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Signed and Sealed: A forgotten contract

Kathy needs to find a way out of a ridiculous contract. Could her stepson be the loophole?

Kathy’s concentration abruptly broke from her computer screen. She pulled her head back from the glow of the blue light, and glanced in the direction from where she had heard the sound of something sliding across her wood desk. Kathy’s head tilted to the side, as she squinted her eyes on the object.

It was a small white envelope. There was no writing on it. It had been pushed towards her on her large mahogany desk by four unsteady, masculine fingers. Kathy’s eyes followed the fingers and up the subsequent pastel sleeve to see which of her subordinates had entered her open office.

The face was one she had seen a million times during her eight years at the upper mid-level marketing firm, but the facial expression on it was one she certainly never seen. And the man standing over her desk was not a subordinate, but a fellow manager from the publishing department.

“What’s this for, Craig?”

Craig didn’t answer. He still had a face where it looked like he was straining not to smile. The only sound he was making was from the deep breathing from his nose.

Uncomfortable, Kathy leaned back into her office chair and readjusted the lapels on her suit jacket. Then, after looking down at the envelope again, Kathy had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

It had been years since she had even thought of it. She forgot, and she assumed he would have forgotten as well.

With the color drained from her face, Kathy desperately looked back up at Craig, who was trying to contain his excitement. He just gave a subtle nod, letting his coworker know it was what she thought it was. Kathy then realized how ridiculous it was of her to assume he would’ve forgotten.

Craig took his hands off the envelope. “I guess I’ll be seeing you soon,” Craig smiled, as he turned and walked towards the elevator to go back to his floor. Kathy sat stunned in her office chair, staring blankly at the white envelope resting on her desk, while her world spiraled out of control.


“Is everything alright, Kathy?”

Kathy snapped out of her trance to shortly answer her husband, “Yeah, yeah.”

“Okay,” Ted continued, skeptically, “I can tell when something’s up, and you seem out of it.”

Brushing her wavy auburn hair behind her ear, Kathy gulped some of her red wine. “It’s just been chaotic at work lately. We’re kind of in the busy season of planning new campaigns. I’m just a bit tired.”

“Mom, you can always just have your employees do some of your work for you,” Roy, Kathy and Ted’s adopted son, advised.

Kathy smiled at the naïve advice, and thanked Roy for his help. “Maybe. We’ll see I can do that. Everyone else is already busy. And shouldn’t you be focusing on your own projects instead of focusing on mine?” Kathy quipped.

“I’m doing them,” Roy said half-heartedly.

“C’mon, Roy,” Ted interjected, “it’s the final stretch of high school. Finish strong.”

“I already got into college, my grades don’t matter now anyway.”

Ted responded with a stern look.

“Fine,” Roy lamented, “I’ll finish strong.”

Kathy tried her best not to make eye contact with her husband or Roy for the rest of the evening. She was concerned they would see something really was wrong and that they’d start asking questions.


That night, as Ted slept soundly next to her, Kathy lay still in bed, but her mind was racing. There was no way she could fall asleep and she was antsy. Kathy quietly got out of bed and walked over to the closet to pull the small white envelope out of her purse.

In her bathroom, Kathy removed the typed letter from the envelope and read it over and over again, hoping she would somehow find a loophole.

Preoccupied, she then studied her body in the bathroom mirror. Standing there in a blue nightie, Kathy lightly cupped her 34D breasts in her hands before moving her hands down to her flat stomach, and then turning slightly to wistfully examine the round, fit curves of her butt cheeks.

The married woman knew all of that would change if she couldn’t find a way out of her agreement with her coworker.

Returning to her bed to think in the dark, Kathy replayed the story of what had transpired five years ago. She was an exemplary employee at her marketing firm for almost yhree years. She was widely respected and an office leader. At home, Kathy was raising her adopted son, who then was thirteen. It was the situation that she had always considered to be her worst fear when she was in college- being a lower-level employee and typical suburban housewife. She loved her husband and son, but she needed more importance in her life’s work.

So when the current manager of her department announced that he was retiring and would be hiring a replacement, Kathy knew she had to get that job. It was her dream job, and with her work performance, she expected to be a shoe-in. That was why when there were rumors of the retiring manager wanting to hire an outsider; Kathy went to talk to the retiring manager’s friend, Craig, to see if he could persuade him to hire her instead.

Kathy knew that Craig recognized her value and understood she was best for the job, but he said he hated getting caught up in office politics. After pushing him more, Craig apologized and said that even though he wanted to help, he was just too stressed out with things outside of work to devote the time to helping her.

“Do you mind telling me what’s going on outside of work? Is it anything I can help with?” Kathy persisted.

Craig chuckled at her ignorance, “I doubt you can help me with this.”

“What is it? I can try.”

“Well, if you must know, I’ve been trying to adopt a baby for a long time now, and the process is fucking impossible. You’d think they’d want to give kids away, but it takes forever and I can’t cut through all the red tape. You have no idea.”

“Actually I do!” Kathy responded excitedly. “My husband and I weren’t compatible, so we ended up adopting our son.”

“Oh really?!” Craig was happy that he had someone who could finally understand his situation.

“Yeah, how long have you and your wife been trying to adopt?”

Craig then pursed his lips in discomfort. “I alone have been trying to adopt.” Craig then held up his ring-less hand. “Tammy and I split last year and I kind of feel like that was my last chance to start a family.”

“I’m so sorry, Craig.” Kathy then looked at the man, who was maybe a year older than her. He was in great shape physically and he had a clean bald head that worked well on him. Kathy continued, “But I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities to start a family.”

“No, no. Unless I marry a lot younger, which I don’t want to do, I don’t see it happening.”

Kathy suggested, “Well you can even marry a woman who already has a kid. It would be just like adopting.”

