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Sister-In-Law part 2

Sister-In-Law part 2

Tags: taboo, oral, milf
she tasted so good; now she returns the favor
My name’s Carla Jean, and I’m in my mid-forties(exact age: closely-guarded secret!) I’ve had a pretty carefree life, always made better by my pursuit of sexual pleasures. I love oral sex most of all, and I have to say that I’m pretty talented in giving it, and never grow tired of receiving.

I think my preoccupation with sex goes back to when my older sister got married to a terrific guy named Bill. He was such a gentleman to me from the day I met him, but I also noticed that when my sister wasn’t around, Bill did a lot of staring in my direction. I always felt that he was undressing me with his eyes, and I always had a dripping pussy around him, especially if we had a bit too much to drink and I’d start to flirt. I so wished that someday I’d have a chance to let him lick up all my wetness and let me cum all over his face.

My daydreams about him have been going on now for twenty years. I love having my pussy eaten, but I always imagine that it’s Bill doing it, moaning into my snatch and tongue-fucking me. I knew from a few drunken conversations with my sister that Bill had a nice fat seven inch dick, so perfect for sucking, and just the right size for stretching my petite, tight pussy. For twenty years, I’ve had a fair number of lovers, but none of them knew that I was imagining Bill’s fat dick reaming my cunt. They never realized that while I was slobbering on their cock and sucking the cum out of their balls, I was thinking of Bill the whole time.

Eventually, I became obsessed with making something happen with Bill, with satisfying my curiosity. I’ve never denied myself any opportunity for sex of all kinds, but I’m still an anal virgin. This was my way of saving myself, or at least saving my ass, for Bill; if I could only get the chance. As it turns out, something happened last night, and I’m hoping that something even better is in store for me tonight!

But, I’ve gone ahead in my story. First, I’ll tell you about last night: sharing a 2-bedroom hotel suite with my sister and Bill, at a gathering for a family wedding, my sister and I hatched a plot. Not long ago, in another one of those slightly drunken conversations with my sister, we had confessed to each other some hidden desires we both had regarding Bill. My sister was fully aware that Bill had lusted after me for years. But, she took it as a compliment to her, that Bill had never acted on it.

I confessed to my sister that I was dying to play around with Bill just as much as he seemed to want me. And my sister had some very surprising confessions about some things she wanted to do (but I’ll save that for another story). For now, let’s just say that I got permission to seduce Bill, on the grounds that our first encounter would be strictly oral sex. That was just fine with me.

As my sister went out for the evening on some kind of family girls night out, I faked a headache and went to my bedroom. I put on my sexiest, shortest see-through nightie and went to bed with no panties and an aching pussy. My sister and I both knew that Bill would try to wait up for my sister, but he’d fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV in no time.

Not long after she left, I tiptoed out into the kitchen and made just enough noise to know that I would wake Bill up. I put on a little show for him in the dim light of the fridge, showing off my long legs and tight ass. Then I pretended to be surprised that he was there, and went out to sit with him.

He looked great, lying on the couch in t-shirt and boxers. I don’t think he even noticed that the head of his cock was poking out of the bottom of his shorts. That gorgeous mushroom cock head had my mouth watering and my pussy dripping in no time, but I resisted the temptation to make a comment. Bill seemed to think that my wine spilling was an accident, but it was actually devious and deliberate on my part. I sloshed a nice puddle of wine onto his crotch and he jumped in surprise as I made him spill some on my own chest.

It was the perfect setup, and I jumped at the chance to force Bill to make the first move. I demanded that we not waste the wine by simply mopping it up. I told him we had to lick it all up, and asked him to go first. As much as I’d love to go into the details of what he did to me, I honestly can’t recall many specifics.

All I knew was that it was the perfect whirlwind of passion and lust. Bill was clearly overcome with desire to literally taste every part of my body, and I let him do everything he wanted. I even gave him a few commands and enjoyed using him as my toy just a little bit. But in the end, I’m a submissive at heart and I let Bill have his way with my tits and ass and pussy.

