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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

when Frank catches his little brother and his girlfriend making out, he decides to have some fun
"So dickweed, you and what's her name make it yet?" Frank asked. Alan said nothing and kept reading his French assignment. Frank persisted, "how about it? You finally get to slip that pitiful little excuse for a cock to her?"

Alan's brow furrowed and his lips pursed, "Shut up." He muttered, turning the page before he'd finished reading it. 

"What's the matter? Can't find it without a microscope? Or you just can't get it up without thinking about how much you wish she was a guy?" 

Alan looked up scowling. "Fuck off douche-bag!" 

Frank grinned wolfishly. "Hey don't sweat it little bro. I'm sure she'll understand when you tell her you're a homo." 

"I said fuck off!" 

Still grinning, Frank ruffled Alan's hair. Alan felt his cheeks burning. Frank's eyes gleamed with casual hate. "Later sis," he muttered before heading out of the room. 

Alan stared at him as he left, his mind buzzing with rage. His buttons weren't easily pushed, but Frank knew how to push them better than anyone. He waited for the sound of the sliding door to the living room. Gone. Thank god. He had the house the to himself for a few hours at least. 

After a few more seconds had passed he pulled out his phone, and typed: “Hey. What’s up?” Scrolling through the contacts he found Amy’s name and hit send. A moment later his phone chirped back. 

“Not much. How ‘bout you?” 

He smiled to himself as he read, already feeling himself cool off. He had no problem with texting but as far as he was concerned, incoherent text speak like “nm” and “u” and “plz” was for illiterates. Amy was of the same opinion. It was a tiny thing but it was one of dozen tiny things that he liked about her. Starting to love about her. Puppy love maybe, but love.

“Parents are out. House is empty. Want to hang out?”

“What about the toad?”

“Just left.”

“Okay. I’ll be there in ten.”

“I’ll be waiting.”


“He sounds terrible,” Amy said, running her finger over the DVDs by Alan’s TV. Alan was stretched out on the queen-sized bed, quietly admiring her shape from behind. He loved the way her short, dark hair cupped around her ears. The way her pale neck vanished down her shirt. The way just a hint of her butt poked out of her jeans as she bent in front of the DVD rack. 

“He is,” Alan said. “Frank’s spent the past sixteen years I’ve been alive thinking up ways to make me miserable. He’s a certifiable nightmare.” 

“What’s his problem anyway?” she asked, as she pulled a DVD off the rack –Tarantino, she really was perfect! 

“Hmmmm, who knows? I used to try to figure it out. Is he jealous I stole his mommy when he was three? Is he jealous that I’m smarter and do better in school? Nowadays my theory is that he’s just a sadist, plain and simple.” 

“So you think he gets off on it? Kinky.” 

Alan stuck his tongue out, “Eck! Don’t even joke about that! Sickens me just to imagine it!” 

Amy giggled as she stood back up and started towards the bed. The front of her was even better news than the back. A face best described as cute as a button, with wide brown eyes, a tiny nose and pink, always grinning lips. Her form was petite but curvy in the right places, a full C-cup chest, hidden beneath a black REM t-shirt, a flat stomach and slender legs and hips. 

She sat down beside him cross-legged, her knees resting on her bare feet. He shifted up to meet her. Even after a month of dating it still thrilled him to be so close to her. The warmth of her body next to his, the smell of the strawberry shampoo in her hair. His heart started beating faster. 

Within five minutes of the movie starting neither of them were paying much attention to it. They were much more interested in each other. Her lips pressed against his, tongues rolling in each other’s mouths. His hands slipped over her denim-clad thigh, up her shirt and landed on the fabric of her bra where he felt her nipple stiffen under his touch. Sighing, she grabbed hold of his head firmly and raked her nails down his back. At this point neither of them heard the sliding door open. 

His hands began to creep up from her waist, pushing her shirt up as they went. Amy raised her arms and let it slip over her head, revealing the purple brassiere holding her c-cup breasts beneath. She eagerly tugged eagerly at his clothes, pulling the faded Dropkick Murphys shirt off of his scrawny, adolescent body. They did not hear the door slide shut nor the footsteps shuffling across the living room and down the hall. 

Alan buried his face in the nape of her neck as he worked at the hooks of her bra. Fumbling, sweaty, shaking fingers tugging and pushing. Seconds passed. Amy giggled sweetly. “Need a hand?” 

