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It was around 3am that morning when I awoke hot with wanting and my pussy slippery and wet. My husband lay snoring next to me.

I moved slowly off the bed and walked out the room, sleeping in the spare room was his 19 year old brother. I silently opened the door and stepped inside his room. He was gorgeous to look at and since we had started naughty chatting a month before I knew he would not object to my intrusion.

I quietly moved onto the bed, slipping my naked body between the sheets. He was so warm, his breathing slow and steady. I moved closer, dipping my tongue into his ear. His reaction was instantaneous; he grabbed me and pulled me over him. His lips found mine and he kissed me fiercely. My lips parted and our tongues dueled, we both wanted more.

Already our breathing was labored and our bodies on fire. I reached down and could feel how hard he was getting. My fingers wrapped around his thick 8 inch cock, he was so big and thicker than any guy I knew. He moaned into my mouth as I stroked his cock. I moved off him to get better access and by now his hands were exploring my body.

First my tits and then lower, his fingers found my pussy and he teased my clit while he shoved two fingers into my dripping wet slit. I was so horny he had only been finger fucking me for two minutes when I came all over his fingers.

I circled my tongue around the head of his cock and then blew my hot breath on it, I wanted to tease him. I slowly lowered my head over his hard cock, my eyes never leaving his face as I tried to swallow as much of him as I could. He felt so hot, hard and velvety between my hungry lips. I was deep throating his monster cock, his one hand on my head forcing my head down deeper on his shaft.

He had never stopped finger fucking me and I had cum three times and hadn't had his cock inside me yet. He was using four fingers in my hungry cunt, it hurt a little but it felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. He whispered in my ear, 'I have my hand inside you baby how does it feel?' and it truly felt amazing.

I moaned my reply, my mouth still occupied with his cock as my index finger probed his ass. I could hardly believe that he had his hand inside me but as I started to move my hips against it I knew what a horny slut I was. "Fuck me babe, I wanna feel that rock hard cock inside me," I hissed.

He pulled his hand out of my pussy, it was covered with my creamy juices. He slid two fingers into my mouth then leaned forward to taste it with me. We sucked on his fingers and kissed as I moved over him again and slid my wet stretched hole over his cock. The fit was still snug as I rode his him hard and fast, his lips sucking on my tits as I bounced up and down his shaft.

He sat up a little, his mouth even more attentive on my sensitized breasts and nipples, his hands spreading my ass cheeks and finding my tight little hole. He was finger fucking my ass as I rode him. I thought I would explode and then he came inside me in a long shuddering sigh and it set off my own thundering climax. I could feel his cock filling me with his cum, I could feel it pumping into me.

We were exhausted, our breathing still ragged from the workout. My thighs were soaked as well as part of the bed from when I had squirted with his hand inside my cunt. I moved off him and moved my lips to his cock. I licked off all our juices and moved back up to his lips to share it with him.

I didn't want to move he felt so good and warm beside me but I knew it was going to be morning soon. 'Hello again,' I said.

He smiled at me and whispered back 'hello'.

We kissed one last time before I whispered 'thank you' in an unsteady voice. I moved off him slowly and could feel his cum slipping out my pussy as I tiptoed on wobbly legs back to my room.