the “bad girl” Candy was becoming complete. She had taken off her dress and put on the half-cup black lace bustier and her feather eye mask. Crissy’s breasts might only be 34B, but supported by the underwire of the tight bustier they were pushed forward prominently and looked very large against her slim petite Asian body. Crissy particularly liked how her small perky nipples poked out over the black lace trim of the half-cup. Next Crissy slipped on the tiny black lace panties with the access slit cut directly over her pussy lips and the matching black garter belt. Finally Crissy slowly rolled up the sheer black silk stockings and hooked them onto the garter belt. Looking at herself in the mirror Crissy couldn’t believe the transformation; she was a true sex kitten, the “naughty girl” every man dreams of as a teenager but most probably never meets, the sexy Asian dream girl she knew John wanted more than anything in life.

Crissy slipped on the even higher black stiletto heels that made her ass stick out and her back arch so that her tits looked even more pronounced than before. Finally Crissy slipped on the very sheer see-through black camisole with a string tie over the middle of her breasts and “voila” the outfit was complete. Crissy took another look in the floor length mirror and admired her profile. The amazing new sexy “bad girl” she saw reflected back almost made her giggle. Crissy had completely transformed herself into Candy. Now Crissy realized, it was finally time for Candy, the bad girl she had bottled up inside herself, to come out to have playtime.

Candy leaned close to the mirror and quickly checked her make-up and refreshed her lip-gloss while dabbing some more perfume behind her ears and on her neck. Looking at herself in the mirror Crissy whispered softly.

“You wanted more spice in your sex life right?”

Crissy paused knowing she could still contact Cindy on her cell phone and call the whole thing off. Crissy’s body was a bundle of nerves; but Candy was still confident. This was the most insane thing she had ever done Crissy thought to herself. Reflecting on the sexy man in the next room Crissy’s thoughts drifted away from calling everything off and Candy started to contemplate how she would play with John.

“OK, goodbye Crissy, hello Candy. Let’s go and see just how spicy a sex life can get.”

Giggling Candy then added some perfume between her breasts and on the inside of her thighs. Candy giggled to herself realizing that “Crissy” would never think to put perfume between her thighs. A final check in the mirror and Candy was certain she was ready for the fun to begin. “Well, Here goes!” Crissy said to her self to steady her nerves. Crissy reached out and picked-up the riding crop and then ever so slowly Crissy slid the dressing room door aside to let Candy enter the room.

When John heard the dressing room door sliding open his heart began to pound faster and his excitement rose. John didn’t know what to expect, but he knew this certainly wasn’t part of his ordinary bland existence. He was about to have sex with a hot, sexy young Asian girl just as he had always dreamed. As Candy moved into the soft warm yellow glow of the room John’s breath halted, his jaw froze and his brain seized up as he struggled to take in the amazing sexual vision before him.

John had literally never had a girl prepare him psychologically and mentally for being seduced like Candy had this evening. The tension of the whole situation, the anticipation of meeting her, the build-up just thinking about her, had turned John’s body into a bundle of sensitive nerves; John’s skin, his eyes, his nostrils, his every sense was responding in a heightened way to all the sexual stimuli it was being bombarded with. The flirtation during dinner, the light touches during the show, the giggles, the flicking of her hair, the eye contact; it had all driven John to new levels of anticipation. Now here in front of him, close enough to touch, was this sexy young Asian princess. Candy’s angelic face was youthful and innocent, yet she was dressed completely like a sex kitten out of a movie scene, a sexual vamp, and she was moving towards him. John could tell from the look in Candy’s eyes that her intention was not innocent at all. John’s feet were frozen in place and his mouth hung open in disbelief. If any man had ever realized he was about to have his brains fucked out by the sexiest girl in the world that was what John now realized was about to happen to him.

“Candy” had taken complete possession of Crissy’s body by this point and it was Candy who now moved closer and closer to John’s body. The anonymity afforded by the mask emboldened Candy even further and her strides towards John were sure and confident. Candy used her riding crop to survey John’s body sliding the leather wrapped stick up and down the white terry robe as her eyes wandered his torso making a critical assessment of her evening’s prize. Moving her hand to the cord tied at John’s waist Candy pulled on the loose slipknot and pulled the cord open.

John’s white terry robe fell open in the front and Candy used her riding crop to push the robe aside making the opening wider so she could survey John’s rugged male body like a sexual cartographer examining the landscape. John was too dumbfounded to say anything as the sexy young Asian vixen, in total control, moved around him like she owned his body. Candy circled John’s stiff nervous body like a judge at a pedigree dog show looking for any finicky flaw she could detect. When Candy saw the white boxer shorts she made another soft little “tut-tut” sound of disapproval with her tongue.