Craig sighed. “That kind of defeats what I’m trying to do.” He could tell he needed to explain himself more. “It’s not just having a family. Quite frankly, I don’t feel the need for that. I just feel this biological need to hold a newborn baby and just know that I’m a dad. If Tammy had our baby and then left, even that would have been okay- not ideal, but okay. That’s why I want to adopt a baby. I want to hold it and know I’m its dad. Does that make sense?”

Close to tears, Kathy nodded her head at Craig’s vulnerable admission. “Yeah, I understand completely.” Not wanting to push Craig to help her with her agenda anymore, Kathy left.

The next day, after hearing more rumors about outside candidates with great credentials, Kathy couldn’t take it anymore. She knew it would reflect poorly on her to hold someone’s dreams over their head, but she needed to start doing important work. So Kathy went down to Craig’s office again.

“Craig, I don’t know if doing this makes me a bad person, but I want to help you navigate the adoption process.”

Chuckling, Craig said, “Kathy, that would be amazing! Why would that make you a bad person?”

Looking down at the floor, Kathy responded, “Because in exchange for me helping you, I’m going to need to make sure I get the manager job.”

Craig was stunned. “Wow… I have to say, Kathy, with everything I’ve heard about you, I didn’t expect this. I don’t even know what to say.”

Kathy said to him plainly. “Listen, I’m not proud of myself, but I need this. I’ve gone through the adoption process before, and it only took about a year. Ted and I found a teenage mother who wanted to give away her son. I can help you do the same. And you can obviously help me.”

Craig sat down at his desk. “I’m going to need a little bit to think this over.” Kathy left the office feeling optimistic.

At the end of that workday, Kathy got a phone call. It was Craig, and he wanted to talk. Kathy got in the elevator to go a meeting that would end up going in a way that she never imagined.

“Hello, Craig.”

“Hey, Kathy.”

“Did you consider my proposition? Normally, I would help for nothing in return, but you have to understand that I need this opportunity to- ”

“Kathy, Kathy, Kathy.” Craig cut her short. “I’m a smart man. I understand completely.” Kathy smiled. Craig continued, “So please make it clear exactly what you’re proposing.”

“I will use all of my documents, experience, and contacts to help you adopt a baby, and in exchange, you nudge your friend to give me the job.”

Craig silently mulled the offer. “I definitely like the idea of it.”

Kathy grinned again. “I think it’s best for both of us.”

“But there is one issue,” Craig pointed out.”

“What’s that?”

“You have insurance and I don’t. If I fail to get you hired, you can just stop helping me adopt. But if you fail to help me adopt a baby, there’s nothing I can do. You’ll already have your new job long beforehand. And there’s even no incentive for you to keep helping me after you get your job.”

There was an obvious flaw in the agreement that Kathy could exploit. “Listen, you have my word that I will help you. I can help you adopt really quickly, and that’s a promise. I don’t screw over my friends.”

“You did that exact thing today when you only offered to help me in exchange for a promotion.”

He had a point, and Kathy knew she ruined any potential for him to trust her. “So is there a way where you would feel comfortable doing this deal?”

Craig folded his arms. “You say you promise you can get me a baby quickly?”

“Absolutely, I’m sure of it. The most extreme cases I’ve heard were seven years. I expect it to take no more than two,” Kathy assured him.

“Alright,” Craig said, “if you’re so confident, then how about if I get you this job, then you guarantee me a baby within three years.”

“Deal,” Kathy said. “Unless something really weird happens, then there will be no issues with that.”

“See, that’s my concern. I want a deal where if you get the job, then I get a baby, not just if everything goes well with the process.”

Kathy laughed. “Well, Craig, if adopting takes a while for some reason, then the situation is out of my control.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong. As I said yesterday, I just want a baby, legally. I don’t care who the mother is. No matter how the adoption process goes, my insurance is that you get me a baby within 3 years.”

Kathy’s pupils were enlarged and her jaw was dropped. She knew what Craig was implying. “Absolutely, not! Are you insane?”

“Why not?” Craig got defensive. “If you’re so confident you can help me adopt then that situation should never come up.”

Starting to stutter, Kathy tried to come up with a good excuse that didn’t involve her eating crow.

Craig typed on his keyboard. “I’m writing an email right now to recommend you for the position. Whether I click ‘send’ or not depends on you.”

“So if the adoption process takes longer than 3 years, you want me to have your baby?! I’m married!”

“Tell your husband that it’s his. You can get impregnated through a syringe for all I care. Like I said, I don’t need to be with the baby always. I just want to be a dad.”

“We’re incompatible! That’s why we adopted!”

“Tell him it’s a miracle.”

“I just can’t do this,” Kathy stated.

“Kathy, do you want to have your dream job? And unless you were lying to me about helping me, then we can get through the adoption process in no time at all. So deal?”

The idea of three years scared her. “I just can’t get over the short time length. If things don’t go perfectly then I’m in trouble. I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but what about five years?”

“Five years!!!! That’s a really long time from now. I can’t wait that long.”

“No, five years or no deal. I can maybe find work somewhere else, but you can’t find a baby to legally adopt just anywhere.”

Craig then stood up. He ran his eyes over Kathy. He could see the size of her buoyant breasts under her white dress blouse. Her eyes were bright under her dark auburn eyebrows, and her merlot lips contrasted her smooth white skin. Craig made one last offer. “I will agree to five years, but in exchange, I get to decide how we have our baby.”

For the second time, Kathy was blown away by one of Craig’s offers. She knew exactly what he had in mind. But thinking back to how fast it was to adopt Roy, and seeing that she was one click away from her dream job, Kathy looked up to Craig and held out her hand. “Alright, we’ve got a deal.”


As Kathy lay awake in her bed thinking about the past, she couldn’t believe the position she was in. Kathy got the manager’s position, and a week later Craig had been rejected from adopting due to a technicality. He was depressed when he told Kathy the news, and they had barely talked since. She thought the deal was simply dead and forgotten.

