Sisterhood IV: Emily's First Fuck

By John_Doe

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Emily finally gets to feel a cock inside, as John fucks her then she rides him till he cums on her
Sisterhood IV: Emily's First Fuck!

Emily was an innocent 16 year-old girl, whose older sister, Grace - 18, was a total slut, who fucked and sucked every guy off she wanted. After Emily was caught masturbating, as she watched Grace one night, sucking on a guy called John, Grace decided she was going to help her follow in her footsteps. First by getting John to eat her pussy out and then have her suck on a cock for the first time and have him cum on her face. Now, Grace decided it was time to stuff her pussy with something big, hard and thick...

Grace had just informed Emily that so far, she had done herself proud and it was time to have something big and hard stuffed in her cunt and Emily knew what she meant.

"Okay little sis. Sit on the couch and spread your legs!" Grace ordered her.

Emily did as she was asked, as she stood up and sat down upon the couch. She then began to spread her legs. Her pussy was still dripping wet, as it oozed the soft, sweet honey from within.

"Alright now, have you ever put anything in your pussy before?" Grace inquired.

"No. Never!" Emily said, feeling a little ashamed.

"Well, I think first we need to prepare you for what you will receive. So let's start with something a little smaller shall we?" said Grace.

She then stepped to the side and pulled out a bag which she had hidden away at the side of the couch. She opened it and pulled out a vibrator, small and shiny in it's sleek design.

"I take it you at least know what this is?" She asked.

Emily nodded, appreciatively.

"Good. Then I want you to use it on yourself, play with it!" She said, handing the vibrator across to Emily, who took it in her hands.

Emily looked at John, sat at the side, watching her and Grace on her knees, a foot or two in front, staring back. She turned the vibrator on. As it softly buzzed between her fingers, causing a wonderful sensation in her hand. She at first, wanted to see how it felt. Sliding it up and gently teasing the bullet-shaped end upon her breasts. It caused a sensational warm feeling to erupt in her stomach, as she rubbed it across her erect nipples. It caused a wonderful, explosion that shook her body slightly. A feeling she truly enjoyed and explored more, as she slid it across and played it over her other perky breast and nipple that hardened. Her stomach was reaching fever pitch at this arousal upon her body, as she enjoyed the comfort of the vibrator gently buzzing over her small, perky breasts.

"Good sis, now you need to suck on the vibe in your mouth for a moment, get it all wet," Grace said, as Emily did as she asked.

She raised it and slipped it between her lips. Sucking on it, as it slid back and forth inside, just as she had sucked John's cock moments ago. The friction of the gentle buzzing on her soft lips and upon her wet tongue sent slight shock waves down her throat and to her chest.

"Okay, now slide it in your pussy, Sis." Grace said next, as Emily continued to follow her instructions.

Emily lowered the vibe down, across her chest, between her perky breasts and across her stomach. Connected to her skin throughout the whole trail down below. She slowly slid it back and forth, up and down her inner thighs. She could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter, the wonderful buzzing drifting up her thighs and to her waiting pussy.

She then gently slid the tip between her pussy lips, as she released a soft moan, "Oooohhhhh!" As it tickled her lips to the side, before entering into her wet cunt.

"Ughhhh" she groaned out, as she slipped the vibe back and forth, enjoying the immense sensations that were being rocked throughout her whole body.

All warm, soft and feeling like walking on air within, as she masturbated herself with the vibe. Back and forth, slipping it in and out and rolling it around a little. She began to rock her hips a little, in motion with fucking the new discovery of the small toy she had been given. Her eyes closed and her breathing grew heavier, as she enjoyed the feelings inside. She picked up a little speed, back and forth as the vibe slid in and out of her tight wet cunt.

"Mmmm... Ooooh yeah!" She groaned out from above, the pleasure ripping through her small body.

John watched on from the side and seemed to really enjoy the display of this young, once innocent younger sister of Grace, performing in front of him, without any inhibitions of her actions. His cock slowly began to rise once more, becoming hard and erect to a standpoint above. Grace smiled, as she watched her continue to perform. Becoming more and more the slut she already is.