“I told you to take everything off John, didn’t I?”

Candy looked at John the way a disappointed mother looks at her errant misbehaving child. The mother knows her child needs to be disciplined for his naughtiness, but the look on her face tells you it will pain her almost as much to inflict the punishment as for the child to receive it.

“I’m so disappointed in you John. I don’t know if you’ll get to feel my pussy now. I don’t know if you’ve earned my sweet tight pussy tonight? Hmmmm let’s see how you can make this up to me you naughty boy.”

Candy held her hand to her chin, rubbing it like she was reflecting on her options. John fidgeted nervously realizing the seriousness of his mistake and waiting for Candy to conclude her sexual ruminations, to consider her options. Coming to a decision Candy looked back at John with animated eyes that were alive with an excitement and sexual lust that was contagious. Candy said.

“John, lie on the bed and spread your arms to the side. Did you bring me a gift?”

John was so shocked by the transformation in Candy’s voice and her demeanor that he meekly complied. Gone was the flirtatious and “girly” playful young Candy, a teasing and demure prey for the older more experienced male. That demure girl had been replaced now by a more confident voice, the voice of a woman who gave directions that bordered on being orders. The black feather mask, the sexy black lingerie, the entire outfit had the effect of mesmerizing John as he tried to contemplate just what this wild woman might be capable of? John meekly motioned towards the white envelope on the credenza.

“Good John, at least you can do something right.”

Candy used her hand to push John lightly on his chest and he responded by lying back on the bed spread-eagled, his arms out to his sides as she had commanded. Candy restrained her internal giggles as she pulled the satin cords out from the hiding place under the pillows and wound the first cord tightly around John’s right wrist. John looked up at Candy, his eyes wide and wondering what the fuck was happening? Like a deer in the headlights John felt his control of the situation, what little he still retained, slipping away completely. Having never been in such a situation before John simply allowed the cord to be tightly knotted. John’s left hand was quickly secured in a similar fashion. Before John’s ankles were bound Candy pulled his cotton briefs over his engorged hard cock and threw them on the floor by the bed. John blushed as his over eight-inch rock hard cock bounced into view and stuck up arching proudly into the air off the taut muscles of his abdomen.

Candy let her small slender hand slide appreciatively over John’s rather impressive manhood as she assessed its length and girth. Crissy was more than pleased with John’s size (this would be the biggest cock Crissy had ever taken), but Candy kept her face blank, a mask without emotion, not wanting to show John how pleased she was with his big hard cock. John could not know yet how much Candy wanted to feel his cock’s thickness and its length filling her up, making her feel the thrill of being a woman, of being his whore for the night. John needed to be kept in his place for now, a mere sex toy to sate her needs, so Candy wore her mask of indifference. No use feeding a male ego that was no doubt already overly inflated.

“Hmmm what do we have here John? Do you think you deserve my beautiful tight Asian pussy when you can’t even follow the simplest of directions? Candy told me how much you dream of an Asian pussy. Is that what you fantasize about John? A tight young Asian pussy like mine?”

The expression on John’s face showed how bewildered and lost for words he was. Candy giggled as she gave John’s big thick cock a soft squeeze with her slender feminine hand.

“Well let’s see if you can redeem yourself with your tongue? You might-- and I do mean MIGHT-- earn the right to enter my tight little Asian pussy if you are a good little boy.”

With that Candy moved forward across John’s muscular naked body and straddled his broad chest with her toned legs. Candy reached back and undid the straps on her heels and threw the shoes to the floor with a clunk. John could feel the heat and moisture emanating from Candy’s pussy pressing against the skin at the center of his chest, his heart thumping a million miles an hour. Candy picked up one of the feather pillows and lifting John’s head she jammed the pillow under John’s neck and head elevating it. John’s confused eyes showed his lack of comprehension?

“Now that should give you a little support. I don’t want your neck to get tired while you lick my pussy. Give it your best effort with your tongue and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you have a treat later John.”

Candy took the riding crop and rubbed its tassels along John’s erect cock. The sensations and tingles spread through John’s loins and up to his brain. Candy laid the riding crop aside on the bedcover. Grasping the headboard with her hands Candy elevated her hips so she could slowly lower her pussy onto John’s face. As John finally realized what Candy was planning to do, his mouth salivated with the thought of the first taste of this young girl’s pussy.

As Candy’s hips lowered slowly towards his face, the first sensation John experienced as her puffy pussy lips, slick with juices, got within an inch of his mouth was the rich feminine aroma of a highly aroused pussy. No doubt males are biologically “wired” for this amazing scent so that it will act as a trigger to turn on the male sexual hormones. The arousing scent of Candy’s fresh young Asian pussy, rich and peachy, connected to a “sex switch” in John’s brain, sending signals from John’s brain to his cock and John’s cock bounced in excited anticipation. Candy lowered her hips further and the soft silk and lace of her panties made contact with John’s eager lips and his waiting tongue.