“I’ve got it!” Alan said half laughing himself. One hook unlatched. “There we go!” he said, prying at the next one. Then several things happened very quickly. First Amy’s body became tense and stiff in his arms. He was about to ask if she was all right when she muttered what sounded like “Oh my god!” Then she screamed. A short, high pitched squeak and with it she pulled violently backwards and fell to the bed. A split second later there was a loud thud from behind him as the door slammed against the wall. A very perplexed Alan whirled around to see what was going on. Standing in the doorway, grinning devilishly as he held up his cell phone was Frank. 

“Hi little brother!” he called, before descending into guffaws of laughter.


“Frank! Get the fuck out of here!” Alan roared, lamely shifting his body to block Amy’s from his brother’s view. Amy had tugged the covers of the bed up to cover her breasts and was peeking out from over Alan’s shoulder. 

“Piss off you fucking pervert!”she shrieked. 

Frank stood nonchalantly in the doorway, smiling as he looked into the screen of his phone. “Please don’t mind me, this is beautiful! Keep going! It’s getting good!” 

In an instant Alan saw red. The world actually took on a dark crimson hue and he was on his feet in a flash, charging at his older brother. In his mind’s eye he saw exactly what he was going to do: grab the phone, smash it to the floor, then rain down punches on Frank’s face enough times to wipe that hateful fucking grin off his face forever. He took two leaping strides towards him when his “plan” suddenly fell apart. 

Without evening looking up, Frank swung his clenched fist. It collided squarely with Alan’s testicles. The force stopped him dead in his tracks. There was delay of perhaps two seconds in which all he could do was stare down at his body, waiting for the pain. Then it was there. A dull, aching throb that started in his testes and welled up into his gut, pulsing and becoming more intense as it went. He hunched his shoulders, as his vision became a watery blur. A shocked groan poured out of his mouth, “Awwww!” 

“Sorry about that bro, here why don’t you sit down for a little while.” Frank raised his hand to Alan’s bare chest and shoved him backwards forcefully. Alan’s knees bent and gave way. He rushed towards the carpet and collapsed in a heap. His hands groped his poor, hurt groin, a low moan of pain escaping his throat. From the bed he heard Amy gasping, “Quit it dipshit! Just leave us alone!” 

Looking up, through his tears of agony and rage, Alan saw Frank looming over him. A lean, muscular, wrestler’s build. Brown hair, with frosted tips gelled up into spikes on his head, a barbwire tattoo poking out of the sleeve of his Hollister T-shirt. And the fucking grin. He seemed to summarize everything Alan hated. 

He reached up to grasp the goddamn phone, hoping the gesture was not as pathetic as it felt, but far too slowly. Frank pulled it out of his reach easily. With effort he was able to get his knees. As he looked up he realized he was now about to beg. His stomach lurched with lingering pain. “Asshole, just get out of here! Please!” 

Frank looked down at him as if noticing him for the first time. He shrugged “Oookay, I’ll just go. Got a great little movie here already. So good, I bet mom and dad will love it.” He turned towards the hall. Cold horror surged into Alan’s body as realization dawned. 

“Hey, wait!” he shouted. 

“Alan…stop hi-!” 

“I bet!” Frank overrode her, turning back to look at Amy, “That they like it so much, that they’ll want to share it with your parent’s too!” He started back out, moving with deliberate slowness. 

Amy shot Alan a panicked glance. Agitation was turning to fear in her face. “Alan….” she muttered sheepishly. 

“Frank!” Alan called, crawling to his feet. Standing made the pain surge once more, through his crotch and stomach again, but more mildly now. He winced a little as he took half a step forward. Frank paused and looked back at him curiously. “You…you wouldn’t really show that to them would you?” 

Frank shrugged. “Why shouldn’t I?” Alan could feel his teeth grinding. Frank had them perfectly in his grasp. 


“Give me a reason not to.” 

“I’ve got fifty bucks in my wallet.” Alan said, realizing as he spoke he was close to tears. He loathed having Amy see him like this. Worse, she was in it too now. He felt responsible for the entire catastrophe. 

Frank seemed to consider the offer deeply, or as close to deeply as he could muster. Then he shook his head. “Nah! I’ve got money, I’d rather show it to Mom and Dad!” 

“What the hell do you want?!” Cried Amy fiercely from the bed. Both boys turned to look at her. She was on her knees on the far side of the mattress, the blanket wrapped firmly over her chest with her bare arms. There was a moment of silence and in that moment Alan felt something close to dread welling up in his throat. He saw a look come over Frank’s face, hungry and predatory smile. 

“What do I want? Hmmm…. You.”


“Me?! What the fuck does that mean?!” Amy asked hotly. 