"You're a real slut, sis. Just like I am. But..." As she grabbed hold of the vibe from Emily's hand and snatched it away, which upset Emily who was really getting into the rhythm of masturbating and enjoying it all. "Now it's time for something that little better!" Grace finished saying.

Emily looked to her older sister.

Grace turned to John and she could see that his cock was rock hard once more.

"Okay babe. Now it's time to fuck her!" She said to him.

He moved his way off the couch and around. He stared at Emily's dripping cunt, between her spread legs.

"Be gentle at first with her though, or else!" Grace made sure to state to John, as he looked down below and his cock pointing it's way directly to Emily's wet, juicy pussy.

He slowly edged forward, on his knees. Closer to the lips that waited for him.

"Now, sis, you just try and relax and let it happen. You'll love it!" Grace said to Emily.

John edged the shining round head of his engorged cock towards Emily's cunt. He slipped the end of it, as he began to tease her gently, rubbing it up and down and spreading some of her wet honey juice upon his cock. He reached forward and using his fingers, he slowly covered some of her juice across his cock, spreading it evenly around. When he was nice and wet, he took a hold of Emily's hips at either side and held on tight. He slowly began to ease his thick, hard cock slowly inside her wet cunt.

"Fuck... she is incredibly tight!" John said, as he kept pushing forward.

His shaft slowly disappearing between her tight wet lips, as he could feel the silky flesh of her inner walls gripping on tight inside her pussy.

"Ughhh!" Emily screamed out as his cock penetrated her pussy, the first cock to ever be put inside of cunt.

She could feel her muscles tightening around it, gripping on tight and holding it and not wanting to let it go. He continued on, slowly entering deeper within her pussy. He stopped, and slowly pulled out an inch or more, before moving on again and going deeper and deeper inside.

"Ughhhhh!" Emily called out again, as he moved in a lot deeper and filled her cunt with his thick penetrating cock.

He looked at Emily, her mouth open wide, breathing heavy and her eyes speaking volumes about the passionate ecstasy she was feeling inside. He pulled out slightly and then in, and out, in, out and began to slowly pick up rhythm. His cock dipping in and out of her wet cunt.

"Fuck, your pussy is so tight and wet babe... It feels so good!" John spoke to Emily, as she offered a warmth smile of appreciation he was enjoying her.

John's hips rocked, in motion of his ass pushing in and out and his cock penetrating Emily's tight wet juicy pussy, with his thick, hard cock. The sound of her wetness and being fucked began to fill the room. Her deep breathing, soon accompanied by his own. He leaned forward, as he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around her perky breasts. Sucking them inside his mouth, his tongue swirling around over her nipples and flicking them, playing with them and gently biting upon them, as he pulled them between his teeth. He worked from one breast to the other, the soft perky feel of flesh in his mouth, sucking hard upon each.

His cock still penetrating her wet cunt, in and out, in and out. Grace sat back, watching her younger sister get fucked for the first time and seemingly enjoying it herself. Emily's hands glided down his back and towards his rump tight ass. She gripped upon each of his cheeks, and squeezed hard upon them.

"Fuck me... fuck me harder please!" She called out to him.

As she grabbed his ass tighter and helped him push deeper into her own body, forcing his cock to penetrate further and deeper within her tight cunt.

"Ughhh... that's it... harder... harder!" She called out.

Her throes of passion overtaking the innocence of what she was doing and right then, all she wanted was to be fucked hard and deep.

John stopped rocking as he pulled back and looked down upon her. Sweat glistening from his body, as he held her hips once more, tightly. He pulled back and thrust hard as his cock forced itself inside and deep.

"UGHHH!" He called out, as he penetrated her.

Pulling back again and then trying once more. Another huge thrust of sexual lust, as his thick, hard cock spread her pussy lips wide and pushed itself deep inside with another groan.

"UGHHHH... fuck this feels wonderful" He said, as he stopped for a moment "I want you to ride my cock!" he told her, as he pulled his cock free from her pussy, which was dripping wet.