John probed with his tongue, rolling it tightly to make it firmer and stronger to probe into Candy’s panties. John heard the soft sounds coming from Candy’s throat and felt her shift her hips trying to help him make contact with the sensitive spots she wanted licked. Soon John had detected the slit opening at the front of Candy’s panties offering his tongue full access. John’s tongue worked its way through the slit in the panties to slide between the slick puffy lips of Candy’s outer vagina. Candy pushed her hips down harder, pressing her increasingly enflamed pussy onto John’s mouth with more pressure. Candy’s flowing pussy juices and the rich aroma of her arousal now engulfed John’s mouth and nose; John licked and probed with his tongue seeking Candy’s clitoris as his ears detected Candy’s moans growing louder and louder.

Candy shifted her hips back and leaned forward finally giving John’s tongue access to the top front part of her sweet young vagina. John located a hard little button of erect flesh that protruded from little flaps of protective tissue; detecting Candy’s pleasure button John lavished it with soft rapid flicks of his tongue alternated with long slow harder rubs. Candy ground her hips down onto John’s mouth as her arousal became more and more intense.

“Fuck yes John, right there. Lick it fast and soft like you were just doing. Oh god, YES!! Just like that! Don’t fucking stop!”

John repeated the teasingly soft and incredibly fast “butterfly flicks” using his tongue to just fly over the very tip of Candy’s clitoris with the lightest teasing strokes. This technique seemed to drive Candy wild and John heard a sexy groan escape from deep in Candy’s chest. As his tongue flicks continued to gain speed John felt Candy’s thigh muscles and her stomach muscles tense in total arousal. Candy pulled her hips up and lifted her pussy off John’s mouth while she struggled to regain control. Candy did not want this man to bring her to an orgasm so quickly, yet her excitement was intense, her arousal total. Letting her clitoris calm down a little and regaining control of her breathing Candy once again slowly lowered her hips back down settling her now throbbing and pulsing pussy onto what she now realized was a highly talented tongue.

Feeling John’s tongue begin a new sexual symphony with its repertoire of teasing strokes Candy’s mind and body engaged in a desperate battle of conflicting desires. Candy alternated between a mind wanting John to delay and prolong the amazing build-up and tantalizing sensations her body was feeling and a body hungering for total sexual release. Candy’s body shuddered and torqued in spasms as she felt John’s tongue building her up again to new heights of lust and desire: long and short, fast and slow, soft and hard, up and down, side to side, the cadence of John’s tongue was a never understood rhythm that always kept Candy guessing as to what John would do next.

Candy’s arousal was soon built higher than she had ever experienced before and she knew she was on the very edge of what would be a huge release. Candy’s fingers gripped the wood of the headboard in a vice like grasp, her nails scrapping the varnish, as the sexual tension built inside her. Candy knew her body would soon erupt like a volcano. Concentrating her utmost to control every nerve, every muscle and using every trick she knew to maintain control Candy felt the excitement and tension building inside her body as each anticipated tongue stroke was not as expected, but instead took her in a new direction, higher, more aroused, more unexpected, more thrilling. Crissy, a little inhibited in the bedroom, had never truly “screamed” during sex, but she felt a scream building inside her aching to be let loose. Candy had no such inhibitions and was getting ready to let the scream fly.

John used his every sense and every oral technique he had learned since puberty to build Candy towards a huge release. John felt helpless, his hands and legs tied to the bed, which forced him to concentrate every sense on his only remaining working appendage-- his tongue. Limited to using this one small appendage to arouse her John needed to have every sense attuned perfectly to Candy’s body and her reactions in order to succeed.

John could feel the tension steadily building-up in Candy’s muscles and her body the way the rpm’s build up in a car engine. John’s ears were likewise acutely tuned to every nuance of the raggedness of Candy’s breathing as she gasped for air. John could feel the pressure of Candy’s hips increase as she ground her pussy onto his lips and chin seeking the release that she now desperately wanted.

John slowed his tongue and lightened his strokes, teasing Candy further, delaying her satisfaction, delaying her release, frustrating her and building her higher and higher; John was enjoying toying with this young girl using only his tongue to control her body like a remote control as he playfully prolonged the arrival of her orgasm. John realized from how incredibly tightly Candy’s body was wound that no man had ever driven Candy to these heights. John relished every groan, every shudder and tremor that he could coax from her body as he played sport with Candy’s senses. John might be helpless and tied to the bed, but he retained the weapon of experience.