As I said, I can hardly remember any details. I do remember that his eager clit-licking, finger fucking and tongue fucking literally lifted me off the sofa where he ravaged me. I’ve never had any man who came anywhere close to the level of passion he showed in giving me oral pleasure. I actually hurt my voice screaming every imaginable obscenity as Bill brought me to the most intense, and literally minutes-long, orgasm that I’ve ever experienced.

This was after a full half hour of the oral worship that Bill lavished on me so generously. I’ve never seen a man so turned on, when I wasn’t even touching his cock at all! It felt so good to have him so intent on one single thing: giving me the greatest possible pleasure. I still feel dizzy thinking about how intense that orgasm was, and how lovingly Bill kissed and held me afterward. He was more than just a wild man out for animal pleasure (although he certainly was that). He was also the most generous lover I can remember having.

One thing I do remember: he sent me over the edge by ramming a finger up my ass (he already had two fingers in my pussy) and reaming me savagely in both holes while he sucked my clit and drooled all over my bush. Since that magic moment last night, I can’t stop thinking about Bill’s cock, and how much I long to feel a cock up my ass for the first time. It has to be soon, and it has to be Bill’s cock.

But, remembering my promise to my sister that my first encounter with Bill would be strictly oral, during last night’s encounter I was content to return the favor to Bill with just my mouth and hands (with a little help from my tits, since Bill seemed to like them so much).

I knew that if I was ever to get Bill’s dick in my tight virgin asshole, I’d have to get it nice and lubed up. I went after his cock last night knowing that wetness and sloppiness was the key to getting what I wanted. Once I came to my senses after I stopped cumming, we both had a laugh at his fat fully-hard cock sticking up through the slit in the front of his boxers.

The wine I had spilled earlier had soaked through the boxers onto Bill’s dick and balls. I wasted no time in sliding onto the floor on my knees, like a servant in front of Bill as he sat on the sofa. I quickly reached up and grabbed the waistband of his trousers and began to pull them down across his muscular ass. As I grabbed for his shorts, my tits pressed up on top of his hairy balls and wrapped themselves around his erect shaft.

I looked down and froze for a moment, enjoying the beautifully sensual sight of his fat seven inch cock, stone hard, straight up and throbbing between my 38Ds. My sweaty tits caressed his hairy balls. My tits were covered with my sweat; my nipples glistened with wetness. Bill had been sucking and drooling as he stretched the hardness of my nipples deep into his mouth, his tongue lapping at my nipples as he sucked and wet, so noisy and eager… (sigh…)

But, on with my tale. I pulled Bill’s shorts off and totally loved how he looked, dressed only in a t-shirt. As I pulled my body away, his hands instinctively reached to grab his shaft and stroke it. I would have none of that! I slapped his hand away, telling him that I would do all the work! I told him to sit still if he could.

Just as he had done with me, I slid my hands underneath his ass. As my nails dug into his tightened and flexing ass muscles ( so sexy!) his cock seemed to swell even more. It throbbed right in front of my lips, and the mushroom head of his cock was the biggest and most engorged and purple cockhead I have ever seen. My mouth was watering, and I wanted to suck it down deep that very instant!

But I wanted to have Bill’s first orgasm with me to be especially memorable, so I stalled as long as I could. As much as Bill wanted to have me suck that beautiful cock, and as much as I was dying to taste his cum, I hovered for a bit. My tits heaved as my breathing grew faster. I could feel the pounding of my heart, making my rock-hard nipples pulse and ache to be touched.

Bill sensed this and reached down and pulled and pinched my nipples, making my pussy gush and fill the space between us with that musky hot pussy aroma. I could tell from Bill’s moaning that his cock was aching just as much as my nipples and pussy.

I opened my mouth wide, hovered over that huge purple dick head as if I was about to swallow it. Then I waited as Bill’s groaning intensified. My tongue snaked out of my wide-open mouth and reached out to probe the hole at the tip of Bill’s dick. Pre-cum had been oozing for some time and there was plenty of that fantastically salty taste to lick up. A stream of saliva ran down my tongue and began streaming over his cockhead and down his swollen shaft.

I marveled at how Bill’s cock twitched violently when I just barely grazed it with my tongue. God, I wanted to suck it! But first, I needed to clean up that wine spill, remember? I pulled away a little and smiled wickedly up at Bill.

