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She Needs to be Disciplined

The gorgeous lover needs to be reminded who’s boss…
I glance yet again at my wrist and it’s just past nine. I’ve been anxiously pacing the floor for twenty minutes.

“Damn!” I say to myself, “I told her 8:30.”

I’m not angry, just extremely disappointed. I may not see her again for weeks and we have but four hours to spend…now it's hardly even three. The time we have to spend together is few and far between as it is; I hate wasting even one minute of it. Another text arrives.

On my way
which room please?

I tell her to hurry up, asking what her ETA is. She informs me it’ll be another 20 minutes. I realize how hard my cock gets whenever she responds like she has, another “Yes Sir!” in the body of her text.

A thought immediately occurs to me: it’s not right that she’s kept me waiting today. She needs to be disciplined. Immediately my mind clicks into overdrive. I have but a few minutes to get things prepared. I'll be ready when she walks in the door.

No sooner have I put the last item into the drawer when I hear her tentative knock. And there she is, my beautiful, shapely, sexy MILF! I grab her hand, pulling her aggressively inside while securing the lock on the door. She has always regarded herself as plain and simple, dressed here in her soccer Mom outfit, but I love how she looks: tight black yoga pants, a colorful, clingy Dri-Tech top, a tight little black jacket and sneakers.

She is so damn beautiful. She stands before me completely straight - like military straight - with her shoulders pulled back. Her hands are clasped together behind her back and her head is down, chin resting on her chest. And there she is: my lover, my sub. I move in front of her, placing my hand on her chin, drawing her head up, beckoning her to look at me. Her eyes pop open and my mouth covers hers as I take her round, finely toned ass in my hands. A couple of minutes pass before I release her, both of our hearts pounding wildly in our chests as we savor the deep, wet kisses.

“Oh, how I’ve missed you, baby!” I whisper, our eyes locked onto each other's.

“I’ve missed you more !” she hisses. “And, I’ve got a surprise for you...” A stunning smile spread across her sassy lips. “’ll need to give me a few minutes!” She's lost through the bathroom door before I can even respond.

We’re a rather complicated pair, the two of us. Married to spouses that are, at best, indifferent, but the more apt description is probably negligent. So, because our spouses don’t care to do so, she and I attend to each other's needs. We do it perfectly, if not constantly. I’ve always wanted a woman who was into me, who needed me. I want a woman who responds to my touch and, at least at times, with some sense of urgency. She, on the other hand, is a simply gorgeous creature and she doesn’t even know it. She has always wanted a man who was attentive, giving, grateful for the woman he had, passionate. She also realized that she likes a man who takes control, who dominates her, taking her places even her imagination couldn’t conjure up. We found all of this and more in each other. I love her and she loves me, as much and as often as time will allow...

I play out in my head what will transpire in the coming minutes, my mind locked onto my plan. Soon she’s standing beside me. She’s wearing a very sexy raspberry and black baby doll accented in black lace trim, partially see-through. Her legs are encased in black stockings with garters tied to them. Her outfit is topped off with high heels and her breathtaking smile.

“Holy fuck, baby, you look absolutely gorgeous!” She closes her eyes in disbelief. I reach for her hair, gathered behind her head, and pull it hard, bringing her lips once again to mine. I affirm her again, trying to convince her how ravishing she looks. As I untie her hair, allowing it to drop on down to her shoulder blades, our tongues dance together. My other hand has found the deep crevice of her awe-inspiring ass, my long fingers greedily reaching for her sex. By the time I release her she is literally panting.

"Stand still and close your eyes!" I demand and I hear her whisper it again.

“Yes, Sir!”

My blood boils in my veins every time I hear that sultry response. Her breathing is ragged as I return from the dresser and a low moan passes her lips when I slide the blindfold over her already closed eyes, her teeth clenching down onto her bottom lip. She looks amazing. I take her hand and together we navigate across the room.