The married mother would have simply refused to honor her part of the agreement if it weren’t for the seal at the bottom of the letter in her hand. It was the seal from the law offices of, Jessica Lin, the contract lawyer that Kathy and Craig visited a few days after their agreement.

The lawyer, rather uncomfortably, wrote out the agreement between the two. When Craig brought proof that Kathy had gotten her position, Jessica notarized it to show Craig had fulfilled his obligation. Kathy would then bring proof that Craig had adopted a baby. That day never came.

Kathy would have ignored her obligation, but Craig demanded Kathy bring something for Jessica to hold in escrow, for insurance purposes.

The only thing Kathy had that satisfied Craig’s idea of insurance, was an amateur pornographic video that a younger and reckless Kathy made while in college, where she was the only girl in a threeway. Kathy emailed her old boyfriend and had him mail the copy to Jessica. Of course he still had the copy.

If Kathy didn’t honor the agreement, Jessica was instructed to digitally distribute the video anywhere she could, effectively ruining Kathy’s career and life.

Kathy had no way out. And she really needed to talk to Craig about what was in the letter.


The next day at the office, Kathy scheduled a meeting with Craig. He had a good idea what it was about.

Kathy stormed into his office. She shut the door behind her slammed her hands on his desk, holding the letter. “Are you kidding me, Craig?!” She scorned in a whisper.

Keeping his voice low, Craig asked, “What seems to be the problem?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. This letter is insane.”

“It’s what we agreed to, Kathy. You signed it.”

“Yeah, because I thought it would never happen in a million years. You can’t seriously make me honor this.”

“Well it did happen, and I am serious. I got you that job, and you promised me the baby.”

“The baby isn’t even the most insane part about it. We went to a third-party lawyer so the contract would be written fairly. This is incredibly one-sided. This letter says I am contractually obligated to fuck you to completion three times a week, every week until I’m pregnant.”

Craig quipped back, “Well babies don’t come from nowhere. And plus, sessions can only last thirty minutes, so you don’t have to stay too long.”

Kathy shot him a sarcastic grin. “This also says I have to submit to any position, location, attire, and acts you choose, as long as you bear financial responsibility.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you signed that. But I’m paying, so it’s not too bad.”

“I was tired and wanted to go home. I assumed it wouldn’t be ridiculous. And you also get to have a DNA test done?”

“I have to make sure it’s mine.”

“I’ve never cheated on my husband, and it can’t be his. And after I get pregnant, there’s no way we’re having it on record that you’re that father. Not a chance.”

“Alright, calm down. If I think you haven’t been sleeping with anyone else, then I’ll strike that clause, but the other ones stay.”

Kathy took a deep breath. “This sucks.”

Craig sighed. “Kathy, go home and tell your husband you’ll be working late on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. Those says are for us.”

A shiver went up Kathy’s spine. “I’m not even ovulating for a couple more weeks.”

“Good,” Craig winked.


“So, Ted, because it’s so busy at work, I’m going to have to work late a few nights a week for a little while,” Kathy lamented.

Ted responded in typical form, “Well you have to do what you have to do.”

“Mom, why do you have to work so late?” Roy added.

“Well most of our clients start to plan their marketing strategy at this time of the year, and since we have more clients this year, it’s a lot more work.” Kathy prided herself on remembering her practiced response to that question. Though, she expected it to come from Ted.

“I just don’t get why they wouldn’t hire more people with all those new accounts. And why would they tell you were going to have to start working late now, rather than back then when they took on all the clients.”

Kathy seemed flustered. “If you were there it would make sense. Believe me, it’s hard to explain, but it’s necessary.”

Roy was taken back by how defensive Kathy was getting. He was attacking the company for being stupid, but she seemed to feel it was an attack on her. So Roy just backed off and went back to eating his dinner.


After dinner, Roy walked back to his room to take a shower. As he stood in the shower, he scrubbed all of the dirt off his shins from when he mowed the neighbor’s lawn earlier. It was still bothering him how Kathy reacted to his questioning. He began to think of how stressed out she probably was at work, and that he probably just aggravated her. He knew he owed her an apology.

Meanwhile, Kathy was sitting in the living room watching TV when her phone lit up. She looked at to see an unsuspected contact. It was from Craig, and Kathy grabbed her phone to read the message. She wishfully thought that it was Craig texting her to tell her he was having cold feet.

Instead it was practically the exact opposite. Craig sent her a text saying, “Meet me in the storage closet on the fourth floor after work. Wear a black lace bra, a black thong, and mascara. If you don’t have any of those things, let me know so I can get them for you. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow ;)

Kathy cringed as she read the text. She couldn’t believe she actually had to go through with the agreement. With her relaxation for the evening spoiled, Kathy went into her bedroom and examined her lingerie. She didn’t have much, but she did have what Craig was asking for. As much as she wanted to make him buy it for her, Kathy knew that if she could bring it, it would prevent Craig from getting her something outrageous.

With Ted down in the basement watching the game, Kathy took the time to try on her black bra and thong in her bathroom. If Ted did come in, she could just say she was surprising him.

Standing in nothing but her black pushup bra and sleek thong, Kathy could see why her friends always joked about how hot she was. At work she always wore suits for a reason. She wanted to be taken seriously by her coworkers, not that her attractive facial features could be as easily hidden.

Kathy stood and twisted in her outfit. She couldn’t believe that she contractually had to let Craig have his way with her and place her life on hold for nine months. Even though it had always been a dream of hers to have a baby of her own, Kathy certainly was upset that Craig would be the father.

“I can’t believe I’m cheating with Craig tomorrow,” Kathy said to herself aloud.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Roy was silently knocking on the door. He knew sometimes his mom went to sleep early and he didn’t want to wake her. There was no response, so Roy figured she was either asleep, not in the room, or has earphones on. He figured he might as well make sure it wasn’t the latter.