“Mustn’t forget to clean up all that wine, ”I said.

I got busy finding everywhere my “accidental” spill had flowed. The hair on Bill’s body wasn’t shaved, but it was trimmed close and had soaked up that wine like a sponge. I sucked the sticky wine out of his matted hair. Then I went to work on his massive balls, reaching up to grip his pulsing cock shaft in my hand as I worked. I groaned at the heavenly taste of his wine-covered balls, sucking them eagerly into my mouth until they were well cleaned. Bill groaned approvingly as my hand slowly caressed his shaft.

At one point I gripped his cock tightly and squeezed as hard as I could, then let go. It was awesome, feeling that pulsating shaft repeatedly slap my face as I slobbered wetly all over his balls, licking up and down his twitching shaft. I was touching him only with my mouth, but Bill was becoming desperate for more action. I knew he couldn’t last much longer, so it was time for my final move.

I resumed my previous position, with my hands sliding under his ass, not bothering to be gentle this time. My nails dug sharply into Bill’s ass, and he started thrusting repeatedly. I leaned over his dick, my mouth wide open, my hands trembling, my lips quivering, my pussy gushing again, as Bill kept humping up and down. My mouth was just out of his reach as my tongue again reached out and teased him some more. A long stream of drool poured off my tongue. Finally, a huge gob of wetness slopped against his cockhead, bubbly and sticky. Bill finally lost control.

“Oh, my baby……suck that fucking cock!... Suck it, goddammit!”

The violence of his outburst made me gasp a deep breath. Bill grabbed the back of my neck with both hands and pulled me down hard. I cried out in shock and swallowed his amazing cock in one sputtering gulp. His balls were covered with my own spit. They were hard and heavy, wet and hairy against my chin. My head was clamped in place by Bill’s powerful grip on my neck. His hips thrust upward in a hard fucking motion. He was fucking my throat, and I was being thrown up and down like a helpless ragdoll.

After thirty seconds of this, he released me; I came up for air, sputtering and coughing. I was staring at his cock, beautiful and wet from the thick creamy saliva that came from the back of my throat. Bill was staring at my tits and the long stream of drool that ran down from my wide-open mouth.

A stream of sloppy wetness ran down my chin and flowed onto my breasts. My tits were heaving from my breathlessness, and my nipples were hard and jutting out. I made no attempt to wipe my chin, I was so focused on the sight of Bill's glistening erection. Twin streams of saliva dripped from my nipples and down onto the floor.

The suddenness of Bill's outburst only shocked me for a second, then I went down on his cock for all I was worth. This time he didn’t fuck my throat. He didn't need to, since I now turned into his eager servant. I was obediently deepthroating his magnificent dick, moaning and groaning louder and louder. My hands went back under his ass as Bill’s hands went to the back of my neck and grabbed my hair. He was not trying to control me or fuck me now. We were both just trying to hang on and prolong this wonderfully lustful moment if we could.

I’m pretty sure it was all over in less than a minute after my lips wrapped around his cock. I was slurped so loud, sucked so hard, and enjoyed the feel of this wonderful hardness invading my soft hot mouth. I wanted that cum so bad, and Bill did not disappoint. Sensing it was time, my hands released their angry fingernail grip on his ass muscles and slid underneath his balls. I started to caress them and pull at them trying to coax the cum from them. I began to feel his balls pull away from my fingertips and tighten up against his body.

“Do it, baby…do it…now, Carla, now!” Bill begain fucking my face again. I knew he was about to shoot the biggest load in history.

I not only wanted to taste Bill’s cum, I wanted to feel its heat against my face and see how fantastic it looked shooting out of his cock. I pulled my mouth off his cock and gripped his shaft tightly with both my hands and began to pump it wildly, jacking the slick shaft as hard as I could.

My hands are very small, and Bill’s cock looked so huge and muscular, it veins bulging and throbbing against my fingers. It was the perfect length for me to grip with two hands, the mushroom head protruding above my fists. My fingers could barely reach all the way around it, it was so fucking thick.

Bill grunted and thrust upward one final time and froze there, his ass up off the couch a full foot, his leg muscles straining. I pumped and pumped his magnificent dick and kept going as an unbelievable load erupted. I’ve never enjoyed a cumshot like this one and I’m sure I’ll never forget it.