He stepped to the side and sat upon the couch. Emily shifted her weight across and straddled his body below. Her pussy dripping down upon his cock as it stood proudly positioned up towards her wet cunt. She reached under and took it in her fingers, positioning it at the right opening to her cunt and then dropped down, hard and fast.

"UGHHH!" She cried out, as she forced it deep into her pussy and landed with a soft slap upon his waist.

Emily started by circling her hips, around and around, as her body ground itself across his waist and his cock swirled around inside her tight cunt. She leaned forward slightly, resting her palms upon his naked chest and positioned herself ready. Then raised her ass up slightly as his cock, dripping with her wet juices down all sides, slipped free inch by inch, before she lowered herself down again.

"Ughhhh... fuck yes babe... Ride me!" John called out to Emily.

Emily began to ride him, raising and lowering her hips and ass up and down in the air, up and down, as his cock penetrated in and out of her tight wet cunt. The sound of her ass slapping upon his legs behind, as she bounced harder and he penetrated her wet cunt with forceful thrusts of her body, rising and lowering upon his thick cock. He reached across and held her hips. Giving extra support to her small body, bouncing upon his cock and her figure riding him hard. Their groans of sexual lust, filling the room, along with the sound of her naked ass slapping upon his own body over and over.

"Fuck yes... oh my God... I love riding cock!" She screamed out.

Grace smiled, as she watched her sister being fucked harder and enjoying the immense pleasure of riding a guy and controlling him.

"Ughhh... fuck me... fuck me now!" She called out to John, as he gripped her soft, ass cheeks and spread them. Slapped upon them, which she seemed to enjoy.

"Fuck yes... slap my ass babe... harder!"

Which he did, harder, slapping his palms across her soft flesh of her cheeks. Her body still crashing up and down upon his hard cock still inside of her tight wet cunt.

"Fuck... I'm getting close babe... I'm gonna cum in a minute!" John called out, as he could feel his cock pulsating inside, gripped within her wet pussy.

Emily continued to ride his cock, deeper and harder, in and out, in, out, in out. She began to really enjoy the pleasure of a man's cock thrusting deep into her pussy.

"I'm gonna cum!" Emily screamed out, as she bounced hard, stopping her rocking motion and just slamming down in forceful thrusts over and over. "Fuckkkkkk yessssss...!" she called out as a wave of sexual energy ripped through her body.

It shook upon John's as she held onto his chest and her pussy tingled with the immense sexual pleasure of her orgasms, pushing itself throughout her entire body. She looked down into John's eyes, and could see he was close to cumming too.

She jumped off after she had finished, to see John's erect hard cock, shining with her wet juices all around. She turned to her sister.

"It's all yours this time sis!" Grace informed her, as she smiled.

Emily didn't need a second invite, as she dropped to her knees. She wrapped her fingers around his thick, long and hard shaft and began to jerk him off in her hand. Fast and hard, up and down, as her tight grip upon his cock and she could feel it pulsating within.

"Fuck... I'm gonna cum!" he called out to her.

She continued on, then moved her face down towards the tip of his cock and within moments he shot his load. A wave of stringy white cum splashed out of his slit upon the head of his throbbing cock, and it splattered upon Emily's face, over her eyes and her nose as it dripped down off her. She continued to jerk him and before long, more came out, as this time she wasn't going to back away. She wrapped her lips upon his cock and tightened them around his shaft, as she sucked upon it. The cum spewed out of his cock and into her mouth, dripping onto her tongue and the back of her throat. She stayed like a good girl and waited for him to continue feeding her hungry mouth, with every drop he had, as she jerked his cock to drain him dry.

She pulled away, opening her mouth to reveal the white cum pool upon her tongue and showed him, and then turned to show her sister.

"Nice one sis, now swallow it all!" Grace told her.

Emily swallowed, the salty taste a little too much at first, but the pleasure of it soon took over, as she began to clean her face with her fingers and lick them clean into her mouth, getting every drop she could find off her face. She knelt back on her heels, as she looked at the two. John, virtually exhausted, and Grace, with a happy face at seeing her younger sister becoming a slut just like herself, as Emily herself continued to try and clean herself up.