The eroticism, the taboo spicy build-up of the whole evening, was cascading into what Candy knew would be a huge release. Transforming herself into a “bad girl slut” allowed Candy the freedom to cry out, to thrust against this older man’s mouth, to grind her burning pussy onto his adept tongue, to relish being a completely sexual woman. Candy had never felt such sexual freedom and it made her feel like a real woman, her brain and pussy becoming one in a tsunami of sexual sensations.

John’s tongue was driving Candy insane with lust. Candy felt herself on the verge, about to come, and she pushed her hips down hard seeking her needed release. Sensing Candy was at the edge of her abyss looking into the black hole of sexual ecstasy, John slowed his tongue almost to a stop. Candy groaned in disgust and disappointment as she felt her orgasm begin to recede, the throbbing about to peak, gently fading. Candy reached down grabbing a fistful of John’s hair and pulled hard. Using her hand Candy yanked upwards hard, pulling John’s head up against her now soaked pussy, juices flowing and dripping, causing the roots of John’s hair to strain to the extreme and his scalp to feel a sharp pain.

“Fuck John, I need to come. Please don’t do that…..aaahhhh”

Almost smothered by Candy’s wet pussy grinding against his mouth, her engorged lips and flowing juices almost covering his nose and blocking his access to oxygen, John grinned at his triumph as he gulped for air. Candy’s tight grip on John’s hair was almost ripping clumps of hair out of his scalp she was so insistent on obtaining her female release. John ignored the pain and slowly traced his tongue lightly around Candy’s protruding clit, circling the pleasure button warily, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more for exactly the right moment to light the fuse and unleash her pent-up explosion. John could feel Candy’s hips urgently grinding onto his face, yet he still waited, prolonging her growing frustration. Like a master musician who knows just how much silence is required between notes, John knew the perfect pause before his onslaught should begin.

Finally, feeling Candy’s stomach muscles tight as a piano string and her thighs like a vice-grip clamped against his head John knew the moment was right. John unleashed a barrage of rapid and firm tongue strokes right across the whole of Candy’s hard erect clit. Candy’s body arched like a lightning bolt had struck it and then contracted forward in a spasm of release as the orgasm began to take hold of her, possessing her completely. Her body convulsing, Candy’s nails dug into John’s scalp drawing blood, but both fevered bodies were too involved in their mutual sexual struggle to notice.

Every rational thought was obliterated from Candy’s brain as she became consumed solely by the sexual sensations wracking her body in wave after wave of pleasure. Candy’s eyes clamped shut behind the feather mask as she blocked out all other senses other than those of her own convulsing body, her muscles trembling and seized by spasm after spasm of sexual turmoil. Candy barreled into the abyss of total orgasmic release, as wave after wave shuddered through her body rocking her mind with an ecstasy she had no idea she was capable of. A rich throaty cry of feminine satisfaction was ripped from deep in Candy’s chest and her body bucked on top of John’s face like an out of control young pony finally let free in a spring field.

“Oh fuck John….oh god….Oh my GOD! Fuck don’t stop…..oh god, don’t stop!!! OH MY GOD IT”S SO INTENSE!!!!”

Candy’s body convulsed in wave after wave of spasms and her sweet pussy juices flowed filling John’s mouth and trickling down his nostrils. Finally Candy’s grip on John’s scalp began to ease and she gently lowered his head back onto the pillow. Candy’s own head was almost dizzy from the rush of blood that had rushed through her as her body was wracked by the huge orgasmic release.

Now as Candy drifted into orgasmic after-glow she slid her hips off John’s face and moved down his hard rugged body. Feeling the need to continue her role as a wanton horny slut Candy fixed her eyes on John’s big pulsing rod, hard, erect and flailing helplessly in the air, ignored up till now as Candy had satisfied only herself, her own needs. Looking up and fixing her eyes with a deep look into John’s rich brown eyes Candy smiled as she slowly lowered her lips to his engorged purple cockhead and slid out her tongue.

“My John you seem to be a bit excited. Has naughty Candy been ignoring you?”

Candy offered with a flirtatious lilt in her voice. John could only groan deeply in response as Candy’s tongue flicked out and slid teasingly over his blood engorged cockhead, making a circle around its rigid rim. Candy’s tongue sent amazing sensations into John’s brain and he struggled to maintain control.

“Gosh you’re so big and hard. I bet lots of women are happy when you ram this big cock into their tight pussies? Is that right John? Do you make lots of women happy?”

John’s brain, overwhelmed by all the sensations, struggled to find words to reply to this vixen that was teasing him.

“Oh I forgot you don’t have a girlfriend. Well maybe you need a naughty girl like me to spice up your life. Do you like naughty girls John?”