The first fountain of cum flew out across the room and we discovered later that it had splashed against a lampshade five feet away! I was more careful and tried to aim the next three blasts at my face. Cum sprayed hard against my cheek and I managed to get a couple of shots to land straight onto my tongue. I coughed and sputtered from the force of his cum blasts. A mouthful of sloppy cream poured out, running down my chin and dripping onto my tits. It seemed like a river of cum was cascading onto my thighs and puddling onto the floor.

Bill soon let me know that it was time to stop jacking him with my hands. He gently touched the back of my head and lowered his ass back onto the couch. Smaller jets of hot sperm continued to erupt from his twitching cock. I counted seven, eight, nine shots of cum (at least!). At the same time, his hands on the back of my head were gently insisting that his orgasm be finished inside my mouth.

The smell of his cum was in the air, and the fantastic feel of his super-hot liquid ran down my face. The drooling saliva/cum mixture I had sputtered from deep in my throat was coating my quivering body. Now I reveled in the unbelievable taste of Bill’s cum, so thick and creamy and salty.

I marveled that there was no hint of Bill’s cock getting soft. He stayed rock hard as I took the last remaining spurts of cum by sucking them out of the shaft. My hands roamed up and down Bill’s body as I sucked eagerly. My hands roamed over his chest and reached down to gently squeeze his balls, as though I could coax out a little more cum.

Bill's hands caressed my hair while I sucked him clean. I went up and down, up and down the sloppy wet shaft, sucking hard, then opening wide, going down balls deep. Over and over, my head bobbed up and down, sucking, slurping, kissing.

I was his cumslut to command. I was worshiping that magnificent cock, loving how it felt, how it smelled, how it tasted as it continued to ooze that manly cream. It was beautiful, but it was also raw, nasty, messy – I loved it! I smiled at the way he stayed so fucking hard for me.

He pulled me up into his arms and smiled as I began to scoop up gobs of cum from my face, my neck, my shoulders, my tits, my thighs – he must have cum a full pint, and it was everywhere! I relished the taste as I scooped up and ate as much as I could, and we enjoyed a long makeout session. I slowly masturbated his cock with my hand as he did the same to my pussy. Despite my promise to my sister, I’m not sure if we would have been able to control ourselves and limit this first encounter to oral pleasure only.

Soon, however, the phone rang and it was my sister. That brought us both back to our senses pretty quickly, especially since Bill had no idea that I was doing this with permission from his wife! Of course, she had a pretty good idea of what was happening and was calling to let us know she’d be back in an hour. Bill and I had been going at it for two straight hours, and our time was up.

I am now hopelessly in love with this wonderful man, now that I’ve witnessed how he reacted to knowing that our lovemaking had to end within the hour. A selfish man would have insisted that I go back to pleasuring his still rock-hard cock and get him off again while we still had time. A thoughtless man would have just assumed that I wanted him to fuck me now, and would want to give up my pussy to him as though it was expected of me (actually I wanted to SO fucking bad!)

But Bill, though a magnificent fuck, was also a kind and gentle lover. In the hour that we had left, he literally cleaned me up and put me to bed. He took care of me so perfectly that I fell asleep dreaming of our oral encounter all night.

Time was short. Bill had me quickly gather up all our clothes and hide them in my room (he didn’t want his wife to smell my pussy and his cum all over our clothes). He took me by the hand and led me to the shower, a nice big walk-in stall. We showered together for a long time, and Bill’s cock stayed so fucking rock hard, I was amazed. But he insisted that all the remaining sexual attention be devoted to me.

He soaped up my body from head to toe, washing all the cum and pussy juice off. He knew how excited I still was, and held me in his arms, sucking my tits and finger fucking me. As I washed my hair, he continued to tease my nipples and cunt until my whole body felt like it was feverish. After I was all clean, he sat me down on the small bench in the shower stall, and went down on my pussy one more time.

This time there was nothing savage or rough, it was almost as if I was floating in the clouds of steam. My toes curled, I leaned back on both arms, my back arched, and my tits pushed up into the shower spray. And I came, and came, and came, with my legs wrapped around the shoulders and back of this amazing man.