“It means” Frank said, every bit as cool as she was hot, “that I wanna help you guys out. I saw you fumbling all over the bra bro. You’re making fucking rookie mistakes. I wanna show you how to do it right. All of it. I mean, he can’t be all that satisfying for you…uh…what’s your name?” 

“Amy, moron! So you mean…you expect me to…you want me…you fucking pig!” She grabbed the nearest pillow and sent it sailing through the air, letting a few inches of cleavage slip out from behind the sheet as she did. It spun end over end, straight past Frank’s head and landed in the hall. 

Alan moved before he knew he was doing it. He blinked and he was holding Frank’s collar, fist raised, and blood pumping so hard it seemed to rattle his teeth. Frank was for an instant caught off guard. He was still smiling but his eyes widened in surprise and when he spoke there were an edge in his voice. “Try it! Come on pussy, just swing at me. Make it count though, cause after you do I’ll kick your ass so hard your clothes will bleed. Then I’ll send mom and dad the video after I send it to the entire wrestling team.” 

Alan’s body shook. His fist trembled. It took every ounce of restraint in his body not to let it fly. He still might have if Amy hadn’t called out from behind him. 

“Alan, don’t!” 

He exhaled slowly and gradually released his grip on Frank’s shirt. He took two steps back until he felt the bed frame behind his legs. He stared his brother down. “You can’t really be serious about this.” 

Frank pursed his lips as he made a show of thinking it over. “Yeah I can. The way I see it, we all have two options. One, you guys don’t play ball. In which case our parents get upset, her parents get upset, you guys both get locked away for a few months in your rooms and are not allowed to see each other, and no one has any fun. Two, you guys do play ball. No one is upset, no one’s in trouble and…two of us have fun.” He smirked. “Seems like a no brainer to me guys.” 

“Uck!” Amy groaned. “How can you live with yourself being so disgusting?!” 

“Just lucky. But hey, I’m not twisting anyone’s arm. It’s your call.” 

There was another moment of long silence that hung over the room. Finally Amy sighed. “And…you’ll delete the video?” 

Alan looked up at her in amazement. “Amy! Don’t say you actually are considering this!” Ice was pouring through his veins. He felt drunk. The world had become a surreal nightmare. 

“Alan,” she said, he voice miserable and defeated. “We can’t let him show that video to our parents. You…you know that. Maybe it won’t…. be so bad.” she looked up sharply at Frank, eyes flashing with a glimmer of defiance, “but just this once right? After this it’s over and done with.” 

He nodded, “Sure thing. One and done. So…we have a deal?” Silence hung thickly over the room. At last Amy spoke. 

“Whatever, sure… deal. Just remember… I’m willing but not…you now…enthusiastic or anything.” 

Frank snickered. “Oh I’m sure you’ll…come around. Have a seat little bro. Hope you enjoy the show.” 

“Fuck this!” Alan exclaimed, eyes darting wildly from his girlfriend to his brother. “No fucking way am I just gonna sit here and watch this crap!” He started towards the door, when Frank grabbed him roughly by the shoulder. 

“Yes. You will. You’re going to it right there at your desk, you’re gonna watch and you’re gonna fuckinglearn.” 

Alan looked past him to Amy. She shrugged, “come one Alan. I’ll bet with you here this limp-dick won’t be able to do much. Besides…If I’ve got to suffer, maybe you should to.” 

Alan’s head swiveled helplessly from one to the other. He was trapped. There was no other course but to give in. Cheeks hot, head pounding, he walked to his desk. “Oh, I’ll suffer all right,” he muttered, sitting down hard. 

“Alright!” Frank exclaimed, clapping his hands together. “Boys and girls class is in session!”


Amy had retreated to the back of the bed, keeping the blanket over her body. Frank moved across the room, pulling his shirt off and kicking away his sandals as he did. He stood beside the bed as he took hold of the blanket. “Ok, so let’s just have a look shall we?” he said, tugging it down. Amy let it fall away, revealing her bra locked breasts. 

“Mmmm, very nice,” Frank murmured, leering. His hands went to the sides of her stomach and slid up her body. They cupped over them and began to squeeze. Amy’s face contorted. Watching, Alan felt like throwing up. 

“My, my, these are nice aren’t they? Hmm, like ripe peaches,” Frank said, kneading them with his fingertips. “Okay numb nuts, this is how you take a bra off, since I saw you couldn’t do it.” 

His hands slithered around her back, a second later the straps of her fell forward. Amy shifted her shoulders and Alan watched as her breasts, perfect, white orbs topped by light pink nipples tumbled out. “Oh, you are a lucky guy Alan,” Frank said, lightly running his fingers over them. His thumbs rolled over her areolas, Amy’s face twitched. 

