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She Surprised Me (Part 6)

Why Stop Now?
I could not believe I was actually going to do this. Here I was, not a half hour ago, lying naked on my bed, partially covered by a sheet. I had just let my step-daughter Amanda's best friend Jessica perform oral sex on me. And if that wasn't enough, Jessica had convinced me to release. She let me have an orgasm in her mouth, releasing everything I had built up, and she finished it off by swallowing almost everything.

What little that her small, sixteen year old teenage mouth wasn't able to capture, she had simply wiped off her face with her hand and the bed sheet. I stared at her in amazement and shock as she smiled and left the bedroom to go clean her face up and wash her mouth out after I'd exploded.

And much to my shock and amazement, after this act had concluded, my step-daughter announced to me, leaving me speechless, that she wanted to have sex with me. This was, by far, the craziest night I could have imagined. It was not anything I had predicted, suspected, or would have ever thought could happen.

Yet here I was, in the garage, ready to leave, when Jessica told me that after Amanda and I were done, she wanted to, "Finish what we'd started." I was stunned.

"You want to have sex with me? Even knowing that Amanda will have done it for her first time?" I said in shock.

"Yes," Jessica said with a laugh. "Amanda wants to watch."

I was stunned. As I just shook my head, I announced I was going to the store (I wasn't really expecting this to happen) to get a box of condoms, and I'd be back.

"We'll be here," Jessica said with a smile.

I was gone about a half hour. And in returning, I half expected this to simply not happen. I hadn't really gotten my hopes up. After all, this was my sixteen year old step-daughter. This was her best friend, an amazingly cute and petite young girl. And I was horny as hell, even considering what I'd done. But in reality, I didn't think this could possibly happen.

I wasn't sure I wanted it to. I considered the repercussions, the potential fallout and the response that "might" or "might not" come out of it after it happened.

Until I walked into the house and found Jessica and Amanda sitting in the living room talking.

They turned their heads when I walked in. I looked at Amanda. I saw her face was red. She was blushing from whatever her and Jessica had just talked about. Then I glanced at Jessica.

She looked at me, glanced at Amanda, nodded her head, and smiled. And I felt my heart start beating faster than it had in as long as I could remember.

Amanda looked at me, her face red, glanced at the bag in my hand, and said with a giggle, "Presents?"

I just laughed. "You could say that," I said.

I opened the bag and dropped a box of condoms on the table next to the couch. Then I reached back into the bag and pulled out something else that made Amanda and Jessica's eyes bug out. It was a bottle of heated body gel and lotion, used to heat up different body parts.

Jessica looked at me with her eyes big. She glanced at Amanda. And finally Amanda spoke.

"Is that what I think it is?" she said.

I smiled. "Yep. Interested?" 

Jessica responded, "Fuck yes. I am too."

I had to laugh. I looked back at Amanda. "Well, I thought it'd be different. That's all."

Amanda looked at Jessica. Glanced at me. And finally said, hesitating, "Should we go back upstairs?"

"No. Why not stay here? The living room is bigger. If you're okay with that?" I responded.

Jessica looked at Amanda, glanced at me, and said, "You need to be careful and make sure you don't make a mess."

"I know," I said.

Jessica left without saying anything. She walked into the other room, so I took a moment to say something to Amanda.

"Are you sure about this? Are you absolutely certain about this?" I said.

Amanda stared at me and responded without a word. She just simply reached down and pulled her shirt off. I stood there in my jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, dressed, staring at her bra. I felt my dick get hard.

Amanda just stood there, her face growing redder, and simply pulled her shorts off, staring at me as she did it, and stepped out of them. She was standing in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of peach colored bikini underwear and a matching bra. Goddamn, I was getting so fucking worked up and horny, I could almost feel my knees shaking.

So goddamn sexy. So wrong. So taboo. So dirty. My stepdaughter. And how I wanted to fuck her in ways that I'd never experienced. And do things that she would remember always.

At that moment, I saw Jessica walk into the room with some sheets and blankets that she dropped on the floor.

Jessica looked at me, glanced at Amanda, glanced back at me, and said with a giggle, "What's taking you so long? I figured that you'd be naked by now."