As Candy’s eyes penetrated John’s big hazel eyes her tone mocked him and toyed with him in a playful flirtatious banter Crissy had no idea she even possessed. While Candy’s words played with John’s mind, her tongue and mouth played with his big hard cock, sucking, licking, teasing, and driving John crazy with lust. Candy reached to the bedside table and put a dab of menthol toothpaste on her finger. Working the toothpaste onto John’s purple cockhead, John could feel the warm tingles suffuse through his cock. Tied to the bed John felt helpless as he was teased and taunted by this Asian sex kitten. No matter how much John twisted the cords he could not free his wrists and prevent Candy from teasing his cock with her mischievous mouth.

John normally lived his life like a chess master, always looking three moves ahead and knowing what to expect. Perhaps that is why recently he had found life so listless and dull? Here he was tied to a bed under the complete control of a young Asian sex goddess he had always dreamed of, except in his dreams the Asian sex goddess was tied to his bed? John was being swept up in emotions and wild sexual fantasies and sensations he could not have predicted or even imagined only hours earlier. The last thing John wanted was to cum from Candy’s blowjob so that he would be unable to fuck her. John tried his best to control his unruly cock, counting sheep and the counting the folds in the curtains, but the needs and sensations Candy was creating with her silky soft mouth and tender tongue were spiraling out of control.

As Candy sucked softly on John’s big thick cock she had the naughty thought of neutering him with a blowjob. Candy knew John wanted his cock inside her tight Asian pussy more than anything in the world; his hard thick rod impaling her tiny Asian body, but the power of making him cum in her mouth tantalized her. Candy knew that if she made John cum in her mouth it was unlikely he’d be able to get hard again until tomorrow and she could tease him even more, driving his desire to possess her even higher. Candy grinned as she relaxed her throat and sucked John’s cock further down her throat and she moved her mouth up and down knowing exactly what might happen. Candy could feel John’s cock pulse and throb between her lips, its size impressive and pleasing, and she glanced up across his hard torso and noted how the muscles of his abdomen, tense and rippled, quivered as John struggled to control his orgasm.

Sensing John was on the edge Candy slipped her left hand under his balls and began lightly tracing her fingers across his contracted tight ball sack. Then Candy lightly teased the sensitive skin on John’s inner thighs. Simultaneously Candy alternated soft sucking with deeper hard sucking and swirling flicks of her tongue across his purple and reddish engorged cockhead. The minty flavor of the toothpaste mingled with the gritty texture of his pre-cum and Candy felt her power as a woman. John was totally under her control. Without warning John’s entire body went rigid and arched off the bed in a singular band of taut muscle, his arms and legs straining at the tightly secured cords as he thrust his hips upwards ramming his big cock deep into Candy’s mouth. Candy almost gagged as a huge rush of cum shot out of John’s thick cock filling her mouth with the gritty textured fluid. One, two, three blasts of release and for the final shot Crissy’s mouth was too full and a small amount of creamy white cum dribbled out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

John had struggled his utmost not to cum, but the light tickling of Crissy’s fingers on the sensitive underside of his balls combined with her mouth tightly wrapped around his cock had been too much to take. John had groaned and cried out as finally he had catapulted over the edge into the biggest orgasm he could remember for years.

“AAAaahhhhhh FUCKING GOD……Oh GOD!! CANDY……GOD CANDY…..why?.......Why did you do that? OH GOD IT’S SO FUCKING BIG!!!”

Candy slipped her cream filled mouth off John’s slowly deflating cock while swallowing down his load. Candy looked up at John’s face in feminine triumph. Small droplets of creamy white cum were dribbling down her chin, but her face was covered with a huge grin. The black feather eye mask combined with the sexy grin made Candy look like the cutest sex kitten John had ever seen. He wanted to be mad at her, but she was just too sexy and desirable.

“You didn’t like that John?”

Candy offered in a mock coy tone. John groaned in resignation and defeat as he looked down at the Asian sex goddess who had just emptied him and drained his manhood.


John stumbled to find words, his mind still dizzy from his massive orgasm.

“It’s just….well…..”

Candy looked at John and giggled softly as she clambered up his hard male body and reached for the knots tied at his wrist. Candy began to untie him. Candy assumed John would be a harmless eunuch at this point, his once mighty cock spent and useless after the successful assault of her manipulative mouth. As Candy untied all the knots John playfully tickled Candy in the ribs and made her jump and scream in delight. John was happy and mad at the same time and he wanted to torture this young vixen for what she had just done.

“Why did you do that?”

John asked with faux anger in his voice. Candy threw her mask off to the side and gave John a huge wide-eyed Doe deer look, the ever effective female “who me?” look of innocence in return.