She whimpered softly but sharply, “Mmn!” Her eyes shot over to Alan and in her eyes he saw a flash of deep concern. Her cheeks flushed. “Lay back, get comfy baby,” Frank directed, nudging her backwards. As instructed Amy laid her head against the pillow. Frank crawled onto the bed and leaned over her. From his seat Alan had a perfect view as he bent forward and started to kiss her neck. Amy’s face twisted again and Alan once more felt his stomach roll. 

Frank’s lips made their way down her body, pecking at her breasts. His tongue extended, snake like from his mouth and spun over nipple, before he took the entire thing into his lips. 

“Ah! This is so weird!” Amy exclaimed. Alan squirmed and clenched his teeth. Digging his nails into his palm as he watched.

“Just relax,” Frank said calmly as he moved his attention to her other tit. Amy’s eyes closed. Alan thought he her gasp softly. 

Frank looked up, “Mmm, so, has the loser eaten your pussy yet?”

“Oh goddamnit Frank!” Alan growled 

“Shut up. Well has he?” 

Amy opened her eyes and soundlessly she shook her head. Frank chuckled, “What’s the matter with you Alan? Hate the taste of fish?” He started to creep down the bed, kissing her body as he went “I think,” He whispered, pulling his mouth off of her stomach. “That should put you in the right frame of mind. Here, let’s get these jeans off.” His fingers went to the clasp of her pants. 

“Oh my god,” she said, raising her hand to her face. The button popped open and Frank reached under the rim of her jeans and started pulling them down. Amy fidgeted, shifting her hips and lifted her butt off the mattress to let them slide off her legs. Frank tossed them aside and began to remove her underwear. 

Alan turned his head. Watching was killing him. His skull was pounding; gut was churning, teeth grinding into powder. But then he found himself looking back. Peeking a little at first, then turning his head to see. He didn’t want to see this, but morbid fascination made him. He’d never seen Amy, or any girl, totally naked, in person at least. Amy was his first serious girlfriend and over the month they’d been dating the progress they’d made was slow and measured. Neither of them were prudes, they’d just been taking it slow, progressing as their mutual levels of comfort built. They’d gotten as far as some under the clothes third base, and that had been fine with Alan. He knew that eventually they’d go further. 

But now here they were. He never expected it to be like this, never wanted it to be like this, hated that it was like this. But Amy was about to be totally naked, and while the mammal at the front of his brain told him to look away, the reptile in his brain stem made him watch. 

Frank pulled the panties down slowly over her thighs. Alan saw as the neatly trimmed patch of black hair between Amy’s legs came into view. Alan felt a battle going on between his body and his brain. Revulsion and arousal stirred and mixed chaotically. He gripped his thigh and dug his nails into his skin. After he’d gotten them off her Frank tossed the panties away. It looked like a casual move, but he must have been aiming, because the pair landed squarely in Alan’s lap. 

“Ooh, very nice,” Frank murmured, as he ran his fingers smoothly over the small sable patch of pubic hair. “Mmm, you keep it nice and neat for a high school girl.” 

Amy’s body shivered, “Um, thanks, I guess.” 

“Now spread your legs. Come on. There you go.” Frank nudged at her thighs. Hesitantly, Amy bent her knees and opened her legs until she was spread eagle. Alan could see her perfectly. 

Frank reached out and stroked her, gingerly, as one would pet the fur of a cat. She shivered again. 

“Hmm yes, very nice. I do believe she’s already wet Alan.” 

“I am not!” Amy snapped hotly. 

“Frank’s eyes gleamed. “Liar, liar.” She stared coldly at him for a moment, then looked away blushing. Frank snickered and lowered himself. “Let’s start,” he said, his voice breathy as he put his head between her legs, “by just…teasing…a little….” He opened his mouth and began to move his lips up Amy’s inner thigh. Alan could see his tongue darting out as he kissed is way along her leg, leaving a trail of saliva. Amy’s face was grimacing, though not in any discomfort that Alan could see. It looked like she was trying hard to keep focus on something. 

When he’d reached the apex of her leg, Frank began to do the same to the other. Licking and kissing her smooth skin with ease, finally he reached her soft pink cleft of flesh. Extending his tongue his tongue, he cast his eyes towards Alan and winked, before slowly running it up her slit. He started at the edge of the crack of her ass and moved it methodically upwards. As he did, Alan watched as Amy’s back arched up off the bed. Her eyes closed. “Oh! Oooh!” she moaned, her hands balling into fists, tugging at the sheet. Alan’s eyes widened in shock and he heard the sound of muffled laughter, as Frank laid his palms on her thighs and pushed them back so that her feet left the mattress.