As Roy opened the door to check the room, Kathy walked out of the bathroom. Kathy’s eyes widened as she saw the dark hair and trimmed stubble, and knew it wasn’t her husband. Roy jumped back as Kathy shrieked and tried to cover herself with her hands.

Uncontrollably, Roy inhaled his adopted mom’s entire body. Her large breasts her held up to perfection and her legs were fully revealed. Realizing he should have been out of the room already, Roy covered his eyes and ran out while apologizing profusely. Holy shit!


Tossing and turning in his sheets, Roy tried to imagine why Kathy was dressed like she was. She couldn’t have been doing that for dad, right? She knew he’d be downstairs watching the game until after she was asleep. Does she just like to do that every once in a while? Roy then linked it to Kathy’s odd behavior from earlier. Is she having an affair? Is that what ‘working late’ means?

While all of those thoughts were happening, Roy was simultaneously trying to suppress another one, which was how hot Kathy looked.


The next morning was the start of a big day for Kathy. She had to go the entire workday knowing what was going to happen later. When the clock struck five and everyone headed towards the exit, Kathy sat in her office. She stared at her purse, which contained her lingerie and makeup.     

Kathy was trembling as she walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor. She then got out and headed towards the bathroom to get dressed. She wondered if she took a long time getting ready if that would cut into her half hour with Craig, but she knew it wouldn’t count. She had to go through with it and there was nothing she could do about it.

Once she was dolled up in her lingerie, mascara, and red lipstick that she had already been wearing, Kathy let her wavy auburn hair fall to her shoulders. The only question she had left was whether to wear her heals. She hated the idea of doing something extra for Craig, but she figured she would do anything to make the session go faster.

A mostly naked Kathy paced through the empty floor and towards the storage closet. She didn’t know whether to knock or if Craig was even in there. So Kathy texted him to tell him that she was outside the room.

Almost instantly, the door swung open and Craig was waiting there, anxiously grinning. Kathy’s heart was pounding in fear as she stepped in and the door closed behind her. She was silent.

“You look amazing,” Craig gasped, as he reached his hand out and lightly ran his hands down Kathy’s torso. She jolted from his touch. “I had a feeling you’d be uncomfortable, so we can take things slowly first,” Craig offered.

Craig took Kathy’s hand and pulled her towards a worn-out leather couch that was sitting in the dark storage room since the renovation. He clearly had brushed the dust off since it was the only thing in the room in sparkling condition.

They sat down next to each other and Craig immediately leaned in to kiss Kathy.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Kathy stopped him. “This isn’t going to be some romantic thing. We’re here to do something. Let’s get it done.”

Craig seemed irritated with her attitude. “Fine then,” he said bitterly. He then unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, revealing his erect cock. “Start jerking me off.”

She hated how he was mad at her for not romanticizing the event, but she was pleased that he was letting things be purely transactional. Kathy took a deep breath and then wrapped her hand around Craig’s shaft. It was the first time she had satisfied another man since she was married at the age of twenty.

Craig moaned lightly, and Kathy could see precum already leaking from his tip. That was when she got a wicked idea. Kathy took her left hand and massaged his swollen testicles while she pumped with the right. Craig moaned more and more precum leaked from his tip.

Kathy pumped harder and faster.

“Oh yeeeaaahhh,” Craig sighed in relief.

Kathy knew she was on the right path. She focused all of her energy on giving him the best handjob she could. She hadn’t given many, but she figured it was her best shot.

After another couple minutes, Kathy felt like she wasn’t pushing him any closer to the edge. “I have to say, you have a really nice cock,” Kathy complimented Craig with a smile.

A look of pride came on his face. “Thank you.”

Kathy kept going, “I really like the way it feels in my hands.”

Craig shot back, “Then you’ll love the way it feels in your pussy.”

That wasn’t the response Kathy wanted, so she tried to refocus the conversation. She knew it would hard to get his mind off of her pussy, so the only reasonable way to do it was to get him focused on something else. “Do you know what I think will feel good in your hands?”

Craig’s eyes darted to Kathy’s large chest, and then gazed up her face longingly. Kathy smiled and nodded in confirmation.

Craig wasted no time reaching out and fondling her breasts. To Kathy’s surprise, it actually felt really good. She tried to stifle her physical reactions and remember who was feeling her chest.

With Craig distracted, Kathy went back to trying to get him to cum from the handjob. She knew it wouldn’t solve her problems, but it would get her out of putting out for at least one day.

Finally, she had Craig at the point where he was on the verge of climaxing. She looked up to see Craig’s strained face. He did everything in his power to hold his load. He even took his hands off Kathy’s firm tits.

Kathy did everything she could to get him over the edge, but nothing was working. She talked dirty to him, she rubbed his flesh with her thumb, she even spit on his cock, but she just couldn’t get him there.

Craig couldn’t take the torture anymore. In an abrupt move, he stood up and grabbed Kathy’s legs. He dragged her across the couch by her legs so her back and head were on a cushion. Her legs were hoisted over the armrest, leaving her in a vulnerable position.

She could see in Craig’s face that he was about to explode, and she knew where he was going to do it. The tall man, still in his work shirt, separated Kathy’s legs and angled his cock downwards. Kathy gripped the leather of the couch and braced herself. She couldn’t believe what was happening, but she knew it was what she agreed to.

Kathy gasped, as Craig thrust himself inside of her. He let out an involuntary squeal as Craig’s erection twitched inside of her.

“I’m cumming!” Craig called out.

Kathy writhed, as she felt the warm goo shoot inside of her pussy. “Oh fuck, Craig,” she let out. It wasn’t inherently sexual; it was more out of shock.

She lay there on her back until Craig’s nuts had drained themselves inside of her.

Craig had to take a seat on the floor in exhaustion. Kathy rested in silence to gather her thoughts.

There were two things she realized. The first was that she was wasn’t going to ovulate for two more weeks, and the second was that, in the meantime, she needed to find a way to get him to cum before entering her.