“Why? What did I do wrong John? I thought all men adored getting blowjobs?”

John’s frustration gave way to a new feeling. Now it was his turn to turn the tables and dominate this wild young spirit and see if he could make her beg for his cock?

“You know what you did wrong young lady. I wanted to fuck you, to go inside you, to fill you as a man, and you gave me a blowjob instead.”

Candy giggled and held her arms close to her sides to protect her ribs from further tickling.

“Well I didn’t know you had a specific plan for our little romp in bed John? So are you saying I have to do everything just the way you want? What about me? I have needs too you know.”

John had had enough of Candy’s haughty retorts and he grabbed her in an embrace and rolled on top of her as his mouth found hers and he began to kiss her with an urgency, with a need, he had not felt inside him for many years. This young woman had stirred a new lust and his tongue probed into hers. Candy felt John on top of her and suddenly she was aware of how much larger he was and how strong his body was. John’s hands reached for her wrists and without a second to realize what was happening the tables had been turned.

John quickly tied Candy’s wrists with the abandoned cords. A smile crossed his face as he saw the tiny Asian girl struggling and twisting on the bed, her eyes now showing flashes of fear. Where only seconds ago Candy had been full of confidence, now that was fading and a new uncertainty filled her. John yanked Candy’s legs apart and using both hands he simply ripped her panties completely off. As Candy heard the fabric rip and felt the panties fly off her heart began to race. “Holy fuck, what have I got myself into?” Crissy wondered inside her likewise racing brain?

John flung the torn panties aside in disgust and gazed down at the most perfect sight he had ever seen. This gorgeous Asian Princess, adorned in the sexiest black lingerie, her legs spread wide, a small triangle of the most delicate fine Asian hair adorning the top of her pussy, lay in front of him. Tied to the bed he was free to impose his every sexual whim on her and he intended to take this girl places she had never imagined.

John slid down and latched his mouth onto Candy’s sweet young pussy. His tongue began a new assault and he soon felt her body responding. Candy’s cries and moans became louder and her body twisted and turned and John’s tongue and fingers played havoc with her senses. Seeing the gel on the side table John reached out and grabbed it. He had Candy close to another orgasm now, but he wanted more. She had humiliated him and now he would possess her just as much as she had possessed him.

John pulled his mouth off Candy’s pussy and looked across her amazing young body. He used his hands to untie the camisole and pull it way and then he undid the bustier and opened it from the front, giving him full access to Candy’s small firm breasts and rubbery erect nipples. John wet his fingers and rolled Candy’s nipples as he again applied tongue flicks to her clitoris. John felt shudders rip through Candy’s body in response. He brought his left hand down and squeezed an ample amount of gel into his hand and then rubbed it around Candy’s pussy and bum. John felt Candy’s muscles tighten as she nervously wondered what he was doing. John grinned to himself knowing his plan and suspecting Candy had little idea of what he was about to do.

John began a new rhythm of tongue flicks on Candy’s pussy and clitoris. He probed her pussy, used his fingers to stroke her pussy, played with her nipples and brought her closer and closer to a new release. With the free use of his hands and with Candy tied down John toyed with her even more effectively than the first time. Again and again John brought Candy to the very edge of release and then backed-off, letting her frustratingly wait and wonder when he would consent to letting her finally have her orgasm. After several cycles and knowing Candy was delirious with desire at this point, her body so spent she could not resist anything he choose to do, John brought her to the very edge and then he lubricated his finger with lots of gel and pushed on her tight sphincter muscle. Candy’s bum was so tight, so smooth, so beautiful, John’s mind spun as he pushed. Candy’s body tightened nervously and she twisted away from John’s probing finger. John chuckled and steadied her hips, renewing his assault on Candy’s clit.

Candy’s moans were intense now and her body was twisting and thrusting in response to John’s tongue. Candy was about to cum and John knew from the tension in her body, from her attempt to move her bum away, that he had found a virgin hole. Surprisingly the cock he had assumed was done for the night began to pulse with blood as his finger toyed with Candy’s newly discovered pleasure center. John pushed down on Candy’s hips with his other arm, flicked rapidly with his tongue to distract her and then pushed his finger inside half an inch. It was like Candy’s body had been shocked with electro-shocks. Her body jerked and twisted to get away from his curiously probing finger.

John slowed his tongue flicks and left his probing finger still to let Candy get used to something penetrating her ass. Then, ever so slowly, step-by-step, John worked his magic on Candy’s clitoris while slowly and gently moving his finger in and out of her ass. Each stroke John let his finger go one or two millimeters further up Candy’s forbidden channel while adding generous amounts of new lubricating gel each time. Soon Candy stopped resisting John’s penetrating finger and instead seemed to relish the deeper and deeper thrusts up her ass while her pussy was being lit on fire by this experienced man’s tongue.