Alan could only see part of his brother’s face buried in Amy’s pussy. His lips were locked onto her body, his cheeks undulating back and forth. He looked to her face. Her eyes were closed, mouth hanging open, breathing slow and steady.

Huh!” she gasped suddenly. Her arm reached quickly behind her head and grabbed hold of her pillow. Her face contorted and she started to moan. A high, broken sound almost like a whine of pain. “Aaaah... aw! Aaaaaw… ooh! Oh Shit!”

With her free hand she groped blindly, finally resting it on the back of Frank’s head, seeming to push him deeper into her.

Alan’s mouth fell open as he watched in disbelief as Amy’s body shuddered and twitched. “Jesus Amy. Are you… enjoying this?” he asked appalled.

“Mmmmn! I… I don’t want to… but -oh fuck! -... It feels soo good! Aw!”

“Mmhmm, and it tastes good too!” said Frank’s muffled voice.

“Don’t stop! Mmm, please don’t stop!” Amy begged breathily.

“For fuck sake Amy!” Alan groaned.

“I can’t help it!” she cried indignantly. “Uuuh, for such a creep… you - oh! – You sure do this good.”

Alan rolled his eyes in disbelief. Frank’s head bobbed up and down. Amy moaned, her head rolling on the pillow. She gripped her knees and pulled her legs up higher.

“I don’t freaking believe this,” muttered Alan.

“Sorry Alan, I’m…Oh! Awww!” Her back arched again and her breasts heaved out. Alan saw her toes curling as her legs shook. Her face twisted and her mouth opened wide. “Ah! Ah! AahFuck! Oh God! Huh! Huh, huh.”

Frank’s head moved faster as she road his tongue through her orgasm. Alan closed his eyes. It seemed to last forever. Finally she fell back to the mattress, cheeks burning red and brow sweaty, panting. Frank popped up from between her thighs. His lips were slick and grinning unbuckle. He wiped his chin as he rose to his knees. “Here, I got an idea.” He began to unbuckle his belt. Amy glanced over at Alan. He saw a gleam in he eyes. It looked like excitement.

“Isn’t this shit over yet?” he asked.

“Are you kidding?” Frank responded. Pulling down his shorts. “I said everything. The fun’s just starting little bro.”

His cock popped out from his boxers like it was spring-loaded. 10 inches easily, rock hard, the circumcised tip swollen to a deep purple. Alan felt own manhood shrivel. Amy’s eyes became very wide. Frank crawled up to the top of the bed and laid himself down, his hardon jutting upwards like an obelisk. “Now, straddle your legs around my head and pop that cock in your mouth. Let’s show this fucker how to ’69.”

“Oh, um… ok,” Amy said. She threw her gaze over to Alan and shrugged. She got to her hands and knees and crept cat like across the bed into position, gingerly maneuvering her legs around Frank’s head. Her petite form and fair skin stood in sharp contrast to her muscular, tanned body as she lowered herself. Her eyes were fixed on his crotch.

Alan was down and to the right of the foot of the bed and was nearly face to face with her. He watched as she tentatively wrapped fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him. She was leaned over, her face inches from the tip, seeming to examine it carefully. Frank’s hands appeared on her butt cheeks. She grunted and sighed softly. Then she looked up and stared Alan straight in the eye as she took the engorged tip into her mouth. Her cheeks puckered. Her head moved up and down, her hand pulling on the shaft.

The room filled with wet, slurping, sucking sounds. There were grunts and groans and animalistic whines as well as they devoured each other. Amy’s face was beet red as she tried to moan with her mouth full of cock. “Mmm! Nnn! Umm ghh!” She stroked him faster. Suddenly her head popped up eyes full of surprise. She giggled wildly. “Oooh God, did you, hehehe, oh man, are you… licking my ass?!”

“Mmmhmm” Frank murmured from far away.

“Hehehe, feels weird! Mmm,” she squealed with laughter, her butt wiggling as she lowered herself back down. Her tongue lapped playfully from her mouth around the tip before she bobbed back onto it. Her breasts hung and bounced and swayed from her body. Up and down her head went. Up and down, faster and faster. Taking him more and more into her mouth. Her ass flailed and squirmed and she grunted wildly.