Back at home, Roy was having trouble forgetting what he saw the previous night. He had spent the entire day at school replaying the scene in his mind of Kathy standing in front of him in her underwear.

It was also still eating at him as to why she was wearing it. He couldn’t imagine that it was for his dad, considering he was in the basement until she was asleep. There wasn’t any hard evidence, but Roy had a feeling that something weird was going on.

Just as he was deep in investigative thought, Kathy opened up the front door. “Hey, Sweetie,” she said to Roy.

“Hey, Mom. How was working late?”

He could see the gears turning in Kathy’s head, as she rambled, “Just really busy. It’s fine. I just have to handle it. It seems to be one thing after another. Where’s your father?”

“Um… I guess downstairs,” Roy tried to hide the fact he realized she was acting weird.

Kathy then thanked her son and walked into her bedroom.


Once inside her locked bathroom, Kathy finally felt a since of security again. Holy shit! She shook her head. Before her sexual encounter with Craig, she was frightened and nervous, so she had never had the opportunity to think clearly about the situation. Having the time to reflect in peace, she realized how truly insane it was what she was doing.

She just willingly let another man cum inside of her, and she still had to let him do it again and again until he impregnated her. Her only hope of stopping the nonsense, and bringing the deal back to its platonic, transactional nature, was to get him to stop cumming in her until she was ovulating. Then it can just be one shot and done, she told herself optimistically.

Craig obviously had no interest in waiting until she was able to get pregnant. He wanted as much sex as he could get in the meantime. Kathy thought back to her initial effort to jerking him off until he came, ruining his chance to cum inside her.

The attractive woman knew that the only way to avoid Craig’s penis from entering her body was to find a way to get him off with her hand. And next time, I actually had to do it well enough so he doesn’t have time to shove his cock in me at the last second.

Settled on her strategy, Kathy spent an hour in her room on women’s sex blogs, reading tips from other women about how they got better with their hands. Kathy found herself catching her own hand sliding down between her legs on a few occasions as she the stories about how their husband’s and boyfriend’s reacted to the new handjob tricks.

Feeling confident, and a bit horny, Kathy decided to practice on Ted. A dedicated Kathy masturbated her husband twice Wednesday night to his surprise and pleasure. Both times, however, he was able to stop her short and get her to finish him off with her mouth or pussy. She wasn’t captivating enough yet to get him off with her hand.

After coming home from work on Thursday, and after doing even more research, Kathy felt she was better equipped to get the job done. She realized that it wasn’t just about what magic she could do with her hand, but it was also about stimulating the guy mentally and keeping him drawn in.

“Ted, can you come into the bedroom, please,” Kathy texted her husband.

Ted was sitting on the couch, watching a hockey game with Roy. “Oh my God, first I have you unable to look at your phone, and now your mother, too.”

“What do you mean?” Roy asked, laughing.

Ted shook his head satirically. “Instead of coming out and asking me, you mom texted me from inside the house to come see her. I bet she’s in bed and didn’t want to get up.”

Roy laughed at his dad’s frustration. But then, Roy believed he picked up on something Ted didn’t. Roy considered that maybe she didn’t want to come out because she was dressed in lingerie again and wanted to do something with Ted.

Roy couldn’t help himself, and he walked up to his parents’ closed bedroom door. He gasped at what he heard.

Faint moans came from the door. “Oh fuck, Kathy. That feels so good.”

“I know, I can tell by how hard your cock is. Do you like when I touch it like that?”

“Oh, God yes. I can’t wait to cum down your throat again.”

“No, no, no, Honey. Today you’re going to reward me by letting me see your hot cum shoot out like a fountain. I want to feel it land all over my hands and chest.”

“Oh, Kathy, I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but I love it.”

Roy’s mouth was dry and his erect penis was stretching his jeans. He would have stayed longer, but he suddenly heard the moaning stop, followed by a loud grunt.

“There we go, Honey,” he heard Kathy say seductively. 

The show was over and the young man ran back into his room, with a lot on his mind. He wished he could somehow see through the door and see how Kathy was dressed.

Then, after watching his own cum splash onto his hands and firm abs, Roy realized something was off with what he heard through the door. He noticed that Ted mentioned that Kathy had just started acting extra sexually ‘lately’. And another thing that caught Roy’s attention was how Kathy usually called his dad, “Ted.” But even through he was calling her “Kathy,” she was just calling him “Honey,” which she never did.

Roy became even more convinced that there was something interesting that Kathy was hiding.


TGIF, was a term that was no longer in Kathy’s vocabulary. It was Friday, and it was another day where Kathy had to meet Craig to honor her contractual agreement. Inside the cabinet of her desk, she found the next outfit that Craig had ever so generously purchased for her. It was a red teddy and red heels.

There isn’t exactly a lot of material, is there? Kathy rolled her eyes.

At the end of the workday, all of her subordinates headed out of the office. She knew Craig was likely ensuring all of his employees were off his floor as well. Just as last time, Kathy headed towards the elevator and then into the bathroom on the fourth floor.

Kathy’s initial suspicion was correct. The soft red material tucked between her legs and over her shoulders, cupping her breasts while revealing vast cleavage. Kathy felt a sense of pride with how firm her ass looked with her heels on. It would have been nicer under other circumstances.

Knocking on the door to the storage closet, Kathy mentally prepared herself to try her new strategy.

The door swung open again, and Craig stood there in awe. Blood immediately travelled into his penis, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Kathy. “It’s nice to see you came prepared,” Kathy joked, as she walked in.

Craig was dubious of her good mood. He expected her to be reluctant and unhappy like last time. He unbuckled his belt. “I’m ready when you are,” he announced.

Kathy giggled. “Seriously? That’s your line to turn me on? We aren’t getting started until I’m ready.”

“Oooohhh… I see what’s going on,” Craig said. “You’re trying to waste the half hour so we won’t actually do it.”

Acting offended, Kathy strutted towards Craig, and stopped with her body just an inch from his. “Why would you think that?”