Crissy lay tied to the bed with both of her sensitive orifices, her pussy and her ass, being violated by a slick lubricated teasing finger, feeling vulnerable, violated and yet thrilled. Never had Crissy’s body been built to this point, ready to explode or implode into a spiraling vortex of sexual energy that would shake her to her core. John sensed Candy was ready and as he built her up for the final time he withdrew his finger from her ass and coated it a final time with gel and pussy juices. He slowed his tongue on her clitoris leading her mind astray once again. Just as John sensed Candy’s stomach muscles relax slightly, he resumed his assault on her clit with his tongue while taking the finger in her pussy and flicking it side to side as fast as he could. Frankly John’s tongue was getting exhausted by this point, but like any great athlete John knew you needed to give everything in the final push for greatness. Ignoring his flagging energy and the oral fatigue setting in, John flicked his tongue as fast as he could and using every technique he possessed. Candy let out a huge cry of release; the sound was a mixture of pure pleasure and animal sexual instinct.

“OH MY GOD JOHN……FUCK….FUCK that’s big! Don’t fucking stop whatever you do…..oh MY GOD!!!!”

As John heard Candy’s cry and felt her body tremor he pushed his lubricated finger up her ass to the hilt of his hand and moved it in a gentle circular motion. The penetration of her ass as she spiraled and cascaded into a huge orgasm sent Crissy to another level entirely and her cry became louder and her body shook.


As John felt Candy’s orgasm slowly receding he pulled his finger back out of her ass, stopping when his finger was still inside half-way and then he pushed upwards and made a small circle just behind the sensitive tissue behind her clitoris. Candy bit on her lower lip and her body catapulted into another smaller, but intensely satisfying release. John felt Candy’s stomach muscles tremble and her thighs tremor as her whole body was consumed by the lust he had created.

Slowly Candy drifted down into orgasmic after-glow and John slowed his tongue to a stop, gently removed his finger from her pussy and ever so gently removed the final half of his finger from her ass. Candy’s body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, small beads having formed on her neck and shoulders from the intensity of what she had just experienced. John realized that Candy’s arousal and her cries of ecstasy had caused another reaction. His cock was rock hard once again. Candy had humiliated him, but now it was his turn to possess her completely.

John pulled his big strong male body on top of Candy’s petite Asian frame and reached out untying the cords at her wrists. Candy’s face looked glazed and her eyes looked dizzied, her body completely sated and exhausted by the multiple orgasms that had consumed her. Their bodies rubbed hot and slick against each other lubricated by the thin layer of sex sweat. Crissy could feel John’s huge hardness pressing into her and even in her delirium it excited her. She was too lethargic in her state of sexual after-glow to do anything other than spread her legs as an invitation to this wonderful man to finally take her, possess her. John understood as he felt Candy’s leg widen, the universal symbol of female submission and acceptance of the male.

John took a big handful of Candy’s hair and gripped her head, looking deep and steadily into her hazel orbs. He wanted this woman so badly it was like an addiction. John shifted his hips so his cockhead rubbed against the outer lips of Candy’s vagina entrance. John felt Candy widen her legs even further as she reached down, holding his big cock in her tiny feminine hand and she positioned it perfectly for penetration. John could wait no longer to have this young Asian sex goddess. He pushed forward slowly and felt his hardness being enveloped and swallowed by Candy’s feminine softness. A soft sigh sputtered from between her lips and he watched, completely enchanted, as she closed her eyes savoring the female feeling of being filled by a wonderful lover.

John slowly worked his cock in and out, increasing his penetration with each stroke. Candy’s moans, sighs and grunts became more animated as his thrusts became faster, harder and deeper. He wanted to be gentle the first time with this girl, she seemed so fragile, but his need took over and his thrusts became harder and harder. Every muscle in John’s body became focused on the sexual act of driving into this young woman and possessing her completely. Rather than object to John’s increasingly powerful thrusts and his male frenzy of lust, Candy spread her legs as wide as possible, receiving him and relishing as a woman his every thrust.

Crissy couldn’t believe how big John felt inside her. His cock was certainly the biggest she had ever had inside her and it felt wonderful, stretching her walls and making amazing contact with her clitoris at the point of John’s maximum hip thrust, his cock driving deep inside her. Soon Candy had emerged from her sexual daze and was responding to John’s thrusts with matching hip movements of her own. Candy’s voice, guttural and almost animal, was calling out John’s name and her long nails were clawing into his skin as Candy once more became highly aroused.