“You don’t have to act so into it you know,” Alan said sourly. Amy ignored him. She pulled her lips from Frank’s cock and began to lick and kiss his balls as her hand pumped at his shaft. Her thumb circled the tip. Alan could hear Frank moaning from beneath her. “Oh! Uuuuh! Uuurm yea! Mmn!” Then Frank reached down her arm by the elbow. “Oh! Stop! Stop; ease up…” he panted. “Here, crawl off me,” he ordered, sounding out of breath. Obediently she released his member and swung her legs off of him. Frank shifted quickly to a sitting position. Amy’s body partially blocked him from view but Alan could still see Frank run his finger down her slit. “You’re dripping!” he exclaimed.

Amy tittered, the squeaked. Her eyes got big. “Oh! Oh my god! Hmm!” Craning his neck a little Alan could see Frank slipping his middle finger into her. His hand darted in and out as he slid his index finger in as well. Amy began to rock back and forth in rhythm with them. Frank’s hand moved faster and faster. Amy laid her weight on one hand, while the other grabbed hold of her breast, pinching and teasing her nipple.

Alan sat back grimly in his chair sulking. He stared intently at Amy’s face, wanting her to see him pouting. To see how upset he was, to remember he was there. When she did looked up, he there was at least some affection left in her face. Her eyes seem to plead with him. “Oh, don’t, huh, huh, please don’t hate me because it, huh, huh, feels good Alan. Awwww! Mmmm you know I wish it was yoooou! Mmm fuck!”

“Whatever.” Alan grumbled.

“God her pussy is so fucking tight dude!” Said Frank, his fingers pulsing in and out of her. “How old are you baby?”

“Uh, Si-Sixteen!”

“Heh, mmm, tight wet virgin vag, I love it! I’ll open it up a little for you bro.” Amy closed her eyes. “Oh shit! Mmm! I’m… I’m…”

“Hehe, gonna cum again baby? Mmm, that’s not nice. You shouldn’t cum in front of your boyfriend while his big brother finger fucks you,” Frank tittered. His fingers speared faster and harder. Amy’s face contorted, she bit her lip. She grabbed the sheets hard.

“Nnn! Mm! uh! Aw! Oh Shit! Mmhmm, mmhmm, yea! Yea! Awww!”

Alan felt like he was going insane, as the sound of her orgasm rang off the walls of his skull and watching her pale, lithe body gyrating and writhing over Frank, the vicious Neanderthal, the brute that enjoyed nothing more than to case him suffering. Desperately he checked his watch, certain that hours had gone by. It would be 11 by now. Mom and dad would be getting ready to come home and Amy would need to be getting ready to make her Midnight curfew. His heart sank when he saw the digital read out. It was 8:15.

Amy collapsed panting to the bed. Her body still trembling, her dark hair falling over her flushed and sweating face. “Oh my god. Oh my god.” She whispered over and over. Frank scooted around the mattress and stroked her back soothingly.

“Having fun hun?” he asked, looking at Alan as he said it.

“Oh my god. You’re the devil,” Amy croaked.

Frank’s eyebrows rose. “That’s right. You two made a deal with the devil. So now, you’ve gotta pay up. Let’s pop that cherry of yours Amy.”

“Frank,” Alan said, his voice weak and strained. “Please, hasn’t this gone far enough?”

Frank looked at him, considering. “Well,” he said, “What do you think Amy?”

She had gotten up and was sitting cross-legged on the tangled sheets. She cast her eyes from Alan to Frank then back again. Alan could see that same gleam in her big brown eyes. Eager with desire. “Well… we did agree to do everything he said Alan.”

Frank smiled and leaned forward, taking her in his arms, his hands cupping around her breasts. “Mmm, that’s right baby. You did.” Amy leaned back into his embrace, placing her her head against his chest and laying her hands over his. It looked like she was trying not to smirk.

Alan was horrified by what he was hearing. “Amy, come on! You can’t possibly want to lose your virginity to…this…pig!”

She shrugged. “We don’t have any choice remember? Besides, I had to lose it eventually. It could be worse.”

Frank kissed her hair. “Ready?”

Amy tilted her head to look at him and with a coquettish smile forming on her lips she nodded. Alan fell back in the chair and fidgeted, his hands laced across his chest and he scowled. He could feel hot tears burning behind his eyes, wanting to pour out as he watched Frank take one more thing away from him. “Good,” Frank said, “Now lay down on your side, make sure Alan can see that gorgeous little body of yours.”

She did as he said, lying down on her side, her short black hair fanning out over the pillow. Frank laid his body behind hers and raised one of her legs. Alan saw his cock between her thighs. Amy coo’d softly as he place the tip, throbbing and slick with precum against her dripping wet lips. He took her hand and guided it down between her legs.