Bill smiled and said that I tasted about as clean as I could be. He let me sit up and suck his magnificent cock for another couple of minutes, but he didn’t let me make him cum. He said we were out of time, and pulled me to my feet. We held each other tightly in the warmth of the cascading water, allowing ourselves another two minutes to kiss each other passionately and deeply, one last time.

My burning hot tits pressed against his strongly muscled and hairy chest. His raging hard cock pulsated against my pussy lips as it throbbed between my thighs. At last, we dried off and he actually picked me up and carried me to my bedroom, my face buried in his arms.

He put me in bed and said he wanted me to sleep naked so that he could dream about me just as I looked then. After one last sensuous set of kisses at my nipples and across my breasts, then up to my neck and finally my lips, I held him tight and kissed him hungrily.

I did not want to let him go; but we knew it was time. I reached forward and wrapped my hand around his cock one more time, gripping the base of his dick as it pulsed against my forearm. He had been hard as a rock for at least an hour since I had made him cum. We both whispered goodnight and he walked away, my hands reluctantly letting go of his shaft as he turned away and closed the door behind him.

Not ten minutes later, I heard my sister enter the room and they both went to their own bedroom right away. I later learned from my sister, who had come home a little drunk, that Bill had gone wild with her that night, right after he had so gently tucked me into bed. He had met her at the door completely naked, still with a massive erection.

The story she told me later sounded like a shorter version of the two-hour encounter Bill and I had just shared, condensed into a frantic and urgent twenty minutes. He ripped her skirt and panties off and threw her onto the bed with her shoes still on. He ate out her pussy frantically as his hands reached up to claw and tear at her blouse.

Once her tits were naked, he sucked and squeezed them as he finger fucked her cunt wildly. He then stood up on the bed as my sister, breathless, half-dressed in torn clothes, sat there stunned with his cock in her face.

He grabbed her head with both hands, and commanded her to suck his cock. He kept giving her commands, which she said was not like him at all; it was like he was sexually possessed.

“Make it wetter…suck it…deeper, harder, suck it, goddammit!!” I could hear voices from my room but didn’t know what was happening. Finally, satisfied that his cock was wet enough, he demanded that my sister get fully naked and get on all fours on the bed. He yelled at her to finger fuck herself as he stood there and jacked his own cock behind her, still standing up on the bed.

There was a mirror on the wall at the head of the bed, so she could see the amazing sight – she was madly pumping two fingers deep and hard into her own cunt. She slapped and rubbed her clit frantically as she looked up in the mirror and watched her husband jacking his cock. It was all so wild, she felt herself cumming right away.

As she buried her face in the pillows, her orgasm beginning to peak, Bill dropped down on his knees and plunged that cock into her gushing pussy. Little did she know that Bill had been holding back an orgasm for well over an hour. After I had sucked out his first load, he had stayed hard as could be. I had stroked his cock, we had showered together, and I had sucked his dick nice and deep for several minutes. He had built up a volcano of pressure, and now he began to fuck his wife senseless.

Up to that point, all I had heard while lying wide-eyed and naked in my bed, were a few strange, muffled noises. But there was no mistaking what was going on in the next room. My sister’s screams and profanity left no doubt that both she and Bill were cumming and cumming. She told me later that it was the most raunchy and brutal thing Bill had ever done with her. It felt like being fucked by a stranger.

I had been masturbating slowly since Bill had put me to bed so gently. Now, as the two lovers in the next room reached the top of their crescendo of raunchy sex, I spread my legs wide and imagined I was offering myself up to Bill. As their sounds subsided, my own final orgasmic wave washed over my body. God, it was good to cum one more time and fall straight to sleep.

I rubbed some pussy juice on my nipples so that I could smell that wonderful aroma that Bill had so enjoyed tasting. My tits cradled in my arms, I fell asleep dreaming of all that had happened that night.

However, unlike Bill, who was not necessarily anticipating what tomorrow might bring, I knew that this weekend of lust was most definitely not over. My sister and I, as I told you earlier, had come up with quite a plan. Tonight, as wonderful as it had been, was just the beginning…

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