"Don't move!" I say, letting go of her hand. She can hear me sliding furniture around. I place my hand on her shoulder and bend her at the waist, pushing her down until her chest is lying across the tall cushioned bench, her head draped over the edge and hanging down. I stand behind her and spread her legs some four feet wide and she begins to gasp in anticipation. I quickly grab each of her ankles, putting them into the newly purchased restraints then securing them to the legs of the desk behind her. She moans again when I peel her soaking wet G string down her bound legs to mid-thigh. Unfortunately it is as far as they’re able to go. I pull a knife from my jeans and cut it off. Nothing is getting in my way today!

"You were late!" My voice is loud, my open hand louder as it hits her ass cheeks with several hard slaps. Her shocked legs and bottom grow more tense with each swat. Her body and her head jerk into the air.

I move in front of her, carefully securing her wrists then binding them to the legs of the bench. Damn! She looks so fucking delicious. Quickly I remove all of my clothes. I can tell right away that her clothing, though slut-city hot, are going to be nothing but in the way. I take the base of her outfit and peel it up her body until her entire back is bare and her neck is covered with the silky material.

“That’s better!” I say as I survey my handiwork. Damn, this woman looks stunning! My cock, swollen, dripping and bobbing up and down, has inadvertently and repeatedly brushed against the side of her face as I was adjusting her clothes. In her blindfolded, tied-down state, she is reaching unsuccessfully to capture it between her lips. A smile crosses my face as I decide a little bit of teasing is in order. With cock in hand, I allow it to graze across her cheeks and lips as she blindly searches for the tip. She’s growing exasperated until I forcefully fist her hair, raising her head up. Soon I’m painting her flush cheeks with the pre-cum that's oozing from the tip. I could come so damn easy right now. I begin tapping her mouth with the mushroom head, making her shiny lips even glossier.

“Is this what you’re looking for, baby?” I say, pulling her head higher, then slapping her face with my dick. I continue to play with her as the urgency on her face looks almost frantic. I finally slide my cock past her desperate lips. She groans triumphantly as I bury myself to the back of her throat and begin to thrust inside of her. I can’t take much more of this and quickly pull on out.

“Not yet due time!” I love toying with her.

She starts to give me a whiny attitude as soon as her mouth is empty. I will have none of this. Quickly I walk to the dresser and return, silk necktie in hand.

“Quiet down, slut; you’ll get what you need when I’m good and ready!” I hiss, using her whining as another reason to wrap my tie around her neck, slide it into her mouth and tie it tight.

“Good suck on that for a while!”

Her complaining turns to compliance and excitement as she sucks the material into her mouth. This is the first time I’ve ever gagged her.

It’s unclear whether her moaning is in defiance of having a cock-less mouth, being gagged or that she’s just over the top horny. In spite of my lack of clarity I’m on the move until I’m standing behind her once again. She is one sight to behold and the sweet smell of her sex has filled the air. I look down and hear her smooth ass calling out to me. I start off slowly, pounding her flesh hard with the palm of my hand, alternating between her cheeks. Her body is bucking now, struggling against the ties as her body twitches with each stinging blow. I stop when my hand begins to burn and look down at her ass. It is beautiful, painted in a dark crimson glow and indelibly marked by the outline of my hand.

“I don’t like it when you’re late!” I bend over and whisper in her ear, my hand on her butt for balance. Her ass feels flaming hot. She just submissively nods and I hear an exasperated, “Yes, Sir!”

"I expect you to obey me, to do exactly what I say, every fucking time!" I growl as my hand moves down and finds her sex. She is drenched. She spits out the sluttiest moan I've ever heard in my life when I begin to ruthlessly spank her dripping box. Her muffled screams announce the arrival of her first come until at last she explodes all over my hand. Her body quivers and shakes for minutes on end as I continue to play with her clit.

“Damn honey, you are so wet!” She can sense the pleasure in my voice. I love making her drip and getting her off.

“Hmmmmmmm, yes I am!”

“I love it when you’re dripping like this,” I say as I drop to me knees. “It makes me so damn hungry. Do you mind?” I tease as I lean forward and look up into her lovely, dripping cunt.