“Spread your lips apart a bit baby. This may sting for a second, just relax.” He whispered. May nodded vigorously, breathing deep with anticipation. “Here goes.” He shifted his hips, and his manhood began to disappear inside her. Amy’s eyes got very wide, then closed tightly. Her mouth opened wider and wider the deeper it slipped in.

“Huaaa! Mmmmnaa! It’s really stretching me!” She moaned raising her leg higher.

“Mnn! Yeah! That;s so fucking tight! Oh how’s that feel baby!” Frank asked, pushing slowly inwards.

“Uh, huh! Oh it hurts a little, but it feels so good!”

He moved deeper into her, with deliberate slowness, letting her feel every inch. Alan saw clearly as her pussy swallowed up Frank’s cock. She winced a little as it reached the base.

“Amy, are, are you okay?” Alan asked wounded.

“Mmmfuck yeah I’m ok!” she cried, reaching up and bending her arm to grab frank’s head. She turned her face to look up at his and shoved his mouth against hers. Frank kissed her back, grabbing her leg as he did, pushing it up higher and beginning to rock his hips back and forth. Alan could see the titanic dick pull out of Amy until just the last inches remained inside and then push back in. Each time it impaled her she’d moan.

His rhythm began to increase. The springs of the bed squeaked and whined. Alan could hear their bodies. He could actually hear the wet, sucking sound of Amy’s pussy drawing in his brother’s dick. The steady beat of his thighs hitting her thighs. The constant, ‘creak, creak, creak, creak’ of the bed frame. Above that were the sounds the two of them were making; Frank, grunting and starting to pant, as he went faster and faster, in and out of her. Amy, moaning endlessly like a banshee.

“Aw, aw, uh, Ah! Aaah! Aaaah! Oooh, oooooh!”

“Uh huh, huh, like that?”

“Awww! Yeh! Uh huh!”

“Uh, good, huh, huh, now, get on your back,” Frank told her, slipping out of her and getting to his knees. His cock gleamed with her juices. Amy quickly rolled onto her back and spread her legs. As Frank knelt in front of her she reached out and grabbed hold of his shaft. She pulled hi towards her, lining the tip up with her gushing vag.

“Heh, you just want it in don’t you?” Frank teased. Amy giggled, rubbing the head against her lubed and puffy labia. She was beaming radiantly, rosebuds blooming in her cheeks. He grabbed her hips and pushed himself in, faster now and with more force. Amy’s response was immediate and drastic.

Oh! Oooh!” Her head rolled on the back on the pillow and her legs raised, toes curled. Frank groaned and grunted loudly as he began to thrust in and out. Alan saw he hard smooth ass rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall, over and over and over. The bed began to rock and sway, the headboard thumped against the wall. “I never thought this asshole could fucking get his cock hard with me watching.” He grumbled aloud.

“Oh, mmm it’s hard!” Amy crooned dreamily as she bounced against the mattress. She grabbed his buttocks with both hands and squeezed. Alan could hear a loose, fleshy ‘thwapping’ sound and realized it was Frank’s balls colliding with her ass. Thwap, thwap, thwap, thwap!

“H’ooooh Shit! It’s splitting me apart! Fuck! Yeah! Oh that's it!” Frank was panting now Sweat was pouring down his back. He grabbed hold of her knees and shoved her legs back and up until her ankles were on his shoulders. The entire bed rumbled. Thump! Thump! Thump! Went the headboard. Thwap! Thwap! Thwap! Went his balls.

“Huh! Huh! Huh! Oh! Mm fuck you are so fucking tight! Oh, hows it feel baby, uh! Tell Alan, mmm, how it feels to get fucked for the first time by a real man.”

“Ooooh, Alan…It - aw! - It feels…so fucking good! His cock is sooo deep in me! Oh! Oh! Fuck me harder! Ugh….Aw! Cumming again!”

“Oh no! huh! Huh! Ugh! Don’t do that baby! Don’t cum baby! That’s night nice! You aren’t a good girl! You’re being, huh, huh, a real fucking slut.”

“Ohhhh shit, I know, I know…huhhhhh aaaaaaaw!” Amy howled. Her hands slithered across along the sheets. Her tits bounced up and down in rhythm with the thrusts of his cock. Alan’s eyes fell from her face to his brother’s body, feeling the first tears beginning to squirm out down. His jaw hurt from how hard it was clenched. How much longer could this fucking go on?