Craig glanced down to see Kathy’s inviting rack almost touching his chest. “Because… because you clearly didn’t want to last time,” he stammered.

“Oh, Honey,” Kathy snickered. She slipped her hand under Craig’s pants and grabbed his erect cock. “That’s because I didn’t know enough information about you yet.”

The fit, bald man gulped. “Really? That’s it?”

Kathy pressed her lips against his ear. “Honey, I promise that I will stay here until all of your cum is drained from this cock. Do we have a deal?”

A dazed Craig nodded, his breathing increasing.

The sexy woman in the red teddy then stared at him awkwardly. “Well, are you going to kiss me yet?”

Craig didn’t need to be asked twice. The two coworkers were soon making out on the couch. After kissing and feeling each other for a few minutes, Kathy decided it was time to get to work. She told Craig to sit on the couch, and she got down on her knees between his legs.

Kathy then pulled down his pants and briefs. “There it is,” she cooed.

Seeing she had a captive audience, Kathy began to do what she had been practicing the last two nights with Ted. She expertly massaged Craig’s shaft, talking dirty to him and touching his package in the right spots with her hands.

He moaned and groaned throughout the process. “Oh God, Kathy. How are you so fucking good?”

“Am I good? I hadn’t noticed,” Kathy shrugged coyly.

Craig was tensing up. Things were at a point where Kathy had to get him from the point of no return to cumming in a short period of time, or else she would have the same thing happen to her as last time.

Her best bet was to keep him captivated and planted in his position.

“I’m a little upset,” Kathy whined to Craig.

“What? Why?” Craig was concerned that he did something wrong and that she’d stop pleasuring him.

“I happily put on this sexy little outfit for you and show off my tits. I expected your hands to be all over them again.”

Craig took the hint and began to fondle Kathy’s breasts. “Oh God, keep going,” Kathy moaned at his touch.

She rewarded him by leaning in and slowly spitting on the tip of his cock, using her saliva as lubricant to help her pump faster.

Looking back up at Craig’s face, she knew she almost had him.

“I’m about to cum!” He cried. “Get on my lap!”

“I don’t think there’s time,” Kathy said nervously.

“Do it now. You can make it, I think!” His face was bright red and tightened. “You have to do it now!”

Panicking that she was running out of reasons to not open her pussy for him, Kathy said the one thing that would stop his demands. “I can’t make it! Just cum on my tits!”

Craig squinted eyes opened again. The idea was too good to pass up. He nodded his head, and a relieved Kathy aimed his cock at her chest. She hadn’t planned on letting him finish there, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Craig braced himself by placing his hands on Kathy’s shoulders and back. With the swollen pink mushroom head aiming in her direction, ready to explode, Kathy commanded, “Hold my hair back!”

The horny man did as she asked, and Kathy vigorously pumped his shaft to completion. The dolled-up woman jolted as ropes of cum shot onto her breasts. It went all over her creamy flesh, her red teddy, and even her neck. She continued to pump at the same speed, making sure she got out every last drop, fulfilling the promise she had made.

With Craig’s juices melting on her warm breasts, Kathy stood up and kissed Craig, trying to make sure he didn’t think she was just pretending to be interested in him to get him off.

“Holy fuck, that was nice,” he panted. “You look pretty hot covered in my sperm,” he joked.

Kathy genuinely laughed, then added, “I have to say, it is a pretty hot image.”

“It’s just a shame I didn’t do that inside of you; that’s what all of this is for,” he pointed out.

Making him feel better and advancing her own agenda at the same time, Kathy responded, “Well as I said, I’m not ovulating until the end of the month. We can just have some fun until then.”

She winked and Craig responded positively. Kathy walked out of the closet to go clean up and get back into her work clothes.


Pleasantly surprised with how things were going with her contractual obligations at work, Kathy would have been less pleased with what was going on in her house at the time.

Roy was tired of making wild guesses as to why Kathy was acting so weird. He decided it was time to investigate. And there was no better time than when she was out ‘working late’.

Since most of the interesting evidence had been collected when in her room- the lingerie, her jerking Ted off randomly, her calling him a pet name- it made sense for Roy to begin his investigation there.

The 5’ 11” high school hockey player carefully opened drawers in his parents’ room, hoping to find something that would provide him clarity. So far, nothing had turned up.

There has to be something, Roy was convinced he’d find a smoking gun that would explain Kathy’s behavior.

And that was when another peculiarity caught his eye. Hanging on a hook on the inside of the closet door, was Kathy’s purse. It was the one she brought to work every day. Little to Roy’s knowledge, Kathy had been bringing a larger bag to work to store her clothes in while she was off with Craig. Regardless, Roy found it odd that Kathy hadn’t brought it to work.

Inside the purse, everything looked like regular female-purse-stuff, except for one thing. Roy pulled out a small white envelope. As he began to read the letter inside, his hands started to shake.

The strong young man was forced to sit down on the bed while he went over the words carefully. It was beyond anything he could have imagined. He saw the blue seal from the law office, and he knew it was a legitimate document. The way Roy looked at the world had been flipped on its head. He couldn’t imagine how a contract like that existed. Is this type of thing common?

Just then, Roy jumped off the bed, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

“Roy?” Kathy asked, “What are you doing in here?”

“N-n- nothing,” his heart pounded against his chest. He turned around, holding the letter behind his back.

Kathy saw her purse on the floor and the white paper behind his back. She went into crisis mode. “It’s not what you think,” she pleaded.

“What even is this?” Roy wanted answers.

It was a nightmare for Kathy, and her best chance was to lie her way out of the situation. She calmed herself down and started laughing.

Roy’s first thought was that she was going insane. But then Kathy explained, “I’m so glad I was here when you read that. I don’t want you getting the wrong idea.”

“What do you mean?” Roy was skeptical.