Amanda looked at me. She didn't say anything. She just stared at me, standing there in my clothes. So I took the first step and unbuckled my belt. I then pulled up my shirt and took it off and dropped it to the floor. I figured I might as well keep going, so I unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down after I'd kicked off my tennis shoes.

I was standing in front of Jessica and Amanda, topless, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and socks.

When I walked up to Amanda and stopped, I was standing no more than a foot away, nearly touching her. I could feel her body heat radiating off her, and I could feel her tenseness next to me. I gently reached out, and pulled her towards me.

She pushed against me. I felt her boobs push against my chest. And I slid my mouth against her, pulling her against my body, pushing my hard dick against her underwear. And then I kissed her.

I glanced at Jessica, saw her back off, and sit on the couch not more than five feet away from where we were in the middle of the living room. She just sat there silently, watching, saying nothing at all, her eyes wide in amazement. I don't think she thought I would actually carry through with it.

Amanda and I continued to kiss. It grew harder, more passionate, more intense, and my dick grew bigger in my boxers. I made the decision to finally take the next step.

I reached around Amanda's petite teenage body, moving my hands down the middle of her back, and I unsnapped her bra. I heard Jessica gasp.

I looked at her. "What's the matter?" 

"I don't mean to sound creepy. But holy Jesus does Amanda have amazing sexy fucking boobs," Jessica said.

I had just removed her bra, and hadn't even had a chance to glance down. I finally did.

And God was Jessica right. Amanda had an amazingly sexy chest. A set of boobs that immediately made my hands wander down her neck, graze her nipples, cup her boobs, and cause me to lean down and put one in my mouth.

Amanda gasped.

I pulled back. "Are you okay?" 

"Oh God. That was amazing. That felt just so amazing. I'm sorry. I just kinda freaked. You can do that again if you want," Amanda said.

So I did just that. I was sucking on her nipple, cupping her other boob, and pushing against her gently, not trying to get too carried away.

I stood up and gently reached down, pulling Amanda's peach colored bikini underwear off her petite teenage body. Looking at her, I took a half-step back and stood there, my dick throbbing in my boxer shorts, staring at her.

I glanced at the bottle of body gel on the table next to the couch. I glanced back at Amanda and she looked at me, responding with just one word.

"Yes," she said.

I grabbed the bottle and unscrewed the cap. I reached over and set it and the bottle on the table. 

Walking up to Amanda slowly, I gently lowered her to the floor. She was laying there and I could not stop staring. Petite, small chest, amazingly sexy, and, glancing down between her petite thighs, a mound of blonde/brown pubic hair between her legs. God how I could not stop staring.

I finally reached up, grabbed the bottle of body gel, and I dumped some of it into my hands. I lowered myself down to the sheets on the floor, and, staring at her neck, began rubbing it on Amanda's naked body. Slowly, moving down her body, I coated her. I covered her small round boobs. I covered her nipples. I put some on her stomach. And I stopped.

I moved upwards to her mouth. I started kissing her. I started licking the body gel on her naked body. I started sucking her nipples. I began blowing on the body gel, heating it up.

She gasped.

I looked at her. And she responded with just one word. "Please."

I continued to move lower. I rubbed the body gel on her small, flat stomach. She gasped. I put more into my hands, and I rubbed it lower across her pubic area. And then I covered her mound of pubic hair with it.

Amanda thrust her body upwards, the gel heating up her teenage naked body. I had gel on my hands and as she moved upwards, I gently applied it right between her legs on her pubic hair.

She thrust upwards again, gasping.

And as she moved, I went down between her petite teenage thighs, put my mouth right on her teenage pussy, and I slid my tongue up against her virgin lips.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God," Amanda moaned and gasped.

I pushed her gently back down to the sheets on the floor. And I spread her legs.

Slowly, gently, I did it again. I inserted my tongue against the lips of her virgin teenage vagina. I kissed it as she gasped. I licked it as she gasped. I inserted it inside her. And I felt her thrust upwards one more time.

"Oh God. I'm having an orgasm. Please don't stop touching me down there. Please. Keep going," Amanda said as she had another massive body shaking orgasm.

To be continued...

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