Drifting his eyes way from the rise and fall of Frank’s ass to the floor, and there he saw something that suddenly took his attention away from the humping couple: His brother’s pants. Lying on the floor at the foot of the bed wear the cargo pants Frank had been wearing. Sticking out of the pocket was the corner of Frank’s phone.

He darted to his feet, the two of them took know notice. Ignored the way the bed rocked he fell to his knees. Ignoring the cacophonous moaning and the salty sweet smell of sweat and sex he clawed at the pocket and snatched the phone out. Clutching it in sweat slick fingers, heart and mind racing he punched at the touch screen. He was going to end this now. He was going to be a man, do what needed to be down, send frank packing with a nice big set of blue balls.

“Amy!” he cried, his voice wavering and exhausted. “Amy, I have the phone!”

The sounds continued unabated. He scrolled desperately through the apps and features to the videos, hunting desperately. “Where is it? Where is it?!” he roared.

From the bed Frank gasped “Huh! Oh! Fuck! Yea! Yeah!” His hips bucked as his shaft rocketed in and out. Amy’s face twisted as she through her hips to meet his.

“Mmmw! Nnnn! Oh! Ah! God!”

“Uuuuuh!” Frank stopped moving and pulled out of her. He heaved himself over her. “Uuuuuh!”

Alan looked up in outrage from the screen of the phone. A long, thick, white jet of hot cum sprayed out of the tip of his brother’s engorged head and over Amy, decorating her belly all the way up to her breasts. This went on for seconds, spurt after spurt of semen coated her body until at last it tapered off and his cock hung flaccid between his legs.

Frank slumped tiredly over and down to the bed. Amy was still panting, her body quivering and trembling, staring dreamily at the ceiling with a look of shocked ecstasy on her face. Hot tears flowed down Alan’s cheeks as he held the phone impotently in his hand.

“Well,” Frank said after a few moments of silence had passed. “A deals a deal. Gimme the phone.” He held out his hand. Amy had her head resting on his shoulder, smiling serenely, her fingertips tracing his pectoral muscles. Her naked body seemed to shine with sweat, cum glistening and oozing over her tits and stomach. She looked like soiled innocence, a dirty angel. “I’m sorry Alan. I didn’t want to like it but… well I mean he is a toad, but he, well…”

“She’s trying to say I’m good with my penis,” Frank finished for her. Amy chortled laughter wearily. “I’ll say!”

“Go on, give it over,” Frank urged. He smirked “I am man of my word. I’ll delete the video. Promise little bro.”

Alan regarded him, brushing the salty brine of tears away from his eyes and looked from Amy down to the phone. With a watery sigh numbly handed it over. Without looking up from the floor he asked, “aren’t you going to put some clothes on?”

“In a bit,” Amy answered, “I’m comfy for right now.” Her hands slide over her breasts, lightly caressing her nipples.

“Huh. Well isn’t that funny.” Frank murmured.

Alan looked up at him with sharp suspicion. “What?”

“Well it looks like I didn’t make that video after all.”

“You never…you what?!”

“Yep! Looks like I forget to hit the record button” he started laughing. “Whoops!”

The room started spinning. Alan wavered and stumbled back across the room to the computer desk. He leaned on it with one hand for support. His stomach turned. “You mean…there wasn’t…We didn't have to do this?!”

Frank nodded and shrugged. Amy was looking at him with a twisted fondness. Alan could tell she was amused. It was funny to her. She may have been tricked, but no it was over and her body was racked with pleasure, wasn’t it clever? He wanted to explode.

“See here” Frank said holding out the phone to face Alan, “You’ve got to hit the button like this,” instantly there was audible click. Frank turned the phone back around. “Oh no!” He said, a vicious, hateful smile spreading over his face.

“Whaat?” Amy asked him playfully, seeming to already be in on the joke.

“Well Amy…. looks like I just took a pic of us naked together. I bet you don’t want anyone to see that, do you?”

She started to laugh. “Oh no! What will I have to do to make you get rid of it?”

“Sure I can think of a few things.”

The blood was draining out of Alan’s head and into his feet.

“No. No!” he screamed. He started to stumble towards the door.

“Alan wait.” It was Amy. He turned towards her voice, crazily hoping to be told it was all a cruel, sick joke, but it was over now. She was sitting on the edge of the bed now, Frank behind her grinning from over her shoulder, one hand resting lazily on her tit. Cum still was sliding over her.

She smirked, “Aren’t you gonna give me a kiss?” Then she started to laugh. Frank snickered. Soon it began a howling roar of laughter. Turning back around, bile in the back of his throat, head pounding with pain, eyes raw with tear, Alan ran towards the hall, but the sound of their laughter filled the entire world.

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