“Every year one manager in a department plays a joke on another. It turned out that someone from accounting knew Craig had a bit of a crush on me, so the accounting manager sent me that to creep me out,” Kathy laughed. “I kept it around because it was funny.”

“Mom!” Roy rolled his eyes. “I’m not an idiot. I know this is true. I know this is a real law firm.”

Kathy gulped. She had to face the music. “So, where do we go from here?” She asked him plainly.

Roy didn’t know what to say. He had no plan for what he’d do if he caught her doing something promiscuous. He began to realize that the only reason he had been trying to find out was that it turned him on. At the moment, there was something Roy was dying to hear more than anything else. “Tell me the story.”

“What?” Kathy was confused.

“Explain to me how this happened and why. I need to know.”

It was a reasonable request given the circumstances. Kathy examined her surroundings and knew Ted was just downstairs. “Let’s go for a drive.”

Roy understood that she wanted to explain it to him in private, where nobody would walk in. He got his keys while Kathy told Ted that she was going out for milk.


Once in the car, Kathy began to explain the entire backstory. With each chapter, Roy became more engrossed in the story. He couldn’t believe that Craig had made that proposal to Kathy and that she had agreed.

Kathy was surprised to see how excited and welcoming Roy was of the information. She expected him to be scornful and embarrassed. A relaxed Kathy elaborated on more details and her feelings during the process. It felt good to open up about something she had to keep to herself for so long.

“So yeah, that’s how I ended up in the place where I have to have sex with Craig.”

“Is that why you were wearing that hot lingerie that one night?” Roy asked with unexpected wording.

Taken back, Kathy replied with a slight grin. “Yes, I was trying on an outfit that I had to wear for him.” Kathy then glanced under the steering wheel and saw a bulge in Roy’s shorts. So that explains why he’s so interested. She felt uncomfortable, but she understood.

“And what exactly was in that porn tape? Why does it make you look so bad? I can’t believe you did that!” Roy’s eyes it up.

Continuing her momentum of being open, Kathy responded, “My ex boyfriend wanted me to make a film of me with him and his friend. I was young and stupid so I did it.”

“You were in a threeway with two guys?!” Roy gasped.

“It was a long time ago,” Kathy explained.

“So, can I ask you something more personal?”

“More personal than the things you have been asking me?” Kathy rolled her eyes. “Why not?”

Roy took a more serious tone. “Do you want to have Craig’s baby?”

“No,” Kathy responded plainly. “But I have to.”


“You read the letter, Roy, you know why. I just told you why.”

“Why don’t you like find a sperm bank and say it was his? He’ll believe it’s his.”

Kathy sighed. “To be honest, that’s crossed my mind, but the reality is that if I have to have someone’s baby, I feel more comfortable at least knowing the guy. I know Craig. I don’t know the sperm donor.”

Roy stared intently out towards the road, as he gulped, and asked, “There isn’t another guy you know who can impregnate you?”

The way Roy asked that question gave Kathy a funny feeling. “Maybe. Who were you thinking?”

Roy continued to stare out the windshield. He was silent. He tried to speak but he couldn’t.

No way, Kathy thought. Her head exploded from what Roy was asking. He wants to fuck me… Kathy had difficulty even processing the idea, but oddly enough, moisture flooded to her pussy and she noticed herself readjusting the way she was seated. She stared back down at the tent in his shorts. She had thought nothing through, but she was drawn in and needed to know more.

“Who is a guy who is closer to me and more trustworthy than Craig, and can also get me pregnant?” Kathy pushed.

“I- I don’t know. I have to think.” Roy was embarrassed.

Being more aggressive than she expected, Kathy looked at him. “I think you already have someone in mind. So why don’t you tell me who it is.”

Roy was starting to hyperventilate. Finally, he just lightly spoke, “I- I could do it.”

Kathy froze. She knew what he had been getting at, but it was another thing to hear him say it. After a minute of silence, and partially because Roy was driving distracted on the highway at 70 miles per hour, Kathy felt the need to say something.

“Tell me why I should let you do that.”

“What?” Roy responded.

“You heard me. I’m serious. Tell me why I should let you impregnate me instead of Craig.”

Roy hadn’t expected that question, and his cock stiffened even more, not going unrecognized by Kathy.

He thought for a moment, and knew if there was a chance in hell of realizing his sexual dreams, he had to convince Kathy. “Well, you have to have a baby for Craig. You said that you want to have the baby with someone you are close to and know, and can get you pregnant. You are closer to me than anybody else who you can get you pregnant. And I’m the only person who can get you pregnant and raise it with you. And I have the same hair color as Dad, so he’s more likely to think it’s his if I do it.” Roy then took a deep breath and awaited Kathy’s response.

Wow. Roy had brought up points that she hadn’t even thought of. I can’t let my son get me pregnant though! Snap out of it, you idiot! Don’t let your horniness do the talking.

Kathy then stared at a nervous and aroused Roy. Then again, he is adopted, so is it really different than letting a male friend do it. He did have good points, and plus he’s more physically attractive than Craig. And it would also be a fun prank on him, ha-ha.

Needless to say, Kathy was a mixed bag of emotions. She looked out at the road and noticed that Roy was driving them home. She couldn’t blame him. The car ride must have been getting uncomfortable.

Maybe I can make it a little more comfortable

“Do you know what, Sweetie?”

Roy looked at Kathy.

“You’re right. I am close to you, too. So I think the only fair thing to do, would be to give you the same thing I gave Craig- a deal.”

Roy was cautiously optimistic. “What kind of deal?”

Kathy smirked. “Mommy’s going to jerk you off, right now. If I like doing it to you, more than I did to Craig, then I’ll consider choosing you. Deal?”

The young athlete nearly came. He then collected himself, and came up with his own clause. “But if you can’t get me off by the time we get home, then you have to finish me off with your mouth.”

Kathy was stunned. “Where did that come from?”

“If you’re going to offer me a deal like Craig, then I should respond to it like Craig would.”