“No, Sir....I am all yours. All that I am, all that I want, all that I’ll ever...”

I cut her short as my long rigid tongue lunges into her depths until I hear her gasp. First I lap at the length of her dripping gash, slowly moving back and forth through her sweet groove, working her into a frenzy. Next I take her hard little nub into my mouth and suck down hard on it until finally taking it between my teeth, and bite down. This makes her squeal even louder. I slide my tongue through her musky groove once more then replace it with my fingers. As I find her G spot and begin to finger fuck her, the tip of my tongue begins to explore her body. She jerks wildly when my tongue glides across her perineum and slowly heads north. I can hear her breathing grow ever deeper. When I find her tiny, puckered hole and lightly comb over it, it naturally flexes, trying to close tight. Her body once again surrenders to me, coming and screaming as I work her over, giving her tight little asshole the tongue bath it deserves. She’s hyperventilating now, almost to the point of fainting. She groans when I pull away from her limp body.

"Don't worry baby, I'm not half done with you yet."

I return from the dresser and stand behind her again. Her fit body yanks on the restraints when she feels the cool, wet lube slowly drizzle onto her back, down the crack of her ass and onto her pussy. Unbeknownst to her I am also preparing the new toy I purchased, holding it above her backside.

"I've got another surprise for you baby,” I croon. I slide a slippery finger into her tightest hole as she arches her back and moans.


“Is that good honey? Yeah...I knew you’d like that, but that’s not it. Would you like your present now?”

Before she has a chance to respond I place my cock at the entrance to her hot slit and shove it inside her cunny. She is writhing in ecstasy as I fuck both of her holes. Muffled groans have filled the room. She is so tight and wet, so fucking delicious. Damn! I want to come but have some things in store for her first. She groans loudly again when I pull out of her.

“Patience my pet, patience!” I say as I move in front of her again. “You’re about to receive your present...” I lean over her, the long lubed anal bead stick in hand, and place the glossy tip in the center of her brown hole. Her body is perfectly silent and still, waiting for the unknown. She gasps as inch by incredible inch slowly sinks from view. When five or six inches have been buried inside her, she finally responds.

“Ohhhhh gawwwdddd!!!” is all she says, and it spews from her lips over and over again. Slowly the toy is drawn out and then shoved back inside. In and out it moves through her ass, her body responding loudly to the new sensations. I untie her mouth and she thinks it’s a green light to talk.

“Oh, thank you, Sir. I love my...”

I silence her immediately, filling her mouth with six inches of rigid man meat. She acts like she hasn’t eaten in months, feasting up and down on my cock, gliding her tongue expertly down the length of its belly. Damn, this woman can sure suck cock! She devours me, showing me just how much she loves it, yearning for yet another load of my hot cum. Blow jobs excite her so much she can come from sucking on me alone, without even being touched. I decide to give her a little bit of freedom. I untie her left hand and order her to play with her pussy. Her fingers find her steamy gash and now every one of her holes is filled. Seconds later her sexy little body is convulsing as she comes again.

I decide that it’s finally my turn. Soon her loud, cock-sucking moans are replaced by the sound of anxious gagging. I push my dick even deeper until the tip has bottomed out in the back of her throat. Her body is squirming. It’s obviously too much so I back out of her mouth amidst her loud, protesting groans.

“That’s my girl!” I say. “You want more and you’re begging for it. What a wonderfully delicious little slut you are!” She just moans her appreciation as I push between her lips and she sucks away on my cock again. I alternate between making it comfortable for her and pressing in way too deep. She’s passing her class in Deep Throating 101 with flying colors until finally I can’t hold back.

“I’m going to come babe; don’t you dare miss a drop!” and with that I release an hour’s worth of pent up tension. One hand is still reaming her ass with the toy as the other has a tight hold of her hair, moving her head up and down hard as her sumptuous lips milk every drop from my tip. I can see her left arm frantically moving as her fingers plow into her wet slit. She lets out a satisfying moan as my cum begins to pour into her mouth while her cum flows over her hand. I jerk her head back, pulling my cock from her mouth, and stare into her eyes.