John was in his own world of frenzied sexual lust and Candy’s whimpers, groans, moans and cries barely registered in his brain. John had little appreciation for how close Candy had become to another final release. John needed to thrust, he needed to be inside her, he needed to drive deep; it was a primal instinctual desire and need John could neither understand nor articulate, but it was powerful and all-consuming.


Candy’s nails raked John’s back and then her fingers clawed at the cotton sheets for grip, her mind fighting her body to hold on a little longer, to delay the intensity even further and reach an even higher point of arousal if that was possible. Candy fought the intensity gripping her body as she became more and more consumed by her rising lust. This man she barely knew had touched every erotic spot on her body, had given her amazing new thrills and he had entered her forbidden zones; now they were joined as one, their bodies fused by fevered frantic flesh and Candy needed to cum while John was inside her. John felt totally lost in his passion and he had entered an animal state. Candy was astounded by the power of John’s thrusts, by the waves wracking her body; this was all new and it was amazing.

Feeling the subtle signals from Candy’s legs John rolled and flipped Candy on top, her legs straddling his body. The two lovers paused, gazing deep into each other’s eyes, both astounded by the lust and passion possessing them. The spell broken Candy licked her fingers and applied them in a twirling motion to John’s nipples. Electric shocks flew through John’s body and his cock pulsed; John groaned a deep groan as he barely held on. Candy grinned and John reached up towards her small perfectly formed breasts. He couldn’t recall ever seeing such a perfect pair of breasts in his life. John gripped each of Candy’s nipples and rolled them lightly, her hips thrust forward in response, her body arched and Candy cried out in pleasure.

Candy rode John’s cock with increasingly rapid thrusts of her hips and rammed herself down on his huge hard rod. John was dazzled looking up and watching this petite Asian princess astride his torso, most certainly a real life version of his sexual dreams, her long dark hair flying as her body jerked and arched and contorted in pleasure above him. Soon they both reached a point where restraining their bodies any further became impossible. The dam holding back the orgasmic convulsions, a mental wall of concrete, overflowed and the orgasms poured across their bodies.

First it was Candy, her body shuddering and convulsing and her nails ripping into John’s chest, her voice screaming out in intensity, who fell into the void of sexual abandon. The abyss of female sexual pleasure swallowed her whole. Candy’s orgasm acted like a fuse setting off the nitroglycerin built up in John’s cock and he likewise exploded in his own massive release. John’s balls pulled up contracting into his body as blast after blast of cum burst forth searing down his cock like a stream of lava. Candy’s hips and body contorted and twisted above him, her hair flew in the air and their bodies thrust, twisted and rubbed as they drove into each other seeking absolute intensity.

As Candy began her final orgasm John rolled her nipples with as much force as he felt necessary to give her a push beyond any point she had ever experienced. The intensity of the connection between Candy’s nipples, her burning pussy and her brain made Crissy feel like she was floating in a nirvana of sexual totality as a woman. Her entire body felt like it was part of her pulsing pussy and nothing separated her as a woman from her sexual being. Candy’s pussy contracted again and again against John’s hard rod seeking to drain every drop of cum from his cock.

Crissy, her own body finally drained of energy and exhausted by the pleasure of being taken again and again to that place every woman wants to go, collapsed onto John’s chest. Crissy could feel the heat and sweat of John’s body against her cheek. John’s chest was rising and falling heavily as he gasped for air and a smile stretched across Crissy’s face as she felt his huge cock slowly start to deflate inside her. Crissy felt John’s hand tenderly brush her hair and he whispered how amazing her lovemaking had been and how wonderful he felt holding her. Crissy felt her nipples tender from John’s rough handling and her pussy was sensitive and almost rubbed raw from the repeated pounding of their intense lovemaking.

As Crissy lay on top of John’s broad strong chest, her petite Asian body easily rising and falling with his heavy breathing, she couldn’t help descending into giggles. John was perplexed at this young sex vixen’s sudden fit of giggles and thought perhaps he had done something to make her laugh.

“What are you giggling at you amazing young woman you? Have I done something to make you laugh?”

Crissy propped her head up on her elbows and grinning like a Cheshire cat, she winked subtlety and giggled looking mirthfully into his eyes, her happiness apparent.

“Oh it’s a girl thing, you wouldn’t understand. I was just thinking how much fun it was to share spices and recipes with your girlfriends.”

John’s face showed his confusion. How could women think of cooking at a time like this? Spices? Recipes?What the hell was Candy talking about? Women were so difficult to understand? John chuckled and kissed Candy’s nose with post coital tenderness. What the hell he thought, that was the hottest sex he’d ever had. If Candy could cook too, hey that would be a bonus.