The dark-haired seductress was impressed. “You got yourself a deal.”

Kathy reached over to pull down Roy’s pants. Roy subtly pressed down harder on the gas pedal.

Holy shit! Kathy marveled when she freed his erection. It was at least an inch longer than Craig’s. She hadn’t started stroking him yet, but she was already concerned that Roy was going to be better than Craig.”

Roy shivered as Kathy grasped his shaft in her hand. With no time to waste, Kathy went right into her top gear. She leaned over his lap and spit on his dick. “Do you like when Mommy spits on your cock?”

“Yeaaah.” Roy tried to nod while also looking at the road.

Kathy rapidly pumped his shaft and squeezed his testicles. Roy sped up. They were only two minutes from the house.

“What street are we on?” Kathy asked, with her head below the dashboard.

“Market,” Roy responded, naming a street that as over ten minutes from the house, hoping Kathy wouldn’t feel the need to rush.

However, that didn’t fool Kathy for a second. “You’re such a liar,” she laughed, before spitting on Roy’s cock again. “Are you close to cumming?” Kathy wanted to know if she was on the right track.

Despite being on the verge of blowing his load, Roy responded, “No, no. There’s still a ways to go.”

Sensing that they had to be close to the house, Kathy sought it fit to play the ace she had hidden up her sleeve.

Kathy took her hand off of Roy’s cock and sat up in her seat. Roy glanced over in curiosity, as he watched Kathy remove her blouse and pants.

“Ooohhh my God,” he said out loud.

Kathy flashed him a flirtatious smirk. Under her work clothes, she was still wearing the red teddy that Craig had given to her earlier.

“What’s that?” Roy pointed out a shining spot on her lingerie.

“That would be Craig’s dried cum. He came all over my tits,” Kathy explained. “I’m hoping all of yours stays on my tits, so none gets wasted on the fabric.”

Roy was mesmerized. Thankfully he was on community roads that had no traffic. He sped down the final streets. He knew what he wanted.

Kathy went back to jerking him to the best of her ability, making sure she wasn’t bent down too much to the point where he couldn’t see her breasts jiggle. She jerked furiously and sensually.

“We’re almost in the driveway!” Roy cried out. He desperately suppressed his orgasm.

Kathy did everything she could to get him off, but he was too strong willed. “I’m cumming!” Roy cried, as Kathy felt the car stop in the driveway.

Honoring her agreement, Kathy dove down with her head and enveloped Roy’s shaft. His hands held her head in place as she was forced to swallow gulp after gulp of his young seed. She willingly stayed there until he was done twitching in her mouth.

After Roy let go, an exhausted Kathy looked up at him, wearing nothing but her red teddy.

“What now?” Roy asked.

Kathy answered him straightforwardly. “Now I have your baby.”


That night, while Ted was in the basement, Kathy and Roy went over how hey would pull a switcheroo on Craig without him knowing. It was obvious that if he even thought Kathy was cheating, he’d demand a paternity test. Kathy knew that Craig had a great bullshit detector and she wondered how she could look him in the eye and tell him she hadn’t slept with anyone else.

“You just have to honestly tell him that the only sex you’ve had during your ovulating was in the storage closet during his sessions,” Roy offered.

Kathy was confused. “How could I sleep with you, say that to him, and not be lying?”

“Think of your porn video,” Roy hinted.

Kathy snickered and shook her head, impressed. “Very clever.”


The next Monday, after letting Craig cum in her mouth on Friday (she felt a little bad about what was about to happen), Kathy texted Craig to tell him that she had special plans for the first day she was ovulating. She told him she wanted to plan it so it could be special.

Craig agreed happily.

With it close to 5, Kathy opened her bag and felt a sense of freedom and liberation. Inside her bag was a slutty French maid costume. It was like the one she wore during her amateur porn film years earlier, only the one in her bag was even more revealing.

Once in the room with Craig, Kathy wasted no time getting him in a blindfold.

“Why am I wearing this? I can’t see your nice costume?”

“You don’t need to see me to know I’m wearing it. Just let me get you ready to fuck me.”

Unknown to Craig, Roy silently opened the door to the storage closet. His heart pounded and his palms were sweaty. He saw Kathy bent over the couch, sucking Craig’s dick. She had no panties and her pussy was wet and easy to access, just as she had promised.

A nude Roy positioned himself behind Kathy. She sensed his presence and bent over more. He closed his eyes and entered her. It was the largest penis Kathy ever had inside her. She moaned around Craig’s cock, and Roy stifled his breathing.

Realizing she needed to mask Roy’s noises, Kathy took her mouth off Craig’s erection and placed her best in his mouth for him to suck on. From then on it was smooth sailing.

“Oh fuck! Keep going!” Kathy cried out, with Craig wrongfully assuming it was for him.

She then turned back to look at Roy, “Oh fuck! I want to have your baby!”  

Kathy screamed in pleasure to cover up Roy’s grunts. It took no time at all before Kathy felt Roy’s sperm being pumped into her vaginal canal. She orgasmed violently in response.

As promised, an exhausted then Roy ran out of the room. With Roy’s seed planted, Kathy sat on Craig’s cock and let him have his way with her. She didn’t care. She was satisfied.


One week later, Kathy sent Craig a text with the happy news. When he asked her to clarify if she hadn’t been cheating on him, Kathy answered honestly that the only time she could have gotten pregnant was in the storage room when she was with him. Craig was delighted to finally be having a baby.

Taking a well-deserved day off from work, Kathy shared the exciting news with the new father when he got home from school.

“Not only that, but I have something else you may like. I just got it back today.” Kathy motioned to a videotape in her hand. “Want to watch it with me.”

“You seriously want me to watch your porno with you?!”

Kathy walked up to Roy and kissed him passionately. “No, Sweetie, I want you to fuck me while we watch my porno. I hear it’s good for the baby.” She winked.  

A tent grew in Roy’s pants. “Do you mind giving me a hand first?”


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