“You’re a quick learner my beautiful slut. You have pleased your Master!” I lean down and kiss her deeply, tasting my cum on her lips.

She smiles that stunningly sexy smile and coos, “Thank you Sir. It was my pleasure.”

“Yes, well now it’s time for mine!” I say, throwing her onto the bed. I stand beside the bed and pull off her remaining clothes. I crawl on top, slipping my tongue and cock inside of her. Several minutes later we’re all-out fucking, covered in sticky, warm sweat, and she’s on the verge again. I love how she gasps uncontrollably whenever she comes.

“Oh yes, OH YES! OH FUCK!!!!” she spits and then lets out a loud wail, riding out her come as I pound her lithe, beautiful body. Exhausted I roll off of her and we’re both panting, trying to catch our breath. I’m not done, rising to my knees, positioned next to her face. She gives me a knowing smile. Soon she is sucking her tangy pussy cream from my raging cock.

“Good girl, that’s perfect,” I say as I pull from between her lips. “Now get on your knees!” I grab the toy again, lube it up and push her face into the pillow. I slowly insert the beads again, moving them in and out as she moans her approval just as my cock slides into her cunt. You can sure tell she loves it when I fuck both of her holes. I want to come again, but not now, not like this. Pulling the toy from her ass and my cock out of her, I sprinkle the lube all over my shaft and thoroughly work it in.

“You’ve been bad!” I say tersely, bringing the tip of my cock to her puckered hole. Her body visibly tenses as I tap on it. I look down and she is white knuckling the sheets, her breath once again ragged, just waiting to be taken.

“And you... you do need to be disciplined!” I spit as I grab her hips and slowly push inside of her, past her tightened rim, on through her gasping moans, until at last I am completely buried inside of her and own her ass. But, I need to make it official.

“This is no longer his!” I bark to my married lover as I begin to really pound her hard.









“It is for my pleasure alone! Do you hear me?” I bark as I rise up on one knee, positioning to ram her even deeper.

“Yes Sir!” she moans. She may think I’m just saying this in the heat of passion but nothing could be further from the truth. I am dead, fucking serious. Her old man is a dick. And I never again want him to have what is mine.

“Don’t ever let him near you. He’s never to slide inside your backdoor again...Understood?!” I shout as my hand comes down several times and pounds her ass cheek.

“Yes Sir, my ass is now yours and yours alone, I understand Sir!” she says through hallowed breath as I continue loosing myself in her sweet, tight hole. I’m sporting a big, satisfied smile as I feel another drop of sweat roll down my cheek...

We shower together and, after thoroughly cleaning each other up, she drops to her knees.

She looks up at me as only she can do, her left hand petting my balls, the other holding firmly onto my engorged cock, stroking it gently while pointing it at her lips.

“Would you mind, Sir?” she teases and flicks her tongue at the tip.

I simply close my eyes in response and my head automatically falls back. I’m leaning against the cool wall as her beautiful mouth engulfs me. Soon her hands are on my ass cheeks, pulling me deeper inside her sultry mouth and my hips are bucking forward. I’m not sure if she’s sucking me off or if I’m fucking her face but soon she is slurping another load of my hot, thick cum into her sweet mouth and down her throat.

As our time draws to an end, we stand in the middle of the room, the last of our clothes now back on. I pull her one last time into my arms, taking her mouth by storm. Our hours of passion have come to a close and neither of us can stand the thought of leaving the room. As I open the door and she hesitantly slides past me across the threshold, she looks back at me and melts me with her gorgeous smile.

Damn, I want to take her again. My head follows her down the hall. I can’t get enough of her sweet ass, sexily swaying as I watch her walk away.

“See you soon, baby!” I quietly say. She turns slowly...dramatically, displaying her rocking body one more time.

“Yes, you will!” Then, with her face wrapped in her sexy, sassy grin, she says,”And I will be late!”

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